Dark Love

BY : RedwoodSkies
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Dark… Pure, pitch black darkness. That was literally all the SPD Yellow Ranger could see. She shivered in mild terror and an excited anticipation, as she heard the sound of some clothes being tossed around. She felt hands on her body, as they made their way around her naked waist, and slowly up her body, and to her bra-clad breasts. She had half a mind to rip off the black fabric covering her eyes and see the bright world again, and see what he was doing to her, but she had consented to it, all of it, after all, and letting him take control of her. 

“Aahh!” Z moaned, as his hands slipped in through her bra, and circled around her nipples. Z wondered why the hell she had actually agreed to this in the first place. She clearly remembered Sky seducing her, but this? Right now, she was on Sky Tate’s bed, blindfolded, and waiting for what was to come. 

She moaned, as the Red Ranger unclipped her bra, and pulled it off completely, leaving her top of her body exposed. She shuddered, feeling her nipples harden. The bed sank a little, as she felt more weight added onto it and she felt his much larger body cover hers. 

“You seem nervous?” his silky soft, concerned voice asked, as he started kissing her neck, sending shockwaves of pleasure down her body. She could hear his breath on her face, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, but he snarled. His wrist gripped hers, and roughly and pushed her back, pinning her hands back to the mattress. 

“No” he ordered, and she couldn’t do anything but whimper. 

He realised she was feeling uncomfortable, “Don’t be scared, baby, I won’t hurt you” he whispered silkily into her ear, and she felt a chill run down her spine. Usually, she wouldn’t feel nervous about anything like this, but this specific kink made her feel vulnerable, as she didn’t know what was happening to her. She was not the one in control, he was, and she was at his mercy. She felt a tinge of anticipation, loving this feeling of vulnerability, as his fingers travelled her body.

Sky grinned viciously at his girlfriend, even though she couldn’t see it. He had never imagined that she’d actually agree to this crazy fetish he had, but after all the kinky shit they’d already done, including a foursome and frequent pegging, there was little she wouldn’t agree to.

He held her hands over her head, as his other hand rubbed against her thigh, and slowly grazed her skin, moving upwards to her glittery black panties. He loved that particular pair of her underwear, and he always insisted that Z wear them every time they did something kinky in the bedroom.

Seeing her squirming in her panties under him turned him on so much that his cock was harder than diamond, but he knew that he had to wait for some time before he could fuck her. He had to make her at ease, and more comfortable.

Well, there was only one twisted way that Sky Tate’s mind conjured up, and Z moaned inside her blindfold, as she felt his warmth leave her, and the weight lift off.

“Sky?” She cried out in the dark, and she felt his lips suddenly press close to her ears.

“It’s just beginning, sweetheart” he whispered, and was gone again.

Z waited, petrified, about what he had in mind right now, but she stated still, without removing the blindfold. Suddenly, she felt his hands back on her body, his lips back by her ear, nibbling slowly, making their way across her chin, and over to her lips. 

He pulled her in for a passionate tongue kiss, and as the couple kissed, she felt his hands move around her arms. It took her only a moment to realise what he was doing when she felt cool metal clasp around her wrists. Z’s eyes opened wide, though all they could see was black. 

“Ugh! Skyyyy!” She moaned, as she felt the handcuffs lock in place and he brought her cuffed hands together, and tied them behind her head, where shortly before he had held her hand, and locked them securely against the back of the bed.

“I’ve always wanted to do that” he whispered into her ear, “Ever since the first day I saw you stealing those clothes…I knew you just deserve handcuffs” and he started kissing her neck again.

She squirmed and moaned as her movement was restricted, almost frenzied.

“Don’t panic Z, you know our safeword. If you want me to stop just say it”

Z nodded, wondering if he’d allow her to speak With all this other bondage and stuff.

“You don't wanna gag me too?” Z asked, finally gathering courage.

“I like to hear you scream my name as I fuck you” he said sadistically.

“Alright mighty red, then why don’t you get to it and make me fucking scream your name?” Z teased even through all the bondages on her.

