Alternate Timeline: The Cumming of Siphon

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Alternate Timeline: Expansive Reset - Chapter 1 - Intertemporal Daughter Swap
Show: Arrowverse
Author: The Chemist & Jak O’Hara
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Barry Allen/Nora West-Allen (XS)/Mia Smoak (Blackstar)
Codes: MF, MMFF, FF, Anal, DP, Incest, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Arrow or the rest of the Arrowverse or its characters, especially Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, Mia Smoak, Nora West-Allen, Gideon and Iris West

Summary: A new story set after the events of Alternate Timeline. In this story, Mia Smoak and Nora West-Allen travel not only through time, but to a different Earth (by accident), which causes a Flashpoint of sorts.

A startling sound of wet leaves drag and tear down a damp abandoned city highway as the illuminated road glares brightly, bathed in a warm orange glow by high lights above, seemingly stretching out into the endless black abyss of the night for miles and miles. The paralleling road length is only matched by the daunting height of the immense skyscrapers emerging from each side of the downtown street.
When suddenly, a red spark of energy shatters the still coolness of the night, when in the blink of an eye a cloud materialises out of thin air, vertically suspended just a few feet off the ground, and before the following second could pass, a blur of red and purple lightning streak out of the crimson void at blinding speeds followed by a large clear spherical object, coated in the same lightning.
Quickly coming to a stop, the lightning fades away and the blur begins to materialize into a solid form, a curvaceous female form, sporting short dark brown hair, light caramel skin, and a violet domino mask above dark cherry red lipstick.
Further down she appeared to be wearing a sort of matching coloured spandex outfit, interlaced with some kind of smoking metallic device with four retractable arms strapped to her chest, where white woven materials highlighted the yellow and black patch centred in the middle superbly, as the logo seemed to don some kind of strange untranslatable symbols that seemed to be etched in and along the lower side of her jacket.
Her boots were a similar colour scheme to her logo patch and were burning up on the soles of the footwear. As she turned her head and stared at the skyscrapers above her, her gaze met a digital billboard that read 6:12 pm as a look of dread plastered across her face like she had just seen something horrible.
“Wh-what?” A blast of warm breath was made visible into steam from the woman's mouth as she looked around with a worried expression. “Th-This can’t be right!?” she immediately tapped her white angular arm plate followed by a power-up activation click which echoed around the small section of the street.
“Gideon, Gideon are you there? Where are we? When are we? What the shrap happened??” the young girl conveyed in a very flustered fashion; her tone seemed to match the same level of distress as her voice had taken on a higher, almost childish pitch.
A moment or two after asking, her gauntlet lit up and began beeping as a noise emanated from it: “Good evening No-- -es----en, we are currently in - -----n timeli--, as a result of temporal distortion, -ik-ly caused by a -------- from the 2019 ----- event, recal-bration will be nec----ary to identify ----- timeli-- an- earth --- are cur--ntly on, b-t will ta—time to compl--- a full scan, would you like me to proceed now?” An A.I sounding voice was very choppy and broken up into fragmented sections that could only partially be made out by the woman.
“Oh shrap shrap shrap! That’s not good, ok ok ok uhh…yes Gideon, begin diagnostics scan and recalibration please.” The woman said, clicking her gauntlet a second time, deactivating it and dropping her arms to her sides as if defeated, then looking to her right again, still with a nervous expression. At that exact moment, the translucent pod behind her cracked open with a hiss of pressurized air being released as another adolescent woman emerged from the top. She was not alone.
“What the hell Nora?” a similarly young, but thinner hooded girl stated sharply, “This doesn’t look anything like the city I know?” she said looking down towards the purple leathered girl who in-turn looked upwards to her like a child who’d been caught with their hand in a cookie jar.
“I know, I know,” the girl named Nora said as she began to flop her arms downwards like a child would when in trouble, pouting her face as she started speaking, “It was supposed to be a straight shot back to 201-” she began rambling as the hooded girl's attention was focused on something more pressing than an explanation…
“Uhh, Nora…” the hooded girl tried to interject.
“But this is the first time I’ve ever travelled through time, you know!? Like, just try to comprehend that for a moment, you know? Freaking Time Travel!? I mean how schway is that?” Nora continued babbling quickly, while the hooded girl's eyes focused on her busty chest.
“Noraaa,” her attempts only led to no avail.
“I mean sure, being given a pre-warning about this Crisis thing that could wipe out the multiverse was nice and all, but even still, my mentor can be a little vague you know? Like what does: ‘The future potential of the multiverse depends on the world's finest descendants’ even mean at all, right??” Nora said in a mocking manner, shaking her head in little jiggles in all directions sporadically as the hooded blonde merely stood still, eyes looking wide at the girl's chest with her mouth hanging open slightly in disbelief.
“It’s my own fault really” she continued, putting her hands on her hips, and looked upwards shaking her head annoyed. “That’s the kind of elusive shrap I get for trusting the Reverse-Fla-“
“NORA!” the emerald hooded woman finally shouted, demanding her attention.
“What, What is it?” Nora finally said distressed, breathing a little heavily now for some reason, coming to a standstill as the girl opposite her slowly raised her finger to limply point towards her chest.
“…You’re on fire…” she said sardonically.
Looking downwards to her own chest slightly winded, Nora’s eyes widened at the realisation that her asphyxiation wasn’t due to just her exhaustion, but that the smoking metallic machine that was strapped to her chest was indeed lit aflame and was spreading fast over her jacket.
“Oh my god! Ahhh! Help meee!” Nora started shouting in panic, vibrating her hands quickly over the fire in hopes to put it out but unfortunately, this only made it spread faster, it now ran along her sleeve and in another moment, would quickly catch on her hair!
“Hold still!” The slim girl shouted in a more serious, deeper voice than before as she quickly took action and stepped a few steps back, retracting her bow and arrow she grasped from the quiver slung around her back a second earlier, and with a hollow ringing noise, fired it right at Nora’s chest.
With her superspeed reflexes, Nora watched the arrow slowly creep towards her, spinning in a clockwise rotation as the whole world slowed to a standstill around her, she braced herself for the whole inevitable skewering of her heart part, she couldn’t believe her colleague would do this.
But just as she closed her eyes and turned away, she peered through one tightly shut-eye just enough to watch as the arrow exploded apart at the tip and sprayed white foam all over her upper body, like watching one of those ancient slow-mo videos on the holo-net back home.
Feeling the rush of a cold sensation blanketing over her, Nora snapped back to real-time and felt the full force of the soapy foam spray all over her like an ice-cold shower, which definitely wasn’t the greatest sensation on a night as chilly as this one.
Feeling the thermoreceptors in her skin lighting up like a tree on Christmas, she quickly wrapped her hands around herself as best she could and began shivering involuntarily.
“W-w-w-what the heck was that you just shot me with??” the leathery lilac covered girl asked, her face pale with shock, “It’s so c-c-c-cold!”
“Fire retardant and suppression arrow,” the girl replied briskly, as a smirk formed on her face, lowering her bow, “Oxidises with any airborne substance and creates a solidified blanket of foam within a minute, thick enough to cover an area anywhere from say, a whole room, to a single person who just so happened to find themselves a little too hot to handle, or in your case...” she pointed to the ground behind her.
“Someone who thought it was a good idea to strap on an ancient piece of experimental tech from like 20 years ago, which she KNEW was bound to explode as soon as she tried to use it again,” the girl finished.
As Nora turned her head back to look at the spot where she was pointing to, still covered in the thick cold wetness, she realised the archer had managed to snipe the complex circular device right off her chest and was now currently lodged in the ground behind her.
“Im-m-m-pressive, s-s-s-shot,” Nora quivered, “But you could have, k-k-k-killed me, y-y-you know,” she tried to remind with some small kickback in her voice.
“Oh, come on, don’t be so dramatic,” the archer clapped back, “How about, thank you Mia, for saving me from becoming the world’s cutest little speedy burnt marshmallow? hmm? just saying a little gratitude may be in order.”
Her saviour stood leaning against one leg more than the other while donning an old mossy olive-green hood of some sorts, with hand sewn stitch marks along the left side, as if the piece of cloth had seen a great deal of wear and tear in its time, concealed under it, a few strands of messy blonde ropes of hair strung out like waves running down her face past her collarbone.
Her soft white skin irradiated her tightly stacked petite physique in the night light, interrupted rarely by the odd scar on her cheek or under her eye, she obviously wasn’t some soft snowflake as her complexion may lead some to assume.
Unlike her speedy friend, she wore greasepaint in lieu of a mask, however, hers was a little different in shape as well as style, since hers sported a deep green colour smeared across her emerald eyes, likely to darken more of her face and keep her identity safer.
Further down, her similar matching olive-green V-neck she wore was mostly covered up by a black leather jacket that culminated at each end with green fingerless gloves on each wrist. Slung over her upper torso crossed a strap with a square clip buckle in the middle of her chest that held up a quiver full of arrows.
Her faded army camo green cargo pants had various extra pockets run down them, which segwayed into the matt-brush painted ballistic machete knife strapped around her right ankle, just above her jaded combat boots.
“T-thank you M-Mia, for s-s-saving me.” Still shaking and shivering, Nora muttered out the words in a cold stutter. As Mia looked towards the shivering girl, she began to show a look almost akin to that of guilt, for causing her compatriot such discomfort and sighed to herself.
“Look, you’re a speedster, right? Then if the stories are true, you should be able to be like your own heat source, right?” she said with a hint of envy in her voice. “Just vibrate yourself rapidly or whatever and you should be able to warm yourself back up in a second, right? I mean it's basic physics really,” she added. Her envy quickly turned to glee.
“Or did you not even pass simple chemistry in high school?'' The woman’s voice now switched to a more mockingly teasing tone, which brought out a small but annoyed pout on Nora’s face, as she began to vibrate her whole body at such a rapid pace, quickly blurring herself faster than the naked eye could perceive. The foam rapidly began to flick and fly in all directions wildly spluttering away across the street.
“Hmph, I happen to have graduated from Central City University with a 5.6 GPA and became a forensic scientist for CCPD, if you remember Mia,” she said in an immature tone, putting her hands on her hips. “Remind me what it is you used to do for a living again? Ah right, you were a cage fighter,” Nora teased back, pointing smugly, expecting to get a rile out of her friend, but instead was met with a surprisingly unpredictable response from the blonde girl.
“Pfff! Hahahaha!” Mia started…laughing? Which to Nora’s stunned confusion, was a rather alarming development since this was the first time she had ever seen her laugh in the brief time she had known her, after all, she wasn’t exactly known for her sunny personality.
Finally taking a second to breathe in between laughing fits, Nora demanded, “Hey! what’s so funny, huh!?”
“Hahaha, look I may have been a cage fighter, but at least I know that the only liquids I was ever covered in was blood and sweat, not white lines of fluid running down my chest like you, hahahaha!” She began laughing again and pointed to Nora’s chest.
To her shock and humiliation, Nora quickly realised that her bare breasts were suddenly very cold and very very exposed, as she looked down to see both her globes lightly giving off heated steam in the cool night air, the last remains of the white foam ran down her in very subjective dripping lines.
“Eeeep!” Nora gasped, and thinking as quickly as she could possibly move, managed to catch what looked like an old newspaper which tumbled down the street, like the ones her mother used to hang on their kitchen wall, and quickly used it to cover herself, multiple pages blew apart and flew everywhere from the shockwave that surrounded Nora’s movements as she looked back at Mia annoyed.
“You jerk! You tore that off on purpose!” Nora cried out while frantically trying to wrap the pages over her chest.
“Ahaha, hey now, I’m not the one who lit it on fire am I?” Mia bantered, “If I hadn’t shot it, you’d be far worse off than a little public nudity now wouldn’t you?” The green archer shrugged with a pleased expression and flung the bow around her back once more.
“Besides, you look much better this way.”
“Better how!?” Nora exclaimed, “I look like a homeless speedster! Not cool Mia. This was my only costume…” she murmured with puppy dog eyes. For just a moment, her adorably sad expression seemed to break through Mia’s cold exterior, as she rolled her eyes back and sighed again, but this time with more care than before, as she pulled out another arrow.
“Alright, Alright, sheesh, Look I’m sorry I broke your Tachi-whatever, and for tearing your costume,” She stared into her friend’s eyes again with another quick sigh.
“Haaahh…feel better now?” Nora nodded silently in agreeance.
“Arms up then,” Mia said, taking aim as Nora complied, keeping the adorability at a ten since it seemed to be working wonders for her right now.
A second later Mia shot her again, but unlike the first, Nora now found herself constricted in a net of some sort which squeezed her body tightly from a bolo arrow, meant to secure and subdue its target. In this case, now with the beautiful brunette ensnared with her arms held up above her head standing there.
Mia approached her with a strikingly confident stride. Her swaggerious steps made the purple woman’s heart stop beating for what felt like minutes as step by step, her physique came further and further into view under the light. Now coming to within an inch of her face the green girl looked into Nora’s eyes with an unexpected look on her face that caught the restrained girl completely off guard.
“Oh, Nora West-Allen, the things you make me want to do to you when you act that way.” The girl in green said to her, biting her bottom lip. Looking up and down her face in jaunting little bursts.
Nora felt very flattered at this little remark from someone of Mia's reputation and before she could respond, Mia grabbed the restrained Speedster's cheeks with one hand and kissed her lips with a soft, gentle passion that she didn't know she was capable of, Nora’s eye’s shot open wide!
After several seconds which must have felt like an eternity in Speedster time, Mia finally broke the kiss and tenderly gazed upon a very dazed Nora, her eyes still closed, and lips still parted like she was in a dream.
Understandably a little winded after that surprise, Nora finally broke the inch of silence stretching between the two of them. “Wow…I certainly wasn’t expecting an impulse like that from you.” She grinned at an awkwardly smiling Mia who was looking away a little, lightly blushing.
Snapping back to reality, Mia unclipped her ballistic machete from her ankle and began cutting specific parts of the net, freeing Nora’s arms while keeping the paper strapped to her chest.
“Look, we’ll talk about this later, first we need to figure out where exactly we are.” Mia said, pulling away from her still starstruck partner, at that exact moment, both women thought of something separate, yet related as well.
“Oh no! The Tachyon Enhancer!” Nora gasped in shock as she spun and zipped over to it, just now truly realising the gravity of the situation.
“Wait…the paper…” Mia said calmly to herself, drawing back on her bow, and fired with a metallic cling behind her instantly without even looking. She turned and walked over to her bullseye impaled note on a nearby streetlamp.
“No no no no!” Nora said in a worried, high-pitched, crackling tone, holding the remains of the enhancer in her quivering hands, “Shrap!”
Zooming over to Mia who was observing the page, Nora started, “Mia, it’s completely fried! What are we going to do now? I can’t extract enough residual Dark Matter particles to increase my speed to levels that we could break the dimensional barrier again without the Enhancer! Meaning we can’t get the Time Sphere working again either...Mia…Hey Mia!...are you listening?
“…Oh my god…” Mia let out in a low, soft breath observing the page against the pole, whilst she paid no attention to Nora.
“What? What is it?” Nora inquired to her black and green leathery friend before looking at the page herself.
In big bold print the header read: ‘Queen Consolidated Does It Again’.
“Queen Consolidated?” Nora asked, “W-wasn’t that your mom’s old company's name before she changed it to Smoak Technologies?”
Mia took a deep gulp to clear her throat, as if she was experiencing an anxiety attack for the first time, before uttering. “…Yeah…and there’s more, take a look at this…”
A subtext followed the title: An astounding breakthrough has been made in the field of the fabled Tachyon Particle at the Queen Consolidated’s Advance Science Division by Dr. B. Allen. Queen Consolidated CEO, Oliver Queen, commented that this development has opened up a whole new frontier of possibilities for the future of humankind, a future that he promises will be here, in a Flash.
The two women were stunned beyond comprehension…’CEO Oliver Queen? Dr. B. Allen?’…two names they both recognised…their father's names…their fathers were…alive?
In the corner of the page, below the paragraphs of text, were two photos of the men in question, the text read: ’Oliver Queen, age 29, CEO of Queen Consolidated.’ Under the line of text was a photo of a man in a black Armani suit, posed with his hands in his pockets, displaying a carefree smile along with long hair and a dark green tie.
The other read ‘Dr. B. Allen, age 26, former founder of Star Laboratories before the buyout from Queen Consolidated.’ And showed a surprisingly buff man who crossed his arms with dark brown, shortcut hair, wearing glasses and a white lab coat over a red V-neck shirt.
“Holy Shrap,” both women said at the same time.
“This…this can’t be real?” Mia asked, sounding like she was about to well up, “They can’t really be alive…can they?”
“I-i mean it’s possible…” Nora said, equally baffled at the prospect that her dad was perhaps here. “Look, look at the date! And…and the papers name…” The paper said: January 28th, 2022, Starling Central National City’s Picture News.
“My God, Mia…” Nora paused, “I think we're in the past.”
“That is insane.” Mia said slowly.
“No, no no it’s not I mean…just look at this place.” She gestured to the city’s skyline above them.
“It's all different, none of these buildings seem familiar to us at all! A-a-and them!” She put her finger on the space just below the pictures of the men in question. “No grey hair, no wrinkles, like they would have if they were alive in our time!” Nora’s voice began to crackle as well.
“Mia, I think we really are in the past, and we’re staring at proof that our dads are alive, instead of at their tombstones…”
Taking a second to gather herself, Mia finally spoke as she turned away from the paper and back towards Nora. “O-okay, say you’re right for a moment, what does this mean?”
“Well, I guess it means the Enhancer really did work?” Nora said in a half-hearted attempt to bring some much-needed levity to the situation.
“And look what it says, your father’s company has been working on the Tachyon Particle in this time! Maybe that means we can get them to help us fix this.” She held up the charred device.
