It Makes A Lovely Night

BY : Vee017
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Title: It Makes A Lovely Night
Author: Vee017
Archive: Ask Please
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Rating: NC-17
Setting/Season: Season3, TUM-verse
Spoilers: Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way, It Makes A Lovely Light, The Unconquerable Man
Warnings: Graphic Sex
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Summary: After seeing Beka in a towel, Gaheris heads back to his quarters only to be followed.

He should have known better than to in search of Beka on the Maru, but that's exactly what Gaheris Rhade did. She had handed him a map earlier in the day stating that she had decoded Hasturi's Diary about the location of Tarn Vedra. And not only that, but she was more then sure that she could get them there.

Whether or not that was true, there was really no point in wasting time chasing after a three centuries old "Lost City". He had come to the Maru to give her his decision and had apparently caught her coming out of the shower.

Water still trailed through her damp hair and down the ivory skin that was exposed to him. All that covered her lean body was the smallest towel he had ever laid eyes on. Her long, elegant legs were bared to him and they were just asking to be stroked and parted around his hips.
Gaheris had managed to keep his composure and make it off of the Maru alive and in desperate need of a very cold shower, which was where he now found himself.

Freezing cold water trailed down his skin and down his chest to a certain appendage that had been all to happy to stand at attention at the sight of Captain Beka Valentine in a towel. It was true that there was a more than growing attraction between them, it had been increasing with every passing day Gaheris spent with the woman. He also found the frequency of his cold showers increase as well as a result.

When he was finally convinced that his little "problem" was taken care of, he shut the water off and dried himself with a towel before wrapping it around his waist and exiting the bathroom.

"Why'd she have to be in a towel?" he muttered to himself. There was now no way he could forget what he saw. Most of his nights were spent imagining what she'd look like out of those clothes only to have her jump out in a towel in front of him. Legs, arms, shoulders, the top swells of her breasts, those water droplets trailing where his tongue...he swallowed and groaned as he felt himself harden.

His cold shower had been in vain.

Groaning in frustration, Gaheris deposited the towel on the ground and laid down on the bed, he'd have to take care of this the old fashioned way.

Gripping at the base of his cock, Gaheris moved his fist rhythmically as he pumped himself. When he got to the tip he ran his thumb over the head of his cock, spreading the pre-cum over the tip. He could imagine Beka's tongue flicking out to taste him as his hands became her own. She would cup his balls as the head of his cock slid into her warm mouth, she would take him down all the way as her fingers traced the base of him.
Gaheris could feel himself getting close to the edge as he started rocking his hips and thrusting hard into his hand.


"I can't believe him!"

Beka stomped down Andromeda's corridors irately. He had said no? She couldn't believe him! After all that time had she spent going over that stupid diary that Harper and Trance had brought back, translating, checking, and re-checking; she had found the way to Tarn Vedra dammit! And they weren't even going to check it out? How dare he call it a waste of time!

What was even worse was that he couldn't even tell her himself. She had to find out from Trance. Trance of all people! Gaheris was supposed to talk to her...was that why he was on the Maru? It didn't matter, Beka wanted answers.

"Andromeda?" shouted Beka. She stopped when the Holo image of the ship appeared in front of her.

"Yes Beka?"

"Where's Gaheris?"

"In his quarters, why..."

And Beka was off. His location was all she needed to know. A few minutes later she was standing outside his door and swearing in frustration.

"Privacy mode is engaged," said Holo-Rommie re-appearing.

"Then disengage it."

"Beka I'm not..."

"Then you can't help me," said Beka as she started to pound on the metal door. "Gaheris!"


The unexpected shock of hearing Beka's voice sent Gaheris hard over the edge. Semen shot over his hand and leg, as well as the bedspread catching some of it.


Panting, he looked towards the door to where the muffled shouts were coming from. Beka was right outside. Pushing himself into a seated position he looked around for something to dry himself with. Spotting his towel from earlier, Gaheris wiped himself off as best he could, as well as the bed before dropping the towel and trying to find something to wear.

"Disengage privacy mode," he said, throwing on some shorts as he went to the door. Beka was an impatient woman, he would get his pants later.


