Cobra Kai - Tory's Jersey Justice

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Amanda LaRusso was pissed! Pissed at her husband, the well-meaning but misguided Daniel LaRusso. And most recently pissed at her daughter Samantha, who was sadly taking after her father. Which was why Amanda was on her way to the hospital, where Sam was involved in yet another karate brawl. Karate! In 2021, kids were still doing fucking karate!

“Dammit Samantha,” Amanda hissed at her daughter.

Amanda had paid the overpriced hospital parking fee then headed the ER department, easily finding Sam in the waiting room of the hospital. Wise enough to not make a scene, the gorgeous 30-something mother of two pitched her voice to keep it only within earshot of her daughter. However, the venom and anger started to dissolve rapidly upon finding her daughter ugly crying alone.

“They broke his arm! All because I wouldn’t help,” Sam sobbed on her mom’s shoulder. “Demetri broke his arm because I heard her voice and froze. Worse, I hid.”

Amanda knew exactly who the ‘her’ in the story was. Tory Nichols. The white trash girl who jumped Sam in the high school, kickstarting the brawl that got the poor boy paralyzed. And now, Tory was at it again, tormenting her daughter. Well, Amanda wasn’t going to stand for it any longer. Daniel had tried his way with karate, but now it was Amanda’s turn and she knew just the right version of Jersey justice to deploy.

“Louie, it’s Amanda. I need you to get me a thug or two that you’re friends with,” Amanda spoke into the phone to her brother-in-law. Despite being Daniel’s blood, Amanda owned the brute after re-hiring him following Daniel firing him for setting a rival’s car on fire. “You want in too? Despite knowing nothing about what I want? Well the depends...can you fuck?”

*    *    *

Amanda spent the rest of the night researching this Tory Nichols. Undoubtedly hot, regardless of her age, the girl hurt her daughter and Sam’s friends, so she needed to pay. Amanda used contacts in the police to find out she was on probation following the high school brawl, and not only were she lived, but worked. Of course a girl like her lived in the projects! 

The next morning, Amanda ventured down to a diner in what she would describe as a bad area of town. She wasn’t there for the food, but rather for the waitress.

“What can I get you ma’am,” Tory asked as she approached the single white female alone at the table. “Hey. I know you, don’t I?”

“You do Tory. I’m Amanda LaRusso. Sam’s mother.”

“No shit,” the teen laughed. “How’s her arm. My spikes still have her blood on them?”

“Cute. Here’s the deal. Your shift ends in 20 minutes. I’m gonna have a cup of coffee then we are leaving here together,” Amanda outlined.

“And why the fuck would I do that,” Tory asked, hand on her hip in a defiant stance.

“You don’t have to...but I’m pretty sure you being at that laser tag facility last night would be considered trespassing...which is a violation of your parole, isn’t it?” Amanda asked, well aware of the answer.

“You wouldn’t,” Tory started, but then remembered she had cut up this rich lady’s daughter and broke the arm of a kid that Sam’s good friends with. 

“I won’ long as you get in the vehicle in 20 minutes. Understood...bitch?” Amanda asked. “That’s the word you like calling my daughter, right? I figured it’ll suit you perfectly after today.”

*    *    *

Tory tank top -

Of course Tory followed Amanda out the door when her shift ended, getting into the car. She had no idea where they were going, but it was a cold car ride with zero chatter. 10 minutes later, they pulled into one of the LaRusso’s car dealerships at which point Amanda drove around to the back and entered the building through a side door. Tory had no idea where they were but it looked like an abandoned office. Regardless, Tory followed the hot MILF.

“Sit,” Amanda demanded.

“Listen lady…” Tory started before a finger against her lips silenced her.

“Don’t even think of using that karate shit on me,” Amanda warned. “I know you could take me but as I lay healing in the comfort of my mansion, your ass will be rotting in juvie.”

“Fine. No violence,” Tory huffed. “So what’s this? Your attempt to get me to leave your precious daughter alone? You know she’s far from innocent in all this.”

“You think I don’t know that? She is, and will continue to be disciplined. But I’ve been made aware that you need some discipline as well,” Amanda lectured. “Which is why I’ve decided that you need a special type of punishment.”

“Yeah? Momma LaRusso want to spank me or some shit?” Tory defiantly hissed. She knew she had to tread a fine line between rebellious and complaint given the threat of sending her back to juvie, but Tory wasn’t going to make this easy for the rich MILF. “Oh do!” Tory added after seeing Amanda eye up her tits, which were showing a good amount of cleavage via the low-cut tank top.

“Bend over the desk. Now,” Amanda demanded, ignoring Tory’s taunts.

“Okay, sure. Let’s see how the sad housewife wants to play this,” the teen tormented.

Tory pulled the flannel shirt off from around her waist, leaving her in only a black tank, short skirt, knee high black socks and matching black ankle boots. It was a perfect outfit for waitressing as the heeled boots and knee-high socks helped draw attention to her mile long legs that had been perfectly honed by hours spent in the dojo. Meanwhile, the tank was revealing, showing off her borderline C cup tits for the patrons as she poured coffee and delivered food. 