“Because I want you to beg for it” he said, right now, he was really in the mood of domming. Z liked swinging both ways, fucking, as well as being fucked, but yes, bottomming was truly a passion for her, and Sky, taking up charge like this, making it hell for her, it turned her on so much, that Z was sure her panties, the only piece of clothing on her body right now, were completely soaked by now. 

“You ever planning to take these off?” She provoked him a bit more, by squirming and wiggling her hips seductively at him.

He didn’t reply, and instead, started kissing the inner part of her thighs, first left, then right, trailing upwards towards the wet spot. Reaching there, he slowly pulled at her panties, and within seconds, they were lying in a different part of the room, tossed away carelessly, while Sky Tate’s lips got unrestricted access to her opening. Z couldn’t help but moan, as Sky slowly licked her folds, commenting on how wet his actions had made her, and she smirked, moaning wildly as he ate her out.

“Yesss!” Z moaned, as he added two fingers, making his ministrations more aggressive.

“Ohh Sky!” Z squirmed against the restraints, but Sky placed a firm hand on her hips, pinning her back to the bed, and continued giving her oral sex.

“Sky! Please fuck me!!” Z begged him, and even though Sky’s dick told him to comply, he wasn’t going to give it to her that easily.

“Cum for me, Z! Cum in my mouth!” Sky exclaimed, all of a sudden, adding a third finger into the mix, getting rougher. Z’s breathing got heavier, as the pleasure exceeded a little too much, and she moaned, “AAAHHH FUUUCCCKKK!” and she started cumming in his face.

Sky hungrily lapped it all up, and continued licking her and stroking her till she begged him again to fuck her. The darkness of the blindfold was starting to get stifling, but she kept her eyes tightly shut as she was tongue-fucked by her boyfriend. 

“Sky! Please! Fuck me” 

He finally extracted his fingers and tongue from her with a smile, and sat up, aligning his cock with her entrance. He paused to enter her for a minute, teasing her a little more, “Fuck you with what?” he asked. 

“Fuck me with your giant dick, daddy! Tear me in half!” Z exclaimed what she knew, that Sky loved to hear. He grinned, his girlfriend knew him a little too well. 

“Well, if you’re being such a good girl today, then, maybe I should give you what you want”

“Yess daddy!” she moaned, squirming, and attempting to lift her waist off the bed, while her hands were still handcuffed to the head of the bed. Sky smiled at her, only she could take all the kinky shit he was into. No other girl would ever allow it. Lucky for him, she did, but that meant he had to take some of hers too. So far, the craziest kink of hers he had taken part in, was her extreme double penetration, back in that foursome with Bridge and Syd. 

Well, right now was no time to reminisce about all that, because Sky felt horny beyond comparison, seeing her naked and tied up, with nothing except those blindfolds and handcuffs on her body. She belonged to him, and that feeling made him giddy. He quickly stripped off his boxers, and started stroking his dick, while she waited in anticipation. 

Z, honestly had no idea what Sky was doing. She wouldn’t know until he started doing something to her body, and she was waiting for it like hell. Sky’s fucking was always a little too spectacular. He could always make her cum multiple times, before climaxing himself. And even then, that wasn’t the end, because Sky could cum at least 5 times, and stay hard for a long long time. In bed, he was by far the best boyfriend she had ever had… In fact, he was the best boyfriend she had ever had, considering everything else too. She let out a little gasp, as in the dark, she suddenly felt the tip of his penis rub gently against her vagina’s opening and clit a few times. “Uhh!” she moaned, waiting, “Skyyy!” she cried out in impatience.

As a result, Sky, without any warning, simply slammed his cock into her. A scream of pain and pleasure tore through her throat, as he bottomed out in one single thrust. Ughh that was never going to be something she’d get used to, though her cunt most definitely was. She knew that now, nothing except his 13 inch cock would be able to satisfy her completely. 

He pulled out, until only the head of his cock was still buried inside her, and then slammed back in with a massive amount of force. He continued this way, until there was a steady rhythm in which he pumped into her, with her screaming her head off all the way. The bed rocked back and forth with the shockwaves of his intense thrust, while Z gritted her teeth, her throat running dry.

