The Importance of Being Nietzschean

BY : chrmd red black rose
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Title: The importance of being Nietzschean


Author: Chrmd Red Black Rose


Authors Note

Hi everyone!!!!!! I know this is kinda
long, but just read it! OK, so, first, I hope you like this story. Thank you in
advance for taking the time to read this.

I already have chapter 1 – 11 written and I am not even
close to being half way done. The reason I am not posting everything at the
same time is because I want to give people a chance to review. I love hearing peoples thoughts on each chapters, so if you start reading
this and there are already a couple chapters up, go ahead and comments on the
individual chapters. I will still respond the next time I update. Also, I
appreciate constructive criticism, but be warned that
if you flame me, I will make s’mores with your
flames!!!!!!!!! Quite honestly, I don’t
give a rats ass about grammar and proper tenses!
Although I will try to get everything correct, I will not spend hours on end
going over everything. So, please feel free to point out mistakes or holes. I
will be messing with the entire Andromeda Universe, so don’t expect events to
happen the way they did in the show. The
characters will be mostly the same. Tyr will still be
Tyr. And yes, I will be writing in Telemachus Rhade. I HATE THE WAY THEY ENDED SEASON
It is seriously WRONG!! They CAN NOT kill
EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rhade and Harper are WAY to cute to be killed!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, ok, now that that is out, on with the
story and remember to review! *big smile*



Disclaimers in ch1.


~~AN~~ Seer is pronounce ‘sea’ as in the ocean and ‘er’ as in her with out the h sound.


Year- Unknown Place-Unkown


In a cold, stone room, in a place unknown by all but two
men, was a woman, of unknown age, whose origins and true identity had been kept
secret for as long as anyone could remember. The two men knew that her name, or
so she had told them, was Trinity Gemini. Everyone else knew her as The Seer.
As The Seer peered into a small bowl of water, the two men were standing in a
corner, waiting for her to tell them something. While anyone else who looked
into the bowl would only see clear, clean water, the woman was possibilities.
She saw what was, what is and what may come to be. She could see what would
happen based on the actions of others, namely, the two men whom she answered
too. Her master, the leader of the two, was a man who wanted only one thing. Power. He wanted his people to rule the universe over all
others, even over the other people of his race. He knew that a very powerful
force would be coming soon; the Seer had already told him that. Now, they
needed to know what to do about it. She had told him what would happen if this
new power went unchallenged. It would end his pride’s powerful rule forever. If
this power was not stopped, everything would be lost. After a few moments, the
woman looked up at the men in the corner.


“I know how to stop it.” She said.




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