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Madame Odius fumed with hatred and indignation as her head was pushed down over and over , forced to pleasure her brutish leader Galvanax once again. He forced her head down unto his lap harder and harder with his hand, his grip risking crushing her headdress. She wanted to fight back but knew he would then damage it more. For a long time she understood to simply relent and not fight his urges. This had been her intolerable lot since she joined forces with the gladiator. She felt his member bulge within her throat, but knew well enough he was not near finished yet.  She did wish he had the decency to not humiliate her in public. Rather than pressuring her in one of their quarters, he had demanded her talents as he sat on his throne in the control room.

“hurry up, the next contestant will be coming up!” be growled

She increased her sucking pace with annoyance until he grunted and clutched her head harder. Her mouth was, as usual, filled with his foul seed and she pulled her head off and away slowly. At that moment, announcer Cosmos Royal skipped into the room, proclaiming all was ready. His eyes lingered on the pathetic sight of the alien sorceress on her knees, cheeks flush. Galvanax callously pushed her aside as he stood up and walked out towards the stage, paying her no mind. She caught sight from behind her askew mask of cosmo shooting her a sadistic smirk. Once her leader was gone she welled up and spat his sticky seed onto the floor in gooey pile.       

“clean that up!” she shouted at one of the Kudabots

The machine hurried away for a mop as she stood up and composed herself. She had only tolerated Galvanax and his misogynistic tendencies all these years because of the potential of his intentions for the nexus prism. It was lost now but they still had the potential to retrieve its contents from the power rangers. Galvanax’s blind obsession was making him more anxious; easier to warp. This also made him less likely to waste her time in releasing his tensions.  In the recent months he had taken more to using his female monsters and warriors as outlets for his virile libido. Her ass was thankful as it had now had time to recover from his last attempt to conquer it.

As much of the warrior dome was distracted with the broadcast of the most recent attack on the rangers, she was left unwatched and free. She made her way to one of the storage rooms and accessed her hidden lab behind a poster of galvanax. Within was a bound handsome and attractive human boy; Levi Weston. This boy was in fact a relative of the red ranger Brody and was truly named Aiden. More important was that he had possession of the gold ninja star. She had begun syphoning his memories into a copy to use against the rangers. As his mind was drained, he weakly struggled against his bonds and she took notice of his toned and desirable body. It had been some time since she had another at her mercy, or felt such genuine attraction. Having suffered galvanax’s advances, she decided to pay it forward and enjoy herself. She tilted the helmet over his head up a little so he could see her but did not remove his gag.

“know that you are mine now, to do with as I please” she smirked

With a wave of her hammer, its energy engulfed his lower body and undid his pants. Looking at the sorry state of his exposed manhood, she smirked deeper.

“well that will not do”

With another wave of her hammer, its energy spread about her and her puffy green pants and boots disintegrated. The boys eyes went wide as he looked; though her dress hung down to hide her crotch, her elegant, shapely legs were a lovely sight, her toes tipped with pointed nails. Like the visible lower half of her face, the skin on her legs was a shiny, organic gold with darker natural stripes scattered along them. She swayed her hips and moved in an almost erotic dance in way to entice him and fumbled with her dress, periodically drawing it up to give him just the briefest glimpses of her lower lips. She produced the gold ninja star and licked its ridges before dragging and caressing it along her inner thighs. Though his member did react positively, he seemed unnerved a bit and began to struggle against his bonds. She frowned slightly and moved closer, leaning down to meet his gaze and she slid her hand up his muscular chest slowly until it met his throat, upon which she squeezed tightly.

