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Because capturing Seth and Richard Gecko as soon as is possible is of great importance, the BAU team had been allowed to fly directly to Wichita, Kansas. The trip is a short three hours, and in that time they go over almost everything they know of the brothers. Almost everything.

Spencer sits towards the back of the jet, the file for Seth open on his lap. He's read it and Richard's file from cover to cover then had gone back to the accompanying mugshot of Seth. He'd known the instant he'd first seen it that he had met the man almost nine years ago. And he had sort of met Richard. He doesn't bother to mention the incident since it won't have any bearing on finding the brothers.

"What do we know about the Gecko brothers," Hotch asks from his rear-facing seat located in the middle of the jet.

"They were rather efficient when they were working together, but the older one, Seth, was caught pulling a heist without his younger brother. That tells me that Richard might be the planner," Gideon voices from next to Hotch.

"Richard was never caught committing any crimes in his adult life. It says here that he was sent to a mental health facility by his parents for stabbing a girl with a pencil at his school when he was twelve. He remained there for four years until…" Elle pauses in her reading of Richard's file while a frown sweeps across her face.

"Until his parents were killed in a fire and custody fell to his brother. Hold on a moment." Morgan pulls out his cell phone and flips it open. Pressing his speed dial for Garcia, he turns the speakerphone on and holds the phone up.

"What can I do you for, hotness?" Garcia's voice comes from the phone with a flirty air to it, causing Morgan to blush slightly and clear his throat.

"You're on speakerphone, baby girl." Morgan sinks in his seat a bit and mouths an 'I'm sorry' to Hotch.

"Oh! Um, hi boss. What do you need?" Garcia sounds a bit nervous now, and Spencer imagines that she is blushing as well.

Hotch merely arches a brow then leans forward in his seat. "Garcia, see if there is a police report on the fire that caused the deaths of the Gecko brothers' parents."

There is a sound of keys on a keyboard rapidly clicking through the phone, which lasts only a few seconds. "The police report says the fire was caused by a lit cigar that was left unattended by the father. The fire occurred in the early AM hours of June 24th, 1995. There are witness statements from neighbors that say they heard arguing between both the parents and their oldest son the previous evening, but that he left and wasn't seen in the area around the time of the fire."

Spencer stiffens slightly at the information and he immediately knows that the fire hadn't been an accident. He begins to debate on telling them about the incident when Garcia makes a strangled noise.

"What's wrong, baby girl?" Morgan immediately becomes concerned, his grip on the phone tightening a little.

"Oh, God. Oh my God… There is…I got a hit… A lot of hits off of Seth Gecko's DNA, because he was incarcerated, and it is a fifty percent match in thirty-six unsolved rape-murder cases. Oh God, I'm emailing you the case files right away." There is a click and then the line goes dead.

"Thirty… Thirty-six?" Elle pales considerably and looks decidedly faint.

"Richard Gecko raped and murdered thirty-six women…" Gideon closes his eyes and gives a heavy sigh.

"There might be more than that. When are those case files dated?" Spencer finally speaks up, his voice faint. He clears his throat and moves the files he has on the Gecko brothers to the seat next to where he is sitting.

Hotch already has their travel laptop booted up and is pulling up the email with the case files. The screen that the laptop is synced to comes to life and the first file is put up. "This is dated several days after Seth Gecko was incarcerated, and the dates span all the way up until a few weeks ago."

Nearly everyone pales at the images that come up with the files, each victim completely unidentifiable visually with how thoroughly their faces had been smashed in. Gideon merely sighs again and gives a shake of his head.

"How were they identified?" Elle asks shakily, looking as though she is going to throw up at any moment.

"Their licenses and credit cards were still on them, but all of the cash and valuables were removed," Spencer says softly as Hotch scrolls through the files. "Are there any similar cases dating before Seth Gecko's incarceration?"

"None that came up with Garcia's initial search," Hotch informs them and looks to Morgan. "Have Garcia look for similar cases to these dating before Seth Gecko's incarceration."

"And look for cases of missing women too," Spencer adds with a slight frown. "Someone could have been cleaning up after him, which is why they're not coming up."

"On it," Morgan responds and redials Garcia to relay the information.

"Could be that the older brother was cleaning up after him," Gideon muses, and Spencer finds himself nodding in agreement. "It certainly fits with the timeline."

"And it makes the most sense," Elle mutters as she looks away from the screen. "We need to find them fast."

"Well, we can assume that they'll want to lay low for a while, get the heat off of them, and then make their move," Gideon says, and while his hypothesis is a good one it's little better than a guess right now. There's no telling what the Gecko brothers will do next, so they have to keep their minds open to other possibilities.

"Richie, you are a magnificently brilliant bastard," Seth praises after Richie finishes giving him the details for their final job. Thirty million dollars in bearer bonds. They'll be set for the rest of their lives with this, especially once they make it into Mexico with a haul of this magnitude. "How long have you been planning this?"

"For a few weeks," Richie admits, looking pretty pleased with himself. His mouth curls into a small smile as he relaxes in his seat and lets his gaze drift out to the scenery passing them by.

"And tomorrow's the day it all goes down, huh?" His escape and this job are all too perfectly timed to be a coincidence, and Seth glances over at Richie to study him for a few seconds. He can't get a good read on his brother, so he shifts his gaze back to the road ahead of them to continue to focus on driving. "We'll need to find a place to stay the night when we get to Abilene in a few hours."

"I've got that covered," Richie says, still looking pretty smug.

Seth frowns a little, and wonders if his brother got anyone else involved in this job. It'll affect their take if he did, and the question will be by how much. He's not too pleased by the idea of it, but he doesn't voice his concerns just yet. There'll be time for that later.

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