The Physicist Divergence Anomaly

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It was a Wednesday evening and Penny stood at her stove watching a pot of water and ramen noodles, waiting for them to boil. She had the day off work and was spending the evening unwinding. She was going to eat her poor man's dinner and she was going to watch a sappy romantic comedy while indulging in a bottle of wine.

She had her hair tied back into a loose pony tail and she was wearing a salmon colored retro inspired short sleeved sweatshirt with a light blue pair of patterned sweatpants. She heard three knocks on her door and she decided to be cheeky.

"Who do we love?" She yelled out as she walked toward the door.

"Penny." Sheldon said on the other side of the door. He knocked again. Penny grinned.

"Who do we love?" She yelled back as she gripped the door handle.

"Penny." He replied again. He knocked one last time. And she finished off her torturous quips.

"Who do we love?" She yelled one last time.

"Penny." He said concluding his bizarrely altered knock. She quickly flung open the door. She smiled at her neighbor and greeted him.

"Hello Sheldon, c'mon in." She said while turning around to walk back to her pot of water.

"Thank you!" He replied with a small smile as he followed her into the apartment. He was wearing a pair of black pants and his blue retro Batman t-shirt over a dark green thermal. His hair had grown out a little bit and for some reason he looked as if he had put on a bit of muscle.

"What's up?" She cheerily asked while walking to the other side of the island. She stirred her meal around in the pot and looked up at him.

"I came to ask if you would like to go on a date with me." He said while closing the door. He sounded a little unsure of himself but confident at the same time. Penny's heart stopped for a millisecond. Did she hear him right?

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked trying to gain some clarification. She paused mid-stir and she raised her eyebrows at him while swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. Sheldon looked at her and started to move.

"A date. You and me. Dining, dancing, perhaps you'd like to take in a prize fight?" He asked while walking toward her and placing his palm on the kitchen island. Penny couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sheldon Cooper was asking her out on a date. Her heart fluttered when she recalled when they first met, she was interested in him, but he was so oblivious she gave up. Penny rolled her eyes.

"Oh god, are you trying to make Amy jealous?" She asked with a scowl while turning around and opening the microwave. That was the last thing she needed, Sheldon using her like a puppet to get back at Amy. She felt disappointed as she repositioned her left over dumplings in the microwave.

"No! Why is everyone so obsessed with Amy and Stuart?" He asked. Penny put her food back in the microwave and turned to him. He looked sincere. She thought about his proposal for a moment while stirring the noodles around in the pot. She looked into his blue eyes as he nervously stood there.

"Okay, Sheldon. I'll go on a date with you, as long as it has nothing to do with Amy." She countered. Sheldon shifted his weight onto one foot and looked away from her gaze. Penny felt a tear in her heart. She knew he was just trying to get back at Amy. The silence between them was long and drawn out. The only sound was the slow rolling of the water in the pot in front of her. Penny looked down at her boiling noodles and felt her lip quiver. She quickly turned around and grabbed the dumplings out of the microwave. She didn't want Sheldon to see her cry.

"Penny, I can assure you that this has nothing to do with Amy Farrah Fowler. How about Friday at 7:00? We can go for dinner and then-" He began. Penny whirled around and cut him off.

"Can we go bowling?" She asked her voice sounded small. Her eyes darted across his face, she could see the gears grinding in his brain. He thought about her counterproposal and then he nodded. She smiled and took her pot off the hot burner. Sheldon smiled back at her and turned around to leave. He touched the door handle and then quickly took his fingertips off of it and turned around. She stared at him wide eyed with anticipation. She didn't know what to expect out of this Sheldon. He was the same, but different. More human, maybe?

"Have a pleasant evening, Penny." He said. He opened her door and left. Penny let out a small breath. She had a date with Sheldon on Friday. She smiled to herself and poured her noodles into a bowl. She took her food over to the table and ate. While she ate she texted. She needed to ensure that Amy was not still hung up on Sheldon. She would hate to open that can of worms.

"How was the movie?" Penny texted to Amy. She twirled the noodles onto her fork and stuffed them into her mouth. She thought about what she was going to wear on Friday. She thought it would be pretty casual, so she mentally picked out tops that would match her date jeans.

"It was subpar at best, however we didn't really watch the movie. ;) He asked me if I would like to 'come in'!" Amy texted back. Penny was glad, she hated feeling like she was betraying her friend. Amy seemed like she was having a good evening with Stuart, and she would get the physical intimacy that had been lacking with Sheldon.

"Good :) have a good night." She sent the text off and continued eating her dinner and quickly realized that if Sheldon couldn't provide Amy with the physical intimacy that she yearned for, how could he be able to satisfy Penny's need for physical contact.

