Lost in Space

BY : Mephisto_Pegari
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Serving out my sentence as an asteroid miner seemed like a good idea at the time. Fifteen years in a penal colony for illegal implant manufacturing versus three years in the belt. I have never been very sociable so being alone didn't matter (the synth droids don't count, they have the same features and about the same intelligence as shop dummys). What I didn't expect was the sheer crushing boredom.

So you can imagine my excitement when rock #31254 turned out to be a spaceship instead. One of the old Jupiter class ships, how did it get all the way out here? It looked like a wreck, floating in space. Boarding the ship confirmed that most of its systems were damaged or missing entirely. Except for one room, still sealed and powered, containing two hibernation pods.

It took a day to get the pods onto my own ship and installed in the one room that served as my living quarters, even with the help of the synths (yes, of course I tinkered with their programming to do more than operate heavy machinery, did I mention how bored I am?). By then I had found the crew roster and discovered the occupants were sisters, fifteen and eighteen respectively at the time they entered the pods. Which was a long, long time ago but these pods can keep people in suspended animation indefinately. Penny and Judy Robinson. Never heard of them, and after all this time no-one will be looking for them. Which is convenient.

At this point I should maybe explain why I got such a harsh sentence for illegal implant manufacture. This wasn't just making bootleg entertainment plugs, it was more... specialised. Control plugs that implant between the vertibrae and reroute the nerve impulses from the brain which controls the body. Useful things if you want a compliant workforce who won't balk at the hardest, messiest, most degrading work. I had refined the implants to allow fine motor control to a degree not previously acheived. The judge was unimpressed.

Synths are essentially brainless, so they are controlled by technology very similar to the kind of implants I was developing. Maybe you can see where this is going already.

It took me another week to modify a couple of synth implants to my needs (thanks to my earlier alterations I was already most of the way there). The pods' built-in medical tools implanted them without waking their occupants. Now, which one to try out first?

On a whim I decided to start with the younger one, Penny. The revival cycle took about seven minutes, and when the lid swung back and Penny drowsily sat up I got my first look at my new roommate. I was not disappointed; Penny was an attractive package. Long dark red hair framed a round face with a straight nose and bow-shaped lips. Slate-grey eyes blinked at her surroundings. Her upper body, clad in a black tank top vest, was all soft curves, not overweight but not stick-thin either.

Penny seemed not to notice me at first, and as she clambered out of the pod I got a good view of the rest of her body. The pods require a minimum of clothing, so it was unsurprising that aside from the tank top the girl wore only black cotton panties. Her legs looked fit and athletic, still soft but clearly not flabby. Her skin was pale and clear of freckles.

Eventually she turned to face me, and gave a bleary "Wuhah" as a greeting. She took a deep breath and tried again.
"Where... where am I?"
"State Mining Company Craft number 473"
"Home. Or at least it will be. One moment."
I pressed a button on my control pad, activating the last stage of intergration - it needs the implantee to be consious so I had to wait until now. There was no apparent effect on Penny but a green light lit up on my pad. I smiled and turned to face the bewildered girl.
"Stand up straight Penny."
Instantly Penny stood to attention, hands by her sides. She looked surprised, then started to panic as she found herself unable to move from her pose.
"What? What's going on?"
"Come here"
Penny's eyes widened as she found herself walking towards me. I held up my hand when she had gotten about two feet from me.
"Stop. Touch your toes."
Penny bent at the waist and reached her fingers down to her toes.
"Hey, what is this?"
"Stand. Turn around. Touch your toes."
Penny stood, spun to face away from me and bent down again. Her pose afforded me a good view of her panty-clad ass. I was tempted to take a closer look but held off for the moment.
"Stand. Turn around again. Good. Looks like your basic controls are in place."
"Basic... I don't like the sound of that."
I closed the distance between us and Penny looked at me with her clear grey eyes, cycling between fear and anger.
"Now let's see how you are with finer movements. Kiss me Penny."
"What? No way am I-mmm!"
I leaned down and as our lips met I felt her head tilt a little and her mouth open. Her tongue snaked out and soon we were making out, Penny's soft lips pressed against mine. My hands reached for her hips, and as our kissing continued one hand wandered downwards. As I took her ass in my palm Penny made protesting noises but was unable to stop me or even stop herself from kissing me. Penny's ass was soft and warm and fit my hand perfectly. 
I broke off our kiss to give her another command.
"Take off your top."
"Wait, I'm not goin-hey!"
Penny's hands gripped the bottom of her top and drew it up and over her head, her long red hair being lifted up before falling messily about her face. At the same time I slipped my hand inside her panties, allowing myself to explore her ass unimpeded by clothing. Penny's top hit the floor and I got my first sight of her breasts, round and pert with small nipples. They looked about handful-sized, a fact I confirmed by lifting my other hand to cup one.
"Get off me, why can't I get-"
"Kiss me, passionately."
"Stop interrup-mm!"
Penny's mouth attacked mine, her lips planting firmly as her tongue once more tangled with mine. Not an experienced kisser but certainly possesing raw talent. The redhead teen pressed her body against mine as I gripped her ass and fondled her breasts.