As Tory knelt on the chair and bent over the desk, she flipped her skirt onto her back, revealing her thong-covered ass. Though Tory had a beautiful face, great legs and a busty chest, her best feature was probably her ass. Wide, thick and round, it was truly fantastic. And now here it was for Amanda LaRusso to drink it in, with only a tiny black thong worn.

“This what you wanted? See my nice phat ass?” Tory asked the MILF.

As much as Amanda hated this gutter rat, she had to admit the teen had a great ass. Much like her own, Tory’s was packed tight, bubbling out nicely from the rest of her body. The MILF’s hands went straight to the meaty flesh, rubbing and squeezing each cheek.

“Should have known Sam’s mom would be a dyke,” Tory hissed, a triumphant smile plastered on her beautiful face.

“Dyke? Nice mouth on you,” Amanda commented. “And yes, I’ve been known to have fun with both sexes, but we call that bisexuality.”

The retort Tory had ready to fire off died on her lips as a loud crack followed by a burning sensation on her ass made her catch the words. Looking back, Tory found the leggy brunette had spanked her...with a ruler. Like Tory was some unruly child. Before Tory could either insult or physically harm Amanda, the MILF reminded her of the fact the teen was on probation.

“That’s better,” Amanda stated once Tory hung her head back between her arms in submission.

Already an inch-wide red welt was forming on one of Tory’s perfect ass cheeks from the first lesson. Though the teen looked sexy in her thong, Amanda felt no need for it to be on her any longer so she hooked her fingers into the fabric and slowly pulled it out from Tory’s ass crack, though her pussy tried to hold onto it. With the panties around her knees, Amanda got a good look at the teen’s sex, and it was spectacular. A bright pink pussy that was already wet and an adorable asshole, though the poop chute showed a few signs that Tory was no backdoor virgin.

“I bet you can’t get enough of this tight teen body,” Tory commented. “Your MILF ass is still hella tight but probably ole man LaRusso feels like he’s throwing a hot dog down a hallway when he fucks you.”

“Listen you white trash whore,” Amanda snapped. Reaching over, the MILF closed her hand around Tory’s throat, squeezing so the threat of strangulation was on the table. “I see now that I’m really gonna have to get all Jersey on you.”

“The fuck does that mean?”

Before Tory could ask a follow-up question, the ruler snapped down on her ass, this time on the fresh cheek. Tory held in a grunt as pain blossomed, but as LaRusso spanked her a second time on the exact same spot, even a tough girl like Tory couldn’t hold in the scream of pain.

“Fuck! You're a crazy bitch!” Tory screamed.


When Tory bet her tongue and didn’t insult the crazed woman, Amanda rested the ruler on the desk and went back to massaging her plump backside. The flesh was still a little sensitive, but Tory much preferred this treatment of her booty than the stick. Amanda was still holding her by the throat, but with much less pressure now, Tory now fully able to breathe. Fully removing that hand now, Amanda used both hands to grip and pull her teen ass, getting a full look at her crinkled starfish and the bright pink snatch below. 

“See something you like,” Tory asked.

Amanda smiled as the lack of insult at the end of Tory’s sentence was progress. Maybe there was hope for the trashy girl after all. Which made sense, because before Amanda cleaned up her act and met Daniel, she was just as bad if not worse than this Tory Nichols girl. And just like her back in Jersey 20 years ago, Tory was definitely sexually adventurous. With a front row seat as she pulled the cheeks apart, Amanda immediately noticed how willing her anal ring was to stretch and produce a little gape, allowing the MILF a good look into her rectum.

“Someone’s been a naughty little butt slut,” Amanda commented.

“Not all of us are rich. We gotta pay the bills somehow,” Tory remarked defensively.

Amanda wasn’t really listening to what the brat was saying, her eyes and focus were back on the teen’s booty. With her face right overtop the peach of an ass, Amanda let a drop of her spit drop from her mouth, and with perfect accuracy it hit the anus dead center. She followed that up by using her finger to rub the spit around the rim of the hole but didn’t test the sphincter with her finger, much to Tory’s surprise. 

“Anal sluts don’t need a finger,” Amanda commented, answering the unasked question. 

Amanda reached into the bag she brought, the same one she had the ruler in and pulled out a large, slightly curved pink dildo. It was a great size, resembling a cock with a good 8 inches in length and not-too-thick 1.5-inch girth. A warm-up toy as Amanda liked to think. Amanda wanted to teach Tory a listen, not torture her so instead of ramming the pick dildo up her ass, she warmed her up first. Extending her tongue, Amanda rimmed the asshole with her tongue, smearing more spit onto the crinkled surface. Pleased by how good it felt to be with a woman again, even if the woman in question was only a girl, Amanda performed long slow licks both over the backdoor and as far deep into the bowels as her tongue could go.

