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Chapter 2

Dylan stripped off his clothes while Gaheris fiddled with the shower knobs. The Nietzschean liked his water at a certain precise temperature and Dylan had learned to adapt. It had been that or forgo sharing showers and that hadn't been an option. Finally, when Rhade stepped under the multiple sprays, Dylan had joined him.

"You do realize," commented Dylan, "That Attila won't be on the duty roster for a few days..."

"Perhaps close to a week." Was that smugness in Rhade's tone Dylan wondered?

"And that does interfere with the smooth running of Andromeda." Dylan had continued with a quelling frown.

Rhade grunted in reply, closed his eyes and stepped further into the pulsing spray.

"So let's say you don't prove a point to such an extreme again and...humm." Dylan was rooting through the recess panel that held Gaheris' shower gels and stuff. The other man had a scary amount of personal cleaning products. Dylan wondered of all Nietzscheans were so concerned with personal appearance, or if his was exceptionally vain. He also felt Gaheris' gaze and knew he had the other man's full attention.

"And..." prompted Gaheris.

"And maybe the cause won't rise again." Dylan had found Gaheris' original shampoo that the Nietzschean had used before Dylan had insisted on discretion. It had a nice light, herbal smell and Dylan knew it would not mask his own scent on Rhade. Grabbing the bottle, he had turned to see Gaheris smiling at him. A big, open, pleased smile. One that Dylan had not seen often enough.

Pouring the amber colored shampoo into his palms, Dylan had begun to lather it into Gaheris' hair. His long, strong fingers kneaded Gaheris' scalp as the other man purred with contented pleasure. At moments like this, Dylan had remembered, his lover reminded him of a large, domestic house cat. Rhade stood in front of him with his hands cupping Dylan's hips as he worked through the wet, silky strands. Dylan's legs were slightly spread and Gaheris stood between them making their heights more even. Rhade had easily become hard again and his new erection rubbed against Dylan's aching one. The side and head of his cock slid in the shampoo lather that had trailed down Gaheris' shoulders and chest to cover his taunt belly. Dylan felt the head of the other man's cock wanting to burrow into his own navel; the area was slick with Rhade's precum.

'They were getting ready to cum all over each other and Dylan had barely finished Gaheris' hair' thought Dylan to himself. He had known the rest would be torment. With a groan, Dylan pushed Rhade backwards into the spray, and rinsed the dark hair. Fishing around again among the bottles, he had found Gaheris' old body gel. It smelled slightly of sandalwood and enhanced a Nietzschean's natural body musk. Dylan and most other humans enjoyed the effect, a few races complained about suffocation; though not to any Nietzscheans.

Dylan had smoothed the gel over Rhade's neck and collar bones as he looked over the slightly shorter man's shoulder to their reflection. Someone, while outfitting High Guard ships, had installed reflective mirror-like panels of carnic in the officer's baths. Carnic was a surface that did not fog or condense do to steam. The idea was so that the male crewmen could shave and shower and save time. It was the general agreement, though, that the opposite was true; if you had a partner to 'conserve' water with. The panels were great for watching and the safety bars were helpful too. Dylan lathered Gaheris' biceps and shoulders and loved the feel of the other man's firm skin. He had hated the interruption of the wet-dry bandage and had skipped over to knead the muscled buttocks flexing under his palms.

With a chuckle, Dylan had tauntingly slid his hands away to Rhade's hips and heard an answering growl. Dropping to his knees again, Dylan had remembered being happy the flooring was slightly padded in case of accidental falls. Getting more gel, he had slowly stroked down Gaheris' thighs and legs. He felt his own hair being shampooed as he worked down to Rhade's narrow, elegant feet. Nietzscheans knew their genetics, thought Dylan, as his own feet could be compared to space shuttles. He had balanced a foot on his thigh and massaged the tendons with the soapy suds. He felt one of Rhade's hands leave his hair to brace against the cubicle wall as he carefully switched feet. After both feet were firmly on the floor, Dylan reached for more gel. Both of Gaheris' hands had returned to his hair and the shampooing had seemed suspiciously like guiding as an insistent hard cock was nudged around his chin. Dylan had grinned; he had purposely been ignoring that part of Rhade's anatomy except to blow on it occasionally. It had driven the Nietzschean crazy.

Dylan had then taken a deep breath and deliberately blown up and down the quivering length. His hands had slowly stroked up Gaheris' calves and brushed lightly against the hollows behind his knees before continuing to knead the backs of his thighs. He urged his lover to spread his legs further apart as he slid his own wider to lower himself. Dylan had tilted back his chin and very slowly, with just the tip of his tongue, traced the thin veins covering Rhade's balls. The skin of his lover's scrotum was hairless, by nature or design, and was extremely sensitive. Rhade's sack tightened and drew up closer to his body, but Dylan had pursued. Gripping the other man determinedly behind where his thighs met the under curve of his ass cheeks, Dylan held him still. Leisurely, he had explored the taunt skin while he breathed in the scent of wet Rhade and sandalwood.