"Finally," she said once the door opened. All other words were lost as she finally realized what Gaheris was not wearing. Sure she had seen him in his tank tops as he trained but Sculpted torso, broad expanse of naked chest, bare shoulders connected to equally bare arms, and the sexiest pair of boxer-briefs she had ever seen. She swallowed and tried to think of anything else but the new tingling at her core.


"About? Beka?"

"Hmmm? Oh." Beka snapped out of it and looked up at Gaheris. "Hasturi's Diary," she stated.

"Beka..." Was it wrong to think she was cute when she was angry? He needed to get dressed but couldn't help notice Beka's reaction to his almost naked state. Interesting.

"I found out from Trance." She brushed passed Gaheris and into his room purposely trying not to look at him and to ignore the new wetness between her thighs.

"I was going to tell you."

"Oh yeah? When?" Beka called as Gaheris disappeared into the bathroom in search of pants.

"I was!"

Beka rolled her eyes as she sat down on the bed and looked around the room. Clean, neat, tidy, ancient weapons and books neatly and tidily in their places. It was completely Gaheris. Nothing out of place...or was there...

Gaheris's neatness and he leaves a towel on the floor. Beka reached down to pick it up, she expected it to be wet as he looked fresh from the shower, but she hadn't expected it to be sticky. Furrowing her brows, she rubbed her finger against it.

What did Gaheris do, load his hair with gel before rubbing a towel through it?

She didn't think so.

Inspecting it more, her tongue darted out to lick the substance on her finger.

"Beka why's this so important?"

The pilot jumped to her feet and dropped the towel as Gaheris returned adjusting the pants he had discarded earlier.

"Um, well..." Beka tried to remember what she was here about but found it difficult as the Nietzschean apparently didn't feel the need to put a shirt on. Why did he have to be so perfect? Damn uber genetics...

"The...diary! Why?"

"Beka we don't have the time."

"What do you mean 'we don't have the time'? The universe isn't going anywhere!"

"Only further into chaos...and on another point, neither is Tarn Vedra!"

They were now both standing face-to-face unmoving in their views. Gaheris couldn't help but become intuned to every little signal Beka's body was making. She may have been angry but he could also smell her arousal increasing as well. Her scent was all around him, both natural and the heady want of sex mixed together into something that was purely Beka. Sweet and intoxicating.

He couldn't help it, nor did he want to stop it when he dipped his head to catch her lips with his. He felt her initial shock slowly give way as she opened her mouth to him and allowed his tongue entrance. It was then he got a shock of his own.

"Towel or bedspead?" he asking breaking the kiss.

"What?" she was completely breathless.

"I can taste my semen in your mouth Beka."

It took her a minute but once she finally realized what Gaheris was talking about, and what exactly it was on the towel, she began to pull away in embarrassment before she was pulled into a hard kiss. His hand gripped the back of her neck and moved up to play with her hair at the nape. His tongue furiously invaded her mouth before he pulled back and started planting kisses along her face and neck, moving towards her ear.

"Do you know what made me come Beka?" he asked between kisses. "Your voice at the door."

Beka felt her knees buckle when Gaheris hit a sensitive spot behind her ear, if it hadn't been for his arm around her waist she would have collapsed to the floor.

Wrapping an arm around his broad shoulders, she moaned as her lips got the chance to explore his neck and shoulder, any golden skin that she could reach as her other hand moved down over his wide chest and solid abs to undo his pants. She could already feel his hardness pressed tightly against her.

He grunted as her warm fingers finally brushed passed fabric and wrapped around his length. She felt better than he imagined. Her hand was firm and talented from years of slip piloting as she worked him like a piston. Gaheris maneuvered his hand up her torso to find the zipper of her vest and worked on pulling it down. His hand finally met with the bare flesh of her supple stomach and he was more than happy to find that she wasn't wearing a bra. His hand molded to her breast, thumb teasing her nipple to stand hard and erect sending shivers to the apex of her thighs.

They had to break apart, that he knew. He wanted her on his bed. And he wanted her completely naked to him. Thighs spread apart and inviting him inside. Gaheris took Beka's hand gently away from his throbbing shaft before he came to that thought and the sensations she was causing.


"Bed. Naked. Now."

Beka nodded as she felt her vest being removed and the bed instantly against her back. She moved towards the pillows, haphazardously pulling at her pants as Gaheris divested himself of his own and crawled over her nude body with the stealth and grace worthy of a Nietzschean.

