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Sara Lance hadn't celebrated her birthday in over six years, something Felicity Smoak took exception too. It was understandable, Sara was ship-wrecked and fighting for her life during her first birthday away, and the other five had taken place while she was in the League of Assassins, a group which didn't exactly scream light-hearted celebrations, but as far as Felicity was concerned that was all the more reason for Sara to celebrate, and be celebrated as the amazing woman she was. And certainly, no girlfriend of Felicity's was going to be miserable on her birthday. Felicity was going to make sure of that, no matter what it took.

If that meant inviting her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend who was not just a scary Assassin but the Heir to the Demon herself Nyssa al Ghul so be it. Although it may yet prove to be a decision Felicity regretted as Nyssa spent the whole night staring at her. As she spent most of her time with Sara at first Felicity thought nothing of it, but then Sara went to the bathroom and still Nyssa stared in her direction. After that Felicity increasingly looked over at Nyssa, their eyes meeting more than once, and Felicity was pretty sure she would have wet herself if she wasn't literally surrounded by superheroes.

When the party was winding down Nyssa approached her, Felicity's heart hammering inside her chest as the intimidating woman marched up to her and asked, "Can I speak to you privately?"

Glancing at her girlfriend who raised an eyebrow at this Felicity began, "Erm..."

"No harm will come to you." Nyssa interrupted, turning to Sara as she added, "I swear by the name of my father, Ra's al Ghul."

There was a moment of silence and then Sara turned to the other blonde and simply said, "It's up to you, babe."

Felicity looked back and forth between the two former lovers, and then as a smug smirk crossed Nyssa's face, "Fine, lead the way."

With only a brief glance at her ex-girlfriend/Felicity's current girlfriend Nyssa turned and walked away, Felicity cautiously following her. This was hardly the smartest thing she'd ever done, but the last time they were all in a room together Sara had threatened Nyssa's life if she touched 'one hair on Felicity's head' which was a big deal as Sara had told her that Nyssa was the first person she had ever fallen in love with, Felicity being the second. Also logically speaking if Nyssa was going to try and kill her it wouldn't be after luring her away from Sara. Unless... it was some kind of double bluff, Nyssa using the excuse she would never be that sloppy to shift the blame onto some pre-picked out fall-guy... oh God, perhaps Felicity had made a terrible mistake.

Felicity was actually relieved when Nyssa led her out onto the balcony of the penthouse that Oliver had rented for the occasion because it had see-through windows. She could even see Sara who was watching them intently, Felicity suddenly feeling brave, at least until Nyssa turned around and gave her that terrifying stair which she had been giving her all night. Then she looked her up and down, Felicity never feeling more on display. Then she gulped as Nyssa stepped into her personal space and played with a strand of her hair.

"You are very beautiful." Nyssa said softly.

"Thanks." Felicity blushed, "Sara prefers the term cute, but it kind of gets repetitive, and honestly a little condescending-"

"But you talk so much." Nyssa said bluntly, flicking Felicity's hair away.

"I get that a lot." Felicity squeaked.

"You also seem, now how would Sara put it, very vanilla. Sweet and innocent." Nyssa smirked, "Sara is, in her own words, a slut. It makes me wonder how someone like you can please her."

Feeling emboldened by having Sara and all her friends who were beginning to look at them through the glass, Felicity puffed up her chest and pointed out, "She's with me, so I must do okay."

"I suppose..." Nyssa admitted, before smiling, "But I wonder, do you fuck her in the ass?"

Felicity was grateful that the music was still too loud for anyone else to hear Nyssa, or herself for that matter, as although she initially blushed she forced herself to admit as boldly and quietly as possible, "Yes."

Looking genuinely surprised Nyssa murmured, "Lick her ass."

"Yes." Felicity said, feeling smug, "Look, I know Sara is like, way kinkier than I'm used to... also a lot more female. Like 100% more than I'm used too. But I love her, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. And for the record, I kind of like the kinky stuff, thank you. So, nice try, but there's nothing you can say to drive a wedge between us. We have no secrets."

For a second Felicity thought she had one, then the shock expression morphed into something which weirdly looked like something reminiscent of respect before Nyssa landed a verbal blow Felicity didn't see coming, "Have you had a threesome with her?"

Felicity could feel her eyes going cartoonishly wide as she could only squeak in reply, "What?"

Smirking with what looked like relief Nyssa continued, "It is not uncommon for my father to enjoy multiple lovers at the same time, as his predecessors did. Sara knew this, which is why she confessed a desire to participate in such pleasure. But I must confess, I couldn't bear the thought of sharing her. Have you?"

There was a long silence, then Felicity looked over at Sara, "She never said anything."

"The Sara I know was always very private, but your boss assures me you have a talent for getting the truth out of people." Nyssa said, "But given everything you already know, I doubt you think I'm lying about Sara's greatest fantasy."

Looking back at the assassin Felicity murmured, "She said it was her greatest?"

"At least of the things she never tried." Nyssa smiled, "And it's not too late."

"Uh... what do you, oh! OH!" Felicity said, realisation hitting her seconds later, "I, I thought you couldn't bear the thought of sharing her?"

"Not when Sara was mine." Nyssa admitted, "Now she's yours, and the decision falls upon you to offer her this gift or not. Although you did say you would do anything for her, and make this 'best birthday ever'."

There was a long silence and then Felicity pointed out, "You just want her back?"

"Yes." Nyssa admitted sadly, almost laughing as she added, "But I'm not convinced it will work. I have seen her with you. She adores you. Not that I can blame her. You are truly beautiful. Sharing her with you, even just for a night, would be no great hardship."

Another long pause and then Felicity said, "I'll think about it."

Nyssa allowed Felicity to turn and walk a few steps before calling out, "'I'll be waiting in your apartment. If your decision is no you have my word I will leave without seeking retribution."


Sara had tried not to panic when Nyssa first approach them, or when she led Felicity away or the two of them were talking. Not just because she feared for Felicity's safety. That was part of it but Nyssa had given Sara her word and it was unlikely she would try something so bold under the circumstances, but for better or for worse what she was most afraid of was Nyssa telling Felicity something about her that would scare her off. After all, she had shared much with Felicity, far more than she had originally intended to, but there were some things Nyssa knew about her past, the things she had done, things she'd rather left forgotten.