“Oh shit,” Tory cooed, tossing her head back in the pleasure of having her ass expertly eaten.

Amanda was sure she left lots of spit behind to act as lubrication for the teen, but more never hurt. She brought the toy up towards Tory, but when the teen didn’t see it, Amanda tugged hard on her dyed blonde hair. After a brief cry from shock, Tory bit back the curse and realized what the MILF wanted. Opening her mouth, Tory took the toy inside and started bobbing on it, maintaining eye contact with her rival’s mother as she gave the blowjob.

“Gllkkk...kkkwwwkkk,” Tory gurgled.

“That’s it,” Amanda beamed in perverse pride as she shoved the dildo to the back of the teen’s mouth. “Choke on it.”

Despite the fact her eyes were growing misty from the battering her throat was taking, Tory kept her eyes locked on Amanda’s. It definitely earned her a mark of respect from the MILF, who continued to smile wickedly as she choked the karate girl with one of her favorite dildos. Satisfied that it was prepared enough, Amanda pulled the very slick toy from Tory’s mouth and brought it immediately to her asshole. Unsurprising to either of them, the moment Amanda had the toy lined up and provide a minimal amount of pressure, the tip of the pink toy disappeared inside the teen’s caboose.

“Oh shit yes!” Tory groaned despite her anal ring being stretched open.

If Tory had any complaint that Amanda went straight to fucking her ass then she sure as shit didn’t mention it. In truth, the teen was simply captivated by the entire situation. She thought Amanda would threaten her or tattle on her to the cops. Never in a million years did she predict this situation, especially from the mother of such a lame, goodie-two-shoes like Sam. Plus, Amanda LaRusso was hot as well. Supermodel tall with an ageless beautiful face, Amanda also rocked a body with a flat stomach, big enough tits and a great ass that looked rock hard. Though she guessed the MILF must be in her late 30s, the Cobie Smulders look-alike didn’t look a day over 30. 

“Of course you would like that,” Amanda hissed at her daughter’s bully.

Despite feeling nothing but rage at the teen for her torment of Sam, Amanda treated the girl nicely by allowing Tory to get used to the thickness of the toy. After a few heartbeats, Amanda started moving it about, but rather than simply thrusting deeper, the mother of two performed big circles, widening the hole first before easing more inside. Tory noticed the difference, finding that the dildo moved much smoother into her asshole after the circles then ever before, with no pain felt at all.

“God that’s good,” Tory cooed her satisfaction.

After another minute of the assfucking, Amanda had another perversion in mind. Thrusting the toy so 6 inches were embedded in Tory’s teen ass, Amanda pulled out all the way and brought the toy straight to Tory’s face. 

“ don’t mean for me to...after its been in my ass?” Tory choked out the words, shocked by the implication.

“You like talking shit, well now you’re going to...well...I think you know where I’m going with that,” Amanda laughed cruelly. “Now open your mouth and extend your tongue.”

Tory’s pleading eyes flashed from the toy to Amanda’s face, but she saw none of the mercy she was seeking. Though Tory had done anal more than a handful of times, ass to mouth blowjobs didn’t happen. She was acutely aware that after a guy’s dick or fingers had been up her ass, they didn’t go near her mouth. However, she was powerless in this situation, at the mercy of Amanda LaRusso who appeared determined to bully the teenage bully. Therefore, after swallowing her pride, Tory did as she was told.

“Good girl,” Amanda smiled.

The MILF placed the far end of the toy against Tory’s tongue before starting to move the dildo towards the business end that shed used to fuck the girl. At first, Tory tasted nothing until the sharp taste of ass coated her tongue. Despite the obvious grossness, it really wasn’t all that bad. Sure, she could tell exactly where the dildo had been, but in truth Tory had done much nastier things with men. As the tip rubbed against her tongue, Tory took the initiative and wrapped her lips around the dildo to give it an energetic suck and bob. After pulling her mouth from the fake cock, Tory went back to licking the toy clean, though with much more drive and enthusiasm now that she was familiar with ass to mouth.

“God, you really are a perfect whore,” Amanda commended the teen.

“I bet that square daughter of yours would never let a boy touch her ass, let alone suck a dick after it was balls deep in it,” Tory laughed.

She knew it was coming but it still didn’t make it hurt any less. A moment after making the crude remark about her daughter, Tory felt Amanda crack the ruler down on her ass cheek, forming a criss-cross partner with the mark already left on it. It stung, but even Amanda had to admit that the teen bully had a point. Sam was sexually immature, barely having done much more with Miguel or Robby then kiss.

Tory still wasn’t at the apologizing part of the session, but that was come, Amanda was sure of it. With the toy now slick in spit once more, Amanda brought the dildo back around to Tory’s teen ass and found, to no great surprise, that it slide in effortlessly. Tory didn’t even whimper with discomfort, instead she immediately started moaning as Amanda started fucking the teen bully with 6 inches at a fast pace. After a minute, Amanda surprised the younger girl by pulling the toy out and observed what could only be described as a massive gape that was left behind. 

