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 Author's note:

This is a story based on One Tree Hill and takes place during Season 4 at which point both the actresses and the characters are over 18.


The door to Peyton Sawyer's house was rarely if ever locked so as usual Haley James Scott had no problem entering her friend's home, briefly and rather pointlessly checking the downstairs before ultimately heading upstairs. Despite the fact that Peyton lived alone in a quite spacious house while her father spent his days on a boat the blonde preferred the sanctuary of her own room surrounded by her vast collection of music.

As she reached the top of the stairs Haley frowned as she heard a noise. It happened again, continuously, Haley blinking a few times before going pale as a ghost as she realises those noises were moans. Haley knew she should leave immediately but while those moans definitely sounded female and familiar the voice didn't sound like it belonged to Peyton.

With her curiosity piqued Haley crept slowly and silently to Peyton's open door and peered inside, at which point her mouth fell open. There, laying in Peyton's bed, was Brooke Davis, the bed sheets covering herself and whoever was clearly going down on her.

Not too long ago Brooke, Peyton and Haley had been the best of friends but there was no denying Haley had been sort of the third wheel in the sense that Brooke and Peyton had been best friends nearly their entire lives while they had only grown close to Haley in recent years. However a few months ago all hell broke loose and the two best friends parted ways leaving it very difficult for Haley to remain friends with both of them. Honestly she felt the situation had been mostly Peyton's fault so she hadn't talked to her recently, but had been convinced by her husband Nathan to try and mend fences with the blonde. Now it was Brooke that Haley felt appalled at. She knew Brooke had a reputation of being sexually adventurous, but to break into a former friend's house and get some guy to go down on her in that former friend's bed was crude and appalling behaviour, easily worse than what Peyton did.

Haley was just about to storm inside the bedroom and give Brooke a piece of her mind when she heard something which rooted her to the spot.

"Mmmmmm, oh Peyton, oh yes, just like that baby." Brooke moaned in that sultry voice of hers.

No. It wasn't possible. It... it just couldn't be possible. However Brooke's continuous moaning made it very clear that either there was a new boy with a name Peyton Sawyer who had just moved to Tree Hill, or Haley's two girlfriends... friends that were girls, were having sex.

Considering how much Brooke and Peyton had been at each others throats lately Haley had to believe it was the former instead of the latter, but there was still a chance that it was the latter and even though she should have left a long time ago Haley's need to find out exactly what was going on kept her rooted to the spot as her friend writhed in pleasure before her, possibly as a result of her other friend having her way with her.

Even as a happily married 100% heterosexual woman Haley had to admit that Brooke Davis was gorgeous with a body which was the envy of just about every girl at school while seemingly every single guy in existence understandably lusted after her. And that voice. That husky voice was pure seduction, threatening to entice anyone who heard it. Even Haley, the 100% heterosexual happily married woman thought that voice was hot, and that was when she was just talking normally. To actually hear Brooke Davis moaning was like a siren, practically irresistible, Haley, the 100% heterosexual happily married woman, even thinking about marching in there and offering to worship that goddess.

Wait, where the hell did that come from? Haley needed to leave and she needed to do it now!

Just as Haley was going to leave for real this time Brooke let out a scream, her body shaking ever so slightly as she obviously came, her breathing slowing in such a seductive manner, and then... Peyton crawled out from under the sheets and kissed Brooke softly, the two best friends quickly beginning to make out like they had been passionate lovers for years. This conformation of her two female friends lust for each other had Haley once again rooted to the spot, as did the brief conversation that followed.

"Mmmmmm, you're getting pretty good at that P Sawyer." Brooke grinned mischievously.

"Getting?" Peyton queried.

"Well, you were... ok before, but you're definitely getting better." Brooke said, mischievous grin only growing in size.

"Well, if I'm only ok but getting better maybe I should stop doing it and leave the pussy eating to the experts like yourself." Peyton shot back with an equally mischievous grin.

"Oh no baby, I was only teasing. You know you're the best." Brooke pouted as she played along for a moment before smiling, "Besides, we both know you can't get enough of my pussy."

"True." Peyton agreed, "But it's not the only part of you I can't get enough of."

"Really, what's the other part P Sawyer?" Brooke grinned.

"Guess." Peyton challenged.

"Mm... let's see... is it... my mouth? Can you not get enough of my hot mouth worshipping your beautiful body? Kissing you? Sucking your nipples? Feasting on that juicy pussy of yours? Oh, how about my tits. Can't you get enough of sucking them? Of licking them? Of squeezing them? Of biting them?" Brooke said, pretending to guess, "No, I know what you can't get enough of P Sawyer. It's my ass. You love my ass don't you baby? Oh yeah, I know you do. I know you love my ass. I know you love it because I never let anyone near it but you. It's yours. You own my ass, and you want to fuck it again don't you? You want to bend me over, strap on that big fat cock of yours and shove it straight up my ass don't you? You want to butt fuck me baby? Go ahead. My ass is all yours."

Peyton smiled, "Actually it's all of the above because I can't get enough of any part of you, but since I do love fucking your ass, sure, I'm up for a little Brooke Davis butt fucking."

The two grinning lovers kissed before they were interrupted by a slight stumbling sound, at which point they turned their heads simultaneously to the side and spotted their friend Haley who looked absolutely horrified to be discovered.

"I'm... I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry..." Haley stammered as she began stumbling away.

"Hailey wait!" Peyton and Brooke called out simultaneously as they leaped out of bed and dashed after their retreating friend.

Initially Haley was dead set on running straight out the door and never looking back but as she fled down the stairs she had a few moments to think about it and realised she was being silly. These were her friends and if they wanted to... do stuff together they were free too. She was the one who had been spying on them and no matter how embarrassed she felt at being caught watching she needed to apologise for invading their privacy.

So stopping by the door Haley turned around, fully intending to give her friends the apology they deserved. She still did it, only with her eyes carefully studying the ground as her two friends were completely naked in front of her, "I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to snoop I swear. I... I just came over to talk... and, the door wasn't locked so..."

"You didn't lock it!" Peyton exclaimed at her lover.

"I thought I did." Brooke protested.

"Oh, you thought? That's great Brooke, just great." Peyton said sarcastically.

"Hey, remember how last time we locked it and you had to give Lucas some half assed excuse while I had to sneak out the back door!" Brooke grumbled.

"Yes, because people walking in on us is so much better." Peyton grumbled back.