So when Nyssa left Felicity unharmed it was a relief, but Sara's mind was not entirely put at ease given the expression on Felicity's face as she returned to the party, Sara quickly approaching her girlfriend and nervously asking, "Everything okay babe?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." Felicity quickly replied unconvincingly, and then when Sara gave her a look she leaned in and added, "We can talk about it later, okay? For now just enjoy your party."

Sara swallowed and nervously whispered in Felicity's ear, "Are you breaking up with me?"

"God no!" Felicity exclaimed, loud enough to grab everyone's attention. She then blushed and whispered in Sara's ear, "I'm absolutely not breaking up with you, I just can't have this conversation right now, okay? I need time to process. Until then, please try the cake. It's so good."

What was going on made Sara finally cave and had some of the cake Felicity had been pushing on her for an hour. It was admittedly good, but taking the time to sample some cake meant she lost sight of Nyssa, and when she went looking for her she was nowhere to be found. Which was frustrating, because it meant Sara had spend the next few hours obsessing over what was waiting for her when the party ended, and assuring the likes of Oliver and Diggle everything was fine when the truth was she didn't know herself. Still she hadn't forgotten her training and was able to stop herself not to push Felicity for answers the second they left the party. Thankfully Felicity didn't make her wait much longer than that.

In fact as soon as they got in Felicity's car the hacker turned to her and blurted out, "Is your greatest fantasy to have a threesome?"

After letting out a huge sigh of relief Sara couldn't help but chuckle a little as she replied, "That's it? Oh thank God!"

Felicity frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Cringing Sara cautiously replied, "Well, it's just... I've done a lot of bad things."

Giving her a sympathetic expression and taking her hand Felicity said softly, "But I already know all that."

"You know the PG version." Sara pointed out softly, unable to look her girlfriend in the eye, "You don't know the names of the people I killed, how I killed them and what happened because I killed them. If you did, you'd never see me as anything but a monster."

"That's not true." Felicity insisted.

"Maybe, maybe not." Sara said, attempting to change the subject as she looked at Felicity and smiled, "But compared to the darkness of my past a silly little fantasy is nothing."

"But... did you really ask for one? From Nyssa?" Felicity asked.

Sara paused for a few seconds, weighing her options and then replied, "Nanda Parbat is like a different world. Only the Strong survive there. Part of that survival is indulging in whatever earthly pleasures are available, and given sex was free and easily available threesomes, foursomes and so on were practically commonplace. I brought up the subject with Nyssa, because there were a lot of good-looking people around her and yes, I'd always wanted to indulge in that particular kink, but she didn't want to share me, so I dropped it."

Felicity nodded and then asked, "And how do you feel now?"

Frowning Sara asked, "What do you mean?"

Lowering her gaze Felicity mumbled, "Am, am I enough for you?"

"Oh Felicity, sweetie, you're everything I could possibly hope for, and far more than I deserve. Don't let some stupid fantasy let you doubt that." Sara said firmly, taking both Felicity's hands in hers.

There was a long pause, and then Felicity looked at her, "Do you still want too? Have a threesome, I mean. Obviously."

Sara bit her lip, debating her response for a long time before admitting, "If it didn't mean losing the best thing that ever happened to me, sure."

"Well then..." Felicity said as boldly as she could, letting go of Sara's hands and starting the engine before she lost her nerve, "I did promise you the best birthday ever, so let's have an all-girl threesome."


The drive back to their apartment was in total silence, mostly because Sara was too busy trying to get over her shock at this development. True, Felicity had been open to things she would have never imagined her to be, and had even liked these things, but this was extreme even for Sara, and she openly considered herself to be sexually wild. Could sweet Felicity really go through with this? Would it destroy their relationship? What had Nyssa said to convince Felicity to go through with something like this? And more importantly was it really worth risking everything just for her wildest fantasy?

When they finally reached their destination and Felicity stopped the car they sat there in silence for a few long seconds and then Sara murmured, "So, Nyssa is waiting for us in our apartment?"

"Uh-huh." Felicity nodded.

"And you're sure you're okay with this?" Sara asked, and then when Felicity shrugged Sara sighed, "Felicity, we're not doing this unless you're sure."

"Oh right, because I'm sure everyone who goes through with having a threesome is blasé about it." Felicity scoffed, "Sorry, I'm not as cool as you and Nyssa, but I'm not the delicate snowflake you both seem to think I am. I can be just as kinky and bad ass as you. And whatever she says I know Nyssa is just doing this to get you back, but if she's going to do it it's not going to be because she's more kinky and bad ass than I am. And if you're going to leave me for her, I'd rather you did it now, because it would destroy me, but I would live. I'm not sure that would be the case if I full any more in love with you. So let's just do this, and see what happens, okay?"

Sara was once again stunned into silence by Felicity Smoak, although eventually she smiled softly, gently took Felicity's hand with hers again and firmly said, "I love you too. So, so much. I promise whatever happens I will not leave you for her."

Felicity turned to look at her, softly smiled and then got out of the car. Sara quickly followed suit in the two blondes held hands in an awkward silence as they travelled up to the tiny apartment which had become their love nest. Sure enough they had an intruder in the form of Nyssa al Ghul, who was actually looking a little uncharacteristically anxious as she watched them slowly enter and locked the door behind them.

"So, do you want me to leave?"

All eyes turned to Felicity who looked Nyssa up and down for a second and then replied, "No, stay."

For a few brief seconds Nyssa looked relieved, then a familiar smirk crossed her face, "Then follow me."

Without another word Felicity and Sara obeyed, stripping off their jackets as Nyssa removed her armour and a great deal of her uniform, although she was still mostly clothed once they reach their destination, at which point Nyssa turn to Felicity and asked, "Did Sara tell you the details of her fantasy?"

"No." Felicity admitted softly.

Nyssa smirked again, and slowly approached her beloved, "Sara wishes to be roughly taken. Used and abused, although not hurt by her lovers. To both be shared and fucked at the same time. Is this something you feel you're up for Felicity?"

