Spy, Accidental

BY : Bebe
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Title: Spy, Accidental

Author: Bebe

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Oh, the things I could do if I owned themÖ

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Pairing: Beka/Tyr

Summary: Harper gets an eyeful while heís doing maintenance.

Authorís Note: I got this idea a few weeks ago. Yes, I know the "spying" ideaís been done to death, but I hope this is at least a little different from the usual variations. Also, it may help to read Frustrated, but itís not exactly necessary.


Harper coughed as he breathed in some dust his passage had stirred up. "Canít you just get a 'droid to do this?" he asked the ship. It was rhetorical, but she answered anyway.

"I told you last time, no. The vents are too small for a maintenance droid to fit, and it would give way under the weight." Her disembodied voice reverberated in the small conduit. She decided to take pity on him with her next sentence. "Just finish this conduit and youíre done."

"Gee, thanks," he muttered, but shut up anyway. She had decided to let him off the rest, and he tried not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Sometimes. That meant he still had a ways to go before finishing, though.

Once or twice a year someone had to go through the ventilation system and check, by hand, that each room vent worked. It was a long, boring, dirty slog and not even necessary unless someone onboard had a serious breathing problem. Unfortunately, Dylan was a stickler for regulations, and regulations said at least once a year. Since Harper was the engineer and the only one that would fit through the conduits, he was elected.

So here he was, crawling through the small tunnel above the quarters. The first time it had been mildly interesting, being able to peer into all the rooms heíd never been in. Heíd even looked into his own. Perspective thing.

This year, though, it was simply dull. He moved along, bored out of his little genius skull, doing it purely by rote.

And then something caught his attention.

It was nothing, really; a faint groan as he moved nearer to the inhabited quarters. But during this job, anything was worth investigating. So he went with it, speeding up his progress as he neared the vent it had come from.

And then he heard more. The closer he got, the louder they became, until each was reaching his ears loud and clear. They sounded kinda like Tyr.

"BekaÖ" Okay, that was not a groan. At least not technically. But it helped clarify what Tyr was doing. No sane guy moaned a girlís name while doing heavy lifting, right? Therefore, Tyr was into self-gratification. Figured heíd picture Beka. Not that Harper was jealous or anything, but heíd had a few fantasies where Tyr or Beka, and sometimes both, featured strongly.

Out of sheer curiosity, and a little prurient interest, the engineer crawled silently closer and looked down through the vent. It took a minute of squirming and rearranging until he found a spot where he had a relatively good view, but he managed it. And, lucky him, the vent was right above the bed, so he had a birdís eye view of the proceedings.

So far, predictable. Tyr was flat on his back in the middle of the bed, apparently completely nude, but Harper couldnít see below about mid-stomach. Damn. Still, it made a nice picture. A practical bronzed god, hair spread about his head, a light sheen of sweat over his skin. His eyes were closed and he groaned and uttered Bekaís name as, judging by the motion of his stomach muscles, he thrust his hips off the bed repeatedly. Even his boneblades were kinda sexy, standing out from his forearms while he held the headboard of the bedstead.

Wait. Both hands were up above his head, and no one could come just by thinking about it. That meant-

"Oh, shit," Harper mouthed, too afraid to even breath the words. He had to get out of there, fast and quiet. It was one thing to watch someone masturbating, or to have a few fantasies. It was another thing entirely to watch two people you were friends with having sex. The only way he could leave without making Andromeda suspicious was crawling over the vent in question, though, and either of the two might hear him if he did that. Repeating his earlier sentiment, just as quietly, he settled in for a long, uncomfortable wait.

The activity below intensified. He tried not to watch, he really did, but every so often a phrase or a sound would get his attention. What really caught him was a very urgent plea of "Beka, please!"

Well and truly intrigued, Harper looked through, to see the Nietzschean apparently straining himself greatly. He had an idea of what Beka was doing to the guy- he wasnít stupid. He was also quite willing to guess that Ubers didnít usually do that.

