Party like its 300 AC.

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The Aegonfort was built on the tallest of three hills, promptly named Aegon’s Hill, the fort was made of earth and wood. Aegonfort would stand until 35 AC, when Aegon I would pull it down so that a stone castle could be built in it’s place, now commonly known as The Red Keep. His wife, Queen Visenya would take charge of the construction. Followed by his eldest son Aenys I, until his death, and then finally finished by Maegor I.

Maegor The Cruel would have secret passages, false walls, trap doors, all installed in what most people would refer to as his castle. Because despite the fact that three others had come before him, he’s the one who actually finished it.

Centuries & generations later, this is where Jonothor ‘Jon’ Targaryen would find himself, behind a false wall listening to the revelry of hundreds of lords, thousands of knights, and endless small folk. They’d all come to celebrate his brother, Aegon VI, Aegon ‘The Heir,’ officially being named just that.

Jon should have been among them, making his rounds among the lords, joking and inquiring about their families and well being. Or with the knights, talking arms & armor, praising the winner of the last tourney, making bets on which knight or bowman would take the top purse next.

Instead he was leaning against the false wall as one of the most beautiful women in the seven kingdom’s sucked his cock.

His father had started a war to possess Lyanna Stark, Robert ‘The Usurper’ had died at the Trident in the hopes he might take her and make her his wife.

Sixteen years later, his mother was just as beautiful. Her dark hair unmarked by silver, long and lush falling across her bare shoulders. Her blue/grey eyes burrowing into his own, everyone said he had her eyes, what a particular thought to have while she hallowed her cheeks till the suction around the head of his cock nearly buckled his knees.

“Ah, do you like that baby? Do you enjoy having your prick sucked by a queen?” Her smile was pure sin, her words teasing as she looked up at her son from her kneeling position.

Cradling Jon’s balls in her left hand, Lyanna stroked his hard shaft with her right, all the while their gaze was locked. “You should be out there congratulating your brother, instead of in here making a whore out of your mother.”

Before he could retort, she took his hard cock down her gullet in one swift move, swallowing around his flesh until his pubic hair tickled her nose. “Mother,” he cursed.  

But she made no move, allowing her throat muscles to make love to her son’s shaft. To tease & torture, she hummed around his invading cock, then pulled back to rapidly bob her head, her right hand gripping his wet cock as she did so.

She backed off before Jon could spill his seed down her throat. Planting sweet little kisses on the wet head and long length of his shaft. Her left hand tightening her grip around his balls, almost painfully so. “Ah ah ah, you don’t come till mommy gives you permission.”

Gods, mother. This is torture.” He said breathless.

“Ah, am I being a bad mommy?” Lyanna said with a toothy grin, leaning forward so that she could stroke his cock across her full and naked breasts.

“Maybe, but I love you all the same.” Her smile become more open at his words, more playful, but all the while she continued to stroke his hard cock. She shook her head at his sweet words.

“You’re going to spoil by fun, my sweet boy and his sweet words.” Though his words, his admission of love weren’t new, one of the first phrases he’d learned as a boy was ‘mommy, I love you.’ Of course it wasn’t until he’d turned three & ten before the circumstances and meaning behind those words took on a deeper meaning.

It was on Lyanna’s twenty & ninth name day, on the island of Dragonstone, when he’d come to her bedchambers to find her crying. Beautiful & noble King Rhaegar, The Last Dragon, had begged off and refused to come celebrate with her. Instead choosing to venture to the Wall, to talk dreams & prophecy with a blind old maester at the end of the world.

Blame loneliness, blame the bottle of wine she’d nearly finished off by herself, blame a son’s love for his mother or budding hormones that turned that love into a sick passion as he held her crying body in that too small bed. What ever the case, three years later it still persisted.

“There’s no where else I’d rather be….,” Jon confessed, reaching down to stroke her cheek. The blush from his words & deeds swept across her cheeks, down her chest, till her already pink nipples stood hard and rosy.

The smile she gave him was full if a touch shy. “My sweet sweet boy.”

