Seducing Bruce Wayne

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show or characters of Gotham, including Silver St. Cloud, Tabitha Galavan, Theo Galavan, Bruce Wayne. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

“So not only do you want to become Mayor of Gotham, but you want to take over Wayne Enterprise?” Tabithia Galavan addressed her brother.

“Is that too ambitious?” Theo answered his sister’s question with his own question.

“The mayoral race I get. The plan is, well, new levels of Machiavellian-level crazy, even by Gotham's standards, but it can be pulled off,” his sister answered. “But I may be a little too old for teenage Bruce Wayne.”

“Oh, I do indeed plan on seducing Bruce Wayne to get him wrapped around our family’s finger, but I wasn’t thinking of using you,” Theo answered his frankly gorgeous sister.

“As skilled of a liar as you are, brother, I highly doubt you can do it either,” Tabithia retorted.

After a rueful smile at his sister, Theo pressed a button on his desk. Always a man for a flair of the dramatic, rather than simply tell his sister what he planned, he wanted to show her. Tabitha was alerted by the sounds of heels clicking on the metal spiral staircase in the back of the office. Turning in that direction, the trained assassin watched as a pair of shapely legs were revealed. After a few more steps were descended, Tabithia saw a wonderfully thick ass that had a great round shape and made of firm flesh. Next a flat stomach and then what had to be a pair of D-sized tits came into view. Being a lesbian, Tabithia felt her pussy instantly dampen at sight of those perfect boobs. Finally, the last steps were descended and a familiar smiling face greeted the criminal siblings.


“Hello aunt. Hello uncle,” the gorgeous teenager replied.

After the death of her father, Silver St. Cloud had Theo Galavan take her in as his ward. Up until this very point, the pretty blonde had studied abroad in Geneva and Switzerland. In the two years she’d been gone, she had physically developed into what could only be described as a masterpiece. And now Theo felt it was time for her to return to Gotham City and be recruited for Galavan's criminal aspirations.

“She will be how we manipulate hormone-charged, think-with-his-cock, teenage Bruce Wayne,” Theo answered his sister finally. “Wouldn’t she work on you, dear sister?”

Theo was standing behind his niece, running his hands up and down her arms in a gesture that was anything but like family. Not that Silver seemed to mind, who was staring lustfully at her seated ‘aunt’ across the room. Of course, that lust-filled gaze was being reciprocated by the biracial Tabitha.

“Wow. You certainly grew up to be beautiful,” Tabitha commented, standing from her chair as Theo went off to pour himself a drink. “Now come here. Don’t be shy.”

Putting on a bright smile, Silver walked further into the room until she was standing in front of the woman she considered an aunt. With both women in heels, the 10 year old Tabitha stood a few inches taller than the 5’2 blonde teenager before her. As soon as Silver was within reach, Tabitha pushed the leather jacket off her shoulders, at which point the teen let it fall to the ground. 

“What perfect tits,” Tabitha said, her hands massaging the massive globes.

“Thanks Aunt Tabby,” Silver replied.

Neither woman spoke next as their mouths were being used for something more pressing...namely kissing each other. The pair kissed deeply and with passion, their lips pressing hard against each other as their tongues battled for supremacy. Though Silver couldn’t exhibit any of her seductive skills with their makeout session being so hard and frantic, she thought she was having a positive effect on the mayor’s sister.

“Beautiful,” Theo commented, watching as he sipped his scotch. 

“Why don’t you let us ladies get familiar with one another as you go meet Bruce Wayne,” Tabitha suggested, breaking the kiss with her niece.

“Okay,” he replied, having another sip. “I should be back to the penthouse in a few hours.”

“Yes uncle,” Silver nodded, understanding his comment. 

“Until then,” Tabitha started, her hands returning to Silver’s unbelievably large tits. “She’s all mine.”

Theo finished his drink and left the apartment as Tabitha and Silver started to makeout once more…

*    *    *

“Tabby!” Theo called out as he entered his penthouse hours later.

“In here uncle!”

Theo smiled brightly as he started to follow the direction Silver had called out to him. Walking through his penthouse, Theo tried to maintain his cool demeanor but it was faltering, and that never happened. However, Theo Galavan had a good idea what was waiting for him in his master bedroom…

“Are you ready for your big surprise, brother?” Tabitha purred as she heard Theo near the bedroom.