“Dear Lord! That’s one experienced asshole,” the MILF commented.

Even in the height of her anal sex hayday, Amanda wasn’t sure if her asshole could spread as far as this high schooler’s. Apparently Tory took it the way Amanda meant it, a smile of pride covering her face. Spitting into the hole, Amanda proceeded to test her ass further, using the toy to jab all 8 inches deep into her rectum before pulling out. As the rosebud started to seal back up, Amanda thrust down again, forcing the ring to open and for her bowels to take the full length of the toy again. And again. And again.

“Open up,” Amanda said after playing with her ass for awhile longer.

“Yeah? Want me to lick up my ass juices again?” Tory asked.

Amanda didn’t answer, she just brought the dildo around in front of Tory’s gorgeous face and the teen did the rest. With a hunger she rarely saw outside porn, Amanda bobbed her head along the 6 inches of the toy she could fit in her mouth before it slammed the back of her throat. With more spit being added to the toy as she practically gagged herself, Tory continued giving the messy blowjob, spit leaking from her mouth and landing on the dusty desk beneath.

“Have you learnt your lesson yet?” Amanda asked the much younger girl.

“Not by a fucking longshot,” Tory smiled back.

“Thought so,” Amanda nodded. “Louie! Get in here.”

From the door behind Tory, a large man stepped through into the room. He looked as stereotypical Italian as you could get - slicked back hair, overkill with jewelry and cologne. He was also the size of a house, his broad shoulders barely fitting through the door without him turning sideways. 

“This the little bitch that’s been tormenting Sammy?” Louie asked.

“Mhmm,” Amanda answered.

Tory was prepared to say something but it died as the large man used both hands to smack her ass at the same time. It stung but still felt a little nice. Getting to his knees behind her, Louie kept his hands on her ass to pull the cheeks apart.

“Jesus! Look at the fucking asshole on this one!” Louie commented, noting the gape in the hole.

“She...I mean Ms LaRusso already warmed me up,” Tory flushed in embarrassment.

The two LaRusso in-laws exchanged a knowing glance, noting that Amanda’s tough love approach was starting to take foothold. With his big mitts still pulling apart Tory’s ass, Louie harked a massive ball of spit right into her yawning cavity. Rather than chase it with a finger or tongue, Louie went back to spanking the young girl, loving how she yelped in pain mixed with pleasure.

“Get that dick out,” Amanda commanded her brother-in-law. “I think our little white trash whore is in desperate need. Aren’t you?”

“Yes please, Ms LaRusso. Please let that big ape fuck me,” Tory begged.

The big ape behind her was already standing. His button-up shirt was undone, showing his hairy powerful chest and strong stomach. His dress pants were swiftly pulled down around his ankles, his cock already rock hard and in his hand.

“Damn,” both girls swore at the same time.

To match his big frame was an equally large dick that fit Louie well. In fact, it explained his never-ending supply of cockiness as the man literally had big dick energy. 10 inches in length and nearly as thick as her wrist, the big ape had a perfect specimen of a cock. Amanda swore inwardly, realizing that although Daniel was smarter and just all around a better person, she missed out on the good dick. Hence why her pussy was an inferno of lust at this very minute.

“Let me pull these apart for you,” Amanda snapped out of her day dream to pull Tory’s cheeks apart for Louie.

Louie wasn’t offered any lube, nor did he bring any so he used the next best thing by spitting into his hand and working it around the end of his cock. Satisfied, he aimed for the unmissable target and without any effort, his bulbous tip entered the teen’s ass. It took until 3 inches were already in young Tory’y asshole before he met any resistance from her sphincter, at which point the girl with the phat ass threw her head back and grunted.


Louie so rarely got to have anal sex with any of his dates or short term girlfriends on account of how big his dick was. Thus, when given the rare opportunity to sodomize a chick, he was more than eager to take advantage. Within a handful of thrusts at a slow speed, Louie had the majority of his dick sliding in out and of Tory’s butt so with a final hard spike forward to went balls deep in a girl’s ass for the first time in his life.

“Jesus Louie! Don’t break the bitch?” Amanda warned.

“She can take it. Can’t you,” the big ape replied.

“Yes Ms LaRusso. I’m fine,” Tory agreed.

Amanda was getting wetter by the second as her brother-in-law peeled off his shirt to reveal his very muscular chest. While he was slightly distracted, Tory ensured he didn’t miss a beat by rocking her body backwards to meet his thrusts, making his balls deep destruction of her ass proceed even faster and deeper. Realizing she was ready for more, Louie closed his hands around her tapered waist and used it to pull back on her body as he speared his dick forward.

“Are you learning your lesson Tory? That there is always a bigger bully in the yard?” Amanda hissed into her ear.

“Yes Ms LaRusso...but I think I may need more dick to really get it to seep all the way into my skull,” Tory replied.