But the wad of spit she lobbed on the head of his prick, before giving him two quick pumps against her heavy breasts were anything but shy. “Don’t forget how sweet your mommy can be to you. After all, how many other mother’s in the seven kingdom’s make their sweet babies feel so good?”

Jon once against fell back against the false wall, groaning against the wet heat of Lyanna’s mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. He didn’t receive the pleasure of his mother’s mouth on that faithful name day all those years ago, instead he’d mounted her like a horny puppy, hard and confused, pumping into her wet quim until he spent much to quickly for his taste.

It would be another week before she came to his bedchamber, instructing her apt pupil on how to touch her and be touched in kind, to lick a queen’s needy cunt while a prince’s prick was swallowed in one gulp.

“I’m sure many a whore mother does her son as sweetly,” Jon replied. Lyanna’s grey eyes flashed as she looked up, though she never slowed down as she worked his shaft. Once again she hallowed out her cheeks, between the delicious pressure and his mother’s tongue flicking against the slit of his cock head, she made plan her feelings about his little comment.

After years of such hidden couplings, Jon knew every twist and bend of his mother’s perversions. So when Lyanna’s left hand released her death grip on his balls and came to rest on his ass cheek, he knew all too well what would follow. And soon after the pumping of his cock with her right hand vanished as well, so that both hands grasped his ass.

Jon felt the puff of air from her nose, her wide eyed stare as he slid across her tongue and down her throat. He let out a gasp as he fed her his cock, inch by inch, sliding down as her muscles clenched around him.

With an unrestricted path, he bucked his hips forward, his mother’s only response was to grip his ass cheeks tighter, her fingernails biting into his flesh. Gripping fists full of her dark hair, Jon matched her gaze before he began fucking his mother’s mouth. All the while her eyes urged him on.

“That’s it whore, mother whore, take my cock,” he ground out through clenched teeth. Lyanna’s grip around his ass grew firmer as she matched his thrusts by yanking herself closer, forcing his hard shaft all the deeper. He really needed to be making nice with lords & knights, as a prince of the blood should, Aegon would ignore his absence with good cheer for only so long.

This in mind, his thrusts became more insistent, erratic, as he chased his pleasure, sliding himself down her gullet, knowing by now the muscles of his mother’s throat must be burning in protest. As was usual, it was her deep stare the finally unmade him, rocking forward one last time before he shot his seed.

Five, six, seven, gods eight bursts of seed came forth, till Jon’s head swam and his mother’s iron grip across his waist was the only thing keeping him standing. All the while Lyanna’s mouth stayed latched around her son’s exploding cock, drinking down his seed like a Dornishman dying of thirst. It wasn’t until her greedy sucking finally turned the pleasure into pain as his overly sensitive cock cried out in protest at her continued molestation.

Jon fell heavily against the false wall, as his mother fell backwards onto her nude butt from the shove he gave her. Her response was to give him a big toothy grin, before showing him the last dregs of his come across her tongue, before she swallowed it all down.

When he’d caught his breath, and blood had returned to his brain, he helped his mother to her feet. “My baby, my sweet baby boy.” Lyanna whimpered out as her son leaned over and his mouth latched onto the nipple of her right breast.

Even as a baby, that had always been his favorite.

“We don’t have time, by now Aegon has noticed your absence,” The Queen said, her fingers running threw her son’s dark hair as he continued to run his tongue across her erect nipple.

“And I’m to send you away unfulfilled,” he said in reply, grinning up at her from his place between her breasts. “What kind of ungrateful son would do such a thing?”

“If you linger too long, our newly minted heir apparent might get the idea you’d snuck off to fuck some harlot.” Lyanna said with a smirk.

Jon nodded, all to aware that his brother would think exactly that. And despite being right on what he was doing, Aegon could never have imagined exactly who it was he was doing it too. Despite his mother’s correctly worded knowledge on what they should be doing, she didn’t make a move to stop his roaming hands, or when Jon cupped her heavy breasts.