The 40 year old mayor turned the corner into his bedroom and found quite the surprise indeed. Sitting in the middle of his massive bed was his truly spectacular niece who was draped in the barest of lingerie. Namely, a black bra, which could barely contain her huge D-cups, as well as a matching thong. Kneeling behind his teenage niece was Theo’s gorgeous sister Tabitha, who like the golden-haired girl was in both a matching set of black bra and panties. Not quite 30 years old, the caramel-skinned beauty was at the height of her physical beauty with a flawless complexion and a truly sinful body. And just like her niece, Tabitha also sported a set of D-cups.


“Look at her,” Tabitha said, rubbing her niece’s bra-clad tits. “These massive boobs.”

As seeing was believing, Tabitha hooked her fingers into her niece’s bra straps and pushed them down her arms. Theo tried to maintain that cool demeanor once more, but seeing Silver’s bare boobs with their hefty size and capped by a silver dollar sized nipple was straining him. In fact, he could practically feel his eyes bugging out of his skull.

With her tits out, Silver smiled over at her uncle as her extremely sexy aunt rubbed her boobs. The blonde had hit C cups at age 16 and Ds by 18. At this rate, Silver was projecting double Ds by the time she was legally allowed to drink some of the fine scotch that was already flowing through her veins. 

“Feels so good,” Silver cooed as her aunt continued to rub her tits. “You’re making me all wet, Aunt Tabby.”

“Yeah?” the biracial woman asked as her hand slid under the waistband of the teen’s panties.

While Silver had closed her eyes as her aunt’s fingers started dancing through her wet slit, Tabitha kept her eyes locked on Theo’s. Silver’s tits rocked and swayed to the rhythm of Tabitha’s hand pleasuring her pussy as the mayor’s gaze wandered between his sister’s dark eyes and the bright pink nipples his niece possessed. Even as Tabitha kissed up and down the nape of Silver’s neck, her eyes never left her brother’s.

“Oh Aunt Tabby,” Silver moaned as she turned her face towards the darker skinned woman.

With Tabitha’s hand working even faster to pleasure her, the teen and her aunt kissed. Right away Theo started to get hard, his trousers being an unwelcome prison for his growing erection. It didn’t go unnoticed by his sister. Despite the fact she had two fingers plunging into the teen’s cunt as her other hand groped a massive tit, not to mention was kissing the blonde girl, she still was watching Theo and his tented pants.

“God, her pussy feels so good, Theo,” Tabitha commented after pulling her tongue from the teen’s mouth. “I really think you should fuck her tight, teen pussy.”

As Theo started to move, Silver’s eyes peeled open and she watched her uncle approach. Tabitha had slowed her fingering of her pussy as the mayor joined them on the bed before taking Silver’s chin between thumb and forefinger. He tilted her head back as he lent down and licked her plump lips before pressing her into a kiss and cramming his wet muscle into her oral cavity. He only broke the kiss because he spied his deadly sister getting a little jealous as her face appeared hovering over Silver’s shoulder.

“I didn’t forget about you,” Theo chuckled.

With a final lick deep in the blonde’s mouth, Theo pulled away from her but didn’t go far. Moving his head to the left, Theo gripped the side of his dear sister’s face and pulled her in for her own tongue-filled kiss. Not wanting either woman to feel left out, Gotham’s mayor switched back to kissing Silver before he used his grip on both of their heads to make the gorgeous girls kiss each other.

“I hope this is for me,” Silver cooed between kisses as she rubbed Theo’s cock through his dress pants.

The man more than twice her age Silver’s age smiled down at his niece as his hands went down to his pants. Too excited to bother with the belt and buckle, Theo took the shortcut by unzipping the front and sliding out his fully erect 9-inch cock.

“There he is,” Tabitha cooed as she reached around her well-endowed niece and stroked her brother’s manhood.

“Look at me as you kiss her,” Theo demanded of his niece after she and Tabitha had resumed their makeout session. 