Although Nora could see the clear visible unease that Mia showed at the mention of the word ‘father’, she took a concerned look on her face and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“Heyyy..It’s ok Mia, think about what an incredible opportunity this is! No-one in the history of the human race has ever gotten before.” Nora said with a small smile as her compatriot turned her gaze to her slightly.
“I think it’s time to go meet our dads…”
*    *    *
Oliver Queen stood with his arms behind his back on the highest penthouse floor of his family’s company, towering atop the city lights below him. He stared out the large glass window-wall at the city below him, his reflection tinted in the same emerald-green glow as his marbled office floor was beneath him, the well-dressed man seemed to be deep in thought over something…
For quite a while, he had felt a sense of hollowness inside of himself, like a piece of him had been missing for quite some time now. Bizarre a sentiment as it was to ponder something so ludicrous as that, especially if you asked just about anyone else.
To the outside world, Oliver Queen was the pinnacle of all a man could achieve in the 21st century. He had everything humans desired, wealth, power, a thriving business & a growing reputation as the city’s most elite bachelor between the upper and lower echelons throughout the city.
A sort of pseudo-myth had formed around him in recent years, which foretold the tale of any woman who was able to nail him down would never want for anything ever again. This only served to make him even more advantageous to all females of the city, the whole town wanted a piece of him.
Yet on the inside, his insatiable lust always craved more, and he was always willing to do whatever it took to get it. His recent acquisition of the famous Star Laboratories two years ago was a prime example. 
Back then, Oliver bought the remaining company shares right out from under Raymond Palmer of Palmer Technologies nose, simply because he didn’t want any competition to gain another chess piece in the ever-growing developmental market of the city.
At the time it was merely a power move on Oliver’s part, and the CEO had no further intentions for it, but that all changed after he was approached by a young scientist by the name of Barry Allen, with a bold proposition for a particle accelerator project that could generate clean energy for the entire super city. 
Oliver took a liking to the man almost immediately and began to see his 8.4-billion-dollar investment as suddenly being far more feasible than a simple middle finger to Palmer. And started putting more time and attention into this subdivision of his company. 
And so, within twelve months Dr. Allen had come through on his proposal and created the world’s first-ever working particle accelerator. Which inevitably exploded, Queen Consolidated's status as the most valuable company in the city and possibly now, the world, to new exponential heights. 
Coupled as well with the remarkable achievement made in secret by one Dr. Caitlin Snow a month later, who was also attained in the merger. Could harbour the potential to be an even bigger game-changer in the long run, but more time and further research would be required before its unveiling to the public. And as a result, was currently being kept a closely guarded secret within the company.
Nevertheless, with his first big project completed as a remarkable success, Allen proposed his next project to Mr. Queen, he wished to attempt to harness the Tachyons that ran through the accelerator to manipulate the pace at which these particles moved. Into a more stable structure to create a serum, meant for medicinal purposes dubbed: Velocity, which in theory could Speed up the regenerative properties of human cells in a body to such an extent, that the possibility of what Allen’s formula could do for all those sick around the world could change the fate of humanity forever. And usher in a new age of unending medical breakthroughs for decades to come, his work had the potential to change the world…were it ever to be successful that is…
Unfortunately, a number of setbacks regarding this new wonder drug had not exactly bore the fruit he nor Oliver expected. Due to the simple fact that Barry was attempting a nigh-impossible feat, essentially taking random shots in the dark and working with no real design to base his work from. 
Not to mention the fact that the numerous failed renditions of the serum were beginning to drill a sizable dent in Mr. Queen’s wallet, as well as the other shareholders. 
While still very much remaining in high spirits, Barry Allen was put under a great deal of pressure when he was told the investors were tired of waiting and demanded a progress report. 
Were it not for the newfound generoucity of the most recent investor, contributing a fresh 5 million shot into the arm of his project, it more than likely would have already been shut down.
Now anxious, yet not deterred by his failings, after sixty-eight renditions, he was finally able to synthesize a recipe that encompassed all the knowledge and scientific advances since his inception of the project into one formula.
And not a minute too soon, as in just two days, he would have to stand in front of the board of directors and the numerous investors involved in the project, who had each devoted millions into this man’s idea. 
All Barry needed now was a stabilizing agent, something fast enough to steady the Dark Matter in the Velocity concoction from becoming volatile…but how could he possibly create something like that on such short notice? And could that deadline really be what was worrying Oliver now?
Suddenly Mr. Queen heard a knock at the door that snapped him out of his trance.
“Oh Mr. Queen, are you ever planning to go home and just sleep?” A familial voice brushed past him from behind, soothing him like a warm breeze on a cool morning. As he turned his head towards the voice, one of his characteristic smiles formed across his face. 
“Now however, could I do that, when there’s so much to be done here, Ms. Queen?” he said, locking eyes with his younger sister who was standing in the doorway to his office.
The gorgeous young girl was lent against the door at a slightly slumped angle. Holding in her hands a business tablet which folded up against her firmly toned stomach, under her two downward outstretched arms. 
Her short flattened brown hair worked in tandem perfectly with her elegantly worn navy-blue dress, which folded over her right shoulder and closely hugged her more eye-catching features, namely her mild breasts and tight booty.
“You know Ollie, when I agreed to leave CNRI and come help you at the company cause you needed someone you could trust. I know I said I’d take care of your every need.” She said, speaking in an almost seductive tone and began slowly swaying her hips towards him. 
“But I didn’t think it would entail me having to remind you of basic things like, oooh I don’t know,” she paused, rolling her eyes upwards in a dramatic fashion. “Sleeping and showering perhaps?” She said as she tilted her head to the side with a cute little smile. “You know I have a life outside work too right?” 
“Really now, that so?” he grinned, “First I’m hearing of it, Speedy.” Oliver teased as he walked slowly around his desk and leant back on it facing the stunner who was striding ever closer, who upon hearing the nickname, rolled her eyes playfully.
“Uuggh, you know how I always hated that name.” She smiled and slinked her head back, stopping right in front of him.
“Yeah, I do, that’s why it’s so much fun.” He retorted as the two siblings shared a light chuckle as Oliver brought his younger sister in for a slow passionate kiss.
As the two closed their eyes, Oliver pulled her in tightly against his chiselled chest, feeling her breasts press up against him, as she rubbed her hands over his covered abbs, which only enthralled her even more. All the while sounds of sharp, unhurried breathing could be heard drifting throughout the room. 
Their tongues lapped each other in a struggle vying for dominance, neither sibling looking to give an inch. 
Oliver’s hand swung around and grabbed his beautiful assistance sis’s ass and with his middle two fingers, began pressing her dress into her butt crease, highlighting his favourite feature of hers. In doing so brought up a deep moan from her mouth, which reverberated down his throat as the two continued the otherwise taboo make out session for several more seconds. All while Oliver proceeded to jiggle his hand over her covered cheeks making them ripple.
“Mmmph,” was the only sound she could release, finally breaking the kiss and pulling away from her boss. “Mmm-No, no, I can’t Ollie, not tonight, I’m meeting my friends soon, and if I show up with sticky panties again, I’ll never hear the end of it.” She said in an adorable supple tone that betrayed the fact she really had to try and pull herself away from him.
“Hmm, now when would such a wonderful little nympho like yourself, ever have time to make friends?” Oliver said in a teasing manner, spanking her butt through her dress, feeling a quake shiver through her body.
“Ooof! Screw you, you ass…I do so have friends!” Thea said, smacking her older brother on the chest lightly, feeling somewhat insulted. 
“Do nooot,” Oliver taunted in an impish way, continuing to pester his little sis. “Like who then? Name one you haven’t blown.” Oliver challenged the small girl joshing her.
“Pff, like so so many…” Thea paused, “Like, Courtney? You remember Courtney Whitmore? The blonde I met last year at the CNRI fundraiser? And uhh, Frankie Kane too, who I’ve known since like, the third grade. And oh! Alena Whitlock as well, she helped me pass my senior exams.” 
“She's like the smartest chick I know, real nerdy too, glasses, tied up hair the whole deal. You’d like her, totally your type.” Thea said, wrapping her arms around Oliver’s shoulders and gently swaying against him, making the both of them move in tandem.
“Funny that, I thought it was well known that my type was forbidden hotties who spend all their time embellishing in a life of wild sex, veracious drugs and partying. Oh and not to mention the odd brush with the law too, a very important kink of mine.” Oliver said, grinning cheekily as he saw the look building on Thea’s face, readying himself for another impact.
“Shut up douche-bag!” Sure enough, Thea said, smacking his chest again chuckling a little, knowing exactly what he was inferring. “I'm not that girl anymore…well…not for just anyone.” She said with a smirk and finally pulled back up off him to her own two feet.
Still flexing his trademark smile, he finally addressed her in a semi-formal manner and questioned. “So, you wanted to tell me something?” 
“Juuust that the board meeting has been moved to 9am on the 29th.”
“Wait, tomorrow morning? What happened to the 11am appointment on the 30th?” he asked curiously.
“Uhh…To put it bluntly,” Thea said with hesitation. “Isabel Rochev…” his smile quickly disappeared.
“Ahh, but of course, I should have seen that one coming.” Oliver said, dropping his head down a bit, clearly unhappy at the mention of the woman’s name.
“I-it was just a last-minute change of accommodation for the newest investor.” Thea said, trying to quickly quell her brother’s revulsion, she truly seemed to tend to his every need.
“And she made it without telling me? As if my day isn’t complicated enough,” Oliver said looking up at his sister, who was glancing at him with a concerned look. “I’ll never understand why dad left fifty percent of the company to her in his will.”
“Well, they don’t call her the Ravager for nothing you know.” Thea said, looking to the side, intentionally trying to play off their late father’s obvious affair.
“Lady Ballbreaker would be a more accurate description. Found out that delectable little fact first-hand on our trip to Moscow last winter, with her and her friend. What was her name again? Talia or something.” He bespoke with a smug look on his face, looking the same way as Thea was.
“Ollie…” Thea mused out loud, now with a jealous little smile.
Snapping his attention back to her, he brushed his hand down his tie a little. “Well Ms. Queen I won’t be needing you any further tonight.” He said, ushering her away. “Go on Speedy, go have fun with your friends.” Gesturing his fingers into quotation marks.
Having effectively dismissed her, he stood up off the desk, walked around it, sat back down in his soft black chair, and began to organise some paperwork scattered across the surface.
“Very well ‘Mr. Queen’” Raising one eyebrow at him, she imitated his mockery gesture he used on her not even ten seconds earlier, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” And started heading for the door but stopped at the exit after opening the glass halfway.
“Hey Ollie...” Thea said softly, looking back over her shoulder at him.
“Yeah?” Oliver looked up to her one last time.
“I know it’s been a rough five years since mom and dad got on that boat, and I know dad wasn’t perfect, but I think they’d be so proud of the man you’ve become, because I know I am.” She said with such sincerity that it brought a smile back to his face again.
“Thanks Speedy, now go on, enjoy yourself, and tell that Alena friend of yours I said hi.”
“Ha-ha! Not likely.” She said closing the door and walked down the hallway.
After watching her sway down the corridor, Oliver turned his attention back down to the paperwork in front of him. When he heard a sudden creaking at the door.
“I thought I told you, you could go home Th-” he began. But as he looked up his eyes were met to a surprise, as a young woman who was very unfamiliar to him, stood in the centre of the room in a slightly guarded angle to his right. She appeared very serious, and yet, there was a hint of something else as well, something akin to shaky nerves.
“Oliv-hmph…Oliver Queen?” the girl's voice broke for just an instant, before returning to a sturdy form again.
“Speaking?” Oliver replied in an almost quippy, albeit cautious way after seeing what looked to be a bow in her hand.
“We need your help.” The woman said, remaining stiff as a board, staring at him.
“We?” He asked, raising an eyebrow, as right on cue, a shockwave of air exploded into the office space behind a trail of red and purple lightning that shot off sparks which trickled throughout the room. Blowing the files on his desk off like he'd just been hurled into the eye of a hurricane.
Once his focus could be placed back on her, Oliver saw she was not alone but in fact, joined by another. Who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, this new girl was covered in a purple leather suit of some description with yellow boots? And what appeared to be a newspaper attached to her chest by some kind of netting holding it in place? Feeling completely bamboozled by this development, Oliver jumped to his feet quickly in a self-preservatory stance, head spinning with questions.
“How did you get in here?” he questioned, splitting his attention to both women now standing in his office as he began to make his way over to them slowly.
“Yeah uhh, let's just say your security systems are a bit ancient, to us.” The hooded woman stated as her throat clenched up, shooting a glimpse over to her friend. Who picked up on the subtle, ‘I can’t do this,’ look on her friend’s face, as she turned away, the woman in purple took charge instead and spoke up in a surprisingly energised giddy little voice.
“Um, hi, Mr. Oliver Queen sir, uhh, ok look, this is going to sound really confusing but-” she was interrupted as Oliver snapped his fingers and directed his index pointer towards them shaking it a little with a small smile growing slowly.
“Amunet Black put you up to this, didn’t she? Look, if this is about that thirty thousand I owe her for that Triplicate Girl the other night. Then you can rest assure her that as flattered as I am, and as kind a hostess as she is. She needn’t send any more cosplayers for my convenience, especially if they look like the Emerald Archers little knockoff cousin and the Daily Planet's down-on-her-luck homeless delivery girl.”
Suddenly turning her gaze back to her should be Daddy, the hooded girl spoke back up, “Excuse me? We’re not some kind of…Escorts…” she said as a fury began to build behind her eyes.”
“Awh Shrap, told you I look homeless.” The brown-haired, newspaper baring girl quipped to her friend.
“Uhuh, sure you aren’t.” Oliver said smirking, now stopped a foot or two away from the pair and focused upon the small girl, who featured surprising similarities to himself strangely enough.
“Ahhh, Amunet sure does know how to pick ‘um.” He said as he brought his hand up to caress the small blonde’s cheek.”
“Oh no no no, Mr. Queen I wouldn’t do tha-” the caramel-skinned beauty said all too late, as Oliver quickly learnt the ramifications of his mistake firsthand. As before he could even move, the small girl grabbed his arm, spun it around, contorting him into an armlock and used his own gravity against him. Flipping him around in mid-air onto the ground with a loud thud!
Now holding him in a tight arm lock on the floor, with his back pinned under her knee, the small girl lent down and spoke frightfully into his ear, gritting through her teeth. “How many of these ‘escorts’ of yours have been trained by a former league of assassin’s member their whole life, huh?” She said tightening her grip and twisting his arm around further.
“Arrrgh! Ahhh, ok ok, alright alright, what do you want.” Oliver struggled to get out in a squashed breath against the floor and through the pain his arm was in, the small girl looked to her speedy friend.
“Uhh, w-we need to speak to a Dr. Barry Allen of Star Labs, we believe he can help us.” The lilac girl said looking at her friend with a nervous glance, which put her thoughts into visuals that this was not the meeting she expected to see them share.
“Alright Alright, why didn’t you say so in the first place??” Oliver said with his face squished against his green floor. “I can take you to him, ahhh!” he shouted, writhing in pain.
“See, that’s much better, oh and just as a little reminder.” His restrainer paused before a sharp jerk released a loud splitting noise that echoed throughout the room like a thunderous clap. Oliver bellowed out, terrifying a stunned Nora as he felt his arm snap out of place, surely dislocated now as he writhed in pain.
“The next time you assume someone is an escort, maybe don’t.”
“Mia!” The now definitively proven nicer of the two shouted to her partner.
“What? He’ll be fine.” 
“You broke his arm!?”
“Relax, he’ll be fine, I didn’t break it, it’s only dislocated besides. Like I’d ever let anyone compare me to a prostitute.” Mia said with spite in her voice and released him, walking for the door.
“Ohhh gosh, I’m so so sorry about her Mr. Queen.” The violet masked heroine said trying to help him up. “She gets a little sensitive sometimes.”
“AH, YOU THINK?” Oliver’s audible outburst definitely matched the pain in his arm. 
“Total Shocker, where’d she get that from?”
“Uhh…her mom, I guess? From what I’ve been told anyway?” 
Despite the immense pain he found himself in, Oliver also couldn't help but feel enamoured by this new firecracker of a woman, watching her stride away down the hall.
“We should get you something for that arm.” She said looking around the office. 
“Mmm yeah, not the worst idea I’ve heard all day, and what might your name be?” Oliver asked as he wrapped his arm around the girl's shoulder as she helped him to hobble down the same hall Thea had walked down not three minutes ago, following behind her friend.
“Uh, people call me XS,” she said, giving him a comforting little smile. “Actually was a nickname my mom gave me when I was a kid. She said I always liked to do things in excess.”
“Cute, Ahhh shit, that really hurts.” The man said, leaning on her support.
“But you already know that’s not what I’m really asking.”
“Nora, my name’s Nora,” She finally admitted to him after deliberating in her head whether or not she even should.
“And her?” Oliver inquired, flicking his head in the direction his violent offender was walking in.
“She’s-” Nora was interrupted again.
“Blackstar! You will only know me as Blackstar,” the hooded girl shot back in a scathing glance faster than any arrow could move. “You don’t deserve the privilege of knowing my real name after what you did.”
Intimidating as she was, Oliver could somehow tell it wasn’t just the demeaning comment she was referring to…
*    *    *
15 minutes later 
*    *    *
As the elevator's ding could be heard echoing throughout the large arching corridor of star labs main laboratory level. Barry Allen hurried down the curve in his white lab coat, glasses, redshirt, and jeans. With a nonchalant pre-emptive demeanour, he held up his hands with his head down and made his way closer to the doors.
“Oliver hey, I got your message, but can we make this quick please? I haven’t slept in nearly a whole day and it looks like I’ll have to cancel the dinner date my girlfriend made reservations for after I’ll be forced to tell her that 12 hours isn’t exactly ample enough time to invent a Dark Matter stabilising solution and go out with her in one niiight…” His speech slowed to a stop as he looked up and saw his boss wasn’t alone. 