As the brunette turned to her Felicity forced herself to look as confident as she could manage and then boldly state, "You don't need to tell me Sara likes it rough, and I'll do whatever it takes to make this her best birthday ever."

"Even if it means DP'ing her?" Nyssa pushed, smiling as she glanced at Sara who was actually blushing slightly, "Because that's her favourite part of the fantasy. And I have to admit, the idea of my beloved taking a strap-on dildo in her cunt, and one in her ass, at the same time is very, very appealing."

Felicity couldn't help look taken aback for a couple of seconds, before realising she should have guessed that Sara would want that and simply nodded her head, "Like I said, whatever it takes. I'll, I'll do anything for her. I'd, I'd do anything for you Sara. I love you."

"Thanks babe." Sara briefly hesitating as she looked at her ex-girlfriend before telling her current girlfriend, "I love you too. Thank you so much for doing this."

"You're welcome." Felicity blushed, finding comfort in the fact that Sara also seem nervous.

"How sweet." Nyssa scowled before forcing a smirk as she turned back to her beloved, "How about you Sara? Are you prepared to do anything to please myself and Felicity?"

"God yes." Sara huskily replied.

"Good." Nyssa purred, gently cupping the back of Sara's head and pulling her forwards.

Naturally Nyssa pushed her own head forwards in turn, the two women meeting in the middle for a gentle kiss. Which wasn't quite as good when Sara was hers, but Nyssa did have to admit there was a thrill to doing this in front of Sara's new girlfriend. Not that she truly loath Felicity Smoak, the girl just had something she desperately wanted and this was the first step to getting back what was rightfully hers, Nyssa putting every ounce of love she had for Sara in this kiss, determined to show her beloved she was still her everything. After that she allowed the two blondes to kiss, intending to show the difference, although there didn't appear to be any, Felicity needing little encouragement to kiss Sara with the exact same amount of passion Nyssa had shown.

Part of Nyssa was happy to see this, because if Sara insisted on being with someone else, at least it was someone who genuinely loved her as much as Nyssa did. But mostly she was surprised that she wasn't overwhelmed by jealousy. Sure, that had a lot to do with it, but mostly she just enjoyed the view. Instead of analysing that she gently and wordlessly insisted that the two blondes break their kiss so she could kiss Sara again, she and Felicity taking it in turns to worship Sara's lips with their own for several long minutes.

Then Nyssa calmly ordered Sara, "Strip."

Unsurprisingly Sara was only too happy to obey. She had never been shy about her body, at least not to Nyssa's knowledge, and she certainly shouldn't be. Oh yes, Sara Lance was hot and she knew it, the little tease gleefully stripping off her clothes torturously slow, and while Nyssa enjoyed a little teasing after watching Sara disrobe she didn't show nearly as much restraint taking off her own things. In comparison Felicity was adorably shy, still almost fully clothed when Nyssa and Sara were completely naked, and what happened next would either help or prove Felicity wasn't worthy of Sara.

"Get on your knees!" Nyssa ordered her ex-girlfriend and then after her beloved had obeyed walked forwards so that her cunt was directly in Sara's face, "Good girl. Now eat me. Eat my pussy you little slut, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, lick me, ooooooooooooh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

To Sara's credit she immediately started licking Nyssa just the way she liked it, making the brunette moan and cupped the blonde's head to push Sara's face deep into her cunt. To Felicity's credit she didn't look away for a second. In fact, she found the courage to not only take off the rest of her clothes, but to start fingering herself, the cute blonde settling herself into the middle of the bed and just enjoying the show as Sara continued to prove she hadn't forgotten how to make Nyssa moan, groan, gasp, whimper and cry out in pleasure.

Sara had missed this. She adored Felicity, and her delicious twat, but even though the brilliant blonde had stolen her heart a piece of it remained with Nyssa al Ghul. Partly because while Felicity was surprisingly good at topping her, she just didn't have the air of effortless dominance that Nyssa did, Sara's submissive side thrilled at her current position, and the wonderful words falling out of Nyssa's mouth, each one making Sara's insights tingle. At least when Nyssa recovered the ability to speak coherently, which took a few long minutes of gentle but firm pussy licking, not that Sara minded.

It was certainly worth it for when Nyssa recovered, "Yes, oh yes, lick me! Lick my pussy you beautiful woman! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, oh Sara, you're such a hot little slut. Mmmmmmmmmm, my beloved is a dirty little pussy licking slut who just can't get enough of my cunt. Oh yes, lick my clit, oh God, lick it just like that, oooooooooooh fuck, harder! HARDER! Ohhhhhhhhhh, good. Now fuck me! Tongue fuck me you little cunt licker! Mmmmmmmmm yes, stick your tongue inside my cunt and fuck me with it! Fuck me, oh Sara, fuck me with your tongue, Sara, OH SARA!"

Sara was a little surprised that Nyssa asked to be tongue fucked this early. Sure, they had plenty of quickies before, but never this quick, and it wasn't like they were in a rush. Of course, the point of this was probably to remind Sara how good her ex-girlfriend tasted, not that she actually needed reminding, and it was very possible Nyssa was saving her strength for when she would be the one actually contributing to the fun. Actually, knowing Nyssa al Ghul it was hard for Sara to believe that wasn't her goal. Not that it mattered. Sara had made a promise to Felicity, and as much as she loved Nyssa she just loved Felicity that much more.

Of course Sara wasn't going to explain that to Nyssa and lose her chance for a all-girl threesome, for a second or two Sara feeling guilty about that, although ultimately she was fairly confident that even if Nyssa didn't succeed in her obvious attempt to win her back that her ex-girlfriend would still treasure the memory of what would no doubt going to be a very special night. To ensure that Sara pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Nyssa's pussy. Not right away, partly because she wanted to hear Nyssa becoming more desperate for it and make sure she was ready for it, but mostly because Sara loved being a tease.

When she did finally push her tongue inside her ex-girlfriend Nyssa was completely incoherent, and screams of pleasure became deafening as Sara slowly invaded her cunt and then started fucking it with her tongue, effortlessly pushing the Heir to the Demon to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds and then kept her there for what felt like hours. In reality it was probably only minutes, but however long it was Sara loved every second of it. Well almost, the Canary worried about her current girlfriend's reaction to watching her eat out her ex-girlfriend.

