The Playhouse Indiscretion

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It had been a long day at the lab for Amy—the analyses for the new brain scans on the rhesus monkeys had taken forever. Although it was almost 7 when she left, the traffic had still been shitty and the AC wasn’t working properly in the car. She was crabby and hot by the time she got home. Sheldon was gone—across the hall as usual, with Leonard and Raj and maybe Howard? She wasn’t sure; Howard was at home a lot now with Halley and Neil.


It was Friday night, and the boys had been trying to at least occasionally revive the Chinese food and vintage video game tradition they’d had before The Girls had come along and enriched their lives. She knew that was how The Guys thought of them—as a group, a clique, which was sort of true. None of their lives had ever been the same once Penny, Bernadette and Amy had come along.


Not that being married had helped much with her insatiable desires—although unscheduled ‘coitus’ (she shuddered at the word) with Sheldon occasionally happened, it was far too rare a happening for her. Amy sighed irritably and stripped her clothes off, leaving them in a pile on the bedroom floor. Let Sheldon come home and see that, she smiled to herself vindictively.


She was looking forward to showering off the sweat of the long hot day, and as she stepped in and felt the steaming water stream over her she knew it would be a long shower, one of those where she took delight in her own body. Since no one else seems to be interested in it, she sighed. She soaped her modest, yet beautiful breasts, delighting in the soapy slickness as she caressed them up and down, teasing her nipples out. Well hello there girls, stand at attention she smiled to herself. She pressed her breasts hard to her chest, feeling her loins begin to warm steadily in response to the intense pressure and slight pain she was causing herself. She soaped her wide, generous hips and full bottom, lingering maybe a little longer than necessary with her middle finger gently probing her anus—she could only imagine what it would be like to have a man go there; she knew Sheldon never would.


She sighed in a bit of ennui and her hands traced a path down her belly, pausing on her mons, pressing in on the sensitive mound. She kept it waxed these days; it was as smooth as a mango skin, and she paused there for just a brief moment, letting the heat and anticipation build as her clit began to throb ever-so-slightly before she slipped the middle-finger of her right hand into her cleft and found it hidden deep within. Her pelvis rose as if in grateful and unconscious gratitude toward her hand, and as the soap rinsed off she closed her eyes and moaned, her finger moving deeper back, and now inside her tightly clenching vagina, scooping some of her own moisture and bringing it forward to now-engorged bean. Such a much better lubricant than soap, she thought to herself, and an unconscious smile spread across her face. Looking around, making sure that Sheldon hadn’t unexpectedly come back, she took the showerhead down, focused the stream into a pulsating beam and squatted down in the tub.


Her feet found purchase on the fading adhesive ducks as she directed the stream onto her throbbing genitals. She squealed in delight as it found her clit, and she came almost at once, fast and hard, so quickly she hadn’t even had time for a proper fantasy; she was just fulfilling an intense and burning need. Her body bucked and spasmed so hard she lost control and dropped the shower handle. It clanged off the floor of the tub and went wild, spraying her belly and breasts and even squirting up her nostrils. She groaned so loud she hoped they hadn’t heard it across the hall but she giggled at herself. She knew she wasn’t done yet—she was pretty sure she had one, maybe even two or three more in her, and feeling in heat the way she did she was going to take the next one now. It was she who had insisted (much to Sheldon’s chagrin) that they get a removable showerhead, and she was putting it to good use tonight.


She grabbed the nozzle and pointed it at her nipples, now fierce and pointed straight down, her breasts hanging pendulously from her chest as she enjoyed the sensation of brazenly exposing herself, wishing Sheldon (or Penny, and here she smiled) were there to enjoy the view. The pulse stream was painfully intense on her nipples, so much so that it sent wild sparks like crossed wires or misfires throughout her body and the signals were so intense that she wondered if she were going to cum again, but it was just too much. Her thighs were starting to cramp now but she suffered through it, spraying her pussy and her now delightfully twitching anus—such a world of unexplored pleasures there, she thought again to herself, and her eyes closed—in a fit of boundless imagination she surprised herself by picturing Penny behind her in the shower, standing Amy up, spreading her cheeks and cramming a fierce tongue deeply into her behind. The fantasy was so vivid that she felt another orgasm coming on—this was going to be the big one, she knew--when she heard the front door slam.


Shit! Sheldon’s home! She thought for a minute about just continuing what she was doing regardless of whether he came into the bathroom or not, but quickly decided against it. Though she didn’t think of herself as a prude, she just couldn’t imagine getting caught masturbating by her husband. She scrambled, almost lost footing, and just managed to hang the shower head back up when Sheldon burst into the bathroom.


“Oh, hi Amy. Sorry for barging in but there was a spider on the toilet seat at Leonard’s.” He lifted the toilet lid and began to pee.


Amy’s entire body was afire, and she imagined what it would be like if she were under that hot stream of Sheldon’s. What was going on with her? A wild fantasy of a spontaneous fuck from her husband soared through her. She almost giggled at the word in her head; they would never have sex again if Sheldon ever knew that she thought of it as fucking. She spontaneously shut off the shower, flinging the curtain opening and cocking her hips in what she was sure was her most alluring pose, a welcoming smile on her face, dripping wet and impossibly fecund. God, she thought, please let him take me! I want him to put a baby in me right now!


Sheldon glanced at her disinterestedly, flushed the toilet and tossed her a towel.  “See you later tonight; it might be a late one. We have a good round of Zork going.” With that he washed his hands and was gone as quickly as he’d arrived.