As in front of him on his right was a girl in green urban clothes and a black jacket, looking stern and stoic. And opposite to his left was a girl in purple elastane lycra, who seemed to be frozen staring at him.
Rolling his head with misunderstood assumption, Barry exhaled out disapprovingly and spoke up. “Oliver Please, no more impromptu call girls, no more courtesans or ladies of the night of any kind.” He said shaking his head and holding out his hand in a stopping gesture, much to Oliver’s terror.
“It was fun the first time you bought the place, but, surprise surprise man.” He held up both his hands in a sarcastic shrug, “Turns out my girlfriend’s not such a big fan of the idea; besides, these ones barely look legal, and I have enough on my plate to worry about as it stands.” 
Oliver could feel the bow-baring girl seething at the insinuation, and was sure Barry was next in line for a dismembered appendage, even feeling the small girl on his right flex a jolt, ready to strike. But instead was as shocked as she was to see the girl in purple stop her suddenly with an extended arm in front of her, ushering for her silence.
She took a few steps out of the elevator towards the perplexed scientist, as her legs began to shake a little. She was very nervous about something, but for the life of him, Barry couldn’t quite place what it could possibly be. 
The girl’s breathing came to a halt, right alongside her usually perky attitude, which had now vanished in a flash. Her bottom lip was blubbering slightly, and her eyes…her eyes and cheeks were starting to flush red with tears, as she now stood before him, only about an arm’s length away.
“B-Barry Allen?” the girl barely managed to utter out as her voice was muffled by a swelling blockage of emotion.
“Yyyes?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow in soft confusion.
“I-I’m your…your…” she began speaking choppily, staring right at his eyes through a thick stream of clouded tears herself.
Barry waited in suspense and did a little bop as if to encourage her to keep going.
“You’re my what?” he said, finally bringing a smile to his face, which in turn brought a stream of cries down hers.
Without sudden warning and before Barry’s conceivable belief, the girl seemed to spark up red and purple lightning in one moment and in the next microsecond, had zipped forward a foot to wrap her arms around his chest, embracing him in a tight hug.
“I-ih-’m your biggest fa-aaan!” She said, sobbing against his sternum, knowing on the inside that she could never reveal to him the truth of their relation, or what kind of ramifications it could have on the future if she did.
“And I’ve W-whw-waited my whole life to meet you.” 
She continued to cry against him, as Barry, so very puzzled, wrapped his arms around her in a dumbfounded hug.
“Uhh…um, there there…” Barry said, feeling more lost than ever and looked to Oliver, who simply gave him a shrug with his good shoulder and mouthed. “They’re not hookers and she’s the nice one.” Pointing to Mia in an almost comical sense, crossing his lined-up fingers shaping a flat hand across his neck, as if telling him not to poke the bear.
The reality of the moment was beginning to seep back in for Barry as he finally demanded.
“Will someone please tell me what on earth is happening here!? And who are these two!? And jeez Oliver, what happened to your arm man!?”
“Uhh Barry Allen this is XS, and Blackstar, XS, Blackstar, Barry Allen. Our leading scientist at star labs and subdivision of Queen Consolidated’s Advance Science Division.” Oliver stated, introducing his colleague formally. 
“Not really helping you’re whole ‘they’re not courtesans thing man.” Barry stated being squeezed tighter by the young woman.
“As for the what, that’s a bit more complicated.” The hooded girl finally spoke up for the first time since Barry laid eyes on her petite physique.
“I se-EE,” Barry said, nearly being crushed in the girl's surprisingly strong grip. “Perhaps we should discuss this in the lab…”
*    *    *
15 minutes later 
*    *    *
“Ok so, let me run this back just one more time and see if I understand it right.” Barry said, standing next to his computer hub in the centre of the lab feeling very intrigued by the girl’s wild story.
“You two are…Time Remnant Superheroines? From the future?” He said pointing between them both with the same finger, pausing skeptically.
“That’s right,” Nora replied, sitting on a chair on the side of the computer. “Essentially we’re Temporal duplicates, created when speedsters run back in time and meet ourselves, or in my friend here’s case, when a trip in the time sphere takes you back further than your original past ever would allow.”
“So, you’re the future version of people whose lives have now shifted in different directions from your original predestined path? Effectively making you both some sort of…Temporal Aberrations? While the new versions of you are now off god knows where doing whatever you would have originally done had nothing ever been changed, correct?”
“In a nutshell, pretty much, yeah.” Nora said, surprised at her father’s ability to keep up with a concept as complex as this was, which previously would have been unfathomable to him an hour ago. 
“And you just assume the other version of you will never mention this little trick you and he pulled to whoever else she meets?” He said, raising a good point.
“I can’t imagine she would, after all, she for all intents and purposes, doesn’t even know it happened since I was the one who thought of the idea, and since I ran back, she herself had not thought of the idea yet once the man in yellow instructed her differently, changing her thought process and thus erasing the idea of me completely.”

“That is surprisingly brilliant I must admit.” Barry said, fascinated by the lore behind these otherwise scientific marvels of fiction.
“It’s all because a man named Eobard taught me that the thing about time travel was that its fundamental understanding of causality and effectual reasoning, was so intricate when you consider how tricky of a thing it is to navigate and predict. Basically, the underlying lesson is, that the more you do it, the less the rules apply to you.” Nora explained.
“Okay so, and please forgive my coarse assessment but, two now essentially disposable heroes, who have, no past, no future, no shackles of predetermined fate tethering them down, are sent into? “Barry continued, until hitting another suspended wall of disbelief.
“Into the Negative Speed Force.” Nora said, helping him along.
“Right, sure, Negative Speed Force. Which was created by this…Eobard character you speak of, who was a time traveller himself, from the year 2180 and taught you how to manifest an Einstein Rosen Bridge into it, after you defeated this, God-of-Speed right?” Barry asked, stroking his chin.
“Godspeed, actually, his name was August Heart, but his alias alter-ego was called Godspeed, the title of God of Speed belonged to this dude Savitar, ah, totally different basket of eggs.” Nora said, freaking out for just a split second about the identity of the man in question.
“Riiiight, so after you and he defeated this, Godspeed in the year 2049, Eobard, decided to make a temporal copy of you and taught you to run back in time a second, while wearing an experimental Tachyon Enhancing device, so that there would effectively be two of you now created.” 
“And he would send you, the future one, who now was no longer the main timeline you, as a backup into the Negative Speed Force like it were a protective bunker, but not before you ran 9 years to the past of this…Star City?” He then pointed casually to Blackstar.
“Right after you, destroyed an evil organisation named, Galaxy One and the Eden Corps, in the year 2040.” To which Mia merely nodded too silently. “And then proceeded to basically convince her to hop into a time sphere bubble, right?” Barry still indicated to the green hooded girl to his side.

“That’s a brief synopsis, yeah.” Mia said coldly.
“Uh, right, all in order to save and preserve you, and your friends lives while bearing a cryptic message to survive a Crisis of multiversal earth-ending proportions, over an infinite number of universes that could essentially wipe out everything in existence. Using a wave of raw untapped Anti-Matter that was essentially nigh-impossible to stop, did I stumble at all?”
“That’s…right.” Nora said, absolutely baffled at how this version of her father, the supposed legendary Flash, had never heard of his well-documented greatest archnemesis, the Reverse-Flash aka Eobard Thawne. Being cautious, Nora took great care not to reveal his full name to him in the fear that he’d become angry at her for working with him.”
“My question is, was the positive Speed Force unavailable? If there is a Negative, then there must be a positive one as well in theory yeah?” Barry joked.
“We just call it the Speed Force actually, and since it’s an organic structured entity that has essentially existed since the beginning of time. It can feel when speedsters enter it to travel either forward or backwards in time. And believe me, the Speed Force…doesn’t like having its rules broken…” Nora said ominously.
“Well, what happens if someone breaks the rules and, say, disrupts the timeline to the hindrance of the universe?” Barry asked, his curiosity growing evermore.
“It sends its enforcer’s, the Time Wraiths, after the speedsters who mess with time. That’s what we call them, Time Wraiths.” Nora said, a little visibly uneasy.
“Sounds scary.” Oliver said, sitting in a chair on the side of the room, drinking down some kind of Russian vodka from the room's bar fridge to help him black out the pain of his now still dislocated but at least supported arm, as Blackstar. Simply lent on the wall just a few feet away with her arms folded, merely listening to the conversation.
“They are.” Nora said, turning her head to Oliver, then back to Barry. “I read about them in the Fla-” Nora had to stop herself as she quickly turned to her friend and saw her eyes open wide in surprise. Realizing she’d almost blew the whole cannot-tell-them-they-are-their-daughters-from-the-future-thing she made her promise to keep secret before even going to see Oliver at the office.
“Museum, I read about them in a museum.” Nora tried to cool herself back down, and bring the conversation back around to the point at hand.
“That’s why Eobard told me to use the Negative Speed Force as opposed to the original, because unlike the cosmic entity, Eobard’s speed comes from an artificial source he created on the other side of the natural Speed Force. Which in and of itself, exists outside the ordinary limits of the universe, so it can’t be destroyed.” 
“Meaning it’s immune to any kind of effects from the metaphysical world, like say, a wave of Anti-Matter, allowing him to move freely throughout time without the attention of the Wraiths.” Barry guessed correctly as Oliver’s attention was mainly focused more on the two stretchy spandex costumed beauties around him.
“So then, how did you end up here?” Barry inquired.
“We don’t know exactly.” Blackstar answered, speaking up for the first time since meeting the man in glasses, “Far as we can tell something went wrong, very very wrong.”
"I-I’m having Gideon run a full diagnostic now.” Nora said quizzically.
“Gideon?” Barry said, confused.
“Oh-Ah, yeah Gideon’s an advanced A.I that yoooou…built in the future.” She said hesitantly.
“Wait, you're telling me, I create a hyper-intelligent A.I that doesn’t become self-aware and take over the planet full Terminator-style? Wow! No wonder you’re a fan of my work in the future.” Barry let out a little more ecstatically than he probably should have been.
“Wait, I didn’t know you were a movie buff?” Nora said, widening her eyes. “Your favourite is Empire Strikes Back, right?”
“Actually…I mean I loved, loved, Star Wars my whole life but…now that I think about it, oh gosh, I think my favourite movie of all time actually may be Jurassic Park.” Barry said, taking a long look at himself, to which Nora could not believe.
“No, it’s true, just ask Oliver, I go around quoting Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond all the time around the lab, almost daily in fact, his whole ‘creation' is an act of sheer will,’ philosophy, always inspired me.” 
Barry quoted the scene almost perfectly from the movie, “It’s actually the whole reason I wanted to become a scientist in the first place, because I always wanted not just to believe in the impossible, but to achieve it.” 
“What!? Mom never told me that before!” Nora said mouth agape. “Well, it turns out just another thing she’s lied to me about my whole life.”
“Hang on, your mom knows of me?” Barry said, intrigued as Nora’s blood ran cold at the thought that she had just let slip that she was his daughter. “Well, who is she, do I know her?” Barry said, growing ever more curious now.
“She’s uh…I-Iris West?…” Nora let slip in a panic.
“No way! you’re Iris West-Thawne’s daughter! Oh man!” Barry’s tone shot up as he clapped his hands together. “That’s wild, I'm sure Eddie's so proud of his little girl in the future.”
Stopping like she’d just hit a wall at a hundred miles an hour, Nora questioned, “Eddie?”
“Yeah? her husband? Eddie Thawne?” Barry said, as if explaining himself to a two-year-old.
“What? He’s not my fa…wait…you mentioned a girlfriend before?”
“Who’s your girlfriend??” Nora questioned around the obvious connection.
“The sensual Patty Spivot.” Oliver chimed in, totally unnecessarily, as Barry shot him a glance that said, 'Dude, seriously'.
“P-PATTY SPIVOT??? The Police detective?” Nora exploded.
“She’s a private eye now, thanks sooo much, Oliver." He said with a small taste of respite in his voice. "She retired from the force last year after the Daxamite invasion, we weren’t as lucky as some, but we pulled through.
“Wh-huh-bu-b-buah.” Nora was in a hysterical fit, as Mia had to come over and rub her on the shoulders in a forceful massage. 
“Ohohokay, we’re just nooot even going to worry about that little nugget right now, are we XS! We’re just gonna get back to the story and tell him how come we ended up here, Right doc?" Mia shot Barry a stern look.
“Alright? so, back to it, once you two entered the red puffy portal, what happened then?” Barry curiously questioned, waiting for the next part of their explanation.
“Umm…Once we entered.” Nora looked over to Mia, who turned away, as if not wanting to relive some sort of traumatic event. Looking back to him, she started again. “We um…we saw through the portal behind us, our world flooded with a wave of Anti-Matter, the same Eobard spoke of…just, engulfing everything…and it…it made its way inside the Negative Speed Force.” Nora said with some sombreness in her voice.
“And what happened as a result of that?” Barry said, bringing himself closer to her, encapsulated by her tale.
“I uh… ran, and ran…and ran,” she said, welling up again. “I tried to outrun it, I really did, but since Eobard’s Speed Force runs off of Negative Tachyon Particles, it siphons off positive Tachyons, which they themselves derive life from the Speed Force.” 
“And every time I tried to swerve or speed up away from the wave, I could feel it getting weaker around me, since it was most likely severing the strings to the organic Speed Force, like a virus would when entering the bloodstream.
“Oh…” Barry said, as Oliver too sobered up and simply listened to the girl.
She began crying into her hands as Mia approached her, putting down her bow and getting down on one knee in front of Nora. Delicately bringing her red face up to look her in the eyes by her chin. “I really screwed up big time.” Nora cried, "All I ever wanted to be was a hero like my dad, and instead I ended up killing the entire multiverse instead!"
“Hey! no you didn’t! Nora you’re a hero. look at where we are, you saved us…you saved me.” Mia said, placing both her hands on Nora’s face, as Nora reciprocated by putting her hands on Mia’s. 
“If you hadn’t come along when you did, I would have been erased and forgotten, just like the rest of the world right now…like Mom…and William…” She said looking down in remorse for just a brief second, remembering the new sibling she’d now never get to know, before right back up to a guilty feeling Nora, and spoke in a soothing tone to the vulnerable girl.
“Nora, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead, and everything, everyone's ever fought for, died for even, would all be for nothing now. But thanks to you, we have a chance to live! Now, probably for the first time ever, we get to decide our own fates, create our own odysseys as the last two survivors of the old world.” Mia attempted to reassure her friend with great gusto, but it was clear, this guilt she was feeling was truly infinite.
“But I did it though! It's my fault! If I had just learnt how to tap into my negative emotions earlier, maybe I could have learnt how to control them, and I could have closed the portal. I could have saved everyone like we were supposed to, if I had just been better at this!” 
“But instead thanks to me, that Anti-Matter wave probably spread into the gateway to the real Speed Force and to every other universe faster than what anyone could have done to maybe find a way to stop it! Don’t you get it!? I have the blood of an infinite number of lives stretched across an infinite number of parallel worlds on my han-”
Suddenly to Barry’s shock, and Oliver’s arousal, Nora was silenced in an instant as Mia pulled her in and kissed her sympathetically. Hitting the stop button as they both were surrounded in red and purple lightning for what couldn’t have been more than a tenth of a second, before it degenerated between them, as Blackstar suddenly became very winded and collapsed for a moment.
“Whoa…what just happened?” Barry asked.
“Oh, uh, that was my Flashtime.” Nora said, suddenly back to her chipper self, “Essentially, it’s a phenomenon that occurs when I share some of my residual speed with another individual in order to quicken up their perspective to match mine. We just had the equivalent of a 5-hour conversation.” Nora said in her child-like demeanour.
“Extraordinary!” Barry Allen shouted on a eureka impulse, as he ran and checked a monitor behind him about the speed reading. 
“Oooh, I feel like hell. If you ever talk about what we spoke about in there to anyone else, I’ll have to put an arrow through you, you know that right?” The cage fighter warned with just a hint of a friendly smile aimed at Nora.
“Yeah yeah, you’re very scary, babe.” Nora teased the downed Mia holding her hands in front of her face implying fear.
“What’s wrong with her?” Oliver said as he approached the two women.
“Unfortunately, individuals that are brought into Flashtime which aren’t tuned to moving at such an intense rate can only stay like that for so long. Since their bodies are not used to operating at such high speeds.” Nora explained, as a groggy Mia lay on the floor.
“She’s tough but not that tough.” Nora had to admit looking back at her friend.
“S-shut up, I-I’ll be fine, I just need a second.” Mia said, nearly throwing up on the floor, feeling motion sick.
“YES! I thought so! Oliver! Come look at this!” Barry urged his boss, dragging himself over to it, the now intoxicated man wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the numbers on the screen.
“What am I looking at here?” Oliver sloshed slightly.
“The answer to our stabilising problem!” Barry said excitedly, “Look at this graph, this morning I configured the Star Labs satellite to search for Dark Matter frequency spikes.” Barry flicked the large touchscreen to the left, “So, this is a reading from our attempt from earlier today trying to crack it.” Barry then flicked the screen the other way, “And now look at this new reading from a few seconds ago, what do you see?”
“Nothing?” Oliver squinted at the line.
“Exactly! There was no spike, Oliver! Whatever's contained inside her organic speed cellular matrix could be exactly what we need to crack the V formula. Right in time for the board meeting as well.” Barry whispered in Ollie’s ear. 
“Ladies,” Oliver said after hearing Barry’s good news. Not only was the scientific breakthrough exciting, but the vodka was doing wonders for his still dislocated arm, he could barely feel it anymore. “Perhaps we can come to some kind of arrangement that would be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.” The CEO insinuated as his business tactics started kicking in.
