Glory Box

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Glory Box

Author: Pepperstasia Beaverhausen

Rating: Mad Phat Gumby NC-17, cats-n-kittens

Categories: MRR, RST, all that angst, Micki/Ryan POV

Spoilers: “Tails I Live, Heads You Die”, “Symphony in B#”, & “Master of Disguise”

Summary: Hidden events spanning Season 2 Episodes 4, 5, & 6 from “Friday the 13th: The Series”. Naughty, naughty hidden events, fam.

Author’s Notes and the Disclaimer: Micki, Ryan, and Jack ain’t mine, no how. They all up in that Mancuso, Jr. biz-nass and y’all know very well I gets no cheddar from this. So usually, I like to create my own adventures for my sexy twosome, but the chain of these three episodes in particular were just begging for some backstory and reasoning, and I happened to be struck with a little inspo, so I figured, follow that emmer effin’ muse, la chica. And y’all know what that entails…high quality Smut, my biz-izzles. On tha motherfuckin’ real tip; this one’s for all the live Izzas and Bitches. Chiz-iz-urch.


“I’m so tired, of playing

Playing with this bow and arrow

Gonna give my heart away,

Leave it to the other girls to play

For I’ve been a temptress, too long

Just, give me a reason to love you,

Give me a reason to be

A woman…” ~Portishead “Glory Box”





I:       “Hot Temptations/Sweet Sensations/Infiltrating through

Sweet Sensations/Hot Temptations/Coming over you…” ~Jem “Come on



Dark, cold, void. Nothingness.

I wake up in a cold sweat, crying out in my terror.

I died. I fucking died. And the endless dark nothing has terrified the shit out of me. I still feel remnants of that death, clinging to me and making me chilled to my very marrow.

I realize that I’m lucky that Ryan and Jack’s plan to bring me back worked, and that I am drawing breath right now. I really wish we were able to get the coin into the vault. The fact that it’s still out there, even under a ton of rubble, does nothing to ease the horror I cannot shake.

“Micki, are you okay?” I hear Ryan ask from the other side of my bedroom doors.

My voice is quiet and choked with fear, “No.”

One of my French doors eases open and he enters my darkened room, standing cautiously in the threshold, “Can I do anything?”

Right now, I need to feel solid. To feel real. “Could you hold me for a little while? I don’t want to be alone. I feel so goddamned alone.” My voice is trembling now and I feel on the verge of tears.

“Of course.” Ryan’s voice is equally quiet as he shuts the door behind him and silently moves into my room. He circles around to the other side of my bed and crawls under the covers next to me, drawing me into his arms.

I wrap mine around his shoulders gratefully and press my head into his chest. This is better, I can feel his heart beating and the reminder of life helps to soothe me somewhat. I cannot shake this feeling of death, though. It suspends over me like my own personal raincloud.

And I feel so cold. And so empty.

His body feels good. And he always smells just amazing. Utterly masculine. I can’t get close enough to him. I want more. “Can you take your shirt off? I still don’t feel warm enough.” I whisper as I reach down to the hem to assist him in getting it off.

He allows this, wordlessly pulling away from me to let my hands tug it over his head and toss it on the floor. Ryan wraps his arms around my waist and my face goes back into his chest as my arms resume resting and curling around his naked shoulders. “Better?”

“A little.” I mumble, pressing my cheek into his beating heart. His scent is stronger now, allowing me to bathe in it as I press the length of my body into his.

Ryan is warm, and solid. And real. My adoration for him knows no boundaries. His beauty and selflessness have left me secretly charmed. Our quest is too great to complicate matters further by bringing up my burgeoning feelings regarding him, but it’s been in the back of my mind for a while. Basically, since Lloyd and I called it quits, if I’m being honest. Ryan grew on me. Now he’s completely under my skin. Unfortunately, I’m almost 100% sure that Ryan does not feel the same. He’s kept me at arm’s length since Lloyd, in a sense. We still have our easy, close familiarity in our interactions with each other, and are definitely not afraid of touching or hugging each other, but we’ve remained the utmost picture of chastity.

I feel his hands stroking my back as he holds me a little tighter. His head bends down and he softly kisses the top of my head, “That was fucking terrifying, Micki.” The tone of his voice conveys his own fear, and I shudder in response.

“I still feel so empty, like death is just hovering over me and won’t let go.” I choke out, then make an attempt at a deep breath. I hug him closer and burrow even further into his body. He’s so warm and smooth and hard and soft, all at the same time. Tangible. Life.