Amy was furious for a moment, but then not surprised. She thought about turning the shower back on, but with a regretful sigh she began toweling off. As long as she had known him she was still baffled by her husband; why was it she seemed to thrive on wanting to be with others so much more than they wanted to be with her?


As she went about getting dressed she briefly thought of turning to Gerard; she still had an unquenched heat inside her. The edge had been taken off, but her belly was still tight and faintly warm, her pussy still dripping with her own lubricant. To no avail it seemed. She laughed to herself when she remembered that once she had used an electric toothbrush named Gerard; unlike Bernadette and (strangely enough for such a natural-born slut) Penny, Amy wasn’t shy when it came to talking about sex. 


Penny had sneered at her a time or two about Gerard, and one night after polishing off two bottles of pinot grigio, Penny had announced “I’ve got a new Gerard for you.”  This was shortly after Amy and Sheldon had made love for the first time, and she had been shocked but thrilled that Penny was the one who had brought the topic up.


Amy could hardly believe it when Penny dimmed the light and got out a small pink box from her purse, removing a shiny metal object about the size of a robin’s egg. Penny had been sitting around brazenly in a tattered bra and worn cotton panties (was there anything that didn’t look sexy on her?), Amy in her best no-frills nightgown, secretly (or so she thought) wearing nothing underneath.  Amy could scarcely breathe as Penny scooted right over to her, breath redolent with wine and words just slightly slurred.


“A toothbrush works in a pinch, but big girls have vibrators,” she whispered almost conspiratorially. “Especially girls who sit around without panties in front of their friends.” Penny had winked and stuck her tongue out ever so-slightly, biting it between her teeth in that unbelievably fetching mannerism of hers.


There was a buzzing sound in the dim light, and then Penny had forced Amy’s knees apart and suddenly there was a fascinating, smooth vibration on her clitoris. Amy had gasped in surprise and instinctively tried to close her legs, but Penny forced them apart again and Amy had surrendered, leaning back as Penny (expertly, it seemed; Amy knew that she wasn’t Penny’s first girl by a long shot) teased and edged Amy until she finally exploded a short time later, crying out loudly in the only orgasm ever given her by anyone else.


For all that it was so intense it had still felt strangely cold and clinical; Penny hadn’t stuck any fingers inside her; she’d never even felt up Amy’s tits once in all the time they’d known each other. They had had sex a half-dozen times or so over the years, but it was always Amy, Amy, Amy the giver, Amy the one who made Penny squeal in delight and scream a muffled “Oh God!” into her pillow as Amy, head or hands between Penny’s impossibly long legs, worked her magic, Amy the one who frantically masturbated in bed, trying hard to cum before Penny put her clothes on and went for another glass of wine.


Not that Amy minded, really; she worshipped her bestie in every way, and although their relationship had matured over the years, the one thing that had stayed the same was the imbalance in that part of their friendship that occasionally led to sex: it was always when (and only when) Penny wanted it, it was always Amy making Penny cum, and then there was almost always a bit of awkwardness between them for a few days after. Penny never could seem to make up her mind; sometimes openly and in front of everyone she enjoyed the naked adoration Amy bestowed upon her; sometimes she cringed and cowered, as if disgusted by it or just afraid that the secret nature of their relationship might accidentally be revealed. Amy was never sure which it was, or if it were both.


It had never occurred to Amy to think of it as cheating; in fact, now that she thought about it, she and Penny had gotten naked together long before she had ever even been Sheldon’s girlfriend. She smiled to herself as she remembered their first slumber-party together, Penny and Bernie buzzed on wine, Amy just amazingly alive and thrilled to be with two such beautiful friends. When Penny had stormed out of the living room, right into that bedroom there, Amy had followed her determinedly. Penny had been stripping down to go to bed when Amy threw her down, onto the bed, pulled her pink panties off and buried her head between those golden thighs. Penny had squealed—squealed, but not protested--as Amy clumsily gave her first head ever. Amy had often wondered what Bernadette thought; she had stayed out here in the living room during the other two’s brief encounter, but Bernie had to have known what was going on: Penny was a loud cummer.


Thinking about oral sex Amy grimaced to herself irritatedly at the thought that she’d still never sucked Sheldon’s dick (in fact she had no idea how to approach him about it), nor had anyone ever pleasured her orally or in any other way, except for her surprise gift from Penny. Oh it brought her sensual and emotional pleasure when she and Sheldon made love, and it brought her pleasure on those rare occasions when Penny decided to come down from on high and let Amy make her cum, but Amy was always the one to make her own self cum later on. She felt sad, and lonely for a moment at the thought that only once had anyone ever thought enough of her to give her an orgasm the way she so generously gave them whenever Sheldon or Penny wanted her to. 


No, Amy could never think of as cheating those all-too-occasional, and (to Amy) golden and wonderful moments when she pleasured her best friend. It was just a rare and very private facet to their friendship. If Penny’s conscience ever bothered her about it she had certainly never let on, but then again Penny had such a high opinion of herself, mega-hottie that she was, that to her mind she deserved whatever she wanted. Sighing in resignation, Amy had to admit to herself that couldn’t disagree with that. She knew in her heart of hearts that those moments they were naked together meant something to Penny too; maybe that was why they were so infrequent. Amy sat in wistful silence on the couch, wondering if her and Penny’s days of being intimate with one another were truly over forever. It had been a couple of years since their last sexual encounter.


Just then she got a text from Penny; it was as if her bestie had read her mind and knew how lonely Amy was feeling at that moment.


