The price we pay

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The price we pay

Rommie walked along the corridors, headed for Tyrís quarters. He had been very cryptic about why he wanted to see here there, stating simply that the first time they where off duty at the same time would do. Even after the better part of two years, she still didnít understand her Nietzschean tactical officer.

She reached Tyrís door and stopped: She knew that he was inside, but he had engaged privacy mode over an hour before, so she had no idea what he was doing. She pressed the call button, and the door opened onto a dark room.

"Come in my Lady, come in." Tyrís deep voice came from inside.

Rommie stepped through the hatch, and wasnít surprised when it closed after her. She switched her vision to infer-red, scanning the room: it looked the same as ever, merely without any of the lights on. She put her hands on her hips, "Ok, what do you want to talk to me about?"

She could here Tyr laughing behind her, "Come now my Lady, what could I possibly have to say to you that I couldnít say elsewhere. No, this is something different, something special." Rommie tried to turn, but Tyrís strong hands gripped her arms, stopping her, "Itís quite simple: do you remember our little discussion in command the other day, what you said."

Rommie replayed her memories of the day at high speed, "I said that I would owe you, for not ordering me to fire on the Maru."

Tyr laughed again, "True, quite true. And now I have come to collect on that debt." He moved his head so he was right next to her ear, "Tell me, and just how anatomically correct did the little professor make you?"

Rommie stood ridged, suddenly realizing what Tyr had in mind, "What about all that ĎI could never be involved with a non-Nietzscheaní talk you keep using on Beka?"

"Oh contraire my Lady. Iím not talking about procreation: as good as Harper may be, even he canít give you that capability, or Iím sure the good Captain would have taken you for his own long before now. No, I am simply talking about release of sexual tension. Although I am more than capable of taking matters into my own hands as it where, it lacks a curtain something that only a female, even a simulated one, can provide."

"Are you suggestion that we have sex simply because itís more entertaining for you than masturbation?"

"Yes. And it would be nice to see what it is that Harper is lusting after and the good Captain seems intent on deigning himself. If you please me, now and in the future, I will re-frame from standing aside the next time the good Captain is about to die. I suppose itís really about power: having you surrender yourself to me."

"What guarantee do I have that youíll keep your word?"

Tyr chuckled, "None, except my promise that if you refuse, I will not risk my own life to save Dylan when the need next arises. What say you, my fair lady?"

Rommie thought on it for a second, a long time to an AI, "Very well, but on one condition: the others must never know."

"You think that I want it to be known that I use an Android for sex? HA!" Tyr rolled his head back as he laughed, "Harper would probably revel in it, but I have more self respect than that." He ran his hands down her arms, "I think something simple for your first time: as much as I like the idea of having you cater to my every whim, there is pleaser to be had in drawing out the anticipation. Strip." The last command was reinforced by a slap on her ass.

Trying to push her emotions to one side, Rommie removed her clothes, starting with her tunic, until she was clad in only her bra and panties. Tyr looked her up and down, "Very nice indeed: the little professor should be proud." He grabbed her short hair and yanked her head back, "But I said strip: all of it. And if you ever think of disobeying me, things will be, shall we say, less pleasant for you. There is, after all, no reason why you shouldnít enjoy this Ďarrangementí."

Rommie reached round to unto the clasp of her bra, trying not to cry. She let the garment fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes, and carefully pulled her panties from around her waist, and let them fall to the ground.

Tyr raised the lights slightly, just enough to show Rommieís bronze skin in all itís glory, "Magnificent: Where not for your insistence that the others should not know, I would buy Harper a drink at the next Drift we stopped at for his work. Now onto the bed: hands an knees I think."

Rommie did as instructed, and climbed up onto the bead, her arms and legs spread out to balance herself. Tyr walked round to the end of the bed and grabbed her wrists. Lifting her arms, he secured them to the ornate headboard with a leather strap. "I know full well that this wonít hold you for a second if you decide to brake out." He grinned, "But I also know how degrading this must be for you."

Tyr pulled his chain-mail vest up over his head and dropped it to the floor before slowly undoing and removing his belt. He moved his hands to the waistband of his leather trousers, and after making sure that Rommie was watching, pushed them down till they fell to the floor.

Rommie know Tyrís statistics from his medical file, and could measure the length of his fully erect shaft to the nearest nano-meter, but that still didnít prepare her for seeing it pointing directly at her face. She tensed for a moment, wondering what exactly Tyr had planed for her.

Tyrís smile was pure predator, "Donít worry my lady: although I like the idea of having you pleasure me with your mouth, I think we shall save that for a later date." He walked round behind her, and Rommie felt the bed shift as he climbed on. A long probing finger made its way between her legs, "Very impressive, but I see you havenít gotten into the mood yet."