“fight me, and I will make this feel like hell. Submit to me, and you just may enjoy yourself boy” she hissed into his ear

She punctuated this by leaning in to kiss his bound lips, biting into the lower one with her sharp canines. The boy moaned into his gag as the slightest bit of blood was drawn from his lips. His body relaxed though there was still the look of defiance in his eyes. That fire made her so wet and hungry.  She released his throat and slid her hand down to stroke and play with his now full shaft. She would alternate between a light caress and brush of her finger tips to a firm, tight clutch. She brought her hand back up and licked it’s taste savoringly while looking into his eyes. She stood up before him and drew her dress up a bit, smirking at his realization that her delicious golden pussy lips were now staring him in the face. She slid down slowly to sit in his lap and both gasped with pleasure as she forced him into her. The ecstasy was almost palpable as she began to grind and ride her prisoner furiously, whose resolve was melted away by lust.  She laughed and grunted and moaned and cursed endlessly as she bounced on his member, each time fueling her growing frenzy. Deeper she plunged him into her, digging her nails into his back, careless to the fact that the rapid thrashing of her body risked damaging her machine. She cried out before pressing her golden lips to his in a passionate kiss. They continued on for what seemed like an hour; multiple overwhelming orgasms, each fueling the next to come until she finally had no energy left. She remained sitting in his lap, both basking in the warmth of their passion. She weakly slumped forward, resting her weight on his torso, her head on his shoulder and wrapping her smooth legs around the back of the chair. She licked his cheek like an animal tasting its food before leaning in to whisper to him again.

“play nice, and there may be more rewards on our climb to greatness”

Sure enough, in the time she had Aiden prisoner, she forced herself on the boy many times a day to slake her lust and temper her ambition. Each day her carnality and perversion grew wilder and his resistance weaker. Unfortunatly, that one fateful day came when he did escape and joined the power rangers against her. And alas, for the short time she had it, his robot duplicate was far from an adequate substitute. Her desires were left mostly unfulfilled until she finally managed to ensure the ultimate demise of galvanax and take control of the warrior dome. That was when she met the greatest answer to her twisted desires; Badonna. The crafty and malicious young woman was gratful to her for freeing her from Sledge, and odius made sure to take advantage of that loyalty. Not 10 minutes after meeting, badonna was sprawled on her back across odius’ bed, her dress half torn off her body and her new madame sat atop her.

“madame odius, that sledge brute says….oh my goodness!” cosmo shouted as he burst through the door

He could barely see badonnas wriggling head buried under the bare, smooth crotch of the pantsless odius.

“WHAT IS IT?!” she roared through the pleasure

“that sledge character says repairs are almost finished”

“then deal with it yourself. Now leave us, NOW!”

He hurried away and odius returned to moaning as she clutched badonna’s head as she worked her oral skills on the golden clit pressed against her face. Odius reached back with her other hand, tearing away the fine garments to reach her new subordinate’s clit, furiously rubbing it to pleasure her back in return.        

Odius sat on what was now her throne, commanding the Warrior Dome. Galvanax was gone and she now fought his feud against the power rangers. Badonna was in an all too familiar position, kneeling before the throne with her face buried between the spread golden legs, lapping away at her master’s needing cunt. After she finally came, crying out while spraying her love juices over the young womens porcelain face, she bid her stand and leave her alone. Shooing Badonna away, madame odius began reminiscing on her past. In her youth she’d been a degraded sex slave among her people. She was treated as nothing but an object, to be used endlessly by the leaders and warriors of her kind, both men and women. As far as they were concerned, her soul purpose for living was to satisfy their carnality, and she did. Every perverse and appalling pleasure they subjected her to made her stronger, and there in instilled her own sadistic glee.  However, after discovering her untapped magical potential, she decimated her home and her masters. Unfazed and unapologetic, she struck out to forge a new destiny. It was after some time that she was eventually approached by galvanax, offering her a place as his confident. He was as boarish and short sighted as the warriors of her people.  She was stronger and smarter than him by lightyears, though he did have more resources. She found remaining at his side suitable for now, as he would be easy to manipulate. It wasn’t until after joining his crew that she discovered “concubine” was also part of her intended purpose.