"Erm... I... I think I should be going now..." Haley stammered.

"NO!" Brooke and Peyton exclaimed in unison, instantly regretting it as they made their friend look like a scared rabbit. Adopting a comforting tone Peyton said, "Listen Hales, I know this all must be kind of a shock, but can you please just give us a few minutes to get dressed so we can talk about this?"

Haley lifted her head and opened her mouth to try and talk her friends into letting her go, but the expressions on their faces convinced her to instead softly agree, "Ok."

"Great, wait for us in the living room. We'll be down in a minute." Peyton promised, taking her lover by the hand and guiding her upstairs.

The second their backs were turned Haley's eyes went into business for themselves, gluing themselves to the other two girls retreating backsides, especially Brooke's as Haley's mind raced with the memory of the conversation her two friends had in front of her when they had no idea she was there. Just the memory had her blushing, but she almost went literally red when Brooke turned her head at the top of the stairs and caught her staring, the other brunette looking surprised for a moment before a grin crossed her face as she allowed Peyton to drag her away.

Feeling so embarrassed and ashamed at her wandering eyes it was all Haley could do not to run screaming for the door, but she had promised she would stay and in doing so she could apologise again for her inappropriate behaviour.

What the hell was wrong with her lately? It wasn't pregnancy hormones because after a brief scare it turned out she wasn't going to become an 18 year old mother, but she seemed to be hornyer than usual to the point where she was noticing every guy she passed, and now she was even noticing girls too! And not just girls but two of the best friends she'd ever had! God, she needed help.

Collapsing down onto the Sawyer's livingroom couch Haley sighed and waited for her friends, her heart pounding in her chest first a mile a minute and then seemingly a mile a second as she heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs followed by the reappearance of Brooke and Peyton.

"Hey tutor girl, miss us?" Brooke grinned.

"Leave her alone Brooke." Peyton warned her girl, before turning to her friend, "I'm sorry Hales. We would have told you... it's just, this is still kind of new and we're not really ready to tell anyone yet."

"Technically it's you who's not ready, and this isn't that new." Brooke huffed.

"Well excuse me for not wanting to go through petty high school ridicule for being gay, for real this time. And we only just got together as girlfriends instead of friends with benefits so it is still kind of new." Peyton shot back.

"Mm well, lesbianism is way more fashionable in college." Brooke agreed with the first part, "But I told you, the way I see it, it was always you and me. Everything else was just a distraction or an excuse for not going after what we really wanted."

"Erm... guys." Haley interrupted.

"Oh, right, Hales." Peyton muttered, a little embarrassed before taking a deep breath and focusing, "The thing between me and Brooke, yes Brooke." Peyton stopped her girlfriend from interrupting, "From my perspective, all started with Anna. She kissed me, and it... kind of confused me. I told her I wasn't into girls, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and, well... it got me thinking about that time Brooke kissed me in front of everyone on that treasure hunting thing, so I went to talk to her, and, erm... one thing just kind of lead to another..."

"You were so easy." Brooke giggled, which earned her a light punched to her arm, "What, you were. There were boys who I've had a harder time seducing, and they were... well, boys!" Brooke laughed, turning to Haley, "I'd kissed girls before, but it had never really meant anything. I wanted it too though, and I wanted it with Peyton. I figured if I'd ever be with a girl it would be her, and when she came to me yakking on about kissing Anna she might as well have just said 'fuck me Brooke' right then and there. Well, I had her saying it soon enough. Saying it, moaning it, and screaming it."

"Seriously Brooke, cut it out! Can't you see your making Haley uncomfortable?" Peyton pointed out.

"Really, are you sure?" Brooke questioned, practically gliding down until she was sitting beside the other brunette, "Am I Hales? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

"No... I... erm... I..." Haley stammered.

"Good, because Peyton was just going to tell you all about how we tried being friends with benefits, but it didn't work out, and that somehow we fooled ourselves into thinking it was because we felt guilty about cheating on the men in our lives when really we just hated the fact that we weren't really together. That's what our big fight was really all about, we were just afraid to admit it out loud, even to ourselves. When we were apart it was like a huge piece of each of us were missing. We were broken, incomplete. Now we're together and we've never been happier. But that's not what you want to hear about is it tutor girl?" Brooke said, her voice somehow becoming even more husky and sexy, "You want to know what we do together don't you? You want to know what it's like being with another girl? What it would be like to be with us?"

"Brooke! Stop!" Peyton snapped.

"I don't think Haley wants me to stop, do you Hales?" Brooke questioned.

"I... erm... I... erm... I..." Haley stammered.

"Haley?" Peyton questioned softly, noticing how her friend seemed more confused than uncomfortable.

The sudden silence was deafening.

Grinning in triumph Brooke began gently using one finger to trace up and down Haley's thigh, "You wanna know something tutor girl? Me and Peyton decided to still pretend to be interested in boys until the end of the school year but we wouldn't sleep with them. We didn't say anything about not sleeping with other girls though..."

"That's because it never came up." Peyton pointed out softly.

"True, but I think it's safe to say it's come up now." Brooke said, looking over at her girlfriend while continuing to gently slide her finger over Haley's thigh, "I know you didn't like the idea of threesomes with boys, but how about with another girl?"

"I... I don't know Brooke..." Peyton said.

"Oh come on P Sawyer, doesn't Haley deserve to know just how good it is with another girl? Wouldn't we be bad friends if we didn't tutor tutor girl in the joys of lesbian sex?" Brooke grinned.

There was a pause as Peyton bit her lip. Haley was cute... fuck-able even, but this could complicate things more than they already were, plus she didn't want to join Brooke in her little scheme only to lose Haley as a friend and give the other girl good reason to expose the fact that two of Tree Hill's most popular cheerleaders were now in a lesbian relationship. Of course Peyton didn't actually think Haley would do that even if Brooke started dry humping her on the couch, but still before the blonde even half seriously thought about going along with her girlfriend's plan she should make sure Haley actually wanted it.

Taking a deep breath Peyton slowly sat down on the other side of Haley and said, "You know Hales, you've been kind of quiet. Are you shocked at Brooke's offer? Disgusted?"

"No... no, it's not that... I'm, I'm flattered... I'm just... just..." Haley stammered.

"Nervous?" Brooke offered with a grin.

