The hunter and the huntress

BY : Wolfangelofmontana
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Chapter1: Quary Group!

           (Lunar's Pov: I was in the woods gathering Turmeric for dales athritus, Evening primerose to make oil for the women of the group, Echinacea for any common cold or bronchitus, Dandelion root , Yarrow, and Mullien.  I was also hunting rabbit and Squirrel for the group. I knew Daryl was out here on a long hunting trip as well so I wouldnt over do it on the roddents. 
When I had enough Rabbits, Squirrel, herbs I came out here for I headed back to camp when I saw a walker so I set my thing down and went over to it . He was a fresh corpse with a chunk taken out of his arm . I drove my knife through his skull and said a prayer over his body, then stood up and went back to my stuff. After I grabbed my stuff I kept going tell I reached camp. I dropped on of the Rabbits off at my tent and took the rest to Shane.)
(Lunar) Keep the kids out of the woods for a few days. There was awalker close to camp, but I put it down... Oh and devide these up between everyone.
(Shane took my catch from me and smiled softly at me.)
(Shane) Thank you Wolf, and I'll tell the others about the walker and go set up more alarms around camp.
(Lunar) Alright then. Im going to skin my portion at my camp , if you need me you know where I'am.
(I walked back over to my fire and tent set up. I put the herbs out to dry , then sat with the rabbit to skin it carefully not to ruin the furr so i could cure and tan it for use.
Once it was cleaned and skinned I put it on spike to roast over the low fire I had going, while it slow cooked I made a tea for Dale , then turned the rabbit. once I did that I made herbal powder for the gals that had menstrual cycle. The rest I put in baggies to keeo in my pack. I heard the CB go off and saw amy trying to use it but having no sucess . I didnt try to help her I just kept turning my Rabbit tell it was done. then I out it on a plate to cool down for a minute. I heard them arguing aboutoutting signs up, but Shane won that battle which was stupid but honestly the right thing to do you never knew who could come by our group and hurt us. A few hours later a car with an alarm was racing up to our groups camp .I grabbed my bow and stood at the ready. 
Glenn got out of the car going off , and everyoe was shouting at him ,and I just went over and popped the hood to turn the car alarm off. I checked Glenn over for any injuries but didn't see any.  I so Carl running to some guy that saved them, and I realised it was Lori's husband and Carls dad. I saw shane look guilty and upset that he now had to give up Lori and their supposed secrete love affair. I looked around for Merle but didnt see him.)
(Lunar) Where is Merle?
(Glenn and everyone else looked at me , and I knew this wasn't going to be pretty.)
(T-Dog) He got high and started acting out so we cuffed him to a roof and then when I weent to uncuff him I dropped the key down the drain. I pad locked the door shut and stair case is narrow.
( I walked to my tent and grabbed my pack and put water bottles into it , along with rabbit jerky and warapped the rabbit up. I headed for the road but was stopped by Shane . I didnt hesitate  and punched him in the jaw knocking him to his ass.)
(Lunar) Not even dogs deserve to be left like that. I'm Going for him if Im not back by morning tell Daryl Dixon.
( I grabbed my bow and knife that I dropped to be able to hit Shane.)
(Glenn) Let her go she's as good if not better then me getting in and out of the city.
(He gave me a map of the area and told me where they left him. I headed to the highway and hot wired a car to take to Alanta city. when I got close I turned of the the car and got out. I snuck from building to building tell I reached the one Merle was on. I quickly but quitely made it to the top, and saw Merle crying. I used my bobby pin to pick the lock and made my way over to him.I quickly kneeled by him and pulled my pack off my back and handed him a water bottle.)
(Lunar) Hey Merle its I've got you. drink the water Darlin while I get you uncuffed. T-Dog and everyone explained what happen, and where making a plan to come back for you, but I decided it would be quicker and easier if I just came for you. 
(He drank the water while I picked the lock on the cuffs. Once they where off he pulled me to his chest and hugged me close.)
(Merle) Thank you Angel. Was Daryl there  when they came back?
(Lunar) Nah if he was we both know he would of kicked their asses and would came with me. So lets get you back to him. 
(Merle) We were going to rob you guys blind.
(Lunar) I know but maybe you should play nice and become part of our group instead we could use someone that will get the job done in our group . You know a wild card of sorts.
( He stared at me for a long few minutes, and smiled.)
(Merle) Alright Darlyn for you I'll help. 
(I kissed his cheek and blushed. I helped him to his feet and we gathered the tools. and we worked as a team t get to the car I brought. We made a small camp not far from the quary when it got dark.)
(Lunar) So uncle , Grandpa, mom, or father?
(Merle) Father is the one that caused me to be this way.
(Lunar) Step brother for me , thats how I saw through youre act. 
(Merle) I'll take first watch . you sleep.
