New Powers, Same Mistakes

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Phoebe sat at the edge of her bed in her pajamas, tapping her foot incessantly on the wood floor. It was well past morning in San Francisco, but she refused to remove he jade silk garments from her body because she had no intention of leaving her room. She tilted her head to her bedroom ceiling and sighed. Finally, she heard the familiar chime of an angelic being teleporting into her vicinity.

“About time,” Phoebe whispered.

“Phoebe, it’s Halloween. This is like a demon-holiday. What is so urgent that you need me and not Chris?” Leo asked as he fully materialized in her room in his robe made of golden silk. He looked like a holy monk to Phoebe.

She dramatically shushed him, ran past him to the door and opened it slowly to peak out. She listened briefly hearing a silence in the large Victorian home waiting to see if Chris had answered the call of his name. She knew that her sisters had just left to get more herbs and her empathic abilities reassured her they were alone in the house, but she had to be sure given the nature of what she had to speak to Leo about.

“Phoebe, no one is here. What is going on?” Leo asked. Ever since Paige had come into their lives making Phoebe the middle sister, she had become more organized and structured. That was not the person before Leo now. Phoebe matched her room, disheveled and messy. He stood watching Phoebe walk sheepishly back toward him. She was eyeing him oddly, and Leo couldn’t figure out why. She squinted in concentration toward him and then took a sigh of relief.

“You’re calm—not anxious. That’s good, that’s how I need you to be right now,” Phoebe began after reading his emotions. “Leo, do you remember when we got sent into the future back when… back when Prue was alive?” The mentioning of Prue still stung, and Phoebe took some solace in feeling a sting of pain flash across Leo’s heart too at the mentioning of her eldest sister.

“I remember, Phoebe. What about it?”

Phoebe looked away from Leo, walking around him toward the windows to look out into the neighborhood. Phoebe’s room was the only room that faced the street and she had always loved that about her room. She had the real view of the city, while her sisters had view of the neighbors’ house or the small thicket of tall bushes that separated their backyard from others’.

Phoebe began to tremble as she forced out her truth, “I think I’m getting closer and closer to that happening, Leo.” Phoebe coughed his name out with a sob and Leo immediately rushed over to her and wrapped her in his arms. Elder or not, charge or not, Phoebe was his family and seeing her in pain immediately made him want to protect her.

“Phoebe, tell me what’s going on?”

She looked up at him, puzzled. “You haven’t been watching? I thought The Elders saw everything?”

“We do,” Leo said. “But I choose not to look in on you three. I—we—all need a little space.”

Phoebe knew that he meant he wanted to give Piper her space and looking in on her made it harder for him to be an Elder when all he wanted was her. She knew but she didn’t press it, and she had to deal with her problem first. If what she has been experiencing lately is any indication on where her powers could go, she was heading for trouble and she couldn’t risk self-inflicted trouble being a Charmed One. They had enough trouble shimmering into their home or jobs as it were, she surely didn’t need to invite more.

“I get it, Leo. Really, I do, I just wish you had seen it all already so that way I could be saved from the embarrassment of telling you with words.” At Leo’s confused look she continued. “My empathic abilities, Leo, are strong.”

“Of course, they are, Phoebe. All individual powers of witches are strong. It’s your offensive and defensive weapons against demons. That goes double for the Charmed Ones—”

“No, Leo, you don’t understand. This power it is constantly on. I have to concentrate somewhat to get past magical barriers, but other than tat I am constantly getting readings off people—from people, and I can feel my power… I don’t know, Leo, feeding.”

“Feeding? Are you hurting people?”

She shook her head. “No, at least I don’t believe so, but I am manipulating people, for sure.”

“Your sisters?” Leo asked.

Phoebe slid her hands into her sleeves and folded her arms over her chest as if she was trying to hold a shiver at bay.

“Luckily, no. I think because we’re the Charmed Ones I have to exert effort to get a read on their emotions. So any manipulating of their emotions that I may be doing is the magical power of being the middle sister, not a witch.”

“That’s great,” Leo said.

“Yeah, it’s great I don’t get a read from them, but other people I am finding myself pulling on emotional strings to make them confront emotions that they have hidden. Hidden anger, pain, remorse… lust—all of it. I’ve been doing this ever since we got back from Valhalla, but I noticed that in the past month it feels like my ability is searching for an—oooh!” Phoebe gasped and fell to the floor holding her abdomen as a wave of sensation swept through her.   