"Married." Peyton said, she along with everyone else in the room suddenly remembering that little fact which had escaped all their minds in all the excitement, "She's married. To Nathan. Our friend, remember Brooke? We can't just fuck his wife behind his back."

"Mm... what about in front of him?" Brooke said after a beat, "I mean old Nathan would have totally gone for that. Not sure about the new and improved version, but hey, he's a guy so we could probably talk him into it." Brooke then turned to Haley, "Would you like that tutor girl? Would you like your hubby watching two girls having their way with you? Or would you prefer for us to fuck you so you can run home and tell him all about it in detail so he gets all hot and horny and fucks you hard thinking about the naughty things we did to you?"

"I..." Haley whispered, totally at a loss for anything to say.

"Maybe we should give her a chance to think about it." Peyton said, throwing Haley a rope.

Brooke looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Good idea, you should totally think about this Hales. Think about it long and hard. It's totally cool if it's not your thing or you think you just wouldn't be able to handle it, but if you let us we'll fuck you so good and hard that you'll be cumming like you've never cum before. If you wanna know you're welcome to come watch me and Peyton finish what we started, if not make sure the doors locked on your way out." With that Brooke got up, grabbed hold of Peyton's hand and practically dragged the other girl upstairs, "Come on P Sawyer, I feel like returning the little favour you did for me earlier. Once you've cum in my mouth you can give me that ass fucking you promised."

Peyton looked back apologetically at Haley who watched them leave, her eyes glued to the door they exited for several minutes as her mind raced. Things like 'they can't be serious' and 'this has to be some sort of joke' echoed in Haley's mind for what felt like a million times a minute, with 'I should go' and 'I need to go' echoing almost just as often, but one thing that also echoed just as often was 'it couldn't hurt to just take a peek to check if they had been serious'. There were dozens of other thoughts rattling in her head but most of them scared Haley and she didn't even want to acknowledge them.

After what felt like an eternity Haley got up, fully intending to leave, but it was like her body had a mind of its own, her legs returning to the outside of Peyton's room against her will, Haley once again finding herself blushing as she was greeted by the sight of her friends completely naked on Peyton's bed making out passionately.

For awhile they didn't even notice her, Haley trying to convince herself to leave in that time she was given, but again her body wouldn't cooperate.

"Mmmmmm, you decided to stay." Brooke grinned happily when she finally broke the kiss with her girlfriend and looked up, "Good choice... the chair's for you. Should give you a great view, but please feel free to get a closer look. You can get as close as you want."

Not giving Peyton the chance to add anything Brooke captured her girlfriend's lips with her own in a kiss which seemed even more rough and passionate than before, the blonde obviously a little taken aback by it but quickly going with the flow. The sight and Brooke's words had Haley blushing again but she still couldn't convince herself to move.

When Brooke finally broke the kiss again, this time to attack Peyton's neck, Haley's eyes briefly flickered to the chair placed only a few feet away from the bed. If she sat there she'd have a much better view, but the question was did she want a better view?

As Haley asked herself the same question over and over Brooke descended her mouth downwards to Peyton's tits, roughly licking and sucking on her girlfriend's nipples with a ferocity normally saved for whenever they had been previously forced to make their naked fun sessions quickies. Brooke had no intention of making this a quickie, but the situation had her hot, horny and aching to fuck her girlfriend, and from the way she was moaning it didn't seem like Peyton minded the quickness much.

While Peyton didn't feel every time had to be slow and gentle she did think Brooke was pushing forward with the quick and roughness a little too fast, but as her brunette girlfriend kissed her way down her stomach the blonde's heartbeat rapidly increased and she ceased to care that Brooke hadn't spent that much time on her tits.

Once she had reached her destination Brooke took one deliberately long sniff of her girlfriend's pussy, her eyes fluttering to Haley briefly and then smirking, before she leant forward and gave Peyton's wet entrance one long, slow lick before she began moving her tongue at a much faster pace, really getting down to some serious cunt lapping right from the get go.

Peyton and Brooke had already gone through long drawn out foreplay before the blonde went down on the brunette so Brooke wasn't in a slow, teasing mood and from the looks of Peyton's leaky twat her girlfriend was in the same mood. The moans, groans and soft begs for more only confirmed this, the sounds her girl was making in turn making Brooke very, very happy.

Brooke knew she was playing with some serious fire in dealing with this whole Haley situation, but the truth was she trusted Haley not to say anything to anyone about this, especially not Brooke's attempt to seduce her into kinky all girl three-way fun. Haley just wasn't that type of person. Rachel on the other hand would delight in outing Brooke and Peyton, which was exactly why Brooke hadn't attempted to make a move on Rachel, before or after she had gotten together with Peyton for real. She probably never would make a move on Rachel, but Haley was a different story. In fact Brooke had considered doing it many, many times since that first wonderful time with Peyton in which Brooke realise just how amazing girl on girl fun was, so when the opportunity dropped into her lap Brooke would have been a fool not to take it.

Honestly Brooke had been expecting Haley to leave and then a few days later approach her or Peyton about maybe watching some time so the fact that Haley was already watching them was a very, very positive sign. Now Brooke just had to put on a good show, something she was not at all unfamiliar with doing, even if this would be the first time she'd be making a show out of pussy eating.

Little did Brooke know that she could have put on the best show of pussy eating ever and it still wouldn't have made much difference as from her current position Haley really couldn't see that much, however what she could see was more than enough to terrify and excite her like never before.

A short while ago she had watched some mysterious stranger going down on Brooke only to find out later it was Peyton, both girls had been under the bed covers preventing her from seeing anything that erotic, except the ecstasy which had been on Brooke's face.

Now not only was Haley seeing tremendous looks of pleasure crossing Peyton's face but she was getting to see her two friends completely naked, one's head buried in between the other's thighs in a sight which a 100% heterosexual happily married woman shouldn't find at all arousing, but Haley did. She didn't know why but the 100% heterosexual happily married woman found the sight in front of her one of the most erotic sights she'd ever seen.

If the sight wasn't bad enough the sound was driving Haley crazy, Peyton's soft moans, groans and begs for more inexplicably turning Haley on just as much as Brooke's had, if not more now she knew what was causing them. There were other sounds which were barely audible thanks to Peyton's moans, groans and begs, but it was like Haley's senses were so heightened she could hear the slightest rustle of the bed sheets or... or sound of Brooke sucking on Peyton's pussy.