Tory’s ass became under a more violent assault as the ape behind her took off the training wheels and started to really fuck her. Tory hoped that the office was soundproof because her screams became louder as she took the dicking of her lifetime. Her curvy body was being pitched all about, her thighs bumping against the desk, actually making the solid wood furniture skid forward after each thrust. Tory didn’t know how her body was going to cope with such an aggressive fuck with such a big dick, but she had made her bed and now had to lay in it.

“Whadda say Amanda? Think this ass will ever be the same?” Louie asked his sister-in-law.

Amanda had kept her hands on the young girl’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart to help with the deep-dicking the youngster was taking. With Louie’s comment, the big ape put his arm around his sister-in-law and pulled her down to examine his handiwork. Removing his dick completely from Tory’s rectum, he let Amanda have a view all the way into the teen’s bowels. Pristinely clean and bright red, Amanda couldn’t believe the massive gape in the girl’s ass. Hell, even in Amanda’s glory run of anal sex each night with a different man, she didn’t think hers ever got to wide. 

“Let’s just make sure this lesson sticks,” Amanda replied before adding spit to the gaping asshole before Louie resumed his sodomy.

“In that case, lose the clothes and make it quick,” Louie ordered.

Louie was also grateful for the little break, as he had really exerted himself with that initial salvo of fucking. He wasn’t anywhere near popping, but it never hurt to reign yourself back in after a hearty tryst. Tory quickly straightened and pulled off her shirt and bra, aided in large part by a very eager Amanda LaRusso who was also excited to see the curvy teen naked. Amanda sat Tory on the desk so she could pull the thing the rest of the way down her athletic legs before Louie pushed Tory down so she laid on her back atop the desk.

“I love how desks are at the perfect fucking height,” Louie groaned as he entered the teen’s asshole again.

Now with the teen naked except for her black knee-high socks and heeled ankle boots, Louie and Amanda both got to drink in her body. A flat stomach without an ounce of fat to be seen was just the start. Her pussy was kept bald, which made the MILF’s own cunt flood even more, but it was Tory’s tits that really had them purring. In fact, Louie and Amanda both reached down to grope one of her borderline C cup tits to paw at while the big ape began to fuck her ass once more.

“Come here, MILF,” Tory groaned.

With a hand wrapped around the back of Ms LaRusso’s head, Tory pulled the mother of two down so the unlikely pair could kiss. It started tender but soon the lips were parting and tongues were wagging against each other as they battled for supremacy. Tory soon gave up, remembering that Ms LaRusso was the boss here and she the lowly beta, allowing her rival’s mother to poke her tongue deep inside her mouth as Louie did likewise with her asshole.

“Fuck, you two are hot,” Louie grunted his approval.

As the two girls continued to kiss, Amanda felt her brother-in-law reach down and paw some of her hair out of the way in order to have a better view of the girl-on-girl kiss. Amanda didn’t quite know how she felt about her brother in law touching her like this as he fucked the teenager, but Tory’s tongue invading her mouth made Amanda forget all about Louie and back on her daughter’s bully.

“Oh yes, Ms LaRusso!” Tory screamed.

Almost without thinking, Amanda had run her hand down Tory’s perky teen tits, over her flat stomach and onto her soaking wet cunt. After rubbing around her slit for several rotations, Amanda dug two long fingers into the girl’s pussy and began to finger the teenager all while the monstrous Louie fucked her ass. Rather than be overwhelmed, Tory seemed to be excelling with the double penetration.

“How about we make that a proper DP,” Louie grunted, never slowing his thrusting.

“Great idea,” Amanda purred in satisfaction. “But first I think you’ll dick will need a little extra lube for that. Won’t he, Tory?”

“On it, Ms. LaRusso,” the eager teen replied.

Louie gave the call to his friend that he brought as he pulled out from the teen. Tory heard the door open but didn’t bother looking, instead she dropped to her knees and instantly took the dick in her mouth. Louie had known a lot of skanky girls, both here and back in Jersey, but he’d never been with one who so eagerly would take his dirty cock into their mouths after fucking their ass. Yet this teen who was still in high school had dropped to her knees and didn’t so much as flinch as she devoured his dick, licking him thoroughly on every side before bobbing as much of his big dick in her gullet as possible.

“Anoush?!” Amanda screamed in shock.

“Amanda!” Daniel LaRusso’s long time best friend and employee shrieked in surprise to find the room in this state.

“Louie!” both Anoush and Amanda shouted at the man who was getting his dick sucked by a girl young enough to be his daughter.

“What? Amanda, you asked me to bring a buddy who fucks real good. Anoush, you fuck real good and wanted to hang out today. What’s the big deal?” Louie countered. “Fuck baby, great mouth on you,” he added to Tory.

“I can’t do this,” Anoush stated. “Daniel is my best friend…”

“Hey!” Louie protested.

“I’m gonna have to tell him about this,” Anoush continued. “About you pimping out a teenager and enjoying her yourself.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Amanda said, rushing over to the apprehensive man. “You find her attractive, don’t you?”

“Tory,” the teenager introduced herself, taking a brief break from spit-shining Louie’s dick. “And why aren’t your pants off yet?”