Nyssa got a front row seat to Felicity's reaction and it alone almost made her cum. Which was a problem for her, as the point of this particular exercise was to prove that she could outlast the likes of Felicity Smoak. That she could hold back her orgasm longer than anyone in the name of prolonging the wonderful sex she and Sara always shared, but thanks to Felicity, and Sara's skillful tongue work, Nyssa didn't last nearly as long as she wanted too. And for that she mostly blamed Felicity. Herself too, although not Sara. Never Sara. So the majority of the blame landed on the deceptively sexy Felicity Smoak.

It didn't seem fair. Nyssa had known Felicity was desirable. She was not blind. But she had thought her merely cute. Not in her league, and certainly not in Sara's. But the woman possessed far more confidence and beauty than Nyssa originally gave her credit for, and she was now blown away by the sight of a completely naked Felicity Smoak gently masturbating to the sight of Sara going down on the other assassin. Why was that so appealing to her? Why did it consume her vision and thoughts when her beloved was kneeling in front of her and tongue fucking her pussy? Why was Felicity Smoak so intoxicating?

As if sensing Nyssa wasn't giving her the attention she deserved Sara gradually increased the pace of the tongue fucking, forcing the Heir to the Demon to close her eyes and concentrate on not cumming. However despite her main goal for this particular act having her beloved's mouth and tongue worshipping her soon proved too much for even Nyssa's restraint and she came wonderfully hard into Sara's mouth. That mouth quickly became glued to her pussy, Nyssa feeling a incredible thrill as she felt Sara sucking the cum out of her, although it was little consolation to having failed her goal.

After that the floodgates were open, Nyssa knowing she would be unable to stop herself and not even trying. Instead she grabbed Sara's head in both hands and pushed the face of her beloved as deep as it would go into her cunt. Soon after that she began grinding against Sara's eager mouth, the blonde doing a commendable job at swallowing the majority of the brunette's cum, despite the fact that Nyssa was currently using her face as a fuck pad. Then she opened her eyes to see the look of lust, and a little apprehension, on Felicity's beautiful face, which only made Nyssa cum harder.

Normally at this stage Sara liked to add her fingers into the mix, if she hadn't already. Shove one, two, maybe even three fingers into her lover's pussy and/or up her ass, ideally while using her other hand to pleasure herself. This time round she wanted to wait for later, and Nyssa was grinding against her face a little too roughly for Sara to slip her hand between their bodies, so instead the Canary concentrated on grabbing onto the brunette's butt and pushing herself even deeper into Nyssa's cunt. Towards the end she even gave up on the tongue fucking entirely and concentrated on sucking whatever part of her lover's pussy she could in between greedily gulping down Nyssa's cum.

As a side-effect of her intensive training Nyssa had the stamina to continue this for quite a while, Sara making her cum several times in the process, but predictably the Heir to the Demon wanted to save her strength for returning the favour. So she push Sara away sooner than both of them would have liked, but Sara wasn't about to complain. No, she was grateful for the opportunity to turn around and look at Felicity to see how her girlfriend was coping with all of this, a big part of Sara terrified that Felicity would be curled up in a ball, blushing and awkward, and/or silently furious that Sara had cheated on her, right in front of her no less.

So It was a tremendous relief to see Felicity with one hand cupping her tits and the other on her pussy, the other blonde briefly frozen like a kid with their hand stuck in the cookie jar. Then Felicity smiled bashfully, sat up, scooted forward a little and then beckoned Sara forwards. With a ridiculously big grin on her face Sara scurried onto the bed until she was kneeling in front of her girlfriend, Felicity not hesitating to grab onto her face and pull her in for a deep kiss, her current girlfriend tasting the cum and pussy cream of her ex-girlfriend on her lips and tongue. Then Felicity broke the kiss about a minute later and pushed the fingers which had just been playing with her cunt into Sara's mouth, Sara eagerly sucking them clean before Felicity kissed her again, this time tasting herself on Sara's lips and tongue.

"God I love you!" Sara said softly and breathlessly with a huge grin her face was the latest kiss was broken.

"I, I love you too." Felicity murmured softly, glancing back and forth between the loving look in Sara's eyes and the 'kicked puppy' expression on Nyssa's face. Obviously realising what she'd just done a guilty expression crossed Sara's face, but before this threesome could come to a screeching halt Felicity slide her hand to the back of Sara's head and pushed her downwards forcefully while ordering, "Now eat my pussy!"

"Yes ma'am." Sara grinned, not needing to be told twice.

Sara started eagerly licking her girlfriend, starting with slow gentle strokes of her tongue along Felicity's pussy lips while making sure to avoid her clit. As she wasn't told otherwise Sara continued with that technique for quite a while, although it wasn't long before she started hitting Felicity's clit with every other lick, making sure to keep every touch gentle. After all, after being practically drowned by Nyssa's juices Sara wanted to take her time and enjoy Felicity's yummy pussy, and of course tease the other blonde directly. And the brunette indirectly. From the sounds Felicity was making she was succeeding, and Sara didn't need a sound to know that Nyssa desperately wanted to rejoin the fun.

Felicity enjoyed a bit of teasing. Living with Sara meant she had too, and she had started that before the two of them had officially got together, although when it came to sex there was definitely such a thing as too much teasing and Sara often pushed the boundaries of that. Or at least Felicity's boundaries of that. However with another person involved Felicity doubted that she'd have to wait too long for some satisfaction, so first she closed her eyes and just enjoy the sensation of the other girl's skilful tongue caressing her centre, one hand going back to gently caressing her tits while the other stroked Sara's hair.

Of course it was hard for Felicity to keep her eyes closed when there was an assassin in the room. Or at least an assassin who she didn't trust, and despite Sara promising on several occasions that they could trust her ex-girlfriend considering she was the Canary's current girlfriend Felicity found it very difficult. Although it only seemed like Nyssa had no alternative motive right now, that her only intention was to bring Sara pleasure, and Felicity was fine with that, as long as she got to watch. God, Felicity never got this into porn, and yet the sight of a naked Nyssa al Ghul kneeling down behind her girlfriend and sliding a finger or two inside her was incredibly erotic.