While the sights and the sounds were driving Haley crazy Peyton got those and something much better, that being the feeling of her girlfriend's tongue worshipping her pussy lips, Brooke's mouth occasionally joining in on the fun as the brunette sucked down some juices in between long swipes of her talented tongue.

As wonderful as this was Peyton found the fact that Haley was watching really distracting. She couldn't help constantly glancing over at her friend who's eyes were glued to the spot in between her legs that Brooke was working her magic on.

It wasn't the staring which was off-putting, or even the fact that she was there, it was the fact that it wasn't clear if Haley was going to run away at any second or fall to her knees and beg to join in.

Haley was a sweet girl who wouldn't sell them out by telling everyone the truth about them, but if this backfired in their faces she would probably never be able to look them in the eye again which would mean they would lose a dear friend. On the other hand there seemed to be a ever-growing chance that this whole little scheme of Brooke's might actually work, and Peyton had to try quickly making up her mind whether she minded the idea of sharing her girlfriend with another girl.

As if she could tell Peyton was distracted Brooke worked tirelessly to make sure the blonde's attention returned to her. It took a while but Brooke achieved her goal, Peyton writhing in pleasure on the bed, her body aching for release, her begging becoming louder and bolder seemingly by the second, "Brooke, please... more. Give me more. Harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck me with your tongue. Your tongue feels so good ooooohhhhhh, yes, your mouth too. Your mouth is amazing. You fuck me so good, but I need more. Mmmmmmm, more. Please Brooke, ooooohhhhhh."

Brooke couldn't help grin as she continued licking Peyton's pussy, knowing that she must be really getting to her girlfriend if she was using such naughty words.

Out of the two of them Brooke was easily the more verbal in the bedroom. It was something that Peyton was doing more often, thanks to a little encouragement from Brooke, although she knew Peyton still wasn't 100% comfortable with it and was pretty much doing it for her benefit, which Brooke really appreciated. Dirty talk was a real turn on for her, even more so for girls... although so far she'd only been with one girl, something she was hoping to change very, very soon.

As she had done randomly throughout her current round of rug munching Brooke glanced over at the other girl she was hoping to bed who was still watching intently from the doorway. Giving Peyton the 'more' she wanted threatened to cause Haley to finally make a run for it, but even if she did Brooke was confident that her friend would be obsessing over what she was now seeing for days, maybe even weeks, and eventually her curiosity would get the better of her.

So Brooke gave Peyton the 'more' she had been asking for, driving her tongue deep into her girlfriend and beginning to roughly fuck her with it.

Haley was taken aback by the sudden cry of pleasure Peyton let out. True, the blonde had been moaning, groaning and begging for what seemed like an eternity, but the sound she had made for this had all been so soft, especially when compared to this cry. It sent an extra big crackle of sexual energy through Haley's body, seemingly boosting the electric charge which had already been flowing through her.

The cry was only one thing that got Haley's attention as things just seem to become more visually intense, the look on Peyton's face becoming increasingly pleasurable and it was not hard to understand why given how Brooke's head was now rapidly pumping up and down.

Those sights and sounds were so captivating Haley didn't notice her hands were moving until one lightly touched one of her tits at which point not only did she notice what one hand had been subconsciously doing but she noticed the other was slowly making its way down to her pussy.

Blushing furiously Haley crossed her arms tightly around herself and held them their firmly to prevent any further subconscious movements, unable to believe she had actually almost touched herself in front of her friends. Then again, her friends were fucking right before her eyes. She shouldn't be watching them, Haley knew that, but God help her she couldn't look away.

Haley's embarrassment went completely unnoticed by the two best friends turned lesbian lovers as Brooke was concentrating on all her efforts into making her girlfriend cum, both to impress Haley and just as if not more importantly bring the girl she loved pleasure, and Peyton was so lost in the sensations flooding her body she was barely even aware Haley was even there.

To her credit Peyton had done her best to try and give Brooke the verbal encouragement she so loved without freaking out her watching friend. It became increasingly difficult as Brooke's mouth and tongue had its wicked way with Peyton's pussy.

Considering they hadn't been having sex with each other that long it never cease to amaze Peyton just how easily her girlfriend could locate her sweet spots and how she could effortlessly stimulate them for maximum effect, every thrust of the brunette's tongue hurtling Peyton closer and closer towards orgasm.

Peyton had never paid much attention to clichés, the one about only women knowing what other women really wanted being no exception, but Brooke had made a believer out of her, although there was still a slight doubt in her mind that maybe it wasn't the fact that Brooke was another girl which made the brunette so good pleasuring her, maybe it was the fact that sex had always been something Brooke had been naturally good at, or the fact that all their years of friendship had somehow connected them in ways they weren't even fully aware of.

Whatever the reason for Brooke's impressive muff diving skills were they didn't take long to bring Peyton to a powerful climax, the blonde letting out a series of rapid cries of pleasure as her body gently shook and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

When she had sensed her girlfriend was on the edge of an orgasm Brooke had removed her mouth and tongue from Peyton's centre and replaced them with two fingers. Shortly after that Brooke's mouth latched onto Peyton's clit, the combined efforts of sucking on that soft bundle of flesh combined with the quick pumping of her only just inserted fingers sending the blonde crashing over the edge, the brunette continuing to suck and fuck her girlfriend through it before slowly removing her fingers and pressing her mouth back down to her pussy, greedily but softly sucking the girl cum straight from the source.

Once Brooke had swallowed as much creamy cum as she could find she slowly kissed her way up Peyton's body until she reached the other girl's lips, which Brooke captured with her own the first chance she got. After doing most of the work for a little while Peyton started kissing back with the same amount of passion, the two BFFs turned lesbian lovers becoming lost in it for a little while before Brooke broke it, smiled at the blonde and then turned to the other brunette, "You alright there by the door tutor girl?"

Haley nodded softly which caused Brooke's smile to grow, "You enjoying the show?"

This time Haley blushed which resulted in Brooke having the same reaction as before, her dimples on full display, "I thought so. Feel free to come get a better look when ever you want. We don't mind, do we Peyton?"

"Erm... no I guess." Peyton said softly, then adding after the look her girlfriend gave her, "I mean no. Definitely no."

"Seriously?" Brooke questioned, momentarily worried.

"Seriously, it's fine." Peyton assured, before adding honestly, "Well, it's a little weird having a friend watch... and a little awkward... but it's also kind of... hot. And I've got to admit, the idea of Haley joining us... even hotter."