Rommie flinched involuntarily as a hand moved round to grope at one of her hanging breasts, grabbing it roughly. She felt Tyrís legs move between her knees, pushing them further apart, opening her up to Tyrís advances. The Nietzschean smiled, "Let the games begin." With that, he started to move forward.

The tip of Tyrís swollen manhood pushed against Rommieís outer lips, slowly opening them to admit his organ. Rommie flinched in pain as Tyr entered her un-lubricated tunnel, forcing his way deeper into her sex. Her discomfort only seemed to amuse Tyr, and he kept pushing till they thighs met.

Tyr held still for a moment, savoir the feel of Rommieís tight slit around his hard shaft, before he started to move back. Rommie felt Tyr withdraw, and the pain subsided, only to return when he pushed back in.

Rommie yelped in pain as Tyr forced his way back in, revealing in her humiliation. He moved his hands he her hips, and taking a firm grip, started to pound in and out of her. Rommieís body reacted as Harper had designed it, and soon she was well lubricated, allowing Try to increase his pace.

One of Tyrís hands slowly made its way down and round to Rommieís clit, and a probing finger started to trace ever decreasing circles round the bundle of extra-sensitive pseudo-nerves.

Rommie moaned again, only this time not from pain. She felt her body tense as Tyrís finger brushed against her clit. She found herself shifting her hips, trying to recapture the feeling. She felt Tyr move inside her, and started to thrust back to meet him every time he pushed into her.
Tyr grinned: heíd known that Rommie would be an absolute wildcat in bed after he managed to swipe the plans Harper used to maker her. He knew exactly how sensitive her erogenous zones where, and how best to use that to his advantage.

Carefully taking a firm grip of Rummies thighs with his free hand, Tyr pinched her clit hard between two fingers.

Rommie screamed as her first climax swept through her body, making every part of her burn. She shook violently, almost breaking the leather straps holding her hands to the bed head. The initial rush started to fade, and Rommie found herself pushing back even harder onto Tyrís huge member.

Closing his eyes, Tyr smiled to himself: part one of his plan was completed. All he needed to do was complete the proses and everything would fall into place. With one final thrust, he emptied himself into Rommie with a single grunt.

Rommie felt Tyrís seed fill her and ground away at his hips, pushing herself into a second mind-shattering orgasm. She screamed loudly, her voice echoing off the soundproof walls.

Tyr leaned forward across Rommieís body, and undid the leather strap holding her arms to the headboard. This done, he collapsed onto the bed beside her, apparently spent, "My Lady, that was truly remarkable." Rommie lay down next to him, still flushed from her first experience with physical sex. She found herself wondering how long it would take Tyr to regain his erection.

"Very well." Tyr said, turning over so his back was to her, "You may go now."

Rommie looked at him, her jaw dropping open: she had expected, indeed hoped, that Tyr would want to make use of her body again that night. She still felt flushed, and her skin was on fire. The feel of the soft bed sheets moving against her skin sent electrical sparks along her spine to her crotch.

"I thoughtÖ" She hesitated, wondering why she was so worried that he would not want her again, "I thought that you would want me to stay, in case you wished to use me again tonight."

"No, not tonight." Tyr turned over to face her, revelling in the helpless look in her eyes, "But again, maybe in a day or two." He saw Rommie sigh with visible relief. She stood and started to dress, her movements showing off her perfectly crafted body. Tyr held up a hand to stop her as she went to climb back into her panties, "Those stay behind; a little keep-sake if you will."

Rommie grinned mischievously as she quickly finished dressing and headed for the door. She stopped, "Was I pleasing? Iíve never done this before, and I was worried that I wouldnít be any good."

"My Lady," Tyr propped himself up on his elbows, "That was, with very few exceptions, one of the best sexual experiences of my life. Engage privacy mode on your way out please: I need my rest."

With a wink, Rommie was gone.

Tyr stood and walked over to where Rommie had dropped her panties. He picked them up and walked over to his dresser, throwing them on top. He pulled open the top draw and reached in until his fingers touched the flexi taped to the inside lid. He pulled it out and selected the section he wanted.

Harper was, despite all evidence, truly a genius.

The program was embedded deep within Rommieís matrix, hidden from casual scans, even a full diagnostic. All the little man had done was add an extra command that activated parts of other programs in a specific order, crating a new sub-routine.
The command would be triggered the first time Rommie experienced physical sex.

The resulting sub-routine would make Rommie the willing slave to the first person she had sex with. She would do what ever they said, without question, while appearing to the outside world to be perfectly normal. Harper had intended it purely for sex, but Tyr saw its true potential right away: he now had, in affect, total control of the Andromeda Ascendant.

He smiled to himself as he put the flexi away and headed to bed. The fringe benefits of the plan where just an added bonus; something to be used while he looked for a proper, Nietzschean, female.

The End

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