A Crystal's Refraction

BY : GrayNeko
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance or any of its characters. No money was made from writing this piece.

Anon made his way to his small apartment, bags of groceries in one hand and a department store bag in the other. He glanced up and down the hallway as he fumbled with his keys at the lock before his door swung open. 
"Anon! You're back!" an excited voice greeted him. 
He quickly stepped in and kicked the door shut. 
"Juni, what did I say about opening the door?" Anon hissed, more out of worry than anger. 
Juni fluttered to the ground, her wings drooping at the chastisement. The dark haired Gelfling picked at her clothes dolefully. 
"I'm sorry Anon, you'd been gone so long and I was starting to worry," Juni said softly, unable to bring herself look up at him. 
Anon's shoulders slumped and he sighed before setting his bags down and kneeling so they were closer in height, though he was still a bit taller than her. 
"I know it's no fun being cooped up in here, but it's for your own safety. If someone saw you it wouldn't be easy to explain, and the last thing I want is for you to be taken away." 
The Vapran Gefling blushed slightly at the concern in his voice, and she began to sway in place happily. 
Anon couldn't stop from smirking at her behavior before he picked up the department store bag and held it out to her. 
"Hopefully, though, if these fit, we might be able to at least let you go outside on occasion." 
Juni's eyes lit up as she took the bag and peered inside. She quickly fished out a light blue child's hooded sweatshirt. 
"Oh my, it's so soft. And the stitching is so fine! This must have cost you a fortune!" 
Anon fought back a laugh. It's true that feeding another mouth, even someone as small as Juni, was digging into his budget a little, but these clothes weren't exactly breaking the bank, not that she needed to know that. 
"Only the finest for you, Juni," Anon said playfully only to be caught off guard when the little lady threw her arms around his neck in a hug. It was his turn to blush as she literally quivered with excitement against him. He coughed as he pulled her back and nodded to the sweatshirt. 
"Well, go ahead and try it on. Hopefully it won't be uncomfortable around your wings. I've got some other options but-" 
Anon's voice died as he looked up from the bag and saw Juni shuck her Order of Lesser Service tunic right in front of him. She seemed to be glad to doff the garment in a way that had nothing to do with the dirt and stains on it. She gave her dark braids a shake and letting her wing beat wildly for a moment. 
This was the first time he had seen the otherworldly female out of her clothes and he couldn't help gawking at her petite frame. Despite her slimness, her femininity was apparent with breasts that formed small mounds on her chest, each peaked with surprisingly pale nipples given the rest of her complexion. 
Juni bent down to pick up the hoody from where it lay at her feet before she glanced up at the sudden silence. She froze as their eyes met, clearly her excitement over the clothes had gotten the best of her in the moment. 
Anon was the first to move as their blushes deepened, tearing his eyes away from her as he grabbed the grocery bags. He jumped to his feet and rushed towards his kitchenette, throwing open the refrigerator and jamming his head inside. 
He took several deep breaths to calm himself before he dared tried to say anything. He hadn't managed very well as his voice cracked with nervousness, "I-uh-I got some more foods for you to try. They had some fruits at the store that I've never had and I thought it would be fun for us to see if they're any good. Got some shrimp too, thought that might be nice with some rice." 
He would have rambled with his head in the fridge for a lot longer but he stopped suddenly when he felt a small hand on his knee. 
"Well Anon, how does it look?" 

Anon slowly shut the fridge door and straightened up. Juni stood coyly before him, draped in the hoody. The hood was pulled up to hide her face, but several braids spilled out of it. Her hands were behind her back and she rubbed the back of one calf with her other foot. The detail of her bare feet and legs jumped out to Anon and he glanced past her to see her leggings and foot wraps on the floor as well. 
Anon swallowed heavily as his eyes were drawn to the hem of the hoody and how it hung just below her waist, almost teasingly. 
"It l-looks really good. Does it feel comfortable?" 
"Oh yes, it feels wonderful," Juni said as she wrapped her arms around herself, causing the hem to inch higher until Anon swore he saw a hint of dark hair between her legs. "Are you ok, Anon?" 
Juni's question snapped him out of the daze he found himself in and he gave his head a shake as his face became unbearably hot. 
"Um, I'm fine. Let's get the food put away and-" His words died as Juni stepped closer, placing a hand on his hip, which unfortunately reminded him that she was basically eye level with his crotch and the tent he was currently pitching. 
"Are you sure, Anon? You look feverish and there seems to be some swelling here." Juni's hand trailed along his waist as she spoke to brush gingerly over his erection. 
Anon struggled to keep back a groan as his legs began to tremble and he clung to the fridge. 
"It's nothing. I might need to take a quick cold shower though," Anon said, trying to tell himself that he was misreading the situation and that the diminutive elfin creature was not making advances. 
Juni pulled back the hood and looked up at him as she pressed her whole body against his leg, resting her chin on his right hip. Her cheeks were just as flushed as his and she seemed nervous as well. 
"Do you think I'm pretty, Anon?" 