"Mmmmmm, I know. I'd love to eat her pussy. I bet she's almost as yummy as you." Brooke grinned again. Although they were technically talking to each other they were looking at Haley while discussing her, clearly making their friend nervous in the process. Wanting to take some of the pressure off Brooke turned back to Peyton and said, "So, how about that butt fucking you promised me."

"I don't know Brooke, do you think that's a wise thing to do... all things considered." Peyton replied, her eyes darting to the girl watching from the doorway.

"Oh, I'm sure Haley doesn't mind if you fuck me up the ass." Brooke said, turning to their friend, "Do you Hales?"

"Erm... I... no... I guess..." Haley stammered.

"See." Brooke grinned, getting up and off the bed, "I'll get the strap on and the lube."

Peyton sat up and looked at Haley, "You sure your alright with this Hales?"

"Me, what... no, I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine." Haley said quickly, repeating the last two words a couple of times softly as Brooke returned carrying a small bottle and the largest dildo Haley had ever seen. It didn't seem possible any hole could fit that thing, and the thought of Peyton trying to stick it up Brooke's ass... oh it made Haley blush brighter than she ever had before in her life, and considering how much she had been blushing already today that was really saying something

Noticing her friends discomfort, Peyton couldn't help smiling softly, "Don't be freaked out Hales, Brooke's just kind of a Size Queen."

"Hey." Brooke said, punching her girlfriend in the arm.

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" Peyton pointed out dryly.

"Yeah, but if you can choose your own size why settle for small or even medium?" Brooke questioned, before grinning, "Besides, I don't remember you insisting we got a smaller size when you were the one getting fucked."

"Yes... well... shouldn't you be strapping on my cock?" Peyton asked, quickly changing the subject.

"I thought you'd never ask." Brooke grinned, falling to her knees and holding out the harness for Peyton to step into, the blonde quickly doing so, allowing the brunette to pull the device up her legs and tighten the straps before taking the shaft in her hand and rubbing it up and down as if it was real, "Mmmmmm, how about a little blow job to get you ready for me?"

"If you want, just use some of the lube too. I don't want to hurt you." Peyton said.

"Awww, you're so thoughtful." Brooke chuckled softly as she lowered her lips to the dildo, quickly taking the head of it into her mouth and beginning to bob her head up and down on it.

Although she couldn't really feel the blow job there was a stimulator inside the strap on rubbing against her clit which was making Peyton feel pretty good as she received a BJ from her BFF turned girlfriend, but most of her enjoyment came from the sheer mental pleasure of watching Brooke Davis on her knees before her, bobbing away at 'her cock' as if she was genuinely trying to make that dildo blow its load.

Brooke always got off on giving head. She loved licking Peyton out, sucking a guy off and she really liked bobbing her head on this dildo. It wasn't the same as the other two forms of giving head, obviously, but it was still an incredible turn on as Brooke was able to prepare the strap on to enter her. And if she was going to do that, she was going to have to make sure the entire dildo was nice and wet. With that in mind she began lowering her head further and further on the fake dick, inch after inch disappearing down her gullet until she was deep throating the entire thing.

While Brooke's mouth was very much full Haley's was wide open, the watching girl staring in disbelief at what she was seeing. It was hard enough to cope with everything she'd seen so far, but this, this was so wild. Not trusting her own eyes Haley finally found herself staggering forwards, getting closer and closer until she was standing right beside the two other girls, able to see Brooke's lips travelling all the way up and down the shaft with no hint of gag.

"Talented isn't she?" Peyton said, startling Haley who looked at her, "Makes you wonder just how many boys in Tree Hill have known the joy of that mouth of hers?"

"If you're not careful you'll never know the joy of it again." Brooke quipped playfully once she took the cock out of her mouth, the smile on her face suggesting she wasn't serious.

"Oh please, you know I'm right." Peyton said dryly.

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean you should get to point it out to tutor girl." Brooke pouted, before taking the toy back into her mouth to continue sucking on it.

Peyton turned to Haley, "You might want to take a seat tutor girl, Brooke loves to suck cock so we might be here for a while."

Nodding softly Haley slowly stepped back and then lowered herself down onto the chair, watching as Brooke gave the strap on cock a long, drawn out blow job, showing much more passion and enthusiasm for it than Haley could ever remember showing any time she had sucked her husband Nathan's dick. Of course, Haley had never been that much into oral sex but seeing how much Brooke and Peyton seemed to be enjoying this more than Nathan last time she blew him maybe she should give it another try after her friends gave her some tips.

Those last thoughts caused Haley to blush again, but it went unnoticed by her friends who were totally concentrated on the strap on sucking, especially Brooke who seemed completely lost in it. Treating the cock as if it was real Brooke coated the thing heavily in her saliva, slobbering noisily all over it, making sure her bobbing head got every inch.

The sight alone would have caused Peyton to cum in Brooke's mouth if she could, and considering how much she was currently enjoying it Peyton had to wonder if it was possible. Not the shooting cum part, but if Brooke kept this up the clit stimulator and the sheer mental enjoyment might just be able to send the blonde over the edge. However Peyton did not have the patience for that.

"Ok Brooke, that's more than enough." Peyton said loudly, nudging her friend with the bottle of anal lubricant to make sure she totally got the message, "Make sure you give it an extra coating in this just to make sure."

Brooke grinned as she pulled the cock from her mouth. She hadn't been taking it up the ass for that long but the strap on seemed so drenched in her own saliva that it would slide right up her butt no problem even without any additional work on her back hole. It couldn't hurt to be sure though, and it warmed her heart knowing Peyton cared so much about her.

So, after unscrewing the top of the bottle, Brooke poured a generous amount of lubricant on the cock and then slowly took her time rubbing it in before getting up and handing the bottle to her girlfriend.

"Your turn." Brooke grinned, before turning gleefully to the other brunette, "Unless tutor girl wants to do it?"

"Do what?" Haley asked innocently, immediately regretting it as whatever the answer was it was bound to embarrass her.

Brooke proved her right when she grinned and said, "Cover your fingers in lube and shove them up my ass so I'm nice and loose back there for Peyton's cock."

Saving a blushing Haley and moving things along Peyton slapped Brooke's behind and said, "Stop teasing Haley and bend over."

