A Killer in TV Land

BY : RicLugar
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iCancelled - Permanently

Carly Shay rushed up to the front door of her and her brother's apartment.  It was going to be a long afternoon.  With Freddie and Spencer out of town, she would have to do the webcast alone with her best friend, Sam Puckett.  She walked up to the front door of her apartment, wearing a light blue jacket with a pink sleeveless top on underneath that.  Her tight black jeans clung to her lower body as she strode to the door and her hair was up in a ponytail.  "Maybe I have a few minutes before she gets here." She smiled to herself, knowing Sam usually ran a little behind and always wanted to raid the fridge first thing when she got there.


Carly turned the key and walked inside, her backpack strap slung over one shoulder, caught up in what she wanted to do with the show today to pay much attention to the inside for the apartment.  She figured Sam would be a few minutes, so she wanted to talk out some ideas to herself, keeping them in her mind while vocalizing them slightly.  "We could talk about that, but no one would care." She walked around a couple steps, her ponytail bouncing behind her.  "Or we could just do that, get some viewers interested." She thought for a moment to herself then went to turn.  "Or we could..."


Carly turned and stopped her thoughts and words immediately.  Her mouth dropped open and her backpack dropped to the floor with a loud bang.  She couldn't speak as the site before her shocked and terrified her.  Her friend Sam was seated in a chair behind their hard camera, but the young blonde's hands were bound behind her back and she was gagged.  The large, dark-haired man behind her friend scared her more as he held a kitchen knife to her Sam's throat.  "Hello Carly." The man smiled, running the knife along Sam's throat as the young curly-haired blonde began to cry.  "How about going over there and locking that door?  Wouldn't want to be interrupted." He smirked, watching the young girl back up.  Sam's eyes begged Carly to comply.  "And don't do anything stupid or I will have to give Sam another smile." As he ran the knife along her throat, Sam squealed in fear.


Carly slowly backed up towards the door.  "Please...please don't hurt us." She wasn't paying attention to how fast she backed up or how far.  "What do you want from us?" A tear ran down Carly's cheek as she backed into the door.  She reached back and locked the door.  "We don't have much money, but you can take what you want." She stayed there, pressed to the door, terrified for herself and her friend.


The man smiled, stepping from behind Sam, but keeping his hand on her curly blonde hair.  "Oh, I just want to have a little fun with the iCarly girls." He motioned for Carly to come back to the center of the room by her backpack.  "In fact, I have an idea for a stunner of a show." He chuckled as Carly slowly moved back to where she had been before she discovered the intruder.  "Me and Same here..." He ran his hand along Sam's cheek.  Sam closed her eyes and shuddered, tears on her cheek.  "We've got all your prompts ready and waiting for your part of it, Carly." He pointed at the camera.  "All you got to do is read and do what they say." He smiled.  "It would be in the best interest of both you girls to do what I tell you." He showed her the knife before sticking it in his back pocket.  "Sam's sitting the first part out though, aren't you Sam..." Sam's eyes opened and the fear was obvious in them.


Carly's hands shook as she moved her backpack to the side, as if sensing it was in her way.  "S-s-s-sure...anything you want, mister." She reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes.  "Just, please, don't hurt us." Her hands shook as she slowly fiddled with her jacket, waiting for the man to tell her what he wanted from her.


The man smiled and rubbed his hands together, as if to think he was a classic villain.  "Excellent." He moved over to a stack of poster boards. Carly watched, puzzled but scared.  "I know you will do just fine and not do anything stupid." Carly nodded frantically.

"Ready...and...3...2...1..." He flipped on the camera and motioned for the raven-haired teen to start the show.


Carly watched as the red light on the front of the camera came on.  She took a deep breath and stilled herself - knowing she would have to fake any enthusiasm, then began to read.  "Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of iCarly!" She faked her smile as she continued to read.  "Today, it's just me and Sam here in the studio and we have a very special show planned." She quickly read the instructions, holding a finger up to make a point.  "In fact, fans, today you will see things you never have before." She faked a devious smile.  "Or ever will again here on iCarly." She shook a little reading the next line.  "So, enough teasing you people, it’s time for the REAL fun." Her eyes grew wide as she saw the next card.  She gulped.


The man smiled as he held the next instruction card which read - "STRIP...SLOWLY...start with your back and work it good or Sam gets cut." The man nodded as watched Carly slowly turn her back to the camera.  He chuckled quietly to himself as he watched her shake when he turned on the music, a slow, R and B beat.