As Tabitha’s tongue invaded her mouth, Silver diverted her honey brown up to the older man. The blonde watched as Theo bent down, kissing first his kiss passionately before once more turning his mouth on her. All the while, Theo took the time to finally undo his belt and pants before shoving them down around his knees. As the girls took their turn kissing once more, Theo unbuttoned his dress shirt and removed it.

“I think it's time our little Silver got some of that big cock,” Tabitha suggested.

“Mmm yes please,” Silver practically begged.

Since it was his bed after all, Theo stood long enough to remove his pants before lying down on his back between the two large-breasted women. They shuffled out of his way to allow the mayor of Gotham to rest his head in the pillows with his long cock pointed straight up at the ceiling.

“I need to taste it,” Silver cooed as she extended her tongue and gave his tip a playful lick.

Of course, the teen wasn’t just content on a solo lick to the cock of the man who’d taken her in after the death of her father. Instead, Silver parted her lips and took the first several inches of his lengthy manhood a long suck before she started to bob her head up and down. Her gorgeous aunt soon joined her from the opposite side of Theo’s torso, dropping down into a low scorching position as she watched the golden head bounce up and down.

Rather than take possession of her brother’s cock, Tabitha simply watched with a wide grin, holding the base of his cock steady for her. Silver continued to glide her lips up and down the massive cock before she felt like it was only proper to share with her aunt. Pulling her mouth from Theo, Silver didn’t go far as she slid her tongue down the side of his shaft all the way to the balls and then back up.

“There’s my dick,” Tabitha purred as she popped his head into her mouth.

“Mmmm...I love when my girls work together,” Theo commented.

And that was exactly what they were doing. As Tabitha concentrated on sucking and bobbing on the top several inches of his dick, Silver had her lips wrapped sideways around his pole and was bobbing up and down from her aunt’s lips down to her uncle’s balls and back up again. Theo had no idea if his teenage niece had engaged in a threesome with another man and woman before, but his guess would be yes. After all, the way she and Tabitha worked together so that one was always sucking as the other was either licking the remaining portion of his dick or had their lips latched around his balls.

Taking on more of a mentoring role, Tabitha instructed her niece to continue running her lips along the side of Theo’s cock from sack to tip. Getting her rhythm, the older woman timed it right so that her own mouth pressed against the opposite side of her brother’s dick so that her lips were not only wrapping around his massive member, but touching her niece’s lips as well. Gliding along at the same speed, the two gorgeous women slid up and down the lucky man’s pole’s, much to the mayor’s delight.

“Show Aunt Tabby how deep you can suck,” the biracial woman urged.

“Yes Aunt Tabby,” the gorgeous blonde replied immediately.

As Tabitha sat back and left her niece with the cock all to herself, Silver immediately launched into her task. Parting her lips wide, the eager-to-please teen descended down on her uncle’s manhood until his head pricked the back of her throat. A wet gagging noise proceeded, at which point Silver backed away and gave a few shallow bobs before regaining her composure. This time she to his tip back against the end of her mouth and held him there, even wiggling her head side to side in order to cram an extra little bit into her mouth.

“Gllllkkkkk,” Silver coughed as her back heaved before finally pulling up from his lap, leaving thick spit strings on his manhood.

“Very nice, indeed,” Theo praised the teenager.

“Quite respectable,” Tabitha added after watching Silver choked down her brother’s cock another time or two. “Now let me show you how it’s done.”

With spit strings still dangling off her lip and down to her uncle’s dick, Silver slurped them back up as she gave Tabitha a little more room to operate. Maintaining eye contact with her niece, Tabitha parted her lips and hovered over Theo’s dick as she lowered her mouth. Silver watched her aunt’s eyes reflectively close for a moment as his dick hit the back of her mouth, but that didn’t deter the beautiful biracial assassin. Instead, Tabitha twisted her head slightly before his dick continued further into her, bulging her throat as Tabitha’s lips wrapped around the very base of her brother’s manhood.

“Oh my God!” Silver shrieked in excitement. “I’m so jealous. I haven’t advanced to deep throating yet.”

“Give it time...and lots of practice,” Tabitha informed her after she caught her breath.

As the girls returned their mouths to his cock, Theo didn’t know which of the two women he preferred. Silver’s pillowy lips felt great around his cock as she looked up and stared into his eyes while she slowly declined her lips until his tip poked the back of her mouth then reversed course. Meanwhile, Tabitha had more years to develop her technique, including how to suppress her gag reflex and allow a man to experience the unique feel of a throat massaging your dick.

