In Dex's Turf Now

BY : Jim_Jenkins
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Disclaimer: "Jack & Bobby" with all its characters are property of Greg Berlanti, Vanessa Taylor, Steven A. Cohen, Brad Meltzer and WB. I make no profit from this story.

A/N: This is my second story based on the series and first about Bobby and Dex. If they had not been interrupted by Dex’s boss, this is how I picture things would have gone in the episode “Valentino”. Some of the lines I edited since some words I couldn’t make out. Still, sticking close to the episode as possible. Hope you enjoy it, do leave reviews and constructive criticism.


At just thirteen, Bobby McCallister hadn't imagined making love in many weird places that afternoon he went into the local clothing store looking for some new threads. It was the middle of the day and his stomach made backflips on the bus ride there. The store was somewhat quiet except for the owner milling about. Mainly he just wanted to see HER.

The owner called out the girl’s name. Bobby’s heart kicked up a beat when he rounded the corner toward the guys shirts and saw her, Dex Truggman, standing there flipping through some jeans.

She couldn't have been more than sixteen years old, medium height and slim. Her black, short-length hair first caught his attention. Bobby’s blue eyes scanned down her white neck and across her back, ensconced in a black t-shirt covered by a light-weight military green-colored jacket.

Two round, perky sweet butt cheeks stared at him through a pair of fresh, skin-tight black jeans pulled up high on her waist and secured by a black leather belt. Her athletic little thighs tapered down to a pair of black ankle boots.

“What are you doing here, Turd?” she asked still fiery of a condescending tease as when Bobby first met her.

“I-I come here sometimes…” Bobby stammered not wanting to look like a 100% creep.

‘Right… How’d you get here anyway?” Dex inquired more impressed the geek sought her out.

“I uh- I took the bus,” Bobby replied while wrestling with what to say next.

“Oh what…you just came here to watch me work?” the girl wasn’t a dunce to see the kid was into dress to impress.

“Um… I was cleaning my room and I found this movie stub and saw “Solaris” and when I did it reminded me of that time toy said George Clooney was an evidence feeder for the government perfecting robotic technology, so I was just thinking of you.” Bobby could feel his cheeks flaming, he knew he could be overly passionate on certain topics, his nerves tight hoping Dex wouldn’t crucify him with anymore snide comments.  

Something of an intrigued look crossed the girl’s face as she regarded Bobby in a beat. “Well, I’m at work so…unless you want to buy a used shirt…” Dex held up a khaki-colored dress shirt she just happened to pick up.

“My Mom says its comically dubious to wear used clothing,” Bobby said while his eyes were turned off by the shirt.

Dex’s peripheral vision caught Bobby walking by and looking at her. She turned toward him with a pair of piercing yet confident black eyes. Bobby noticed a bit of a smirk on her thick, juicy dark painted lips — busted!

But the boy too smirked as her eyes left his and scanned downward across his sleek, albeit scrawny frame. Bobby’s dark green-white plaid jacket stayed open just enough for her to see two large pecs and some abdominal humps, wrapped in a skin-tight black t-shirt.

A tight pair of jeans made sure girls specifically could see his respectable bulge and beautiful looking legs, sculpted by frequent, adrenaline-thrilling runs with his brother Jack.

They kept stealing glances at each other over the racks. While Bobby met and rubbed shoulders with plenty of hot young women at school, but here was his Goth goddess. He took a deep breath and walked over about to say something.

Dex cocked her head towards the nearest changing room. "Go in there,” she said smiling.

“Follow me to the changing rooms," was all Bobby heard whispered into his ear, resisting the urge to plant a kiss and a nibble on her soft lobe. He assumed she looked at his tight, adorable ass as he strode towards the room with mild reluctance.

The changing area was thankfully devoid of other people. Bobby walked into the largest room, and twenty seconds later she had him pinned against the wall. Dex had ushered him in and threw our clothes aside.

Their lips connected like magnets and churned with their heads. Bobby’s hands ran down her back to that wonderful ass and squeezed. She ran her hands across his growing chest and down Bobby’s developing abs, a smile spreading on her face as she explored her new toy.

Overcome by the euphoria Bobby kneeled, his face brushing down across her perky B-cup tits and flat stomach. His hands unworked Dex’s belt, button and zipper. Bobby motioned her to face the bench and closed in behind on his knees, now face to face with one of the finest asses he had ever witnessed on a girl.

Bobby pulled Dex’s jeans down around her hourglass hips and those thick butt cheeks, revealing a pair of black lace panties. He hauled those down her legs, her bottoms falling around her ankles, and buried his face in that beautiful ass.

The boy’s eager tongue burrowed like an ice cream scoop along the velvety walls of Dex’s pussy. Bobby’s lips sucked in her sex. His hands gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her deeper into his face.

She almost wailed overhead while Bobby’s tongue furiously corkscrewed inside her cunt. His lips sucked Dex’s pussy like a plunger cleaning a clogged line. Tentatively he lapped up her pussy juice and twisted his tongue inside her.

Bobby licked upward along her taint and started circling Dex’s puckered little asshole. His tongue bunched into a point and drove the first inch or two in, bringing her groans to a new octave.

With a stroke of bravery, Bobby pegged her ass for another thirty seconds before releasing his flushed face and standing up behind her panting body. Dex looked back at him with an innocent smile, desperate for his cock as he started unbuttoning his pants for the finale.

While his fingers stumbled, Bobby pulled his jeans and underwear down around his knees. his cock sprung out like a thick, tan stick of salami with a bulbous, oversized head. Bobby grabbed and guided it in between Dex’s butt cheeks to that sopping-wet pussy.

Dex whimpered when Bobby bucked his hips and buried the first several of his six inches inside her. Her pussy lips stretched around the boy’s girth like a glove being peeled off a finger as Bobby pulled out. He thrusted in harder. Her pussy collapsed inward as Bobby buried himself to the hilt inside this fiery gothic beauty.

Once she had taken it all, Bobby started steadily pumping the entire shaft in and out, faster and faster, gripping her hips. Her repressed moans grew to a high-pitched whine. Her hands pressed against the wall.

Bobby leaned down onto her back, bear hugging Dex and boldly thrusting upward like a dog mounted on his bitch. His hands ran up under her black shirt to her perky, B-cup tits, pinching and twisting her nipples through her bra.

Dex turned her head toward me with a wide-eyed gasp and a gaping mouth. Her voice slightly rose yet another octave as she started to peak, wailing in ecstasy.

By now Bobby could feel things get wetter around his cock and started plunging into her as fast as his hips would move. The rush suddenly started building in my loins as Bobby relentlessly stabbed in and out of her tightness.

Five more seconds, and his cock started pulsing inside her pussy. Frothy remnants of Bobby’s seed soon mixed with her juices draining out all around my shaft, still plunging in and out like a piston on a train engine.

In a beat they hugged, kissed and fucked through four waves of ecstasy. They didn't care that other people could come into the store had probably heard them. Their only concern was their two taut teenage bodies locked in an orgasmic daze.

“Dex!” the voice of her boss sounded jolting them both out of the afterglow as quickly as it came.

They immediately dressed, forgot the lame ass shirt and awkwardly walked past the few people who entered the store. They stared at each in disbelief briefly. All they could do after was smile and giggle at each other, thinking of all the fun they were going to have when privacy would be so kind.

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