“Yesss!” she moaned even louder, as Sky’s hands reached around her, and gripped her waist, holding her in place as he screwed her brutally. He slammed into her body again and again, and she felt her body shaking, as she closed her eyes in the darkness of the blindfolds, Z’s moans had turned into screams, and he relentlessly thrusted into her, groaning and moaning like a wild beast himself. Sky’s hands slipped up and cupped her soft globes, his thumbs slowly tweaking her nipples, and that stimulation felt too much.

Z’s whole mind went as blank as she snapped her eyes completely shut, as tightly as she could, as her pussy spasmed multiple times, orgasming. Sky groaned, Z’s cunt had tightened too much around his cock. He paused, letting her ride her orgasm, and then continued again, slamming into her again, with even more force than last time. Z felt like Sky was almost tearing her pussy in half!

“FUUUUCKK SKYYYYY!” Z moaned, as she found herself orgasming three more times, while he continued pounding into her, her vagina oversensitive from all the orgasms, making her cum even more frequently. 

That was when Sky’s stamina also gave in, and he roared, “OHH Z!!!!!!” he felt his whole body contort in pleasure, and he looked at her, “Z I’M GONNA CUM!” he cried, asking for her permission.

“Yess! Sky! Cum inside me! Fill me up!” she screamed, her pleasure skyrocketing.

And with that, he grunted, and in a heavy thrust, buried himself balls deep inside her, as his dick spurted loads of cum inside her.

“Yesss!” she moaned as she felt the warm liquid filling her insides, and she asked him to kiss her, and he followed, bending down, still inside her, though not thrusting anymore, and kissed her.

Z wanted to run her hands through his hair, but the metal of the handcuffs was burning her wrist, and not letting her touch her lover. Oh! It was torture! Fucking torture!

“Sky Pleasee! Take off the handcuffs!” She begged him, but Sky, caring and sensitive as he was, was not going to let her disobey her, at least this once. At least not till she used their safeword.

“Oh, no, no, no, baby” He hissed silkily in her ear, “You gotta hang on all through the night… this is just the beginning”

With that, Sky pulled out of her dripping cunt, which now leaked his pearly white cream, and he repositioned himself. Z didn’t know what he was doing, now, only that she felt incoherent from all the pleasure, as she usually did. All she felt, was weight shifting off the bed, this way and that, unable to understand whatever the fuck he was doing. 

Z felt her heartbeat fasten, when she felt Sky’s legs on either side of her, his heat radiating freakishly close to her face. Suddenly, she felt something prodding against her lips, and she immediately knew what he wanted. She parted her lips to swallow his cock, and slowly sucked on the tip of it, tasting her own wetness on it. 

“Mmm” she moaned, relishing it, feeling the burn in her cheeks, as he placed his cock in her mouth, and she asked, “Sky? Fuck my mouth” she ordered him, and he grunted, “You don’t get to order me around” he said, but nonetheless, he complied, and starting bucking his hips deep into her mouth, and down her throat. She gagged, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t resist, she could only drool on his cock, as he brutally thrust deep into her throat. She let her tongue swirl around his cock, teasing him, and he moaned, and increased his speed, thrusting deeper, and deeper into her throat. After a few minutes, Sky groaned, “You give really good blow-jobs, Z!” he moaned, and shot his sperm deep into her throat, pulling out, and letting her pant, and swallow his cum. 

“Oh Skyy!”

Sky then got off of her, and started tracing her body with his lips, kissing every bit of hers, tracing down from her neck, all over her body, pausing to latch on her erect nipples, then continuing downwards, making circles around her belly button, and moving downwards, tracing kisses down to her clit, sucking on it gently, and then trailing his kisses down her thighs, all the while, with her squirming under him, moaning, in pleasure.

He realised, she wanted him to fuck her again, but possibly didn’t know whether he was still hard or not. He thought he should give her another good hard fucking. He thought of something, and licking his lips, he roughly turned her around, and she screamed,

“SKY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” her hands were now twisted in a cross, in a way the handcuffs straining her wrists, and she screamed a little more, as he pushed her on all fours, perhaps to enter her from behind, and that was precisely what he did, as Z’s ass stuck out at her, he entered her cunt again, spanking her hard, and thrusting into her again. 

