A Perfect Illusion

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Ok, so this is the extended and beta-read version of Beautiful, Deadly, Mine. I hope that Furball and I where able to fix the problems with the original, but people are still free to flam if they have nothing better to do…

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A Perfect Illusion

Beka propped herself on one elbow, looking down at her lover’s exposed back in the dim, flickering light of the candles. The tiny hairs on Rommie’s flawless skin caught the light from the flames, sparkling like diamond dust on velvet. The slightest movement made the pattern dance enticingly. Beka let her free hand play across the Avatar’s spine, tracing the line running down from her neck to the small of her back.

Rommie stirred slightly under the other woman’s touch, but remained where she was, waiting to see what would happen next.

Taking this as permission, Beka sat up, letting the thin, almost transparent sheets slide down over her breasts, gasping slightly as they played over her hardening nipples. She gently started to rub Rommie’s shoulders, marvelling at how realistic her body was, even at such an intimate level. The amount of care and dedication Harper had put into her was obvious to anyone who got close enough.

Beka’s hands drifted lower, playing Rommie’s skin like an instrument, playing just the right notes to get the reaction she wanted. Years of experience with both men and women had shown her how to get the desired reaction from the minimum of effort. She had never fully tested these skills with Rommie, the shear passion and intensity of the relationship had enveloped them completely, almost to the point where they had risked the others finding out.

Neither of them felt the slightest shame about their relationship, but they both new knew that it might make the others uncomfortable.

The secrecy also added a little extra spice to the relationship: stealing kisses and simple glances when and where they could, seeing just how much they could get away with. It almost became a game to them, being as obvious as their dared while never out and out admitting anything.

Beka caressed Rommie’s back in slow, concentric circles, her fingertips just brushing against the smooth skin on the side of her lover’s breasts, refusing any encouragement to go further. Beka knew it would be driving Rommie’s inner control freak crazy, but the intensity of the moment was intoxicating.

Leaning forward slightly, Beka gently nibbled on Rommie’s ear, enticing a deep, sensual moan from the Avatar. Beka’s tongue traced the outline of Rommie’s earlobe as her hands continued to explore every square inch of exposed skin. Rommie tried to turn over onto her back, but Beka held her in place, not wanting to abandon her voyage of discovery.

Rommie parted her legs in implied invitation, but that was still to come: she was in an exploring mood, and wanted to take her time. Hands moving as softly as they could, Beka made her way down to the small of Rommie’s back, rubbing the skin there softly. She slowly leaned in, kissing the sweet spot, making Rommie arch her back slightly and purr contentedly.

Beka smiled to herself: it was just a question of knowing where and how to touch someone just where they liked to be touched. She shifted her weight on the bed, disturbing the sheet to the point where is it slipped down over Rommie’s perfect behind. Beka gasped as Goosebumps appeared on the Avatar’s skin.

Harper was truly a genius if he could create an illusion this perfect!

Eyes fixed on the sculpted curves before her; Beka sat up while she drifted her hands lower still, taking one in each hand and squeezing them gently. Sure, she had done the same thing when holding her lover, but she had never taken the time to study them in their full, naked beauty.

Beka glanced at the leather High Guard uniform lying in the middle of the room under a pile of other clothes, silent testament to their urgent passion the night before. But that was then: now she had an opportunity to take her time and savour her partner’s body.

Maintaining her hold on the angel before her, Beka started to rub her thumbs over the flawless skin, moving them in concentric circles. One thumb slipped into the valley between the two hemispheres, and Beka felt Rommie shift, opening it wider.

Beka held her breath for a moment: was Rommie making an invitation?

The thumb gently probed deeper into the join, and Rommie moaned deeper, moving her hips slightly to increase the area of contact.

Beka’s eyes went wide, her mind running at a mile a minute: how much work had Harper put into Rommie? Just how lifelike was she? Was this even physically possible?

Rommie moved her legs further apart, giving Beka an enticing view of the thin shadow of dark hair and the soft folds it hid. Keeping her thumb in place, Beka moved a finger from her other hand lower, slipping it in between the folds to the second knuckle and then slowly pulling it out. Moisture glistened across its surfaces as Beka slowly moved it back up until it was inline with the thumb.

Taking a deep breath, Beka gradually pushed the finger forward.

Rommie gasped as the finger pushed past the tight ring of synthetic muscles and deeper into her. Beka stopped moving, terrified that she had crossed some invisible line from which there was no turning back. She held her breath for what felt like age, waiting to see what would happen next.

Slowly, almost too slowly to see, Rommie moved her hips again, forcing Beka’s stationary finger deeper.

Beka released her breath and smiled to herself: things where about to get a lot more interesting. Carefully keeping her finger in place, she reached round to her bedside cabinet and pulled open the second drawer down. Her hand fumbled around inside until it found a small bottle of moisturising cream, and then closed the drawer again.

Rommie flinched as the cold cream touched her skin, but relaxed again as Beka slowly started to move her finger in and out, using the moisturiser as lubricant.

Almost unconsciously, Beka added a second finger while her free hand searched the bottom drawer until it found what she was looking for. The dildo was six-inches long, but thinner than most, and had not been used in a long time.

Rommie mewled in protest when Beka withdrew her fingers, then gasped loudly when she felt the dildo’s tip pressed against her opening. She drew her knees in slightly, placing a pillow under her hips to raise her ass into the air, exposing it completely to Beka.

Placing the flat of her palm against the base of the dildo, Beka pushed it in, twisting it slightly as she went. Rommie arched her back as she let out the deepest moan Beka had ever heard her make.

Beka stopped when just the end of the phallus remained in sight, mesmerised by the sight of it buried deep in her lover. She carefully applied more moisturiser, before pulling it almost all the way out. The suction caused by its removal almost pulled it back in, but the tightness of the opening meant that Beka had to push it in by hand, slowly building up a steady rhythm that was met by a continues series of grunts or moans from Rommie.

“BEKA!” Rommie shuddered, the dildo buried in as far as it would go. Her entire body went rigid as her orgasm ripped through her like a freight train. Beka saw a fresh flow of juices seep out of her lover and onto the bed. Slowly, she withdrew the phallus and planted a kiss in the small of Rommie’s back.

“Beautiful…” She smiled as she moved up to between her shoulder blades; “Deadly…” her hand moved the air away from the back of Rommie’s neck so she could plant one last kiss, “And mine.”

“Always.” Rommie smiled as she slowly turned over, pulling Beka down for a deep kiss.

The night had only just begun…

The End

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