Carly knew she had no choice, but knew she had to do this, for Sam's and her sake.  As she heard the music start, the slender girl began to sway her hips back and forth.  She slowly reached up, undoing her ponytail and letting her hair loose to fall around her shoulders.  She looked over her shoulder, seeing the man smiling, his hand on Sam's shoulder.  She wanted to give him a hate-filled look, but, seeing the fear in Sam's eyes, she instead winked -partly to let her friend know she was going to be ok.  Carly rolled her hips back slightly, causing her little heart-shaped ass to stick out in her tight jeans.  She slowly reached up, teasing removing the jacket for a moment.  She dropped the jacket from her shoulder, exposing the tanned skin it hid beneath.  She looked over her shoulder again, smiling before letting it slide off her arms and she tossed it to the side.


Carly slowly spun back around to face the camera.  As she ran her hands up into her black hair, she forced a sly smile on her face.  However, that smile disappeared as she saw the next card.  She knew she had no choice though and she slowly complied.  "I bet our guys are wondering if this is for real." She slowly moved her hands onto her collarbone.  "I assure you, it's as real as these." She moved her hands under her breasts and slowly began to massage herself through her clothes.  Her shirt raised up just enough for her belly-button to poke out.  "Mmmmhmmm.  Feels soooo good." She smiled at the camera, then spun around, her hair twirling as she did. Slowly her hands moved down to the bottom of her shirt and began to lift the garment up.  As she did so, more and more of her tanned skin came to view.  Her motion stopped for a moment, the garment bunched at her armpits, the back of her red bra showing.  She winked at the camera again before pulling the shirt free from her body and tossing it to the side.


Carly turned back to the camera, faking a shocked look as she stood there with only her bra covering her upper body, but covered the garment with her hands for a moment.  She read the next cue card to herself, doing her best to keep from shuttering as she did so.  "Victoria has her "secrets" boys, and you're going to learn all mine very soon." She slowly slid her hands down towards her stomach, revealing the cups of her red bra. Being only 15 and a thin-framed young girl, Carly's b-cup breasts bounced back up and stood firm on her chest.  She leaned over forward, allowing the camera to get a good view of the tanned tops of her breasts as she undid her sandles.  She made quick work of her footwear, kicking them to each side of her.  She stood back up slowly, smiling her fake smile the whole way.


Carly read the card for her next instruction.  She slowly ran her right hand along the front of her jeans, rubbing her crotch for a moment, rolling her eyes as she did.  "Mmmmm...that feels great." She put her left pointer finger to her lips, as though she were thinking.  "But, something is in the way." She moved both hands to her crotch and smiled, rolling her hips forward as she did.  "Guess these need to go, huh, boys." She unbuttoned her jeans and licked her lips, per her instructions.  She licked her finger, then slowly slid it down to the zipper of her jeans, lowering it and revealing the front of her underwear that matched her bra.  She shook her finger at the camera and faked a chuckle, then spun around, her back to the camera.  "Ready boys?" She slowly pulled the tight jeans down, revealing her heart-shaped slender ass to the camera.  The back of her red thong was sandwiched between her small, but firm and tanned asscheeks.  She looked back at the camera with her pants at her thighs and smiled coyly.  "I can hear you boys cheering.  Don't I have a cute little ass?" She bent her knees and bounced back up.  making her cute little ass jiggle. She reached down and pushed her pants to her knees, then bent over, sticking her ass out.  In that position, what little of her thong that was hidden between her asscheeks appeared.  She didn't know it, but the camera zoomed in and got a closeup shot of her ass, the slightly darker skin around her asshole partly showing as her back entrance was barely covered.  She pushed the pants the rest of the way down, then kicked them in front of her.  She shook her ass once more, letting her cute little ass jiggle, before standing back up.


Carly spun around, again faking a seductive smile as she looked into the camera.  "Bet you boys didn't think you'd ever see me like this, huh." However, she noticed the camera wasn't focused on her face, but, instead, the monitor showed the camera was focused on the front of her thong.  Her eyes widened, seeing something she hoped to keep secret exposed - a wet spot on the front of her panties.  The silk panties stuck tight to her body, showing off her pussy lips through the sheer fabric.  She hated herself for it, but her body was getting turned on by this.  She hated the site of her and Sam's captor's smile almost as much.  "Guess you're not the only ones enjoying this." Her tone turned nervous as she saw the camera slowly pan up her body.  Her flat stomach led up to the cups of her bra as she slowly began to sway again.  Her captor motioned towards her bra then again put the knife to Sam's throat as the blonde closed her eyes and cried.