She was his. She was all he needed.

Gaheris ran his tongue between the valley of her breasts before licking a biting his way towards one of her nipples. Beka gasped as she felt his mouth wrap around a pale pink bud as his fingers worked the other. As he bit down on one, he twisted the other. The flat of his tongue was mirrored with the stroke of his thumb.

Beka felt herself growing hotter, her clit demanded to be touched. Every time she tried to grind her hips to his he would press her into the mattress, stilling her, as he continued with her breasts.

"Gaheris, please..."

She ran a hand through his dark hair, trying to urge him down. She needed it. She needed him. Needed him to touch her, lick her, kiss her, take her. She wanted him to do it all.

He looked up at her once before licking her nipple one last time and placing a kiss to the underside of her breast before making his way lower. Beka felt her stomach clench as his lips trailed along her stomach lightly, barely touching before placing a kiss to her inner thigh.

He breathed her in deeply. Her scent permeated the air with its thick sweetness. She was more than ready to accommodate him, but the highest climax was always brought with delay. He didn't just want her screaming his name, he wanted her proclaiming him a god. He would give her every ecstasy she could imagine, ride her out to her limits and push beyond anything she could have ever experienced with a lesser man.

He was Nietzschean.

And she would know that; she would feel the power behind his thrusts and no that no other could bring her to such heights again but him.

He moved his hand up her thigh and over her hips and pubic bone, before running a finger though her curls and probed inside her wetness.

Gaheris smirked at her pleasure filled gasp as well as his new discovery. So Beka Valentine was a natural redhead. He'd remember that for later.

Building up a rhythm, Gaheris pressed his thumb sharply against Beka's clit and watched her buck into his hand as she gripped the covers beneath in a deathgrip. That's exactly what she wanted. Exactly where she wanted him to touch. She felt herself reaching the high she longed for only to have Gaheris take it away from her by stopping.



Continuing with what he was doing with his finger, Gaheris replaced his thumb with his tongue as he licked and bit her tender nub relentlessly. The pressure from his mouth and finger was too much as she felt herself brought quickly to orgasm, sending her warm juices into Gaheris's awaiting mouth.
Removing his finger, he dipped his tongue inside Beka to catch every drop from her sweetened core.

Beka's body went limp on the bed as she gasped hard for air. He had made her come harder with his hand and tongue than anyone had been able to any other way. Had they stopped now she would have been satisfied, which amazed her. She hadn't even felt him inside of her yet, and from what she had felt earlier it seemed that certain rumours about the Nietzchean male had some merit to them after all.

She sighed and smiled as she felt Gaheris's body over hers as he nuzzled her neck. Lining her skin with kisses, he made his way up her jaw, to her chin, to finally pressing their lips together.

Once apart, Beka somehow found the strength to lift one of her hands to cup his face as she stared into those beautiful hazel eyes of his and watched as his mouth lifted into that familiar half-smile he always gave her.

"How was that?" he asked raising one perfect eyebrow.

Beka couldn't help but laugh a flash him a brilliant smile. "I'll tell you later."

He kissed the corner of her mouth and pressed his forehead to hers as he helped her long legs wrap around his waist, leaving her open to him. He would finally get to have her. He let the tip of his cock rub up and down her opening before he started to push forward. Beka moaned and lifted her hips to him as he penetrated her. Her inner muscles stretched and parted for his length as he was fully sheathed within her heat.

She felt incredible. The pulsing sensations of their still bodies sent electricity down his spine. Beka felt Gaheris's breathing pick up a pace as hers did as he gripped her thigh and pulled out a few inches before thrusting back in. He did this slowly a few times before getting into a quicker steady rhythm. Her body rocked hard against his in unison with his deep thrusts as she wrapped her legs tighter around his hips so his cock brushed her clit every time he slid inside.

Almost...she was almost there...a little more...

Gaheris groaned as her taught inner muscles contracted tightly around him, gripping him soundly whenever he tried to pull out and thrust again. Tightening his hold on her thighs Gaheris ground himself into her before increasing the pace and penetration of his next thrust, causing Beka's legs to move higher along his waist as her slickness coated him perfectly to draw himself almost all the way out and slam into her. They were both so close now. He could feel himself almost ready to release. Moving a hand between them, Gaheris rolled Beka's clit between his thumb and finger and felt her tighten as she screamed her climax.