Anon's breath froze in his chest, and not just because of her question. He could feel her breasts pressing against his thigh and his cock throbbed at the proximity. 
"Uh, well, uhm, yeah. I mean, yes, I think you're very pretty Juni. You must be one of the prettiest girls back in your world." 
He winced and immediately wished he could take back that last bit. In the short time since they had met, the subject of her world had been a topic that Juni was reluctant to talk about. Perhaps it had to do with the trauma of finding herself on an alien world with no certainty of ever going home, but Anon suspected that there was something more to the matter. Either way, he cursed himself mentally as a frown twisted her features and her eyes focused on some unseen place. 
"I'm nobody back on Thra. Just a silly girl who kept getting into trouble." 
Anon tentatively reached down and placed a hand on her head, drawing her focus back to him. He slowly stroked her hair and she leaned into his touch, the barest of smirks turning up the corners of her mouth. 
For a moment, it seemed the moment had passed but as Juni blinked away the tears that had started to form, the smolder returned to her eyes and her smile grew. 
"So you really think I'm pretty?" 
Cautiously and still very aware of how she was clinging to his leg, Anon answered, "Yes, really." 
Juni surprised him by grabbing his belt and using it to pull herself up. With the hoody covering her wings, she had to nimbly scramble up his body until she wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing them eye-to-eye and nearly nose-to-nose. 
"Pretty enough to kiss?" Juni asked softly as her blush darkened her tan skin. 

"Juni," Anon managed to get out hoarsely. She really was pretty; with the way her hair framed her face and her skin shifted from tan to a light green in several places. Hesitation still gripped him because of their size difference, but its hold was weakening as she looked him in the eye with wanton excitement. 
He found his hands on her hips, freeing her to hold his head in her tiny hands. She leaned in, gently planting her lips on his. This close, he couldn't help but breathe in her scent, still so alien despite her time on Earth, but exciting all the same. 
Juni began to pull back and he pressed forward, shifting his grip to hold her with one hand as the other braced the back of her head as he kissed her deeply. Juni moaned heartily as she desperately tried to wrap her legs around him. 
"Anon," she panted before taking a hand from his face and reaching down to grab his hand that was supporting her. Their eyes never left each other as she guided the hand beneath the hoody until he was cupping her bare ass. 
The groceries lay forgotten as their kissing intensified, Anon taking the bold course of slipping his tongue into her mouth. Juni responded enthusiastically, even as he dominated her mouth. She shifted her leg so she could straddle his hand as she planted her feet on his hips. The heat of her little body surprised him as she began to grind on his hand. 
Anon moved them from the kitchenette to the couch, reluctantly pulling away from Juni as he laid her down, though he still loomed over her. She squirmed beneath him, grinding her knees together as she looked up at him with confusion. 
"Juni, are you sure you want to do this?" It seemed a ridiculous question to ask, but Anon had to make sure. He had come to care too much for the Gelfling woman to risk hurting her because of any kind of misunderstanding. 

Juni looked askance as she gripped the hem of her hoody before meeting his gaze, "Ever since you found me and opened your home to me, I thought you merely pitied me; a strange, helpless creature from another world. But when I saw the way you looked at me earlier, I dared to hope there was something more to your kindness and generosity." 
Juni slowly pulled the hoody up, revealing her mound and the shock of dark hair that crowned it. She didn't stop there and soon shed the hoody entirely, leaving her body fully on display. She trailed a hand down her body as her wings vibrated excitedly beneath her before reaching up to Anon with her other hand. 
Anon took her hand even as one last issue nagged at him, "Juni, it might not be physically possible for us-" 
Anon's words died as she guided his hand between her legs and he felt her damp folds. 
"We won't know unless we try," Juni said sultrily. 
Anon leaned down and kissed her as he gently probed at her folds, slowly working a finger into her pussy. She moaned and bucked on his digit as she pawed at his clothes. With his other hand, they began working on removing his shirt and once it was off, Anon began to kiss his way down Juni's body. She ran her fingers through his hair as he made his way to her breasts, kissing one and then the other. 
"More," Juni breathlessly begged, rocking her hips harder against his hand. He teasingly obliged, his thumb stroking the peak of her vulva. From the way her moans intensified and her back arched, Anon concluded she had a clitoris and redoubled his efforts to focus on that area. 
Juni grabbed fistfuls of his hair as she let out a keening cry of pleasure which cut out as he latched onto one of her nipples, pinching it delicately between his teeth. Her canal tightened almost painfully around his finger before she went limp and he quickly looked up to find her panting heavily, a dazed look on her face. 