Secret clubhouse meeting stat, the message read.  Bring vino you little vixen! ;0P


Amy’s dark mood lifted. Yes, that would be good-- secret clubhouse meeting!  Well, she supposed, the clubhouse wasn’t secret; it was just Howard and Bernadette’s immaculate and surprisingly large playhouse for children who were as yet too young to use it. It was the club that was secret.

Bernie had lately been using playhouse as a retreat from Howard and the kids, taking an hour or two after work to go there and drink wine and have a moment of solitude. Of course Penny had wormed her way in, Amy had discovered it and, Amy frowned, had finally badgered her way into the secret club. Sometimes she felt like nothing had changed since that first slumber party that she’d guilted her way into, but she decided not to dwell on it. She hurriedly dried her hair and got ready, texting Sheldon on the way out the door to let him know what was going on.


It was still ridiculously warm for so late in the evening; after stopping at Ralph’s for a couple cheap bottles of pinot ‘greej,’ as they called it, she parked the car a half a block down from Howard and Bernadette’s. It was after all a secret club, so if this was a secret meeting then Howard must be home. She snuck through the side yard in the dim Altadena evening, excitement of a different kind flooding through her as she anticipated a late evening buzz with her two dearest friends.


As she quietly executed the secret knock, she heard a giggling inside and a brief fantasy flashed through her mind about coming in and finding Penny and Bernadette engaged in the secret throes of coitus (god, there was that word again.) She could hardly have been more surprised when, a second after getting in, her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw that the two were sitting there with their tops off, wearing only their bras!


“Oh my god,” she gasped, “what are you two doing?” She smiled in shocked pleasure.


“Shhh!” giggled Bernie, grabbing Amy and pulling her onto a small stool next the table, where one empty bottle of Oregon pinot noir sat and another was already well on its way to being gone.


“Yeah Amy, you want Howard to come out and ruin girls’ night?” Penny said, elbowing Amy in the close quarters.


“That’s right,” said Bernadette, clearly well on her way to a fat wine buzz. “It’s girls only, and it’s hot as hell. Now take that shirt off!” Penny laughed and covered her mouth with her hand in a vain attempt to quiet herself.


“You quiet down too girlie,” said Bernadette, eyeing Penny with that mock-vicious glare of hers that looked uncannily like her real vicious glare. “If Howie came out right now he’d splooge in his pants,” she whispered.


“Thanks for the visual,” Penny grimaced, and took a long pull off the wine bottle.


Amy didn’t hesitate for a moment; if she could have imagined a time like this she might have thought she would be shy; for all her bravado and openness about her attraction to Penny (and, occasionally, Bernie) it was largely that: bravado. In Penny’s case it was almost like hiding in plain sight. With Bernie it was much more circumspect; she could be strangely prude and Amy didn’t want to risk offending.


She wasn’t wearing her usual sweater, and she unbuttoned her shirt and shrugged it off, feeling a strangely new (after all these years) and exciting camaraderie with these two women who were so important to her.


It was girls’ talk—big stuff and small, babies with Bernadette and pharmaceuticals with the both of them. Amy mostly basked in it all, forgetting for a moment the travails of her day.  There came a sudden silence, but it was a comfortable silence as the three old friends just sat and enjoyed each other’s presence.  A pleasant breeze had wafted down from the dark distant mountains, cooling the sweat on their torsos, setting all their nipples on edge.


Amy noticed that in the silence her eyes had drifted toward Bernadette’s immense cans. She’d seen (even tasted) Penny’s more than once, but while she was only moderately attracted to Bernie she couldn’t help but wonder (being partial to cute blondes as she was) just what they looked like.  Amy glanced over and found that Penny’s gaze had drifted toward the same place. Amy and Penny noticed one another at the same time and started giggling again. They both looked at Bernadette and she sighed, as if reaching a long-contemplated decision.


With a slightly mischievous smile she began undoing her bra, a front-loader as she liked to call it, one clasp at a time, not hurrying but not lollygagging either.


“That’s it,” she said playfully. “You two have been staring at my tits for years, so I’m not going to fight it any longer.” Amy and Penny gave each other a brief, shocked glance as Bernadette undid the last clasp and flung her bra to the floor.


Amy felt the warm thrill in her lower abdomen come boiling back to life in an instant; she hoped neither of them could see the sudden heat rising through her neck to color her cheeks. Bernadette’s breasts dropped and bounced as she yanked her bra off, and they were more beautiful than Amy had hoped: two immense, pale white globes, surrounded by light pink areolae that were all but invisible in the dark, and two nipples as perfect and cylindrical as those on a Gerber baby bottle. They drooped ever so slightly, nipples pointing slightly downward, but even after two children Bernadette’s breasts were as perfect as Amy had ever dared dream.


“There ya go…” said Bernie in her hammy, high-pitched voice. “Now you don’t have to wonder how large these hadron colliders are anymore,” she said, smiling at Amy. “And you both can look at my eyes when you talk to me from now on.”


Amy and Penny burst out in a fit of giggles that Bernie hurriedly shushed. Amy expected Bernadette to pick her bra up and put it back on but to Amy’s surprise and great delight, she took a sip from her wine glass and leaned back in her chair, arms pulled back, positioning herself so the best light hit her breasts and painted them in rolling hills of light and deep valleys of night-shadow. Even in the dimness Amy could see rivers of blue veins close to the skin, and lines of wide stretch marks on the sides that glowed a beautiful pale silver in the moonlight.