In her arrogance, she did not see how she had perpetuated the cycle of carnal mistreatment that she had suffered at. For she herself treated Badonna, he loyal second, in much the same way. Perhaps the only and most important difference was that the young women enjoyed it. The pleasure and satisfaction she gained from fulfilling her madams every depraved pleasure in fact gave herself fulfillment. This devotion, this concept, was wholly new and strange to odius, which only fueled her lust for the delicate creature. Day after day she would frantically and recklessly molest and defile the lady-like badonna to her hearts, and lusts, content. Any anger or frustration she built up from her failings against the rangers, she could vent on her consort, and she’d willing take it, and then some.  So great was her debaucherous hold on her young second that it even weakened her obsessive crush on the famous warrior Brax.

A new player to her game was introduced with the arrival of the galactic ninjas.  One in particular seemed to attract the attention of both women; the shapely and deadly Venoma. Both odius and badonna set their predatory sights on the female ninja. Like badonna, odius found the rare accent the young women had to be exotic and sexy. In short order her teammates were defeated, both as a means for odius to gain their ninja medallions, and to isolate venoma to make her easier “prey”. The ninja was forced on the spot to surrender her medallion to odius. Its power aided in the creation of foxitron, the weapon that successfully destroyed the rangers’ zords. Seeing such raw, unstoppable power caused a heat and excitement in the insect warrior, which intensified when odius threatened her life. Easing the madame’s fury with the fact that the ninja medallions need only be recharged, she returned to the warrior dome with her new cohorts.

The ninja, excited but overwhelmed, was quickly and helplessly dragged away by the two other women. Locked in the bed chamber of the ships commander, vulnerable venoma was subjected to hours upon hours of molestation and the perversions of the carnal frenzy of odius and badonna. For once working in unison, the two were able to focus their lust on another rather than at each other. The three haughty and energetic women enjoyed their passionate night together. Three bodies writhing together and intermingled in shapes and ways never thought possible. Unfortunately, that was their undoing, as this tryst left odius too weak to properly control foxitron, leading to its destruction. She herself was left with a deep, piercing scar across her face, a constant reminder of when one puts physical desire before objectives of power. And poor venoma, exhausted after days of being a slave to odius’ lustful whims, lacked the power to defeat the rangers in combat and was killed.

The shock of venomas death made odius value badonna all the more. Her possessiveness, and jealousy, was amplified by the arrival of Tynamon and brax as her new generals. With badonna’s crush in such close proximity, odius worked double time to keep her close and her “leesh” short. Still, despite her best efforts, she could not dissuade the girl’s affections and the young couples lust. More than once had she seen security footage of badonna on her knees, offering her mouth for brax’s use in a secluded corner of the ship. Or the sight of the young women bent over, dress hiked up or pulled aside as he furiously thrust into her from behind. All the while as she shook with him plunging in and out of her, she would endlessly praise his power and greatness in a shaky, breathless voice. Yet with this, odius could feel somehow that badonna was still hers, body and heart. Madame odius found herself second-guessing her own true feelings for her concubine and second in command.

“had I come to love her?” she found herself questioning

The young lady found herself broken with grief at the death of brax, whose final words were an apology to her. Odius sought to reshape that grief into what she thought best; show badonna the way forward for both of them, together. Odius summoned the downhearted badonna to her chamber, as she so often did. When badonna entered odius seized her and forced her against the wall, pressing their heaving bodies together. Typically at this point, odius would tear the girls cloths off and taken her body for herself. Yet now, she only looked into her deep blue eyes. She did not only want badonna’s body, she wanted her heart, willingly and totally given. A light fury rose inside odius, indignant that her badonna would ever have eyes for another. To both their shock, odius pressed her lips against badonnas in a passionate kiss. As they kiseed, their tongues lashing and caressing, the sorceress bent her leg forward, spreading her lovers legs open. Badonna instinctually began grinding her crotch against odius’ leg, riding it, moistening her beautiful dress. Neither wanted to break the kiss, to be separated from the sweet lips of the other. Odius finally did and looked down at her with eyes full of desire. She placed her hands on each side of head, cupping her face and spoke, softly, full of both menace and pleading.