“Here we go…” Mia said out loud, stumbling back to her feet, rolling her eyes.
“If you two were to say…help us complete this stabilizing agent by performing a series of physical tests to examine your abilities. I could have Barry here fix your little Tachy-toy or whatever, and you’d have enough charge to reopen that wormhole thing, allowing you to go home if you so choose to? Sound like a fair trade?” Oliver dealt his cards, showing the extent of how much he had really been listening.
“What kind of test?” Blackstar spoke up, squinting at him a little, naturally untrusting his motives at this point.
Before she could ask Nora her opinion, Oliver undid his belt buckle and zipper in a fluid, one-handed motion like a magician performing a magic trick. And before even Nora, in all her superspeed could perceive, his belt buckle and pants hit the floor at his ankles with a loud thud. 
The realisation that he had clearly been warming himself up observing the two young costumed chicks while pretending to listen to the story hit them like a ton of bricks as he let his full 10-inch erect cock stand on its own and speak for itself.
“Holy...frack…” Nora said, aghast and hung up on staring at the massive member, covering her mouth like a dixie girl who had just seen something very inappropriate but was quickly snapped out of her trance as she heard a distinct voice from behind shouting.
“Oh, hell no!” 
Before another moment passed, three familiar metallic clings, one after another in succession, came rattling into Nora’s ear. Using her speed to turn her gaze, the Speedster turned to find Mia in mid-firing stance as she had just shot three very pointy arrows right at her dad’s exposed cock and balls from across the room.
Thinking quickly, Nora raced towards the trajectory at which the projectiles were fired as everything around her remained still and motionless, her red and purple lightning moving in slow graceful, elegant sways around her as she caught the first arrow easily enough, then headed for the second one. 
But only having her powers for no more than a few days in relative time, compared to someone who knew the intricacies of speed and all it entailed, she struggled to catch the second arrow.
Eventually sliding under it horizontally, she grabbed it just in time, and slid across the polished floor, impacting into the nearby wall with an audible thud. But as she lay there with two metal death sticks in her hands, horror kicked in, as it occurred to her that she had forgotten the third arrow…
Turning back to see it now no more than a foot away from impact, she knew she’d never make it back in time before Oliver’s manhood was turned into the world’s most enticeful shish kabob! 
“NOOOOO!” Nora bellowed as her eyes began to flare red and the lightning that surrounded her began to speed up and focus…into her hand?
As the feeling of hopelessness began to overtake Nora at the thought of her friend never being born if her inaction came to consequence, at the last second, a bright red bolt of lightning shot from her fingertips. An instant later, the arrow was knocked off course, sticking into the wall on the side of the lab, red twings of electricity coursed over it like a conductor. 
The delayed impact from the first point of contact exploded abruptly into a shockwave of high-pressured air that blasted everyone in the room back several feet. Oliver and Barry flew over the main desk and Mia went hurtling through the giant glass wall of the medical lab behind her. 
As Barry Allen began to pick himself up slowly, his lab coat was a little scuffed as well as torn at the shoulder, but otherwise, he was remarkably ok for a man who had just been hurled into a monitor screen attached to a concrete wall. Looking around he saw Oliver still laying on the ground pushing himself up at the chest to look at what was happening.
“Well, that was shockingly impactful.” Oliver said with witty timing.
“I always told you your dick would get you into trouble Oliver! Naturally, I assumed it would be more akin to H.R claims, but hey.” He said, cutting himself off and turned his attention back to the girl in question.
As Nora exited Flashtime, she stood shrouded in smoke like a goddess among mortals in the centre of the destroyed room of sparking wires and broken glass, vibrating so quickly she appeared as no more than a vague silhouetted blur, with crimson beams of light shooting through her mask.
“Incredible…” Barry said, readjusting his glasses, “It’s as if she’s gone through some kind of…Speed Chrysalis?” the mesmerised scientist roughly deduced.
“Or she just levelled up to the Super Saiyan 2 equivalent of whatever being a speedster is.” Oliver said, shielding his face from the blowback wind and smoke Nora’s vibrations were gusting around the room. This statement brought a very surprised and very dumbstruck look to Barry’s face. “What? I’m not immune to pop culture.”
“Uh, ok, that is a conversation we desperately need to have! but maybe after the current unpredictable situation has calmed down a bit!?” Barry had to shout over the airflow, as it blew his lab coat back.
Picking herself up after already feeling like shrap, Mia was just barely able to look over her own now torn clothing covering her chest, through the smoke currents and sparks blowing overhead, at her partner who perceived her standing there soullessly like some sort of demon staring right at her with red eyes through the obstruction. 
As the smoke blew in streams into the emergency vents, Nora came into view, clear for everyone to see, the newspaper and netting that was previously covering her bare chest was singeing up slowly from the centre outwards, charring away in little flakes. Though Nora remained unaffected by the fire at all as her whole jacket front began to sear away, leaving just the sides and the sleeves while the front of her body lay exposed for all to see.
Emerging from the embers in the centre, ripples and currents of red lightning swelled in various directions over her breasts and upper abdomen, but no matter which way it shot and flickered, it always managed to maintain its rough shape. A shape that was not too dissimilar to her previous logo on her destroyed jacket but for some reason, it now looked to be…reversed?
“What the frack Nora?” Blackstar swore in some kind of future slur.
“I told you…not to do anything that could jeopardise your existence!” Nora roared in a fearsome, almost unrecognisably frightful tone, as she began walking towards the downed Mia slowly, as if she were a hunter stalking its prey.
Her footsteps began to burn the ground beneath her feet from the intense friction she was emitting from her vibrations, each step scorched another burnt footmark into the ground, with smoke puffing up in sudden bursts out from under the sizzling touch of her unleashed rage.
“Nora? What’s happened? What’s wrong with you?” Mia questioned, crawling backwards, face staring in fear at what her friend had become.
“What’s wrong with me!?” She hissed vibrating her voice box as she lent down over a still mostly incapacitated Mia who had to shield herself from the dangerous lightning streaks randomly shooting off her friend.
“WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!?” She thundered as her lightning flared. 
Before Mia could even breathe, the blonde felt all her weapons ripped off her body in a picosecond, and could only hear the distinct sound of all her arrows, knives, and her bow being impaled at unfathomable swiftness into the wall on the other side of the lab, much to the shock of both Barry and Oliver.
“Don’t you understand!!?” Nora said, grabbing Mia by the shirt. Lifting her well off the ground with one arm! Clearly her speed was not the only thing that had increased due to this frightening new development. The spark that flew off her frictioning hand had burnt its way through Mia's clothing, freeing her tits below as well as herself from her speedster friend’s fierce grip.
“I CAN’T LOSE ANYONE ELSE! MOST OF ALL YOU!!” Nora decreed as she brought Mia in close to her unviewable face until her green shirt was completely burnt through. And the slippery sweat across Mia’s chest and tits allowed her to slide out of her fierce grip, now standing in front of her. 
“Nora…” Mia said woefully, as she could see tears of steam evaporating as they sizzled out of the corners of her friend’s eyes. Despite coming across as emotionless and cold, even Mia could tell this was coming from a place of sincerity for the care she had for her. As well as quite a bit of built-up survivor’s guilt.
Suddenly out of nowhere, Nora’s eyes returned to normal as her beast mode vibrating stopped and her intense storming surge dissipated as she felt a searing pain in her back shoulder and let out a deep guttural shriek of pain and quickly collapsed. 
“Nora!” Mia screamed.
The future vigilante caught her friend lightly and began to fall herself from the already strenuous effects that Flashtime had taken on her system. However, before she fell down completely, she saw…an arrow with a tube attached, lodged in her friend's back. Looking towards the angle of whoever had fired it, Mia was baffled when she saw none other than her own father lowering her bow in his hand.
“NANITES! COURTESY OF RAY PALMER!” Oliver shouted out in a deep voice.
As Mia managed to utter out: “Y-you bastard,” she too collapsed and finally lost consciousness next to her friend.
“Oliver! What the hell was that? How’d you know that was gonna work? A-and where the hell’d you learn to fire a bow and arrow?” Barry asked, running over to him, with even more surprise and shock than before.
“No idea, I just grabbed an arrow that had instructions to shout that out in a deep voice after firing, and well, you know how I can’t resist a good meme.”
Barry was speechless.
“Shame too, I hate giving that prick Palmer any credit at all, but whatever these things are, seemed to work substantially.”
“And as for the out of nowhere new talent?” Barry mused.
“What, this?” Oliver held up the bow a little, “I met a woman in Russia last year on the Moscow trip who helped me pick up a new hobby while we weren’t doing another kind of straight-shooting.” Oliver said, smirking.
“Yeah, hard pass, don’t wanna know.” Barry said dismissively, “Let’s just get these two to the infirmary.
*    *    *
Nora opened her eyes groggily to a bright light positioned above her, beaming into her irises. She began to sit up and found herself laying on some sort of soft white hospital mattress with all kinds of various tubes and wires attached to her, running to heart monitors on her side, until she heard a voice speak up.
“Mmm, hey, now there’s a sight worth waking up to.” Nora turned to her left and saw none-other than a groggy Mia, in a similar set-up right next to her.
“Mia! Oh my god, what happened? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Nora flared up in worry.
“No no, of course not.” Mia reassured her, “You should know I’m made of stronger stuff than that.” She said, flashing her a light smile.
“Where are we?” Nora asked, but before she could get an answer, the door opened, and two men walked in.
“Well, you gave us quite a scare there.” Barry walked in carrying a clipboard flipping the pages over the top, while being followed closely behind by Oliver.
“What happened?” Nora asked her idol.
Barry looked to Oliver, who gave him a little head tilt of approval as if to say it was ok to reveal what he’d discovered.
“We’re still not 100% sure, but as far as I can deduce, I believe your Negative emotions oversaturated your speed cells and supercharged the Negative Tachyons in your system so much so that, in turn. Amplified your speed powers to a previously unobtainable level of phenomena that even I never thought could be possible.
“English, Barry.” Oliver instructed.
Rolling his eyes at his bosses need for an oversimplification of events, Barry looked towards the girl. “You got real real mad and went even faster.” He said, not feeling like his intellect was being used to its fullest potential.
“Riiight,” Mia chimed in, “So, what does this mean? Is my friend going to be ok?” directing her question at the doctor.
“As I said, I’m not quite sure, this is all a very new and unexplored frontier for me. But for the moment your vitals seem to have stabilised, and everything seems to be back to normal.” Barry pointed to the monitors beside them and continued. “All I can say is if it wasn’t for Oliver’s quick instincts here, things could have gone much worse.” 
“Y-you saved us? You fired an arrow even with a dislocated arm?” Mia questioned, looking over to the long-haired man and just now noticed his arm was no longer in the sling she put him in, but instead, he held onto it with his other hand.
Oliver nodded and spoke profoundly sitting against the chair next to her bed. “Well, you were in trouble, I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die.” He said tempting fate once more and moved his good hand up to Mia’s face to caress her cheek once again, only this time she allowed it, even went as far as to close her eyes to embrace the touch of his skin on hers, as if fulfilling some long time desire. 
“I had to take action for you, besides…” He paused dramatically and with a loud crack, popped his shoulder back into place right in front of her without flinching, much to her oppositely stunned face. “Pain and I came to an understanding some years ago.”
Taken aback a little by this, Mia blinked a few times in surprise with a hint of arousal at her Daddy’s somewhat badass line. Her eyes then dropped down to his unbuttoned shirt and loose green tie, undone around his neck. While her head never moved, she could see his rock-hard abdomen below, and tugged the bedsheets under her hand ever so slightly.
“Uh...T-thanks…I guess.” But before Mia could say anything further, Oliver used his hand that he had tactically brought back up to the side of her face to bring her in for a slow, heated kiss, as both Daddy and Daughter from different timelines closed their eyes and began to breathe audibly.
“Holy shrap!” Nora shouted and stared at Mia and Oliver’s tongue wrestling match and began to feel her own libido sensations sparking within her as Barry couldn’t help but notice this either as he put his hand on her shoulder.
“You know, I can’t believe I’m about to say this but.” Barry started as Nora turned her head away from her friends make out session and looked up to her own Daddy of this parallel dimension with a vulnerable giddy look on her face.
Now longing for the sort of attention her friend was getting. “Oliver may have a point about the need for further examination of your, um, more hands-on, physical abilities, so on that note.” He said in a confident seductive tone and began to take off his lab coat, much to Nora’s elation.
As the coat hit the ground, her eye’s opened as wide as her dropped jaw had fallen at the sight of her Daddy’s skin-tight red shirt, firmly wrapping around his bulging biceps and tightly packed abs.
“Oh god, your um…a lot more swole…then I w-was told.” Nora said as she rubbed her gloved hand over her dad’s six-pack, feeling conscious decision making starting to slip away and lascivious thoughts began seeping their way into fill the void inside her gobsmacked brain.
Leaning down now to her eye-level, Barry observed her charred uniform that interlaced with her exposed front thoroughly as Nora watched his hazel eyes move in a slow, thoughtful examination over her breasts and toned stomach, finally after a moment, Barry spoke up, making his assessment.
“You know in all honesty you fascinate me.” Barry whispered in a quiet pitch, only mere inches from her now, before his eyes snapped up to hers, “Your speed, your heart, your drive to be a hero. You’re the living example of everything I aspired to be my whole life, that I thought was impossible for any one person to achieve. And yet, here you are, in all your heavenly exquisiteness, the impossible made possible.” 
Feeling more flattered and hotter than she had ever felt her entire life, Nora immediately zoomed in and pounced on her father, grabbing the side of his face and kissing him deeply. As the two closed their eyes sparks of energy formed around them as Nora brought Barry into her Flashtime, allowing him to feel the sensation of her need for him as powerfully as she did, stretching on this moment with him for as long as she possibly could.
Once the sparks died down and the kiss between them broke, the two kept their eyes closed for a few seconds after parting, revelling in the spectacle of what had just happened, finally, Barry spoke up.
“Now that was truly astonishing.” He said, opening his eye’s back up with a large grin to the gorgeous girl, which drew an adorable geeky chuckle from Nora, who now had light tears of excitement in her eyes. This was really real, she was really here, with her father.
At the same time, Oliver and Mia’s kiss broke off as well, and as she opened her eyes slowly, took a moment to refocus on the man that had just taken her so passionately and stared deeply into his hypnotic emerald green eyes so very similar to her own. 
“You want this, don’t you,” Oliver exhaled quietly in hot breaths as he guided the girl’s hand to his shaft, who grasped it instinctively.
“You want to please me so badly; I can see it in your strikingly beautiful eyes. You want to feel your Daddy’s love in you. The sort you’ve been denied your whole life.”
“You’re going to do whatever your Daddy wants and make him very happy aren’t you?” 
“Y-yeah…Daddy.” Mia finally broke and gave into her lustful feelings as her lonely barrier she’d prided herself on her whole life finally shattered.
“Oh, Daddy issues, is it? why didn’t you say so?…well, not to worry, Daddy’s Home.”
“Well then…Daddy, I just hope you can handle me.” Mia said with a wicked smile. Challenging her father’s attempts to woo her, but would quickly find that he was no pushover.
Nevertheless, Oliver had no idea of the real truth behind the fact this was his real daughter or at least a potential future variant of her as he leaned forward and once again, kissed the woman known only as Blackstar to him. 
Mia on the other hand was all too aware of who this man was meant to be to her. And despite that little fact, the sexy archer ignored it as her tongue was slowly defeated by the dominating billionaire, giving in more and more as the seconds passed.
 As they kissed longingly, Oliver pulled the sheets from the medical bed so he could see his latest soon-to-be-conquest in only a grey V-neck t-shirt that read S.T.A.R Labs, albeit with her olive-green greasepaint mask and matching hood still in place.
“Oh come on now, what did you two pervs do with my jacket and pants?” Mia questioned, secretly relieved they had left her disguise intact.
“Theyyy needed to be removed to run…ehem, tests.” Barry answered.
“Did you sneak a peek? At my goods?” Mia asked as her hand lightly stroked Oliver’s cock. 
“Ha, ahh no, I wouldn't be much of a doctor if I did.” Barry scoffed, looking offended.
“Ignore her Dad, I trust you.” Nora interrupted Mia’s interrogation, with a quick stutter in her voice after calling him that unofficial title for the first time ever.
Nora’s outfit had been pretty thoroughly ruined by all the fire of late, making it easy and fast to just pull the few pieces apart. As Nora went about exposing her large tits and fantastically plump ass, Barry was throwing off his shirt, pants and shoes, rendering himself in the nude. 
Curious if the Speedster would remove her mask at first, but when he laid eyes on her body after he stripped out of his own clothing, he was encapsulated by the mystery of her, almost preferring that she keep it on.
“Oh, oh wow! Is this really happening.” Nora mused, overwhelmed with feelings of lust and excitement.
Wanting to keep her mind occupied, Barry got to his knees and instantly buried his face into her snatch. The Star Labs scientist might not go around boasting the same amount of experience as Oliver did, but the surprisingly muscular nerd was still quite well versed. And made the best use of his intelligence on the human body’s anatomy, showing all present that his oral skills were nothing to scoff at. 
And Nora would be getting his best as the virgin needed to be at the highest state of arousal possible, given it’s not every day a girl loses her virginity, much less to her dad of all people.
“God! She’s so hot!” Barry thought as he took in her trimmed bush directly above her pink slit.
The scientist wasted no time with teasing at all. The idea of sex with such a caramel-skinned, curvy speed goddess from the future elevated his desire for her to new heights and his pussy licking reflected it. His tongue slithered through her folds before his lips kissed over top her pink opening before piercing inside with his slippery wet muscle.
"Mhmm...yes," Nora moaned.
