Wars and victories

BY : b5delenn
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Disclaimers: All of the usual recognition of copyright to Tribune, Gene Roddenberry et al. The characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them. I don't use this story with lucrative porpuses, only fun. This disclaimer applies to all chapters of this story. This submission contains sexual scenes and strong language, so consider it NC-17 or Adult.

Author’s note: I love Tyr/Beka stories but I have found just 2 or 3 about Beka and Telemachus Rhade that would be NC-17 so I am writing this one. Im spanish and Im translating it myself so forgive the mistakes. If someone knows some spanish or wanna help me to translate he will be welcome. I must say I read about 3 th and 4th season but I dont see it yet so my knowledges are limited. This is mostly romance/sex story but I will try to be next to tvserie facts as I can. This story begins after “The spider stratagem”.

Title: Wars and victories

Author: b5delenn


Pairing: Beka/T. Rhade ----- Some little spoiler!!


Chapter 1: Smells and dreams

Rhade walked surprising by the scent that saturated the corridor. It was pleasant, stimulating... very stimulating and familiar. He entered the command deck and observed Beka. She raised the head and arched the eyebrows. “You are a little scantily clad. Don’t you Rhade?” He looked down himself. He was naked. He was naked... on command deck!
Telemachus woke up suddenly, the sweat wetting all his body. Another stupid nightmare! He dropped on the bed feeling his fast pulse rate and trying to control his breath. ‘Well, no more nightmares this night’. He woke up, dressed and went to Gym. At that hour there would be no one.


Beka was in her room, unable to sleep. For some time now she couln't. When she closed her eyes saw a male face, his suggestive eyes, soft and tempting lips... Damn it! She didn’t know how his lips were... but it looked like soft and warm against hers. Oh, Divine, that was ridiculous. There she was, watching the ceiling with stupid face and thinking about Rhade’s lips... ‘You are sick Valentine’. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes... strong, warm hands caressed her, so exciting... ‘Oh, no again!’ She woke up furious and went to the Gym with the hope that some workout would make her forget Rhade for a while.


Rhade was lifting weights when he smelt her familiar scent. His stomach contracted. Beka was in the gym’s door with the disarrangement drawing on her face. She also had thought that she could be alone there.
“Hey, hmm... hi Rhade”.
“Hello Beka” he answered smiling.
“Oh, fine, I... I’m going to train” Hell! Why every time he spoke her she stammered?
She began her training with the sack but she couldn’t concentrate and she knocked without look out her movements. Rhade lifted the weights again but he couldn’t support the pace of his breath. He aroused by her proximity, her scent surrounding him. He let the weights on the floor and closed his eyes, appealing all his nietzschean self control. He opened his eyes and looked at her, enjoying himself in the curve of his hips, her pale shoulders, her shining skin, her soft and firm buttocks, her long legs. His self-control was smashed. ‘Damn it’.
She knocked the sack too strong. “Ouch!” Great, now her wrist hurts.
“Let me see it”. She heard his voice behind her. He took her hand and examined touching softly the wrist. Finally he gave her a massage to relieve the pain. Her pulse rate raised and she felt the arousal burning inside. Holy empress, he was nietzschean, he realized it!
“Hey, thanks, much better now”. She tried to separate the hand but he held it among theirs. He saw to her eyes. She couldn’t remove the gaze. His eyes were ardent. They were so nearby that she felt the warm of his body, his contained force. She watched how he was aspiring... He was smelling her!
Rhade felt an erection and he separated fastly, giving up her hand. “Maybe I can help you in your training, teach you some tricks”. His voice caressed her ears. ‘Wait a second Valentine, another stupid arrogant nietzschean! Who the hell does he think he is to teach me?’ “I know how to defend myself, thanks. I don’t need your little tricks”. He raised his eyebrows “Show me”
He put on guard, his knees flexed, waiting her attack. Beka felt the anger and desire and she rushed over him. He dodged her and caught her arms but she knocked him down falling over him. She stood up and saw him challenging.
“Wanna me to teach you some tricks Rhade” Her voice was cynical and sweet.
“Again, attack” Rhade had let her to knock him down. Now her pride was satisfied he was going to show she had nothing to do against him. Beka tried again but this time found herself on her back against the floor, her wrists firmly caught at both sides of her head, his lower body between her open legs. She tried to release unsuccessfully until he heard his whisper “First Trick: don’t let a bigger enemy get next to you”. She realized the men who visited her erotic fantasies so often dominated her. Her body reacted with his contact, her nipples were hard against his chest, the hot between her thighs.
Rhade felt her nipples caressing his pecs, rising and falling with his heavy breath. He heard her fast pulse, the burn of her body, a new scent enveloping him. The smell was driving him mad and a huge erection rising against her soft body. She felt his hardness between her legs, pressing her wet sex under the pants and all the sensations flew over her body. She wanted him to explore her, undress her, stroke in her...
“Please, all officials go to Meeting room” the voice of Andromeda went to them from light years. Rhade released Beka and offered his hand with a smile.