She sat with her chin cupped in her hand and her elbow on the table. She felt worried, what if Sheldon was this great guy who would never be able to deliver? She got up, put her dishes away and grabbed the biggest glass she had in her cupboard. Surely a bottle of wine would ease her sudden regrets.


Sheldon closed the door to his apartment and walked over to the fridge. He glanced at Leonard who was sitting on the couch video chatting with Alice, a girl he had met in the comic book store a couple of months ago. He had an indiscretion with her while he was still dating Priya and after she had broken up with him, he turned to Alice for comfort. Sheldon grabbed a bottle of water and walked toward the couch.

"You're in my spot." He droned. Leonard looked at him and back to the monitor. He slid over to the middle cushion and Sheldon sat down. Sheldon looked at the monitor; he was going to have to accommodate another one of Leonard's pointless love interests. He sighed and looked at his watch.

"Alice, I have to go. Send me a text before you go to bed." He said with a smile. They said goodbye and Leonard closed the lid to his laptop. Sheldon sat with his hands in his lap looking over at Leonard. He was still in shock that Penny had accepted his proposal to go on a date with him.

"I have a date on Friday." Sheldon said, his voice was monotone and steady. Leonard smiled and stood up. He walked over to the fridge.

"I'm glad you patched things up with Amy." Leonard said while taking out a diet coke. Sheldon furrowed his brow at his roommate. He was annoyed with everyone's concern over him and Amy.

"I didn't. I'm going on a date with Penny." He said seriously. Leonard choked on his soda and fought to catch his breath. Sheldon watched with mild concern as Leonard wiped at his mouth with his sleeve.

"Come again?" Leonard asked in disbelief. Sheldon scowled, he hated having to repeat himself. He shifted uncomfortably in his spot, he sensed that Leonard was becoming confrontational, but who knew what was going on in his homunculus brain. He let out a very audible and exaggerated sigh.

"I have a date with Penny on Friday." He repeated a bit slower, trying to hide the annoyance in his voice. Leonard smiled and eagerly waited for the Bazinga. It never came.

"Yeah, okay Sheldon. Have fun on your date with Penny." He sardonically said while grabbing his laptop and walking toward his bedroom. Sheldon watched him walk down the hallway.

"Thank you, Leonard, I will." He said pleased that his roommate had quickly come to terms with him going on a date with his ex. He sat on the couch and made a mental list of things he would need for their bowling excursion. He thought about the last time he went bowling with Penny. Will Wheaton had gotten into her head and they lost the bowling match. His eye twitched when he recalled the fact that he had done everything in his power to warn her, but failed.

He walked to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face. After turning out the lights in the living room and locking the front door, he walked back down the hallway and entered his bedroom. His door quietly clicked shut and he slowly took off his shirts and separated them. He gently placed them in his hamper and unbuttoned his pants. His thumbs hooked into the waistband of his briefs and he took them off with his pants. After separating them, he placed them into his hamper along with his shirts. He took out his Wednesday pajamas and got dressed for bed.

He drew back the comforter and sheet and climbed into his bed. After tucking himself in, he laid there, staring at the ceiling thinking about Penny. He had always been attracted to her, and after years of getting to know her, he had accepted her into his life. When he first met her, she evoked feelings in him that he didn't even realized existed. He would have pursued her, had Leonard not voiced his infatuation with her. After listening to Leonard obsess, Sheldon decided it would be better if he backed off. He hated confrontation.

Sheldon thought about Penny and her soft features. She had what he could only describe as anime eyes, they were always so bright and they held a spark behind them. His thoughts moved to the cuteness of her nose and then he found himself thinking about her lips. He felt himself growing harder in his pajama bottoms.

He ignored the feeling and continued to think about her lips. They looked soft and well hydrated. Her bottom lip was full and pouty and she had a soft curve to her cupid's bow. Sheldon then thought what a silly name that was for a person's lips, but then he quickly realized that it may have merit, as there he was thinking about them.

Sheldon closed his eyes and imagined what it would feel like to kiss her. He thought about the other women he had kissed, his mom, his Mee Maw, Beverly Hofstadter, and most recently Amy Farrah Fowler. His mother and Mee Maw did not count as they were family. Beverly was the mother that he had always wanted, but never had. Then there was Amy. Sheldon was not sexually attracted to Amy, and when she kissed him, he felt nothing. He was fascinated with the fact that he could feel nothing even though the tiny nerve endings in his lips were being stimulated.

Kissing Penny would be different, he thought. His stomach tensed up at the idea and he felt his erection lurch in his pants. He closed his eyes and thought about her lips pressed against his. It was something that he had longed for; years of suppressing the urge didn't help either. Sheldon sighed and ignored his arousal. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Soon, he would have a chance to test his hypothesis.

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