Dylan put more gel into his hands from the bottle resting on the cubicle floor next to his knee. He had put his palms behind Rhade's knees as he stroked up again until he cupped each of his lover's buttocks in his large hands. He had begun a strong kneading that he knew Gaheris enjoyed and every so often he would teasingly run a finger up or down that tempting cleft. Each time, he had been rewarded with a guttural groan from Gaheris. He slowly had drawn a ball into his mouth, rolled his tongue around it and gently sucked before alternating to the other. Dylan had let a finger run deeply down Gaheris' cleft to rub the short stretch of skin between the scrotum and anus and occasionally teased the furled opening. When the other man had begun to press back against his finger, Dylan had given a warning pinch with his other hand that had still been caressing the flexing ass. He had also scraped a warning with his teeth delicately over the taunt sack he was fondling in the warmth of his mouth. Rhade had stilled his hips, but Dylan could feel the shudders racking the body standing above him. Dylan felt Gaheris' hands leave his hair and Rhade's ankles pressed against his ankles as his lover's legs had spread further apart.

Something had felt different around his hand caressing Gaheris' ass. Pulling his nuzzling face from Rhade's groin, he peered around his lover's slim hip. In the reflection he had seen that his lover had each hand gripping an ass cheek and was spreading himself for Dylan's exploration. The hand that had been holding Rhade's balls so he could flick his tongue back and forth along the seam of his sack, had begun to cup and knead instead as he continued to watch their reflections. He slowly pushed his middle finger into Gaheris' tight opening. Halfway there, he had halted and began to withdraw, and a warning growl rumbled. Planting kisses and nibbles along Rhade's hip bone, he had deliberately plunged his long finger all the way in and began a steady rhythm of advance and retreat. The only thing that hand interrupted the smooth cadence was that Dylan had occasionally curled his finger to scrape the sensitive spot deep within his lover's body. When that happened, Dylan had heard a guttural whimper that caused him to shiver and his long neglected cock to twitch. He had felt a slight shifting as Rhade had leaned forward to improve the angle of Dylan's penetration. Unfortunately, the Nietzschean's battered body had protested that movement. Dylan heard a repressed groan and instantly had understood the source of the sound. He had known that it had been pain and not pleasure.

When he redirected his attention upwards toward his lover's face, he had seen Gaheris try to conceal a grimace. Immediately, Dylan had stood, removing his hand where it had been curved up between Rhade's spread legs to enter him. His rising had forced the other man to straighten and he used his taller body to brace Rhade.

"Hold me. Touch me," he murmured. Dylan thought that would get a more positive response than 'Hold onto me before you collapse'. And, he was proven right when Gaheris returned his embrace and leaned against him. Dylan circled his arm to rest his palm in the hollow of Rhade's lower back and his other had adjusted both of their cocks. He positioned them so they were snug, side by side, sandwiched between their stomachs.

Rhade's hand had buried itself in Dylan's wet hair and forced his mouth down. Dylan had let himself sink in the sensation of the shorter man exploring his mouth in a deep kiss. Held firmly in place, Dylan allowed the invasion of Gaheris' tongue. Probing and relentless, Rhade had devoured his mouth as if he was a starving man. Gaheris' taste was dark and heady and Dylan had sucked on Rhade's tongue as it tangled with his own.

In tandem with the thrusts of their tongues, Dylan had grasped their cocks and begun pumping them. Groaning in his lover's mouth, Dylan had sought relief for his aching hardness. Then Gaheris had grabbed his wrist in a strong grip and stopped his motions. Tearing his mouth away to curse, Dylan had heard Rhade's demand.

"Fuck me."

"I don't think that's a great idea." Dylan's hand on Gaheris' back had brushed repeatedly against the wet-dry binding supporting the quickly healing, but still tender ribs.

"Don't think, fuck me." Was the insistent demand as Rhade bit his neck.

Hoping to distract Rhade from marking him above his uniform collar, Dylan commented, "You're awfully bossy for being the bottom. Why is that?"

"Because I'm Nietzschean." Was Rhade's arrogant reply.

"No, I really mean, why are you always the bottom?" had been Dylan's question. "You are Nietzschean. Donít your alpha instincts want to pin me under you and fuck me senseless?"

Rhade had stilled and Dylan glimpsed emotions dark and dangerous in his eyes before Gaheris had lowered his lids and hid from Dylan.

"Don't you like fucking me? Are you tired of it?"

