Shieldbrothers: The Bonding

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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AN: Sorry for taking to long to post the end to this story. Thanks to all of you for your feedback! The story has a sequel...The Rescue. L&B


Harper sits cross-legged on the big sofa in the quarters he and Tyr share. He looks down at Tyr's gauss pistol as he delicately manipulates the calibrations. He sighs softly. Holding Tyr's pistol is the closest that he had gotten to holding anything of Tyr's lately. They've only been sharing quarters for four months now, but surely at some point he will get to have uninterrupted sex again. At this point he will even settle for interrupted sex. Since Mariyam died, itís been like having the invisible man for a roommate. And it's more than just sex, although he has gotten little enough of that lately. He wants to spend time with Tyr. Talk to him. Have dinner together. All that couple kind of stuff that he used to envy others for. Tyr hasn't cooked dinner for him in...well, almost as long as it's been since they had sex. Most of the time, the only way that he knows that Tyr has been around is finding a damp towel in the shower or precooked food waiting for him in the chiller or a simpent ent in the pillow next to his. The kids need their father. Especially now. He knows that. It is completely understandable that Tyr has been spending all his extra time with the twins. The boys had taken the death of their mother hard and Tyr is all the kids have now. He has been patient, encouraged Tyr and the boys to take whatever they needed...time, space, attention. He's kept himself in the far background. The boys are separated from their siblings for the first time in their lives and had only recently found their father. Plus the kids have a whole new culture to adjust to. It's a lot for anyone to bear. He knows about loss and the cold loneliness of it. He knows about not having anyone to call family. Hell, he was from Earth. Nuff said. Now, though, he has more than that...he has Tyr, his shieldbrother. Sort of. It seems like Tyr gets in later and leaves earlier each morning. And he is getting tired of patiently waiting in the background.

Harper finishes the adjustments and sits, staring unseeingly at the pistol. Should he say something? He is so new to this couple stuff that he is hesitant to rock the boat while ts ses seem smooth on the surface. Heís been patient. Heís sorry for the kids. He understands that they need Tyr but he needs Tyr too. Is some time with Tyr, just the two of them, too much to ask? Just thinking about it makes him feel selfish. Dylan is no help in the current situation either. The Captain keeps looking at him with this weird Dylan just doesnít understand what's going on. Dylan just keeps him busy running errands, tweaking this system or that, and beefing up the surveillance on Athena and Katherine -- the Uber Bitches. Harper scowls. Those two are always screeching about something or other. Acting like they are on a pleasure cruise with all their petty demands. The food is too hot or too cold or doesn't taste right. The cell isn't comfortable enough. Their pillow are flat. The blanket is too thin. The beds are hard. And the way they keep alternately coming on to him or taunting him. Harper shakes his head. Like he's stupid enough to fall for their synthetic sexiness. He knows they're up to something, but he hasnít said anything to Tyr about it. He's not going to waste what little time he does get with Tyr talking about those two.

He looks up with a hopeful grin as the door hisses open. Is he going to get an actual conversation today instead of the brief exchanges of facts that are passing for real conversation in their quarters these days? His gaze lingers longingly on the expanse of bare, damp chest before skimming down to admire the cling of the black leggings that Tyr favors for workouts or sparring sessions with the kids.

"What are you doing?" Tyr unties his long hair and shakes it loose down his back.

His grin fades. Harper lifts his eyebrows. "Well, 'hello' to you too.""Is "Is that my gauss pistol?" Tyr walks over to the cooler and removes a bottle of water. He holds the icy sides of the bottle against his face. His eyes close for a moment as he gives himself to the pleasure of the cold touch.

"One of 'em, yeah." Harper holsters the ol aol and sets it on the table. He leans back against the couch, wondering if Tyr will notice the way that the blue silk shirt is falling open over his chest. He stretches languidly against the back of the couch and slants an inviting look at his lover.

Tyr takes a long drink of the cold water as he leans against the counter. His eyes darken as he stares hungrily at Harper. "What are you doing to it?"

"Just some minor calibrations to boost response time."

"So that I can fire faster?"

"Yeah." Harper smiles at his lover's delighted expression. Nothing like improved methods of mayhem to get Tyr's full attention.