“Well, sure. She’s,” Anoush admitted. “But she’s still considered a child.”

“But I’m not,” Amanda countered. Desperate times called for desperate measures and the situation was getting into that territory. “Come on Anoush. I’ve seen the way you look at me. When I bend over my desk or into a car while in my super tight skirts. Or down my blouse when I’m working at my desk.”

“Amanda...I would never act on it,” Anoush blushed.

“But what if I do,” Amanda countered, starting to unbutton her blouse. “A little hush the form of my body?”

Amanda knew she had his co-operation the moment the words left her mouth. Though she didn’t intend to fuck her husband’s best friend, the situation had gotten away from her, but Sam still had to be protected, and that protection meant silencing Anoush. With her blouse slid down her arms and on the ground, she took Anoush’s wrists and placed his hands on her tits. She still wore her bra but the second his hands touched her boobs he was massaging and groping through the material. As they came together for a kiss, the sounds of Tory’s deep-throat blowjob was filling the space, as well as Louie’s grunts of satisfaction.

Amanda was in full undress mode now. Still on her own body, she reached around her back to unhook her bra with Anoush doing the honors of pulling it away from her chest. With her husband’s best friend now pawing at her bare tits, Amanda unzipped her skirt before letting it fall to her feet before her hands undid Anoush’s belt and pants. Now Tory wasn’t the only one on her knees as Amanda joined her kneeling on the hard ground as she fished Anoush’s surprising big dick from his pants.

“Jesus Anoush!” Amanda couldn’t contain her excitement. 

Amanda didn’t need any warming up or easing into a blowjob, after all, they came to her as easy as breathing. Plus, God had gifted her an extremely big mouth and she was more than happy putting it to use. Sucking Daniel’s meager cock never proved a challenge, but as she parted her lips and put Anoush into her mouth, she knew her talents were finally best applied. 7 inches long but extremely thick, it was a great cock and it fit so perfectly into her mouth. As Amanda started bobbing with zeal on his shaft, his hands came to rest on the back of her head for encouragement rather than forcing her. After all, she hardly needed any help.

“Fuck Amanda!” Anoush grunted his approval.

Amanda was like a dog with a bone. Her mouth stayed on Anoush’s dick with her lips forming a nice seal, taking all 7 inches into her gullet with each and every bob of her brunette head. It had been minutes since she started blowing her employee and she hadn’t once come up for air or swallowed her spit. Instead, the saliva was starting to leak from her mouth and fall onto her swaying tits, making them glisten in the weak lighting in the abandoned office. 

“Ms LaRusso, can we be ass-fucked friends now?” Tory asked, batting her eyelids at the MILF.

“I’m game if you are,” Amanda said, looking up at Anoush.

“Oh hell yes!” Anoush practically shouted.

Ever the gentleman, Anoush afforded his hand to help Amanda up from the ground, which she accepted. The moment she got to her feet, Amanda shoved her panties down her legs, leaving her only in the garter belt holding up her black stockings, Bending over the desk that Tory was so recently fucked on, Amanda did a sloppy lick of her hand before smearing the spit around her asshole.

“Get that dick in my ass Anoush.”

Anoush didn’t bother with a condom, after all, he was fucking his best friend’s wife so who gave a shit about protection? Spitting down on his dick, Anoush hoped it would be good enough lubrication though Amanda didn’t look concerned at all. Sure enough, the moment his head poked her asshole, Amanda willed herself to relax and her body did the rest. Just like riding a bike, her sphincter knew what to do by expanding to handle the insane thickness of his cock. Within a few pumps, Anoush surprised himself by feeling the thick curves of Amanda’s tight rump against his groin with each thrust.

“You balls deep, bro?” Louie questioned his friend.

It wasn’t a question needing answered as it was clear to the watching thug that Anoush was using each and every inch in their boss’ wife. After all, the way Amanda’s ass would ripple with each thrust Anoush ended by thudding his hips against her bottom was answer enough. Knowing that not only could the skinny MILF take a deep dicking but love it, Anoush grabbed onto the mother of two’s waist and used his grip to pull her body back to meet his thrusts. With a toss of her head, Amanda moaned her appreciation.

“You’ve been holding out on me all these years, Anoush,” an extremely satisfied Amanda purred.

Of course Anoush wasn’t the only one currently ass-fucking a beautiful girl. After another round of an ass to mouth blowjob, Louie had dragged the leggy high school back onto a reclined chair that was more artwork than furniture. With him more paying down then seated, Louie had Tory riding his dick as he met her downward rides with a stab up of his hips, driving his long dick further into her ass.

“Oh fuck me Lennie,” Tory begged, either not knowing or not caring that it wasn’t his name.

Between Amanda and Tory’s screams, Louie and Anoush’s grunts and the skin-on-skin slapping as the two pairs fucked hard, the room was filled with noise. Amanda couldn’t remember the last time she felt this satisfied during sex with Daniel’s small dick and disgust with anal sex making intercourse with him extremely basic. Meanwhile Tory was taking all she could handle from Amanda’s thuggish brother-in-law, but if she was struggling then you would never have known it. 