'Ah,' thought Dylan, 'Answer a question with a question, offense as defense and change the slant of the subject.' Multiple evasion tactics.

"You know that's not true!" Had been Dylan's instant protest to his lover.

Rhade's hand in his hair had started to pull him down for another distracting kiss. Their lips a breath apart, Dylan had whispered, "No one has ever fucked me and I want you to be the first."

Gaheris had hissed a breath between clenched teeth as a shudder wracked his body. Rhade's hand had slid from Dylan's hair and covered his mouth. To stop them from kissing or halt Dylan from saying anything else too provocative, he wasn't sure. Dylan had felt Gaheris' other hand release his wrist and his face was then cupped in both of Rhade's palms. He was pushed back so Gaheris could meet his gaze.

"No, Dylan. No, that's not going to happen." He was told in a strained voice.

"Why? Don't you want to?" Asked Dylan, confused. He thought maybe it was a weird Nietzschean procreation thing.

Rhade's grip had tightened.

"Dylan, if I top you, I might hurt you. You're human."

"I'm half heavy worlder."

"And I'm all Nietzschean, and we tend to lose control sometimes." Was the serious rebuttal.

Dylan had given a long suffering sigh. "Rhade..."

"No, Dylan. I won't risk hurting you. I don't ever want to hurt you. Don't ever let me."

In his chair remembering, Dylan shifted and frowned to himself. Gaheris had seemed way more serious than the situation warranted. But Dylan at the time was more concerned with sex.

Dylan had recognized the stubborn look on his lover's face and knew to pursue this now would be futile. If he continued, he could set Rhade's mind totally against the idea and he would never consider switching.

"I won't." Assured Dylan. "If you ever get too frisky, I'll tie you up and tie you down."

Dylan had seen the serious look in Gaheris' eyes be replaced with

"Of course," he continued. "Then I'll do wicked, unspeakable things."

"Unspeakable?" Purred Rhade. "Tell me."

Dylan had just laughed and turned Gaheris to face their reflections. Pressing up against him, Dylan had urged him forward more into the pulsing sprays. Rhade leaned forward and grasped the safety bar as Dylan scooped up the bottle of gel. He squirted some into his palm before replacing it in the recess. Reaching around Rhade's shoulders, he had worked up a lather before placing his palms on the Nietzschean's elbows. Rhade's arms were close to the cubicle's walls where the spray was less intense and Dylan slowly stroked his hands down. With the soapy suds, he circled and tauntingly cleaned the bases of Gaheris' boneblades. Dylan had kissed and nibbled Rhade's jaw and neck as he watched in the mirror. Gaheris' eyes were squeezed shut and his face had been ridged with suppressed emotions.

"Dylan." He gritted out warningly.

Dylan bit his earlobe, but slid his hands away. One day, he was going to push past Gaheris' self control, he had promised himself. Soon. One hand had moved to play with Rhade's nipples. Teasing and plucking while the other slid down and cupped the head of Gaheris' cock and milked gently. Rhade groaned and rubbed back against Dylan. Dylan felt his erection slide up and down Rhade's cleft and knew once inside the clenching warmth, he wouldn't last long.

"Gaheris, this is going to be short and fast. Don't do your Nietzschean endurance thing." He breathed into his lover's ear.

"I want it hard. Don't be careful." Gaheris demanded.

Dylan ignored the injured man's response and smeared the palmful of the Nietzschean's precum over his own throbbing cock as he moved slightly back. He then took two of his fingers and started to stretch Rhade's tight opening.

"No!" Snarled Gaheris. "I want you fucking me now!"

Rhade bent further forward and his ass slid against the head of Dylan's cock. With a groan, Dylan had decided to comply. His hand grasped the base of his cock and guided the crown to push into the other man's quivering body. He had known that Rhade sometimes liked it rough, and he hoped painkillers could multi-task. Dylan surged his hips forward and thrust into the waiting warmth with a strong push. Both of them panting, Dylan had moved the hand that had been toying with Gaheris' nipples to spread in the middle of his chest to brace his lover. Dylan loved the sensation of being buried to the hilt and had ground his groin against the taunt ass squeezing his cock. His free hand had crept around the slim hip to circle around Rhade's velvet hard erection. Tucking his face against the curve of Gaheris' neck, Dylan had begun to pump his hips in short, digging, strokes that matched the rhythm of his hand. His ears had filled with the pounding of the water, the slapping sounds of their wet flesh and the sounds of his lover. Increasing his pace, he had told a growling Rhade "Come with me," before pressure built inside him and burst. With a few last slams and a deep bite to the nape of the Rhade's neck, Dylan had felt himself empty with almost violent convulsions. He felt his pumping, twisting, hand bring Gaheris to climax and the resulting internal muscles spasming around his trapped cock milked the last ounce of cum from his shuddering body. Gently easing his softening cock from the hard vise of Rhade's ass, Dylan ignored the unhappy noise from the other man. He finished cleaning Gaheris and quickly soaped and rinsed himself.

