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I was knee-walking drunk when I wrote the smutty part of this…

This chapter is set just after ‘The Golden Hour’, so assume Beka and Trance are still asleep on the Maru.

Well, still on the Maru anyway…

Happy Hour

“You wanted to see me?” Dylan walked into his office, Rommie and Erica waiting for him.

“Sir.” Rommie sounded unusually businesslike, “Request permission to move quarters.”

“Is there something wrong?” Dylan asked, “Have the two of you had a falling out?”

“No.” Erica smiled, “Quite the opposite, in fact.”

“Excuse me?” Dylan raised an eyebrow as the two Avatars linked hands, “What’s going on here?”

“You once asked why I kept Erica’s existence a secret from you.” Rommie smiled coyly, “We’ve been lovers for some time now.” She took the other woman’s face in her hand and kissed her softly on the lips, “We don’t want to hide it anymore.”

“We’re tired of playing games.” Erica moaned as Rommie trailed kisses down her cheek, neck and collarbone, “We want to be free to express ourselves…” She stopped mid sentence as Rommie pulled her blouse open, sending buttons flying across the room.

Rommie attached an eager mouth to Erica’s erect nipples, sucking on it intently, her hand moving up to cares the other breast, cupping it at first, a thumb and forefinger teasing the dark nipple before squeezing it.

Erica sighed in pleasure and pain as Rommie shifted her head to the other nipple, her free hand hastily undoing her lovers belt and pulling her trousers down to reveal her thin cotton panties. Erica regained enough control to start undressing Rommie, the High Guard Avatar’s uniform joining the growing pile of clothes on the floor, leaving the two of them standing there in just their panties.

Dylan sat ridged in his chair, unable to do anything but watch.

Rommie pushed Erica back onto the desk, forcing her down onto her back as her hands reached down to remove her black silk undergarments before she climbed on top of her lover. For her part, Erica captured Rommie’s face with her hands and pulled her up for a deep kiss, their bodies moving against each other as their arousal grew.

One last, deep kiss, and Rommie turned herself round so her face was at Erica’s crotch. She carefully took the sodden undergarments between her teeth and pulled them down, revealing a patch of short red hair framing a pair of swollen neither lip’s already damp with excitement. Her tongue darted out, stabbing at Erica’s clit repeatedly, making the other android shiver with anticipation.

Unable or unwilling to contain her lust, Erica grabbed Rommie’s black underwear and ripped it away with one sudden movement, revealing a shaven crotch surrounding an engorged clit. She attached her mouth to it eagerly, two of her fingers dipping into Rommie’s womanhood, each frenzied stab exciting a deep moan.

Rommie took Erica’s clit between two fingers, rubbing it continually as she kissed her lover’s centre, her nimble fingers seeking Erica’s g-spot. Her other hand reached round lower, one finger probing the tight rear passage, using the Avatar’s own juices as lubricant to explore deeper.

Erica screamed as she reached orgasm, her body going rigged as her mussels contracted, trying to pull Rommie’s fingers in deeper. Her cries of pleasure where lost as she devoured her lover with renewed vigour.

Rommie’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came, her thighs clamping down on Erica’s head, holding her in place as she bucked violently, almost throwing the two of them off the desk. She stuck her tongue and finger as far into Erica as she could, prolonging the other woman’s orgasm for as long as she could.

Spent, the two androids collapsed, Rommie rolling over onto the desk next to her lover, breathing heavily as she looked up at the ceiling. Finally regaining some of her composure, she tilted her head to the side and looked at Dylan.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way: you either accept the way things are, or you can do something stupid like order us to stop seeing each other.” Rommie reached round to the floor and grabbed what remained of her cloths, “But what ever happens, you can’t stop us.”

“You see, I’m not a High Guard AI: I don’t have to follow the same rules as she does.” Erica stretched out, her body glistering, “Technically, I’m the personal property of Captain Valentine.”

“Although, if Beka ever tried to exercise that ownership, she’d have me to deal with.” Rommie smiled, pulling her bra back over her head, “There’s nothing in the regulations that says an Avatar can’t be involved with non-crewmembers, organic or synthetic.”

“This is a lot for me to take in.” Dylan blinked, totally shocked by what he had just seen, “I’ll need to talk to Beka about this…”

“I wouldn’t recommend disturbing her just now.” Erica pulled her blouse back on, doing up the buttons that remained, “She’s spending a little quality time on the Maru with Trance…”

“Beka and Trance?” Dylan looked like a stiff wind would knock him down, “I never saw that coming!”

“I did, but then I know things you don’t.” Erica grinned.

“Just think about it, ok?” Rommie kissed Dylan on the forehead; “We’ll make it worth your while.” She pulled her uniform jacket on and took Erica’s hand, leading her to the door.

The End??

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