"Awhhh...I've died and gone to heaven," Theo groaned as Silver passed him back to Tabitha.

The differences in their technique were obvious even for the most inexperienced of observers. Tabitha had refined her oral technique over years of trial and error until she was an efficient machine. She took her time, not going too slow or too fast, but instead that perfect speed where she used her lips and mouth to caress the lucky bastard, always being sure to use a lot of eye contact as well the previously stated deep throat special ability.

Conversely, Silver was all carnal passion and unrefined energy, as was characteristic of the youth. She had no strategy or higher thinking other than to wrap her lips around Theo's manhood and bob her head until it slammed into the back of her palate, spitting up more slobber onto his manhood. At times she would bob back with increasing speed, while other times she’d stay down until her face reddened with exertion but her eyes were screaming that she couldn't be happier pleasing a man.

" really are a dick-sucking master," Silver complimented her aunt. 

“What do you think, Tabby? That should be enough lube for you?” Theo asked his dear sister.

“More than enough to get that big cock up my ass,” Tabitha grinned wickedly at him.

“Anal?” Silver asked eagerly as her aunt threw a leg over Theo to straddle him.

“Anal!” Theo confirmed, while holding his dick steady at the base so it pointed straight up at his sister’s hovering ass. 

“Mmmm...anal,” Tabitha cooed in excitement, as she began lowering that deliciously thick booth of her’s.

The feel of a cock pressing against her asshole made the slender yet curvy biracial woman bite her lip in anticipation. Tabitha pressed her butt lower down until she felt the familiar bee sting sensation that signalled her asshole being widened to accept a cock. Though Theo had a plenty thick cock, she’d been taking it so regularly since they were young that it became easier and easier for the gorgeous assassin to be sodomized by him, despite the fact he was hung like a horse. 

“Oh my God!” Tabitha screamed while her brother’s deeper voice echoed much the same sentiment. 

“So fucking hot,” Silver cooed, her hand wandering between her milky white thighs to rub her snatch.

Theo wasted no time thrusting his hips skyward, albeit at a slower and smoother rate to allow his sister some time to adapt. Despite fucking her frequently, Tabitha’s asshole was still considerably tight, though the thick layer of saliva provided by both the biracial assassin and his younger niece made the passage in and out of Tabitha’s butthole easy enough.

“Play with my pussy,” Tabitha purred as she went faster and faster atop the mayor of Gotham.

The sexy teen didn’t know if it was she or Theo that her aunt was addressing so Silver decided to be proactive and assume it was her. Crawling down the bed, the blonde knelt between the tangle of legs at the end of the mattress before bringing her face between her aunt’s thighs. Theo had been keeping track of her movements so as Silver was in position, he pressed down on his sister’s hips. As Tabitha took all 9 inches of his thick cock in her asshole, Silver outstretched her tongue and ran it along her pink slit.

“Mother fucker, that’s good,” Tabitha screamed as she rocked her hips forward and back on Theo’s lap.

While Silver used her tongue to eat out her aunt, Theo matched her licking so that he was pushing his dick with more speed as well. It wasn’t easy for Silver as licking pussy when it was a moving target was a tough task, but the teen stuck with it well. When she stopped trying to cram her tongue into her aunt’s cunt and simply used the tongue to lick the slit was when Silver had much greater success.

“Lower,” Tabitha instructed her young protege.

Silver thought her aunt meant to lick back in her tongue, but when she did that, she was told the same command - lower. Instead, the teen targeted the thin piece of skin that existed between the snatch and asshole, but once more, she received the same command. Realizing that Tabitha wanted her to lick the portion of Theo’s cock that had just been fucking inside her poop chute, Silver quickly resolved her nerve and performed the action as she didn’t want to upset her family. 

“Yes Silver! Use you mouth on my dick as I fuck Tabby,” Theo encouraged.

