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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Candy.
Inspired By: Candy Shop—50 Cent.
Author: Nickie_James.
Fandom: Andromeda.
Pairing: Telemachus/OFC.
OFC Theme Song: Ja Rule—Furious.

Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Drama, Humor.
Warning: Things are slightly skewed to fit in Gaheris and Anyanka...okay, I borrowed Anya's demon name, yeah...but it sounded perfect for the character, seeing as she's half Nietzchean.
Summary: Dylan has a daughter named Anyanka Rhade-Hunt. Rhade, because Gaheris had taken her in when Dylan couldn't keep her. Gaheris lived, wasn't a traitor, and Anyanka was on the Andromeda.

OFC Introduction:
Full Name: Anyanka Elizabeth Ophelia Natasha Rhade-Hunt.
Alias: Aeon Hunt or Anya Rhade.
Nicknames: Aeon, Anya, Ankh, Lizzie, Eliza, Bethie, Ophie, Lia, Nat, Tasha, Rhade, and Hunt.
Age: 19.

Height: 5' 4”.
Weight: 120.

Hair: Onyx Black.
Eyes: One is black, the other is blue. Wears a blue contact over the black one.

Distinguishing Marks: Has boneblades...of course, has a tattoo on her lower back of something she saw in an ancient Earth movie called xXx, has a barcode tattoo on her neck with number X5-007...for her affinity for the ancient Earth show Dark Angel and the movie James Bond, has barbed wire cuffs on her biceps for the Earth move Barb Wire.


After they had gotten out of the singularity, Gaheris and Dylan had found their baby girl buried under rubble, but she was still alive, thankfully. They called her THEIR baby girl because they were her dads. Dylan her biological and Gaheris her surrogate. She grew up with Gaheris' family, Dylan thought it was good for her. To be raised with a loving family, even though she was only a half breed. The Rhade family saw past that little fact and saw Anyanka for what she was: a strong and formidable warrior.
Anyanka was the name that her birth mother chose before dying of birth complications. Samore Nathanis was a beautiful Nietzchean of the Kodiak Pride. She had black hair and black eyes. Anyanka only inherited her hair and one black eye. When they had gained a new crew, they asked questions...but only because Trance had mentioned seeing Anyanka in the Med-deck. When asked what pride her mother was from, Gaheris and Dylan had been hesistant. Something inside Tyr Anasazi was proud when he heard the words 'Kodiak' and 'Nathanis' uttered.
Nathanis had been a prominent family beside the Anasazi. Tyr's mother was a Nathanis. He was related indirectly to the mystery girl in the Med-deck. Tyr never got to meet Anyanka, just got to see her whenever he was in Med-deck. But, back to the plot, it was until they were stranded on Seefra, that Anyanka was even brought into the conversation. Dylan had wondered why she didn't end up with him when they were all seperated, but he was happy that she was safe.
She had ended up with Harper. Harper took the best care of her, even made Doyle for her. Doyle was a clone of her mother, but with blonde hair. Doyle didn't mind that Anyanka called her mom, it made her feel good. (A.N. Screw the series finale, I'm taking this thing my own way.)


Dylan sat sadly at the table. He knew that Anyanka was awake, but she had yet to come out of hiding. Harper had told him that Anyanka was ashamed of what had happened to her, the damage done to her. She didn't think that Dylan would feel the same about her if he saw what it turned out like. He had heard murmurs of a black and blue eyed demon girl in the forests outside the city, but none of them gave an absolute location. He was confused and frustrated, neither doing very well for him at the moment.
He lifted his head as Gaheris, Telemachus, Trance, and Beka entered the bar. Harper had closed it early for their meeting. They all sat down, Gaheris next to Dylan. Gaheris and Dylan were open about their relationship, about being lovers. Telemachus delighted in it, glad that his ancestor had someone, better than being alone.

“So, Dylan...” Harper started, wondering how he should put it that he has known where to find Anyanka, but he blurted out, “I know where Anyanka is,” instead.
Dylan perked up, Gaheris' hand on his shoulder.

“Where?” Dylan asked, every bit the worrying father he was.
“I drop off food and drink to a certain location and she comes to get it,” Harper told him truthfully, “she has a reason for staying away, Dylan. You saw what the rubble did to her. It turned her to mince meat. Almost every single scar is gone, but there are still some there.”
Gaheris spoke before Dylan could.

“Like?” He said softly, wondering what his baby girl was so tormented by.
“One on the right side of her face,” Harper took a deep breath, “it starts in her hair line,” He showed them, using Doyle as an example, pointing to the spot in her hairline, “through her eyebrow,” he trailed his finger down to the middle of Doyle's eyebrow, “over her eye, the black kinda milky now, but she can still see with it,” he trailed his finger over the middle of Doyle's eye, “splits off a bit here,” he trailed his finger diagonally over Doyle's cheekbone to just above the middle of her cheek, taking up his spot under the middle of her eye, “all the way done to here,” his finger traced down Doyle's face, passing the corner of her mouth, down to just under her chin.
Dylan looked almost crestfallen when he realized something.