"Oh P Sawyer, I love it when you take charge." Brooke said in a half-hearted mocking tone making it sound like she wasn't entirely serious, she totally was but didn't necessarily feel like admitting it right at that moment.

Regardless of what she said Brooke quickly jumped onto the bed and positioned herself so her ass was pointing up invitingly at her dildo wearing girlfriend, Peyton kneeling behind her and after she had applied some of the lubricant to her finger began to rub against Brooke's butt hole, causing the other girl to moan softly.

Anal slut, Peyton thought as she squeezed another moan from her girl as she pushed her finger into her ass, that tight ring of flesh easily accepting the finger inside it. Brooke's back hole took the second finger pretty easily as well, the blonde twirling her fingers around inside the brunette's bowels to ensure she was nice and prepared for the butt fucking to come.

Haley continued to be amazed by what she was seeing. Not only was Peyton fingering Brooke's ass but Brooke was enjoying it. How she could be Haley had no idea, but it was fascinating to watch.

Brooke didn't just like the feeling of having her ass fingered, she loved it. She loved all things anal, but Peyton was right, she was a Size Queen, and as nice as the fingers were Brooke knew that the strap on was going to feel even better. That didn't stop her enjoying the sensations while they lasted, but it wasn't all that long before Brook was begging, "Mmmmmmm, come on P Sawyer, butt fuck me. Stick that big cock of yours up my ass and butt fuck me. Butt fuck me hard and deep. Mmmmmmm, fuck my ass. Come on Peyton, you know you want too. You know you want to fuck my ass. So do it. Fuck me. Please Peyton, please fill me up with your big cock so you can fuck my ass."

"You're such a anal slut." Peyton chuckled.

"Oh, I so am. I'm a total anal slut. I love it up the butt. Please Peyton, fuck me up the butt like the little anal slut I am." Brooke begged.

"Well, I can never resist you begging." Peyton said with a grin, pulling her fingers out and quickly pressing her cock against Brooke's still slightly loosened back door.

Haley watched with morbid fascination as Brooke's ass hole slowly opened and swallowed the head of Peyton's strap on. Because of her position she didn't see Brooke grimacing as her back hole was stretched but Haley could hear her friend cry out in obvious pain once the dildo entered her butt.

"Is she ok?" Haley asked Peyton before quickly turning to Brooke, "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Hales, I swear. It's always just a little painful at first, but the worst part's over and things are only going to get better from here." Brooke assured her friend.

"Are you sure you don't want... you know, more lube or something?" Haley questioned.

"It's fine, Peyton already did a great job of lubing my ass." Brooke said, causing Haley to blush.

"Trust us Hales, everything is going to be fine." Peyton said, before a tiny grin crossed her face, "We've done this a lot."

"All the time. Mmmmmmm, I can't get enough, and speaking of which I think someone should be filling my ass right about now." Brooke said, turning her head round to look at Peyton.

"See what I mean?" Peyton said dryly to Haley, "She's such a anal slut."

As she spoke Peyton pushed another inch into Brooke's butt hole, causing her girlfriend to gasp out again which briefly put Haley on edge until Brooke moaned softly in pleasure.

The moan was forced as Brooke wouldn't be feeling that much pleasure until the butt fucking really got going, but while of course Peyton knew that Haley didn't and neither of the BFFs were in a hurry to expose Brooke's little show which was designed to put Haley at ease.

Brooke was able to keep her gasps of pain to a minimum but every time she let one out she accompanied it with a moan meaning Haley felt bad about staring at inch after inch of dildo disappearing into her friend's ass, Haley amazed just how much the other brunette could take and her mouth literally dropping open a little bit when Peyton's hips came to rest against the other girls cheeks, announcing the whole strap on was buried deep up Brooke's butt.

"How does it feel?" Haley asked after a brief pause, her eyes glued to where Peyton's hips were pressed against Brooke's ass.

"Mmmmmmm, good." Brooke moaned, before deciding it would be wrong for her to leave it at that, especially if her words led Haley to try anal sex later, "Well, a little uncomfortable and kind of weird too. It feels... very full back there, but it always feels like that at first. Soon all that's going to fade and all that's left will be pleasure. Incredible, amazing, wonderful pleasure... as soon as Peyton starts moving her lazy ass and starts fucking mine."

"Excuse me for giving my girlfriend some time to get used to having a dick in her ass." Peyton scoffed.

"You worry too much P Sawyer. Like you said I'm a anal slut. My ass has been good to go for ages now so fuck it already." Brooke complained.

"What's the magic word?" Peyton asked, slapping her girlfriend's dildo stuffed behind.

"Ahhh, please, please Peyton, fuck my ass. Fuck my anal slut ass. Please butt fuck me good so we can show Hales how much fun taking it up the ass can be." Brooke pleaded softly.

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Peyton said, tightening her grip on Brooke's hips as she slowly began to pull out.

As the dildo started to move Brooke gasped softly but did a good job of keeping herself quiet as Peyton began slowly pulling her strap on out and then pushed it back in again, establishing the butt fucking at a super slow pace.

Peyton knew full well why Brooke was keeping so silent and that was simply because she wanted to hide how much the ass fucking was hurting her. When Brooke had convinced her to try it up the butt Peyton had been horrified at the pain it caused her. It wasn't unbearable or anything, but it still hurt, and it was also uncomfortable and weird, not that any of that was the thing that horrified her. What horrified her was that had been what she had been doing to her girlfriend and her girlfriend had been asking for it. Of course Brooke Davis being Brooke Davis had convinced Peyton to keep going and the blonde had been relieved of the pleasure she had received once her rectum had relaxed, not just because it had led to a very enjoyable fucking session but because it proved no matter how much she may have hurt her girlfriend in the beginning each session of anal sex would be worth it for the pleasure that would come later.

True, things like finger fucking or pussy eating or dildo pussy fucking didn't produce the same amount of pain that butt sex provided, but Brooke had always been curious about ass fucking and after Peyton had taken her anal cherry Brooke just couldn't seem to get enough. So, ever the loving girlfriend, Peyton did whatever she had to do to keep Brooke happy. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it herself, she just didn't enjoy this part of it so much.

As she slowly pumped her dildo in and out of Brooke's pooper Peyton couldn't help noticing how quiet her girlfriend was being. Usually she would have been begging for more by now, and not doing such a great job of keeping her moans of pain and pleasure to herself.

