Sarah Walker: the Volkov chronicles

BY : Irishdrgon
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Disclaimer: I don’t own chuck nor do I make any money from Chuck. This is just a story and is not real.

This story takes place when Sarah has been away trying to infiltrate the Volkov organization. 


Alexi Volkov sat at his desk and looked at the woman standing in his office.


“So you want a job,” he said.


“Yes,” the woman replied.


“And what makes you think I’m interested in you,” he said sardonically.


“I’m sure a man in your position is aware of my circumstances, and my talents,” she replied with all the warmth of a dead fish.


“I’ve heard good things about you,” he said with a smile.


“Very good things.”


“Excuse me for a moment,” he said as he got up and entered a door on the right side of his office.  


Inside was Frost, his head of security, monitoring the woman still in Alexi’s office through a hidden camera.



“What do we do with her,” he said as he looked the video image. 


“It’s your call Alexi,” Frost said.


“I’m asking your opinion,” he replied.


“Do you trust her,” Frost asked.




“Then get her out of here,” Frost replied.


“I’ll do it,” Frost said as she started for the door.


“Stop,” he said commandingly.


“My dear Frost, always pulling out the weed before it can take root. Sometimes a weed can produce a beautiful flower.”


Frost hissed and left the room in a huff.  He always enjoyed toying with her, and had a smile on his face as he returned to his office.


“I will give you an opportunity to impress me,” he said while sitting back down behind his desk


“Thank you sir,” she replied.


He went on to explain that he wanted her to deliver a laptop computer to a man.  The laptop would have a message that only this man would be able to open and access.  Once he viewed the message, she was to wait for his answer.


“Who is the man,” Sarah asked.


“I will give you a file, but your mission is to wait for his answer,” Volkov snapped.


“Is that it,” she asked him in a surprised tone.


“Yes. Can you handle this mission Agent Walker?”


“Yes sir,” she replied.


“Although I must admit this doesn’t seem a true test of your talents.  Certainly not the great Sarah Walker,” he chuckled.


“I don’t understand what you mean,” she replied.


“Oh come now Agent Walker, I have read files, multiple files on your sanctions.  An impressive number, you must be very pleased,” he smiled.


Sarah bristled at the comment but didn’t reply.



“I could have use for someone with your talent, but you are on no use to me if you fail,” he smiled.



Sarah looked perplexed and her heart raced with the deadly possibilities that could be interpreted from that statement.



“This is my only offer to you Agent Walker.  Take it or leave it,” he said as he picked up a gun, clearly signaling his intent if she refused.


“Do you understand,” he asked 


“Yes sir,” she replied.


He pressed a button on the side of his desk, and a large hulking man entered the office.



“Ivan will go with you on the mission,” he said as he got up and left the room, leaving a shaken Sarah to contemplate her next move.


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