As pleasant as these first moments are, my erection was already straining against the fabric of my jumpsuit. A year of solitude followed by a week of anticipation made a convincing case to take things further. I stepped back to break off the kiss but Penny immediately stepped forward, her head craning to reach mine. Of course, she will not stop trying to kiss me until I order her to. Her eagerness was thrilling (fake as it was), and so I walked slowly backwards towards my bed in the corner of the room, our lips locked together most of the time. Somehow I managed to get my jumpsuit off on the way so that by the time my calves bumped against the foot of the bed the only piece of clothing either of us wore were Penny's black panties. Finally I broke the kiss long enough to say "stop", before getting on to the bed and scooting back until I was sitting up against the wall. Penny remained standing, awaiting new commands. Her gaze took in the bed, my naked body and zoomed in on my very erect penis.
"Wow, hey, no. If you think I am going near that you are crazy."
"I am not crazy and I have a certificate to prove it. Now, come sit in my lap. Legs either side, that's it."
Penny stood on the bed and a little awkardly walked up it, one leg on either side of my body so that when she sat down on my lap she was straddling me, her legs folded under her. Her ass rested gently on my penis, a fact she was clearly aware of as she squirmed slightly to get comfortable. Her breasts were in easy reach of my mouth and I did not hesitate, cupping one in my hand while my lips enveloped her nipple. I heard her sharp intake of breath as I gently closed my teeth around her small pink nipple, not quite enough to hurt. I did the same with the other breast of course, leaving her nipples damp from my mouth before raising my head to look into her eyes.
"Kiss your way down my body."
For once Penny was silent, and as she started gently kissing my face before moving down to my neck and shoulders her body lifted up enough to let her crawl slowly backwards. I watched as she planted kisses on my chest, moving down inch by inch until she had gotten to my hips.
"Stop. That's far enough. Now, take hold of my dick."
Penny's face contorted but her implant responded immediately, grabbing my penis in one hand.
"Ah! Okay not so hard, just hold the base. That's it. Now, Penny, give my dick a nice long lick."
"Ugh this is-mlah!"
Penny's head moved down to get close enough. Her mouth opened and her tongue moved slowly up my shaft, starting at the bottom and flicking up at the top. A small moan escaped my lips as I felt her wet tongue on me, gone far too soon.
"That's it babe, just keep doing that. Look up at me."
Penny's head tilted a little so she could see past my shaft. She fixed me with a look of fear and disgust as her tongue slowly moved up and down my dick, covering my shaft in her saliva. Her hair brushed against my hips as her head moved, and I felt her breasts on my legs. She tried to talk between licks.
"Ugh,God th-*lick* this is gross. H-*lick* how are you doing this wh-*lick*why can't I stop!"
"Oh, just a little implanted technology that compels you to obey my every command, Penny."
"Don't worry about it. So, you ever sucked dick?"
"Ah *lick*-bleh! I, uh-*lick"
"Didn't think so. Okay, sit up now, hands on knees."
Penny did as ordered, kneeling on the bed. I stood and moved forward. Penny's eyes tracked my glistening damp dick as it moved in front of her face. I felt her hot breath on me.
"Look up at me babe. Open your mouth. Wider. That's good."
"Please dude, don't do this, I-glack!"
I ignored her protests and moved my hips forwards. As the head of my dick passed her lips I put one hand on the back of her head for balance. Her mouth was warm and wet around me.
"Close your mouth now - gently, watch out for the teeth!"
Penny's protests, obscured by the dick in her mouth, became completely unintelligible as her lips sealed around my shaft. I instinctively started moving my hips back and forth, sliding my dick past her soft lips. I looked down and revelled in the sight of this gorgeous redhead teen Penny Robinson, kneeling in front of me wearing nothing but panties as I slowly fucked her face, her eyes wide and looking pleadingly up at me.
"Yes, that's it. Now, try to move your tongue around me... good. I'm going to leave just the tip in, try to flick it with your tongue.... not so hard, softer... uh, yes that's good."
"Breathe though your nose, keep you lips tight aound me."
As I taught Penny the finer points of sucking dick I steadily increased the pace of my thrusts. Soon I was pumping her mouth while she struggled to keep up. I could feel my excitement build.
"So good, Penny, yes. Now let's try to get deeper. Tilt your head back."
"Back a bit more, move you head down. Relax your throat... ah, there we are."
Penny's eyes widened as we both felt the tip of my dick pass into her throat. In no time my dick was completely inside her mouth, her lips kissing the base of my shaft. She tried to scream and the sound vibrated her throat, increasing the already intense pleasure I was feeling. This brought me past my limits, and Penny's scream quickly became choking noises and I flooded her throat with hot cum. For a few moments I was incapable of thought; a week's worth of waiting for this release short circuited my brain. I just held the back of Penny's head and spurted again and again into the helpless teenage girl.
When I snapped out of my reverie Penny was turning red, her eyes flickering, only the commands of her implant keeping her in place. I withdrew my dick from her mouth and she gasped for air. A rope of saliva mixed with cum connected her mouth to my dick for a moment before breaking as she coughed and wheezed. Feeling quite spent myself I sat heavily on the bed before lying back, my legs on either side of the kneeling girl.
"That was great, babe. Come lie down next to me."
I drew up one leg so Penny could move to the side. She lay panting on the bed next to me. I watched her chest rise and fall, appreciating how her breasts remained pert even when lying down.
"You're a natural Penny. A bit more practise and you'll be an expert cocksucker."
"Fuck you."
"Sure, but in a minute or two. In the meantime you can stroke my dick while we tell me how you ended up in an emergency hibernation pod."
Penny's hand reached down and lightly stroked my dick. Her eyes closed as she searched her memory.
"I... it's not clear, I don't remember getting in the pod."
"Ah of course, these pods don't preserve short term memory. You won't remember the last eight hours before hiberation."
"...I was in the Jupiter, everything was fine. It was me and Judy- oh god what happened to Judy?"
"She's in the second pod, still asleep."
"Oh. Okay."
"And then I woke up. To... this."
Penny's delicate touch had had the desired effect, massaging life back into my dick.
"Speaking of waking up, looks like time for more practise."
"What? Oh, no."
"Oh, yes. Get that gorgeous mouth of yours back down there."
Penny groaned but obeyed, getting on her knees and turning around. I stayed lying down - let her do the work this time. The girl positioned herself beside me, at a right angle. As she leaned over my body and lowered her head I idly reached my hand over to caress her ass.
"Move your hair to the side girl, I want to see your performance."