He turned off the water as Gaheris left the shower. The Nietzschean shuffled out towards the bed, leaving wet footprints behind. Following him, Dylan had wrapped a dripping Gaheris with a huge, fluffy bath sheet and dried him before tucking him into bed.

While toweling off, Dylan had spied a bottle of painkillers and forced a grumpy, sleepy Nietzschean to take one. Not an easy task. Rhade had pulled the covers to his nose and muttered,

"I. Don't. Want. To."

"Either take one now, or it might be the Med Lab for you."

Dark eyes had snapped open and hardened. All Dylan had seen was wet hair sticking straight up and Gaheris' glare. Feeling strangely vulnerable kneeling on the bed in the cool air, Dylan mentally scrambled and continued.

"If Dr. Kazva thinks you're not getting the proper care..."

The Nietzschean had grumbled and relented. Climbing in beside him, Dylan retucked the covers around the both of them and had curved his body around Gaheris. The lighting in the bedroom had revealed the bruises starting to darken and Dylan had been concerned and feeling guilty. He had also been curious about something.

"Andromeda." He had quietly called.

Immediately a small version of the hologram had appeared on their pillow.

"Yes, Captain?" She had asked in a low tone.

"How did Rhade know what happened between Attila and myself?"

"I informed First Officer Rhade per the orders he gave me shortly after you both arrived onboard." was her neutral sounding reply.

Dylan sighed softly.

"Scan him and tell me if he's going to be fine." Dylan trusted his doctors, but he trusted his ship more.

"He should recover quickly." She reassured him. She paused and looked at them. "I will continue to monitor him while you both sleep, if you wish?"

"Yes, thank you. You are the best." Dylan had sleepily praised her.

Allowing herself a small smile, she had flicked out. A moment later, the lights shut off.

"Thank you." Dylan quietly called out again.

In the dark, Dylan had buried his face against Rhade's wet hair and relaxed around the battered, slightly smaller body of his lover. He was secretly amused a Gaheris' fierce concern of harming him. Knowing what a light sleeper his companion was, Dylan had not laughed, but grinned to himself as he drifted into sleep.

The next day Dylan was not grinning and definitely not laughing. In fact, he was rather dazed. Dylan had remembered commanding Andromeda to show the replay of the exercise room she had automatically recorded earlier. Her hologram activated and together they had watched the monitor. The speed and deliberate ferociousness of Rhade had been unsettling. And Ridley had failed to mention that Attila had been fighting well because it appeared he might be fighting for his life. In comparison the Nietzschean certainly had been holding back when he sparred with his Captain. Also omitted from Ridley's rendition was what Gaheris had said to the defeated Attila.

"If you ever mark my Captain again, in any way, for any reason, I will kill you." Gaheris had growled.

Dylan had told Andromeda to delete that last bit. Evidence like that could easily court martial his first officer. He had not worried about anyone in the room testifying, it had been obvious from their averted gazes that Rhade had complete command over every Nietzschean on board. And the humans who had been present knew they wouldn't have a prayer in a confrontation against their more powerful crewmates.

Sitting up suddenly from his musings, Dylan summoned Andromeda. Her image appeared immediately.

"Yes, Captain?" She asked.

"Andromeda," he questioned. "At Hephaistos, while Rhade was betraying me-"

"Betraying us." She corrected firmly.

"Yeah, us." Dylan continued. "What were all our other Nietzschean crewmembers doing?"

Andromeda tilted her head and her hologram appeared to be considering as she reviewed her internal records.

"They all evacuated, as you ordered." Was her reply.

"They didn't bother any of the other crew, damage you further than Rhade's sabotage or try to sneak a nova bomb out under their arm?" Dylan queried.

"No, they preceded in a calm and orderly fashion to the escape pods." Andromeda answered. "This is relevant, is it not?"

"Hell, yes." Confirmed Dylan. "Why didn't Rhade bring more Nietzscheans with him? He had no idea how many personnel were still on Command Deck. Also, why did he wait until the last possible moment?"

Andromeda frowned. "I do not know. It was not the most logical plan of action."

"Neither do I," Dylan sighed. "But I need to find out."

Dylan grimly drew Gaheris Rhade's personal log closer. He was confused and he had a sinking feeling he might discover more than he wanted to. More than he might be able to live with. Once again Dylan remembered Gaheris cupping his face and warning him not to let the Nietzschean hurt him. He began to read again.

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