A Pirate Savior

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(I started writing this story years ago. I finally finished the second chapter and I wasn't going to post them until I had the whole story done, but I want to start posting it now. So here is chapter 1. I hope you all enjoy it!)

This is a historical pirate romance/adventure story. Castiel and Gabriel are both pirates, Dean and Sam are Royal Navy Officers. Also, this Castiel will have the personality of Future!Cas. But he should be mostly regular Castiel.

Chapter 1

When Dean Winchester heard the siren song, he knew that his men were going to crash the ship into the rocks that sat along the island’s banks.

He snarled as he ran up the steps to the deck and cursed himself for not doing the protection spell on his men. The brunette started to say the spell, but with one glance towards where the rocks were, he knew it wouldn’t be finished on time.

Dean’s shoulder was grabbed and he was forcibly turned around. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw his younger brother Samuel staring at him with terror in his eyes.

“Don’t worry Samuel. I know how we can survive this. Do you have a satchel of the items you need; things that can get wet?” He was gripping his brother tightly on the biceps, and his tall brother nodded, holding up a bag filled with personal items. “Good. Now go to the back of the ship and start climbing down the ropes I hung there. Don’t get too close to the water; we will have to push off as hard as we can when the ship comes close to crashing. Now go!” He shoved his younger brother towards the stern of the ship.

Dean ran to his quarters and grabbed his emergency sack, knowing that someday his men would have been so stupid as to pass by Sirenum scopuli.

By the time he got outside he saw they were only moments away from crashing. The brunette hurried to the end of the ship and slid down so fast it gave his hands rope burn, but he ignored it. “Ready to jump?” Dean yelled to his younger brother.

Samuel nodded and looked down at the water nervously. He prayed that he and his older brother would survive through the jump.

“Jump!” Dean practically screamed, startling Sam. Both of them kicked off from the ship it seemed like they flew ten feet from the crashing ship. “Swim, hurry. Get to the rocks.” Dean called out over the crashing of the waves.

Sam gasped for air when he broke through the water and he winced when he grabbed onto a sharp set of rocks and was cut on his hands. So he then grabbed onto a different set. He looked around and let out a relieved breath when he saw his brother climbing up and looking for him.

When Dean caught sight of his brother he let out a laugh, “Yes! We did it Samuel!” He jumped back into the water and made his way over to his younger brother. “Thank god.” He kissed his brother’s cheek.

“We need to keep on this side so the sun won’t burn us to a crisp. When the sun sets we need to get up into the middle of the rocks. I saw they have an indent in them, so we can lay on them safely. Don’t fret none little brother, we are safe for now.” Dean didn’t bother telling his brother that the chance of someone coming around and finding them is slim to none. But there was always faith that someone could come by.


It was the next day when Sam asked him, “How come we didn’t just take one of the row boats?” He had the big expressive brown eyes that could make any man or woman come crawling to him.

“It would have been nice to have one, but we didn’t have time.” Dean sighed, “I should have realized where we were going sooner. It’s entirely my fault, and I put you in danger.” He was the Captain for crying out loud. He was supposed to know every single part of the ocean they were going towards.

“I have no idea why Lieutenant Turner made us do this damn mission. He had known we were new to this. I...I never wanted to be a Captain; I wanted to be a blacksmith. Making weapons is my forte. And you, you wanted to be a Concord, bringing the pirates and thieves to justice.”

Dean shook slightly as he gripped tightly onto the rocks, not wanting to take the chance of getting his head under the water, because he might not have the energy to swim back up.

They were both bouncing in the water behind the rocks, trying to stay in the shade for as long as possible.

It was a few hours later that Sam hugged Dean, “I am scared Dean. I don’t want to die.” That was all the seventeen year old murmured into his older brother’s ear.

“I won’t let you die. I will take care of you, don’t worry.” All Dean could do was try and comfort his scared brother - even if he was scared for his life also. “Did I ever tell you about when you were a toddler, mother found you trying to eat flowers and weeds out in the garden?”

Samuel let out a small laugh, shaking his head, “Did I? What did mom do?” He was engrossed in the story, which Dean was grateful for.

“She about screamed bloody murder is what.” Dean chuckled as he remembered what happened just like it was yesterday. “She had run out the door and yanked the flowers and weeds from your mouth and said, ‘Samuel, you don’t eat flowers.’ And you looked up at her with your big eyes and said, ‘Flowers pretty, ate them to be pretty too.’ She was instantly calm and picked you up and cuddled you, forgetting about it seconds after it happened.”

Tears were in Sam’s eyes and he blinked them away and let out an uncomfortable laugh. Dean kissed his brother’s forehead and said softly, “You turned out to be very smart and handsome. Mother would be so proud of you.”

“Thank you Dean.”

“No need to than-,” Dean stopped when he looked out into the horizon and his eyes got bigger. “I-It’s a ship! It’s a ship Sam!” He couldn’t stop laughing as he climbed onto the rocks and started waving his arms.

Sam had also got up onto the rocks and sat down in front of his brother and waved his arms and started to yell, which made Dean laugh. “They can’t hear us quite yet little brother.” He ruffled his younger brother’s hair affectionately. “It could be another hour before they get here. But they should still be able to see us here.”

He was still waving his arms when he realized they were still near the Sirens and he cursed under his breath. Those men won’t be able to save Dean and his brother. Not unless they know about mythical creatures.

The wind had chosen that moment to pick up, which would bring the ship to them faster than Dean had originally thought.

The brothers decided to talk about the people they had fancied while back at St. Texans, and what they were going to do when getting back to their homeland.

When Dean looked up to see how far the ship was he let out a gasp of horror when he saw that it was a pirate ship that was making its way towards them. “Samuel you need to listen to me. Do not say anything back to them, or they will kill us. You remember what we learned about pirates. They are soulless, unloving creatures that will kill us for nothing. I refuse to lose you to ruthless barbarians.”

His young charge nodded, “I remember Dean. I won’t give them any reason. What if...What if they try to-,” Sam couldn’t even finish the sentence, he was blushing hard and Dean felt the anger boiling within him. If any damn pirate even looked at young Samuel like that, he would slit their throats and piss on their dying bodies.

“I won’t let them do anything to you Sam. I will find a way to keep them from you. I promise. You know I am good at keeping those, especially when it comes to you my dear brother.” He hugged Samuel tightly and felt tears stinging his eyes. “Do not let them tear away your bright and sensitive soul.” He whispered into his baby brother’s ear.

Sam nodded, “I won’t Dean, I promise.” He looked down at the rocks and ocean and he sniffed sadly.

It took the ship all too long for it to finally get close enough to the brothers for it to pick them up.

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