Carson's Dirty Thoughts

BY : Jim_Jenkins
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Disclaimer: The series NCIS and all its characters are property of Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill. I do not make any profit from this story.

A/N: This is my first story based on the series and “Lost & Found” is one of my favorite episodes from Season 5 and based on some details of it. The story takes place following the end of the episode. I thought Carson’s crush on Abby was cute and wanted to write a story about his Puppy Love feelings for her. Hope you enjoy it, do leave reviews and constructive criticism.


Carson had many words for Abby, but he wished he could call her his girlfriend. He knew she liked him, maybe not on the same level. Carson wasn’t subtle in letting you the badass forensic scientist know that he wanted her BAD. The way he angled his chair in her direction and then subtly unfolded his legs, hoping she would catch a glimpse of his excited bulge.

Or the way the tip of his tongue stuck out while Carson stared at Abby while playing video games. The mischievous 11-year-old imagined her tongue twirling around the tip of his cock. Carson wished that he could see what Abby could do to him in the late hours of the night when he was all alone with his thoughts. As he is now. His cock is hard, his nipples are perky, and all the brunette-eyed kid can think about is how his cock would feel inside of the gothic scientist.

If Abby could see him now lying on his bed in his dark green t-shirt and shorts writhing with thoughts of himself deep inside of her. Deep inside her mouth, deep inside her pussy, and even deep inside her ass. She would take it any way she would give it to him while counting all of Abby’s awesome tattoos. Carson’s fingers his butt right now is not enough to satisfy his desire for her.

Not even his Dad’s GSM magazines could satisfy him the way Carson knew Abby’s big breasts would. Carson had always wondered since meeting her what they would look like, how the weight of them would feel in his hands, how the tip of his cock would feel on her tongue. He imagined Abby slipping her tongue between the delicate crevice of the head, then making her way slowly down the shaft to his balls.

Abby would take one into her mouth and gently suck on it while her hand caressed Carson’s pulsing shaft. Then she would wrap her lips around his entire cock and swallow it whole from your balls to the tip and back again. Carson’s dick was getting harder just thinking about it. The kid’s pre-cum is seeping out all over his fingers. How Carson wished that Abby were here to lap it up, feast on it and bury her face in it.

Carson had to insert another finger, and another just thinking about his cock penetrating Abby. His cock is charged so hard now, still he knew it would be even harder if he were inside her. The boy imagined how cool it would be to fuck her, hard and deep stuffing her full to the rim with his manhood. Carson knew he would have Abby screaming for more once he had his cock inside her.

He would never be able to get enough of her. Abby could fuck him all day and all night as Carson would fill her with his cream until his cock went limp. His dick is on fire now, red and swollen from abuse, his small fingers numb from jacking so long, so hard. It’s more than Carson can stand, his dick is throbbing, he’s moaning now, Abby has him moaning and she’s not even here. Imagining the sweet explosion if she were.

Carson came. His heart is pounding, breath is short, and his shorts are soaked. As he tasted himself on his fingers Carson knew that his hunger hasn’t been fulfilled. His cock is still wet, still waiting, still wanting Abby…



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