Lyanna had birthed three children, and fed each one from these full breasts. Hours in the training yard, drawing a bow, or slashing with a sword, had given her figure muscle and tone despite the years, but still these fleshy orbs stayed large and weighty. Drawing a gasp from her, Jon gripped these tightly in his hands, pressing his, once again, hard cock against her naked mound.

Forcing her backwards, Jon continued to tug at his mother’s nipples, grasping her flesh, until her backside hit the table in this hidden away room. He wondered at the table, doubtful Maegor had placed it there so he could eat alone. Then again, he was known across Westeros as ‘The Cruel’, maybe he did enjoy dinning alone?

The room wasn’t very big, more of a short hallway, the wooden table, an empty chest to one side, a room for being alone or for being anything but.

Lyanna gave little protest when Jon abandoned his suckling at her breasts to pull her into a deep kiss, and a little laugh as he turned her around so that she leaned her hands against the tabletop. “Oh, and what are we to do in this position?” She teased.

“Well, if Aegon thinks me hidden away with some harlot, why not do it as a harlot would?” Jon replied. He pressed his right hand into the small of her back, forcing her to bend over the table further. He didn’t stop pushing her down until her breasts were pressed tightly against the table, then he forced her thighs open with his knee. He gave her full bottom a slap, chuckling at her outraged quake.

“Open your legs for me.” He demanded. Lyanna looked back over her shoulder with a teasing smirk, before doing just that.

His member ached at the sight his mother made, bent over for him, all that pale skin open and inviting, her peach shaped ass with a red hand-print was enough to make him rock hard. She gasped when he reached down and grasped at her ass cheeks, pinching and teasing, giving her playful little swats that always made her turn to glare at him.

Jon split her with one quick thrust, her cunt already wet enough to receive him without much protest. Reaching beneath her, he teased her clit with his fingers. “Gods, you’re so wet. But then, what can one expect from a whore?”

Lyanna huffed at his words, and groaned at his thrusts, “where did my sweet boy go? Saying such awful things to his mother.”

The slap across her left cheek made her grip either side of the tabletop, grunting, she received his slaps and thrusts with much practice.

“Your sweet boy is here,” he said, bucking forward until he bottomed out inside her, “showing a whore mother her proper place.”

“Fuck me then, sweet boy.” She goaded, her voice coming out airy as Jon did as instructed. Her cunt gripped him in a vice like grasp, if she hadn’t been soaked his rapid thrusts might have caused her much pain. He could make out her short chant, as she pressed her forehead against the table, ‘fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,’ she repeated as his hips met her backside, his heavy balls slapping against her undercarriage.

Soon after, Lyanna looked over her shoulder again, “fuck mommy, baby. I need it so bad.” She rolled her hips in invitation, and at her goading Jon quickened the pace until all she could do was grunt and hold tightly at the table.

Jon grasped her hips, giving himself more leverage to give her quick, deep thrusts. Raising her up to get a better angle, only her tippy toes were still scraping against the stone floor. The long line of her spin, the way her full breasts pushed out at her sides from the way he’d pinned her against the table, the wet sucking sound her cunt made and the sound of flesh slapping flesh was nearly enough to push him over the edge.

Not to mention his mother’s moans, and the white knuckled grip she had on the table sides, all excited him and made him thrust all the harder for it.

“Reach underneath and play with your clit. Get yourself off, mother.” He demanded, his voice thick.

Her left hand soon abandoned the tabletop, and he could feel the tips of her fingers as his heavy balls slapped against her clit. The stimulation was enough to set her off, and Jon gritted his teeth as her cunt squeezed him, fighting off his own orgasm.

Lyanna let out a well sated sigh, and Jon slowed down his thrusts until he grew still, allowing her to lay face down on the table motionless while his hard cock remained buried within her. Leaning across her back, he laid kisses against her shoulder and the nap of her neck. He could feel her smile, even if he couldn’t see it. “Turn over, I think I’d like to finish with you on your back.”

His mother’s eyes, so much like his own, twinkled at his words. “Gods baby, how can you still be this hard?”