From her current position Felicity didn't get a good look at it, but she presumed that's what happened considering the way Sara briefly stopped licking her pussy to moan. Sara then started licking her with faster and firmer swipes of her tongue, hitting Felicity's clit almost every time and occasionally even wrapping her lips around it for a brief sucking. That had Felicity blissfully closing her eyes again, especially when there was another moan from Sara, probably indicating that Nyssa was now officially finger fucking her.

Opening her eyes in hopes of seeing some form of evidence of this Felicity was instead greeted by the sight of Nyssa leaning down and presumably licking Sara's pussy or ass hole. If Felicity was in that position she would definitely be rimming Sara, partly because Nyssa had teased her about it earlier and partly because she knew Sara loved getting her ass fucked, and given her earlier conversation with Nyssa it was hard to believe that at least one of them wouldn't be butt fucking the girl they loved. And as Felicity was determined not to be outdone she promised herself she would be fucking Sara's butt tonight, if only to remind Sara and/or prove to Nyssa that she could, and would, do it.

Nyssa was in fact licking Sara's ass hole with long, slow strokes of her tongue while gently fingering her beloved at the same pace. Which was something Nyssa had always enjoyed doing to her lovers, but none of the others got off on it quite like Sara Lance. Oh yes, Sara Lance loved ass play, and Nyssa was proud of the fact that she was the one to introduce her to it. The first who had rimmed the beautiful blonde, who had the pleasure of talking this girl into performing her first rim job by shoving her tongue up her ass, and perhaps most importantly Nyssa was the one to take Sara's anal cherry. For that matter, she was the first woman to slide her fingers inside Sara's pussy, Nyssa smiling into the ass hole of her beloved as she reflected on how many firsts they had.

How could Felicity possibly compete with the history Nyssa had with Sara? Oh right, because for every good memory there were 10 bad ones, Nyssa thought sadly. Most of those weren't her fault, although it did not matter now. All that mattered was showing Sara that no one could please her as much as Nyssa, and whatever price was worth paying for them to be together, Nyssa soon setting out to prove that as she increased the pace and force of the pussy fingering and ass licking.

Even as her heart swelled from making Sara moan with pleasure Nyssa held no ill will towards Felicity, which was baffling to the Heir to the Demon. If it had been anyone else stealing the heart of her beloved she would despise them, and think nothing of hurting or even killing them if she got the chance. Yet she couldn't hate Felicity Smoak, the computer girl was just so intoxicating Nyssa knew that if she had met Felicity first she would have most likely pursued her. So indulging in a threesome with her was proving to be a genuine pleasure, far more than Nyssa anticipated. She especially liked the way what she was doing to Sara made her ex-girlfriend moan into her ex-girlfriend's current girlfriend's pussy, meaning Nyssa was essentially pleasuring both blondes at once.

Of course as pleasant as that thought was Nyssa's main focus remained her beloved, Nyssa curling her fingers inside of Sara's cunt to hit her G-spot while literally trying to push her tongue into Sara's butt hole. The fact that the forbidden hole open to allow pretty much the full-length of Nyssa's tongue to enter it was a testament to all those nights Nyssa had taken this ass, but also proved Sara had continued getting regular ass fuckings, most likely from the innocent seeming Felicity, the thought almost enough to make Nyssa cum. Her actions were certainly enough to make Sara cum, Nyssa fucking her precious blonde's holes through her orgasm and to several more.

Not to be outdone Sara pushed her tongue into Felicity's pussy at the same time Nyssa shoved hers up her ass. Sara was much more slow and gentle with the penetration and the initial tongue fucking, but it wasn't long before she had Felicity on the edge of orgasm, or long before she was pushing her over that edge. Part of Sara would have liked to stretch this out because there was nothing she liked more than eating Felicity's pretty little pussy, but with Nyssa skilfully making her cum over and over again it didn't seem right to deny Felicity. Besides, Sara was eager to get DP'ed by her ex and current girlfriend at the same time.

More importantly Felicity whimpered, "Please Sara, please... I, I need to cum. Please make me cum, oh God! Sara, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd Saraaaaaaaaaaaa!"

What was Sara supposed to do? Not make the woman she loved cum? Okay, she had been just about able to resist in the past and the name of making Felicity's eventual orgasm that much more powerful, but it would be just rude to deny her when she herself was receiving such incredible pleasure. Besides, Sara wasn't in the mood for teasing. No, she was in the mood to swallow some girl cum, and after just a few minutes of intense tongue thrusting she got what she wanted, Sara having to quickly pull her tongue out of Felicity's cunt and wrap her mouth tightly around that entrance so she could swallow as much of Felicity's cum as she could.

Sara was proud of the fact that she swallowed most of that heavenly cream, but a good amount ended up on her face and then even more as she worked tirelessly to make Felicity cum over and over again. As it was Felicity's pleasure which mattered most to Sara, and Nyssa was providing her with plenty of pleasure anyway, the Canary eventually convinced herself to replace her mouth with her fingers. In all fairness, it was thrilling to feel Felicity's pussy squeezing her fingers every time the other blonde came, but it just couldn't compare to swallowing Felicity's cum. So, after a few minutes of fingering, Sara switched back to tongue fucking her girlfriend.

Back and forth Sara switched between those two techniques, along the way beginning to play with Felicity's clit to make sure she came extra hard. Whenever she was tongue fucking Felicity she would use her fingers to rub her clit, and although it had an effect Felicity went completely crazy whenever Sara finger fucked her and wrapped her mouth around her clit to suck it and/or flick it with her tongue. Nyssa also helped, her work causing Sara to moan, groan, gasp, whimper and even scream against Felicity's sensitive flesh, the vibrations causing the brilliant blonde to cum even harder.

