The Lost Salvatore

BY : WriterGirl26
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It was early morning Monday took over that's when she came through the open window as a boy her age was sleeping on the floor looks like when someone rolled in their bed they fell off it.

Harriet was the name of the girl she was the sister of a high school student named Stefan, but she's known Elena and Jeremy for a long time the only thing is they don't remember at all.

Walking around Jeremy's messed up room, as usual, she shook her head at this, crawling on his bed she smirked pouncing on him as he groaned being stubborn to wake up for school today.

"No. Harriet, leave me alone." he would wave his hand at her, but mostly it was in the air.

"Oh, no come on."

Harriet would pull him up and smile.

"I'll do if you kiss me."

Jeremy smiled replied pulling her in, with that she kissed him putting an arm around his neck as they kissed deeply, dating for a few years it is like they could be married now, pulling away from the kiss as Harriet got a feeling. Left Jeremy confused as she moved fast heading to the woods cause she heard something or sensed it.

"Hello, little sister."

She wiped around her eyes widened at the fact upon seeing her big brother a smile appeared on her face.

Damon stands right there as the two glance at each other, she ran to him, hugging him she missed her big brother not wanting to live a life with Stefan, 

Although the young vampire never knew why she had to live with him, for now, he was here, and that is all that matters right now.

"Don't leave me alone like that again, please Damon."

Damon would stroke her hair, the rebellious slick back vampire brother of two had gone away for almost centuries leaving his two youngest siblings alone, and during those times it wasn't quite easy for her. Damon would try to calm his sister down patting her back, once she got down finally looking into his eyes secretly she looked around and gave a kiss to her brother who did the same, it was then things got heated between the two.

"Why did you have to go?"

Her tone yearning to know the truth of why he left without a word Damon tried to search for the words to bring his sister peace about this but truthfully.

What's the peace on having to lie, sighing he had nothing to say the pair were as thick as thieves back in the day from when she was born to now?

"It's... a little complicated, don't worry about it, I'm here now."

He told her with a slight little white lie.

"Liar." She accused him playfully.

Harriet was hungry so with her older brother she would feed on animals maintaining the need for human blood all her life, it was thrilling the memories of being taught to hunt, the fun times where did that all go? It wasn't long until she returned home sitting on the couch, the door opened and closed as it was Stefan coming in.

"Where did you run off to?"

Stefan asked curiously, he knew his older sister well, it was apparent, but he never questioned it at all, as he walked to the hall of their manor home.

"Nowhere, why ask?"

Stefan sighed then went to get a whiskey replying.

"Because I didn't see you at school most of the day, makes me wonder sister where have you gone a lot."

It was then he heard knocking looking at her as if she was expecting someone he opened the door open seeing his brother Damon, the oldest brother stood there with a grin on his face like he were to do something but not this time.

"Hello, brother."

Harried walked the hall arms folded over her chest, smiling happy to see her big brother, as he was going to step in, he couldn't as Stefan just wouldn't let him in

"Oh, come on."

Stefan just said "nope."

With that he walked out to a different room as Harriet walked further to see him go, then she turned to her brother and smirked holding the front door.

"Sorry, can't be trusted, by the way, all the doors are locked now as I changed them."

She said while closing the door on him wiping her hands together.

"Oh come on you two?"

He said outside the door, then looked up seeing the windows then he sped through and up the edge of the panel slowly opening the sliding door, it was then she pushed him off, but he didn't fall enough to get inside.

"Sorry, this'll also be for all the windows."

She closed the window and locked it leaving him to watch her walk off with a smirk.

Now Damon thought that this would also be Stefan's plan to keep him out, but of course, it would be the little one to do this to him, like back in the day where she would lock herself in make it hard on him to find her on purpose.

"Well now, I'm stuck good."

He pouts unable to believe his siblings would do this to him as he speeds through his sisters' window while she was reading on her cushioned balcony as he smiled waving opening the door. She quickly rushed to it to close it.

"Wait! Don't come on let me in."

Harriet glared looking at him.

"You left, and you wouldn't tell me way back in the woods, now I have a good life, I'm a good student... and a boyfriend,"

Grinning Damon being so typical replied, "ooh, a boyfriend."

Rolling her eyes, she continued "... and I don't need you to ruin it."

Damon's face fell wondering what has he done to deserve this treatment, but then again he didn't tell her why he left, Harriet was gone after Damon was let in.

She was in the search for someone, some comfort and closure Harriet moved her hand at the coffin looking at its reflection - her reflection on its crafted work opening it she smiled happily.

"Well, hello there."

Harriet said to herself, quietly. 

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