Bernadette was pointedly looking out the little window, letting her girlfriends gape, (and, she had to admit to herself, enjoying it and finding it much more exciting than she wished it were). As if rehearsed, Penny looked wide-eyed at Amy and simultaneously they both reached over and lifted one of those heavy globes and let it drop.


Bernadette shrieked and almost fell out of her chair, immediately covering her mouth. Amy and Penny were now laughing so hard that Howard’s rattling around in the kitchen ceased, as if he were listening to try and discover what the source of the sound was.


Bernadette’s eyes were wide as she covered her breasts with her hands, but the glint in them soon turned from anger to mischief as she whispered “I can’t believe you two! Let’s see how you like it!”


Without warning she reached both hands over toward Amy and lifted her bra up over her breasts, grabbing and pinching both nipples before a shocked Amy could even react. Amy gasped and struggled to put her bra back on as Bernie reached over to a quietly shrieking Penny, who had had time to defend herself and was crouched facing the corner giggling furiously and trying ineffectively to both shield her breasts and keep Bernie from undoing her bra in the back.  She soon gave up the struggle, pulled her own bra off and turned fiercely around just as Bernadette took both her amazing breasts in hand and gave them a surprisingly gentle caress.


Amy looked around now at both of them and stopped her struggle to put her bra on. Feeling lascivious and wanton she too leaned back as the startling revelation hit her that she had dreamed of this for so long: being naked with her two beautiful friends. Well, they were only half-naked but it was more than Amy had ever considered possible.


Penny was in darkness in the corner, but she just “happened” to reach behind her head to pull her hair back, raising her perfect breasts to their most alluring position. It was hard to see but Amy knew them well: golden, flawless, not immense like Bernie’s nor small like her own but beautifully in between. Amy was suddenly very proud of her own breasts as well, as she saw something in Penny’s eyes that she hadn’t seen in a long time—was it just a trick of the darkness or was Penny giving her The Look? At any rate Bernadette was still not done.


“You think they’re all for fun and games? Here’s what they’re really for.” With what appeared to be almost expert aim, she reached down and, pointing one breast each toward Amy and Penny, thumbs a couple inches above the nipple, she gave a squeeze downward.


The giggles turned to gasps as Bernadette’s breastmilk fountained through the air. To Amy it seemed as if it were in slow-motion: the light behind Bernadette framed the scene perfectly, and even as a biologist she had never fully envisioned just how many ducts a human female could have. Nine or ten streams shot from each breast, upward, downward, forward, to the sides…each stream limned in a white moon-glow as it showered Amy and Penny.


Bernadette shrieked with laughter as Penny turned away, shocked, but Amy kept her face pointed toward the shower and opened her mouth as the warm, sweet fluid ran down her glasses and dripped from her upper lip and onto her tongue.


While Amy had enjoyed the sensation to her very core, Penny seemed more shocked and offended. She punched Bernadette viciously on the arm. “I can’t believe you did that! That’s so gross!”


“I liked it,” Amy murmured quietly, almost to herself and suddenly serious.


“Oh my god Amy you’re a dirty dirty pervert!” Bernadette laughed.


“I’m serious Bernie! I’m covered in your tit-milk! Now I’m gonna be all sticky!”  Penny was smiling now but still clearly annoyed.


“Oh don’t be such a baby,” said Bernadette, using her high-bitch voice, but clearly having fun. “I’ll sneak into the laundry room and get a rag you can clean up with.”


Still topless she headed across the moonlit yard, and Penny and Amy burst out into muffled laughter again. It was brief, and suddenly they were quiet, looking into one another’s eyes as if each were asking a question only the other understood. 


Penny smiled again and scooted toward Amy. “Well, after all that, fair’s fair,” she said. Her meaning became clear as she gently took Amy’s breasts into her hands and started massaging them, thumbs raking over intensely hard nipples--yet she never took her eyes off of Amy’s.


Amy’s eyes were heavily lidded; this was the first time Penny had ever touched her breasts, and it was magical. She just enjoyed the sensation for a moment, that of Penny’s expertly questing hands exploring her, when suddenly of their own volition her hands went to Penny’s body.


Slowly, languorously, she traced her hands up Penny’s sides, feeling the perfectly toned musculature. She knew how hard Penny worked for that bod! Her hands made their way inevitably to Penny’s breasts. She had felt them before but now they seemed so…responsive. Penny gasped ever so slightly then bent down and took one of Amy’s nipples in her mouth, suckling gently yet intensely, cleaning Bernadette’s milk from Amy. Penny opened her mouth wider, taking as much of Amy’s left breast into her mouth as she could, her entire areola and then some and sucking it so hard and fiercely that Amy groaned in ecstasy.


Suddenly Bernadette was crashing back across the yard, and Penny reluctantly disengaged from Amy to move back to the corner. Amy’s eyes slowly opened. She was glad it was dark, because her face felt as if it were on fire and she had no idea what expression she was wearing.


Bernadette came in and flung a moistened towel at the two of them. “Sorry girls. These here are workin’ boobs, not just fun bags,” she laughed. She picked up her bra and put it on, proceeding to get dressed as Amy and Penny watched in silence.  “I’m going to go in and say hi to Howie now; I think the kids are asleep.”  She gave them a wink. “You two can see yourselves out.”  With that she was gone, and Amy and Penny were alone in the playhouse.


Penny cleaned herself up first and tossed the towel to Amy, who did likewise. They sat together in what had suddenly become an awkward silence, with Penny looking around the room, anywhere but at Amy.  Amy, still on fire inside, was suddenly afraid that the moment had passed. Her fear was confirmed as Penny looked around for her own bra and started to put it on.


