Sweet Revenge

BY : Destiny
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Disclaimer: I do not own Bones nor the Characters. I do not make any money from this Story. No real people should be raped and this is never the real outcome. Please don't rape people. All of this is just fiction.

Sweets knocked on the door of Booths and Brennan’s house. He was kind of nervous, because he thought, something went wrong with his plan and Booth found out about what he did.

Booth opened the door and smiled at him, so he thought he was safe, but as soon as the door was closed, Booth pushed him towards the brown leather couch and told him to bend over. Sweets was confused and didn’t do as he was told so Booth, who was so much stronger, just forced him into position. Then he pulled off Sweets pants and sweets couldn’t comprehend what was happening. The next thing he knew, was that Booth had stuck his dick inside his virgin ass. He was in so much pain and cried to Booth to stop. “Booth!!! Why are you doing this, I don’t understand!!!“ The brilliant psychologist had an Idea of why he did that, but if he was wrong, he didn’t want to find out what Booth would have done to him if he found out about  his big secret. “You raped my wife now you find out what pain really is. Unfortunately, Booth was right. To blend out the pain he was in he thought back to the evening he raped his partners and best friends’ wife.

About three weeks ago, Booth was not home because he was at a late-night meeting with Caroline and Sweets was with the beautiful Dr. Temperance Brennan. He wanted her since the day they met and he finally had a chance to get her, even if that meant rape. Christine was already asleep upstairs and when Temperance went upstairs to check on her, sweets drugged her wine. A little time passed and when she was unconscious he had his way with her, unknowing that she was not completely blacked out when he did so.

“You know, Sweets…” Booth pulled out having Sweets think, he was finally done assaulting him, only to push it back in even further “Bones remembered what you did... and... you wanna know something funny? I’m only halfway in. “ Booth pulled out almost completely and went in all the way.  Sweets squealed and cried but he hated to admit that in some twisted, weird kind of way he loved it. He loved to be punished for what he did and he also loved to be pounded by a man. He wanted to feel Booth inside of him since they met but he did not want to admit to himself that he was bisexual. At least not yet. He tried so hard not to moan but he loved the pain Booth brought onto him. He moaned so loud, one could hear it upstairs.

Sweets moans where the call for Brennan to come downstairs with a huge  Strap on, which was even bigger than Booths Cock. “Dr. Sweets! You are so loud, I have to prevent you from waking up Christine. “ She had reached the couch now and Booth came deep inside of Sweets ass. Then he pulled out and waited for a second before he put one finger back inside of Sweets ass. But his cock had widened the hole so far that he put four fingers inside of him before the Psychologist even noticed. Booth put his last remaining Finger inside as well and started fisting Sweets. He moaned with his closed mouth because Temperance Brennan was standing in front of his face and tried to push in the Strap on but Sweets did not want to be fucked in the mouth with that thing as well. That was all too much to handle for him and he came onto the Couch but Booth relentlessly fucked his ass with his fist and did not even care for him cumming. Suddenly Temperance went to the big white stain of cum on the couch and dipped the strap on inside of it. Then she went back to Sweets mouth and Sweets could not hold his mouth closed for much longer. When Booth pushed his arm even further up his ass he moaned out loud but he was silenced by the huge strap on that was suddenly pushed all the way in. He gagged hard on it but he got so hard from it and when he thought about the fact that his ass was filled with Booths cum and his mouth was filled with his own he was on the edge of another orgasm. What pushed him over the edge was that he was so close to Dr. Brennans pussy that he could smell it. She was only half an inch away of his face because the huge Dildo was all the way inside of his mouth. Those gagging sounds made Booth cum so hard that there was a huge white stain on the wooden Floor. Booth pulled out his arm in one harsh movement. Sweets came again from that feeling. He did not think that men could come so many times in a row but he did. And when Temperance pulled out of his mouth he could breathe for a few Moments in which Booth and Brennan shared some passionate kisses. Then Booth came to his mouth and just stood there, smiling down at him, humiliating him so much that he was getting hard again. “Clean it! “ Sweets was very happy about that order and sucked Booths cock very eager. He was humiliated so hard, he didn’t care anymore. Booth shot another load down of his throat which Sweets swallowed happily.

Booth pulled him off the couch gave him a passionate kiss. While Temperance kissed Sweets as well, Booth started to lick her pussy. All the tension made her so wet and it didn’t take long for her to cum and squirt all over the floor.

Suddenly the kisses ended and Booth took his hair and pulled Sweets very close to his face. Then he pointed at the Cum and Squirt all over the floor and just smiled at Sweets. “Lick it all clean. Hers, mine, yours I don’t care. I want nothing to be there.

While Sweets was licking his own cum off the couch Booth and Brennan fucked next to him. Booth was licking Dr. Brennans tits and pounded her wet cunt so hard, both of them thought they were going to die from how good it felt. Booth came inside of her and a big deal of it spilled on the couch when he pulled out of her.

Sweets thought, he was finally done, with licking cum off every surface and cleaned his face with his fingers when suddenly Temperance took his hair, pulled him close to her and pushed him right into the little lake of cum. Then he licked it off like the slut he was while Booth tore his clothes apart.

As he was done, Booth did the thing that would humiliate him more, than anything has that day: He pushed him out of the house and locked the door. The poor psychologist was standing outside, in the cold, naked with an ass torn apart and leaking of Booths cum. He couldn’t resist and took his hand and took one of the streams of cum running down his leg and licked it off his fingers. For that feeling he would rape anyone. But maybe there is another way...

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