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Title: Private Education I - First Lesson
Margaret Brown, aka Andromeda Valentine
Rommie and - sorry, it'd ruin the surprise. ;o)
New, Part One of the Private Education series
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Private Education
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Rommie begins her study of human sexuality...

My first attempt at pure smut, so please be kind... Also, thanks to Eiluned for ultrultraswift beta, and to my roommate for inadvertantly giving me the idea for this one while discussing our Andromeda 'ship preferences...

None I can think of, really, just the NC-17 rating and some very light BDSM.


Rommie stood at the door, hand paused just short of pressing the chime to signal her presence. A moment's hesitation almost sent her scurrying back to her quarters, but she fought it and mastered it. The door swished the then, the large figure in the doorway hulking over her and almost sending her running again.

"You're late. I'd begun to think you'd reconsidered." The tone behind the final word was just short of a sneer - he had expected her fear to get the better of her and make her back out. She snorted at the thought and answered simply, "I was delayed."

He stepped aside to let her in finally, eyeing appreciatively the outfit she had made herself late getting into. Black leather, just this side of pornographically tight and most definitely illegal in several solar systems, even without the stiletto-heeled boots and dark makeup. He smiled as he took in the view more slowly. "Not your usual look." Rommie shrugged. "I thought something a bit different was in order. The database suggested this might be appropriate." The mood suddenly shifted as large warm hands snaked around her to place a blindfold over her eyes. She tensed at the sudden vulnerability she felt, then jumped as an unseen hand traced its way down her neck.

"You could not even begin to imagine the things I'm going to do to you, girl." Rommie shivered at the threat and promise in that purred statement, and nearly whimpered at the feel of hot breath on her ear. "I'll have you begging before I'm done..." She felt a hard, warm male body press up against her from behind, its own state of arousal quite clear through the close contact. A hand slid idly around her waist to rest between her legs, cupping her sex possessively.

She gasped as that hand began to stroke and rub through the leather, and she began arching into it after a moment. The hand withdrew then, and she felt the body behind her withdraw as well. The slap on her rear was unexpected and a bit painful, and she was glad the rules of the game let her cry out. "You'll respond when I tell you to, and not an instant before, is that clear?" the voice said harshly.

Two fingers teased a hard nipple through leather momentarily before pinching it painfully to further his point. "Y-yes." she stammered out prettily, fighting hard to sound submissive.

"Very good, pet." the voice purred. "A reward..." Rommie whimpered as a rough hand slid inside her shirt to toy with her again. "Continue to behave yourself, and I may feel generous enough to allow you more." Ttherther hand slid around to slip between her legs again, rubbing and stroking a bit harder this time. She very carefully kept herself from responding, and heard a chuckle next to her ear. "Nice. I see you're learning."

She felt the body withdraw from behind her again, then felt a large warm hand circle her upper arm. "Come this way, pet - it will be more comfortable." She went quietly, actually managing a semblance of meekness, and her suspicions about their destination were confirmed when she was told to sit and found a bed beneath her when she did.

She sat, stock still and very quiet, as she felt her boots being unzipped, the unseen hand pausing momentarily each time to slide up the inside of her thigh and take small libes ths that almost undid her completely. She heard her companion take a step back and drop the boots on the floor before speaking again. "Now remove your shirt." A pause, then in a purr again. "Slowly."

Her hanrembrembled as she did so, working each clasp one by one until her shirt hung open, before sliding it off her shoulders and down her arms. A gasp nearly escaped her as the cool air hit her bared breasts, making the aching nipples harden further. One did slip past her lips as rough hands began to caress her breasts, the sensation hovering somewhere between pleasure and pain.

The voice came again, displeased. "Did I give you permission, pet?" There was a long pause, filled with the expectation of punishment, after her murmured 'No.' But punishment was apparently deferred, as her companion spoke into the silence. "Lay down on the bed."

Rommie scooted backwards, further onto the bed, and finally stretched out. After a moment, she felt her companion's weight settle onto the bed beside her. "You've been a good girl tonight, pet, and I'm feeling generous. I won't make you wait too long." Then she felt her arms being lifted, one by one, and tied with a silk scarf to the headboard.

She almost ended things there, the level of vulnerability swiftly rising beyond what she was prepared to accept. After a moment's consideration, though, she realized that this fo sub submission was only arousing her all the more. Not a reaction she had anticipated...

Her companion spoke again, apparently sensing her hesitation. "Do you wish to end this here?" Rommie shook headhead 'no', whimpering slightly, and was rewarded with a low chuckle. "Enjoying our little game, are you, pet?" the voice purred, and Rommie stifled a moan as an unseen hand deliberately cupped and squeezed an already aching breast again, knowing the gesture was near-torture at this point.