“Remain by my side. Be with me always. Your body and heart and soul forever held tight in my hand. Be my general, my council, my queen, my lust and fury; my whore, my love and my everything. Be mine and only mine, and I will give you the universe” she whispered

Badonna looked both shocked and overjoyed, which softened into kind smile. She leaned up, tongue extended, and licked at her lovers scar. Running her wet tongue along its length; the light tinge of pain it caused drove odius wild and she knew she had her answer.

“Yes, I will” badonna whispered in her cute accent

Odius again pushed her lips to the ruby red ones of her lover in a lock of passion. She took hold of the smaller womens body and pulled her up to hold her. Badonna kissed her master back, wrapping her arms and legs around her body as she was heaved upwards. Odius took hold of badonnas butt cheeks, alternating between squeezing and spreading them to her hearts content.  They spun about the room directionless, locked in embrace until finally falling onto the bed.  Odius willed all her own cloths to vanish, save for her mask and headdress as always, and forcefully discarded badonna’s boots and leggings. She left her dress, as she always did when they fornicated; she enjoyed that look on her pale-skinned lover. She pressed their pussy lips together and grinded, both moaning loudly with pleasure as their bodies writhed. Odius kept them pressed together but moved to be sitting atop badonna, almost mounting her in a crescent shape as she continued to grind in an almost animalistic frenzy. Overcome with the ecstasy, odius snarled and drooled, which dripped down onto the others face, which she savored.

After another mind shattering orgasm, odius slid down, though held badonna’s legs up towards her head. Fully indulging her depravity, odius licked and ate hungrily at the tight anus of her young lover. The lady like badonna weakly protested such an act through the overwhelming pleasure. This was a first, in that it was often odius who forced badonna to service her ass; yet now it was odius that desired a taste of her lovers forbidden region. Her long tongue explored deep, eliciting squeals and multiple body shaking orgasms from its host. Satisfied, odius let badonnas legs drop weakly to rest on her shoulders. She moved up them, licking and planting kisses on every inch of the pale skin of her inner thighs. Badonna looked down and smiled at the hungry look her mistress peered up from below her stomach with. 

“please, my mistress” she begged

Spreading her lower lips with her fingers, odius acquiesced and, like a carnivore, devoured the offered feast. As she lapped and licked, she realized her feelings truly were strong; this was the first time she had truly been focused on her lovers desires rather than satiating her own. Her face was doused with the juices of her dear one as she climaxed, which she licked up. Odius crawled up to lay atop the other women, and badonna loving suckled at her madame’s glamorous golden breasts. Their bodies writhed against each other in passion and finally it was too much for the insatiable odius. Leaning up on her knees, she used her magic for a trick she had long desired to use. Before badonna’s astounded eyes, her lover’s dripping pussy vanished, morphing and extending into a long, thick, slightly curved golden cock.

“odius, please, yes…” she pleaded

Odius leaned down over badonna, pulling her legs up to rest on her shoulders. Then without warning or hesitation, plunged her new appendage into her depths. She thrust hard and fast, over and over, the pleasure of being inside another so completely was like nothing she felt before. Badonna cried out and squirmed as she was rammed harder and harder, deeper than her lover had ever reached before. Odius loved looking down and seeing badonna’s perky breasts shake and jiggle under her dress as her body rocked, and the helpless begging look on her face. She reached to grab odius and pull herself to kiss her but as odius continued to thrust, she could not bend enough to reach. Their faces were left inches apart, and desperate for her lover’s mouth, outstretched her tongue. Odius did the same, and their tongues touched, wriggling and writhing against each other in mid-air, sharing their wetness and juices. Odius leaned her head back, welling up more saliva, then let it drip from her mouth onto the other women tongue, who savored it, licking at every drop. Badonna’s face changed to one of shock and awe as she felt her impending climax and odius felt the same, grunting and thrusting into her faster and harder. Both rocked violently and the bed shook to the point of breaking and badonna could not stop but cry out with every movement.