Silver did just that. Though going ass to mouth on a cock wasn’t her favorite, in fact it disgusted her on a visceral level, the teen understood that both her aunt and uncle wanted it. Therefore, the gorgeous girl made it happen. Growing more comfortable, Silver made her tongue as wide as possible before licking her uncle from the base of his manhood, all the way up the underbelly of his cock (tasting the full flavor of her aunt’s asshole in the process) before continuing higher to give a tongue lashing to Tabitha’s pussy and ending with a clitoris oral assault.

“What a perfect slut she’s become,” Theo mused as his niece made constant licks on his cock.

“Pull out, brother,” Tabitha ordered. “I want Silver to taste me on you.”

“Yes, Aunt Tabby,” Silver obediently replied.

Tabitha swiftly felt two strong arms grab her butt cheeks before she was hoisted upwards by her brother. She instantly felt shockingly empty as Theo’s cock popped free and thudded onto his lower abdomen while Tabitha felt her asshole hanging wide open. At this point, without delay, Silver sprang to motion, taking no time at all to pick up the throbbing member and hold it straight up as she lowered head. The gorgeous teenager opened wide so that she could engulf the first several inches in her mouth in a repeated bobbing motion.

“Your ass tastes so yummy, Aunt Tabby,” Silver moaned before leaning forward and sticking her tongue a good inch deep inside Tabitha’s gaping asshole.

“You naughty girl,” Tabitha purred towards the girl licking deep in her anus. “Was that your first time going ass-to-mouth?”

“Yes Aunt Tabby,” the blonde replied before lowering her head and sucking on Theo’s dick once more.

“You did well. Though you needed prompting, you didn’t hesitate. Nor did you display an unpleasant look on your face as you cleaned my ass juices from him.”

“Thank you.”

“Now it’s your turn for my cock in your ass,” Theo decreed.

The girls made quick work of getting into their new orientation with Tabitha laying face down so her impressive tits were in full view. Next, Silver was invited to crawl over top of her biracial aunt until her pussy was placed right in Tabitha’s face. Lastly, the mayor of Gotham stood atop the mattress but before he used his dick, he bent down and began to rim his gorgeous niece’s asshole. Brother and sister thought alike as soon young Silver St Cloud was weathering an oral assault on both her pussy and anus.

“Oh good! Yes! Eat me aunt and uncle,” Silver squirmed in pleasure atop the gorgeous biracial assassin.

Theo made sure to transfer a lot of spit from his mouth onto his niece’s anal ring before using his middle finger to push the saliva deep inside her cavernous ass. Silver moaned louder at having her anal ring breached, especially since Tabitha attacked her pussy with more passion. Working together, the older siblings loosened up Silver’s asshole with first one finger, then a second, all while keeping her relaxed with her pussy being expertly feasted upon. Satisfied that she was ready, Theo squatted low over Silver’s underrated booty and lowered his cock down as Tabitha assisted by pulling each of her thick ass cheeks aside to cause a small but noticeable gape in the crinkled starfish.

“Oh yes uncle!” Silver cooed as her sphincter was pressed wide by his cock.

Theo knew that his niece was not an anal virgin, but still being a teenager meant that he’d take it nice and slow with the girl. After initially pushing in only a few inches, Theo managed to press half his 9-inches on the second thrust. Knowing that this would be enough for now, Theo began rocking his hips back and forth, using the half-length of dick to fuck the curvy teen’s asshole. Tabitha was a huge help with not only pulling apart her ass cheeks to make for more room, but also by continuing to relax Silver with her tongue in her pink slit.

“Oh God! Feels so good,” Silver moaned again, greatly appreciating the tongue wiggling deep in her cunt as a massive dick split her ass open wide. 

“How’s the view,” Theo smirked down at his sister as his dick fucked faster and faster inside the blonde.

“Best seat in the house,” Tabitha replied, using a hand to reach up and massage the mayor’s ballsack.

Having gotten up to what he’d describe as a fast pace, Theo decided his niece’s asshole was prepared for a deep dicking. Slowing down nearly to a crawl, Theo pressed down until he felt her curvy backside touch his flat stomach, meaning all 9 inches of fat dick was in her bowels. Silver didn’t even whimper at taking three-quarters of a foot of cock in the dumper. Backing out all the way, Theo reversed course once his dick sprang free of the vice-like anal ring and proved it was no fluke by slowly going balls deep in the curvy blonde teen.

“I think she could use some extra lube,” Theo commented as he pulled out of Silver’s asshole.