Jon pulled out of her only long enough for the queen of the seven kingdoms to turn around and plant her ass on the edge of the table. Lyanna spread her legs wide, until her pretty pink cunt was on full view. He hissed between his teeth at the sight, wanting nothing else then to lap at her core but sadly there wasn’t that much time.

For a few moments he just stood there gazing at her beauty, her heaving breasts, slick cunt, the wanton look of lust clear on her face.

Stepping forward, until he stood between her open legs, he groaned as she reached down to stroke his steely cock. Lyanna didn’t stop teasingly playing with his aching prick until Jon pushed her back onto her elbows then took his on cock in his hand and slowly guided it home.

“That’s it baby, that’s it, that’s where you always belong.” Pushing up, Lyanna wrapped her hand around the back of her son’s neck, so that she looked him straight in the face as she made her proclamation. She never took her eyes off his face, not until he’d buried himself once again deep within her slippery sex.

Buried to the hilt like he was inside her, it felt like coming home. Slowly, agonizingly so, he pulled himself nearly free of her cunt before inching himself back inside. This continued for a few minutes, these shallow thrusts, inching his cock ever deeper into her clenching cunt. All the while Lyanna held the nap of her son’s neck in her right hand, and obscenely played with her clip with her left, her bottom lip being worried at by her teeth, her heated gaze locked with her eldest child as he made love to her.

“It’s yours baby, mommy’s cunt is yours, take it.” Lyanna whispered, passion, lust, and a deep love shining through her eyes.

Jon, ever the dutiful son, did just that. Her grunts and the sound of the wooden table legs scraping the floor soon filled the room, as his pace took on a break neck speed. If not for the stonewalls, music, and drunken laughter throughout the halls of the Red Keep, someone would have heard there frantic fucking for all the noise their coupling made. Lyanna was forced to abandon her clit and grasp Jon’s shoulder’s with both hands just to stay holding on, as Jon’s fingers pressed tight enough to bruise on his mother’s thighs as he forced her legs wider apart to welcome him.

The thrusts were nothing less then brutal fucking, her hands slipped loose due to the sweat across their bodies, and she was left lying atop the table, legs akimbo, while his hips pistoned forward.

Finally, she found the strength to push herself up and wrap her arms around Jon’s shoulders, her lips locking on her son’s in a deep and hungry kiss. Lyanna bit her son’s lip, leaving deep and bloody scratch marks down his back, and finally her wanton cunt accepted his seed as he painted her insides white. Clutching his head, her lips still locked with his, together they fell back against the tabletop, to exhausted to move.

Together they held one another, letting the sweat of their bodies cool and dry in the dry air of their hidden away cell. Jon’s cock grew soft and flaccid, despite still being firming buried inside his mother’s cunt.

“I love you, baby.” Lyanna said tenderly, caressing her son’s dark locks in a gentle, motherly manner, made all the more perverse from their lack of clothing and the fact that his seed of drizzling down her chafed thighs.

“And I love you, mother.” Jon replied sleepily. Lyanna pushed him up before he could drift off to sleep. “This isn’t Dragonstone, baby, and you’ve been away from the party for too long. Your presence will have been missed by now.”

With a tired sigh, Jon finally stood up, and stepped back from his mother’s resting form. Looking around, he spotted his cloths in the corner next to her own. Quickly he handed her garments over, as the two began to dress. “I’ll need to clean up before I can enter the feast, but your disheveled appearance will be all the alibi you require.”

Giving her a leer, Jon replied, “of course. You can’t very well come to the party looking as if you’d just been freshly fucked. What would father say?”

Lyanna flushed at his words, pulling her dress over her head, “while obviously, people wouldn’t take in your appearance and my own and put two & two together, even Targaryen’s are supposed to have limits.”

Lacing his breeches up, Jon grinned, “Targaryen’s answer to neither Gods nor man.”

“Yes, I’m sure that’s the answer I give your father if he does ever look up from those dusty old tomes he has his head buried in.” She answered tartly.

“I’ll find Aegon, congratulate him on being the heir apparent. Enter when you get clean up.” Jon said, before leaning over and giving her lips a quick peck, then away he went to the trap door to the left of the small room.