With his expert licking, the young PACG had no time to rethink losing her virginity to her own father tonight. Not that she wasn’t prepared to, but Barry, ironically, wanted to make sure they kept running towards penetration at full speed, which was why the scientist was pulling out every trick and technique in the book he knew to make Nora intoxicated on wild pleasure. 
Her mouth formed a perfect circle as his tongue snaked in and out of her pussy, licking her inner walls with urgency yet still maintaining his high level of skill. With her head in the pillows, Nora had her back arched as she soaked in the ecstasy of it all, his face staying buried between her inner thighs, he laid on his stomach, as his arm reached up her curvy body to clutch one of her large tits. She gave a little extra scream as his fingers closed around her nipple and gave the erect bud a tweak, making it even harder.
"Mmm, you taste wonderful.” Barry commented as he came up for air.
“Ohhh, r-really Daddy?” Nora gasped in between screaming exhalation, looking down at her father’s face, whom her pussy juices we’re now smeared all over.
As Barry continued his oral assault on her sensitive virgin entrance, Nora found her hand placed on her free breast. Almost subconsciously she was mirroring Barry's actions, kneading her left boob and teasing her small nipple, albeit with less force than he was using. 
The scientist kept licking deep in her snatch, lapping at her inner walls and tasting her pleasantly sweet juices when he flashed his eyes upwards. Seeing the inexperienced Speedster fondling her breast meant that if he was ever concerned about having her hooked, he no longer needed to be.
Across the room, just a few feet away, Mia looked up at her own Dad.
“How do I look?” she asked, almost seeking the approval of her father from a different Earth as her bi-sexual partner was being eaten out as well by her own Daddy of a different dimension not 10 feet away.
“Beautiful baby, simply stunning.” Her handsome dad commented.
“Don’t let my size fool you.” The archer said between kisses. “I can destroy you anytime I want.”
Oliver simply smiled at her. “I’d like to see you try.” Oliver beat back her threat of dominance not batting an eye. “Strip for me, now.” He commanded.
“Fine, but if you even think about touching my hood, I’ll rip your dick off and put it to better use on one of my arrows…”
“Wooo, someone’s feisty, I think you’ll find it to be much more useful still attached to me, but your demands are not unreasonable, besides, I like a girl with a bit of mystery to her.” Oliver winked.
Mia complied with the playboy billionaire’s instructions. His hands started to lightly grope and touch her body, even earning her a grunt of approval from the man who had potentially fucked hundreds of women by this point in his life. Mia turned her back to her alternate Earth Daddy in order to show off her firm backside that was forged through hours of cage fighting. 
It was at this moment she realized just the kind of rough night that was in store for her, as without warning, Oliver reared his left hand back and smacked Mia’s booty harder than she’d ever received. She didn’t even whelp as it was so sudden and powerful that it took her brain a couple seconds to feel the sting.
“Ah, I do so love me a petite booty.” Oliver commented on the tiny girl’s backside. 
Instead of delivering more abuse to her reddened cheek, the billionaire leant down and kissed the stung flesh. The change in sensation confused Mia’s brain yet again and actually brought a moan from the little blonde. The man’s hands were back to her small but firm ass, jiggling the meat and pulling them apart. It afforded Oliver a hint of the cute little sphincter hidden inside as the rim of her hole could just be seen around the hem of her small thong. 
“Come put that mouth of yours to good use.” The man issued his demand with a grin.
By the time Mia had turned back around after receiving her spanking, Oliver had already shed his shirt and tie, rendering himself in his most natural form as Mia’s eyes lit up as she examined his rock-hard abdominal physique and to everyone’s surprise, including her own, showed no issues obeying her father’s commands and descended to her knees, gripping the bottom of his shaft in her dainty hands. 
A quick lick of the lips found its way into her aperture with no hesitation, Mia shot her face forward and in the next heartbeat, she had engulfed the first 3 inches of her father’s cock hungrily into her mouth alongside her wet tongue, as she swirled and mixed the slippery muscle around and around his head, lubricating it further. 
“Ahh... that's a good baby.” The playboy billionaire groaned.
In her 5 years of sexual activity, the gorgeous blonde had never received any negative complaints about her oral skills. Mainly because there was nothing to complain about. Just like with everything she did, Mia gave it 110% effort. Her need to prove her mastery over all things really shone through now. 
Over and over her mouth and hand worked in perfect performance, stroking the bottom 5 inches as her mouth blew the upper 5. Of course, normally Mia could blow a good 6 inches at a time, but when the cock was as thick as the handsome CEOs was, she had no chance. So instead, the archer focused on speed over depth to deliver one hell of a sensual sucking.
“Talented little cock sucker, aren’t you.” her alternate Earth dad grunted in approval.
“Call me little again and see what happens,” Mia replied, popping off of his member for a few seconds.
Using this sparse moment without any cock filling her lips to her advantage, in order to change strategy. Instead of the rapid bobbing, the former cage warrior extended her tongue and gave the sensitive underbelly a long lick from root to tip. At the top again, Mia gave his cockhead a swirl before descending back down his pole with her lips forming a tight O. 
This bob down his shaft was slower than the others, and apparently the playboy billionaire liked this very much, so he reached down and cupped the back of the blonde’s head. Taking the hint, Mia pushed further down, feeling his tip press the back of her mouth and tried to invade down into the depths of her throat though he was much too thick for that to work. 
“That’s it, keep watching me with your greasy pretty eyes.” The playboy billionaire ordered.
Despite being so young, Mia had learnt a long time ago that men loved when she made eye contact when their dick was being shoved down her very tight gullet. She couldn’t fathom why exactly, maybe it was merely a power move, or a degradation kink. Either way, she didn’t honestly care. And instead, the blonde kept her gaze locked on up at Oliver as her eyes started to glaze over and even felt a little tear run down her cheek. 
As she went to pull back, she found her path blocked by the much stronger man’s hand. This wasn’t an issue as she still had a decent amount of air in her lungs, but once he plugged her nose while his cock was still wedged deep in her mouth, she began to show just a hint of panic at this new challenging aspect expected of her. After another few seconds, and a good deal of coughing and sputtering, his vice-like grip relented and Mia pulled back with a hearty cough.
“AWWWHHHH!” Mia breathed deeply as several thick bands of spit donned his veiny cock.
“Impressive lung capacity.” Oliver complimented.
“” Mia replied, trying to catch her breath.
The blonde felt energized by the praise from her dad, which made the surprise dick choking totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Mia opened her mouth and felt his girthy member push all the way forward again. Oliver allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savour the feeling of the majority of his entire dick inside of the blonde’s wet mouth. 
She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of fresh oxygen back into her lungs. Once she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back into her mouth but this time bobbed her head.
“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk.” Mia coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep and held for several seconds.
This time as she started bobbing on his rod, Mia felt both of his hands grab onto the sides of her hood. Preparing herself by relaxing her tight throat muscles, the archer guessed she was in for a rough time. Her guess turned out to be correct. Once more 6 inches of incredibly thick cock were shoved back into the blonde’s mouth, which satisfied Oliver immensely. 
Though she hardly needed the hand on the back of her head for help, Oliver nonetheless kept it there, exerting more pressure whenever Mia’s golden head descended his girthy manhood. 
“Awwwkkkk.” Mia sputtered after being allowed to pull away from his cock.
“You nasty, nasty girl.” The billionaire CEO said with a happy grin.
“You like it when I choke on your big cock Daddy?” Mia asked, as little drool strings coated her chin.
“Very much baby, very, very much.” he answered, though he still gave her cheek another slap to assert his dominance over her, in this war of sexual attrition, nothing was given freely. “Come, Sit on my cock.”
Mia figured she’d apply another round of saliva to his cock before she should even attempt straddling him. As she went for a rapid and deep approach to her blowjob to the pace of heavy metal music in her head, she threw her delicate face down towards his lap as mouth and hand worked together to please the man.
“Gllggg...ggllllggg…” Mia spewed spit all over his cock.
Of course, not all of her saliva was going to act as mere lubrication. As she prepared to pull off him, Oliver reached both hands down towards her with his right gripping onto his cock as his left still firmly grasped the hood. 
Mia realized what was happening a split second beforehand which allowed her to close her eyes before his dick wet in her spit came slapping against her cheek and eye socket half a dozen times. 
Not done with her yet, his hand went from his cock to around Mia’s slender neck. Pulling her towards him, Mia was stunned when she felt a big glob of his spit come firing into her mouth with some splattering on her lips and face.
“Ugh!” She revolted. “Dick move Dad.” She stated but did not protest, meanwhile back across the room.
“The key element is to stay relaxed.” Barry offered his advice to his virgin daughter.
Barry had since ceased his skilled tonguing through her folds, and the scientist now knelt on the bed between her spread legs, his cock fully erect and held in his hand. Nora watched as Barry leant down, taking all his weight onto his free hand against the mattress as his dickhead dragged through her slit before settling at her pink opening. 
While not a true virgin if one counted the first time she and Mia fucked to convince the archer to come back with her in the first place, tonight would be her first time with a man. And who better to take her virginity than someone she idolized - her own father!...a little unorthodox sure, but hot nonetheless.
“Just keep breathing and it will all be fine.” He offered his advice once more.
And on that note, Barry thrust his hips forward with a slow but determined pressure until the first 4 inches of his shaft was deposited into Nora’s virgin snatch. Even if he didn’t know that she was a virgin, Barry could have figured it out for himself given how snug his member was inside her pussy. 
"Uhh!" The now no longer virgin grunted as she became stuffed with cock for the first time in her life.
"Such a tight little pussy." Barry commented, already starting to pull out. 
Though Barry would have preferred to simply slam his dick into her pussy like he would often do with his girlfriend Patty, the scientist knew that was maybe not the smartest strategy to take with Nora. Therefore, Barry focused on a smooth motion at a slightly-slow speed to get the former virgin used to a pace first. Then he’d see if he could open the throttle and give the curvy beauty a proper dicking.
“I’m ok, I’m ok Daddy, Mmm, Keep going.” Nora whimpered a little through closed eyes before requesting he not slow down.
To his pleasure she moaned in acceptance right as he thrust back in. This time he went further, but was mindful to control how hard he pushed in. Nora kept moaning though, so after sawing into her snatch a few more times he found he was actually bottoming out completely in his Speedster daughter. 
"Oh shrap Daddy!'re so fracking big! Like what the hell." Nora managed to get out between groans and moans.
Though the initial penetration wasn't exactly comfortable, it had improved with every thrust. Luckily for the former virgin, Barry was showing a deft touch and managed his hungry impulses to not just slam down into her. Instead, Barry was still maintaining his steady pace, though all of his manhood was now entering her womb with every motion. 
"So...un...believe...ably...tight." Barry grunted as his dick repeatedly disappeared into her snatch.
"…ahhh…ding." Nora moaned in response.
Barry tested the brunette girl’s limitations more and more by thrusting into her snug fitting cunt with more speed. The first time went well but by his second plunge it was too much too soon and Nora gave a sign. Not enough to buck him off but enough that he slowed back down. After a few more thrusts he found his groove and had the measure of the splendour.
In fact, Nora was uttering a seemingly endless chorus of moans with occasional interludes of high-pitched screams as the handsome scientist brought her relentless pleasure. Barry had found the perfect rhythm with his de-virginated daughter and was now able to smash his hip into the space between her spread thighs, making Nora take his entire length with all the force he wanted.
"Fuckkk God damn tight." He grunted, gripping tightly onto her hourglass hips.
With each collision against the much shorter brunette, Barry caused her large tits to bounce wildly due to the contact. His eyes continued to scan the upper half of her body, noting her flat stomach, her very erect nipples that denoted how much pleasure she was deriving from her first ever fucking. 
“You’re mine now to do with whatever I want, do you understand, your my plaything, my bitch, slap you, spit on you, choke you, fuck you…” Oliver said from 10 feet away.
“Then prove it and take me!” Mia spat back at him, still challenging his new authority over her, never fully losing control of herself to him.
Infatuating Oliver even further, he welcomed that the archer still had some fight left in her, so he gave in to her remark. With a hand cupping the back of her head, he tugged the gorgeous blonde up by the scruff of her hood, very nearly tearing it off, which would have spelt dire consequences for him, until his lips pressed against hers once again. For a good 5 seconds, Queen Consolidated’s CEO kissed his daughter, tasting her soft whimpers as her mouth was invaded by his tongue. 
“AAAHHHH!” Mia gasped as she felt a massive moment of light-headedness. 
“Ohhh, I’m gonna fuck you so senselessly now like the bitch in heat you are.” Oliver growled.
“Pfff, yeah right, step up then...Old Man.” Mia snapped back at his supposed dominant remark.
Once more using his hand on the back of her head to lead Mia, the playboy billionaire simply pulled her steadily towards him. The hood-wearing blonde understood and was soon crawling over his body to straddle the man. Mia balanced poised atop the mattress with a foot on either side of the well-built stud. 
She went to pull down her thong but that would take too much time as Oliver simply yanked her panties to the side to expose her completely bald snatch that was coloured the brightest of pink’s. The archer reached down and steered his cock to her wet pussy at the same time as he pulled her knees down.
“Awwwhhh yeeesss.” Mia hissed as she was filled with 4 inches of thick shaft up her tight little slit.
Even though Oliver was in no mood to be delicate or gentle with the small girl, he couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow, this tender hole he was invading felt strangely…familiar? Like in some way, this small girl may be the missing factor he found himself void of lately, or perhaps had some kind of connection to it?
Luckily for her, the playboy billionaire would not let this strange sense of Déjà vu prohibit him from pushing himself further into her, as Mia was under the gun from the start as his insatiable sense of the intense fucking up into her sweet little cunt was immediate and vigorous, meaning the archer could simply keep herself in a power squat atop the bed and be relentlessly thrust up into. 
“You like that huh?” Oliver asked, his fingers grabbed her cheeks forming her mouth into the cutest little squeezed expression that would give even Nora a run for her money.
“Yeah, I d-...owwhhh!” Mia answered before a hard slap to her face interrupted her.
“You want your tiny little pussy wrecked for all other men?” Oliver questioned, his hand already tilting her head to the side.
“Yes Daddy! Fracking wreck my tiny little hole! Frack yes yes yes, right there right there right there! oh god! Don’t you fracking stop!” she practically begged.
All while he engaged his daughter in degenerate conversation, his fucking never slowed. In fact, the overwhelmed girl could attest to the fact he was only getting faster and more forceful. All Mia could do was try to maintain her squat, but her legs were tiring and she found her pussy being invaded even deeper as she slowly gave up her vantage point of him more and more with each passing pump. 
“Oh god! Oh Frack! Ohhhhh!” Mia constantly screamed as her clit was now being strummed.
“Cumming already then? Ha! then cum you little lightweight, cum for your Daddy right fucking now!”
Mia didn't respond as she was simply feeling too many sensations all at the same time. She was indeed so close to an orgasm and despite her head still aching after what Nora did earlier, she wasn’t deterred. 
As Oliver Queen managed to keep hammering into her cunt with insane stamina and power, not to mention his thumb expertly strumming her clit, Mia reached back behind herself. Her finger was dry as a bone but she needed a finger in her ass to cum so she grit her teeth as another sensation was added to the combination of the others.
“Flllaaarrrrk mmmeeeee!!!” Mia cussed out as she came so hard that she squirted her Daddy’s cock out of her pussy with all her pent-up juices like a volcanic eruption and collapsed on his chest, panting and shivering in a post orgasmic bliss.
“Well, nice to see you weren’t all just talk, you certainly can take a hard pounding.” Oliver commented to his new little cock hole as he slapped her already red booty again in congratulations.
“H-how did you do that?” Mia asked slowly, catching her breath after her dad’s compliment.
“Variable Acceleration,” the chiselled man answered quickly. “It’s all about timing, you keep practicing, you keep flowing, it just becomes second nature.” 
“Alright, let’s go again.” She said picking herself up ready to try again.
“Well then, little Blackstar, if you really think you’ve got what it takes for another round.” Oliver slapped her face again. “Then I think it’s time we take it up a notch.” 
“Hmph! Be a nice change of pace.” Mia said, not batting an eye as she suddenly slapped him back with the force of ten women as she arched her back upwards, sitting up on him now, he felt the warm stinging taste of blood seep out the corner of her mouth where she had struck.
Wiping it with his fingers, he observed the liquid and looked up at her as his cheek puffed up in a red welt, and grinned sadistically, whilst she looked down at him with a smug smirk on her face.
“Ooooh now you’ve done it.” He said scarily, this just drew an unexpected giggle from her as he grabbed her in his powerful hands roughly. “Time to punish you.”
In all his time, Oliver had never met a woman with as much tenacity as this one had in all her small stature. And with her feet still on the ground, he forced her down until his extremely thick tip split her perky butt cheeks wide apart and pressed against the center of her ass. 
Though he was large, and her butt was tiny, the truth of the matter was that Mia had the intense primal urge to both please and prove herself to her father so after only a few seconds, his cock was entering her bowels.
“Argh! Shit! Frackin’…” Mia swore due to the initial sting of her butt being impaled.
With a solid 3 inches buried in her tight little ass, Oliver pulled the petite girl back onto him so her feet could be up on the bed straddling his lap. Mia immediately started to drag her anal ring along the first half of his shaft, riding his dick up her ass. 
She matched his early intensity, riding the man hard as her boobs bounced and jiggled within the top she still wore. Oliver helped spur her on by strumming her sensitive clit which seemed to make her ride his cock even harder.
“There you go, now go deeper, if you think you even can.” The playboy billionaire teased mockingly.
Mia smacked his hands away, to stop pummelling her clitoris so she could concentrate. Oliver consented but decided to muffle her non-stop screaming as she anally fucked herself by wrapping her panties around her neck. As Mia rose high on her feet so she could thud her ass down harder, she gasped for breath as her panties gagged her mouth open, not allowing her to close.
“Do you feel that burning desire deep in your core?” Barry asked his Speedster daughter, his own breathing getting somewhat ragged. 