“Hey Ms LaRusso...the big ape’s cock is all dry and my mouth is out of spit. Please help me,” Tory asked, though it was clear she was lying.

Anoush finished his latest deep thirst into Amanda’s perfect asshole before pulling out, noting the fairly large gape that was left in his wake. Without thinking, Amanda dropped to the dusty hard floor and turned in the direction of Tory and her brother-in-law. As she crawled towards them, Amanda felt conflicted about whether or not she should give in to Tory’s request given the fast that she’d be sucking off her husband’s younger brother.

“Not a word of this to Daniel,” Amanda sternly told Louie, holding his gaze with her insanely big eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. No problems sis,” Louie retorted, desperate to have any sexual contact with his sister-in-law.

“Oh God, it’s so much worse when you call me ‘sis’,” Amanda groaned.

With his sister-in-law in position resting between his thighs, Louie reached down to clutch Tory’s legs. With an explosion of strength, the thuggish man pulled Tory’s back against his chest, her knees squishing her perky tits in the process. As his dick popped free of the teen’s asshole, Amanda caught it in her small fist and showed absolutely no hesitation in cramming the long dick into her mouth. No checking if the teen’s ass was clean or if any grossness was on the dick, to Amanda that didn’t matter. All that matter was she found a dick that was everything her husband’s wasn’t, and so she needed to get it in any of her holes.

“Suck it you dirty bitch,” Tory demanded the MILF, though it was unlikely Amanda heard given how eagerly she was sucking on the cock.

Amanda must have taken a longer time than she thought sucking off Louie because before she knew it, her asshole was being thrust into again. Anoush was now squatting behind her, his dick barreling down into her ass with just as much depth and power as ever. The MILF had briefly broken contact between her mouth and Louie’s dick just so she could give Anoush a thankful grin before she used her mouth like a hoover back on her brother-in-law’s manhood.

With Amanda now trapped between Anoush’s thrusting body behind her and the chair that Louie and Tory were fucking on, both men were using her for pleasure. Louie had the best of it, able to fuck Tory’s incredibly tight teen asshole and then getting to pull her off and give his member to Amanda and her incredible mouth. The MILF certainly knew how to use that big mouth of her’s, giving his dick a spit shining better than any of the whores he bought in the past.

“Okay Anoush. Let’s give the bully a lasting lesson,” Amanda called out.

“A little devil’s threeway?” Louie asked.

“Fuck yes! My first DP,” Tory excitedly commented. “Bring it on!”

“I may have created a monster,” Amanda said under her breath.

When instructed, Anoush pulled out of the boss’ asshole so that Amanda could get to her high heeled feet, though she wasn’t standing for long. Amanda made a straight line to Tory’s head, bending down to give the teen a thorough tonguing as Anoush bent down between her supple thighs and dragged his cock through her holds. Once Amanda’s hand reached down to rub the teen’s clit, Anoush took that as the sign to push forward and ease his cock into Tory’s pussy.

“Oh God!” Tory groaned. “So much cock! So much stretching! So much...pleasure!”

Amanda knew that Tory was special almost from the start of her Jersey justice scenario but seeing how quickly the girl Sam’s age cycled from overwhelmed to pleasurable from her first ever double penetration was beyond words. Even now, the men were starting to work in unison, pushing into her ass as Anoush withdrew from her cunt and vice versa. Within a minute, both Louie in her butthole and Anoush in her pussy were using every inch of their cocks when it was their turn to thrust into the leggy karate girl.

“How can be a girl Sam’s age be this sexy and comfortable with sex,” Amanda murmurred, more to herself then Tory.

“Don’t be jealous,” Tory told the MILF as her body was used as a play toy. “You can come visit me whenever you want.”

Amanda rewarded the words with a deep tongue-filled kiss, but the added move of rubbing her hand down between Tory’s flat stomach and Anoush’s belly was the real gift. Amanda’s thin fingers found the teen’s clit and she immediately started to strum over it, playing the sensitive nub like an expert violinist. Tory had already been moaning, but now her shrieks gained in volume and became more frantic with each passing dick thrust into her holes.

“I’m gonna cum! Jesus Christ! I need to cum!” Tory swore, shocking not only herself but the other three in the room.

It would have been impossible to not know when Tory reached her climax as the scream was near ear piercing. Not that it stopped any of the older people from continuing to fuck her, with both Anoush and Louie needing to slow their slams into her holes while Amanda simply fingered her clit with more energy. Finally, after having her muscles contort from pleasure, Tory’s fighter-honed body went as limp as a rag doll.

“You need to have a turn,” Tory blurted out, addressing Amanda. “The orgasm...oh my God! So powerful. You need one too!”

“Oh I don’t know,” Amanda commented, knowing she shouldn’t fuck her husband’s brother and best friend more than she needed to. 