“Phoebe,” Leo started toward her, but Phoebe held up her hand warding him off.

“I’m fine. Please don’t touch me, because I don’t know if I can handle more emotion right now.” They waited like that for a moment. Leo standing over a hunched over Phoebe on the floor. Leo contemplated healing her from a distance, but Phoebe didn’t seem to be hurt so he was unsure how he could help her. She looked like she was reveling in the feeling.

“Phoebe,” Leo said.

“Strong emotion, Leo. Doesn’t matter what it is or from who. If it’s strong enough my ability it grabs at it. It’s almost like, uh, an animal hunting. Or like a transmitter constantly looking for some type of reception. But when I don’t get enough or if the reception is not strong enough, I can feel that aura growing—getting stronger. Hunting.”

Leo crouched down to Phoebe’s level, concerned. “Phoebe what do you mean by hunting.”

Phoebe took a deep breath before continuing. “It started in Valhalla when I took on Piper’s emotions. She was feeling too much all at once, and I don’t know, maybe the fact that we were on a magical island too had something to do with it but I think all that emotion from Piper set my empathy power levels too high. Like, my base level was where Piper was back then, but that level of emotion is too high to sustain. I felt my empathy strong from the moment it manifested, and I know you said I won’t go crazy like Prue, but Prue never had to deal with this.”

“Phoebe, you’re being vague. Deal with what?”

“My—ooh, God!” Phoebe instinctively reach out and grabbed at Leo’s leg and once she connected the totality of her psionic abilities forced through Leo’s mental blocks. Before he could be shocked at the sheer magical force of Phoebe’s power, he felt an explosion at the root of his spine and, shockingly, his penis. He jerked back away from Phoebe.

“Phoebe, what the hell was that?”  He could feel blood rushing to his manhood. He looked down at himself to ensure his semi-erected penis was not visible under his robe. While Phoebe laid her head on her bed with her eyes closed, recovering, Leo straightened and reminded himself to remain calm while speaking with Phoebe, although the force of her psychic episode unnerved him.

“Phoebe, how often are you experiencing these… surges?” Leo asked.

That was the other embarrassing part of this story that Phoebe was regretful to say aloud.

“The surges began when Jason left,” she choked out.

Thinking like a Whitelighter and attempting to diagnose his charge’s problem, he probed further. “You said you felt like the default settings of your empathy was too high, so you’ve been getting high emotional hits this whole time from humans, right?”

Phoebe nodded. “I sometimes get an occasional reading from demons if they’re low-level enough. Most low-levels are half-human or at least they used to be, so it’s fine but any demon stronger and my power seems disgusted by all the hate that demons radiate. So, I usually have to really concentrate if I want to emotional interrogate them.”

“That makes sense. You’re a good witch, Phoebe, so you want good emotions. How was Jason strong enough to sustain you? How was he constantly able to give you enough emotional energy without damaging himself?”

Phoebe looked up at Leo, hoping he would connect the dots for her so she wouldn’t have to say her shame.

And Leo did. “You’ve been using your ability to alter his emotions, haven’t you? You make him angry then you take it away and you’re satiated. He’s sad but you make it better, all the while you’re feeding your magical hunger. Phoebe, you’re the one who is making him feel those emotions to begin with by using your powers, and then you use your powers on him again to resolve the very problems you’ve caused. Phoebe you’re flirting dangerously close to personal gain.”

Phoebe’s eyes went cold. “I know that, Leo. That’s why I called you. I’m scared. You have to do something!”

“Like what, Phoebe?”

 “I don’t know—dampen the strength of it. I tried charms and spells, but it doesn’t work. I even wore the charm bracelet that was thrice-blessed by Mom, Grams and Piper for baby Wyatt but it ran its course like cheap take-out. It fizzled out in an hour and I was back to picking up any emotion I could get a strong enough hit.”

Leo felt the blood drain from his face. “Phoebe, that charm was powerful enough to ward off The Source. It was a multi-generational blessed item, there aren’t many things more powerful than that in the magic community. We have to tell Piper and Paige—”

“No, Leo—not yet! Just dampen this ability or talk to the other Elders and take it away somehow or else, because…” Phoebe trailed off, sighed and slumped her shoulders.