Meanwhile Nyssa had three fingers of one hand slamming in and out of Sara's cunt while two fingers from the other hand hammered Sara's ass, the Heir to the Demon smirking proudly as she once again effortlessly made her beloved cum. Nyssa then licked her lips as she pushed a fourth finger into Sara's pussy, her precious blonde squealing into the pussy of the other blonde has she once again came. Came for Nyssa, the Heir to the Demon making her cum harder than anyone ever could, especially this beautiful but physically weak computer nerd.

Wanting to emphasise her superiority as a lover over Miss Smoak Nyssa briefly considered fisting her beloved. She knew Sara could take it, they had done that before and the other assassin was halfway there already. But Nyssa knew it wasn't what Sara wanted most now, and while the whole point of this night was winning Sara back Nyssa was going to do just that as she gave her precious Ta-er al-Safar exactly what she wanted. So reluctantly Nyssa pulled away and covered her strap-on cock in Sara's pussy cream.

Sensing what she was doing Sara pulled herself away from Felicity's pussy, grinned wickedly and then slowly crawled over to Nyssa and took the other assassin's strap-on into her mouth. Nyssa smiled with wicked delight as Sara began sucking her cock, slowly and softly at first but quickly picking up the pace and moaning as she tasted herself on it already. It would not be the last time she did that. Nyssa promised herself that. Oh yes, Sara was going to get plenty of chances to taste herself on her cock, both today and for the rest of their lives, Sara having no choice but to choose her once she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Felicity was no match for Nyssa al Ghul.

"That's it Sara, suck my cock." Nyssa said, in the name of her last thought giving Sara the dirty talk she craved, "Mmmmmmm yes, suck my cock you little cock sucker! Make sure it's nice and wet for your slutty little fuck holes. Ooooooooh yes, the slutty little fuck holes myself and your girlfriend will be fucking at the same time, proving what a slut you are."

"So do it." Sara challenge, once she pulled her mouth off the dick, "Fuck me."

"Give me a proper cock sucking first, you inpatient little bitch!" Nyssa growled, before smirking, "Then maybe."

Sara grinned wickedly up at the brunette, and then effortlessly took every single inch of that dildo down her throat, showing off skills that Nyssa could only wish she taught her beloved blonde. Sara then moaned happily, tasting the last of her juices. Nyssa had been sure to coat the full-length of the shaft, and thanks to how much she had already made Sara cum she had plenty of liquid to do it, Nyssa through much enjoying the sight of Sara's head once again buried in her crotch, before looking over at the already sweaty body of her rival. Part of her thought she was so beautiful, part of Nyssa felt guilty for trying to steal Sara. After all, she knew the pain of losing the Canary. However there had to be a loser here, and it would not be her.

Eager to officially win Nyssa only gave Sara a few minutes to deep throat her, then she past Sara the other strap-on and said, "Here... for your pretty little blonde."

"Thanks." Sara grinned after taking Nyssa's dick out of her mouth, happily grabbing the toy and turning to Felicity. She then briefly turned back and said, "Seriously, thanks Nyssa. For everything."

"You're... you're welcome." Nyssa said, watching with a mixture of lust and jealousy as Sara turned her full attention to her current girlfriend.

Felicity had barely recovered from her orgasms when she felt her legs being lifted up slightly so Sara could easily slide a harness up them. As this wasn't the first time they had done this Felicity automatically lifted her butt up at the appropriate times, making it nice and easy for Sara to strap the dildo around her waist. A few seconds later she looked down and sure enough, she was rewarded with Sara grinning up at her, the base of the dildo in her hand and the tip resting against her lips.

With Felicity watching Sara slowly opened her mouth and took the first few inches of the cock into her mouth, the Canary then taking several long minutes to bob her head up and down the shaft just like she almost always did whenever Sara was in the mood to get fucked like this. However there was one possible difference, that being the other assassin in the room, who was now sporting a dildo of her own in between her legs, and even moved closer like she was going to try and fuck her while Sara was sucking Felicity's strap-on.

Before Nyssa could do that a clearly impatient Sara jumped up and impaled herself on Felicity's dildo. She hadn't even deep throated her, something Felicity was pretty sure never happened unless they were fucking in public. Had she mentioned that Sara had kind of corrupted her? Not that Felicity could concentrate on the past when in her present her girlfriend was slowly sliding herself down on her strap-on until every inch of the dildo was inside her, Sara letting out a long moan and savouring the moment before beginning to gently bounce up and down on Felicity's cock, much to the delight of every woman in the room.

At times like this Felicity was never sure where to look. Sara's big beautiful boobs bouncing in time with each thrust, the other blonde's pretty little pussy sliding up and down her cock, or that gorgeous face awash with ecstasy. The last was probably Felicity's favourite, although everything else was just as captivating, including the unusual sight of the Heir to the Demon slowly approaching her girlfriend from behind, Felicity's excitement and nervousness coming back full force as the moment of truth approached. Then Sara opened her eyes, gave her a warm smile and then stop bouncing and leaned down. For a wonderful second Felicity thought Sara was going to kiss her again, but for better or worse Sara had something kinkier in mind.

Reaching back and spreading her butt cheeks Sara begged, "Do it Nyssa! Fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my slutty little ass while my girlfriend is fucking my pussy. Please? I wanna be double stuffed."

"And you shall be." Nyssa promised as she finished getting into position.

Nyssa's favourite part of a woman's body was her ass, and Sara truly did have a magnificent rump. It was one of the many things Nyssa loved about her. In fact, probably due to her love for the girl, Sara's ass was the best in the world in Nyssa's opinion. It was certainly the best she'd ever seen, and her favourite fuck hole, so even with all her training it was impossible for Nyssa to keep the evil grin off her face as she firmly pressed her strap-on against Sara's butt hole. Not that she tried not to grin, Nyssa putting all her energy into stretching Sara's ass hole, the whole world melting away until there was just her cock and the hole she so adored.

All too soon Sara's slutty ass hole stretched wide enough to accommodate the head of Nyssa's cock, making her precious Canary sing for her. More accurately Sara cried out and then moaned in pure pleasure, which was a sweeter sound than any a real canary made to Nyssa. Sara continued making those sounds as Nyssa slowly slid her strap-on into the blonde's bottom, Nyssa taking her time so she could savour every second of it, and perhaps more importantly so that Sara had time to appreciate what must be a unique sensation.