Peyton could only conclude this was for Haley's benefit, something she couldn't tell whether Haley appreciated or not given the odd look on the watching girl's face.

Had Haley known Brooke was toning down her moans and not begging at all for her benefit she may have been grateful, then again the small sounds which escaped from Brooke's lips sounded deafening to her. The look on Brooke's face also spoke volumes. These two things told Haley that anal sex wasn't exactly all pleasurable, which begged the question why was Brooke putting herself through this?

Perhaps it was simply for the kinkiness factor of it. After all, Brooke had always been openly sexual, so really it shouldn't be a surprise that she's into taboo things such as girl on girl and anal sex. Not that those two things were on the same level of taboo... or that girl on girl was really that taboo anymore, but still, none of this should be that shocking and yet to Haley it was. Shocking, and yet she couldn't turn away.

She had been enthralled by this entire thing from the moment she had spotted her two friends having sex, and now she was actually watching a dildo strapped around one of her female friend's waist sliding in and out of another female friend's ass hole and Haley found herself transfixed, staring at the fake cock slowly moving in and out of that obscenely stretched shit hole, unable to believe how something so seemingly forbidden and wrong could actually be a turn on. And it wasn't just the fact that Brooke and Peyton found it a turn on which Haley was unable to believe, it was the fact that she herself was enjoying it, or at least enjoying watching it.

It was just so... she didn't even have the words, but she just had to peer around at Brooke's face and see the perverted enjoyment she was experiencing, oh... it was almost overwhelming just to watch.

While Haley was feeling overwhelmed Brooke was feeling incredibly proud just how in control she was.

Normally when it came to anal sex Brooke got to give up total control to Peyton. It was one of her favourite parts about butt sex. She would offer up her ass to the other girl to fuck, use that part of her body which wasn't supposed to be used in that way for pleasure and in the process giving Brooke herself pleasure. Brooke wasn't sure how wrong or right it was, but it was intoxicating.

Right now was different however. Right now Brooke wasn't allowing herself to become lost in the pleasure she was feeling. She was too busy concentrating on keeping quiet. Not moaning or groaning or begging for more, but remaining quiet as she possibly could for Haley's sake. Whether she needed to or not was debatable. No matter how many times Brooke glanced over at Haley she couldn't read the girl who was usually such an open book. It was a little disconcerting, but as long as the girl wasn't running a mile and remained where she was staring at them Brooke decided to take it as a positive sign.

While Brooke was feeling proud of herself for keeping quiet Peyton's skilful thrusts slowly stretched out her shit pipe to the point where she no longer needed to stifle cries of pain because she no longer felt the need too. She did however continue masking her moans of pleasure pretty well as sparks of pleasurable electricity ran straight from her rectum to her brain and all over her body, the enjoyable sensations only increasing as the butt fucking continued.

It wasn't long before Brooke found herself gritting her teeth to keep her moans of pleasure bottled up inside her, it becoming increasingly difficult for her not to just keep her moans inside but to keep her desire to beg for more at bay. Eventually it just became too much.

"Oh Peyton, harder. Butt fuck me harder. Fuck my ass as hard as you can." Brooke moaned challengingly, "Pound my ass hard and deep. Show me who's the little anal slut around here. Show me who the dominant one in this relationship is. Show me who's the bitch. Show tutor girl who's the bitch in our relationship."

"She likes dirty talk." Peyton told Haley quickly, "Don't take anything she's saying too seriously."

"But I am being serious. Totally." Brooke insisted, "Come on P Sawyer, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You're totally the guy in this relationship. I've got you totally whipped and wrapped around my little finger outside the bedroom, but inside the bedroom, or where ever else we do it, you're in charge. You're the top and I'm the bottom. We tried it the other way round, but we both love it when I'm the bottom, and nothing makes me feel more like a bottom than taking it in my bottom. It makes me feel like a total bitch. Like your bitch. Tell me that isn't a turn on for you."

"Well... it is, kind of." Peyton reluctantly admitted.

"Well then come on Peyton, fuck my ass hard and show me and tutor girl that I'm your bitch." Brooke challenged, before grinning, "It's not like you haven't been hot for my ass since... like... puberty. You were checking out my ass for years before we started doing it, and now we're fucking it's like you can't take your eyes off my butt."

"Hey, it's not my fault you have a hot ass." Peyton grinned.

"Well if you like it so much, take it. Fuck it hard and make me want to give it up to you whenever you want. And hey, I'm your bitch right? Surely if you can prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt I'll have to bend over for you whenever you want." Brooke said playfully.

"Be careful what you wish for B Davis." Peyton growled lustfully as she began rapidly increasing the pace.

While they had been talking Peyton had slowed down the ass fucking as her full concentration wasn't completely devoted to it. Now she was completely devoted to giving her girlfriend what she had been begging for, while being careful not to give her too much too quickly. Peyton may have been feeling more than a little challenged and horny thanks to Brooke's words, but she wasn't about to hurt her lover to satisfy her own selfish needs, or even to satisfy Brooke's needs for that matter. So with careful timing Peyton was able to increase the pace without hurting her girlfriend, the sound of her hips smacking off Brooke's well toned ass becoming louder and louder as the butt fucking became exactly what Brooke had been asking for, nice and hard.

The brunette's reactions to the increased pace made the blonde smile. Brooke was clearly enjoying herself, her ass relaxed and ready for Peyton's dildo to be slamming rough and hard in and out of her butt hole, that tight ring of flesh stretching obscenely around the strap on pounding through it. The whole time Brooke was begging for more, begging Peyton to fuck her ass hard, show her who the dominant one was, show her she's her bitch, etc.

Brooke's words drove Peyton wild. Strictly speaking their relationship was very 50/50. Outside the bedroom the blonde wasn't nearly as under the brunette's thumb as Brooke like to claim she was, and inside the bedroom there were often times were Brooke was in control... however Peyton had to admit, there were times where she truly felt like a dominant top. There were times she felt totally in control and that Brooke Davis was nothing but her bitch. Butt fucking definitely brought out that side of their relationship, this time being no exception as Peyton felt a guilty but undeniable thrill as she roughly pounded her girlfriend's ass in what felt like a sign of her total dominance over her.

Just as Peyton felt herself becoming lost in ass fucking Brooke she suddenly remembered Haley was watching them, or at least she had been the last time she checked. Turning Peyton expected to either see a dust cloud were her friend had been or the sight of Haley looking shocked, disgusted and horrified at what they were doing. Instead it was actually Peyton who was shocked, but she certainly wasn't disgusted or horrified. In fact what she saw was incredibly pleasing.