“Wait a minute…we still haven’t…I mean…” Amy stammered for a moment, casting about desperately for anything to keep Penny here a bit longer.  “We still have a bottle of wine here that we haven’t opened.” Penny paused, and slowly put her bra down. Amy smiled inwardly; did she know her bestie’s weaknesses or what?


Penny gave Amy one of her famous eye rolls.  “Well, we can’t let that go to waste now, can we?”  Penny came out of the darkened corner and took the spot where Bernie had been a moment before. Amy could scarcely believe the amazing effect that correctly positioned light could have on the female form: she could see tiny shadows cast by the bumps on Penny’s swollen areolae, her nipples jutting out from them like ripe red raspberries. As Penny leaned toward the table to pick up the bottle, Amy spontaneously leaned forward and kissed her.


They had kissed once, briefly, almost as a joke, but it was nothing like this. Their lips locked together for a moment and then Penny shoved Amy back, but Amy was insistent, and this time the kiss was real. It was fierce and passionate. Penny had such strong lips, and Amy swooned as Penny’s tongue gently parted her own lips, probing, questing past her teeth until it found Amy’s tongue. Penny pulled back for a minute.  “You have milk on your glasses,” she said, and suddenly they both found themselves giggling again briefly, as Penny reached up and gently removed Amy’s glasses, setting them on the table. Most things in the room were blurry, but at this close range Amy could see Penny perfectly. Fearful that the moment might pass again Amy scooted her stool and this time wrapped her arms around Penny, pulling her close so that their bare torsos were pressed tightly together, and Amy marveled at this brand-new sensation of her own erect nipples brushing over and across Penny’s. Penny’s intense suction had caused not only the nipple but the entire areola and part of her breast to become swollen—it had never been so sensitive in her life.


They kissed for what seemed to Amy like an eternity, the kind of kiss she’d always dreamed of but never had. They pressed one against the other, skin on skin, tongues probing one another’s mouths. Amy had never kissed for so long, and as they went on her lips became so swollen and sensitive that suddenly it was a whole new experience, a higher level, as if her lips alone were the most sensitive erogenous zone on her body. Penny bit Amy’s bottom lip from time to time, pulling it into her mouth, and by now Amy’s lips were so heightened with sensitivity that a spasm of joy that seemed to pass beyond the merely physical shook her body.


Occasionally they paused to take a breath; Penny for once seeming confused and surprised, Amy dumbfounded with joy, but at each pause they looked at one another, eyes glinting in the moonlight. Constantly their questing hands roamed over one another’s bodies, from breasts to hips to smooth bellies, and occasionally they disengaged and their mouths found one another’s nipples, but always their lips made their way back to one another’s almost as if of their own volition. Amy felt light-headed and almost as though in a dream, and she slid her hands into the pleated mini skirt Penny wore and up her smooth, flawless thighs, feeling that her panties were soaked as she found Penny’s clit through her underwear and began to gently massage it as their kissing reached a fever pitch.


Suddenly Penny gasped, and pushed Amy away, this time forcefully and with no hesitation. God she’s so strong! Amy thought to herself as she gave way and put her hands on Penny’s broad, shoulders, so smooth and rounded, rippled as they were with almost mannish muscle. “No, Amy, let’s not. It’d be too weird. I mean, our friendship means so much to me.” She looked hesitant and a bit uncertain, strangely and suddenly somehow vulnerable, yet she seemed almost as breathless and bewildered as Amy herself.


“It means a lot to me too,” Amy whispered, “you know I’ve been my best friend for a long time, but you are more than just a friend to me.”  All at once Amy felt shy herself, wondering if she’d said too much, and yet fascinated that she’d never fully realized before now, or at least had never been able to admit to herself, that she was in love with Penny. To her great surprise Penny’s eyes started to get moist, her lips trembling.


Amy couldn’t let it end like this. Gently she reached up and kissed away a tear drop that was just about to fall from Penny’s eyelid, reveling a moment in the odd taste of salt with a faint hint of mascara. Before the moment could pass again Amy found in herself a surprising and new urge to take charge of the situation. 


She stood and lifted Penny from her chair, grabbing her by her buttocks and sitting Penny on the edge of the long table that stretched to the window. Penny might have the marvelous shoulders of a linebacker, Amy thought to herself, but she’s got nothing on my lower body strength. Penny squeaked in surprise, as Amy thought to herself this is ridiculous; just how firm can someone’s ass be?  Amy took Penny’s strong shoulders in hand and pushed her back so she was lying down and then Penny’s panties were off, flung forgotten into a corner. In a second Penny had unsnapped her skirt and it too was gone, and there was her bestie, lying naked on the table in the moonlight, her gloriously perfect body looking as though some sort of angelic succubus had bubbled up from Amy’s subconscious and made itself manifest before her.


Penny had been smooth down below every time Amy had been there, so she was surprised to see that she now sported a well-defined, perfectly rectangular racing stripe. This delighted Amy to no end as she pushed Penny’s thighs apart and took a moment to enjoy the view.