Penny passed one hand through her hair, piling it on one side, giving me and unobstructed view as her lips enveloped my semi-erect penis. My hand gripped her ass as a shudder of pleasure passed through me. Penny's expression was of disgust as she tasted the remains of my cum and her saliva on my dick.
"That's it babe. Close your lips tight around me and bob your head. Suck gently."
Penny started moving her head up and down, her cheeks going concave as she created a vacuum inside her mouth that literally sucked the blood back into my penis. I let her continue until I had reached full hardness and then spoke again.
"Take your mouth off me now. Good, now use your hand to stroke me - gently! Good. Now, lick my balls."
"What? For fu-mmlah!"
"Oh yeah. Look up at me while you do that."
Penny's eyes had been closed tight as her tongue slid around my balls, but on my command they opened and focused on my face. I parted my legs a bit to give her better access and smiled as I watched the teen girl slowly but firmly stroking my shaft while licking my balls, her slate grey eyes gazing up at me. She continued for a few minutes before my next command.
"Okay, stop licking now. Turn around Penny. No,the other way, get your body on top of me. Good."
Penny repositioned herself, turning her body and swinging one leg over my head. Her own head was still level with my dick but now my view was obscured by her panty-clad ass.
"Hands on the bed, you can rest on your elbows. Now, take me into your mouth again Penny. Ah, that's it, use what I taught you before."
I felt the warmth of Penny's mouth around me. Her head started bobbing again, and I felt her tongue start moving around me too. I wasn't just teasing her before, this girl really is a natural cocksucker. I turned my attention to her ass, directly above me a mere couple of inches from my face. I reached my hands up to take hold of the top of her panties.
"Time to take a closer look here I think."
I pulled her panties down, revealing her ass and part of her pussy. On my orders she helped by swinging her leg back to the side for a moment, before resuming her earlier pose on top of me but this time with her last piece of clothing removed. Penny's pussy was at last fully exposed to me, although her slit was a little obscured by the fuzz of dark red pubic hair.
"I knew it, a natural redhead."
"FFk yumph"
I raised my hands and admired the firmness of her ass, then moved down and parted her pussy lips. Her pussy looked pink and inviting. I slipped one finger inside her and she yelped in protest. 
"Move your hips down a little Penny."
Penny's pussy lowered closer to me until I was able to take a long lick along her slit, eliciting another yelp from her. She tasted fresh and delightful. I used one hand to pull her pussy lips open for better access and the other to probe inside her with my fingers whenever my tongue needed a rest.
For a while the only sounds in my room were the noises of Penny's mouth on my dick and mine on her pussy, as we explored each other. Eventually I started thrusting up to meet Penny's mouth, which I took as indication that I wanted more than just my tongue inside her. I gave her ass a playful slap to get her attention.
"Get off me Penny. Turn and face me."
I felt Penny's mouth leave my dick and soon she was kneeling beside me, looking fearfully at me.
"Time for the main event babe. Get on top. No, lower down, sit up. That's right."
Following instructions Penny positioned herself over me, straddling my waist, raised up on her knees. I put my hands behind my head and smiled up at her.
"Good. Now, put me inside you."
"No, please don't make me do this, I've never, uh, never-"
"I know, but don't worry. I'll make sure I enjoy it."
"-that's not what I-ah!"
Penny's pleading did not stop her body from obeying me. One hand reached down and took hold of my shaft, lining me up to her entrance. Penny sank down. I had a brief sensation of her pubic hair brushing against me and then the head of my dick was enveloped by Penny's pussy, eliciting a yelp from the girl as she felt a man inside her for the first time.
Penny took in about half of my shaft and then stopped. Her pussy was too tight to take more in. I was not going to let that stop me of course. Reaching down I braced my hands on the tops of her thighs and thrust up into her.
"AH! Fuck, stop!"
Ignoring her I continued to thrust up into Penny's pussy. I was gradually getting deeper, each thrust opening her up a little more.
"Push down babe, all the way."
"Aaafuck this hurts!"
My thrusts got shorter as Penny lowered herself slowly, until finally I was resting on the bed again and she was sitting on top of me. I looked down and saw where we connected; not an inch of my dick was visible.
"Well done! Now, start moving up and down."
Penny moaned as she drew herself slowly up again, feeling me move inside her. I let her get almost all the way off my dick before applying pressure on her thighs with my hands, which she took as the signal to move down again. This time we both moaned as her incredibly tight pussy strained to open up to me again.
It took a few repetitions but eventually Penny learned how far up she could move, and when I felt she had gotten it right I took my grip off her thighs. Reaching up I passed my hands over her stomach, which was taught with the effort of moving on top of me. I reached her chest, flushed red with extertion, and cupped her pert breasts. Penny's face was a mask of different emotions, pain and fear and humiliation.
I smiled as I reflected on my good fortune; there could have been anyone in that pod, male or female, young or old. But what I got was Penny Robinson, the hot teen redhead currently naked and bouncing up and down on her first dick. My dick. And she felt great.
"Ugh! Pl-ah!"
"On the downstroke go all the way down."
"That's good. Now, all the way down and stop. Good. Can you rotate your hips? Ah, yes, that's good babe."
As with the blowjob, I instructed Penny on how to properly ride a dick. her body obeyed and soon she was bouncing up and down at a fast pace, twisting her hips to add extra sensation. Her protests were eventually replaced with panting as she strained to keep up the tempo, lifting her body up and slamming down. I could not keep hold of her breasts so I put my hands on her thighs and instead watched her chest bounce. Her hair was flying in all directions, obscuring her face.
It wasn't long before I feel my second orgasm approach. Penny's gasps took on extra urgency when I started pumping my hips up to meet her body. Her rythm grew erratic until I ordered her to simply stay still, halfway between strokes, while I gripped her thighs and thrust hard into her. I groaned, shuddered and held myself buried deep inside Penny as my cum boiled out of my balls and spurted up into her no-longer virgin pussy.
A few moments later I relaxed my grip on her thighs and fell down to the bed. My dick was deflating rapidly, and plopped out of her pussy with a wet noise. I glanced down to see my semi-erect dick coated in cum, Penny's juices and what was probably hymen blood.
"Penny, lick my dick clean."
Penny's expression took on a new level of disgust as she moved off my body and repostioned herself to move her head to my dick, but she was either too tired to voice her complaints or had just given up. Her tongue started working on my dick and I laid back, feeling her lick me clean.
"Don't forget the balls, babe."
I put my hands behind my head and contemplated my next move. Whatever I did I would need some rest first. And a shower; Penny was doing a good job but my body needed more thorough cleaning after these exertions.