Carly took a deep breath and slowly reached up for her bra straps as she read her next lines.  "Now the real show begins, viewers." She slowly slid each of the straps from her tanned shoulders before rubbing her bra-clad breasts.  She smirked, then turned around, her back to the camera before pulling her arms out of the straps.  "Course, you could always jack off to my sweet ass a little more." She looked back at the camera, faking a questioning look.  "No?  Ok, fine.  Heehee.  Guess it's time to get this off, huh." She slowly reached back and unfastened her bra.  Slowly, she pulled it away from her body and tossed it over her shoulder towards the camera.  She watched as the man caught her bra, then sat it on Sam's lap, causing Sam to give him a dirty look.  Carly wanted to object, but she knew that was a very bad idea.  Instead, she stilled herself for what she had to do next.  "Ah...much better." She smiled and turned around, keeping her hands over her breasts.  "If you liked my ass, you'll love these cute little boobs." She moved her hands away quickly, revealing her bare breasts in the ta-da moment that was  requested of her.


Carly's b-cup breasts bounced as she rocked back and forth, just enough to make her tanned tits do so.  She stopped moving for a moment.  "That's right, boys, take it all in..." Carly stood there, wanting to cry, as she revealed her bare breasts to god knows who was watching.  As she stood straight, her breasts stood firm on her chest.  Tanned as the rest of her body that was visible, her breasts were topped with dark, puffy aerollas and hard nipples.


Carly watched as the man with the knife slowly walked out from behind Sam and made his way to her.  "Time to welcome our special guest for today - Mr.  X." She shivered as he slowly walked behind her, leaving the camera zoomed out enough to see her, but not his face.  "He's the one who made this all possible." She shivered as he put his hands on her shoulder.  She read the part where her lines should be, only to see the words "do as your told."


The man laughed as he slowly ran his hands down her arms.  "That's right, Miss Shay." He reached down and put his hand on her asscheek, causing her to jump and a nervous look to spread across her face.  "I have enjoyed my front row seat, Carly, I really have." The man smiled as he ran his other hand down her right arm, taking her thin wrist in his hand.  "But, I think it is time I joined our show, don't you, my lovely little lady." He chuckled as he took her arm and lifted it up, leading her hand back to his shoulder.  "I am sure all the boys watching want to trade places with me, huh." As he spoke, he took her other hand and did the same.


Carly closed her eyes as the man slid his hands down both of her arms then onto her bare breasts.  She shook, though not enough for the camera to show it, as he began to molest her b-cup mounds.  She wanted to scream for him to stop, but knew that would be a very bad idea.  "Mmmm..." She faked a pleased moan as his groping continued.  He leaned down, tilting her head to the side before planting his lips on her bare neck.  She bit her lip as he sucked on her young skin.  She sighed slightly as his hands slid down off her breasts and onto her flat stomach.


The man smirked as he rested his hands on Carly's stomach for a moment. "Time for the real fun to begin, I'd say." He ran his hand along the damp front of the young host's panties, making sure his finger traced between her vaginal lips.  His hand then covered her panties before grabbing the front, his fingers sliding inside.  "First, this needs to go." With that said, in one motion, he ripped Carly's thong from her body, leaving her now totally naked.


Carly wanted to cover up, but the man had grabbed her wrist so tight with his other hand that she was terrified to move.  A panicked look spread across her face as she stood in front of the camera nude for her viewers to see.  Her pubic mound had only a black landing strip of pubic hair which topped her small vaginal lips.  For the first time since the ordeal started, she started to show her real emotions.  "You're...you're going to..."


The man stopped Carly before she could say anymore, simply putting a finger across her trembling lips.  "Yes." He smiled, tilting her head back. "I am going to make this the most memorable iCarly ever." He laughed.  "I wonder, does the show's namesake get it in the mouth..." He slipped a finger between her lips for a moment.  "In her tight little pussy..." His other hand slid down to her young pussy, slipping a pair of fingers between her moist lips.  "It is already wet, after all..." His long digits spread her pink lips open, causing her to gasp, then moan as a finger traced her tender region.  He smirked.  "Seems Carly likes this option." He slowly turned her to face him.


Carly's lips began to tremble as she was turned to face her captor.  She slowly turned her dark eyes up towards him, hoping against hope for mercy. "Please." Her voice was low enough to not be heard by the camera.  "I'm a virgin." She lowered her head as he placed her smaller hand on the bulge in his pants.  Her eyes grew wide for a moment, feeling the size of his member through his jeans.  The man's smile made Carly close her eyes again.  "Please, don't rape me." The defeat resounded in her voice.


The man smiled as he lifted Carly's head up by her chin.  "Course, there is another hole I could have some fun with." Her eyes flashed wide and she shook her head in fright, though his grip didn't allow her to move her head much.  "Bend over and let everyone see what I am talking about, Carly." He squeezed her chin just enough to make her cringe.