"All right, if youíre that desperate," he heard, the tone teasing. Again, he couldnít resist just a quick look and was treated to the sight of a very naked Beka moving into view, first to kiss Tyr and then settle quickly onto him, both moaning as she did. He noticed, as something to file in his mind somewhere, that from the back at least, Beka looked better without her clothes than with.

By now he was so engrossed he couldnít look away, however much he wanted to. The movements of the couple in the room below were slow and synchronized- obviously they had done this before. Soon, though, Tyr growled; Beka moved for a few moments longer until she cried out and thrust down, digging her fingernails into his chest. Above them, Harper gaped at the image of the two.

After a minute of silence, Beka got off the Nietzschean and lay down beside him. Resting her chin on his chest, she asked something that Harper couldnít quite hear, and Tyr replied with an equally indecipherable rumble. He must have answered her question, though, because she relaxed next to him.

Harper realized that it was his time to get out, while they went into a post-coital stupor. He moved very slowly and quietly, but not slowly and quietly enough. Next thing he knew, the vent beneath him was being opened.

Beka was slowly sinking into a semi-comatose state. Something about a round of really good sex did that for her sometimes, and this time hadnít exactly been an exception. After a moment, though, she felt Tyr tense next to her. It took a second, but she heard it too- a combination of light tapping and scrabbling at the ceiling.

He moved very stealthily, standing on the bed and taking hold of the vent cover directly overhead. She reached over to the nightstand and got her gun- just in case. A quick check to make sure she was armed, and he swung it open.

A curse echoed from inside the conduit, and she lowered the gun at the familiar voice. "Harper?"

Tyr was much more direct. "Boy, get down here."

"Oh, crap." A pair of feet protruded from the hole in the ceiling, followed by two legs in baggy pants. Then they stopped moving. "Uh, are you two covered yet?"

Beka rolled her eyes, but pulled the sheet up to her breasts. Tyr, for his part, took the blanket at the bottom of the bed and wrapped it around his waist, snapping, "Yes. Now move!"

"Iím coming, Iím coming. You try fitting through this thing, letís see how fast you are." Within seconds, Harper was hanging by his hands, toes dangling above the bed. When he finally let go, he landed in a dusty, mussed heap on the sheet. "UmÖ hi?"

"Harper, what were you doing up there?" she asked immediately.

"What are you doing down here?" he countered just as quickly.

Tyr was rather short on patience. Getting a grip on the short hairs at the back of Harperís neck, he tugged hard enough to hurt. "She asked first."

The engineer yelped and said, "I was just checking the vents."

"In the middle of the night?" Another tug, another yelp.

"Andromeda said I had to finish this line before I went to bed."

The Nietzschean looked like he was about to yank again, and Beka decided to intervene. "Tyr, let me. Itís easier to get an answer when heís not scared."

After one more glare at him, Tyr released him. Harper wriggled away and up the bed until he sat next to Beka. "Thanks, Boss."

"Donít thank me yet." She tucked the sheet up higher and fixed him with a dirty look. "I donít know how much you heard or saw, but if you tell anyone, I will personally ensure that you never enjoy anything, ever again. Clear?"

He nodded frantically. "Yeah, I got it."

"Good. Now go to bed. You can finish the vents in the morning."

Harper nodded again. She slapped him lightly on the back, then watched as he scrambled off the bed and out the door. Looking back at Tyr, now sitting on the end of the bed, she found that he was watching her intently. "What?"

"You let him off that easily?"

"Oh, no. Not easily. If he does that again, I really will make sure that he never enjoys anything. And when I get revenge, I donít go by half-measures." She slid off the bed and started looking for her clothes. "Harper kind of ruined the mood. Iím heading back to my quarters." She leaned over to get in a last kiss before she left, but by the time it ended she had forgotten about Harper. "Or maybe Iíll stay here."

Harper sighed with relief as he got out of Tyrís quarters. They were definitely not happy with him. On the other hand, he not only had new fantasy material, he knew something with great blackmail potential.


The End

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