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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Rommeline

Author: Margaret Brown, aka Andromeda Valentine

Fandom: Andromeda

Pairing: Dylan/Rommie, implied Dylan/Rommie/Beka

Rating: NC-17, just to be safe

Status: New (07/26/02); complete

Archive: Yes to list archives, anyone else please ask first.

Feedback: Yes, please!!

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Series/Sequel: None, as yet

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Disclaimers: Not mine - DROM belongs to Tribune, and ‘Madeline’ belongs to the estate of Ludwig Bemelmans. I own only my abiding love of them both, and the perversion to spoof them this way...

Summary: Dylan pays Rommie a late night visit... (Parody of ‘Madeline’ by Ludwig Bemelmans)

Notes: This is in answer to Maryavatar’s fairytale challenge - to take a fairy tale and DROMify it, the smuttier the result the better. I chose to parody a kid’s book instead, keeping the spirit of the challenge if not the exact particulars of it. Also, ‘Madeline’ is in rhyming verse, which I chose to use as well - though don’t expect the rhyme schemes or the meters to match. I tried my best, but you’ll probably get an 80% total match-up there at best. <lol>

Warnings: None, really, unless an adult spoof of the conventions and plot of a children’s book, using adult characters, bothers you...


"In a starship in space, once frozen in time,

lived three hot chicks, sharing one mind.

Sharing one mind, they ran the ship,

kicked some ass, and looked quite hip.

They helped out the good, and defeated the bad -

and often they were very mad.

Their looks were of their own design,

all just the same, anl qul quite fine.

The youngest one was Rommeline.

She was not afraid to fight,

loved black leather that fit just right.

To the Magog that she slew,

Rommeline just said 'Screw you!'

All that leather, truth to tell,

made her Captain's life pure hell.

In the middle of one night,

the Captain turned on his light

and cried 'Something isn't right!'

Holo Rommeline stood nearby,

waiting to catch the Captain's eye.

'Captain,' said she, 'Rommeline -

well, she really thinks you're fine -

it's more tonight than she can bear...'

'Wow,' said he, 'I will be right there!'

So he hurried down the hall -

he was needed, after all.

Rommeline stood at her door -

he knew what she waited for.

In a corset laced up tight,

Rommeline made quite a sight.

'Dylan, I've been waiting hours.'

she said, smelling sweet like flowers.

Dylan soon had that corset off,

then his own clothes did he doff.

As Rommeline fell onto the bed beside him,

she somehow ended up astride him.

He pulled her down, hips in his grasp,

and she could not hide her startled gasp.

Smiling at her, the Captain said

'Isn't this fine -

what do you think, Rommeline?'

'I've *never* felt like this before,'

said she. 'God, yes, please, some more...'

Moving at a gentle pace,

pleasure written on his face,

he moved inside her, crying out.

He reached the moment when he came,

and saw that she was near the same.

With tremble and then a sigh,

she came with a throaty cry!

'Good-bye,' Dylan said, 'for I should go.'

Rommeline, sleepy, said 'Not so...'

He kissed her - 'My sleepyhead...' -

dressed himself, and found his bed.

In the middle of the night

the Captain turned on his light

and said, 'Something isn't right!'

He, afraid of disaster,

to Command ran fast and faster,

and he said, 'Please, Beka, do -

tell me what is troubling you?'

And poor blonde Beka cried, 'Boohoo,

I want to be with Rommeline too!'

'Hmm.' said the Captain.

'This could work out quite nice!'

And off they went without thinking twice.

All three smiled as one

as clothes hit the floor.

And - that's all there is,

until I write some more..."

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