Breaking point

BY : Eagleblaze
Category: 1 through F > Criminal Minds
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from 'Criminal minds' or the show itself. No profit is made from this story, it is strictly for entertainment purposes.

JJ and Prentiss walked out of the BU side by side, chatting softly. 

"Come on, you haven't thought about it? Even once?" JJ grinned at Prentiss, 

"Well… I guess I've thought about hitting Derek once.." Prentiss raised an eyebrow, 

"Once?" JJ slapped her arm playfully and they shared a smirk. 

"Agent Jareau?" JJ turned towards the voice, her eyes narrowing at the masked figure. 

"Wha-" JJ's eyes widening in alarm as Emily's voice was cut off with a thud. She turned around quickly, reaching for her gun when she saw another masked person holding a now unconscious Emily with a red mark on her forehead and a pistol. She didn't have time to even aim before she was hit from behind, her world going dark.



((I'm not sure if the characters are going to be completely correct, but I'm going to try my hardest.))

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