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"Skipper, you know hexes on these islands better than anyone else," the professor began. "Is there any way to quickly get her back to normal?"

A large eye peered in on them from outside the hut. "Well, it seems like an enlargement of her body. So we would need something from inside her body to act as it normally should, and she should return to normal."

"...That doesn't make much sense..." Mary Ann muttered under her breath. "When you say 'something,' what exactly do you mean, Skipper?" 

"W-well, I've only heard of this, mind, but, I think that if she conceives a child she should be back to her original size."

"I- WHAT!?" Ginger loud voice boomed outside.

"Nothing else would work, unfortunately. The hexes leave children out of their rituals. And the father would have to crawl inside her and-erm-ejactulate inside her womb directly."

"So she needs to have a kid? Ha, who's going to be the sucker to have to make that journey?" Gillian looked around the room. He looked again and turned. "I'll see ya late-"

"Just a minute Gilligan." The professor and Skipper grabbed his arms. You are the only male lithe enough to make it inside her. All other candidates are too large to crawl inside her vagina or already married. Only you can save Ginger from this terrible fate."

"...Okay professor, I'll do it. To save her."

"You are a good man, Gilligan."

"I'm going too!" Mary Ann chimed in. "This requires a woman's touch, and I can fit too."

"Very well. Both of you undress and apply coconut oil. This will be a tight fit. Skipper, get two flashlights. I will give you two some privacy."

- - -

"Hey Mary Ann?" Gillian said to the undressing woman behind him.


"Why are you coming with me? You don't have to."

"Well, I know a thing or two about breeding, so I can help you out there." She poured some oil on Gilligan's back and began rubbing him.

"Couldn't you just tell me outside of Ginger'" 

"Well, maybe I just want to be alone naked with you. Did you think of that?"

"But you could do that at any time."

"...You really should learn to pick up on hints. Now help me lube up."

- - -

At her new size, Ginger easily dwarfed the huts. Her clothes were torn to shreds. Her firm butt, typically held snugly by her tight dress, now left large depressions in the sand she sat in. Her pussy, end to end, was the height of two fully grown men, but was still quite tight. Her breasts were the size of large boulders, and her red pubes were thick and as dense as the jungle, forming a thick crown atop her womanhood. Mrs. Howell boarded the windows and doors to prevent peeping from her husband. She sat, facing the professor's hut, legs apart and hands spreading her large nether lips, her face a bright pink.

"Professor, will this hurt?" Mary Ann asked nervously as she emerged from the hut, skin shining from the oil. " I don't want anyone to be hurt from this."

"As long as neither of you scratch or bite, and as long as Ginger relaxes her muscles, she will be fine, as will you. It's time. Both of you get ready." The two spelunkers got into position at Ginger's entrance. "Ginger! Breath deep, and relax your body!" The professor yelled up. After a moment, the vaginal canal widened a fair bit, and Gilligan crawled inside, closely followed by Mary Ann.

- - -

"Smells weird." Gillian noted.

"I'm more worried about the pressure inside here. If Ginger squeezes too hard, we'll come out as a paste."

"Really? Paste? I'll see ya lat-"

"Keep moving. We should be nearly at the end."

There was not a lot of room to maneuver. Even commando crawling through Ginger's recesses, the walls encompassed them nearly completely. Mary Ann was right though, Ginger could easily crush them by flexing too hard. Her internal ridges and folds made the terrain unstable and uncertain. The slickness of Ginger's natural lube did not help matters either, making sure there were no footholds nor handholds to guide them. On top of all that, Ginger's heartbeat provided a fast rhythm of the ground they now treaded, making the entire pink cavern shake every fraction of a second. Gillian had a worse time of it though, as his erect cock stabbed into the fleshy walls, slowing himself down, but at least Mary Ann liked the view.

"This goes on forever. What are we looking for again?" Gillian called behind him.

"When the moon hits you see a large donut shaped object, that's what we want to find. It should be at the end of this." They kept shimmying their way into the woman's core.

"I think I see it!" It's a large puffy ring with a little hole."

"That's it! When you get there, crawl inside it."

"How? The little hole is the size of my head. I can't fit in that."

"...Just try it, okay? The professor said that that's the cervix, and that it can stretch to great lengths during ovulation."

Turns out that the professor was right once again (fancy that). When Gilligan slid an arm into Ginger's womb, the cervix dilated quite easily, allowing for easy passage for the two explorers. 

The inside of Ginger's uterus was much more spacious than the vagina leading up to it. Instead of squeezing them to the nines, it comfortably held the two closely. The walls were still rugged and slimy, but unlike the tunnel leading here, the higher ceiling meant that traversing this alien world was actually harder because their arms sank into the walls. 

"When you see a little ball, that's what we want." Mary Ann took the left tube while Gilligan took the right. The tubes at the upper end of the womb were still lined with ridges, but the ridges were substantially smaller and smoother than those that came before. That walls also narrowed when compared to the womb, but it wasn't as tight of a fit as the vagina. They searched for a "little ball" for a few hours, before reconvening in Ginger's uterus and there too.

