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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Teasing
Author: three eyes open / aka "silken"
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing them. I won't break them, promise.
Notes: Maybe it's just me, but I think Tyr is a real tease like this....

This is a nice planet, he thought, even if this “vacation” is a waste of time. Still, breezy woodlands, quiet, not too hot and humid, it was restful enough. Better still, the others were all gone, having left him alone in the makeshift camp.

He lay on the ground, one muscular arm under his head, watching the leaves dance in the wind. The breeze felt good against the exposed skin of his chest, almost caressing him.

Something else stirred too. He looked around and listened intently. No one was nearby.

He pulled the top of the brown leather bodysuit farther apart, revealing his finely muscled chest. Smooth, dark skin, gleaming a little in the sunlight. He ran his hand over the sculpted muscles, and over his nipples, feeling them harden under his touch.

Then he unzipped the bodysuit all the way down, sighing at the sense of freedom. He pulled his dark cock out into the soft, warm wind. He slowly explored himself, moistening his hand with his tongue, as he traced the thick veins and circled around the throbbing, purple head. Almost lazily, he began to pump himself, twisting his hand on the soft flesh, slowly working his way up and down.

A rustle in the bushes, about six feet away from him, a scent in the air. He knew who that scent belonged to.

With a slight smile on his full lips, he began pumping his hips to his hand and moaned softly. Moistening his hand again, he twisted the head, feeling a needy ache in his balls. Veins stood out and visibly throbbed. He heard the observer’s breathing increase and smiled, teeth fastened on his bottom lip. He pumped faster and moaned again, holding back. He ran his other hand over his chest and stomach again, flexing his muscles while still pumping his hips. Long, slow strokes alternating with faster ones, his moans the only sounds besides the gentle wind.

Finally he could stand it no longer, and pumping himself harder with a growl, he came. Writhing on the ground, dreadlocks dragging in the grass and leaves, he allowed his semen to fly into the air in spurts with each last, intense thrust. With a sigh of pleasure, he relaxed and listened.

A moan barely audible to his Nietzschean ears. He smiled wickedly.

He’d teased her again.

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