Anon paused his ministrations, letting Juni recuperate from her orgasm. He eased off her slowly as every little brush had her quaking in aftershocks. 
Juni regained her senses in time to watch as he sat back and began undoing his pants. Anon wasn't exactly made from carved marble but the sight of his naked body thrilled her regardless, especially once he pushed his pants and underwear down, freeing his penis. 
Anon was still trying to kick off said pants and underwear when Juni crawled into his lap. She positioned herself so his erection poked up from between her thighs and he could feel the heat of her pussy against his shaft. 
"Anon, no man has ever made me feel like that before," she whispered throatily as she pulled him down into a kiss while squeezing her legs together. 
There was an unspoken question in his eyes as he raised an eyebrow, to which Juni pulled back and giggled, "I told you I kept getting into trouble." 
Anon couldn't help chuckling with her before he kissed her again. As they made out Juni reached down and began stroking the length of his cock that rose above her thighs. Once his cock was slick with his precum she nibbled at his lip playfully before whispering. 
"Anon, I want you inside me." Her trembling wings reflected the anticipation in her voice. 
Anon nodded and lifted her to her feet with ease. Juni held onto his shoulders as she began to lower herself down. There was a moment of hesitation as his cock came to rest against her folds and the sheer size difference was made dauntingly clear. Anon's hands rested on Juni's hips, ready to lift her off if it proved impossible, but otherwise he let her decide the pace of her descent. 
Juni closed her eyes as she was stretched and filled beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her wings snapped open reflexively as she managed to get half of it inside and she paused, gasping for breath. 

"Juni, this is good enough. You don't have to-" Anon tried to say before she silenced him with a finger to his lips. 
Slowly her hand shifted, trailing along his jaw before she began to rise up. She nearly lifted off him completely before she sank back down, letting their fluids mingle and trickle down the length of his shaft, easing her descent. With the aid of her wings, she began a steady rhythm of rising and falling, slowly working more of his cock into her depths. 
Sunlight filtered through the windows of his apartment, striking her gossamer wings and reflecting across the room. As beautiful as it was, it paled in comparison to Juni. Anon was entranced by the sight before him, her lithe frame bobbing on his shaft, gripping him so tight. It was all he could do not to take hold of her and ravage her passionately. 
Juni braced her hands on his chest as she continued to ride him, grunting joyfully with every inch she took. Even though she was wetter than she had ever been in her life, his cock still scraped her walls on every ascent and she could only shudder in exquisite agony. 
As the pleasure swelled within Juni, she became faintly aware of a vaguely familiar sound. She couldn't place it but it made her think of home and the times she been taught about the Song of Thra and how all living things were part of the Song. She had never tried to listen to the Song back in her world, she had never felt a need to try. After finding herself on Earth, she had tried to listen for the world's Song and the silence that greeted her had nearly driven her into a deep depression. Now though, as she was joined with Anon and approaching climax, she could hear something reminiscent of the Song. She gasped when she realized it was Anon's Song, or at least his note in the greater world's song. The connection to her lover filled her with a rapturous joy that spurred her to ride him harder and faster. 

"Juni, I'm close!" Anon said in a strained grunt as his climax swiftly approached. 
"Not yet! Not yet! Just a little more!" Juni cried as she drove herself down harder and harder. The Song thrummed through her until it roared in her twitching ears. 
"Anon!" Juni yelled as she finally sunk all the way down onto his cock. It struck her so deeply she could feel the bulge it formed on her stomach. They panted wildly as their hands sought each other out and clasped just as they climaxed together. 
Juni threw her head back and cried out to the ceiling as she shuddered with each burst of heat deep in her core. She rocked her hips weakly, trying to milk every last drop from Anon as he panted and moaned while he continued to come harder than he had ever before. 
Finally, he began to flag and Juni collapsed against his chest. He stroked her hair while she shivered and whimpered as she came down from her orgasmic high. Though his cock was growing softer, her canal was still so tight that it gripped it firmly, preventing its escape, not that Anon was in any hurry to leave her embrace. 
"That was amazing, Juni," Anon said softly as he held her close and she murmured her agreement as she let her head rest against his chest. They stayed like that for a while longer as Juni listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat and the echo of his Song. 
She might not ever be able to find her way back to Thra, but for the first time that didn't seem nearly as big a problem as it had been. Eventually, Anon abashedly excused himself and she sighed reluctantly as his cock was finally pulled free. It was sort of worth it as she watched him hurry back to the kitchenette and stow the forgotten groceries in the refrigerator, the two them sharing a laugh at the silliness of it before he scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom. Neither was ready for another round and they merely laid under the blankets of his bed, sharing warmth and company until they both drifted off to sleep.

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