It took maybe ten minutes before I had regained enough energy to push Penny off my dick and hobble to the shower unit. Unfortunately the designers of my space prison cell had neglected to plan for shower sex fantasies and so the unit had only enough room for one. Stepping out of the shower I felt refreshed and motivated for my next task. I ordered Penny to shower (with specific intructions to rinse out her mouth and all other holes). She complied wordlessly.

When Penny emerged from the shower she found me finalising the warmup sequence on her sister's hibernation pod. The cycle started and I sat on the end of the bed waiting (the two pods took up most of the spare floor space in my sole room). I motioned Penny to stand in front of me, and then kneel.

By the time the pod beeped, the lid had swung back and Judy Robinson had sat up groggily, my dick was once again erect and being serviced by Penny's warm mouth. As with her sister Judy took a while to properly awaken, giving me a chance to look her over. I was surprised to discover the eighteen year old girl was noticably darker skinned than Penny, a light coffee color compared to Penny's fair complexion. Dark hair was arranged in a braid reaching halfway down her back, tied back tightly but still somewhat frizzy. Her upper body was fit but slim, with a chest that appeared to be on the larger side of medium. As she blearily turned her head towards me I studied her face; large expressive brown eyes above a slightly flared nose and prominent bow-shaped lips. She seemed to take a little longer than Penny to clear her head, putting one hand on her forehead and blinking in the light, so I decided to help break the spell.
"Good morning Judy."
At the sound of my voice her head jerked up and turned to me. Her eyes first rested on me, then widened as they moved down to see her sister, kneeling naked with her back to Judy, her head ryhmically bobbing between my legs.
"Wha..what the fuck?"
"Sleep well?"
"P..Penny? Uh, my head."
"Penny's a little busy right now, why don't you come over and say hi."
Judy swung her legs out of the pod and stood facing me. She took a moment to stabilise herself, then stepped towards me. The rest of her body was in keeping with what I had seen so far - slim but fit, a well-toned teenage girl.