(I laid down in the back seat of the car after we finished the rabbit I brought with me. I woke up to the morning light in my eyes and Merel asleep in the passangers seat. I climbed into the driver seat and started the car, and drove back to camp just in time to see Daryl swing at Rick. I lightly smacked Merle on the arm to wake him up. I parked the car and killed the engine. We both stepped out of the vehical.)
(Merle) Yo Baby brother , stop playing and come help me unload the shit me and Lunar grabbed after she came and saved my ass. 
(Everyone looked at us and looked worried, some looked on with disdain, and few looked relieved. I sat one the hood of the car , and just smirked.)
(Lunar) Why would I leave the wild card on a roof to die? Every group has one and everyone of you where stupid not to see that we have three of those in our group, meaning we are fucking lucky as hell. Wild cards are the ones that can get the hard stuff done that none of you pansy ass people can. Leave Merle or even Daryl like that again and i'll do more then punch Shane in the mouth, I'll take youre medic, youre hunter, and youre muscle and see how long you all fucking survive!!
(Merle doubled over with laughter , and Daryl just smirked tell I turned on Merle.)
(Lunar) No more drugs Merle, If you are going to be Muscle I need you to be Fucking clear headed from now on! No more Racesm , no more sexism , and no more arguing! But still speak youre thoughts on planes.
(Merles sobbered up and everyone eld their breaths tell he smiled at me.)
(Merle) Yes Ma'am.
(Rick) Im taking voulnteers to go back for the guns I dropped.
(Lunar) I'll go with.
(Shane) Thats four able bodies rick and youre going leave us volnerable if those things come through.
(Lunar) we need the guns just as much as people Shane, and we arent leaving you with out good muscle. 
(I went and stood by Daryl with Merle behind me. Merle Whistled then looked from Shane down on my 5'4" self.)
What Merle?
(Merle) You gave piggy here the shinner?!
( I elbowed him in the stomach and he grunted at the force. I just shrugged.) 
(Lunar) Two years of boxing under my belt.  So whos all going with because you said four people.
(Rick) Glenn was going to go but if youre going then hes staying . Daryl, T-dog, and myself.
(Lunar) Switch that around I dont know where you dropped the Bags. T-dog stays instead it give them a good amount of muscles. Glenn shows me where the bag is and you guy cover me while I go get it . Im faster and smaller then Glenn so I have more escape options that way.
(Rick) Sounds like a good plan. 
(The rest nodded including Glenn and he looked relieved. I patted his back before heading to the car I came back with and grabbed dales tool bag and few new raidetor hoses for him . I handed them to him and he smiled with graaditude.)
(Dale) Thank you Lunar.
(Lunar) Youre welcome hun.
(I went to the moving truck they brought back and climbed into the back. Merle gave me a node. Daryl sat next to me.) 
(Daryl) Whats going on with you and my brother?
(Lunar) A friendship I think and an understanding . Hes not as bad as they believe he just been through alot like you and was never given a chance to prove he was a good person. 
(I shrugged. before laying my head back and closed my eyes. )
(Daryl) Thank you for saving him and for giving him a chance. 
(Lunar) No problem. 
(We both went silant once the other joined us and we headed off. 
Daryls Pov: Lunar dozed off and laid her head on my shoulder. I thought Lunar was beautiful, but I didnt have the guts to tell her how I felt and specaily if Merle liked her like that. Glenn was watching her with a soft smile. It looked like more the me and Merle liked her iin that way.) 
(Glenn) She saved me from walkers back in Alanta . She's always had my back, even as kids.
(Daryl) So you guys joined the group together.
(Glenn) Yeah she is very sweet and loyal once you get past her walls. She has a High I.Q., an identic memory, and shes super fit she works out even with the world going to shi, down side she barely sleeps these days, and she has a temper fom hell. Shes must trust you Daryl because she never lets her gaurd down not even with me to sleep like she is right now.
(That almost made me smile but I held it back and just looked down at her and sighed a little. once we stopped the vehical she sat straight up and took in her surroundings.She stood up and streatched and left the vehical.)
(Lunar) Alright Glenn lead the way to the closest building so we can make a game plane .
(She heald her bow at the ready with one arrow in her mouth. Glenn took point and lead the way. once in a secure spot and went over the plane.)
(Lunar) So Glenn and Rick will be here and you will go with my Daryl because youre bows quiter then youre gun  no offense Grimmes.  this way im covered no matter which direction i go.
(Daryl) what did you and Glenn do before all this?
(Glenn) I delivered pizza. Why?
(Lunar) I dont want to say no offense.
(She blushed and she didnt see glenn mouth Doctor to us. We went through with the plane . but some mexicans came out of no where and took Lunar , I shot one in the ass before they got away. When I saw the one they leeft behind I started to beat the shit out of hi. Tell Glenn and Rick stopped me. We all went to arrange a meeting with the kids leader G. 
Lunar's Pov: When I saw all the sick elderly I went to work looking them over, tell their leader G came and use me as leaverage with my group. as they where leading me away I spoke in a cocky voice.)