A finger trailed lazily down her side, Rommie's over-excited nerves nearly going haywire at the unexpected contact. "I have a wish to see you naked, pet." There was a long, heart-pounding pause and then Rommie felt hands at her waistband, smoothly unfastening her pants. A hand slipped inside them, and every muscle in her body locked with the effort to stay still as two fingers brushed her swollen and sensitive clit through the thin silk of her panties.

Then the hand mercifully withdrew and Rommie felt the cool air against her damp skin as unseen haneftleftly peeled away the last of her clothing. There was a long, expectant - almost torturous - silence, and then she heard her companion draw in a breath. "You are lovely, pet." he said, trailing a finger from her breasts down to her stomach, and then over to run lazily down her thigh. The feathery touch sent delicious chills running up Rommie's spine, and she almost whimpered when the contact was broken abruptly.

Her companion's weight shifted off the bed, and Rommie heard the faint sound of clothing being removed in the long moment before she felt the weight return. Her companion was naked now as well, she could feel the heat of his skin next to hers, and the realization only aroused her further.

She started slightly at the feel of her companion's hands on her body again, the touch like fire to hypersensitive nerves. It was all she could do to remain passive as those hands roamed over every inch of her body, playing it like an instrument - ghost of a touch across the crest of a painfully hard nipple, barest hint of a caress over the sensitive skin around her navel, the firmer stroke of a hand up the inside of a thigh, coming teasingly close to the one area that wanted touching most...

Rommie bit back a moan as a finger slid slowly inside her, the sensation all the more intense for its unfamiliarity. Another finger began working her clit as the one inside her started sliding in and out, and she thought she saw stars for an instant as second finger slid inside her to join the first, the tight fit adding just the slightest hint of pain to the pleasure.

Daring her companion to punish her for it, Rommie arched into the contact, thrusting into each stroke to try and drive those fingers deeper inside her. The delicious tension filling her body coiled tighter and tighter, spiraling its way to a place she had only imagined before.

And then, in that last heartbeat before her release, her companion stopped.

Rommie's world spun for an instant as body and mind battled each other for control, and rational thought barely returned in time to hear her companion's growled command.

"On your knees, hands against the headboard."

After a moment's startled hesitation, Rommie tested her bonds and found that the scarf around her wrists held just enough slack to turn herself around. Kneeling there with her hands gripping the top of the headboard, she waited to see what her companion would do.

Large, strong hands covered hers atop the headboard as he settled himself behind her, nudging her knees further apart to fit himself between them.

Rommie jerked slightly in surprise as her companion entered her from behind, the sudden fullness hovering on that knife's edge between pleasure and pain. Sensing her discomfort, her companion spoke softly into her ear, his voice carrying an unfamiliar note of compassion. "Just relax - your body will adjust."

Then her companion moved ever so slightly inside her, and the balance shifted in a rush from pain to pleasure...

Rommie lost herself in sensation as her companion began to move smoothly in and out of her, unconsciously moving with him as she tried to push herself back to the point of pure, mindless pleasure she had come so close to earlier.

She quickly found herself hovering again at the verge of her release, her body screaming for it but somehow unable to reach it. "Please..." she whimpered. "I can't -"

The world suddenly sparked and then exploded around her as her companion slid a finger over her clit, his low, controlled growl the only outward sign that he had reached his release as well.

The sound sent a faint, delicious chill up Rommie's spine in the silence that followed. She could definitely get used to that sound...

Her companion's voice broke the silence as she felt her hands being untied. "Andromeda? Are you alright?"

She smiled at that, readjusting herself on the bed as she removed the blindfold. "You know, Tyr, I think that's the first time you've ever actually used my name."

Tyr smiled back at her, his dark eyes filled with amusement, and, finally, respect. "I never actually thought you would go through with this when you first spoke with me. I thought you would be much too stubborn to take orders from anyone besides Dylan - and, I must admit, I had rather pictured you as more the sort to give orders in the bedroom rather than take them."

Rommie arched an eyebrow at him. "You didn't seem to mind the surprise."
jus just laughed. "No, I didn't mind it at all. Nietzschean women tend to dominate rather than be dominated - the change was... pleasant." He shifted to study her face better."Tell me - what brought about this little experiment? It's not the usual place to start..."

Rommie smiled enigmatically. "Let's just say that I'm espousing the Nietzschean trait of taking what I want, but need a little... education first."

"I'd say you made a good beginning today." Tyr said, smiling. "And I almost feel sorry for poor Captain Hunt once your... education is complete..."

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