Unlike Amy’s nether regions, hidden as they were between the folds of a deep cleft, seemingly as shy as she as she herself could often be, Penny’s seemed to reflect her own personality as well. Bold and beautiful, her inner lips unfolded like flower petals beyond her outer labia:  they and her almost pornographically large clit were never hidden, always exposed and fearless. Penny was dripping wet as Amy plunged her stiffened tongue deep into Penny’s twat. She had never done this before and Penny gasped; to Amy it seemed as though she were drinking nectar, pure ambrosia. Her neurobiologist senses told her that Penny’s pubic hair trapped pheromones so as to entice mating, and when they filled her nose as she moved up to Penny’s clit her last seemingly rational thought, before she was consumed entirely by her ardor, was why do I respond so strongly to these pheromones? She and I can’t produce offspring? And then her tongue found Penny’s clit, who moaned and grabbed the back of Amy’s head, pressing it onto center of her throbbing need.


Penny’s clit was bullet-hard and seemed to be actually pulsating as Amy pressed her mouth down on the whole of Penny’s pussy. God she’s a natural Penny thought to herself in the last brief moment when her mind seemed sensible; she’s way better at this than Leonard, however hard he tries. Amy knew how to pressure it with her whole mouth, how to create intense suction and release, how to flick and nibble and suck work her tongue underneath the hood to get at the most sensitive areas, knew just when and how to insert her fingers and find Penny’s g-spot, and everything she did was instinctive.  Penny suddenly wanted to be more open and exposed to Amy than she ever had been before.


To Amy’s great surprise Penny grabbed her own ankles and effortlessly pulled them back behind her ears, bearing down so that her swollen, agonizingly ecstatic pudenda seemed to jump out, shadowed in moonlight. Penny was showing off, Amy knew, but she herself felt so lustful that she thought she might die at that moment. Penny groaned and looked down in surprise, almost anguished that Amy had stopped, but not one to stand on ceremony she took three fingers and began furiously rubbing them side to side across her clit, unable to wait a moment for Amy to get back at her pussy. She was ready to cum.


Amy stood up briefly, enjoying yet another new vista: that of Penny masturbating in frustration, and as she hurriedly took off her own skirt and soaked panties she enjoyed it for a moment, with just a bit of schadenfreude: so now she’s the one that has to polish her own pearl because she’s so horny she can’t stand it and no one is paying attention to her pussy when she needs it.


It was such an enjoyable sight, in fact, that Amy just stood there, and almost before she knew what she was doing her hands were down inside her own lips, rubbing furiously at her own swollen pearl. Penny opened her eyes and saw Amy standing there, and suddenly Amy understood what Penny was doing: relishing her role as the center of attention (when did she not? Amy thought wryly to herself.) Penny’s motion became even more intense until her right hand was a blur in the moonlight, and she was moaning louder and louder as a wet, sloppy slapping sound filled the air, a wry grin on her deeply lidded eyes as she looked up and saw Amy close her eyes and arch her neck.


Amy surprised herself once again by exploding in a fierce orgasm, one so intense that she began to see stars as it coursed through her body, and she started to lose all conscious thought. She thrashed back and forth uncontrollably and staggered backward, just catching herself on the wall of the playhouse before she crashed to the floor.


Penny had never been so turned on by Amy in her life as she was now, watching her dear friend stand there and almost fall over. She’d watched Amy cum a number of times before, but it had never seemed to mean so much to her. She lay there furiously rubbing and almost before she knew it she herself was cumming, and boy was it a big one. She’d been planning on letting Amy finish her off with her tongue but she couldn’t hold out any longer, and just a moment after Amy hit the wall Penny screamed “Oh God!!!” and came herself, shaking so hard on the little table that she almost rolled off; she was afraid she was going to break it.


Amy regained semi-consciousness at Penny’s cry and enjoyed the sight: Penny was so muscular! Every muscle seemed to be tightened and flexed to capacity as her bestie cried out her orgasm. We just came together! Amy thought. So many new firsts tonight she hardly knew what to do with herself.  And yet still she felt as though she had more in her.


She was amazed, almost childishly so, at her body’s capacity for pleasure. In her more reflective moments she was almost sorry for men; intense though Sheldon’s orgasms seemed, he was always spent after one, and usually slept like a baby almost immediately afterward; in that regard he wasn’t much different from Penny: much like she, he left her to finish herself off afterward, or even not at all. This time Amy had again done for herself, but it felt somehow different: she and her bestie had shared this orgasm together, though each one had brought herself to arrival. She slumped back down onto a chair and leaned against the wall. Penny was still gasping, one or two aftershocks briefly rocking her body at whiles as her hand gradually slowed and then stopped. Then Penny slumped and lay there, letting her legs drop down over the edge of the table.


They both stayed like that for a while. The cool breeze blew in and every nerve-ending in Amy’s body was still on fire, so it was a new kind of ecstasy to just feel that sensation. To Amy’s great surprise (certainly not the first, nor would it be the last tonight) Penny suddenly sat up and said “Come over here,” in that deep, commanding tone her voice was capable of taking on.


Amy looked at her questioningly, but with growing delight as Penny sat up, spun herself around on the table, and then lay back down again facing the opposite direction, her head just slightly hanging off the end. Then suddenly Amy understood, and she covered her mouth in feigned modesty as she stood, turned around, and sat down on Penny’s eager face.


The most interesting thing was that Penny first tongued her ass. Amy gasped in shock as Penny parted her cheeks and her tongue began flicking at the red rosebud that nestled in the center of Amy’s generous behind. What a sensation! So many nerve-endings there, she knew, and the feeling of Penny’s tongue on her intimate parts, just in and of itself, was so meaningful to her she thought that she might cry for a moment, there squatting over the low table with her best friend and lover’s tongue up her backside. Later she would look back on that moment and laugh to herself, but at the time it was neither funny nor surprising that the first time her bestie went down on her it was for anilingus. Amy moaned and struggled to keep herself still so Penny could get the angle she wanted and do whatever she needed.