I smiled as she walked towards me, but my smile started to fade as she bunched her fists and increased her pace. This was not supposed to happen.
"Stop Judy"
"Get the fuck off my sister you-"
"Stop now Judy!"
At the last moment I remembered the button I needed to press to finalised the implant's activation when the subject is concious. My finger stabbed at the control.
"Stop Judy!"
Judy instantly halted, almost falling over at the sudden change. There was a moment of silence except for the wet sound of Penny's blowjob, then I breathed a sigh of relief. Judy was less pleased however.
"The fu- what have you done?"
"Wow, you almost gave me a heart attack there."
"Get the fuck off my sister! Penny, what the fuck is this?"
"Your sister and I thought you would like to join our little party. You are a little overdressed though. Take off your clothes."
Like Penny, Judy was wearing only a vest and panties. These were easily removed and soon an angry, naked Judy was standing in front of me, trying to cover her chest and pussy with her hands.
"Hands by your sides babe."
"Fuck off you-"
"Oh please stop talking."
Judy's mouth clamped shut, her lips a tight line as her arms moved to her sides. I admired her body, looking over her round full breasts, flat stomach and shaved pussy. I was again struck by how different she looked from her sister.
"Are you really Penny's sister?"
Judy glared at me, and I remembered I had ordered her to silence.
"Oh, right. Hey Penny, stop sucking me for a minute and tell me, is Judy your sister."
Penny lifter her lips off me and responsed flatly.
"Half sister. Same mother, different fathers."
"Ah, I see. What a nice surprise, I do enjoy a bit of variety. Get back to work Penny, remember to use your tongue like I taught you."
I looked back up at Judy.
"Come closer babe. Stand next to me. That's right. Now, kiss me."
Judy's eyes shot daggers at me as she bent over enough to touch her lips against mine. As our mouths opened and we started touching tongues I raised one hand to explore her breasts. I found them pleasantly firm to the touch, with small but very responsive nipples. I was equally impressed by her kissing skills. Clearly Judy is the more experienced sister, at least up until now.
I broke off the kiss and issued fresh commands.
"Judy, kneel next to Penny. Penny, make some room for your sister."
I spread my legs wider as Penny wiggled to one side, her body moving but my dick still planted in her mouth. Penny's eyes watched as Judy sank to her knees next to her. Judy's expression flicked rapidly between anger, fear and concern for her sister.
"Good. Now sit up Penny. Judy, you can talk now."
"No, please don't do this, I don't wa-"
"Suck me Judy."
"No I-mmph!"
Judy's reluctance made no difference to the implant's effectiveness. Her mouth opened as her head lowered, and I watched as the head of my dick, still wet with Penny's saliva, passed between Judy's full lips. Unlike her sister Judy was able to take almost my entire dick inside her mouth in one go. Also unlike her sister she knew what to do when it was in there. Her lips tightened, her tongue started stroking the underside of my shaft, and her cheeks went slightly concave as she drew air into her lungs, creating a vacuum inside her mouth. I moaned as she started slowly pulling her lips back, the skin of my shaft being pulled tight.
"Ugh, wow Judy, you know your way around a dick."
Judy of course made no verbal response, but her eyes shot daggers at me. I smiled down at her in response, enjoying the contrast of her expression of hatred for me versus the pleasure she was giving me with her mouth. Penny looked on from the side, looking slightly dazed.
I let Judy work my dick for a while, gently stroking Penny's head as her sister worked her magic. Eventually I felt ready for a change.
"Lovely work Judy, how about you take me out of your mouth and lick the shaft. That's good, just one side though. Penny, come lick the other side, copy what Judy is doing. Wonderful."
I had to spread my legs quite wide to fit them but the sight of both Robinson sisters running their tongues up and down my dick was well worth the slight discomfort. Penny's bow lips almost touched Judy's fuller ones as their heads moved in sync. 'Almost' being not good enough, I put my hands on the back of each girl's heads and pushed them closer. The sensation was less intense than Judy's earlier blowjob but I was already very stimulated and the experience of the two teenage girls running their lips and tongues around my dick was easily enough to bring me to climax.
"That's good, keep doing that and I'll come very soon. Who wants a facefull of hot cum? Volunteers?"
Both girls declined to volunteer. I shrugged and took hold of my dick.
"No problem, there should be enough for both of you. Stop licking me now and put your heads side by side. Lower, look up at me. Mouths open girls."
I felt the cum rising out of my balls as I aimed my dick at the waiting faces of the two sisters. Despite the warning Penny still jerked a little as the first rope of cum landed in her open mouth, but that didn't stop the second spurt drawing a line of cum across her nose and cheek. I angled slightly to the right and the next spasm of my dick sent cum flying over Judy's face, her darker skin giving more contrast to the white cum landing between her open eyes. I tried to share my ejaculations evenly between the girls (sisters hate when you play favorites, right?) and by the time I had finished both Penny and Judy were streaked with warm sticky cum, on their faces and in their open mouths. Their expressions of disgust did not lessen as I tapped my dick against each of their lips, shaking out the last few drops for them.
"Good work girls. Congratulations Penny on your first facial. I promise it will not be your last. Now, why don't you two make out for a bit while I get my breath back."
Penny finally piped up, emitting a quiet "no" as she turned to Judy and the girls pressed cum-spattered lips together. I watched the two sisters, kneeling naked before me with their faces covered in my cum, kissing each other, tasting the cum in each others' mouths. The sight was enough to make me want more, but my body was not willing to cooperate without a rest, so I simply lay back. I closed my eyes and listened to the small sounds of lips meeting lips, thinking idly about my next move. I still had... three holes left unexplored.

After a few minutes I got up and ordered the girls to stand. They did so, still facing each other. Despite the age difference they were about the same height. I ordered them to put their arms around each other and resume their make out session, and as they explored each others' mouths I walked around them exploring their bodies with my hands. Both Penny and Judy were fit, their stomachs taught. Judy was verging on athletic, while Penny's body was softer to the touch. Judy was blessed with a little more curves than Penny; her ass was a pleasingly firm roundness, and her breasts were large enough to have some heft when I lifted them.