Carly knew the man meant business, but hoped the more she cooperated, the less painful he would make this.  She took a step back from the man and looked over her shoulder.  Her smile was gone now with the knowledge that something was about to happen to her.  "Hope you boys enjoy this." She slowly thrust her ass out towards the camera, shaking it just a little.  Her hands trembled as she reached back and placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks.  She looked up at Mr.  X, hoping he would spare her this.  His look told her to keep going.  She closed her eyes again and spread her asscheeks for the camera.  Her cute little cheeks parted, exposing her anal opening. Her puckered pink asshole opened slightly and was surrounded light brown skin.


Mr.  X let Carly stay in that position for a moment before pulling her back up to a standing position.  He turned her back to face the camera and ran a finger down her neck.  "So, since you're the host, I will let you pick which hole you take it in." He spun her around, lowering his voice to where only she could hear him.  "Because if I choose, it will be a pain in your ass." Again, he placed her hand on his groin.


Carly gulped at his words, knowing how much something like that would hurt.  She closed her eyes then turned to look back at the camera.  "How about...uh...ah...blowjob..." She slowly opened her eyes, looking back at the camera.  She smiled at the camera, this time I a nervous smile.  She turned back to Mr.  X, looking up at him with pleading eyes.  She lowered her voice so only he could hear her.  "Do I really have to do this like this?" A tear ran down her cheek, knowing she was about to suck his cock in front of her viewers.


Mr.  X smiled and pulled Carly closer to him, keeping his voice low.  "If you don't, I am going to put my dick in that tight little ass of yours." He pressed his hand onto her shoulders and she knelt down, her face level with his crotch.  He looked down at her as he unbuttoned his pants.  "Then, I would rape and kill Sam over there...while you watched." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect 9-inch cock.  "So, I think you know what to do, huh."


Carly's eyes opened wide as she heard what the consequences were.  "Please...don't do that..." She slowly raised her hand up and took his throbbing member in her slender fingers.  "Please...just...don't hurt us..." She opened her mouth as she felt the man's hand on the back of her head.  Her eyes closed as his member slid between her red lips.  She was positioned with her back to the camera, so the look of disgust on her face was only seen by Mr.  X, who ignored it as he used the back of her head to push more of his cock into her mouth.


Mr.  X smiled as Carly's tounge slowly slid across his cock.  "Well, you're a natural at this Carly." He smirked at the disgusted look on the teen's face as her head slowly bobbed up and down on his long cock.  He slowly turned himself and his young captive where the action could be seen from the side.


Carly kept her eyes closed, but Mr.  X had the teen's long hair pulled back from her face, using it to pace her bobbing on his cock.  Each time his member was completely in her mouth, her cute cheeks puffed out.  Carly briefly opened her eyes, looking over at Sam.  The normally tough blonde-haired teen was crying for her friend, who was being forced to blow a man just to keep her safe.  Carly closed her eyes tight again as she felt the man's hands on the back of her head, nearly gagging her on his large member.


Mr.  X moaned in pleasure as he guided the teen's head up and down on his cock.  "Looks like...I picked the right hole, huh, Carly." He smirked as Carly cut a look up at him that told him she was ready for this to be over.  "Don't worry, Carly, it's almost time for part two of our show." He grabbed her by the hair with both hands.  "But, you have to get done first before we give your friend center stage."


Carly's eyes opened wide at his words, but she could not protest.  Was all this for nothing.  Was he still going to do something like this – or worse - to Same?  A squeaking sound was all she could manage as he started to speed up her bobbing.  A pained expression spread across the teen's face as she felt herself nearly choke on his invading member.  Her hands lashed out to the side of her body.  Her young breasts bounced as her head was forced back and forth on his cock.


Mr.  X knew it was only a few moments before he'd be done with Carly Shay.  He thrust his cock deep into her mouth before lowering his voice again where only she could hear.  "I am going to pull out." He looked down, making sure Carly was looking at him.  Her eyes were red from crying as she looked up at him.  "I'm going to cum on your face, Carly.  If you try to clean yourself, I will kill you and Sam." With that, Carly closed her eyes. A second later, the popping sound of Mr.  X's cock coming out of her mouth seemed to echo though the room.  As Carly gasped for air, he jerked her head back and proceeded to spray her teenage face with his sticky white cum.


It seemed like an eternity for Carly as the white, sticky, hot liquid hit her on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, chin and in her mouth.  She knew better than to fight back so all she did was kneel in front of her attacker and take what came.  Her tears mixxed with his cum as they streamed down her face.