It didn’t take Penny long, after a few breaths to come up for air, to pull Amy farther back onto her. Her tongue swiped over Amy’s dripping canal and probed there for a while too as Amy lost herself in the moment, barely noticing the quivering in her thighs. Then Penny was onto Amy’s clit, and as her thumb pressed gently but firmly against Amy’s anus Amy was surprised at how readily it gave way and allowed Penny to insert her thumb all the way up to where it joined with her hand. It was almost as though Amy were somewhere else: the sensation was so intense it felt like a spiritual awakening. From time-to-time Penny’s hands moved up to Amy’s breasts; sometimes she pushed Amy’s thighs apart to get some air, and more than once one of her hands disappeared; to Amy’s great delight she glanced backward and saw that Penny was again rubbing her own clit and moaning.  Though she tried to make the sensation last as long as possible her thighs were about to give, and Amy could bear it no longer.


When she came again that night it was the most intense of all. She screamed aloud at the fire expanding through her nervous system like the core of a thermonuclear explosion in the nanoseconds after detonation. Amy had never had anything inside her ass when she came, and so intense was it she could barely register the sensation of her hold rhythmically clamping and releasing, clamping and releasing on Penny’s deeply inserted thumb as she came. Penny tried to push her up but Amy was like a machine, grinding her clitoris into Penny’s face, unwilling to be denied. Amy could never tell how many times she came; one thunderous orgasm blended with another, and when she was finally spent and her legs buckled on their own she did hit the floor this time, collapsing in a heap as Penny gasped for air in between laughs.


“Oh my god Amy that was so loud! I’m sure everyone in the neighborhood heard!” Amy hardly heard her, as there was barely any sense at all left in her head. She was breathing heavily and chuckling softly to herself; she finally knew what it felt like to be fucked stupid. By the time she began to come to herself Penny’s laughter had stopped; she was frantically rubbing another one out and all of a sudden she gave a stifled wail and bucked again, her head thrashing from side to side as her back arched. She looked down and chuckled again then laid her head back doen on the table, panting breathlessly.


Amy’s face was still pressed against the floor in her swoon; she smiled weakly at Penny’s amusement and at the realization that her ass was in the air pointed straight at Penny, but nothing mattered at that moment except the waves of pleasure that were gradually ebbing, her own body spasming here and there as the long end of her orgasms finally receded like the last of a series of tsunamis retreating back into a sun-washed sea.


She slowly came back to herself, although her entire being was alive with bliss and contentment. For the first time in her life, Amy was truly and deeply satisfied sexually, and in a profound way that she had never thought possible, that way in which any division between body, mind and spirit was revealed as false: she felt complete.  


Amy slowly rearranged herself and looked up. Penny, unselfconscious in her nakedness, had her mouth open and her ear cocked toward the house. They could hear the sound of Howard and Bernadette’s loveplay wafting through the night air: there was a loud smack (the unmistakable slap of hand on bare ass) and they heard Howard: “Thank you sister, please give me another!” There was another loud smack and for the hundredth time that night Amy and Penny burst out in laughter as Amy slowly sat up.


“Oh my god Bernie must have her Catholic schoolgirl outfit on,” said Amy.


“I guess everybody’s gettin’ some tonight,” Penny said slyly, and stuck her tongue out at Amy. Amy scooted closer and took Penny’s calf in her arms, leaning her head against the smooth muscle. There was a long silence, but unlike the earlier ones this one was neither uncomfortable nor filled with unresolved tension. Amy rested her head against Penny’s leg, and Penny gently stroked Amy’s hair with one hand, and with the other she lifted up the bottle of grigio from where it had ended up on the floor below the table. She unscrewed the lid and took a long drink, handing the bottle to Amy who did likewise.


“That’s some thirsty work,” said Penny, and Amy smiled, resting the cool wine bottle against the heat of her torso.  Gradually the sounds of sex from the house subsided, and Penny rousted herself.


“I guess we’d better get dressed and get going.” Unlike before, unlike always before, there was no twinge of sadness for Amy as Penny began to dress. She put on her bra and top, sliding her skirt on. “God my panties are soaked. I’m not wearing those until after laundry day.”


Amy giggled and agreed with her. In a few moments they were both clothed, and they sat down to polish off the last of the wine.


“Well that was something new,” Amy said almost shyly. Then, before she could stop herself, “I hope we can do it again sometime.”


Penny smiled at her, as if conceding a point. “Yeah, that was something else alright. You really feel like you know a girl once you’ve had your tongue up her ass,” said Penny, laughing at her own bawdy joke.


“I’ll have to find that out for myself one day,” said Amy, and Penny just looked at her and winked.


Just then, to their surprise, the playhouse door creaked open and in came Bernadette, wearing a flimsy see-through night gown. She had a scowl on her face, and for a minute Amy was nervous. She didn’t think that Bernadette knew about their occasional flings; if so she had never said anything. No, other than that first time she was pretty sure that Bernie knew nothing.


“Well,” said Bernadette finally, and with cool matter-of-factness in her best squeaky school marm voice, “are you two done fucking or what?”


“What?!” replied Penny, in genuine shock. “I don’t know what you’re…”


“Oh gimme a break Penny,” Bernadette went on. “There are two pairs of panties over in the corner, you’ve got a jelly donut on your face, and it reeks like pussy in here. I’m not an idiot.” Her scowl disappeared and she burst out laughing. “Come on you two. It’s not like I haven’t known since we first started hanging out together. I remember the nether yeya.”