He reached out his hand to Phoebe and she took it, allowing him to help her stand. He was apprehensive to speak further, Phoebe felt it as soon as they touched but he asked, “Because what, Phoebe?”

“It’s getting picky.”

Furrowing his brow, Leo asked, “What do you mean by picky?”

“I mean my abilities, Leo. It’s like—I don’t know, imagine the connection Whitelighters have with their charges. They’re just receivers, like me, constantly open and available to the call of their charges.” Seeing Leo nod in agreement encouraged her to continue. “Leo, I’m a magical psychic-empath and a Charmed One. I’m like a receiver the size of a cargo plane, and my charges are any human being or low-level magical being within city limits. I don’t have a choice over who I receive the signals from. So, I’ve been picking up everything. The more I try to block everything out, the worst it is for me when I open the channel or lose concentration.  And I’ve found the hunger is most satisfied when—” Phoebe stopped herself, quickly averting her eyes from Leo’s.

“Phoebe, I know you. You’re a Charmed One and I know you’re not evil. The fact that you’re willing to get help shows that you’re a good person. There is nothing that you can tell me that would make me look at you any different.”

She gave a forced smile, and Leo could tell it practically pained her to move her mouth that way. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Leo. Remember that little episode I just had? Well, that was me picking up the broadcast from a newlywed couple, the Smiths. High school sweethearts that waited for sex until marriage, and my God are they making up for lost time. I pick up on them every time they have sex. And it’s a lot. I can usually block it out in the beginning but they’re so passionate that it breaks through my mental blocks, and once my empathy gets a taste of that sensation it’s like trying to cage a wild animal.”

“Phoebe, I had no idea—”

“It’s too much, Leo. My power is most satisfied off the emotions of love and lust, so it’s turning me into a pervert or voyeur or something.”

“Phoebe, that’s not true,” Leo tried to reassure her.

“It is true,” she snapped at him. “I… I look forward to it, Leo.”

“Of course, you would, Phoebe. No one can blame you for wanting relief from this, it looks uncomfortable to say the least.”

“No, Leo, I mean, I—ooh,” Phoebe leaned over and grabbed at the down comforter. “I mean, it feels so good!” Phoebe screamed out.

Leo noticed beads of sweat started to form at her brow as she struggled to regain her composure. Her pajama top had come undone at some point during her empathic feeding and the strap of her white bra sat lazily off her shoulder as her chest heaved heavily. Leo decided the he had seen enough. He outstretched his hands at Phoebe and focused the holy light that his body had been reconstructed from at Phoebe to heal her and make her whole.

When the light had dissipated, Phoebe stood up straight. She looked around the room and waited to feel anything. She squinted in concentration and was surprised by how little she picked up.

“Oh, wow. Only thing I can feel is Ms. Wright’s anxiousness over her surgery tomorrow—aww… I hope it goes well!” Phoebe said.

Leo smiled; glad his healing had worked. Phoebe appeared to be back to normal. was back to her normal pattern of fractured thoughts, always switching between the poles of selfishness and selflessness. “You always put the needs of others above yourself, Phoebe. I’ve always loved that about you.”

Phoebe wasn’t picking up an empathic impression from Leo, but she didn’t need one to know that he was being genuine. She straightened her clothing to make sure she was decent in front of him. “Thank you, Leo. That means a lot.”

Leo felt a stir within him as he watched her. A momentary stir that was strong enough for Phoebe to read. He knew she received the moment he saw her eyes go big. He hadn’t meant it, not really, but Phoebe’s generous spirit, and her sweating heaving body was a turn on (and it would be to most angels if they learned to live in the world more).

“Well, thank you, Leo. I now know I can have Chris give me the ol’Whitelighter healing when my powers get a little too out of control.”

“Hopefully,” Leo began. “If you find that he’s not strong enough, call me and I’ll come as soon as I can.”

Again, a silence fell between them and Leo set his jaw in order to stop from talking and possibly making the situation even more odd. He was about to orb away when Phoebe broke the silence with another thank you as she came in for a hug. She pulled back from Leo and grabbed at one of her pillows on the floor. She should have been used to it by now, but when the vision hit, she couldn’t help the gasp that escaped her. Two bodies, a man and a woman, under red satin sheets—sweaty and withering.