As Mr.  X jerked off, getting the last bits of his seed out and onto Carly's face, he smirked.  As she knealt there sobbing, he put his cock back in his pants and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her closer to the camera.  "How about a closeup look at Carly's cute little cocksucking face, fans?" As the two reached the camera, he jerked Carly's head back, causing her to squeak in shock.  Streams of the man's cum streaked her young face, her expression filled with defeat and humiliation.  As she cried, he made her stand there on camera for a solid minute before pulling her back.  "Now, it's time to get ready for the second part of today's special show." He laughed and pushed her back towards the center of the room.


Carly staggered towards the center of the room.  "Please, let us go. You had your fun." She watched as Mr.  X picked up her thong and walked behind her.  "Please, you don't have to do anything to Sam."


Mr.  X laughed and ran his hand along Carly's ass.  "Oh, we can't leave her out of the fun, Carly." He grabbed both of the teen's wrists and pulled them behind her, holding them together with one hand.  "Course, I can't have you getting in the way of her big moments, now can I?" He chuckled as he reached into his back pocked and pulled out a pair of cable ties.


Carly cried out a little as her captor bound her wrists tightly behind her back.  "What are you going to do to her?" Her voice was low and scared as she was pushed away from the camera.  "Please don't rape my friend." She stood beside a chair for a moment, watching as the man walked over to her couch where his duffle bag sat.  Though his back was to her for a moment, her fear kept her in place - a decision she would regret.


Mr.  X laughed as he zipped up the bag.  "Oh, like you, Sam will do what I say willingly." He turned around and Carly almost screamed in fear as he held a noose in his hands.  He walked over to the young brunette, who was paralyzed in fear.  He walked behind Carly, making sure she saw the noose. "That is, if she values your life." He laid the noose across Carly's shoulder as he tossed the other end of the rope over one of the beams at the ceiling.


Carly began to cry as the noose raised above her head, knowing it was meant for her.   “Please...you don't have to do this." She struggled slightly with her hands, realizing it was no use, as she watched him secure the other end of the rope.  "I won't stop you." She stood there shaking as the man moved back to her.  She wanted to plead more, but, before she could, he covered her red lips with duct tape.


Mr.  X smiled evily at Carly, running his hand along her stomach.  "You are right, Carly.  You won't stop me." He pushed her underneath the noose, then pushed the chair behind her.  "You would be a fool to try." He grabbed her hair and jerked her head back.  "Now, step on the chair, Carly." The young girl shook as she slowly complied.  She sobbed to herself as the noose dangled in front of her face.  "Disobey me and the chair gets kicked out from under you." She closed her eyes he slipped the noose around her neck and tightened it.  She lowered her head and cried as he walked away from her and over to the camera.


Mr.  X began to address the audience again.  "Well, sorry for the empty camera for a moment." He laughed, slowly turning the camera towards Carly. "But, our lovely Miss Shay decided she would rather die than get in the way of Sam's portion of this show." The camera zoomed in on Carly's face.  Her eyes were red from crying.  Her face, still covered in Mr.  X's cum, was filled with terror as she knew all it would take to hang her would be to lose her footing.  Her young breasts slowly moved up and down as she sobbed. "Now, let's see what kinda fun we can have with Sam, huh guys." He laughed, walking towards Sam.  "What say we have a little more fun with her, huh."


Carly's muffled protests were barely audible as Mr.  X grabbed Sam and untied her hands.  The young blonde was too scared to fight back, especially with Carly's predicament, as she was pulled in front of the camera.  She stood barefoot in front of Mr.  X, terrified as he removed her gag.  "Please, let Carly down and I am your's." Her lips trembled as the man reached out and touched her cheek.


Mr.  X smirked and looked down at Sam, grabbing her by the hair and making her turn to face the camera.  "You're right, Sam." He put his hands on her hips, then slid his fingers under the bottom of her t-shirt.  "You are all mine and the viewers get to watch." He laughed and slowly slid the garment up her body.  The young blonde gulped as she felt the shirt move up, exposing her flat stomach before it stopped right below her breasts.  "Raise your arms." She complied and her captor pulled the garment the rest of the way off her body before tossing it in front of the chair were Carly was standing.  Sam lowered her arms, instinctively covering her bra-clad breasts, but that didn't last long.  "No sense in being shy, Sam." He laughed and jerked her arms down to her sides.  "It's not like we're not about to see these tits."


Sam stood there, an angry look spreading across her face.  "Fuck you." Her voice was low as she cursed the man stripping her.  Her upper body was only covered in a lacy white bra, her breasts sticking out from her chest, bigger than her friends.  She closed her eyes, knowing this was not about to stop any time soon.


