The Number One Reason to Want the Night Shift

BY : Bebe
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Title: The Number One Reason to Want the Night Shift

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

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Pairing: Rommie/Beka

Summary: It was a long and boring shiftÖ

Authorís Note: I have to stop entertaining plot bunnies. They always leave such a mess of ideas in my brain, and some of them never leave. This is one that dug in its heels and refused to be kicked out.


"Hey, Rommie, can you come here a second?" Beka looked over at the android.

"Sure." She joined Beka at the console. "What do you want?"

"Among other things, can you check these sliproutes? I think some of them are a little screwy." She leaned back to let Rommie through after indicating the appropriate screen.

They were on duty on Command Deck, but there was damned little going on, which was why Beka was working out slipstream calculations. Even Rommie was bored, however rare that was. Her current form of entertainment was calling up classic horror movies from her matrix and playing them at her console, everything from Psycho to The Insane Tribesmen of Bullhorn Eight. The screams were really beginning to annoy her companion.

"These check out perfectly. Thereís no problem with them." Rommie turned to Beka, still standing next to her, and noticed that the smile that always seemed to preclude some sort of mischief or coupe was on her face. "What are you planning?"

The human boosted herself up, taking a seat on the railing that surrounded the platform. "Nothing," she said, in a perfectly innocent tone, still grinning. "I was just wondering something."

"What were you wondering?" she asked cautiously, herself wondering if she really wanted to know.

If anything, Bekaís grin grew wider. It was a boring shift, after all, and her question would definitely make it more interesting. She anticipated the reaction with really astounding glee. "Have you ever had sex?"

Rommie gaped for a minute before stammering, "What?"

"Have you ever had sex?"

"I heard you the first time!" She shook her head, confused. "Once. Why?"

"Just wondering," Beka said, and paused before speaking again. "Man or woman?"

Rommie all but glared at her. "It was Gabriel," she stated quietly.

"Oh." Beka pushed herself off the railing, landing lightly on her feet. "Iím sorry, I didnít realize."

"Itís all right, you couldnít have. Besides, that was a while ago."

"Itís only been a year."

"Beka, Iím the avatar of a three-hundred-year-old starship. A second is a while to me." She smiled a little, evincing an answering one.

They stood in silence for a minute before Beka came up with her next question. "Do you want to have sex with a woman?"

Rommie gave her a funny look, having an idea where this was going. "Why are you asking?"

"Because Iím offering." She grinned, hoping the avatar would take her up on it.

Said avatar looked and felt as though someone had whacked her over the head with a forcelance. Finally, the sole comment she settled on was, "When was the last time Trance gave you a full mental evaluation?"

"RommieÖ" Beka shook her head, deprecating. "Itís the middle of the night shift. Everyone else is asleep. Weíre both bored. Why not?"

"But weíre on duty! On Command Deck!"

"Yeah, so? Come on, itís better than sliproutes or horror movies."

She stared at the starship captain, who gazed back with a questioning look. "Right here?"


"Right now?"


She couldnít believe she was about to do this, but the woman did have a point. "All right, just this once."

Beka didnít say anything else, just took her shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss. It was a full-out, open-mouth kiss- she didnít want to give Rommie any time to back out. Sheíd wanted to do this for a while, and it was rare that you could get Rommie to do something this unconservative without massive effort or promises of bribes in the form of maintenance jobs.

For all her reticence, Rommie participated fully once they got started, thrusting into Bekaís mouth almost obscenely and effectively starting the dance of lips and mouths and teeth and tongues.

They were content with that for a moment, but as the interaction grew more heated, Beka started to push up Rommieís shirt, lips not leaving her mouth. They broke the contact only long enough to draw the avatarís shirt over her head, leaving her with a navy blue satin bra the only covering for her upper half, but didnít resume immediately. Instead, Rommie latched onto the zipper of Bekaís vest, drawing it down and slowly separating the two halves. The human slid her vest off, then braced herself against the railing as Rommie started to undo her pants and boots.

In only minutes, Beka was entirely nude and Rommie had stripped down to her bra and matching panties. They resumed kissing, passionately. Beka moaned every time the smooth satin of the bra brushed her already hard nipples. Rommie, in turn, bucked her hips up every time Bekaís thumb swept over the skin at the join of her hip and thigh; that happened quite often, as her grip had settled over the joint on either side.

Soon Rommie started to kiss her way down Bekaís neck. Beka gasped aloud as her collarbone was reached and nipped lightly at, and started to fumble to get the catch of the bra unfastened. Quickly Rommie slid it off and started to slide her panties over her hips and down her legs, even as she reached Bekaís now-aching nipples.

Beka cried out at the touch and arched her back, wanting more. This had started as her game, but was quickly moving beyond control, and she didnít care. Trying to get even more pleasure, she started toying with the neglected nipple, as her other hand slid down to her groin.

Rommie broke away. Beka moaned at the loss of contact and almost begged, "No, please, keep going."

The android shushed her with her lips. There was a reason why she had stopped. "Here," she whispered when the kiss ended, and pulled her by the hand, over the piles of clothing and off the platform. When they reached bare floor, she pushed her down to her knees, gently. "Lie on your back," she murmured.

Beka obeyed, wondering what Rommie had planned. She gasped when the cold surface of the metal inflamed her senses even more, and slowly began stroking her hands over her breasts and down her body, trying to appease the ache, as Rommie stood over her, deliberating.

She decided, at last, and kneeled next to Beka. After a moment of hesitation, she swung a leg over to straddle the other womanís shoulders, and firmly planted a hand to one side of her hips. With the other she slid under Bekaís hand and slowly pushed a finger into her.

Beka thrust back, closing her eyes in ecstasy. When she opened them again, she noticed Rommieís sex glistening only a short distance away, framed by slim thighs. Making a quick decision, she reached up and pulled her down closer. She began to lick at the artificial folds of flesh, sucking at the small nub she found there.

It was Rommieís turn to moan, and she did, pushing down toward Beka even as she continued to stroke her finger in and out. Beka took a firmer grip on Rommieís hips and continued to work on her, occasionally stopping to slip her tongue into the android and evince new sounds of pleasure. In return, Rommie slid another finger into her and rubbed at her clit.

Their movements picked up pace and force as they continued to stimulate each other. Too soon they climaxed together, crying out, Beka tightening around Rommieís fingers and Rommie shuddering beneath Bekaís hands. They continued to stroke and lick throughout the intensity of it, only drawing apart after the last tremors had passed.

They rolled away from each other across the floor, silent except for their panting breaths. Finally, Rommie broke the quiet, saying, "Beka, next time we have night shiftÖ"


"Letís do this again."

Beka grinned. "Oh, weíre definitely doing this again."


The End

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