I am somewhat aware of the fact that Ryan and I are practically half-naked right now; he’s in just the boxers and I’m in a brief ivory satin camisole nightie and bikini panties, but I’m too distressed to worry about our state of dress at the moment. Ryan’s left hand cradles my chin and pulls me up to face him. He’s half-shadowed in the moonlight, but I can still see the pain behind his eyes. As I am sure he can see the abject cold behind mine. His body is warming me on the outside, but I feel like there’s an internal iceberg permeating within me.

“You’re alive, Micki.” Ryan shakily attempts to reassure me, one hand caressing my back as the other tenderly cups my face.

“I wish I felt like it.” My forehead connects with his as I put my hand over his on my cheek, “I still feel so cold inside. It’s so scary, Ryan. Am I ever going to feel alive again? Or did some part of me die when I did?”

The sudden awareness of Ryan’s erection against my belly sends a temporary jolt through me. That felt something like life. I’m desperate to feel more of that.

“I couldn’t tell you, Micki.” Ryan responds, a glazed look in his eyes as he locks gazes with me, “I’d say you’re one of the very few to get resurrected from death, and I couldn’t begin to understand what you’re going through right now. But I’m here for you. I’ll always be here for you.”

I pull his hand from my cheek and place it over my heart on my chest, “Is my heart beating, Ryan? I can’t tell.”

His hand presses down, the bottom part of his palm connecting with the top swell of my breast, and I tremble against him. “Yeah, it’s beating, Micki.”

My hand is still closed over his, and I slide it lower, placing it directly on my breast, our eyes never losing contact. He sucks in a breath as my hand presses against him, encouraging him to caress me. I feel twinges of life tease me, but this emptiness still overwhelms, “I just want to feel alive, Ryan. Please make me feel alive.”

A look enters his brown orbs that I’ve never seen before. It speaks of a sort of violent desperation. His chest heaves against me and his nose starts nuzzling my face; breathing me in as his hand slides across my chest to caress my other breast with a force that sends another life-affirming jolt through me. “Warm. Soft. Alive.” His raspy whisper thrums through me.

He moves me onto my back, hovering over me, engaging both of his big strong hands in the act of fondling my breasts as he inhales down my neck and along my collarbone. The iceberg inside begins a slow melt as my arousal pools in my center.

Ryan’s hands don’t linger too long with their caress, creating soft trails down my sides and over my belly as his face continues its own inhaling exploration down my body. He reaches the hem of my camisole and tugs it off of me with a careful, cautious ease, giving me a glance for permission before doing so, which I give with a slight nod. My breath is hitched and coming fast, and my fucking God, I need this right now. His hands begin to move on my abdomen and hips as his face follows suit, sliding my thighs apart to settle between them. He doesn’t ask for permission to remove my underwear. By this time, the look of heightened violent desperation has enhanced to exponential levels, and it seems like he has no control over ripping them off of me, tearing the sides apart with his bare hands. Another jolt of life twinges me. The offending fabric goes over his shoulder, then he’s grasping me by my hips and his lips are skating across my abdomen before he buries his face into my curls, his nose rubbing my clitoris as he breathes me in, “Delicious. So wet. So alive.” He growls out, then swirls his tongue into my folds and laps upward, ever so slowly. A warmth floods my insides and I feel the iceberg continue to recede. Once he reaches my clitoris with that brilliant tongue, he engages it with the most intense kiss I’ve ever felt down there.

My moaning is soft, but present, basically involuntary at this point from what Ryan is currently doing to me. “Talent at this” would not do Ryan’s energies justice. This is Michelangelo level cunnilingus. I’m quite astounded, honestly. But mostly just grateful at how this is making me feel like I’m returning to the land of the living. The intense slow kiss is now being alternated with a suckling in the same energy, and I begin to feel sparks and tingles everywhere. Even in the cold black hole in my chest. I never thought he’d be kissing *that* mouth for our very first kiss. Leave it to Ryan to never fail to surprise me. His fingers grip into my hips as he anchors them down and adds small nips in to his amazing ministrations. My body starts just vibrating and I slide one of my hands into the hair on the top of his head, holding him a touch closer to that spot that he keeps grazing and causing thrills that tingle my extremities. He gets the hint and assaults that area with a vigor that practically overwhelms me. I feel that low coiling in my center and I think my hair is even shaking at this point. Oh my, he’s goooood. He’s engaging in another furious kiss when my orgasm hits me with a cyclone of pleasure. Oh yes, *this* is life. I’m completely unraveled, biting back the volume of my moan by putting my free hand over my mouth.

