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Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

First off I don't own anything or, persons from the shows I'm workin' with.
Please no flames.
Some people are of my imagination,
The rating is for later chapters.
There's no ped in this.

This story takes place when Wyatt is 3 to 4 yrs of age
He's being baby sat by Pagie for the day an watches some tv & comes across the show Mighty Max.
What could happen?

*It was around noon when Pagie was in another room for a moment.*

Wyatt turns the Tv on with his powers an brings the remote to him he goes though channels.
He finds a show that catches his eye.
Likes what he sees [much like in the ep where he brings the dragon out of the tv]
He brings all of them from the show to the real world.
Paige walks in the room.

Max: Who are u & where are we?
Pagie: Your in San Fran & my name is Pagie so, who are u?
Max: My name is Max.
Paige: So, who are your friends?
Max: The girl to my right is my girlfriend Nkira the man to my left is her father & my protector Norman an just beside him is Virgel.
Paige: Ok, I kinda reconize the three of you [pointing to Max, Norman, & Virgel] but, I don't reconize her [pointing to Nkira].
Max: She's not exactly part of the show or, at least to my knowlege.
Paige: So, aren't you suppost to be like a cartoon?
Max: Yeah why?
Nkira: You might want to look in a mirrior & you'll have your answer.

*Max decided to look more around at his surroundings.*

Virgel: May I ask how we got here in the first place.

Just then Piper walks in.

Piper: Hi, what's going on or, do I Really want to know how this happened?
Paige: Wyatt got bored & well you see what he did to change it.
Piper: I hope you guys know you won't be able to stay long.
Max: Yeah we understand but, how do we even get back?
Nkira: Well, if what I read is true it's up to the person who brought us here [sorry if I'm wrong on what I just wrote].
Max: You actually read things like this stuff?
Nkira: Yeah, sometimes why?
Paige: Did what you read say anything about well, cartoons entering the real world.
Nkira: Not that I know of.

Leo orbs in...

Leo: Hi, guys.

Everyone: Hi

*Leo looks to see who else was in the room & was surprized to see people from a cartoon in the living room.*

Leo: Piper how did they get here?
Piper: Well, Pagie left the room for a few moments & Wyatt brought them here. I can only hope it doesn't bring trouble.

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