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“That’s a nice ass you got there, Reed.”


Intern Elliot Reed jumped. She was in the women’s shower at work, cleaning up after one of her first shifts at an actual hospital. She turned to face the woman who’d spoken.


“Uh, thanks.” She tried to bring the name of the nurse to mind, but the nurse’s naked body was making it a little difficult. She tried to tell herself it was the nurse’s nakedness that was making remembering her name hard, and not the attractiveness of that Latina body. Finally it popped into her mind. “Carla.”


Carla Espinosa stepped into the shower stall with the blonde doctor “Why don’t you bend over and let me have a taste?” she breathed. Elliot’s eyes widened in surprise, and a little panic. But the nurse was already turning her around and pushing her shoulders down. By the time she uttered a questioning “Uhhh …” she could feel her cheeks being pried apart as the shower poured off her back.


Then she felt something wet, warm and wiggling delve into her ass and she shuddered in pleasure. All those times barely enjoying sex with guys and never having an orgasm, and it turned out sex with a woman would do the trick. She stifled a groan, embarrassed to be so vocal about enjoying these anal sensations.


Then Carla slid some fingers into the blonde’s pussy, and the doctor’s knees buckled. She tried to hold herself up against the wall, but it was getting hard with her first ever orgasm fast-approaching. She would’ve been further embarrassed if she’d known how easy it would be for Carla to get her off, if she’d known what those feelings were. A few flicks of a tongue in her ass, a few pumps of experienced fingers in her pussy, and she was on the edge of she knew not what.


Carla knew, recognizing the signs the skinny doctor’s body was giving off. “You gonna cum for me already?” She asked, before pinching the blonde’s clit. That set Elliot tumbling over the edge of orgasm. Her shaking legs were unable to support her amidst the tidal wave of bliss pouring through her, and she collapsed. Carla let her down gently to the shower floor as pleasure wracked her beautiful frame. She lay in a heap, twitching in climax.


Carla disappeared for a moment into the adjoining locker room as Elliot recovered from the mind-blowing climax. “Alright, my turn” the sexy nurse said upon returning. She managed to prop up Elliot against the wall of the stall. Elliot was still hazy, but she was soon staring at a mocha-coloured pussy taking up most of her view. Not knowing what else to do, she stuck out her tongue as it got closer.


“Just hold it like that, and I’m going to ride your face.” Carla instructed, and then the Latina’s pussy was on her tongue. It wasn’t a bad taste. Quite intriguing, actually. She brought her hands up to the nurse’s toned rear end to pull the taste further onto her tongue.


“Mm, you like that? You like the taste of my pussy? Better work my ass too, Reed.” Elliot did as instructed, sliding two fingers into the nurse’s ass. It left her thumb in the perfect to position to slide into Carla’s pussy while her mouth drifted up to suck on the Latina’s clit.


“Now you’re getting the hang of it. I’m gonna have to play doctor with you more often, Reed.” Carla pressed herself further onto the blonde’s face, nearly smothering her. The doctor was not complaining, her mouth too full of tasty clit to do much of anything else. Carla rubbed her vulva up and down a little, gently grinding on Elliot’s eager mouth, but she didn’t push it. The blonde was eager enough that Carla didn’t have to work too hard for her climax to approach.


“Yeah, keep at it.” Carla told Elliot, who pressed her fingers farther into the Latina’s back door and sucked her clit harder. “Mmmm, yeah, get ready for it.” Carla warned the blonde, her orgasm nearing.


“Here it cums, baby!” Carla said, then came all over Elliot’s face. The doctor stopped her efforts, thinking she was done. “Hey, keep going.” Carla commanded, so Elliot started right back up again, harder than before as the nurse squirted pussy juice all down her chin, spasming in pleasure as her climax continued. Gush after gush of juice poured over Elliot’s breasts before the shower washed it down the drain.


Carla’s climax waned, and she pulled back from the doctor’s mouth. “Not bad, Reed. Now, turn around; I got a present for ya.” She retrieved the strapon she’d left just outside the stall, pulling it up to her groin and tightening the straps.