Stroking and groping the two teenage girls had a reviving effect on me, and I soon felt my dick rising to attention once more. Time to continue the fun.
"Alright girls, you can stop kissing now. Judy, why don't you lie down on the bed just there."
The girls broke off their kissing with evident relief, although Judy looked at me with suspicion when I arranged her lying on her back, her ass resting at the end of the bed with her feet still on the floor. Her suspicions were confirmed when I order her to spread her legs, exposing her clean shaven pussy to me. I turned to Penny and caught her glancing at her sister's pussy before averting her eyes in embarassament. I smirked at her.
"Looks good doesn't she, Penny? Go get yourself cleaned up while I play with your sister."
I looked down at Judy, admiring the attractive girl lying prone before me.
"Are you a virgin, Judy, like Penny was?"
"Ah, of course, you may talk now."
"What do you mean 'was'?"
"Take a wild guess."
"You sick fucking asshole."
"I think I liked it better when you were silent. Oh and don't think I didn't notice you avoided answering my question."
"...No, I am not a virgin, so sorry to disappoint."
"Yeah, your blowjob skills gave the game away on that already. Now let's see how your pussy compares to that talented mouth of yours."
Penny returned just in time to watch me kneel at the end of the bed, line up to her sister's pussy, and slide the head of my dick between Judy's pink lips. Pushing deeper inside Judy elicited a sharp intake of breath from the girl.
"Ah! Fuck, that hu-aah! Fuck you! Fuck. You."
Judy's litany of curses did nothing to stop her body accepting more and more of my shaft. Soon I was buried to the hilt in her warm folds. I ran my hands over her body, feeling the tenseness in her muscles under her smooth coffee-colored skin. My dick twitched inside her and she gasped, then resumed her stream of expletives. I thought of ordering her to silence again, but then I had a better idea.
"Get your cute ass over her Penny. I got a treat for you."
Penny silently came to stand beside me. Her body smelled fresh and clean, and her face no longer wore my cum, just an expression that flitted between studied passiveness and fear. I lightly played one hand over her body while pumping my dick inside her sister.
"Judy has a bit of a mouth on her, doesn't she?"
"Fuck -uh!- fuck you."
"I wasn't talking to you Judy. Anyway, Penny, get on the bed and kneel over Judy's head."
Penny was confused enough to blurt out a "what?" but her body obeyed me instantly.
"Good. Now, lower your pussy onto Judy's face."
"That's right. Judy, make that loud mouth of yours useful and give your sister a good licking."
"Oh God, Judy, I'm sorry I'm so sorry I-"
"Kiss me now Penny."
"I can't stop him Ju-mmph!"
Penny leaned forward and thrust her tongue into my mouth. The room filled with the muffled cries of the two girls and the soft ryhtmic slapping of my hips pumping my dick into Judy's tight warm pussy. Penny sitting on Judy's face meant she was effectively pinned in place, leaving my hands free to roam over both girls' bodies, stroking taught stomachs and soft breasts. Having already orgasmed a few times today I was in no rush, and so I simply spent time enjoying myself to the full. Occasionaly I had Penny lift herself up to give Judy some air, but always her red-furred pussy sank bank down to Judy's less-than-eager mouth. Each time she got the chance Judy would swear blue murder at me, but as time went on her words grew weaker. Partly tiredness, partly giving up perhaps? I neither knew nor cared. Judy's pussy held me tight as I steadily fucked her, while Judy's bow lips pressed against mine and our tongues twirled around each other.

