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BY : Bebe
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Title: Ambushed

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine. Wish they were.

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Pairing: Harper/Rommie

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Summary: Rommie sneaks up on Harper.

Author's Note: One of these days, I'm going to perfect actually paying attention to something, instead of letting my mind wander.


Harper had just cracked open a new bottle of Weissbrau when he felt her behind him. She had moved fast- he had barely noticed her before she had one hand on his waist and the other on his bottle of beer. "Hey, Rom-doll? Mine!"

He tried to hold it out of her reach, but that had a not-good effect: he started to forget about the beer. When he leaned forward, she stretched against his back, and he felt her torso pressing against him.

"Harper, do you really want to push it?" She knew how he'd take that comment, and she was right- he gulped at the near-double entendre. She knew she'd won when he relaxed and let her take the bottle.

"What's so important that I can't get borderline drunk between-" His jaw dropped when he faced her.

She'd picked her top very carefully before approaching him. It had taken some digging to find a vest that exposed quite so much of her cleavage. With the look on his face as he took in her appearance, she decided that the time she'd spent on it was justified.


"Thanks, Harper." She moved up next to him to place the bottle on the galley's counter. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should." He nodded to emphasize the point, eyes still not moving above her neckline. She felt his hands come to rest on her hips.

Harper was surprised that she hadn't made some comment about where he was looking. Unless- "Are you planning on staring at my breasts all day, or do you want to actually do something about it?"

And there it was.

"I'm working up to it, Rommie. A precision job like this requires talent, and finesse, and..." He gave up and kissed her.

Rommie would have smiled, but her lips were too busy being parted- not expertly by any means, but with enough familiarity that he knew what to do for her. She went along, sliding her hands up to his shoulders and sucking hard on the tongue that was inside his mouth next to her own. She teased a gentle finger around his dataport; he shuddered, pulling away and breathing a little heavier than usual.

When Harper's fingers went to her vest's zipper, she felt almost victorious. He pushed the stiff fabric away as soon as the halves parted. She barely felt a swift rush of cold air- the Maru was always too cool to be comfortable nude- before warm, callused hands spread over her breasts. She gasped into Harper's mouth as he pinched one nipple hard enough to hurt, just a little. "Harper-!"

"No worries, Rommie, I'm not going to do anything you won't like." Not repressing his smile, he glanced around before pulling her over to the table in the corner.

Getting the idea, she boosted herself up onto the edge of it, then tugged him close- between her knees, almost-but-not-quite-close-enough to touch. It was his turn to comprehend, and he kissed her again while he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. He felt her arch up to his fingers. He wasn't surprised; she was sensitive, some places, and if he touched her right she'd allow him to do almost anything. He didn't want to try anything extra this time, though, he just wanted to be inside her.

She slipped her hands down to his waist. She was already wet; she'd been planning this, and the anticipation had been enough to get her damp even without his hands and lips on her. He was wearing extremely loose pants- they started sliding over his hips as soon as she flicked them open.

Harper was startled, pulling back from the kiss to look her in the eyes. So much of the time she kept him waiting, pushing him back until he was aching, until she was ready. She smiled at him, though, sliding his boxers down next, slowly, teasing, making him groan.

He kissed her again, more frantically- she was stroking him now. He wasn't going to last much longer and she knew it. He fumbled when he reached for her leggings, fingers making the side zip catch. She took mercy, letting go of him to wriggle the pants and underwear down her hips.

Eager, he pushed them down to her ankles, to the tops of her boots, and pulled her forward to the edge of the table. Only a second later, he groaned at the feel of her around him; she tilted her forehead against her neck, let out a harsh breath that whispered over skin and stirred delicate hairs.

He moved and she clung to him, hands clenched tight on his shoulders. A thrill went through her every time he shifted, brushing sensitive flesh. She whimpered as he moved faster, knew what was going to happen as his muscles tensed under her fingertips. He groaned again, his hips jerking forward into her hard, and she felt warmth spread deep inside her.

Rommie bucked against him, trying to come- she was close, but not yet there... She moaned when Harper pulled back. She was confused for just a second before he kneeled down in front of her, leaning forward to lap at the skin between her legs. She actually gasped at the feel, leaning back on her palms and clutching the edge of the table when he pushed her thighs further apart.

He was good with his tongue, and she felt pleasure gliding over her as he teased her. He kept alternating between fast and slow, hard pressure and barely-there touches. She didn't know what to expect, but slowly got more and more desperate every time he stopped just short of making her come.

Harper saw her frustration, smiled to himself before sucking at her, hard. "Ah-" and she went over, rippling against his mouth and knuckles whitening on the table edges. Her body went slack, and he supported her as she slid off the table.

"There," he said, once she'd gotten back control, "didn't you say once that I was a cunning linguist?"

She glared at him exactly two seconds before kissing him.


The End

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