“Daddy! Daddy! I think...I think I might be c-cumming!?” Nora stated, barely believing the words herself. 
With a wicked grin on his face, Barry knew just how to make the former virgin cum all over his dick. It required pulling out of the tight confines of her pussy, though he wouldn’t be out of her for very long. His hands shot down to her curvy hips, at which point he rolled Nora over so her big booty was facing upwards. To make an even more inviting target, Barry pulled back on her hips so that Nora got the hint and went to her hands and knees. 
The girl with the thick ass could sense a change in their fucking as soon as he entered her from behind. Gone was the slow pace and tenderness, replaced with something more akin to animalistic. 
In truth, Nora found herself relishing in the change as her pussy was more stretched out and able to handle the additional speed and power. And more importantly, the angle his cock was entering her was hitting all the right buttons. Plus, it was her dad so she knew she was in the best hands.
“Will you cum for me?” Barry asked, knowing the answer.
“Yes! God yes!” Nora moaned. Getting more confident with being fucked by a man for the first time, Nora used her arms to push back in order to meet Barry’s hard thrusts into her wet slit. “Oh! Ah! Don’t stop.” Nora practically pleaded, her orgasm getting closer and closer.
The Star Labs scientist had been with enough women to know what got each and every one of them off. He kept pushing his whole length into her warm folds, but now he had snaked one of his long arms down around her waist. Barry had no trouble finding the object of his affection; her clitoris. Within a dozen seconds, his move paid massive dividends.
"MMHMMMM....MMHMMM." Nora screamed again, as she experienced her first orgasm from a real cock inside of her.
Barry immediately noted the muffled moans and realized that his test was a success, he made the sexually impressionable girl cum. With that task done, he realized that he wasn't too far behind her. In fact, he was right on the cusp himself. Knowing her pussy had gradually loosened throughout their encounter, Barry’s thrusts had become gradually more reckless while his breathing and moans kept coming more and more laboured. 
“Oh God! Oh wow! So hard! So fast!” Nora constantly shouted into her pillow.
Barry was close and he was going out with a bang. With one hand on her hips to constantly help pull her back to meet his hip thrusts, his second hand gripped a handful of Nora’s hair. As her head was pulled back by her wavy brown locks, Nora was loudly screaming, filling not only the infirmary but likely the whole laboratory with her excitement, good thing the place was empty.
Barry continued to pull on her hair until she straightened at the hips so her back was pressed against his surprisingly muscular chest. With Nora now in perfect position for him, Barry spiked deep into her cunt once, twice and third time before the scientist went still, his dick fully embedded where it deserved to be, in her womb. 
“Yes! Cumming!”
Her mind lost in orgasm and finally a virgin no longer, Nora didn’t care that he finished within her. It was only because she had just climaxed herself or else she would have definitely felt the squirts of cum painting her pussy walls. Nor did Nora care when two hands mauled her tits, giving them a final rough grope before he released, letting the exquisites fall practically face first to the infirmary bed. 
“Impressive, most impressive, taking my big dick in your tiny little butt and still you hold your own.” Oliver commented with a grope of her chest.
Oliver was now ready to start fucking her hard again. In truth, her holes had been tighter than he’d expected and he couldn’t help himself by fucking the archer a mile a minute. Luckily, though Mia rode his dick fast and deep, it still provided the infamous rich man with a chance to recover some stamina. 
Between feeling refreshed and inspired by Mia’s fuck-me-daddy-attitude, Oliver scooped an arm under the back of each of her knees. As he pulled her legs up, he used his strength and arm length to good effect by actually locking his fingers behind the back of her neck, folding her into a full nelson hold while his dick stretched her asshole even further.
“Oh God! You... flaaaaaarking what!?” Mia cursed once more, squeezed tightly by the man’s lock he held over her.
For lack of a better analogy, Oliver fucked the girl as if she were a limp doll. In a rocking motion, the playboy billionaire would wrap his hand around her thin waist, nearly connecting the tips of his fingers on either side and push the blonde downwards to pierce her bowels with all 10 inches of thick cock. And just as soon as her pussy would smack against his balls Oliver would pull her towards him so that her anal ring would glide down the length of his shaft until only his bulbous tip remained inside her rectum.
“The perfect little slut.” Oliver complimented his daughter as he let her legs go and allowed the girl to straighten from the cramped position.
He made Mia ride him again, and once more she did a great job. He especially loved when he used his fingers to diddle her clitoris and actually caused the petite former cage fighter to cum for a second time that evening, only this time as he was 10 inches deep in her ass.
“I want you to suck my dick fresh from the depths of your ass.” Oliver told her.
This wasn’t an unfamiliar concept to her as Mia had performed ass to mouth in her past. It was actually an accident. While fighting her first cage match in her first ever round back when she was trying to make a name for herself. The fight got a little more…intense then she had originally bargained for as the chokehold he had over her quickly devolved into her ass being fucked for all to see, he pulled out and brought his cock up to her mouth, wanting her to go down on him. 
She didn’t even hesitate and stuck it in her mouth. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as she thought it probably should have been and since then it was a regular act in her bedroom, with anyone she deemed worthy enough to be there.
As she slid her ass onto the mattress, she immediately bent at the waist until her face was level with his groin. Just like the first time she did it back in the cage, Mia didn’t think, only acted. Extending her tongue she licked up and down the underside of his cock before replicating with both sides and the top of his shaft before beginning to blow his cock with vigour. 
“How does your cute little butt taste?” Oliver asked as Mia continued to bob her mouth on his manhood.
“A lot like the first time I tasted it.” The blonde said with a wry smile. “But it’s pretty hot, right Dad?”
Oliver smiled as Mia went back to running her tongue over every inch of his member.
“Now I’m going to fuck you until you milk me of my cum. Understand?” Oliver told the girl while smacking her in the face with his cock.
“What? You're gonna try to fill my ass now huh?” Mia quipped with a grin. “Pfff, Good luck with that, I’m tougher than I look.”
“We’ll see,” he answered the weakened archer.
Mia had to only slide her tiny body off the bed to get onto her knees. As she bent over, the handsome CEO spun her so that her still gaping ass was pointed back at Oliver. Rather than going for lube, the playboy billionaire simply spat onto his cock’s head and rubbed it around before he stood atop Mia’s slender form and immediately slammed his dick back into its new home.
“Frack me!” Mia cursed as her bowels were invaded yet again.
Oliver started easy with the slender blonde, or at least as easy as one could be when hardcore anal sex was the subject of activity. He used only half his length and pulled out completely after a dozen thrusts in order for him to record her impressive gape into his memory. After one last slow thrust, Oliver opened his throttle and fucked into his little girl. 
When Oliver Queen fucked hard, it was different than a normal man when he had sex. The intensity was far greater, the speed nearly neck breaking, and his stamina was inhuman. Mia could only scream and grip the blanket of the infirmary bed that she was being sodomized on as her ass was relentlessly fucked for God knows how long.
“Oh yes.” Oliver commented, pulling out and leaving a massive opening behind. 
Oliver gave his daughter from the future only seconds to recover before his mini baseball bat was crammed back up her backdoor. 
Mia didn’t know how long the experienced man stayed fucking her for as her body and mind started to give out on her. First it was her anal ring, which felt far looser than any asshole had any right to be. Next was her brain shutting down as she lost track of time and even what her own name was. 
Last was her arms as the strength bled out of them and soon Mia found herself laying flat on the mattress, her tits pressed firmly against the bed. Of course this new position did nothing to deter Oliver, in fact the playboy billionaire laid over top of her and seemed to find another gear as he fucked into her even harder.
“Ahh...ahhh...ahhh!” Mia moaned as all 10 inches of thick cock speared relentlessly into her forever loosened backdoor. 
Even though Oliver had had sex more times than he could recall, Blackstar was clearly special. Therefore, he withheld nothing back whilst still ramming her ass non-stop. Changing tactics constantly, the playboy billionaire went from ruining her ass with lightning fast strikes to slowing things to a snail’s pace but thumping down with all the power his 200 pound frame could produce.
As if knowing either her Daddy was close, or he was about to break her in half, Mia asked an important question. “Y-you brave enough to give me your cum? Yeah? You wanna shoot your seed inside of me Daddy?”
Oliver merely smiled. Saying nothing.
Mia wasn’t done quite yet as her asshole still had to weather the most intense storm of sodomizing thrusts yet. It only lasted for about 30 seconds, but it was an insane amount of slams down into her already gaping asshole that she had no hope of tallying just how many times he fucked her. Finally with a few last hard thrusts of his dick, Oliver grunted loudly and pushed in balls deep.
“Here it comes. Yeessssss.” The playboy billionaire groaned as he reached his peak.
After hearing his grunt it didn’t take long until the first warm blast splashed against the walls of her rectum. It made Mia shiver, as having her dad spill his seed inside of you was something she’d obviously never experienced before. She shuddered in perverse pleasure with each and every squirt of his jizz up her ass, which seemed to shoot from him in a never-ending stream. 
“Wow, someone was pent up.” Mia smiled up after feeling the last of her dad’s seed shoot into her bowels. 
“That’s a good girl,” Oliver complimented, pulling out of her wide gaping asshole and laid back in the bed with her.
*    *    *
As the four lay in silence from a state of post-orgasmic bliss for nearly a whole minute, Barry was the first one to speak up.
“N-now that,” he exhaled, stopping to take a breath from sheer exhaustion, “Was a fascinating experiment.”
“You can say that again.” Mia spoke up, unable to feel her lower half from the veracious pounding she just received, her pussy still throbbing from the one person she never thought it could be from.
Nora on the other hand, felt energised due to her accelerated healing factor and began to beam with child-like excitement as her mind was slowly pulled back from the brink.
“That was so much fun! Who’s ready for round 2!? Come on! Again, Again, Again!” She gleamed with a large expression across her smeared lipstick and wide excited eye’s.
“Again?” Barry chimed in still catching his breath, “Ha-Look, I’m never one to shy away from a second serving but I think we all might need a minute here after that.”
“Nooo, no no no let’s do it again!” Nora pouted like a child who had been denied dessert.
“Wait…I think I may have an idea.” Oliver said, sitting up a little and looked over to Barry.
“Mr. Allen, I do believe it’s time we give this little project of ours an informal off-the-books field test.” he said as a smirk smeared its way onto his face.
“Wait what, you can’t be serious??” stunned at the suggestion his boss was proposing, 
“No one’s ever accused me of being funny when making decisions before Mr Allen.” Oliver said in a stark manner.
“You seriously mean to tell me, that you wanna use a million dollar per usage untested experimental formula as some kind of, speed-viagra?” Barry said in disbelief.
“Please,” Oliver puffed at the insinuation, “Viagra makes me sound old; I prefer to think of it as an equalizer.”
“An equalizer?” Barry said, dropping his face in suspicion.
Yes, an equalizer, I mean you’ve seen what she can do, how fast she heals, imagine for a second being able to contend with that?” Oliver planted the seeds of sense in Barry’s mind.
“I-I’d definitely like some competition.” Nora inquired, shaking her head up and down in sweet little excited shakes repeatedly.
“Frack it, I’m in too.” Mia of all people stunned everyone present, as she requested a dose for herself as well.
“Really babe!? You’d do that for me?” Nora felt touched as she looked to Mia with exhilaration plastering her face.
“Sure, why the hell not,” She said shrugging, “If what they say is true about your speed healing yourself, and this serum can make me like you, if even for only a little bit, then it’d sure help me get rid of this splitting headache. Besides, it’s about time someone put you in your place.” She smirked towards Nora confidently.
“Oh-ho-hooo!” Nora chuckled in unexpected surprise, “You think you can step up to all this.” She brushed her hand over her exposed legs in a suggestive way, “Better keep dreaming if you think you could ever be on my level.” Nora challenged back as the two girls now locked eyes in a rivalling way.
“I think that settles it, Dr. Allen, hurry along and fetch us some vials.” Oliver ordered his employee.
*    *    *
2 minutes later
*    *    *
Walking back into the lab with three vials of Queen Consolidated's most prized project, the Velocity mk-68 in his hands, Dr. Allen was welcomed back to a most delightful sight.
In front of him on the makeshift double bed not three feet away, he witnessed Nora leaning over Mia, sucking on one of her tiny tits as she vibrated her hand at incomprehensible rates of speed against her rapidly puffing pussy, her hand moved so fast that a constant stream of juices were rapidly firing out in all directions in an endless spray of pleasure.
“Ooooooo…Frrraaaaaaaaack!” Mia’s voice pitched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head before closing them, as she winced and whimpered in utter ecstasy.
“Well? What are you waiting for man?” Oliver said, maneuvering behind Nora, watching the show at seven-tenths the way back to full mast, “Not just gonna stand there while my little sugar baby gets so unfairly dominated by yours?”
“Can’t argue with that logic, here goes everything.” Barry said as he stood behind Blackstar and injected her with the first dose of the newly refined formula, holding his breath everything would work out…
At first, nothing happened as Nora popped her mouth off Mia’s titty and started to gloat, “Ha ha, still looks like you just can’t quite compete with me.” She continued to tease until suddenly Mia stopped spraying everywhere, at the same time her whimpering stopped.
“Oh, I can’t?” Mia said to her lover with closed eyes until suddenly, she opened to reveal a shocking light green glow that stopped Nora’s flicking of her clit to a dead stop. 
As the lime green sparks began to ignite all over her body, Mia now moved in a Flashtime of her own, and as soon as Nora realised this and Mia saw the fraction of weakness, it was too late as she took her opportunity and let loose a snap of bright green lightning between her fingers. 
“Trust me, this…this is going to be fun. Now, what were you saying about not being able to keep up?”
As the two men watched the blurs surrounded by red, purple, and green energy begin to wrestle in front of them, Oliver shouted to Barry.
“Hurry up man and give me a vile of that! We’re missing all of the best parts!”
Not thinking twice, Barry chucked Oliver the second vial he had collected moments earlier, as both men nodded to each other in mutual agreeance, they injected themselves simultaneously, and after a second, both men shot off powerfully striking shades of blue lightning as they quickly caught up to the two women, who were making out and rubbing each other's pussies in gentle motions.
“Extraordinary!” Barry cheered, “It worked! It really worked!” He said with a large grin on his face that couldn’t be helped as his gaze drifted around the room. “And it appears that people from a different timeline seem to gain different colours instead of the blue we are accustomed to seeing, and your arm! Oliver, you're leaning on your arm! All good as new!” 
“Barry?...Interdimensional hotties?” Oliver said dryly, reminding him it wasn't time to be fascinated by his own achievements and to just enjoy the moment.
“Right, right sorry, got a little carried away there.” He said looking downwards. “What do you say then man, time for a little partner change, a little daughter swap as it were?” Barry said, focusing his attention on the beautifully tight Blackstar’s ass.
“Based on the naughty look the two gorgeous women just shared, I say you’ve got yourself a deal.” Oliver agreed as he ran his hand down Nora’s curvaceous caramel thighs and the two men shook hands in agreement.
They were positioning themselves up behind the said women in question as Nora and Mia were vastly unconcerned about being swapped between their Daddy’s as their lips were now focusing more on eachother then the men.
It was all about ego this round as they pressed against one another and held, allowing them to get a feel for the other. Mia was the first to open her lips and push her tongue towards Nora’s mouth, and the other girl eagerly accepted.
“I never get tired of seeing that.” Oliver said after the girls stopped their kissing, a good minute after they had started.
“So what do you girls think?” Barry asked.
Unlike his friend, Barry had been playing it fairly conservative with the blonde-haired girl. She had after all, injured Oliver for merely suggesting she was a prostitute, therefore the Star Labs scientist wasn’t overly all ambitious with his hands currently. Not until Mia gave him the all clear. Meanwhile, Oliver displayed no such restraint as he happily felt up Barry’s daughter right in front of him, his hands roamed over Nora’s extremely phat ass then up over her equally impressive titties.
“Sure, whatever, after all,” Mia said lowering her voice a bit, “I’m curious to see what Nora has always idolised about you”. 
Immediately after speaking, hands shot out and encompassed her tits. Though the girl known only as Blackstar to the men had significantly smaller breasts than her friend, Mia was by no means tiny. In fact, they were a solid B cup, which on her waif-thin frame, were made to look quite impressive. 
The blonde still wore her green tank top with the hood running up over her head, not to mention the greasepaint that still covered her face to conceal her identity. However, the archer had no issues with Barry running his long hands under the shirt to grope her naked boobs.
“I wouldn’t recommend being gentle with her.” Oliver advised his friend before leaning forward. 
The lean made the kiss between the two girls deepen, as well as pushed them closer so their tits pressed hard against one another. This offered Oliver the chance to reach over, cock his arm back and then deliver a hard spanking to his daughter’s bare ass, instantly turning the cream-colored skin a bright red.
“Ooof, Bastard.” Mia hissed at her father, whose face was now right in front of her.
“Oh please slut, you love it,” Oliver told his daughter before crudely shoving his tongue down the much younger girl’s throat. “Don’t you?”
“You already had your turn,” Mia answered, smirking towards him, dismissing his advances, focusing back on Barry behind her, “But you…”
Like father like daughter, Oliver started moving his hands back to Nora’s dangerously curvy body. “A more precise touch is needed. You’re not a big whore like your friend, are you?”
“Uh, w-well n-no...sir.” Nora answered as large hands clutched her phat ass.
“Get on the bed.” Oli demanded, steering the caramel-coloured girl towards the makeshift double bed.
“You as well please.” Barry spoke up to the blonde, not quite with the same demener as Oliver had but she complied all the same. 
In a move that surprised everyone, including himself, Barry spun Mia around to face him. The former cage fighter expected the buff scientist to kiss her, as he seemed the affectionate sort, but she got an altogether different sort of bodily exchange. 