Mr.  X laughed.  "Oh, I intend to, Sam." He jerked her head back and lowered his voice into her ear.  "Fuck you nice and raw." He pushed her head back forward and looked down at the tag on the back of her bra strap. "36D, huh?" He laughed.  "Take it off." He ran his hand along Sam's lower back, sliding a finger into the waistband of her jeans.


Sam closed her eyes and her lips trembled.  "Hope you're enjoying this if you're watching." She slowly lowered the shoulder straps of her bra and pulled her arms out, her breasts drooped slightly.  She opened her eyes and cut a dirty look at the camera.  "Sick pervs." She reached behind her and unfastened her bra.  She closed her eyes as she felt the bra drop from her body and to the floor.


Mr.  X held her arms at her side, keeping her bare upper body from being covered up.  Freed of the bra's support, her large breasts dropped more, but were still pretty firm.  Her pink nipples hardened in the cold apartment and were surrounded by medium-sized aerollas.  "Now that is a set of tits." He turned Sam around, her breasts swaying slightly as he did.  He ran his hand down her collarbone and onto her large breasts.  "Bet it would be fun to titty-fuck you, huh, Sam."


Sam started to cry as he began to squeeze her breasts.  His hands were rough as he molested her, playing with her breasts for what seemed like an eternity.  "You're disgusting..." She muttered but her voice stopped as Mr. X leaned in and ran his tounge along her nipple.  She gasped slightly then closed her eyes, still crying.  She moaned slightly, half in disgust, as his lips and mouth worked over her breasts, then moved up to her neck.  She barely noticed his hands slide down to her stomach.


Mr.  X pulled back from Sam's neck and chuckled.  "I could make you do all kinds of disgusting things, Sam." His hands slid onto the button of her jeans.  "You'll do anything I say unless you want to see Carly hang, right?" Sam's eyes were sad as she nodded.  Mr.  X smiled as he looked down towards her lower body.  "That's what I thought.  Now, let's get these pants off of you." He unbuttoned her pants and smirked, running his hand along the crotch of her jeans.  "Hmmm.  Already a little damp down there I see." Sam blushed and lowered her head in shame, knowing that his molestation caused the involuntary reaction.  "That'll make what I am about to do just that much easier." He chuckled, lowering the zipper on her pants. "Especially since you must be enjoying this." Mr.  X raised his eyebrows as he looked down into her pants.  "Well, looks like our Miss Puckett forgot a couple things this morning." He pulled Sam's jeans down slightly and only saw her thick, blonde bush.  He smirked and jerked her pants down past to her knees, exposing her round ass to the camera.  "No panties?  You dirty girl." He reached back and slapped her on the ass, causing her ass to jiggle.  "One more thing...are you a virgin?"


Sam lowered her head, crying.  "Y-y-yes." She chirped in protest as he pushed her to the ground, her pants tripping her and the helplessness of her situation setting in.  She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.  "I-I-I'm a virgin." She laid her head back as she watched Mr.  X kneel down at her legs.


Mr.  X chuckled as he grabbed the bunched up waistband of her jeans and pulled them down her legs.  "Well, you are for a few more seconds anyway, Sam." He pulled her pants the rest of the way off her body, then tossed them to the side, leaving the blonde teen laying nude on the floor.  Her pubic mound is covered with thick, blonde hair.  He spread her legs, her moist pussy lips spread open and he smiled, enjoying the view for a moment. He then leaned over her, looking right into her eyes.  "I am going to fuck your spunky little brains out, Sam." He leaned in to her ear as he reached down for his pants.  "Then I might have another turn at Carly over there before I am done." He leaned back, pulling out his cock.


Sam's eyes grew wide as she watched helplessly as he exposed his nine-inch member.  "Oh gawd..." She'd never done more than kiss a guy and now she was about to be raped, on camera for the world to see.  She really wished that someone would save her, but she began to realize that whoever was watching might actually be enjoying what was happening.  She jumped a little as she felt the head of his throbbing cock run along her teenage slit.  "That's too big..." Sam began to sob uncontrolably and tried to press her legs together.  However, Mr.  X kept her spread out as he aimed his cock at her virgin pussy.  "Please...don---" Sam's voice was silenced as he pressed his cock into her, her mouth dopped open in a phantom scream, tears streamed from her eyes as her face showed the pain of her rape beginning.