Penny and Amy both sputtered and stammered in embarrassment, and Penny self-consciously wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, but really, what was there to say?


“You two are so cute when you’re embarrassed,” laughed Bernie. “Don’t worry; you aren’t the only ones,” she said mysteriously, as if begging for them to follow up.


Amy finally found her voice. “What do you mean?”


“Howard and Raj gave each other hand jobs once,” she said flatly, and Amy and Penny both gasped.


“No!” said Penny. “Are you serious?”


“Well…once that I know about,” muttered Bernadette, her eyes narrowing in suspicion.  “And more recently than you’d think.”


 “Well, I guess that shouldn’t be too much of a shocker,” Penny said, but Amy still looked dumbfounded.


Bernie rolled her eyes. “I caught’ em red-handed. I’ll tell you all about it sometime.” She said goodnight and headed back to the house.


“Good old Bernie the blabbermouth; I’m sure she will tell us all about it,” Penny said at length. “Well, at least she’s never said anything about us to anyone. If she had I’m sure we’d know about it by now.”


Amy thought for a moment. “I think our secret’s safe with Bernadette, as strange as that may seem. If she let that slip it could fracture our whole group, and she’s smart enough to know it. Besides, if she knows about Howard and Rajesh then maybe she’s not as prude as she seems?”


“I guess not. After her titty exhibition tonight I don’t know what to make of her anymore.”


“Well anyway, even though I don’t want Sheldon or Leonard to know, I still don’t feel like it’s cheating,” Amy went on, hoping to get a clearer idea of Penny’s thoughts on the subject.


“No, a girl needs what a girl needs,” said Penny matter-of-factly. “Besides, I think Leonard and Sheldon are getting all the action they can handle from their wives, and then some.” Another wink, and Penny polished off the bottle.


They were silent as they snuck out through the side yard and made their way back to their cars. The evening had cooled considerably, and Amy was still slightly woozy from the wine and the afterglow.


“I wonder if we should call a cab?” she asked.


“Probably a good idea. I’m kind of loaded.”  Amy took out her phone and requested the cab, and they stood there awkwardly for a moment. Penny surprised her, coming up and putting her arms around Amy. They held one another in a long, close hug in the middle of the quiet street, and to Amy’s delight Penny kissed her again, long, slow, and meaningful, but without the naked lust of their earlier kiss.


“I can smell me on your face,” Amy said in shy amusement.


“I know. Me too. And on my thumb,” she laughed and pulled away. Amy’s face colored again in embarrassment. “Oh don’t be so shy. It’s a good thing. I’m sure the guys are still gaming, so I’m gonna have to come up to your place and have a quick shower.”


“Oh really?” smiled Amy and winked at her bestie.


Penny rolled her eyes in good humor. “Haven’t you had enough already?” The cab came around the corner and they both got in.


Amy had never had such an afterglow: the wine, the amazing sex, the intense love for her best friend after what they had shared tonight; all of it combined to make her feel as though she were walking on the proverbial cloud nine. She was still processing her new-found revelation that she was in love with Penny, and always had been, when she felt a sharp, almost stabbing wave of love for Sheldon course through her. Although she knew she had much to think about, she was stunned at the instantaneous realization that she was in love with two people, and in no way did the love for one threaten or diminish her love for the other. She had always considered herself a hopeless romantic, and a believer in soulmates despite her scientific dispassion, so it was a shocking discovery for her indeed. In the cab on the way home Penny leaned her head on Amy’s shoulder and closed her eyes, and Amy just sat there, stroking Penny’s hair and feeling as content as she could ever remember being.


When they got back to good old 2311 North Los Robles, Penny followed Amy up the ubiquitous stairs and they quietly snuck into Amy and Sheldon’s apartment, the sound of the guys whooping it up next door giving cover to their clandestine mission.


Penny threw her purse on the couch. “Well, I guess I’d better go first,” she said and headed back through the bedroom and into the bathroom.


“Why don’t we just go at the same time?” Amy asked, following her, and this time she gave Penny an exaggerated wink.


“Aww Amy, you’re so cute and corny when you’re flirting. What if Sheldon comes back while we’re in there?”


“The door locks. And believe me, Sheldon won’t even think twice to wonder why two girls are in the bathroom together. He’s familiar with the social paradigm.”


Penny rolled her eyes and stripped. Amy didn’t think she’d ever get used to the breathtaking sight of Penny naked. Those long, golden, perfectly shaped legs. An ass that surely had to rank among the greatest of all time. Her broad shoulders and rippled stomach, her flawless skin; she was a vision of perfection. Suddenly Penny’s eyes got huge, interrupting Amy’s reverie.


“Oh my god. I left my panties at Bernadette’s.” She looked genuinely alarmed.


Amy felt her crotch and realized she had too.  “We gotta text Bernadette. The wine bottles are still in there too.”


“And our cars are parked there. What if Howard sees them.?”


Amy felt calm as she stripped and followed Penny into the bathroom. “Don’t worry. Bernie will cover for us.”


“You really do want to shower together? Penny asked with a smile.


“Of course I do. What more perfect way is there to end the night?”


“OK, but just showering. I’m too paranoid about Sheldon coming home when we’re in here. He may not think much of it, but if Leonard were to come with him…”


“Don’t worry, the door will be locked,” said Amy, and turning around she did so. The water began to steam as she stepped into the shower for the second time that night, only this time, almost beyond all hope, Penny was there with her.


To Be Continued…


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