As Phoebe got closer to them in her vision, her empathy began to read the emotions from the psychic experience. Her new ability made it so that her astral form could feel what the subjects of her vision were currently feeling from their carnal entanglement. She could feel the intense need the two had for each other—their bodies wanting more of the pleasure they were receiving. The myriad of emotions she was picking up on—the sensation— was beginning to fry the nerve endings that Leo had just healed but the vision wouldn’t release her yet. Phoebe first felt what the man felt: a moist grip over his manhood that shifted and held and made a deeper way for him to thrust into. Then she felt what the woman felt: dominated and full, satisfied and powerful. She felt free. Free in her sexuality and free in her spirit.  

Phoebe tried to resist getting closer, but her premonitions functioned as a powerful dream, and that dream demanded that her mind’s eye see all. Now that she was merely a few feet from the bed she could clearly see the woman she was seeing was herself under a man that she did not know. He was tall, almost too tall when compared to Phoebe. His hair was dark and his skin tanned. He had no visible tattoos or brandings that Phoebe could see from the parts of flesh not wrapped in satin.

The man worked his hands under Phoebe and flipped them, placing her on top and in charge. He laughed at her surprised yelp. “I love you, birthday girl!”

“No, don’t say that, please. It’s too much, and I feel like I might explode.”

He said it again, but slowly and with more intention as he thrust upward with every word. “I love you, birthday girl!”

Phoebe, in the vision, rolled her head back in pleasure and raised her hands that were now glowing with a sparking purple energy. That Phoebe stared at them momentarily before a devilish smile curled from her lips.

Purple lightning! I’ve seen myself use that power before… In the future, maybe a year from now, I am going to use that same power to kill Cal Greene, Phoebe thought to herself. She wanted to run away, and she wanted to vomit but the vision would let her do neither as she continued to watch the psychic movie of herself play. The Phoebe in the vision did not seem alarmed by the power. In fact, she looked pleased as she placed her hands, crackling with raw emotional energy, back on the man’s chest and he screamed. Screamed in pleasure and pain.

Phoebe jerked backwards as the vision finally let her go; Leo held her steady by her arms. The contact made her in tune with Leo’s emotions, and she instantly knew that Leo had not only seen the same vision but felt the same sensations that Phoebe had felt.

“Leo, no,” Phoebe pushed him away strong enough for him to slam into her armoire television cabinet. Phoebe screeched in frustration and turned from Leo.

“Phoebe, it’s okay—”

“It’s not okay, Leo. That power is the same power that I burned at the stake for, and I’m falling into the same trap as I did in the other timeline.”

Leo stammered. “But Phoebe, you’ve changed but your powerset was pre-determined. You don’t know that you’re going to hurt anyone.”

“What? Did you not see that vision? When has my premonition every been wrong?” Phoebe snapped. “Leo, I’m going to kill that man and I am going to like it.”

This time, Leo snapped. “We don’t know that, Phoebe and we can’t jump to those type of conclusions yet!”

“Leo, stop trying to be my Whitelighter and be an Elder. What if I’m a danger? I’ve been on the side of darkness before, remember? I was the literal Queen of the Underworld. You don’t know what evil feels like, but I do and I am asking that you please help me. Did you hear what he called me?”

“Yeah, birthday girl,” Leo said.

“Leo, I was born on November 2nd. That vision, unless its next year is in three nights! I need help now!”

Leo wanted to say more but he knew she was right. What he saw looked dangerous and it felt even more dangerous. Phoebe hadn’t said exactly what she was doing to the man, but she also didn’t need to say it. The surge of power she transferred through that man was like liquid fire sending them both on a winding, rhythmic, nearly torturous orgasm, and with Phoebe’s new power they were trapped in a loop, giving her an unlimited well of pleasure to feed herself.

That was too much for me. It would definitely kill a human, Leo thought. Even thinking about it now, I feel aftershocks of her lightning in my spine and groin.

Leo cleared his throat and ignored his engorged erection that he had sneakily adjusted under his robe to remain decent in front of his sister-in-law. “Look, Phoebe, I’m going to go check with the other Elders now. I’ll be quick.” With a nod he began to concentrate as golden-white and blue globules formed in the air around him.

“Good but Leo,” Phoebe called out before his teleportation took hold.

Puzzled, he asked, “What is it, Phoebe?”

She pointed, “You’re still hard.”


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