Lord knows, we wouldn’t want Jack to think anything wrong was happening up here. Because this is the furthest from wrong that could possibly be. How can something this life-affirming be anything but right? Ryan’s mouth never leaves me until most of my shudders have subsided, continuing slow, gentle kisses, his tongue lapping me up and drinking me in.

That was life in all of its glory. And I still want more.

“So fucking alive.” Ryan finally says as he raises his head from my vagina and looks me in the eye. He appears almost rabid now and his eyes gleam at me, “Thank fucking God.”

I return his gaze with one of pleading, “I don’t want to think. I just want to feel. Please, Ryan.” I say lowly in a trembling exhale.

He raises up on his knees and slides his boxers down off his hips, freeing his very-present and rather impressive erection from its confines, shimmying them off his lower legs as he moves back between my thighs and begins a slow, luxurious trail from my bellybutton up the length of my body. My flesh is being peppered with lingering tongue kisses and I thrum with electricity. His mouth reaches my left breast and he kisses the entire expanse of it with those amazing kisses, then takes my nipple between his teeth and grazes lightly before just sucking hard. Oh my god. I felt that everywhere, especially my core, which is currently throbbing with want.

Now that he’s closer to touch, I slide my hands along his shoulders, arms, and back as he continues his slow hover over me. His body is rather enticing, all smooth, toned olive flesh with relatively muscular arms. He’s moved on to the other breast now, just making my body scream delicious arias as his artful mouth continues with its magic. Yes, he is an artist in every single sense of the word. Eventually, his body slides more into mine as his mouth keeps going up the plane of my chest and neck. His manly pressure feels magnificent. Like everything that I need right now. His face reaches mine as I guide him into me, and our mouths join for the first time as he eases inside me.

Holy fucking shit. Life. *This* is life.

Our kiss is slow, deep, and passionate, and soon he’s moving against me in the same fashion. Warm waves wash over the cold black hole inside as the sense of him filling me with his life overtakes me. One of my hands clutches his ass while the other twines in his hair, my hips rising to meet every thrust as our tongues slide against and caress each other. It’s like a soothing balm to my soul, the amount of caring and passion in his kiss. He *is* here for me. Everything will be alright.

I am alive.

Ryan maintains his slow, deep, and hard pacing, finally breaking our kiss and murmuring into my neck, “Mm, so tight and hot and wet and beautifully alive” before nipping and sucking on the hollow of my throat. My body is zinging on a cellular level. Who knew Ryan was such an arduous lover? Not me, but of course, I had never given him a fair chance until it was apparently too late. He’s been bracing his hands on either side of my head and moves one of them to the side of my face as his mouth meets mine again, crushing my lips to his and increasing the speed of his thrusts just a touch, but enough to feel completely outstanding. Our kiss has a desperate edge to it, urging on the matched intensity of our hips coming together, all the while his thumb still gently glides back and forth on my cheek in counterpoint to our other actions. I don’t know why, but this makes me feel wholly cherished. Cared for. The affection in all of this is ultimately shocking my very being. My iceberg is melting faster now, it seems, because I am about to come again. My left leg wraps around his waist and I clutch his ass harder as I shiver against him, another whirlwind of pleasure spreading a pleasing warmth through every ounce of me and causing me to go slightly blind. My moan is rather loud and high-pitched, but muffled into our ongoing kiss, which has grown even more frantic as his thrusts gain in speed and force. Sweet blessed saints, this is everything right now. Blissful, blissful life.

Just when I think it can’t get any better, I am overcome with another orgasm that makes me tighten up all over as Ryan continues his increased pleasurable assault on my body. I am so thankful for this. It’s been so long, and he feels so amazing I could cry. Electric warmth spreads through me and I inject my own intensity into our now manic kiss, chewing on his bottom lip before plunging my tongue in his mouth to meet his. Both of his hands are cupping my face and he’s thrusting so hard my entire body moves upwards with the force of it. Ohhh, this feels ingenious. He slows back down as my orgasm finally recedes, easing our kiss into one of tender, lingering passion. His thumbs caress my cheeks with a reverence that melts me and I find that I am matching that with my hand in his hair, massaging his scalp with my fingertips. I am feeling every inch of his length slowly thrusting into me and I could want nothing more. It’s the meaning of life. Everything.

Without warning, Ryan is pulling me up by my shoulders and slipping out of me.

“What’re you…”

He hoists me by my waist and shifts my body so my back is against the footboard, “Brace your arms on the footboard.” His voice is low and breathless, and that manic look in his eyes remains, coaxing me to comply.