Leaning over her, Barry formed a wad of spit in his mouth before shooting it directly onto Mia’s face, with a healthy majority landing in her mouth. Mia was so stunned that she actually swallowed down the saliva and let the nerdy man rub the remainder into her skin before he threw her down on the bed right beside his daughter.
“Hot damn Barry, you know that’s my daughter you just spat on.” Oliver chuckled towards him sarcastically.
“Must have taken after your example,” Mia retorted. “Nora, your dad’s still got some spunk in him, this should be interesting.” she grinned towards the scientist who now had her full attention.
The two girls from the future felt hands on their hips moments before they were dragged backwards so that they were both on their hands and knees. They didn’t need to be told to begin kissing, as the frequent lesbian lovers immediately did so on instinctually anyway. 
As their lips pressed together and tongues wagged against each other’s, their fathers eyed up their new partners. Nora’s thick, wide ass instantly made him reminisce the feeling of a since lost lover that he still couldn’t quite place, with Nora’s being comparable and maybe even surpassing it. For Barry, he was with the queen of backsides, Patty Spivot, but Mia’s was extremely well formed and tight, albeit smaller due to her narrow hips.
“Cheers,” Barry commented to his friend, hand on either of Oliver’s daughter’s cheeks.
Oliver just smiled before burying his face in Barry and Iris’s daughter’s booty.
“Like the view,” Mia asked her uncle Barry from over her shoulder, even going as far as to sway her hips.
Barry didn't answer right away, instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. Without anything to block his view, the Star Labs scientist got to drink in the image her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a bubbly cheek.
Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his first pass, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the muscular scientist repeatedly lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole. Barry didn’t know what it said about him that he loved eating out a woman’s asshole, nor did he care. 
"Oh...sweet Lord, that's good," Mia moaned in response to each of his tongue's lashings.
With the chance of making the angry girl scream out in pleasure, Barry enjoyed the moment. Lick after lick was performed over her asshole. Sometimes he went fast, starting at the lowest point of her crinkled rosebud and swiping to the top, a journey lasting no more than an inch. Other times he went for long, slow licks that incorporated her pussy and ended halfway up her ass crack. Barry also changed his tactic after that, using his hands to pull apart Mia’s fit ass so that a small gape was produced in her poop chute. Narrowing his tongue to a point, the science wizz pushed his tongue as far as it would go inside Mia.
“Oh yes, Uncle Barry! Eat my asshole,” Mia screamed, reaching a hand back to hold his head from ever leaving her booty. 
Despite what many people thought until they actually rimmed someone, eating out a girl’s ass was as erotic as it got. Hence his being with Patty Spivot. He also loved that the slender blonde loved having her asshole eaten out as she moaned louder the deeper or harder his tongue wiggled while buried in her backdoor. He surfaced for air a full minute later, choosing to be a little playful as he bit Mia’s bubbly cheeks while the horny girl kept wiggling and pushing her ass back towards him to get more of his oral assault. 
“Oh God! Oliver!” Nora moaned from directly beside her panting blonde lover from the future. 
“Someone likes a tongue deep in their ass,” Oliver noted before re-inserting said tongue back into the Speedster’s tight booty.
“Did you know...mmmm...that there...uuhhhh...remnant clitoris bundles...ahhhh...found in the anus?” Nora shared between moans.
“Dear God, So much like Barry,” Oliver thought to himself as he continued licking the first two inches of the biracial girl’s bowels.
While Nora was very much a virgin before Barry fucked her earlier, the same could not be said in regards to anal sex. Oliver had pegged Nora as no more than a straightforward muffin muncher earlier, and after seeing the intensity of which she and Mia kissed each other only solidified that assumption. 
Even now, the Speedster was in absolute bliss as she had her asshole rimmed, something she was probably used to having done by the quick-to-anger blonde on the bed beside her.
“Ohh,” Nora moaned as Oliver’s tongue left her asshole uncertain of when it’s return would be.
“Worry not XS, I have something better in mind for you,” Oliver stated matter of factly.
Nora felt the infirmary bed shift beneath and around her as Oliver had climbed up onto the mattress directly behind her. If she hadn’t lost her virginity minutes prior to her own dad then Nora would have been more nervous to be about to get fucked by her brand new uncle. 
Instead, as she felt his bulbous tip rubbing through her pink folds, gathering her dampness, she was only nervous about the fact that a man who had fucked hundreds of women (if not more) was about to have unprotected sex with her.
“Remember babe. Stay nice and relaxed,” Mia comforted her girlfriend. “And rub your clit when you’re ready.”
Nora was so focused on her own situation that she didn’t notice her dad climbing onto the bed behind her gorgeous girlfriend. Instead, Nora stayed focused on Mia’s soft kisses to her neck as Oliver lined his dick up with her pink opening before pushing forward. Though his cock was the stuff of legends, the billionaire playboy went nice and slow, stopping when he had just about half his 10 inches in Nora’s pussy. 
"Uhh," Nora grunted as she became stuffed with cock.
"Such a tight little pussy," Oliver commented, as he began to push into her.
To his delight, the Speedster moaned in agreeance right as he thrust back in. This time though he went further, but was mindful to control how hard he pushed in. Nora kept moaning though, so after thrusting into her cunt a few more times he found he was actually bottoming out completely in the brown-haired girl. 
"Mmph...You're so big too, how can you be this big?" XS managed to get out, as Oliver could imagine the look on her face.
Though the initial penetration wasn't exactly comfortable, it had improved with each and every thrust. Though Nora wasn't particularly experienced with sex, luckily Oliver was something of a connoisseur himself in this particular field, and he was making their little tryst all the better for it. 
He had started slow in her, but never one to let his dick just soak in a beautiful woman. Constant motion was continuously picking up pace between the two now and Oliver pushed in with all of his length before pulling all the way out, making a little popping sound as her folds collapsed back together that Nora found a little more exhilarating with each press. He was surprised to feel his lower abs tapping her excitingly thick rump after one such a short amount of time, but he'd be happier when he was doing it harder.
"So...un...believe...ably...tight," Oliver grunted as his dick repeatedly squeezed into her snatch.
"," Nora moaned in response.
“Motherfracker!” Mia’s grunts shot past her from beside the Speedster.
“You don’t want me to stop, do you? Oliver made it seem like you could handle whatever I threw at you,” Barry Allen asked the tiny blonde.
“Not on your life!” she fired back over her shoulder; Barry was unable to see her eyes through the hood. “A girl just needs more preparation time that’s all, though guys just drilling into my ass balls deep is usually my thing,” the former cage fighter explained. “Especially when your dick is bone dry.”
“Oh...well...sorry if I hurt you,” the normally smart scientist offered in a way of apology.
“Whatever, now frack my ass like you mean it, nerd,” Mia demanded as she waited with 8 inches of cock soaked up her rectum as they conversed.
Finding that last comment derogative, Barry took back control. With two hands now holding onto Mia’s hips to still her motion, the nerdy man pulled all 8 inches from her ass with only his bulbous head holding her anal ring open. He didn’t leave either of them waiting for long as he spiked down into her with something around a medium pace. As his dick continued to slam in and out of her stretched bowels, he knew it was the right approach with the slender girl with three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of her ass at any given second.
“Yes..frack my ass! Deeper! Faster!” Mia begged.
“Man, Future Oliver must have really done a number on you for this to be your preferred method of stimulation,” Barry smirked.
Barry had always embellished himself in the idea of anally fucking women and Mia quite possibly may have been the best yet. An asshole this tight yet resilient enough for her to want him harder? Unbelievable luck that this situation had fallen into his lap. In fact, he was amazed overall at the young girl’s sexual prowess. 
“That’s much better. Now keep fracking me,” Mia purred.
Being in total control and feeling confident she could take anything, Barry smiled in pure elation. The man decided on variety now. The first salvo of thrusts were lightning fast, but they lacked true power in order to rapidly satisfy the blonde. Just as she was getting used to that, Barry bucked his hips forward, going much slower now, but pressing until all 8 inches burrowed in the slender girl’s bubbly ass.
“Jesus frack!” Mia swore as nearly a foot of her bowels were snuggly filled with dick.
The surprisingly muscular scientist grabbed her by her slender hips and used his arms to pull Mia back to meet his faster and harder thrusts. The result was a rippling of her ass every time his pelvis smashed her booty, which was often. After a minute, the nerdy man slowed it down, slowly pushing each inch he possessed into her bowels, which earned him a lustful look over the blonde’s shoulder. 
“What are you!? Don’t stop now!” Mia winced as the man pulled back out of her thoroughly thrashed asshole. 
However, he was merely going for a new hole as he moved down an inch and sheathed himself fully in her sopping wet pussy. Normally Mia would never let a soul go right from her ass into her pussy, but Barry was making an educated guess that her libido levels were far exceeding any rational thinking as pure endorphins were guiding her now. 
Barry also didn’t leave her ass unoccupied for very long as he slammed his thick dick into her snatch, his three digits went right back to her quickly closing hole as he planted his fingers deep inside her poop-chute.
As warm and wet as her cunt felt, Barry was more interested in her asshole. Pulling out with his cock lubed in her natural fluids, his dick slid home into her booty once again with no issues at all. Within a stroke his entire length was flying into Mia’s ass as he used her anal ring to both their pleasure. Mia wasn’t proud to admit it to others, but when he grabbed her hips and slammed his dick into her ass with reckless abandonment, Mia moaned and screamed in utter delight.
“You know seeing you get assfucked by another man is quite a sight to behold,” Oliver commented, slowing his own thrusting down until he pulled free of Nora’s wet pussy.
“Oh? Simping for round two with me already Daddy?” Mia asked with lust twinkling in her eyes and a smirk on her face. 
“Bitch,” Oliver smirked himself with a strange iota of pride in his remark. “We wouldn't wanna break your fine little backside too soon now would we.” Oliver let say from his higher vantage point. “Besides, I’m more focused on breaking your little friend here right in front of you. He finished with a wink.
“Who’re you calling little?” Nora tried to sound as confidently as the two rivalling blondes but it came off more nervously than anything else.
“Your quivering,” Oliver said, his attention now turned back to Nora who lay in the most inviting stretched out position with his bulbous tip now rubbing against her asshole.
“Wait!” Mia addressed her dad before looking over her shoulder back at Barry. “Hey, pull out before I snap it off.”
Despite having been dominating the slender blonde for the past several minutes, Barry obliged and pulled out of her asshole. Before she moved free, the Star Labs man was able to observe the absolutely massive gape that Blackstar sporting unknowingly. Despite being all of 100 pounds of soaking wet beauty, Mia Smoak had a diameter of her rectum that would put most career pornstars to shame. Then again, her ass had been throttled for damn-near an hour by now for sure, first by Oliver and his monstrous horse sized cock, followed by Barry and his impressive member.
“Mia?” Nora asked as the blonde used her temporary speed powers to zoom from being on her hands and knees beside Nora to being flat on her back with her face looking up at the trimmed bush of Nora’s snatch.
“A girl could get used to these powers,” Mia quipped from between her lover’s thighs as Oliver grinned wickedly.
The look of extreme worry was clear on Nora’s face, especially as she felt Oliver’s cock not only contact against her tight anal ring, but actually start to press in. However, those nerves were soon replaced with a wave of pleasure as her lesbian lover used her new speed powers to good effect. Leaning her blonde head off the mattress, Mia darted her tongue a million miles an hour against the biracial Speedster’s clit. Mia waited until she saw Oliver’s dickhead finally breach Nora’s sphincter, at which point the archer sent a volt of electricity through her tongue and against the sensitive nub at the tip of her lover’s pussy.
“Ohhhhh AAHHHHHHH,” Nora’s entire posture changed as she screamed in pure pleasure.
She was amazed that not only did she lose her virginity to her dad today, but now was losing her anal virginity to her long-estranged uncle Oliver only a short time later. What amazed her more was the fact it didn’t really hurt like she thought it would. Sure, there was the odd bout of discomfort, but it was short lived and few-and-far between. A good deal of credit had to go to Mia who was diligently working over her pussy with her main focus continuing to be her tongue against Nora’s clit. 
“Oh God!” Oliver hissed through clenched teeth. “No offense, blondie but your friend's pillowy ass here may give you a run for your money.”
Oliver was not using all 10 inches of his massive dick like he had done with Mia earlier in the night. That would have been far too much for the curvy Speedster to handle on her first bout. However, the 5 inches he was using to sodomize Nora was speeding in and out of the girl from the future. After all, his daughter wasn’t the only one who was taking advantage of the speed formula coursing through his veins. 
“Yes! Oh God,” Nora moaned.
“Describe the experience,” Barry asked his daughter, ever the scientist, observing and waiting for his time to jump back into the fray.
“Fraaaaaack! Never felt anything so schway as this, Oh god Daddy!” Nora said with closed eyes.
In truth, Barry was just fine being a voyeur for the moment as he had come dangerously close to blowing his load when he was assfucking Mia with that lightning fast approach. However, he wasn’t able to calm all the way down, not while watching the caramel-skinned goddess get sodomized by the muscular billionaire. And that was occurring as the stunning blonde was underneath XS, munching her pussy with something like glee on her grease painted face.
“Good girl…taking that cock so well,” Oliver congratulated as he began working up a light sweat.
“Mmmm yeah, such a good girl,” Mia agreed, reaching up to slap her friend’s thick ass.
“Open your mouth wide,” Oliver ordered his daughter.
If Mia wasn’t so lost in the moment, she would have hated the fact that she listened so obediently to this man who should have no control over her actions. However, right now she was his good little girl and did as Daddy asked by pulling her tongue away from Nora’s pussy and tilting her head so Oliver could see her open gullet. Nora felt at a loss as first her lover’s tongue pulled from her snatch and now the dick that was making itself home in her phat ass was withdrawn as well. 
“Wait! Mia! Are you going to…” Nora started to ask before being stunned into silence.
Hanging her head low and looking down the valley her impressive tits made, Nora watched as her lesbian lover allowed her father to slid his dick, which had just been fucking Nora’s asshole for the past 10 minutes to be inserted into her mouth. Even more surprising than Mia actually consenting to such a filthy act was the look of lust on the blonde’s face as she tasted Nora’s asshole on her tongue. 
“Your ass tastes so yummy,” Mia moaned after another few thrusts of Oliver’s dick into her waiting mouth.
“But that must shrap,” Nora stammered, so amazed that she didn’t even realize Oliver’s thumb was in her ass, keeping it loose for more attention soon.
If Mia at all cared about the degrading sex act of sucking on her dad’s dick straight from her lesbian lover’s asshole, then there were no signs of it on her face. Over and over Mia would bob her head along Oliver’s massive dick, or she’d pull it out and use her tongue to lick up and down the sides of his member. 
“Can’t take it any longer,” Barry commented, more for his own ears as the other three members of the group sex were not paying attention. 
Just like Mia had done earlier, Barry zoomed to the other side of the bed with his newly acquired speed until he was on his feet with the other three members of the orgy in front of him. His dick was still rock hard and aching to be stuffed into someone, and luckily, he had a vast array of choices in front of him.
Of course, Mia was distracted since Oliver was using his spit-covered cock to fuck XS’s ass again, which was fine by Barry. With his dick in hand, Barry stepped between Mia’s creamy thighs before reacquainting his manhood with her asshole, as she continued eating out Nora.
"Yeah...just like that," Mia cooed as her ass was suddenly filled with 8 inches of cock again. "I like that."
"Yeah you like my big cock in your tiny asshole don’t you," Barry asked as he started fucking her booty faster by the second.
"Mmmm yeah I really do," Blackstar answered honestly before her mouth went back to munching her lesbian lover. 
As Barry resumed fucking Mia’s ass, albeit as the blonde was flat on her back, Oliver was doing likewise with Nora’s thick ass. He was still not going full depth since her newly devirginized asshole wasn’t up for that...yet. However, he couldn’t help but appreciate how her anal ring was at the perfect level of being loose enough to fuck with a lot of speed, but tight enough where it hugged his dick extremely pleasurably. 
“You’,” Oliver warned the curvy girl.
“So schway!” the little fangirl giggled, proud that her ass could make the legendary playboy Oliver Queen orgasm.
“Give me your cum again, Daddy,” Mia begged, opening her mouth wide, all while Barry fucked her asshole with savagery.
“Not yet,” Oliver answered, a wicked smile appearing on his grimacing face.
Oliver knew he had passed the point of no return so he didn’t try to hold out any longer. Instead, he sped up his thrusts for a half-dozen seconds until he felt his balls start to deploy his load, at which time his thrusting slowed and his hips pushed up into the thick girl’s ass, creating a seal of his entire length in her. Before Nora could perceive, blast after blast of warm semen erupted half-a-foot deep into her rectum, making the biracial Speedster giggle and moan from the sensation as he completely filled her backdoor in each and every crevice she never even knew she had. Once done, Oliver pulled out most of the way until only his tip remained in Nora’s asshole, forming a makeshift plug, at which point he stroked his shaft to make sure every last drop was deposited inside the girl’s bowels.
“Open,” Oliver directed to Mia. 
When Blackstar’s lips parted, Oliver reached down and positioned the blonde’s beautiful face so that her mouth was directly under Nora’s asshole. At this point, the billionaire pulled out of Barry’s daughter and watched as a thick glob of his cum leaked out of the freshly fucked ass and dropped right down onto his own daughter. His setup was a little off as the first glob of cum splashed onto Mia’s gorgeous face, but he was pleased when the former cage fighter actually scooped the cum from her cheek and into her mouth. 
“Push now,” Oliver instructed Nora.
Nora wasn’t sure about this but she did as her uncle demanded. Pushing out like she was asked, Nora felt the barely contained warm semen quickly sliding through her and within a second, cum started to drip from her hole and plaster Mia’s entire face! The blonde allowed her mouth to become partially filled before she simply licked up all the jizz that was decorating Nora’s exhausted sphincter.