He continued this way, until Z suddenly cried out, “Sky! GreenGlitter!!”

Sky’s eyes grew wide with concern, and surprise, and he immediately withdrew, and scurried over to where Z was, undoing both her blindfold and her handcuffs, and making her sit comfortably on the bed, facing him. “What happened baby girl?” he asked in an uncharacteristic sweet voice, that anyone watching the scene minutes ago, would’ve thought of as fake, but it was every bit true.

“Did I hurt you?” Sky asked, feeling ashamed of whatever it was that he had done.

“Oh, no, Sky” she panted, “The handcuffs were twisting my wrists” she explained, and he took her hands in his, anxiously, and slowly massaged her wrists, which had turned red because of the strain of the handcuffs. She felt her heart warm, by his sheer concern for her, and wanted to kiss him so bad. She slowly retracted her hands from his, and reached for the blindfold, telling him she was ready to take him again, and he helped her, fastening the blindfold, and snapping the handcuffs back in place. Sky leaned in, and softly kissed Z, brushing her hair out of her eyes, and caressing her cheek softly. 

“Let’s go back to what we were doing” she said, and he nodded, adjusting the handcuffs so they wouldn’t twist her wrists this time, and he apologized for his callousness. 

Z smiled, “it’s okay, Sky, stuff happens at times,” he saw her grinning, and she added, “remember the first time you bottomed?” and he chuckled at the memory, “Yeah, you were so rough you tore my virgin ass”

“You were walking funny for a week” she also grinned.

“You remember the first time you took me?” he asked,

“It took you more than half an hour to bottom out,” she reminisced, smiling. 

“I was too huge for you, no?” Sky said, “Not anymore, Tate”

“Oh yeah” he let out a deep grunt, “Now, well, now the only thing that fits you is me” he smirked, and she teased him, still inside her blindfolds, “you love bragging about it no?”

“I remember when Bridge penetrated you” he snickered, “You were just not satisfied!”

“Yeah, okay, whatever, satisfy me NOW!” Z ordered, and Sky smirked, “hey You’re the one in the handcuffs, and I’m the one who gets to order you around” 

Z rolled her eyes, even though Sky couldn’t see it, he could feel it. 

“Fuuuuuck!” Z suddenly moaned, when Sky slammed into her again, “Oh! Fuck! YESS!” Z’s moans grew, as did Sky’s thrust. Sky grunted deeply, driving  harder and harder into her, making her head spin in pleasure.


Sky complied, moaning, “ohhhhh yessss Z!” and almost an hour later, just as Z’s vagina contracted for the fifth time, all around him, and he continued thrusting through the tightness, till his body too contorted, and he threw his head back in pleasure ejaculating inside her. 

Spent for now, he pulled out reluctantly, and fell lifeless on top of her. Z had a broad smile on her face, as she asked him to bring his cheek closer to her, so she could kiss it, and Sky, in reply, adjusted himself a little, so as Z kissed his cheek, and all the way around, to nibbling her earlobe, he was able to unlock the handcuffs and free her wrists. The moment that happened, Z’s hands found their way into Sky’s sweat drenched hair, and she slowly tugged at them, and he grinned, looking at her, and realising he couldn’t look into her eyes. He then, with one quick movement, tore off her blindfolds, and she squinted her eyes against the sudden light. It’d take a minute for her eyes to adjust back to the light. 

Few minutes later, Sky and Z found themselves cuddling each other, in bed, their foreheads pressed together, bright smiles adorning their faces, as they just stared into each other’s eyes. Sky’s arms were wrapped around her waist, and hers around his neck. 

“Why do you withstand all these crazy kinks and fetishes of mine, Z?” Sky asked, slowly.

“It’s because I love you, Sky, and everything, all these kinks, and stuff… it’s all a part of you, so why wouldn’t I love it?”

“You like me doing this stuff?”

She smiled, “I love you, and so, I have absolutely no problem with being tied with handcuffs and blindfolds for a night, or taking it up the ass, or anything really… I mean it’s not like we do this stuff every day, do we?”

“Yeah, so we better enjoy it, while we do,” Sky smirked.

“I love you” she said, and he replied, “I’ve loved you since the beginning”

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