The Bad Endings for the Women of Westeros

BY : Tac
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Everything had moved so fast. One moment Sansa was walking with King Joffrey and his men towards the red keep; suddenly the surrounding crowds grew in an uproar. People began throwing names and insults at them. They called Cersei a “Whore” and “Brotherfucker” and they called Joffery a bastard. Some of them tried to come through the wall of the City Watch and were hacked down. But when one of them threw a ball of filth at Joffrey, he became furious and ordered the hound to bring the culprit’s head. This began a city-wide riot as the peasants began fighting the city watch. The knights and lords were so preoccupied to get themselves and the king to safety that they hadn’t noticed that Sansa was not with them. As the lords were quickly running away for the castle, Sansa could not maneuver her horse out of the mob of peasants. She felt hands touching her legs and her horse began panicking and she could not control it. One peasant silenced the horse by stabbing it’s neck with a kitchen knife.

Sansa let out a shriek as she fell down with her horse. Her back touched the ground but she could not stand up as her left leg was stuck under her dead horse. The man who had stabbed her horse was over her and she could see his mud-covered face and crooked teeth as he took a hold of her arms and began to forcefully drag her away. Sansa started to scream and kick her legs as her body was roughly dragged across the ground. She found herself behind some building away from where the riot was happening, when her assailant pulled her atop some table and began to fondle her body.

“Please let me go,” Sansa tearfully begged but the man ignored her. He cupped her breasts when she heard him say, “nice gown, you have but methinks you would look better without it.” He tore open her gown and exposed her breasts and maidenhead. Sansa tried to wail her legs around and use her arm to cover her breast but the man quickly shoved them away.

He took off his breachers and rubbed his cock against her sex. “Don’t cry, you’ll like it, wolf-slut,” he told her as he thrusted his penis inside her. Sansa screamed and cried as his length pushed in and out of her. She was deflowered by some common peasant, her vagina started to bleed but it just further lubricated the man’s penis.“Ahh… you were born to take cock,” the man moaned as he leaned forward and kissed Sansa and forcefully plunged his tongue inside her mouth while his hands continued to restrain her. His mouth reeked of fish and his muddy skin dirtied her pale skin.

The man pushed his entire cock inside of Sansa when he released his seed and moaned with pleasure. Her kicks were weaker and her arms lay limb. The man quickly ran away. Sansa tried to get up but her legs were tired and the seed was dripping out of her. 

She had just got up when the man came back with other men. “There, I told you I had the Stark girl,” he announced to them. She tried to run away when the biggest of the men grabbed her and pushed her back to the table, this time on her stomach. “I can’t believe it, old Eric, got the traitor’s daughter,” the big man laughed as he undid his breeches and put the tip of his cock inside Sansa’s assshole. His was far larger than the other man’s and his hands firmly kept her from moving. She was incoherently begging them to stop but her pleas came out as wails.

The man filled her behind with his cock and began to slap her ass. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, “Ya, like that, don’t you,” he used one hand to cup her breast, “You northern girls are complete whores.”

It felt like forever until the big man released inside Sansa’s butthole. But a new person immediately took his place and then another. This continued for hours until it felt like a hundred men had ravaged her holes and released their seeds inside her. After sometime she had stopped struggling and just silently took them. They were poor beggars, fat merchants, old gray-haired men and boys the same age as her. They had all taken her until finally they got bored of her and left her naked on the streets

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