“You’re already in for a penny,” Louie grunted from beneath Tory, still fucking her ass.

“May as well be in for a pound,” Anoush finished, pulling out of the teen’s pink pussy.

“Fuck it,” Amanda cursed. “Give me those dicks!”

Amanda pounced on Anoush, practically dragging him to the ground where his back laid on the hard ceramic flooring. If he, or Amanda as she knelt to straddle his lap, carried about the hard surface then they didn’t let it show. Both she and Anoush did a gasp of pleasure as she sat on his cock, instantly feeling pleasure from his insanely thick manhood stretching and filling her pussy. 

“Three makes a party,” Louie commented as he got on his knees behind his sister-in-law.

“Oh fuck me!” Amanda roared in satisfaction as Louie eased his cock into her asshole.

Amanda was in pure elation with two dicks filling her up. She hadnt realized how unsatisfied she’d been with her vanilla sex life with her square husband. But now as she knelt on the dusty floor of the abandoned office with her brother-in-law pumping her ass and Daniel’s best friend filling her cunt, she was happy. In fact, she was so distracted by pleasure that she stopped paying attention to Tory, who used that to her advantage. Moving slowly, the teen went for her pocket where her phone was. Being sly, Tory opened her camera app and immediately started to take a video of Amanda LaRusso getting double dicked by two men who were definitely not her husband. 

“Mutually assured destruction bitch,” Tory hissed at Amanda, loving the look of donning horror on her beautiful MILF face.

“Boss, I needa cum,” Louie warned his sister-in-law. “Whadda wanna do?”

This was a big moment for Amanda. Either she broke off the threesome and the insane pleasure she was deriving from the DP right at the moment the men were ready to pop, or she continued. If she forced them off of her, she could maybe wrestle the phone from Tory, though the girl was skilled in fighting so that seemed unlikely. Plus, she was in so much pleasure, and the thought of cum splashing inside her holes was just too tempting. 

“Fuck the girl and fill me up,” she told the man before looking over at Tory who still had the camera recording Amanda’s adultery. “And you. Phone down and get your mouth ready to collect his jizz.”

Amanda gave a brief description of what Tory was to do, at which point the teen’s mouth gaped open. She had no time to process the words further as Louie gave a great grunt before burying his 9 inch dick as far into his sister-in-law as possible. Amanda could feel a half-dozen ropes paint her bowels, which triggered her own orgasm, though she didn’t make a performance out of it like Tory or Louie had. Once Louie was done, he slowly pulled out, at which point Tory had sandwiched her face under Amanda’s shapely ass, Anoush’s balls resting against her cheek in nose in the process.

“Catch every drop and swallow,” Amanda instructed.

After saying those words, Amanda pushed with her bowels and felt the movement of the liquifying jizz running down her anal tract and dripping from her asshole. Tory was on hand to catch every droplet of the salty jizz, which tasted different then any other load of cum she’d had in her mouth previously. She didn’t know if she was grossed out or liked it even more. Regardless, the teen gulped down the healthy load before opening her mouth and showing the MILF that it was all gone.

“Can’t last any longer,” Anoush hissed through clenched teeth.

“Quick. Cum in Tory,” Amanda directed, a wicked idea forming.

Amanda swung her long leg from around Anoush and allowed the ready-to-burst car salesman to get to his feet. After barking an order at Tory, the teen got onto her knees atop the chair with her ass thrust back and practically begging for a dick. Anoush obliged, sinking balls deep in the first thrust before using her anal ring to milk him of his semen. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Tory’s rectum, Amanda leaned back in and started her glorious sucking of his nuts, which only made Anoush shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, the car salesman looked to make sure Amanda was ready.

“Good boy Anoush. Step back,” the MILF ordered. The moment his dick left Tory’s ass, Amanda rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the fit teen’s gaping tush.

“Push it out Tory. Give me all the cum,” Amanda instructed.

Pushing out like she was asked, Tory risked making a complete mess as it appeared Amanda knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds the karate girl felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against the MILF’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Amanda cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - salty jizz and Tory’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of Anoush’s load was shot from her asshole into Amanda’s mouth, the bully continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Amanda’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down onto the desk. However, rather than swallow it down like Tory did, Amanda held the tainted cum in her mouth as she circled the chair towards Tory’s face.

“Amanda?” Tory asked out of confusion.

The gorgeous MILF seized the chance now that the teen’s mouth was open. Amanda pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Tory was just as exhausted as the men were, but the feel of the sexy mother on her lips again seemed to energize Tory once again. However, Amanda wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Tory mimicked the MILF’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did Amanda shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Anoush had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Tory grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth. “Yum.”

The girls continued to kiss for another minute as the men regained some strength. Finally, all four of them started to hunt down their clothing and get dressed once more. 

“So this was fun. And just remember, bitch, that if you even think of going to my probation office or try taking down Cobra Kai then Daniel sees this video,” Tory hissed at the leggy mom. “Now give me a ride to the dojo.”

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