"Thank you." Tyr drains the last of his water and sets the bottle aside.

Harper shrugs, allowing his shirt to slip further open over his chest. "Anything that helps you fight better increases our chance of survival. You know what I'm saying?"


"How are the boys doing? Getting better at kicking the old man's ass?"

Tyr pushes away from the counter and draws himself up. "I'm not old and I have yet to meet the person who can defeat me."

"You're pretty well preserved for a guy your age." Harper teases as he makes a show of looking Tyr over.

Tyr glowers for a moment at the human. He sweeps his mass of braids over one shoulder and stalks off towards the bedroom.

"Nice ass, too. Aww, man, don't go away mad," Harper calls as he ogles the sumptuous swells rippling under the thin, tight fabric. A faint growl drifts out from the bedroom in reply. Harper grins. Things are looking up. He's got a half-dressed Tyr in the bedroom. All he needs to do now is get himself in there and maybe he'll get lucky. Just as he walks through the doorway, Tyr grabs him and presses him up against the wall.

"It has been so long...too long, Seamus." Tyr growls.

"Really? I hadn't noticed." Harper shivers in pleasure at the feel of Tyr's strong hand sliding over him. He kisses the dusky nipples, licking them to tight beads. Tyr presses closer, a growl of approval rumbles in his throat. Harper looks up, smiling into the smoldering amber eyes. His hands slide down the damp, velvet skin of Tyr's back to cup the hard curves of the Nietszchean's ass.

"I have missed you." Tyrís voice trembles with emotion. He takes Harperís mouth with a sudden urgency that has the human rising up on tiptoe in greedy response. Tyr lifts his head and studies his lover's swollen lips with blatant satisfaction. "I'll show you 'old', Mr. Harper."

"Promises. Promises." Harper twists away. He slides shi shirt off his shoulders and drops it on the floor. He glances over his bared shoulders, mischief bright in his eyes as his hands lower to his pants. "I'm going to take a shower. I smell like dusty conduits and engine oil."

Harper smiles as Tyr promptly follows him into the bathroom. Good to know that he hasn't lost his touch. He had been beginning to wonder. Pretending to be unaware of the big man leaning against the doorway, watching him with a hungry gaze, Ha ste steps out of his pants and kicks them aside. He leans into the shower to turn on the water and then slowly slides his boxers off, arching his back provocatively. Maybe if Tyr gets an eyeful, he will get some action finally. He's almost ready to volunteer his ass again if that's what it takes. Ah, yes...there's that throaty growl. Proof that Tyr's enjoying the view. Harper steps into the shower. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back, letting the water run over him. He reaches for the shampoo and goes to work on his hair, twisting and posing for his audience. He rinses the lather from his hair and slicks it back from his face. Harper opens his eyes and looks at Tyr. "Are you gonna stand there and ogle or are you gonna come in and wash my back?"

"Is that a request or an order?"

Harper smiles slowly as his gaze pointedly glides over the big bulge swelling higher under the thin fabric and the flickering bone blades. He raises his gaze to meet and hold Tyr's hot amber stare. "Which one will get you in here?"

"Either." Tyr holds Harper's gaze as he quickly strips.

Harper slides a hand down his chest, spreading foamy soapsuds. "Then it's a request."

Tyr steps into the shower and pulls Harper's slippery, soapy body next to his. He nuzzles the human's throat. "What's my reward for this service?"

"A lap dance." Harper presses his ass against Tyr and squirms enticingly as he runs a hand down the sinewy lengths of Tyr's forearms. His fingers teasingly ghost over the base of Tyr's bone blades.

"That has possibilities. I'll have to wash you thoroughly first."

Harper groans as the warm, dark hands glide over his chest and then down to close over his throbbing cock. He presses back against his lover's muscular body, turning his head to kiss Tyr's chest. "That sounds so good I may cum right here."

"Let us test that theory, hmm?" Tyr laughs huskily as he slides around to kneel in front of the human. His big hands close possessively over his lover's muscled flanks, pulling tumanuman closer.