Elliot, eager to have her pussy plundered, turned around and braced herself against the shower wall. Carla used the soap to slather a coating of lube on the thick plastic cock, then laid the tip to rest against the doctor’s cute little butthole.


“Hey wait-“ the blond protested before her backdoor was forced open and the cockhead popped in. “Ow!” She cried out, trying to step forward, away from the anal intruder, but Carla followed, keeping it in until the doctor was trapped between the stall wall and her, with nowhere to go. “Ow, pull it out, Carla!” Elliot whined.


“I haven’t even gotten started yet.” The nurse’s voice whispered in her ear. Then Carla’s hands were rubbing Elliot’s clit, and the pain didn’t seem so bad. At least, until the Latina started pushing the cock deeper into her ass. Then the pain grew nearly unbearable.


“C’mon Carla!” Elliot whined, nearly sobbing. She felt like she was being split in two.


“I’m not stopping until you cum on my cock.” Carla retorted. She pulled out until only the cockhead remained, giving the doctor a measure of respite, then slammed back into the blonde’s ass with a wet slap.


“OOW!” Elliot nearly screamed, but then the nurse’s fingers were in her pussy and pinching her clit. The pain wasn’t lessened any, just joined by … pleasure? She still wanted the anal invader gone, but Carla wasn’t going to let that happen. Elliot whined as she resigned herself to a long bout of dueling feelings.


It took several dozen thrusts from Carla before the doctor’s back door really opened up. She doubted the blonde was in any less pain, but now Carla could really pound her ass without any resistance. She sped up her thrusts, pounding the blonde’s booty so hard the cheeks jiggled like Jell-o in an earthquake.


“Carla!” Elliot whined again, but the nurse ignored her. The blonde’s ass had finally faded from feeling like it was on fire to merely a solid ache that centered on her thoroughly violated butt hole. And the pleasure from the Latina’s fingers was finally starting to outweigh the pain.


If she’d been in her right state of mind, she would’ve been confused that she was able to orgasm from the anal pounding she was taking. But the pain and pleasure were clouding her judgement. She’d long ago surrendered to both, and the domineering nurse who was pushing her towards another anal climax.


Carla sped up her pounding, reaming the doctor’s ass as hard and fast as she could. The way the blonde was moaning (and a little embarrassed about the lewd noises she was making), she was getting close. “You gonna cum, Doc? From my cock in your ass?” Carla slapped Elliot’s jiggling derriere to punctuate her question, but the doctor could only moan in response as Carla went back to playing with her pussy.


A few more thrusts from the Latina, and suddenly Elliot was cumming, climaxing from the intense anal violation as the nurse’s plastic cock ravaged her bowels. Her body shook and shivered in pleasured, quaking as she came. Carla kept up her hard pounding and pussy play, relentless in her pleasure, even as Elliot’s mind faded to a blissful haze.


It was only when the doctor’s legs collapsed that Carla finally slowed down, gradually lowering the blonde to the shower floor to let her recover and slowly pulling the strapon from her beautifully gaping ass. She gave the quivering cheeks a parting slap. “We’re gonna be doing this a lot, Reed.”


-           -           -           -           -           -


A few days later, Elliot was trying to give some good news to her MILF patient, Jordan Sullivan. It was a little difficult to concentrate, what with Nurse Espinosa right behind her, hand down the back of her scrubs, surreptitiously fingering her back door out of view of the patient.


Not that it took the patient any trouble to figure it out. “Hey Stick, is nurse hottie finger-blasting you?” She asked as the blonde stumbled over her words. Again.


“I don’t know what that means.” Elliot said, but the last word was more of a squeak as Carla got deep into her back door.


“Is she fingering your pussy” Jordan asked, slowly and deliberately.


“No!” Elliot responded, embarrassed.


“Not her pussy.” Carla said at the same time.