As Brooke and Peyton seemed to become lost in first the dirty talk and then the butt fucking Haley also became completely lost in it, her mind becoming numb to everything else going on around her except the two girls engaged in the passionate session of anal sex that was going on right in front of her. It was like she was watching a movie or a television show except it was live in front of her... like some kind of perverted theatre performance, Haley barely aware anything else existed, even herself, as she became completely enthralled with what was in front of her.

For the longest of times her eyes simply focused on the sight of Peyton pumping into Brooke, her thighs bashing against Brooke's butt sounding deafening amongst the moans, groans and begs Brooke was making. Tilting her head one way Haley could focus on that obscenely big dildo plowing relentlessly in and out of that once tiny hole, that forbidden place not meant to be entered being stretched out and ravaged by that huge toy. Tilting her head the other way Haley could see the look of pleasure on Brooke's face, how she continued begging for things that made Haley blush so hard and yet shamefully turned Haley on so much. Looking up Haley's eyes focused on Peyton's face. She did this a couple of times, the first few the blonde's face was just a mask of pleasure and determination, but one time Haley looked and saw Peyton staring right back at her. There was a moments pause as they stared at each other, and then the blonde grinned.

In a moment Haley realised to her horror that her left hand was underneath her top and bra caressing her left breast and her right hand was down her pants and in her panties with two fingers buried deep inside her. She could have died from embarrassment and shame, but it was like her body had a mind of its own and refused to stop what it was doing. In the days to come Haley would obsess over just how hard she tried to stop touching herself, just how hard she tried to get away, just how hard she tried to stop herself from looking, but for those wonderful moments she became a total slave to her body.

Long after Peyton returned her focus to her girlfriend Haley's focus remained on the two best friends turned lesbian lovers, every little sound and movement they made as they continue to have anal sex just driving Haley to a sexual high she had never known before.

The sexual high Brooke was enjoying was very familiar to her given how much abuse her ass had been taking lately. Of course she herself was almost entirely to blame for that.

Despite the pain of the initial penetration and first few minutes of fucking, not to mention the soreness which could last for hours resulting in an inability to sit down or even walk properly, Brooke Davis just couldn't get enough of anal sex. It was like a drug or something. Not unlike sex in general with Peyton, the only difference being that the anal was perhaps a touch kinkier.

Brooke had always considered herself a very sexual person and as much as she loved the 'vanilla' sex of simple guy on girl pussy fucking she had been longing for the chance to explore her sexual horizons. She had imagined waiting until college where such things as girl on girl were practically the norm, but hey, it wasn't her fault her best friend had matured into such a hottie or that she had fallen in love with her. The fact that her new girlfriend was willing to explore Brooke's extensive sexual curiosities only resulted in hotter and hotter sex, with anal becoming one of Brooke's favourites.

There was just something about taking a dick in her ass, filling up that forbidden hole with something nice and big which would stretch her out back there that would loosen up her shit passage and allow it to be fucked. And oh what an exquisite feeling it was to be fucked there. It just felt so naughty, and wrong, and so very, very hot. It never failed to drive Brooke totally wild, and the fact that Peyton seemed to get just as into it as she did only made it better.

At that moment the two best friends who had become so much more seemed to completely lose their ability to think, the whole world ceasing to matter as they became completely concentrated on a tight hole taking a big cock, the giver completely devoting herself to pounding that little orifice as hard as she could, while the receiver felt like she became nothing but an orifice, her whole world revolving around her ass hole being destroyed by that huge dildo.

Under what became a savage shitter slamming Brooke felt quite proud of herself that she was able to hold off her orgasm as long as she did, but Peyton's bowel wrecking thrusts soon became too much. In a flash it was like a nuke went off in her rectum, an explosion shooting from her back passage, up her spine and to her brain. The explosion happened again and again as Brooke Davis melted under the sweet heaven that was her butt fucking, the brunette slowly lowering her upper half down to the bed sheets while keeping her lower half up in the air to continue to receive the wonderful, pleasure giving thrusts.

Haley was barely aware of Brooke's upper half slowly lowering down to the bed sheets with a whimper as she was completely concentrated on Peyton continuing to pound Brooke's pooper with a force Haley was surprised anyone could take without begging for mercy. It looked as if Peyton was genuinely trying to ruin Brooke's rectum, perhaps in some kind of twisted attempt to win the feud they had been engaged in lately. It would shame Haley for the rest of her life but it was that thought that sent her crashing over the edge in an orgasm more powerful than she'd ever known before, her pussy clutching down hard on her fingers which she had been frantically pumping in and out of herself, barely slowing down as she enjoyed her high.

Around the same time the clit stimulator and simple enjoyment of it all caught up to Peyton and she came hard, almost to the point where she stopped butt fucking Brooke. However Peyton knew her girlfriend. Brooke wouldn't want things to end so abruptly, so they didn't, Peyton gently slowing the speed of her thrusts until she came to a complete stop with her dildo completely buried within Brooke's bowels, at which point she slowly lowered herself down, forcefully encouraging Brooke's lower half to join her, which it did.

Soon Peyton was lying on top of her girlfriend and kissing the back and sides of her neck softly, eventually biting down on the soft flesh she found there so hard that it would undoubtedly leave a mark, which was definitely her intention. Both girls loved it when they did this, marked each other as theirs, which was exactly what Peyton was doing right now. In fact, she had a further way to make that point.

"Who's my bitch B Davis?" Peyton whispered huskily into her girlfriend's ear.

Brooke bit her lip, and then after a pause answered honestly, "I am. I'm your bitch P Sawyer."

After that Brooke turned her head so she and her girlfriend could kiss softly but passionately, only breaking it when they heard the sound of a door slamming shut.

Turning their heads they found the chair Haley had been sitting on empty with their friend nowhere to be found, something that worried Peyton slightly, "Should we go after her?"

"No, she'll be fine. She just needs time to think." Brooke said, her dimples showing as she grinned, "Now pull out and grab the tape measure. I want to see how much I'm gaping for you this time."

Doing as her girlfriend said Peyton couldn't help smile as Brooke spread her butt cheeks for her. Considering how stretched out and raw Brooke's gaping ass hole looked they almost definitely had another record breaker on their hands.

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