Rhade went into the Meeting room and sat next the captain. He had not time to take a shower but at this moment it wot hot his matter. Actually he was thinking about the scent that almost drove him mad him at gym. Her own body betrayed Beka and that intoxicating smell was the scent of her arousal sex, the scent filled his last dreams. Rhade smiled thinking about the suggestive idea she was aroused with his contact. Did she feel the same excitation when she remembered Tyr? Rhade closed the fist painfully. That thought made him sick. She couldn’t think so about that despicable dirt traitor, he almost killed her and destroyed the Andromeda. She was too valuable, he would give her the best, his Beka... ‘Calm down, Telemachus, she is not yours. Besides she have good reason to hate nietzscheans after all that happened’
Trance entered and sat in front of him. Rhade was plunged in shaded thoughts. Trance broke his isolation. “Rhade you must come to Hydrophonics to Ann Anne”. “Anne?” “Yes, a new plant ”. “Oh, yes, of course. I'll go”. She saw him to plunge again in his reflections and she sighed. She knew he needed to talk about Beka with someone but his infuriated pride didn’t allow him.
Harper appeared as unconcerned as always “Hey, dudes, hi babes, I know you are waiting just for me, the genius, the...” His voice vanished when Dylan and Rhade looked at him dangerously. He sat next to Trance. Finally Beka entered murmuring an excuse and she sat next to Rhade. She couldn't take a shower and that smell assaulted Rhade’s es. es. ‘Damn it!’ He breathed deeply ‘Well, You are nietzschean, it is just a challenge to your discipline’. But apparently his body didn’t think the same because he felt an erection growing... ‘Not now, please!’
“We are going to meet with representatives of some planets of the Commonwealth, you know, a diplomatic mission. Now we need to maintain the Commonwealth members together” Dylan put his palms on the table waiting for the complaints. He knew that kind of missions didn’t like their crew.
“Yeah, another of this deadly bored missions, pretending we enjoy ourselves as we were on a warm beach with naked women”. Harper was so open as always.
“Harper!” Trance and Rommie upraided him almost at same time.
“Okay, okay, I know, we must do it but I prefer the naked women plan”
“Fine, when we go?” Beka seemed to be impatient to end the meeting.
“Wait Beka, I have other mission for you and Rhade. I need you to contact with some of your old friends. We need confidence people who don’t make questions about what we want. We need as many Novas as we can build to take some advantage over Commonwealth enemies ”.
Harper looked doubtful. “Dylan, no offense the boss but her ‘old friends’ are not exactly confidence people”.
”We have not more choices. I trust in your capabilities to manage this Beka. For now just meet with one of your contacts and obtain as many components for Novas as you can. You are dismissed”
Trance looked at Rhade “Looks like our conversation must wait”. She got out, so did Harper, Rommie and Dylan. Beka and Rhade went to the door at same time. With a merely smile Rhade let her went out before him.

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