I considered cumming inside Judy's warm pussy (any risk of pregnancy could be easily prevented by the pods' medical tools), but Penny still had one hole I still hadn't explored yet, and I was feeling greedy. So I gave Judy a few last hard thrusts and stepped back. My dick slipped out of Judy as I put my hand on the top of Penny's head and pushed it down.
"Clean me with your mouth, Penny."
"Oh. Oh gross. O-mmf!"
Penny's mouth closed around my shaft and I felt her tongue licking her sister's juices off me. After a moment I stepped further back, before walking around the girls and mounting the bed. I kept one hand on Penny's body all the time, tracing the contours of her back. As I knelt on the bed behind Penny my hand had reached her ass, and was soon joined by my other hand. Judy's eyes watched me from below Penny as I stroked and groped her younger sister's pale round ass. I looked down and met Judy's gaze.
"Good work Judy. Now how about you put your hands where mine are."
Judy's hands replaced mine. I repositioned them slightly so that they held Penny's ass open. Feeling her buttocks being stretched apart prompted Penny to ask.
"Hey! Uh, hey what are you doing?"
"Taking your virginity, Penny."
"But you... I mean you already..."
"Not quite."
"NNNph! Plth!"
"Quiet Judy, you'll get your turn. Now Penny, this may sting."
"What? What are-ah! AH!"
With Judy obligingly holding Penny's ass open, I had a clear view of the redhead's puckered asshole and was able to guide my dick to it. Holding one of Penny's hips for balance I pushed, and the head of my dick entered her ass. Without pausing I pressed forward and was rewarded by fully half my dick disappearing inside the quivering teen. Penny let out a howl of pain and humiliation.
"AahHH! God! No, takeitouttakeitouttakei-AAH"
Penny's pussy had been a tight fit, but her ass made it feel cavernous. Her anal muscles clamped down hard on me, so close I could almost feel her heartbeat through my shaft. For a moment I was stuck halfway, unable to move in or out. But I took Penny's hips in both hands, steadied my pose, and bore my weight down. Penny's head threw back and she screamed wordlessly as her ass engulfed my entire length. I looked down and saw only a tiny fraction of my dick; the rest was buried deep inside Penny Robinson's beautiful teen ass, while her pussy was being penetratred by her sister Judy's talented tongue. My dick twitched involuntarily and made Penny shake in response. The feeling was so pleasurable that I started deliberately changing the angle of my dick, holding the teen in place as I ground my hips against her taught ass. Soon I began to add a horizontal component to my motion, letting my dick partly exit Penny's asshole before pushing back in. The redhead's protests came in fits and bursts; I particularly enjoyed the sharp intakes of breath she made when I thurst harder into her or changed my angle of entry unexpectedly. I soon found myself varying the speed and position of my dick as much as possible to elicit those gasps and sudden "ah!" sounds from my reluctant fucktoy, sometimes using long, slow motions before suddenly gripping her hips and pounding her ass with merciless joy. For a full fifteen minutes (or longer?) I completely forgot about Judy, lying with her mouth full of pussy and her eyes a few inches from where my dick was violating her sister's ass. But when I felt my limit once again approaching I withdrew my dick and ordered Penny to lift her ass up enough to let Judy speak. I spoke before her, however.
"Woo, Judy, Penny's ass is spectacular."
"Fuck you."
"It's going to be tough for your ass to beat your sister's, but don't worry, I'll give it my best try."
"F...fuck you!"
"But that's in the future, right now you get a choice - face or ass?"
I sighed, gripped my dick at the base and playfully slapped Judy's forehead with it.
"I mean, I can either cum in Penny's ass and you can lick the cum out of her or I can cum on your face."
I waited for a response but Judy just stared up in stony silence. I shrugged, and pushed my dick back inside Penny (who had taken this brief respite to catch her breath, but still managed only a low groan as she felt me enter her again). I pumped a few times before hearing a quiet voice from below.
"What was that Judy?"
"...my face."
"What about it, babe?"
"I... cum on my face."
"Hmm, I don't know. I already did that, and Penny's ass is so cosy."
"Ask nicely, Judy."
"I.... Argh! Please cum on my face!"
"Well, since you asked so nicely. Scoot up a little, Judy. Open wide."
I pounded Penny's ass a couple more times, and then quickly withdrew and fed my dick into Judy's open mouth. Judy's disgust was written in every line on her face as she tasted my dick, but she did not protest as I thrust in and out of her mouth. My balls dangled in front of her eyes; I could have managed to deep throat her from this position but I had an urgent need to climax, so I simply used Judy's pliant mouth to bring me over the edge.

I felt the first spurt fly into her mouth and withdrew my dick enough that I unloaded the rest all over her pretty face, fresh cum mingling with the dried streaks left over from her earlier facial. Some spurts went off target and splattered between her breasts, but I didn't mind.

Once I climbed down from my orgasm I put my rapidly deflating dick dick back into Judy's mouth to clean off the last drops of cum. Now that I was not longer driven by my libido I started to notice the aches and pains that had accumulated over the prolonged sex session. I withdrew my dick and sat back heavily on the bed.
"Oof, that was a workout! Judy, go hop into the shower, get cleaned up. Penny, get some drinks from that cold unit over there."
Both girls left the bed to go to their assigned tasks, giving me the space to lie down and stretch out. I didn't look up when I heard the shower starting, but when Penny stood by the bed holding three bottles of water I mustered the energy to sit up and take one off her. The cool water did a lot to revive me; on my orders (and to her evident relief), Penny sat down next to me and took a long drink from her own bottle. Under normal circumstances I would feel obliged to make small talk with a girl I had just had sex with, but this was not anything like normal. I had not forbidden Penny from talking but she did not initiate conversation and I felt no need to chat. So I simply rested, drank, and looked admiringly at Penny's toned body. 

After a few minutes Judy emerged from the shower, rinsed and air dried thoroughly (the shower is the efficient no-laundry kind with nozzles all over the sides that spray first water and hot air). She retied her hair into a quick braid, then returned to stand by the bed awaiting new orders. 

I threw her the third water bottle. She made no movement at all and it bounced off her stomach onto the bed.
"Ah, right, should have told you to catch it first. Oh well. Drink, Judy."
Judy did as ordered, standing facing me and her sister. Unfortunately she was more talkative.
"How long do you think you can keep us here like this?"
"Eight years, three months, twelve days."
"After that my sentence is up."
"... You are a prisoner?"
"I'm not here by choice. Which makes three of us, now."
"You won't get away with this. People will be looking for us."
"You really don't know how long you were in statis, do you."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"It means I am done answering your questions."

I rose from the bed as Judy drank deeply from the bottle, ingoring me as I walked around her. Stepping forward I wrapped my arms around her from behind, causing her to jump and spill her water. Cold drops splashed on my hands as they cupped Judy's firm breasts. 
"Jesus dude, don't you get tired?"
"Not after all the stimulant-laced water I just drank. We just drank."
I held her tight against me, my dick nestling in the space just above her ass. Penny sat on the bed in front of us staring into the middle distance as I groped her sister. The feel of my skin against hers was warmly sensual, especially where my steadily stiffening dick rubbed against her lower back. I took my dick in one hand and moved its position so that it was instead pressing down between Judy's ass cheeks.