My arms now braced against the top of the footboard; my body is spread out in front of him at a slight angle. Ryan kneels between my legs, his hands sliding up my thighs, then grasping them and anchoring them on his waist. I gasp as our groins make contact, already missing the feel of him inside me. I don’t have to wait long, because he has readjusted and is now pushing his way back in. Thank God. Holy wow, this feels overtly good. I lock my ankles around his back and his hands slide up my back for more support as he slams into me hard. My grip tightens as I hang on and just glory in this blessed assault. He still has that wild-eyed look and he’s a bit slack jawed as his gaze scrapes across my body, before his head leans down and his lips connect hungrily with my right breast as his hard, powerful thrusts increase in speed. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I’m definitely coming again. Everything is quivering and a wave of pleasure so powerful overtakes me that I purse my lips to stop the scream that rips from my throat, degenerating to a muffled wildcat squeal. I’ve unquestionably been blinded and can’t believe I still have the presence of mind to keep my grip on the footboard. I feel his mouth pull away from my breast and when I regain my sight his face is right in front of me, glazed wild look still present, but blended with a sort of awe.

“So…goddamn…gorgeous.” Ryan breathes at me between deep, hard thrusts, his face nuzzling mine again. I want him to kiss me. I *need* him to kiss me. I make the attempt to kiss at his hovering face, managing to connect with parts of his cheeks and chin as his thrusts gain in speed. There’s a dull ache in my arms from gripping the footboard, but I’m not mad at it. It’s another reminder that I’m a living, breathing human being. My mouth finally meets his and I feel him pulling me toward him with the hands on my back, so I release my hold and wrap my arms around his neck, our tongues sliding together in a decadently sweet kiss. Our chests press together as he continues to rise up on his knees to thrust into me, slowing his pace back down but keeping the same rough intensity. I’m just hanging on for dear life at this point. The resonant attack on all of my senses is delicious. The scent of his masculine wonder mingles with my arousal, he’s filling every inch of me, his mouth tastes fantastic, and when I open my eyes in our kiss, I notice his staring at me, that wild look just fascinating me. God-fuckin-dammit, he’s beautiful. He’s been relatively quiet aside from the few words he’s spoken, but now he’s releasing these little groans into my mouth with every thrust and it’s generating thrilling tingles over every part of my body. I’ve never been handled this way; with this kind of sheer force of passion that’s permeating his touch. His stamina is remarkable, too. I’m honestly amazed that he hasn’t come yet. I know I’m about to again. My thighs tighten around his waist as I stiffen up, and he lowers my back onto the mattress, his kiss growing deeper as his pace increases, driving into me as another overwhelming orgasm engulfs my entire self. Oh, this is perfect. Leave it to Ryan to give me everything that I am asking for. He’s generally pretty accommodating, but this is above and beyond, really. The iceberg has become a relatively small cube by now. For this, I am so, so grateful. Warm, electric waves slowly subside as my vision comes back to me. Has he had his eyes open this whole time? They’re burning into mine, still pretty manic but radiating a sort of tenderness that shatters me. One of his hands grips my shoulder under me and the other has begun to caress my cheek in another counterpoint to how hard he is kissing me and how fast he is thrusting now. Oh my sweet merciful Jesus. I’m going to come again. I can barely believe it, but it’s happening. I’m shuddering violently under him, my hands sliding down his arms and gripping his straining biceps.

I grind my hips in a circle into his thrust and forcefully break our kiss. “Come with me.” I whisper against his lips.

He growls at this, pace escalating to the point that I can feel the bed shaking with the force of it. Our eyes are locked in a breathy gaze, my nails scratching down his back as I feel my peak overtake me along with Ryan’s cock expanding inside of me with his own release.

Ryan just made love to me. You couldn’t even call it anything else. The realization of this brings tears springing to my eyes and I find myself sobbing into my blinding orgasm. I’m feeling every inch of life and it’s marvelous. I am so fucking grateful. He’s kissing and licking away my tears as I continue to shudder sightlessly under him, his movements gradually slowing down until he stills on top of me.

That was beyond just amazing.

That was a fucking miracle wrapped in an enigma. Far too good to be true.

When my eyes refocus, I notice that his are filled with concern as he keeps kissing at the tears still dropping to my cheeks. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” his voice rasps out in barely a whisper.

I attempt a smile and bring my hands up to cradle his head, “No, you didn’t hurt me. I’m alive, Ryan. Thank you.”

I bring his lips to mine and engage him in a soft, passionate kiss, my legs curling tighter around his waist and holding him close to me.

“Yes, Micki. You’re alive. You’re alive.”

The last thing I register before unconsciousness overtakes me is the feel of his warmth on top of me and those velvet lips placing gentle kisses all over my face.

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