Her muscles shuddered her orgasm as he felt himself being milked for all he was worth. A few more thrusts into her impossible tightness and he growled his own release as he emptied his seed into her waiting body.

Resisting the urge to collapse on top of her, Gaheris managed to roll himself off and beside her as they both lay panting for air. The Nietzschean Captain couldn't resist a tired grin as Beka rolled over and sprawled herself over his chest. He brought up a hand to run through her damp blonde hair as she kissed a pectoral and wondered how he could convince her to move into his quarters. Hell, he wondered if he could convince her to remain naked at all times...make her scream with his boneblades...Gaheris groaned as he felt his cock once again stir into an erect state thinking of all the things he could do to her...

Beka was beyond bliss and could still feel herself floating. Who knew that the sexy Captain tight-ass was one hell of a lover? Mulling it over in her mind she guessed it was the Nietzschean in him. How many wives did he used to have to continuously pleasure? Or was it just natural for Nietzscheans as the carnal act was part of their reproductive lifestyle? Speaking of tight asses...she wondered if he'd let her use that dildo of hers to help him out with that...Beka felt a familiar warmth drench her tired thighs as she thought and heard Rhade groan. Looking down his stomach and further south she raised an eyebrow at his new hardness.

Hello Nietzschean stamina.

Would she like a Round Two? Why yes, yes she would.

Beka giggled as she rolled herself on top of Gaheris and kissed him before sitting up and spreading her legs over his hips.

The Nietzschean beneath her groaned as she lowered herself onto his erection. Beka rocked her hips once before she got into a rhythm and began to ride him slowly.

The woman was incredible. Gaheris had always known that, but now, watching her above him, moving over him, pleasuring him, controlling him. She was more than he could ever have imagined. Better than any fantasy, any dream, any wet dream...

Rhade grunted as he bucked up against Beka hard and made her gasp at the sensation. Her hands had found his and were moving them up to cup her breasts. He massaged and squeezed her mounds with each thrust, every roll of her hips he would roll his thumbs over her nipples and be rewarded with little sighs and moans that escaped her lips as she tilted her head back in pleasure.

They both moaned as Beka's hand found her way between them and alternated between rubbing her own clit and the base of Gaheris's cock. Growling and gripping her hips, he heard Beka's surprised gasp as he sat up and brought their chests flush together, her breasts crushed against his solid form. One of his hands travelled up along her side, along her neck to her face as her stared into her lust glazed blue eyes and kissed her as he thrust.

Moving both arms down along her body, his hands gripped her butt cheeks as he pulled her hard against him. Beka yelped and raised herself on her knees to take him in at a new angle, thrusting downward on him as he kneaded her flesh. She moved against him frantically as the stimulus grew too much and her orgasm was on fast approach. A few more thrusts and squeezing him between her thighs, Beka cried out as she was sent over the edge, her nails digging into his shoulders and back.

Gaheris grunted in victorious release as he felt his seed spread once again into Beka's body. The animalistic knowledge that his reproductive instincts were being fulfilled filled him with a sated satisfaction that his Nietzschean drives were being contented.

Beka's dewy warm skin pressed against his as she recovered her breathing for the third time. Their sweat drenched bodies pressed against the others and kept them in their sitting position. Beka kissed Gaheris's shoulder as he ran his hand along her back before finally succumbing to the mattress beneath him, taking her down on top of him.

Arms wrapped around each other, they were content to listen to each other's breathing and heartbeats. Moments passed in silence as it was just the two of them recovering from their spontaneous love making sessions.

"So," said Beka breaking the quiet, "you were thinking about me earlier?"



Gaheris smiled. "I was."

"You know," she said, folding her arms on his chest and looking down, "I bet I can think of an even better way to get your semen in my mouth."

Beka shrieked as Gaheris suddenly rolled them over. "I'm looking forward to it."



A/N: Dedicated to b5delenn for the motivation to find the idea for this story. You once asked me in a PM about some short Beka/Gaheris, I know this isn't exactly short but I kept thinking about it and voila!

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