Nyssa had never been DP'ed herself, but she could imagine it was a very pleasant experience for those with a submissive side like Sara. As a pure top Nyssa had no desire to submit to such debauchery, but the sounds coming out of Sara's mouth almost made her reconsider. One of the sounds, a moan, was so loud Nyssa was surprised the neighbours didn't complain, or that idiot Oliver Queen didn't suddenly burst in and start threatening her of hurting his ex-girlfriend. She almost wished he would, so he could find out exactly what she was doing to Sara, with the help of his precious assistant.

Putting such thoughts out of her head Nyssa teasingly asked, "Do you like this Sara?"

"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, it's sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmm, more! More, more, more! Ooooooooooooh fuck, please Nyssa give me every inch. I want every inch of you and Felicity inside me." Sara whimpered.

Unable to deny her beloved anything Nyssa sped up the pace ever so slightly, ensuring that every single inch of her dildo was buried in Sara's ass in a matter of seconds. To be fair at that point there had only been a few inches not inside Sara's ass, but it was still forcing places deep inside the blonde to be stretched unnaturally wide, and with the addition of the cock inside her pussy surely it shouldn't be pleasurable, but again Sara was proving her claims of being a slut to be accurate as she continued crying out in only pleasure. Nevertheless Nyssa gave her several long seconds before she began thrusting her hips back and fourth, officially beginning to sodomise Sara while there was a cock in her cunt.

Sara was in heaven right now. Or at least close to it as someone like her would ever get. Then again considering all the blood on her hands Sara Lance had been unfairly blessed as of late. Sure she had gone through hell on Nanda Parbat and with the League of Assassins, however in the process she found love with the awesome Nyssa al Ghul and then the awesome in a whole other way Felicity Smoak. To have sex with both those lovers at the same time was incredible, but to have them DP her with strap-on cocks was beyond anything Sara could accurately put into words.

During the initial penetration of the second dildo it was hard enough for Sara to even think, her whole world revolving around Nyssa's cock slowly pushing its way into her ass, rubbing against her anal walls and the thin layer of flesh separating the newly added dildo against the dildo in her cunt. Even as her slutty ass quickly relaxed to once again being invaded and she sought of got used to the feeling of two cocks inside her mostly Sara just thought 'wow' over and over again. Then the amazing pleasure she felt became too much and she suddenly desperately needed to cum, and unlike her proud ex-girlfriend and her sexually shy current girlfriend Sara had no problem begging for what she wanted.

"HARDER! MAKE ME CUM!" Sara screamed at the top of her lungs before whimpering, "Please, please, please, ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd make me cum! Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, mmmmmmmmmm, pound my little fuck holes and make me cum. Please Nyssa, ooooooooooooh, fuck me! Butt fuck me Nyssa, mmmmmmmmmm, butt fuck me like you did the night you took my anal cherry, oh shit, only harder. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssss, that's it, pound me deep! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmm, you too Felicity! Please fuck me babe. Fuck me, YES FUCK ME, OH FUCK, SHIT, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, POUND ME, POUND MY FUCKING HOLES, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!"

Naturally Nyssa was only too happy to grant Sara's request and pick up the speed and force of the sodomy, but what was really impressive was that Felicity didn't hesitate to do the same. Well, there might have been a second or two there, but in the past Felicity had become completely lost in watching Sara ride her, and compared to that it was instantaneous. Considering her current condition it certainly felt instantaneous to Sara, who despite her best efforts became completely incoherent as her ex-girlfriend and her current girlfriend literally began fucking her at the same time. Before it was more like Nyssa impaling Sara on Felicity's dick with every thrust the other assassin gave to her ass, and as heavenly as that was it couldn't compare to dildos being thrust inside her at the same time.

If that wasn't enough Felicity grabbed her firmly by the hair, forcing Sara to look into her eyes, and then ordered her, "Cum for us! Cum for me and Nyssa while our cocks are in your pussy and ass you little slut! Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, that's it, cum. Cum for me baby. Cum for us, as we DP you like a whore. Mmmmmmmmmm, you're such a good whore for us Sara. Such a good, beautiful little whore for me and Nyssa. Our beautiful Canary... hey, I guess this makes you our stuffed Canary. Because we're stuffing you full of cock and you're absolutely loving it, isn't that right baby?"


This more than anything else was why Sara loved Felicity Smoak. She would do whatever it took to please her, even if it was outside her comfort zone. And by now she knew just what to do and say to make Sara cum as hard as she possibly could. Okay, the stuffed Canary thing was a little eye rolling, but in the moment Sara loved the mockery and it made her cum extra hard, which was really saying something because as soon as Felicity gave her permission Sara started experiencing some of the hardest climaxes of her life. Climaxes which felt like they would never end as her competitive lovers both seem to be determined to make her cum the hardest.

Technically with both their strap-ons pounding in and out of Sara's pussy and ass respectively it was more like they were working together and Felicity would have been fine with that, really she tells herself she would be, but from the look in Nyssa's eyes she could tell right now they were in competition with each other, and Felicity hated to lose. Not that the competition was really fair at the moment given that Nyssa was much stronger than she was and their current position made it much easier for the brunette to deliver consistently hard thrusts. Of course the other side of that was that even though she had more stamina Nyssa was the first to stop.

Impressively instead of just rolling off of Sara like Felicity did after ass fucking her girlfriend Nyssa pulled her dildo out of Sara's ass hole, smirked down at her handiwork and then moved round and then kneeled down right above Felicity's head with her dildo directly in Sara's face. Before Nyssa could order Sara to go ass to mouth the vigilante opened her mouth wide and eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of the cock, the self-proclaimed ATM slut moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her butt. Although Felicity like to think she had more than something to do with it, thrusting extra hard up into Sara's cunt to prove that point.

"Yes Ta-er al-Safar, suck my cock." Nyssa panted gleefully, gently stroking the hair of her beloved while giving Sara the dirty talk she had told her long ago was such a turn on for her, "Be my good little cock sucker and suck my cock clean. Clean it of every drop of your naughty little ass as we bring this little... stuffing session to a close."