Mr X smiled and moaned slightly as he pushed more of his nine inches into his second 15-year-old victim, smirking as he felt Sam's hymen tear. "Nice and tight little thing, aren't you, Sam." He ran his hand along her cheek as she sobbed out, closing her eyes as he started to slowly withdraw. He grabbed her hair and her eyes shot back open.  "Won't be quite so tight when I am finished though." As he got all but the head of his cock out of the crying teen, he rammed back into her, causing Sam to scream out in painful protest.  Mr X looked over at Carly, who shot him a hateful look. "Aw, Carly, jealous?" He laughed and pumped back into Sam a couple more times as her sobbing was louder than his grunts.  "I could do you next, just for the hell of it." He laughed and looked down at Sam.  "Enjoying your public fucking, Sam?"


Sam's cheeks were streaked with tears as Mr.  X started to pick up his pace, her breasts bouncing towards her face and stomach as he fucked her. Her eyes were red as she sobbed.  Her words were broken as she begged for him to stop.  "Please...it hurts...you're so...big...too rough..." Her hands grasped at the floor as he pushed himself into her and held himself inside.  She cried in pain as she could feel herself being torn apart.


Mr.  X moaned again then leaned down onto Sam.  "Quit whining, Sam.  It could be a lot worse." Sam's red eyes opened back up and she gave him a fearful look.  "The people should see your face, kid." He smirked and slowly pulled his cock from her stretched pussy.  He rubbed his cock, wet with Sam's own vaginal juices, along her hairy pubic mound.  He grabbed her by the hair and forced her over onto her stomach.  He ran his hand along her bare ass before smacking it with a laugh.  "On your hands and knees Sam." Sam slowly lifted herself up onto her knees, looking at the camera with tears in her eyes.  As she leaned down onto her hands, she lowered her head and sobbed quietly.


Sam's eyes are filled with tears as she looks back underneath her.  Her breasts hung down underneath her and she was thankful that she couldn't see past them as she trembled.  "Please...I'll do anything..." She raised her head to look back at Mr.  X.  "Just don't put it back in..." She lowered her head and sobbed again.  "It hurts so much..." Her shoulders shook as she cried, feeling his hand run up her spine.


Mr X laughed as he looked down, running his dick - wet with the juices from Sam's now-gaping pussy - along her left asscheek.  "Always took you to be a tough girl, Sam." He grabbed her hair, jerking her head back, making her look into the camera.  Tears run down Sam's cheek as her expression is one of fear, pain and defeat, knowing her rape is not over.  He released her hair and her head dropped forward as both hands slid onto her ass.  He pushed down on her lower back, but made her ass rise slightly, her cheeks spreading open as he did.  "Quite the view back here, guys." He smiled evilly at Carly - who could only return a pleading look, as if to beg him to stop torturing her friend - as he ran his finger along the outside of her open pussy.  He looked down at her spread ass, her brown-tinged anus exposed to him.  Keeping Sam's spread open with one hand, Mr.  X reached down and grabbed his hard cock with the other.  "Enough talk though..." He smiled, sliding the tip into Sam's pussy again before pulling it out.  "Time we show Miss Puckett what a painful fuck can be." With that, he pushed the tip of his cock against Sam's virgin asshole.


Sam's head shot up from it's lowered position.  "NO!" She screamed as she felt the head of his cock enter her asshole.  The pain shot through her body as she began to shake.  "OH FUCK!" She screamed as he jerked her hips, using the juices from her vaginal rape to get enough lubrication to impale the teenager.  She cried out again as he jerked her head up, making her look at the camera as he started to slowly pump into her ass.  Her face was twisted with pain as she sobbed openly.  "Please...oh gawd...fuck...get it out...it's too big..." The teen continued to cry as Mr.  X continued to pump into her ass, her breasts slapping back and forth against her body.


Mr.  X moaned in pleasure as Sam's asshole gripped his cock.  "What a tight ass you got here, Sammy." He smirked and grabbed her hips.  "Not even all the way in yet." She cried out as he pulled her hips back, forcing even more of his nine inches into her asshole.  "But, getting there...about...now..." Mr.  X moaned in pleasure as he felt her bare asscheeks pressed against his body as she screamed out in pain.  He held his cock in her asshole as Sam began to shake.  He laughed as he watched her arms collapse under her and felt her body go limp in his hands.  "Guess that was too much, huh, Sam." He held her hips and started to fuck her again, laughing as she had passed out in pain.  As tight as Sam was, it took only another minute before he shot his load into her ass.  "Now, that was a great fuck, Sam." He smirked as he stood up, letting the last remains of his seed shoot onto the unconscious teen's bare back.


