Data's Journey

BY : K_nz
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Data walked onto the bridge and saw Geordi looking up at a woman hovering in front of the ceiling above him. Her back was to him, and she didn’t look down.

“Alright,” Geordi instructed, “now I need you to remove that ceiling panel. It’ll stick to the one beside you.”

Data walked over and stood beside Geordi looking up at the woman.

“Now, you should see the lanyard coil. But you’ll need this tabor wrench to adjust it.” As Geordi held up the instrument, it instantly shot out of his hand and into her outstretched one. She had not looked down, nor even looked to see it reach her hand.

Adjustment made, she replaced the panel, then turned and floated down while looking at the front of her uniform, attempting to brush the dust off it and muttering at the effort.

“Neara Na Ahta, this is Lieutenant Commander Data,” Geordi gestured in introduction. Neara looked up, her striking indigo eyes falling on Data. She said under her breath “val na ha” as she softly landed. Data heard, but did not recognize the language.

“Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Commander Data,” she said in her thick Ahmrian accent while Geordi received a hail from engineering. He walked a few steps, taking his discussion away from them.

“You need only call me Data. It is nice to meet you as well. That is a unique skill you possess.”

“Is nothing. All can do in Ahmria,” Neara waved the comment away.

“I see. Ahmria is a very new contact for the Federation and we are still learning about your culture. But are you Starfleet? I do not see any insignia on your uniform,” Data stated.

“What is insignia?” Neara queried.

“The pips on your collar indicate your Starfleet rank,” he said, pointing at his pips, “but you do not have any.”

She reached one hand up and ran a finger over her collar while extending the other to Data’s collar and running a finger over his pips. Her sudden intimacy surprised him.

“No, I am not Starfleet. I am here only to help. They use me to reach high things!” she laughed.

Data smiled slightly and nodded. Geordi spoke up, “Na Ahta, I need to go to engineering, so just do the same thing to panels eleven and twelve and come meet me there when you’re done.”

“I will do,” responded Neara.

She looked back to Data, “I am not long on ship and do not know special places. Would you show me these please?”

“Yes, of course,” Data replied.

“You do tonight?” she asked.

“Yes. I can meet you in the observation lounge at 1900 hours.”

“I also do not know many people on ship. May I meet your friends as well please?”

“Yes, I could ask them to join us in Ten Forward this evening.”

“That sound lovely. I see you then!” And with that, she floated up to the ceiling to finish her work while Data went to his station.

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