Harper strokes his lover's long hair back, tugging the braids through his fingers. His hands fist in the soft black braids as Tyr's hot mouth settlver ver him. He arches helplessly into the heat, the cooler water from the shower pattering against his back and sliding over his shoulders. He wants to make this last, but it's been so long, too long since he shared this pleasure with Tyr. He pants as he looks down, watching as Tyr's lush mouth draws demanding on him. Harper clutches the wide shoulders, thrusting helplessly in response to Tyr's demand. Harper cries out as his hips jerk a final time. "Tyr!"


Oh, man, had he been whining about not getting enough attention? It's as if Tyr had tried to pack four months worth of sex into the past few hours. He feels too good. Amazingly good. Astoundingly, amazingly good. Harper lies limp and sated against the rumpled sheets. He curls closer into the heat of his lover's body, lazily rubbing his cheek against hard bicep that is acting as his pillow. When had he gotten so lucky? Harper smiles dreamily as he strokes the hard arm curved possesively around him. It still feels strange to be sated and relaxed while the cool, heaviness of bone blades brush his stomach.

"What makes you smile, Seamus?" Tyr's warm breath gusts softly over Harper's cheekbone as the Nietszchean nibbles the rim of his ear.


"That makes perfect sense, Little Professor."

Harper's smile deepens at the softly amused tone of Tyr's voice. This is so nice. So good. So exactly what he's been craving...the cuddling...the low intimate tone in Tyr's voice. That for his ears only kind of tone. Harper shivers as the chill air sweeps over his bare body.

Tyr rises up on his elbow and tugs the sheets up over them. He lies back, pulling Harper close to the warmth of his chest. "Better?"

"Much. Thanks." Harper snuggles closer. He loves the way Tyr feels, wrapped around him like a velvet quilt. "What I meant to say is that I...I've missed having you here...sleeping beside me."

"I've slept with you." Tyr nuzzles the smooth, pale skin of the human's shoulder. He smiles as he breathes in Harperís scent.

"You know what I mean."

"I know. I've missed being here...holding you." Tyr presses his face into the crook of shoulder and throat, delighting in way that his scent mingles with the human's. Only another Neitzschean would be able to understand the depth of his satisfaction and pleasure at knowing his scent is spread all over his lover's body, marking the human as his. "Making love with you. Seamus?"

"Mmmm?" Harper is driftin...content.

"There is something I must tell you..." Tyr breathes into Harper's ear.

Now what? Another wife? More kids? How many surprises is Tyr gonna spring on him? Harper tenses, suddenly wide-awake. He rolls onto his back so he can see his lover's face and strokes the long braids back. "What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong." Tyr pulls the human back into his embrace. He brushes his lips over the humans, murmuring in between kisses, "There's...there is something you must know. It's a special thing...a very important thing...something I can only share with mate...the one I love."

"Love?" Harper grabs a handful of braids and pulls the Neitszchean's head back so that he can focus on the dark face. The full lips are quirked into a smile and the amber eyes are soft and warm as Tyr looks down at him. They hadn't used the "L" word before. Well, Tyr had almost said it once, but he had stopped the Neitszchean because it seemed like too much, too soon. Like tempting Fate to hear such wonderful words.

"Yes. I love you, Seamus. More than love you...I trust you."

Harper traces the lush lips with his fingers, shivering with pleasure as Tyr nibbles his fingertips. "I love you, Tyr."

The amber eyes glow with pleasure as Tyr leans down to claim the human's mouth. "I know."

Harper wraps his arms around Tyr's neck. He gives himself totally to the kiss, concentrating on the soft heat of the lush lips. The teasing nip of sharp teeth along his lower lip followed by the soothing caress of velvety tongue. "I trust you, too, Tyr."

Tyr nuzzles the human's throat and begins murmuring in Harper's ear so Andromeda's prying sensors won't detect his words. "I have a son. Another son."

Harper's eyes widen as his lover, his mate...tells him of his other son, Tamerlaine and what Tamerlaine's existence means for all Nietzscheans. He tells Harper that he is sending the twins to Olma, to train with the Orca. All of his children will be together and safely concealed. Harper strokes his loverís back. His earlier doubts seem insignificant in comparison to this news, this proof of exactly how much Tyr doeve hve him. This is such a good thing. For once the universe has proved him wrong. The universe doesn't hate him.


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