Alternate reality the bad seed

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Jordan Woodcomb lay under the covers of the bed in his brother’s spare bedroom and tried to calm himself.  He could hear the water running in the bathroom and knew that she would be there soon and then they would have sex.


He was nervous. It’s not that he never had sex before, he had plenty of times. It was who he was having sex with this time that made him so nervous.  He heard the sounds of her finish brushing her teeth, then she padded over and joined him at the bed. 


She sat down with her back and pulled a tube of lubricant from a drawer in the night stand, but didn’t apply it yet.


She was still wearing her robe as she slipped beneath the covers.


“Are you ok,” she asked .


“Yes I’m good. Are you sure everyone is on board with this,” he asked again nervously.


“Yes I told you everyone is fine.”




“Yes,”she interrupted.


“Even your brother.”


Jordan was going to have sex with his sister in law Ellie, and his brother was supportive of it.


“How the hell did we get here...” he thought.


It all started 2 months ago:


“Kids I’m sorry, but it didn't take," Dr. Gruber said as he looked across the desk at the young attractive couple sitting before him.


The news hit them both like an anvil as tried once again to absorb the bitter disappointment that flooded through them. For the past three years Devon and Ellie  Woodcomb had been trying to conceive a child, and for the past three years they had been met with nothing but frustration and heartache. After about a year of trying they decided to see a fertility specialist about their problem. They were put through the gauntlet of tests. Everything from their blood to their body sweat was tested and then retested again. When it was discovered that Devon had a very low sperm count, steps were taken to remedy the situation. Devon was instructed to totally give up alcohol, put on a low fat "rabbit food diet" and forbidden to wear jockey shorts; While Ellie was put on every fertility drug know to mankind. 


Once again no success. Devon’ situation was not improving in the least, in fact it seems the motility of his sperm even worsened and finally as a last ditch effort, in-vitro fertilization was attempted. With each treatment costing well into the 10's of thousands of dollars they had quickly gone through their savings, and cashed in their retirement all to no avail. As the two looked dejectedly down at the floor Dr. Gruber spoke gently.


"I think maybe it's time we think about adoption. There are some counselors here at the hospital that.' He was cut off as Devon spoke.


"No doctor we decided that we wanted to have our own baby," he continued.


"I understand that Devon, but the chances of you two conceiving are almost non existent. I think you should at least think about it," Gruber said.


As they drove home he looked at Ellie and his heart sank in his chest.


After they got home they retired to their respective refuges, he to the garage and she to the kitchen. After a little while of sulking by themselves he returned to the kitchen and they embraced.


"I'm so sorry Ellie , I know how much you wanted this," he said as he tried to sooth her.


“It just seems so unfair. We did everything that we could and spent our life savings. Oh I feel like such a failure," she sobbed. 


"Its ok baby everything will work out," He said as he gently rubbed her back.


"Are you ready to talk about adoption," she said as she looked up at him with tears in her eyes.


Devon hesitated before he answered. Adoption was a sore spot for him because he wanted his only genes in the baby. He knew it was a backward way of thinking, especially in this day and age, but subconsciously he just could not get around it.


"We'll see," he said as he held her tightly.


After a few weeks there seemed to develop a wedge between them. Every time she would bring up adoption he would change the subject, and every time she tried to initiate love making he would seem disinterested. Eventually it got to the breaking point and an angry shouting match developed.


"Jesus  Ellie! All I ever hear about is this kid you want," he screamed.


"I'm doing all I know to do for this! I am doing exactly what the doctor told me to do. I am refraining from any form of self pleasure trying to build myself up, and it is really getting to me," he continued.


"Well since you won't talk about adoption, and we have no more money for in vitro what else are we supposed to do! I mean I know you can't seem to get me pregnant, but you defiantly can't do it if we don't even try," she spat back angrily at him.


It was this type of arguments that developed the tremendous strain on their relationship. A strain so great that it led to infidelity on the part of Devon.  He began a relationship with Lou the sandwich shop girl, who promptly names a sandwich after him, Ellie found out and they had a knock down drag out fight that evening, and by morning the marriage was hanging on by a thread.


The idea that he would cheat on her was hurtful enough, but by having sex with another woman and withholding relations  with his wife, while they were trying to conceive, was devastating. 


She couldn’t even look at Devon anymore around the house and she tried to avoid him as much as possible. He came to her numerous times that week and begged forgiveness and tried to find ways to make up for his behavior.  Often times at night he was speaking through the locked bedroom door as Ellie had thrown him out of the bedroom.


Desperation set in and things took a very dark turn.


Finally one evening as Ellie was sitting on the bed with tears streaming down her face. She was hurt, she was angry, and she was in such emotional pain that her brain seemed to trip, and an idea came to her.


She wanted a child, and she was not going to let her husband, or any man stand in the way of her baby. She picked herself up and a plan began to formulate in her head. It was a plan filled with logic, and very simple. 


She wanted to get pregnant so therefore she needed to have sex, but with whom could she do this with, she wondered. She did not want to risk going to a bar, who knew what kind of sexually transmitted disease she could get there. She knew that she wanted to be impregnated ASAP so it would mean someone she had a relationship with, and if possible someone who looked like Devon.  As she was looking at their wedding photo on the mantle, the perfect candidate suddenly materialized in her mind.


"Of course," she said. "Jordan," she continued as she looked at the picture of her husband's younger brother.


She told Devon of her plan and gave him an ultimatum.  They argued bitterly for the next few days with Ellie bringing up Devons infidelity. Defeated,  finally he agreed to it to save the marriage, but he had some rules for her. His rules to her were no kissing, nothing oral sex related, keep her top on and no looking under the covers.  


She agreed but had some conditions of her own, she would not have sex in their bed, but Devon needed to be out of the house.  