I leaned my head in to speak quietly into her ear.
"Drop the bottle, break time is over Judy."
Judy was still holding the empty bottle and on my orders simply released it from her grip and let it bounce on the floor. I bent my knees slightly, getting my dick to the correct height to rub between her ass cheeks.
"Ready to get your ass taken?"
Judy's answer surprised me in its quiet nervousness.
"Does.. does Penny have to be here?"
"Oh yes. In fact, she should have a front row seat. Hey Penny!"
The redhead started, her reverie broken by hearing her name. She looked up at me and Judy.
"Sit more to the middle. That's it, now lean back a bit, put your hands behind you on the bed. Spread your legs. Wider, Penny, give us a good view."
Penny's skin flushed as she obeyed, leaning back and parting her legs wide to expose her pussy to Judy and I. The freshfaced teen looked wonderful and I filed that position away in my mind for later fun. For now I addressed Judy.
"Okay Judy, stand in front of Penny and bend over her. Bend more, put your hands on the bed. Good."
I watched appreciateively as Judy bent over her sister, her ass curving as she lowered her back. Judy's face was a couple of inches from Penny's. I positioned myself behind Judy, taking my dick in one hand and holding her ass in the other.
"Hey Penny, ever wondered what Judy's expression would be as she gets her ass fucked?"
Before either girl managed to reply I pressed my dick against Judy's exposed asshole and entered her.
"Oh God, Judy"
Penny's face was full of concern for her sister. Despite the fact that her own ass had so recently been violated watching her sister receive the same treatment seemed to affect her even more. I could not see Judy's expression from my position, but she was trying very hard not to vocalise her discomfort. I decided to test her resolve and pushed forwards, sinking my shaft deeper inside Judy's tight warm ass.
"Ah! Fuuuuc-nn!"
Having gotten my dick firmly wedged inside Judy I let go of it and put both my hands on Judy's hips. 
"Alright girls, make out with each other."
Judy and Penny's lips met as I thrust hard into Judy's ass. Judy's resistance broke and she screamed into her sister's mouth as I buried my dick inside her. After taking my time to explore Penny's ass I felt a need to simply fuck her sister, so I started pumping Judy's ass, holding her in place with my hands around her hips. Judy's muffled screams became rythmic as I reamed her. Despite holding her in place as well as I could she did jerk forwards with my thrusts, causing the girls' kissing to be frequently interrupted. Their implants compelled them to seek each other's lips immediately but there was time for Judy to gasp and squeal as I mercilessly pounded her tight asshole.

I felt tiredness building rapidly in my legs and hips, but rather than slowing I decided to push through the fatigue and fuck this teenage girl's ass as hard as I possibly could. My knuckles whitened as I tightened my grip, steadied my stance, and hammered my dick in and out of the quaking girl. The intense pleasure radiating from my dick could not be resisted long, and it could only have been a few minutes before I buried my dick balls-deep inside Penny's ass and let out a heartfielt groan, releasing warm cum deep inside her. My mind cleared of anything but the feeling of orgasm. I held my position, my hips occaisionaly jerking a little as I drained myself dry, and then stayed in a minute or so longer before I had regained my senses enough to withdraw. I stepped back heavily, suddenly numb from the aftermath of the orgasm and the tiredness in my limbs. I looked down at Penny's ass, noting a few drops of my cum leaking out, contrasting nicely with her coffee-coloured skin.
I ordered the girls stop making out and go shower, more so I could collapse onto the bed than out of any need to clean them up. Lying on my back I closed my eyes...

A beeping noise caused me to open my eyes again. Had I slept? Looking up I saw Penny and Judy had washed and returned as ordered to stand by the bed. Their skin still has beads of water, so if I had slept it wasn't for long. Both girls looked as exhausted as I felt, and both were staring into space with blank expressions. 

I started to admire their naked bodies, but my attention was quickly brought back to the inistent beeping sound. Eventually my sluggish brain worked out the meaning of the beeping - it was an alarm telling me it had been seven hours since I had woken Penny. Only seven hours? I thought time was meant to fly when you are having fun...

I didn't bother getting up, just propped myself up on my elbows and said:
"Alright girls, get your clothes back on and get back into your hibernation pods."
The girls of course obeyed, but Penny asked:
"What? Why are we getting back in the pods?"
"This place isn't made to support three people. I have to ration your awake time so as not to tax the air scrubbers too much."
As the girls fetched their tank tops and panties from the floor and put them on again, I wondered if Penny remembered me mentioning that the pods erase eight hours of memories when they are used...

One day, a lot of sleep and energy supplements later, I watched from behind as Penny sat up in her pod. I admired her for a few moments until my voice broke the silence.
"Penny, get out of the pod and lie face down on the bed."
The redhead was not yet awake enough to do more than utter a brief "huh?" but her body obeyed instantly. She clambered out the of pod and was soon lying on the bed. Her pose did not allow her to see me approach, but she felt the bed move as I straddled her legs.
"Don't turn your head."
"Wha... what's hap-hey!"
Without ceremony I pulled her panties down enough to expose her round ass, her pussy peeking out from between my legs. I was already hard, so I simply parted her ass with one hand, placed my dick at the right spot, and started to press down.
Penny's scream was heartfelt as my dick buried itself halfway into her ass. Unsurprising - her memory of the last session had been wiped by the pod so as far as she knew I was taking her anal virginity.
I leaned down over her and spoke into her ear as my hips started moving, pumping my dick inside the frantic but immobile teenage girl.
"Welcome to your new life, Penny. We and your sister are going to have such fun. Again. And again. And again."


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