“Is that why she won't let us see her?” He asked softly, his voice cracking.
Harper nodded.

“She thinks that she won't be accepted by us,” Doyle told him gently, “if we saw what she's become.”
Now they were confused.

“What do you mean?” Gaheris asked.
“There is a reason they call her a demon, Gaheris,” Doyle said softly, but firmly, “she has to use what your brothers taught her just to survive the sweeps.”
Gaheris silently uttered, 'Oh goddess', which he had picked up from Anyanka when she was fourteen. Dylan let his head fall, his forehead hitting the table with a dull thud.

“She became the very thing she feared,” Doyle said softly, “an Assassin, a shadow, a killer.”
They came to the conclusion that they would keep searching for her. Try to reach out to her. They would leave letters for her with the supplies that Harper would give her, which made her feel a little happier. She would leave letters with the empty crates that Harper would take before he brought more supplies. It continued like that for two weeks...before something big happened.


“Do you honestly think that anyone is coming for you, Hunt?” a man asked Dylan after kicking him in the ribs.
That's when Dylan heard a voice that he hadn't heard in so long.

“What makes you think that?” asked a gravelly voice of a woman.
The man holding Dylan hostage, called Tek by his men, looked up.

“Tek, honestly, I thought you knew better than to mess with what's mine,” Anyanka said dangerously.
Tek held Dylan with a knife at his throat.

“How is Hunt yours?” Tek asked, intimidated by the tiny girl.
“He's my dad, asshole,” Anyanka growled, “now hand him over.”
Tek grinned.

“No,” He said boldly.
Anyanka stepped forward, Tek held the blade dangerously close to Dylan's jugular.

“One more step, bitch, and your precious Daddy dies,” Tek growled.
Anyanka stepped back, Tek relaxing the blade a little further down Dylan's throat. The rest of the crew had finally caught up with Anyanka, seeing her and Tek in a stand-off.

“Let him go, Tek,” Anyanka said, her voice feral, her eyes pleading.
Tek delighted in her misery, seeing the pleading of a little girl, in her eyes.

“Only if you give me what I want, demon,” Tek leered at her.
Gaheris growled, Telemachus was stiff, Beka held Gaheris back.

“Come on, demon,” He made a show of tightening the blade on Dylan's throat, “give me what I want and I let your Daddy live.”
Gaheris could see Anyanka flexing her blades in a pensive pose.

“Come on, demon...” Tek was cut off.
“Call me demon one more time, Fuck-face, and I kill you where you stand!” She screamed.
Tek threw Dylan to the ground, Dylan with his hand pressed to the side of hide throat. Tek postured and challenged Anyanka.

“Come on, bitch, I dare you,” He said before he charged her.
Anyanka cocked her head and side-stepped Tek. Anyanka had shifted so easily into the killer that she was trained to be. Tek threatened her father, Anyanka had no choice but to kill Tek. Tek and Anyanka circled each other like animals, Anyanka's boneblades flexed.
When Tek charged her again, she sided stepped, but this time she brought her arm down, driving her boneblades into the man's back. When she lifted her arm, Tek stumbled, but he still attacked.
She crouched on the ground, her hand dug into the ground. She had buried a blade there a long time ago, thinking she may need it one day. When Tek came at her again, she unleashed a flurry of kicks, punches and lashes with the blade. She kicked him in the stomach, which made the man double over. When he got up and came after her, she buried the blade into his stomach. Tek fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. Anyanka wiped off the blade and looked back to Dylan, who was being helped up by Gaheris.

“Take care of him, Harry,” She told Gaheris, “he still needs to learn how to take care of himself.”
Anyanka smiled sadly at her fathers before she walked away, hoping that she would see Dylan again one day.


Telemachus went against Gaheris and Dylan's requests not to go after Anyanka. He wanted answers and he was going to get them. He watched her as she climbed into a large tree near the mountainside.
There was a tree house. He watched as she entered the tree house and disappeared. He sat there against the base of another tree as he thought to himself.

Why is she so ashamed? She's beautiful, He thought to himself.
That's when the little voice in the back of his mind intervened.

But she doesn't see it that way.
I get that...but...ugh.
He heard music coming from where Anyanka had disappeared.

“What the hell is that?” He whispered.
Telemachus shook his head when he noticed Anyanka lean out a window and look at him.

“So you are Harry's descendant,” she called to him.
Telemachus nodded.

“Why did you follow me?” She asked him.
“I wanted answers,” He replied.
Anyanka sighed. Her eyes closed as a song came on.

“It's called Have You Ever Loved A Woman,” She told him, knowing he might ask, “the guitar work is beautiful."

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