Mr.  X stood up and pulled his pants up, looking down at Sam's slumped form.  Her blonde hair fell around both sides of her head, covering her face, which laid on the floor of her friend Carly's apartment.  From her head, her bare, pristine back created a slight angle, as she remained on her knees, despite passing out from the pain of her anal rape.  Her lower body, however, was far from untouched, obviously.  Fresh from her violation, Sam's asshole gaped as a mixture of Mr.  X's cum and her blood ran down the back of her thighs.  Likewise, her pussy was still pretty stretched out, clear liquid running from it.  Her quaking before passing out was her own body racked with orgasm.


Mr.  X smiled and walked over to his duffle bag and pulled something out, putting it in his back pocket.  "Now we move to our final segment today fans." He walked over and stood behind Sam, who had slowly started to stir, but was still slumped over.  "Time to say goodbye to your to iCarly girls." He knelt down and grabbed Sam by the hair.  "The sidekick goes first, Sam." He stood, pulling Sam's limp, broken body up straight onto her knees.  Her eyes are barely open and her mouth dropped agape.  Her large breasts only moved slightly as her breath was weak.  Her nipples were hard as her tits hung low.  The young teen began to cry again.  "Say goodbye, Sam..."


Sam's eyes grew wide as she felt Mr.  X grab her head, gripping it tightly.  "What are you going to..." Her words were cut off as Mr.  X twisted her head violently, snapping her neck.  The sound of Sam's neck snapping echoed through the room and were followed by Carly's muffled scream. Mr.  X smiled evilly as he held Sam's head up for a few moment after delivering the fatal twist.  Her eyes were still open in shock and her mouth dropped open with the phantom scream.  Her large breasts hung lifelessly on her body, moving only slightly because of Mr.  X holding her up.  More of Sam's juices flowed from her pussy as her killer let go of her head and she fell onto her back, her lower body facing the camera.


Mr.  X laughed and looked at the camera.  "One down." He looked over at Carly, then turned his attention to Sam again, spreading her legs so the camera could see her raped, gaping pussy.  He knelt down and pulled the object, a solid glass strap-on dildo, from his back pocket.  "Before we say goodnight to our host, let's have one last contribution from Sam." Again, he looked at Carly, then the camera before pushing the 10-inch dildo into the dead girl.  He pulled it out then walked over and pointed the still camera at Carly.


Carly stood there trembling as she looked at her best friend's lifeless, raped body laying on the floor.  She screamed into the duct tape on her mouth as Mr.  X moved behind her.  "You know, your friend was a great little fuck, Carly." He ran his hand down her back, stopping at her ass.

"And you're quite the little cocksucker." His hand trailed down her asscheek.  "But, you deserve to get fucked, too, Carly." He spread her asscheeks, again exposing her asshole.  He smirked as he looked at the camera, running the glass dildo between the Carly's pussy lips.  "You know, Sam's cum makes for a good lubricant." He laughed, pressing the tip of the dildo against Carly's virgin asshole.  "Not that it's really going to matter." He pressed the tip of the dildo into Carly's asshole, smiling as she began to scream in pain into the silencing duct tape.


The more he forced into her, the harder Carly cried and shook, her legs turning to jelly underneath her.  Her eyes begged him to take it out as he walked around in front of her.  "Don't worry, Carly, it's almost over." He smirked, taking the straps of the dildo and tightening them from the front, causing the rest of the 10 inches to impale the teen.  Her eyes opened wide as she looked as though she was about to pass out.  He stepped to her left and turned to the camera, letting the viewers see her again.  Her whole body shook with pain as Mr.  X began to speak again.  "Well, time for us to draw this final episode to a close." He ran his hand along Carly's stomach then up to her left breast.  "Say goodbye, Carly." The terrified teen shook her head and cried out into the duct tape as he kicked the stool out from under her.


Carly's body dropped when the chair was kicked from under her and her screams were muted as the roped tightened around her teenage neck.  Her breasts bounced as she stopped her descent, only five inches from the safety of the floor.  Mr.  X smirked as her watched her body jerk and twist, as though she would be able to free herself.  He reached over and grabbed her arm and Carly stopped struggling, hoping he would show her mercy.  However, all he did was turn her body, letting the world see her from behind as she hung.  She started to struggle again as the viewers were treated to the site of her impaled asshole.  The strap of the dildo covered the end of the impaling object as a thin trail of blood ran down Carly's left thigh.  Her hands jerked, trying to get free, but the binding wasn't going to break.  Moments later, her hands stopped fighting as Mr.  X turned Carly back to face the camera, allowing the viewers to see her final moments.  Her eyes began to roll back as her head slumped forward.  Her body convulsed for a moment before going still.  Mr.  X smirked as he walked over to the camera, letting it pan her lifeless body.  "That's a wrap."

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