Taking that as a personal challenge Felicity carefully slid her strap-on out of Sara's cunt and herself from underneath the other blonde so she could get a better angle, only for Sara to remove her mouth from the dildo and moan, "Bang my butt Felicity! Oh please, spit roast me."

With that Sara went back to sucking the cock and Felicity refocused her attention on Sara's ass hole. At first she was hesitant to do so as the poor little hole was already extremely well fucked, unsurprisingly gaping open from the pounding Nyssa had given it, but then Felicity locked eyes with Sara's ex, Nyssa giving her this challenging smirk which filled her with boldness. Enough to shuffle forward, guide her strap-on dildo to Sara's gaping butt hole and slamming forwards, making the Canary first cry out loudly and then moan just as loudly around the cock in her mouth as Felicity anally penetrated her girlfriend then started sodomising Sara shortly afterwards.

Thanks to Nyssa's handiwork the toy cock shot up Sara's ass with the greatest of ease, Felicity's thighs smacking against her girlfriend's butt cheeks in a matter of seconds and although she blushed bright red for a couple of seconds Felicity fought through it and began butt fucking the much, much tougher girl. As Sara's moans, groans, whimpers and cries were of pure pleasure Felicity then continued increasing the pace until she was fucking the other blonde's butt as hard as she could, and while that was nowhere near as hard as Nyssa had been it was enough to make Sara cum again, so Felicity chose to count it as a victory.

It didn't happen right away, but Sara's back passage was loosened from Nyssa's brutal thrusts so Sara felt nothing but blissful pleasure no matter how hard Felicity fucked her ass. She also felt like a massive slut being once again sandwiched in between two women, their strap-on dildos taking her from both ends this time. Sara wasn't sure whether this position was more slutty than the last, but it felt wonderfully equal right now, especially as the dildo fucking her was being worn by formally sexually repressed Felicity Smoak and the one in her mouth Nyssa al Ghul had just pulled out of her butt.

Sara had considered herself wild in the bedroom before she had been shipwrecked, but meeting the Heir to the Demon had opened her up to all kinds of unspeakable things. Ass to mouth was one of them, Nyssa taking great delight in 'making' her do something so nasty, forbidden and submissive while Sara found she liked it for pretty much the exact same reason. And normally she'd savour that this depraved act, but she wanted to be able to beg Felicity to make her cum, so rather than taking her time she quickly deep throated the dildo, cleaning every drop of her ass cream in a matter of minutes.


Throughout this Nyssa didn't move, meaning that when Sara became too incoherent to beg she could wrap her lips around her ex-girlfriend's cock so she could once again feel the joy of being double teamed. Sara also began pumping herself backwards and forwards, timing her thrusts with Felicity's to make sure that her mouth and her ass were impaled as hard and as deeply as possible, the two blondes working together to make sure that Sara received a blissfully hard climax, quickly followed by another and another and another, until even Sara was impressed, and she personally trained Felicity to give her the type of ass fuckings Nyssa had taught her to crave.

During that impressive butt pounding she received from her current girlfriend Sara was constantly glancing up at her ex-girlfriend and smiling around the dildo in her mouth. Nyssa wasn't easily impressed, but Felicity had done it, Nyssa having clearly underestimated the nerdy blonde girl since day one. Sara knew she had, the lovesick Canary once again removing her mouth from Nyssa's strap-on, so she could look round at her favorite nerd and grin as she saw Felicity lost in her own little world. She then restarted the BJ while continuing to stare up at Nyssa, the whole time wondering what she was thinking.

Nyssa was thinking many things. Mostly she was incredibly impressed by the performance of a woman she had mistaken as sweet and pretty, but weak and feeble and therefore not worthy of her precious Sara Lance. Weirdly, Nyssa was mostly pleased to be wrong, because the most important thing to her was that Sara was happy, and honestly, it was incredibly erotic to see a warrior like Sara being so totally dominated in this way by a slip of a girl who couldn't match her beloved in battle, Felicity easily ass fucking Sara through climax after climax and then not only remaining upright when she pulled out but the girl actually had the courage to stare her down while Sara slowly turned around to clean her current girlfriend's cock.

Actually Nyssa found herself the one to break eye contact, and while that was mostly so she could get a good look at Sara sucking the other blonde's dildo clean, and an even better look at the combined handiwork of herself and Felicity, part of her actually felt intimidated by this girl, even more than when Felicity had ass fucked Sara with a impressive amount of force. That force, along with her own, had left Sara's poor butt battered and bruised, the once tiny hole between those cheeks gaping wide open in testament to how hard it had been pounded, and yet Sara was bobbing her head up and down Felicity's strap-on, the feared vigilante known as the Canary moaning happily as she submissively went ass to mouth for the physically weaker blonde.

The sight was intoxicating, and yet heart breaking for Nyssa. She had believed herself and Sara were destined to be, a perfect fit... soul mates. Sure, Sara had left her and had other lovers, such as Oliver Queen and now Felicity Smoak, but she had left her because she hated killing for the League, not because she didn't love Nyssa. So Nyssa had hope. Hope that Sara would tire of being a free spirit and eventually settle down with the only person who could give her what she truly needed. Apparently she had, but it wasn't with Nyssa. Sara had found her perfect match, her light in the darkness, and she had left Nyssa alone in that darkness.

Heartbrokenly Nyssa slowly collected her clothing and dress herself, hoping to silently slip away but Felicity wouldn't let her, "Where are you going?"

Taking a deep breath Nyssa turned around, forced herself to look directly at Felicity and softly but firmly said, "I did not believe that anyone truly deserved Sara. I'm glad to be proven wrong."

For a moment Nyssa took one last look at her clearly exhausted beloved in the arms of the other blonde. Sara looked guilty, like she had done something wrong. Nyssa would tell her otherwise, another time. She just couldn't be here in this room, see Felicity giving Sara the after-care that Nyssa had so loved giving her previously, without wanting to scream and/or break her earlier promise. Although she couldn't even stand the thought of hurting Felicity, because she made Sara so happy. So putting on the bravest face she could muster Nyssa al Ghul turned her back on the love birds and left the room and then the apartment feeling utterly defeated and broken.

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