The trap door would take him underneath the main hallway to another hidden compartment. From there it was a 100 feet before a false wall would open into one of the many pantries. Sliding the wall closed, Jon simply moved aside a food rack and exited the pantry. At this time of night, and during a feast to celebrate his brother, Jon found very few servants, and the only nobility he spotted were hidden away in corners trying to find a little alone time of their own.

His mind now focused on his brother, Jon was happy for Aegon. He was the eldest, and the God’s knew Jon didn’t want the throne. Passing through hallways towards the throne room, he very much wanted to give his brother the praise he deserved.

With Rhaenys married to the heir to Highgarden, she hadn’t been able to attend, as his mother had pointed out, King Rhaegar was no doubt somewhere reading a useless scroll about long dead history and even deader magic. Uncle Visery would undoubtably already be deep in his cups, the lush.

Mama Elia would be resting at this point, no doubt tired from the day and however brief an exchange she’d had with the high lords & ladies. His little sister Visenya was being fostered in The North with the Starks, and the youngest Targaryen, his brother Aerion, was squire to Prince Oberyn. So he might very well be in attendance.

Jon nodded to a group of knights as they drank and sang in one corner, lords and ladies of the realm gossiping away throughout the throne room. As he’d hoped, Dany was by Aegon’s side, the happy couple had been married only three moons but already a bump was growing beneath her dress.

“Brother! Where have you been?” Aegon demanded, though his stern visage became sly as he took in Jon’s appearance. “Ah, did you defile some hapless young maiden? I hear the youngest brood of Sand Snakes are lurking about, I assume at least one of the young ones is still a virgin. Unless you saw to that.” The silver haired prince said with a laugh.

Egg! Those are your cousins. And there much too young to be worrying about your brother’s lustful ways.” Daenerys said while giving her husband’s shoulder a slap.

“My all too Dornish bastard cousins. And if Jon wants to pluck a little snake’s virginity before she throws it at the first man to give her a wink, who are we to judge?” The eldest prince continued to rib him.

“Alas, brother, I haven’t bumped into any Dornish, your cousins least of all, as I’m sure their mother has already sent them to bed at this hour.” Jon replied.

Dany just sipped her wine and plucked a piece of cheese off one of the plates on the main table as the trio walked by. Her free hand coming to rest against her growing abdomen, She & Jon shared a smile at her good fortune.

Aegon however wasn’t done teasing, “not even Obara? I heard she’d gotten drunk and started a spar with a hedge knight from the Westerlands. Somehow they’d made it to the stables where a rather large crowd had gathered, once my hot headed cousin had beaten the foolish knight, she stripped his pants off and mounted him right there.”

Dany gasped, “no!”

“Oh yes, from there I heard she’d taken the crowd afterwards, sometimes two at a time. By tomorrow she’ll be more famous the Gatehouse Ami!” Aegon laughed up roaringly.

“Let us leave the poor bastard be then, it’s a night of merriment, let our uncle drink himself into a stupor, your cousin suck every cock in the Red Keep, while we eat and drink and celebrate you!” Jon proclaimed, while Daenerys leaned over and pulled her husband into a tight hug.

And Aegon smiled, pleased to be the center of attention, happy that everyone else was happy. “I hadn’t put much faith in father showing up, but Jon, have you seen your mother? Mama Lyanna wouldn’t miss this, would she?” He finally asked, a little pensive.

“Of course not Egg, I’m sure she’s just making herself presentable. You know how women can be.” Jon replied.

“Let her rest, husband dear, I heard news that she’s going to need it in the coming months.” Dany said with a smile, pleased that from the looks of it neither brother was aware of the gossip.

“What do you mean, sweet aunt? Is my mother ill?” She certainly didn’t seem it, not tonight or the weeks he’d met her before on Dragonstone.

“Well, I’m not supposed to tell….” Grinning at their desperate faces, the silver haired princess finally spilled, “the way I hear we’re to soon have another little dragon crawling around the Red Keep.”

“Queen Lyanna is with child.”

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