Mary Ann sat in her friend's recesses and began to cry. "We've been at this for hours, and still nothing. What if our dates were wrong? What if Skipper is wrong and getting her pregnant does nothing?" Gillian sat next to her and tried to comfort her. "After hours of searching, still nothing."

"It's okay Mary Ann. If it makes you feel any better, I saw a big ball. It was about the size of a large soccer ball."

Mary Ann stopped crying. "You-What!? Gillian, that it! Why didn't you say anything?"

"You said it was a little ball. This thing was bigger than my head!"

- - -

After backtracking through the Fallopian tubes again, they encountered the "little" egg and brought it into the womb. The slimy undulating sphere pulsed with the potential of life in Gilligan's hands. 

"So... What now?"

Mary Ann slowly crawled towards him, seductively whispering in his ear. "Now is when I help you. Lie back, close your eyes, and let me handle the rest."

Mary Ann lay down between Gilligan's legs and examined the penis in front of her. Naturally she had seen them before, growing up on a farm and all, but never in such an intimate way. The cock pulsed, not unlike the walls around them, wanting to create life. As with most men at the time, the foreskin had been removed at birth, exposing the cockhead for all its worth. Gilligan's testicles hang low and freely in the sack. With an inexperienced hand, she began rubbing the cock slowly, from base to tip, occasionally circling the tip with her finger.

"I love how that feels, Mary Ann!" Gillian arced his back and writhed in pleasure. Seeing as their whole lives had been televised for three years for the entertainment of millions, no one had gotten to cum in that whole time, so the load that was waiting to come out was going to be huge. Feeling hot and bothered herself, Mary Ann pinched her clit and furiously rubbed her own lips in response. 

If her hand was inexperienced at sex, her mouth was even less so, but still, she leaned in and gave Gilligan a long lick up his shaft before firmly planting a long suck on the little hole at the top, bobbing her head while stroking his base simultaneously. From the dull pulses and accentuated breathing from Gilligan, he was extremely close to cumming. Pulling her face off of Gilligan's meat, she positioned his cock directly underneath Ginger's egg and redoubled her handjob efforts.

"Cum as much as you can. Do it. Slime her insides. Become a father inside a woman you aren't even married to. Drain your balls and coat her egg." After the prodding from Mary Ann, he couldn't hold it any longer. Gilligan erupted and came at least two cups of semen directly at Ginger's quivering egg. The sight made Mary Ann squirt her own pussy juices into Ginger's womb.

After catching their breath, the two left the egg in a pool of cum, and made their escape. Going out was a lot easier than going in, probably because Ginger was now working with them. Wriggling out of Ginger's love canal, they now found it to be early evening. With towels waiting for them to wipe off Ginger's juices, the two turned and faced a now normal sized Ginger, smiling up at them.

- - -

"Why did you two call for me? It's way too late tonight."

"Well, Gilligan," Ginger began. "I never properly thanked you for what you did the other day. Neither you nor Mary Ann. So I want to thank both of you at the same time."

"...But couldn't this wait until tomorrow?"

"...Learn to take a hint, Gilligan," Mary Ann said as she wrapped her arms around him, her nude breasts squishing into his back.

"She helped you knock me up, so now I will help you knock her up. Our cycles are pretty close, so this is the best chance." 

"Hehe... I'll see ya lat-" 

"C'mon Gilligan," Ginger began as she pushed him onto a chair. "I want to give you thanks, she wants your baby, and you are not going anywhere until you slime her hole like you did mine." With that, she unbuckled his pants and whipped out the large pulsating organ, stabbing the cold night air. 

"Hard to believe that he's pack this, eh Mary Ann?" Ginger remarked as Mary Ann circled around and positioned her hairy virginal pussy over the large cock. She leaned in and kissed him as she plunged Gilligan into her depths, a small trickle of blood escaping the opening. 

Ginger viewed the whole thing kneeling on the floor behind Mary Ann, getting an eyeful of Mary Ann's tiny pussy swallowing Gilligan's length like a champ, as both assholes twitched in pleasure. Lubricating her index finger with saliva, she slid it into Gilligan's prime asshole.

"You need to cum as much as possible, so this will help," she said as she pushed up on a little nub in his rectum. As she fingered Gilligan's ass, she moved her face to Mary Ann's butt and licked her asshole as well, all while fingering her own cunt. Mary Ann was the first to explode. With a stifled scream, an extraordinary amount of juice came out, coating her lovers, and rhythmically opening her womb for the sperm present that Gilligan just started to give. With a pulsating pussy, balls, and assholes all around her, Ginger came too, wetting the sandy floor.

Pulling apart,Ginger gave Gilligan a little cock on his cock and carried Mary Ann to the bed where the girls fell asleep together. Gilligan, unsure of the situation, just pulled his pants up and left.

- - -

A few years later, and a little copper haired girl and raven haired boy are running around the little encampment of huts, playing and helping the adults however they can, without even knowing that they are siblings.

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