Finally odius felt the feeling of her new cock swelling and they both cried out as she emptied it into her lover’s womb.  Endless rivers of thick cum were shot out into the young women who wrapped her body around odius tightly and clenched as she was rocked and filled to her very core. Odius herself was also quite overcome by the pleasure and cried out, digging her nails into badonnas back as her pelvis spasmed, instinctually continuing to hump and thrust even as her cock emptied. Badonna fell limply back onto the bed, exhausted. Odius let her member slide out of badonna with a sticky sloshing sound, followed by a waterfall of oozing cum spilling onto the bed. Odius dipped her finger in the substance and tasted it; despite her hatred of seed up till this point, she did find her own not so bad. She thought she should allow her consort a taste, but perhaps a fresher sample. As badonna lay upon the bed, still quivering and breathless, she felt a great weight as odius moved to sit on her chest. She then found the long, sticky, cum-covered, half-deflated cock dropped lengthwise across the center of her face.

“a gift for a loyal servant” odius smiled

Accepting her offering, badonna licked, sucked, kissed and thoroughly cleaned the member, savoring its taste. The young women soon drifted off into content slumber, cuddled up to her golden lover. After ensuring that her beautiful, half naked companion was fast asleep, odius removed herself. Still naked, sweaty and with a long, flaccid cock hanging between her legs, dripping seamen, she walked from the bed to her window. Looking out over the earth, in her mind she swore to her previous promise.

“I will have the power of the ninja steel, I will be all powerful, and I will give you the universe my love”

Soon her master plan was set in motion; tynamon was dead but they had Mick Kanic under their control.  He quickly set her side scheme in place of mind control thralls of the worthless humans but he would also lead them to the rangers’ base and reforge the super ninja steel for her use. Before she left, she stopped before badonna, who she was leaving in charge of the ship.

“soon, my love” she hissed

“soon, my Madame” she bowed her head

Odius forced badonna against he wall, pressing their lips together in hard, passionate lock. She again allowed a large, sticky wad of her saliva to well up and exchange to the eager badonna’s mouth.  It took all her will power to finally break it, though their tongues still lustfully lapped at each other as they separated. She remained with her arms around the young women, bringing one hand to pinch her girlish breasts through her dress

“oh, madame odius, please, you must…”

Odius placed a finger to the percaline lips, shushing her. She did understand that for the moment, her ambition had to take precedence over her desire. Badonna slowly parted her lips and took the finger in and sucking on it, slowly and lovingly. Odius closed her eyes, savoring the feeling before pulling it back, only to then do the same, relishing the taste of her consort’s saliva on it. She took one final playful squeeze of the young women perky ass cheek before turning to leave with Mick and the Kudabots.

“odius!” badonan called lightly

Odius turned to see her heart’s desire blow a loving kiss through the air at her. With that the endgame was off as odius did indeed get the nexus prism and a new ninja star forged for herself by Mick. Despite the ending of her mind control and the regrouping of the rangers, she used its power to transform into an even more powerful form, one that could and would bend all to her will. The rangers attacked but she would make short work of hem. She took note of her former toy, Aiden, among them. She reasoned that after she inevitably won, he would be her sex slave again. In fact, all the rangers that did not die would fill this role. She could not deny they all were attractive and virile youths that would forever more serve her and badonna’s ever need.

This however would never come to pass, as the rangers, empowered by the nexus prism itself, overwhelmed and felled her. She recalled that during she had seen the warrior dome ship erupt in flames and drift away. Had her beloved badonna perished she thought. As the final blow was struck by the rangers, her form shattered and her power evaporated. In her final moments she lamented with oan and fury, not only that she had been robbed of her ultimate victory and rightful power, but that she had broken her promise to badonna. As she cursed the rangers and perished, her body erupting in fire and energy, her last fleeting thought was one of comfort; that she would find badonna again, reunited with her lover in whatever dark netherworld awaited wicked creatures such as them.            


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