“Good thinking,” Tabitha replied, steering his dick down until it entered her mouth.

Tabitha wasn’t in an ideal position, pinned on her back with her delicious niece atop of her, but she made it work. Unable to reach more than her neck allowed, Tabitha bobbed her head on the first several inches of Theo’s cock, tasting Silver’s ass all the while. Though the flavor was strong, it didn’t deter the well endowed biracial assassin. In fact, she used her arms to pull on her brother’s ass, inviting him to drill all nine inches of hard cock down into her mouth.

“Glllkkkk….kkkwwwkkkk,” Tabitha gurgled.

Getting a balls deep blowjob from his gorgeous sister was always delightful but getting to face fuck her while his dick tasted of his teenage niece’s asshole had an extra thrill about it. Theo rose up and down as he speared his cock into her mouth and then down into her throat, at which point his ball sack slapped against her eye sockets and forehead. Going faster and faster, Tabitha made louder wet noises from deep in her throat until Theo deemed she should have a little oxygen.

“Gonna fuck this tight little ass until I cum now,” Theo hissed.

Gotham’s mayor pulled out of his sister’s throat and directly into his niece’s asshole. Though her sphincter had tightened back up, within the first several thrusts it was just as loose as before, able to take all 9 inches. Able to fuck her balls deep, Theo focused on his speed, fucking the curve blonde faster and faster as her huge tits jiggled against Tabitha’s flat abs. It was a pace that was unsustainable for long, but after an expert tandem blowjob, sodomizing Tabitha and now this tight teenager, Theo had little left in the tank.

“Please uncle. Please cum for me,” Silver begged as she received the hardest ass fucking of her life. 

“Yeah? You wanna feel my cum in your ass?” Theo growled, working himself into a frenzy.

“Cum inside her,” Tabitha instructed. “Fill her tight teen ass in your seed.”

With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against Silver’s well-formed butt cheeks. On the verge of busting, Theo reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her bowels. The moment he stayed planted in Silver’s rectum, Tabitha leaned back in and started her glorious sucking of his nuts, which only made the mayor shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous.

“Let me know when you’re ready,” Theo spoke to his sister.

Staying still, he waited and watched as Tabitha shuffled until her face was right beneath Silver’s thick bottom. The biracial beauty gave the mayor a nod, the non-verbal cue of permission to pull out. The moment his dick left Silver’s ass, Tabitha rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the busty teen’s gaping tush.

“Push it out Silver. Give Aunt Tabby all the cum,” Tabitha instructed.

Knowing what she wanted, Silver did as she was told. The blonde teen could honestly say that the idea of pushing a cumshot out of her ass into another girl’s mouth had never occurred to her so this was a first for her. Though it seemed disgusting to Silver, Tabitha had shown herself to have no limits sexually. Pushing out like she was asked, the blonde risked making a complete mess as it appeared Tabitha knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds Silver felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against Tabitha’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Tabitha cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - Theo’s salty jizz and Silver’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of Theo’s load was shot from her asshole into Tabitha’s mouth, the teen continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Tabitha’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down on top of her aunt before rolling off to the soft bed. 

“Thanks babe,” Tabitha said, already having swallowed roughly half the cum. 

However, Tabitha was trying to be a team player so she quickly popped off from her back and found herself straddling Silver, leaning right over top of her face. 

“Aunt Tabby?” Silver asked out of shock.

The gorgeous assassin seized the chance now that Silver’s mouth was open. Tabitha pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Silver was just as exhausted as Theo was, but the feel of her sexy aunt on her lips again seemed to energize Silver once again. However, Tabitha wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Silver mimicked the biracial assassin’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did her aunt shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the rest of the jizz that Theo had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Silver grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

Silver’s first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. After all, she was trying to prove to her aunt and uncle that she was a real Galavan. Instead, the beautiful blonde steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at Theo. The mayor of Gotham was exhausted after being put through his paces by the two energetic lovers, but he still had his eyes open and was watching for how Silver handled Tabitha snowballing his cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Silver said after she swallowed down the mix of Theo’s cum, Tabitha’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices.

“Poor Bruce Wayne won’t know what hit him,” Theo laughed. 

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