The bottom of the bottle

BY : Starbug
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She sat hunched over a table in the mess hall, the bottle on the table in front of her. It had been two hours since THEY had made THEIR announcement. She’d pretended to be happy for THEM, had hidden her true feelings behind a fixed smile, congratulating THEM on the happy news. All she’d really wanted was the the deck to open up and swallow her.

She’d taken the bottle from its hiding place and made her way here, intent on finding blissful release in it’s depths. She didn’t even know what it was: the label had been missing when she had found it, and she didn’t recognise the look of it. She’d been saving it, hoping to give it to HIM someday. Talk about the best-laid plans of mice and men! So now she sat looking at it, trying not to think of THEM.

The door opened and she looked round, hoping it was HIM, here to tell her that it was all a mistake, and it was her that HE loved.

But it wasn’t: it was just him, her compatriot in unrequited love. Without a word she kicked back the chair across from hers and motioned to it. He slowly sat down, the look on his face a mirror of her own.

She poured two glasses of the rich amber liquid, and they silently toasted each other: Here’s to them, the losers in love.

The strong liquor burnt the back of her throat and she gagged: god it was strong stuff.

But then, the stronger the better.

She poured another two glasses, and they knocked them back just as fast as the first. Without ever exchanging a word, they slowly drank the bottle dry, tears filling their eyes as its strong flavour and smell filled the air.

In the end they both found the blissful release they sought, but only for a short time.

The End

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