The MILF’s eyes popped wide open. “Show me.” She commanded from her hospital bed.


Elliot whined, but it was more of a sigh of resignation as Carla was already turning her around. Putting the chart down, she obediently slid her thumbs into the waistband of her scrubs and pulled them down, showing Carla’s fingers rapidly banging her butthole to the patient.


“Okay Twig, time to get to work.” Jordan wriggled, pulling up her hospital gown to reveal a lightly haired vagina. Reluctantly, Elliot turned back around, bent over the hospital bed, and started licking.


“Mm, you have practice, don’t you?” Jordan smirked as Elliot got to work. “Oh, and nurse hottie? The bedstand has something that might interest you.” Jordan told the Latina.


Carla ceased fingering the doctor long enough to open the bedstand, revealing a strapon. “You always bring this to checkups?” She asked sardonically as she put it on.


“For doctor’s like Twig here? Yup.” The patient responded.


Carla took some medical supplies and lubed the strapon with them, before sliding it smoothly into the blonde’s waiting butt.


Elliot half-whined, half sighed again. Why did she always get stuck in these situations? It’s not that she minded being see-sawed between two beautiful ladies, it’s just that she’d rather have a choice about it. But given the personalities of these domineering ladies, she doubted she ever would with these two. Resigned, she drove her tongue deeper into her patient.


“Oh, and Stick? If you cum before I do, you’ll regret it.” The patient warned. For once, the nurse had pity on Elliot and used her hands for leverage, not sliding them into her dripping pussy to get her off sooner. Seems the Latina was just as interested in getting the MILF off as she was.


Of course, that leverage meant she could slam into the doctor with all the force and speed she could muster. The orgasm race to get off was on. Elliot tried to concentrate only on the tasty vulva in front of her, but the devastating anal pounding she was taking was making that hard.


“Good job, Twig. Keep going.” Jordan commanded, pulling the gown up higher so she could expose and fondle her own tits.


“Mhm” Elliot squeaked out as the nurse hit a tender part of her intestines.


Lots of practice, right?” Carla added, slapping the jiggling cheeks in front of her. Her rapid thrusts increased in pace, slamming into the doctor’s inviting ass over and over again, her strapon delving deep into the blonde’s bowels.


“Mhm” Elliot agreed again, driving her tongue into her patient’s soaking wet pussy. A state that matched her own. Inspired by the cock in her ass, she wetted two fingers and slid them into the MILF’s butthole.


“Sure, I’ll allow it.” The patient responded to the new intrusion, already well on her way to orgasm. “Just work that tongue a little more. A little … more … Uh huh, yeah, there, There, THERE, YEAHH!!!” Jordan cried out as she came, spurting juice all over the doctor’s face.


Elliot was not far behind her, with the nurse hammering her ass to blissful oblivion. She climaxed hard, her body shaking in pleasure, her face a dripping reminder of the same feelings in the MILF. The nurse kept pounding Elliot’s ass through her intense orgasm, while also supporting her, what with her shaking legs unable to support her body through such a mind-blowing climax.


Her head was clamped between the MILF’s thighs, clenched and still in the throes of ecstasy. Elliot was of no mind to wonder at the pressure around her head, her own lost in a haze of pleasure. It did mute the moans of pleasure from her patient, no doubt echoing her own, until their dueling orgasms gradually faded.


It wasn’t until the doctor finally stopped shaking that Carla finally slowed down her prodigious pounding of the doctor’s pooper. Her thrusts abated until she finally pulled out, letting the blonde collapsed to the floor in a heap.


Jordan recovered from her orgasm first, a few deep breaths later. “Whew, that was really good.” She complimented them as she removed her hospital gown completely but put on her clothes. As she went to check out, she turned back to the medical pair. “Oh, Twig? Hottie? Just so you know, I’m on the board now. So I’ll be spending a lot more time here. You should probably get ready for weekly performance reviews.” She said with a grin.


Elliot, barely recovered, merely set her head back down on the floor and wondered, again, what she’d gotten into.

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