They wont trade the guns for me our people need them more then they need me. 
(G) I doubt that Doctor Lunar Wolf . You saved my baby brothers life, youngest doctor in years.
(Lunar) They dont know what I did before the world went to shit dumb ass. 
(Phillape put a gag in my moulth and I glared at them as they heald me at the edge of the building. to show me to their people. I didn't struggle but looked Rick straight in the eyes and shook my head to say dont do it. Once they were done talking they took me back inside and I went back to helping the elderly. I was helping a man with asthema  when I saw Daryl , Glenn and Rick coming in to the room with an old lady i found out was Phillapes grandma . I lead Rick and the leader down the hall to Gs office. I punched G in jaw knocking him on his ass like I did Shane. But let Rick do all the talking. )
(Lunar) Rick Glenn and I will be back in one Hour. They need meds from the pharmacey for everyone. 
(He nodded and I took two of Gs men with us . we came back an hour half later and gave them to G.)
You guys stay safe please. 
(G) Of course Beautiful. and thank you for saving my baby brother back then.
(Lunar) No problem G. 
(I fallowed the guys out when a kid ran up to me and stopped me. I kneeled down to their height.)
(Max) Can I go with you Ma'am. 
( I looked at G for a moment and then to my guys, then back to the litle boy.)
(G) His mom died two weeks ago on a run. If he wants to go with you he can.
(I picked the kid up and fallowed the guys out. Daryl looked at me funny, but said nothing I staid silent the whole way back to camp when we heard gun fire I put Max on top of the truck and told him not to move and we joined in taking out the walkers once they where dead I went and got Max and went to the others again. Merle looked at the little boy in my arms and smiled. He took Max from me and held him close.) 
(Lunar) Im so sorry Shane you where right.
(Shane) No our loss could of been way worse if you guys didnt come back with the guns Lunar. I see you went to get guns and come back with those and a kid though.
(Lunar) Long story to be honest.Ill explain later.
(Shane nodded his head. I Suddenly got very dizzy and almost fell on my butt, but I was caught by Daryl)
(Lori) You okay Lunar?
(Lunar) Yeah I'm fine just tired, and hungry I havent eaten sense yesterday is all.
(Merle) Ill take these two into the R.V. and get them something to eat , Then ill come help clean up the bodies. 
( He helped me and Max into the R.V. where Sophia , Carl and the other kids were. Merle opened a few cans of fruit for us and gave it to us. I gave him a thank full smile. he nodded and left the R.V. .)
(Lunar) Soon as I'm done eating and I'll  tuck you guys in and tell you a story okay?
( All the kids nodded. So me and Max finished eating our food and i took the kids to the beed in the back and got them all tucked in.)
Once upon a time before the world turned into a very dark place lived a cowboy. He was tall, had brown hair, blue eyes, , with a small scar sbove the eyebrow. He had a rough child hood and never saw away from the hard road he traveled , but one day when the world started falling apart around everyone he found that he had strength not many had to survive the new world because of the life he lived.
(Daryl's Pov: I walked into the R.V. to check on the kids when I heard Lunar relling a story. of a cowboy that sounded awfully like me.)
While he was traveling with a brat of a brother he came across a group that need their help and skills but his brother wanted to rob from them to survive and He knew it was wrong and really didnt want to so instead he hunted fresh meat for the group and help set up traps., what he never told anyone was that he staid and changed for one specail girl the group. The girl he really liked was Kind, tried to always help people, but had temper , and was super smart but what he didnt know is she hide a secrete from them all because she was afraid they wouldnt let her help with anything dangrous if they knew. 
(Max) What was her secrete?
(Lunar) She was a doctor before the world fell apart. She also doesnt believe shell ever get her happy ending because of the world falling apart. what she didnt realize she had two that would love to give her a happy ending they best they could. one was her child hood best friend and the other was the cowboy that could hunt..
They both would watch her from afar playing with the kids in camp or when she would do hard work, then one day some bad men came and took her from the group because they wanted to use her to heal their evil men but she refused and told them that her people would come for her but every -
(She stopped when she realised the kids where asleep. She sighed and stood up off the bed and turned to leave when she saw me standing there and just smiled like she wasnt using Glenn and I in her story. She walked up to me and spoke in a whisper.)
(Lunar) Hey. how is everyone doing out there?
(Daryl their scared and worried about another group of walkers coming through.                                                         (Lunar) Set up a rotation for watch ot might help them get some rest.

(I bite my thumb in thought then nodded.)

(Daryl) Merle is already doing that, you should get some rest as well.

(Lunar)Not tired , to much adreniline running through my vains right now..

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