He agreed and then after a few tense conversations between the brothers, here they were.



“So should we get started,” she said.


“Ah do you want...Ah,” he stammered.


“Well maybe you should take off your boxer shorts first,” she chuckled.


“Oh yeah..sorry,” he said as he slipped his shorts down and deposited them off to the side.


“So no kissing and tops are covered correct?”


“Yes,” she replied.


“Are you ready,” she asked.


“Yeah sure,” he replied quickly.


“No I mean are you...,” she asked, while keeping her eyes on him and reaching between his legs.


“Oh wow...Ah’s an unusual situation,” he said as he felt her hand her hand encircled his cock.


“It’s ok,” she said as she slowly pumped him, but kept her eyes on him.


She thought he was fully erect when she first took him in her hand, but her eyes widened when she felt him spill out of her hand.  Well I guess that not everybody in your family got the same genes..she thought to herself wickedly.


He closed his eyes Well It wouldn’t hurt to look she mused as she silently pulled up the blanket, looked down and her heart skipped a beat.

 His penis looked to be huge, much larger than her husbands and at least twice as thick. Her hand was around the base but he  transfixed her as his massive cock kept growing in her hand.


She subconsciously grabbed his hand and moved it under her robe and between her legs.  


Jordan tensed as he felt the heat and moisture when his hand came in contact with her naked pussy.


He turned his head and looked straight into her eyes as they continued to work on each other.


Their combined breathing came in short gasps as each were approaching their release.


“Are you close,”she asked him.


“Yes,” he replied.


Ellie couldn’t allow it to happen like this. 

She needed Jason to release inside of her.


“Get on top of me,” she said.


He moved into position and she undid the cincture on her robe and spread her legs.  It was difficult for him to see without looking under the covers, and Jason was so close to his dream now that he didn’t want to risk it, so Ellie took hold of his cock  and lined it up.


He began to push slowly inside, she was so tight his cock slid slowly in the first time. When he had half of himself in he pulled out and began to push in again. Ellie was shocked at the feel of the cock inside her, it was alien, she had never felt like this before so full.


“Slow...go slow…oh…oh God…slow...oh my God," she  cried as he slowly sank his into her. 


He pushed slowly again until his entire length was in and their pelvic bones met. He was amazed that his cock felt like it was pushing into her cervix.  Her eyes widened as she felt their public bones met, and she felt completely filled as his full weight came down on her.


Jordan felt the sweet constriction and heat as he burrowed fully into her, and she gripped him hard. His cock felt like it was in a warm, satiny vice, which pulsated.


Then he began his thrust. 


Ellie felt an initial jab of pain as she had never felt anything this full, she almost felt like she was going to split, but her pussy began to mold around his cock and it became pleasurable.  She felt a wonderful stretching as physiologically she accommodated his member, and a warm fullness engulfed her. 


 She could feel her orgasm building which she didn’t expect as she never had one with just vaginal sex, but his girth was such that the friction his cock generated was providing an avalanche of stimulation. She closed her eyes and gripped his back as his thrust was pushing her pleasure to the breaking point.


Jordan’s pace had increased as he felt himself building as well and felt Ellie’s hands scrape up and down his back.  He looked down and she her eyes closed, but kept his locked on her. This was a dream come true for him and he wanted to take in every moment of it. 


She was his first crush back at 14 years old the and object of desire, and many a night he would fantasize about her naked body wrapped him just like it was now. Almost on cue, Ellie’s hands dropped to his ass and squeezed, which in turn caused him to start firing like a jack hammer.


She pulled him up against her as hard as she could, trying to force as much of him

inside of her as possible.


"Oh.......Oh Please! Oh God," she cried as she felt her orgasm building inside of her. 


Jordan was nearing his climax as well, and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he continued to pound. 


She held onto him tightly as her pleasure wave began to flow throughout every inch of her body. 


Oh yes...yes...oh yes..Oh...," she cried as her orgasm took her body to new heights of passion and she experienced a sweet release of pleasure. 


She closed her eyes deeply and locked her legs around him as she sensed him about to release. 


He continued to pump until he felt his on wave of pleasure building and he grabbed her and pulled her tight, as he plunged deep inside of her and exploded . 


Oh...," he cried as he erupted inside of her and coated her womb with his seed. 


He collapsed down on top of her, their heaving bodies drenched with sweat rose and fell with their labored breathing. 


He opened his eyes and she was staring directly into his, and seemed to have an uncertain look on her face.


Ellie was trying very hard to rationalize her situation, but she was having difficulty.  Her analytical mind tried to keep her emotions out of it as she analyzed her situation.  


Here she was laying underneath her brother-in-law, with his cock buried inside of her and he had just ejaculated inside of her.  Her husband could not fuel her reproduction, as such he was replaced. 


Was it just sex? Genetically Jordan would be close with Devon so that on the surface made some sense, but was it revenge against Devon? I just had sex with my husbands brother for the purpose of being impregnated by him?  What am I doing?


“You need to go,” she finally said.


Jordan just nodded and pulled out of her.  She inhaled sharply as she felt him remove himself from her, and noticed the feeling. It was strange feeling of emptiness as she felt some of him flow and pool out of her.   She closed her eyes as he quickly dressed and left the room, and didn’t open the again until she heard the front door close.


She got up and striped the sheets from the bed and threw them in the washer. Then after wiping down her legs and belly, put on a pair of panties and pajama bottoms, then slipped a t shirt on.  She then put on a fresh robe and headed to the master bedroom.


She didn’t know why, but she allowed Devon to sleep in the room with her that night, however she pretended she was a sleep when he settled in the bed next to her.


“Is everything ok,” he whispered.


Ellie just pretended to be asleep, until he eventually feel asleep next to her.

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