“That was…” Nora started to speak before being cut off by her dad.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Barry groaned, his face grimacing as he bit his bottom lip.
“Wooo, Daddy gonna cum for us?” Nora asked, eyes lighting up with anticipation, knowing that tone and facial expression well. 
“Mia’s asshole milking you of your cum?”
“Yeah...yeah...yeah,” the scientist croaked, lost in pleasure.
“Please Daddy. Give me your cum,” his daughter begged.
Barry couldn’t hold out any longer. Already he had surpassed his expectations about fucking for this long, especially with a pair of girls as gorgeous as Blackstar and XS. Just as Nora begged for his cum, Barry pulled his 8-inch dick from Mia’s asshole and barely had time to stroke it before he erupted. The first squirt took Nora on the left side of her face, splashing both above and below her domino mask. The second shot was wild, going more on her wavy brown hair than anywhere on her face. He somewhat course corrected, getting his third squirt onto her forehead and adorable nose before the rest of his jizz was directed into Nora’s eager mouth. 
Feeling his dick getting closer, Nora ignored the sensible part of her brain that screamed of where the dick had just come from. The speedster let her lust drive her as she leaned her head forward until her amazingly plump lips wrapped around her dad’s cock, which was seconds before nearly a foot deep in Mia Smoak’s asshole. Whether it was the occasion or the semen on her tongue, but Nora was pleasantly surprised to find that she didn’t mind the taste of a dick straight from an asshole, so the caramel-skinned Speedster licked and sucked to thoroughly clean her dad’s dick right up.
*    *    *
1 hour later in relative time
*    *    *
“No no no no!” Oliver cried out in anger, as he felt his body being dragged back to a normal speed, as the effects of the Velocity-68 started to wear off, and before long he and Barry were completely drained of both seed and speed, as both men had reached their limits. 
“Hmm oh dear, it seems the effects of the serum don’t last as long on males as it does females, especially given the fact the effects of the serum were only ever meant to be temporary to begin, and only can be used on a person once, but.” Barry said gesturing to Mia.
The girl in question, however, still had enough charge to keep going, and not wanting this fun to end, as a rush of adrenaline hit Nora as he came up with the most genius idea.
*    *    *
1 minute later
*    *    *
“Are you sure about this?” Mia asked her friend, feeling very unprepared after hearing her proposal.
“Course I am! It’s so simple, you're gonna love it.” She said, not even hesitating for a moment.
“Well? Spit it out bish? Mia said in a questionably enthused manner. 
“Temporal regression! Basically I’ll reverse time around myself while running, and while I remain completely unaffected, all I’d need to do is take you with me, run back an hour to the second after our dad’s injected themselves with the Velocity serum, and that way, they’ll both be able to do us again fully charged up! It’s so obvious I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier!”
“Yeah, so obvious,” Mia said sarcastically as she lined up next to Nora and took a runner's start beside her.
“Ready?” Nora said keenly to her frackbuddy.
“As I’ll ever be…” Mia said, taking her hand.
“Then run, Mia, RUN!” 
As the two zipped off the starting position, they ran circles around the medical bay they had spent the better part of forever in as they overserved their dad’s moving backwards, the way a film would when you hit rewind.
“Now!” Nora shouted as Mia stopped running at the exact moment Nora predicted, catching the tail end of a buzz like that, a voice could be heard.
“Extraordinary!” Barry cheered, “It worked! It really worked!” He said with a large grin on his face that couldn’t be helped as his gaze drifted around the room. “And it appears that people from a different timeline seem to gain different colours instead of the blue we are accustomed to seeing, and your arm! Oliver, you're leaning on your arm! All good as new!” “Barry?...Interdimensional hotties?” Oliver said dryly, reminding him it wasn't time to be fascinated by his own achievements and to just enjoy the moment.
“Right, right , sorry, got a little carried away there.” He said looking downwards. “What do you say then man, time for a little partner change, a little daughter swap as it were?” Barry said, focusing his attention on the beautifully tight Blackstar’s ass. 
“Whoa! Deja vu,” Nora commented, smiling like a crazy person that her experiment worked.
“Hmm, interesting, Nora,” Mia said to grab the attention of her friend, as a naughty glint and lightning bolt in her eyes sparked.
“The cum in my ass, it's gone.” She said, still smiling.
“Perfect!, just as I suspected!” She said elated. “When you turn back time around yourself, any organic properties are not returned with you!”
“Meaning we can do this as many times as we want and not like, ya know, worry about getting pregnant or have our bellies explode from all the cum we may endure.” Nora said, winking at her friend.
“That so? Well then, how about we just go with the flow then labcoat aye?” She said turning her attention away from Nora and up to Barry.
“I’m normally more of a planner but I believe I could get on board with that,” Barry replied, his eyes roaming from the slender blonde to the curvy Speedster.
“I think what my brainiac friend here is trying to say is, we’d be happy to take turns fucking both you exquisite individuals,” Oliver added.
“Such a way with words,” Mia critiqued her father.
“I wanna get more experience know...deepthroating,” Nora quietly whispered to her friend. “I wanna be more like you.”
“Well then. Let’s get you more bobbing experience from the hands...and cock...of a professional,” Mia agreed, looking at her dear ol’ dad.
The scene started out much the same way as last time with the girls getting to make out while their dad’s performed a daughter swap so Oliver ate Nora’s ass while Barry rimmed Mia’s. After the same set up of Nora getting her pussy fucked until she came, at which point Oliver have gotten ready to take what would have been her anal virginity for the first time technically.
“Lay back,” Blackstar told her dad. “I think my friend wants to blow you this time.”
‘This time?’ Oliver pondered what that meant.
As the billionaire flipped onto his back, Mia explained to Barry just to watch the show for a few minutes. Blackstar was quicker to get to her father and soon had Oliver back around her lips and completely down her throat. She had resorted to her deep-throating ability, which was having the added effect of making Nora impressed as she watched.
"Wow...just wow," the caramel-skinned Speedster commented as Mia had successfully choked down his entire cock into her throat once more.
As the tiny blonde pulled back from his cock, she left a copious amount of her spit behind on his rod and offered it back to her friend. Nora took the prize without waiting, wrapping her lips back around Oliver and bobbing down half his length. However as she tried to pull back she found her way blocked by Mia’s hand on her head, encouraging her to take more manhood inside her mouth.
She knew she couldn't deep-throat, not like the archer could anyway, but Nora trusted her friend, plus she was always game for a challenge. Wiggling her head side-to-side, the Speedster accomplished fitting a little more of his dick inside her, holding Oliver in her mouth until she needed air. This time Mia consented to let her up but now Nora had her own saliva dripping down onto her chin and large, pillowy tits.
"That's it, slobber all over his dick," Mia encouraged.
Nora was doing exactly that. Pushing her head further down on his cock, she felt her gag reflex kick in, causing her core to flex and back to hunch out of habit. She pulled back but left another few thick strands of her spit behind, connecting his pole and her lips. Mia still had her hand on the back of the brunette’s head so Nora went back down, coughed up more spit as Oliver hit the back of her throat then did it all over again.
"Oh my God," Nora breathed in. "That is so much cock."
"It's really sexy watching you drool all over him," Mia agreed, kissing the other girl in as sloppy of a make out session as it got. 
“That should be enough spit to help you take it in the ass,” Oliver commented. 
“Ready to feel my Daddy’s big cock back in your ass?” Mia asked, holding Oliver’s cock straight up as Nora straddled his hips, her thick booty facing the lucky man.
“Yes. Please frack my ass,” Nora agreed, lowering until she felt his slick tip press against her asshole.
The feel of a cock pressing against her asshole made the big breasted brunette do her best breathing exercises to relax herself. Focusing herself almost instantly, Nora pressed her butt lower down until she felt the familiar bee sting sensation that signalled her asshole being widened to accept a cock, even one as large as Mia’s dad’s.
“Oh my God!” Nora screamed while Oliver’s deeper voice echoed much the same sentiment. 
Oliver wasted no time thrusting his hips skyward, albeit at a slower and smoother rate to allow the brunette some time to adapt. Of course, since it was only the girls who travelled backwards in time, Oliver didn’t know that Nora’s asshole was slightly looser and better prepared to accept his cock then it was an hour ago. It was still extremely tight however the oral attention earlier made the passage in and out of her butthole easy enough.
“Damn that’s hot,” Barry Allen chimed from half a dozen feet away, stroking his cock.
Mia wasn’t simply sitting back on her heels and viewing her friend getting sodomized by her father. She understood that anal could be a painful proposition, even though Nora was showing no ill effects, not with the way she was moaning and screaming. However, Mia sought to help her even more by using her fingers to press and rub against the clit, drawing louder screams still from the dark-haired Speedster.
“Rubbing your clit makes that dick feel even better as it stretches your ass,” Mia asked while her hand twirled faster as she dipped into her super speed. 
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Nora agreed before howling in another scream as Mia pressed two fingers deep in her snatch, doubling her pleasure as both holes were filled.
Mia began fucking her friend with not only her entire length of fingers but faster. She ended up being the pace bunny for Oliver, as he matched her thrusting so that he was pushing his dick with more speed as well. Nora was well loosened up by this point due to the stretching factor and also because she was distracted by pleasure. In fact, she appreciated as Mia leant down and spat right onto Oliver’s pistoning cock, coating his shaft in more lubricating and aiding his passage into her backdoor.
“You got it from here so I can go do some naughty things you dad now?” Mia asked her friend, almost jokingly.  
“Mmm yeah, I got it from here,” Nora agreed before dropping her voice so only Mia could hear. “Go give my dad a good bonking.”
“God! We are so fracked up,” Mia mused before looking over at Barry. “Come on then lab-coat, My pussy isn’t going to fuck itself.”
Barry was more than eager for this as he was immediately behind the blonde as she jumped back up onto the bed. With his feet planted on the floor, the nerdy man had one hand holding Mia’s slender hips steady while his other hand directed his cock forward. Once his tip was against her folds, it took only minimal forward pressure to bury half of his 8-inch cock into Mia’s baby maker, all without the blonde grimacing at all. In fact, the former cage fighter tossed her head back and moaned as her pussy was split open with Barry Allen’s dick!
“Yes! Frack me! Frack me with that big dick! Right in my slutty snatch!” Mia very vocally encouraged.
The manner of their second foursome continued in this manner for only a short while longer, though none of the group was paying attention to time whatsoever. They were all lost in the passion and pleasure that was being generated in the middle of the infirmary beds as the two gorgeous girls from the future were sodomized by the other girl’s father.
“Oh shit I need to cum right now,” Oliver eventually shouted.
“Me…ahhhh…too,” Barry agreed, barely a second after his friend’s declaration.
Though it pained him, Barry knew it was time to pull out of the petite girl’s pussy. He still didn’t understand how a girl that thin could have a downstairs that was inviting but he had more pressing matters to attend to at the current moment. He withdrew altogether from Mia’s sweet slit, looking at the small hole staying gaping open and stepped back far enough so that the horny blonde could slink off the infirmary bed and kneel on the ground facing him.
Meanwhile as Oliver was getting up to his feet from the bed next to Barry and his daughter, Nora had slid into position on the floor so she too was kneeling right behind her best friend. The girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before engulfing the others poles of origin into their mouths again and gave each a deep long suck in preparation of what was to come as their dads pushed into their mouths, the backs of their heads were pressed against each other, they had never looked like bigger sluts than in that moment.
Somehow in the hurry to get on the floor in front of them the girls had traded spaces. Mia was now sucking off Oliver, but he didn’t much care which of the attractive women currently was nomming on his pole, he just needed to cum and he wanted to do it in one of their mouths. Since his own daughter was now the closest girl to him, Oli leaned forward and pushed untold inches of his dick into her mouth. No sooner had her lips opened from around his end from the insane gagging feeling Mia was experiencing, his tip had begun to shoot his hot load directly down her throat.
“FUCK ME!” Oliver bellowed, grabbing his little girl's head with both hands and heaved his cock firmly down her gullet.
“Guuuuglruuugh…hrummmmph!” Mia gurgled as tears formed in her eyes from the intense pressure.
With Mia collecting Oliver’s spunk right behind her own head, Nora swiftly turned her full attention to her own father but she miss-timed her bobs and his cock popped out of her lips with an audible sticking noise. Rather than try and remedy this situation, the nerdy man who had been backdoor fucking Mia Smoak all evening exploded all over Nora’s face with white streams of cum now coating her caramel-coloured skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, Barry collapsed backwards down onto the bed, absolutely exhausted.
“Wow…so how’d you go Blackstar…Blackstar?” Nora asked as she noticed her gorgeous blonde friend raising high up on her knees and bundling her golden hair in her hands. 
Based on the fact that Mia had a largely absorptive mouth & throatful of her Daddy’s cum in her mouth made speaking impossible. Instead, Mia rose high up on her knees until she stood above Nora’s curvy form before she started to lean her face over her. 
“What are you…”
The gorgeous Blackstar seized the chance now that Nora’s mouth was open. Mia pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Nora was just as exhausted as her dad was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize Nora once again. However, Mia wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Nora mimicked the archer’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did the sexy blonde shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz from Oliver Queen.
“Mmhm!…ughhh, Mmmmphmm,” Nora grunted in surprise as the salty liquid slid and oozed into her mouth.
The bi-curious girl's first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she quickly suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful brunette steadied herself, remembered her father’s advice about breathing, and regaining her composure then fixed her eyes over at their watching fathers. They were both exhausted after being put through their paces by the two energetic lovers, but both Oliver and Barry still had their eyes open and were watching for how Nora handled Mia snowballing the cum into her mouth.
“Mmm, now that’s what I call a flavourful kiss,” Nora said after she swallowed down Oliver’s cum.
“Oh my god Nora you are so lucky I love you,” Mia said, rolling her eyes as she drew a little heart on Nora cheek out of her own fathers cum.
“We need to freshen up, be right back,” Mia said to the boys before she and Nora walked towards the washroom. Once out of their earshot, Mia tentatively grabbed Nora’s hand and smiled at her that same, strange out of character smile she had back when she’d first tied Nora up with the net, and merely said, “Wanna go again?”
“Again? You’re an animal, Mia!”
“Rawr!” she playfully growled to Nora and teased with the most adorable little tone and head tilt Nora had ever seen anyone do, “Last one there’s gotta take both cocks up the ass!” and she zipped off to create the same green lightning circle that had brought them back previously.
“H-hey! No fair! You’d like that way too much!” and Nora too immediately zipped off to join her friend, adding purple and red to the already rapidly growing Christmas coloured tornado of lightning.
*    *    *
The girls went back time and time again, each time retaining the memories and skills they had acquired during previous sex sessions. Though riveting as it was for Mia to get to try out almost every sexual desire she had ever wanted to with a man, be it rough or soft, embarrassing or prideful, it was Nora who benefited the most from the practice since she had started the day as a virgin and by now had under her belt the extensive experiences of a lifelong professional courtesan who’d been fucking for their entire life.
Once more, it started out very much in the same fashion with the guys going down on the other’s daughter. After they had had their pussies and assholes eaten out to their content, the girls swapped around and blew their own dad, getting their dicks nice and wet for whatever taboo pleasure they could come up with next, nothing was off limits. 
This particular go, they paired back up with their original partners on top of the bed with Oliver mounted above Nora and pounding down into her tight pussy while Mia rode the hot nerd in her ass, getting herself properly prepared for what was to come.
“Mmm! Daddy! I have an opening that needs filling,” Mia said to Oliver.
“Are you talking about being double dicked?” the billionaire asked. “Because you might be hot as hell and slutty to boot, but you’re also only 100 pounds and likely to tear in half.”
“Wouldn’t be my first time tonight…” she whispered to herself. “Well then, why don’t you come see how much I can handle then,” Mia scowled at her dad for not believing in her abilities.
“Your funeral,” Oliver muttered under his breath before exercising his newly given speedster abilities to go from being on top of Nora to now kneeling behind Mia.
As Oliver finished getting into position, Barry gave Mia’s ass a few last thrusts, at which point the nerdy man withdrew from the slender blonde’s ass and slipped directly into her pussy. 
“Just stay relaxed,” Oliver offered some helpful advice to his daughter.
“I’m ready. Do it,” Mia replied, smiling over her shoulder at the billionaire.
Despite her confidence, Mia had never done a traditional double penetration in her young life before tonight. She had both holes stuffed at the same time, but always only one, not two cocks in two separate holes at the same time. However, with the speed formula coursing through her veins, she was feeling on fire and free. Not only that, but each successive time they went back in time, Mia felt re-energized and only got stronger. Therefore, the slender archer sat fully down on Barry’s lap, taking all 8 inches into her womb as Oliver placed his cock against her backdoor and pushed until he breached her entrance.
“Oh sweet mother of mercy!” Mia groaned.
“Damn, no matter how many times I see it, it never gets any less schway!” Nora commented excitedly, kissing Mia’s cheek in the process.
“Mmm yeah! DP’s never get boring!” Mia replied, closing her eyes as both dads continued to stretch her out.
Oliver was experienced enough to know when a girl could handle herself and when she needed to adapt over more time. Mia was the latter. Despite handling herself well so far, having a thin but athletic body type made Oliver take things slow, despite the fact that all 10 inches of his cock were already buried in her asshole. Using only half his length, Oliver went slow and steady as he sodomized the tiny blonde. Meanwhile, Barry was doing likewise, rocking his hips up off the bed and only using half his length at a speed that matched Oliver’s.
“Ohhh….mmmm….oohhhhh,” she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.
“That’s it. I’m gonna go a little deeper this time,” Oliver said as he gripped her hips and eased more of himself into her backdoor.
As Oliver started to go faster, with Barry continuing to match his pace, the result was Mia being in pure bliss as she was double penetrated. She felt so unbelievably full on a visceral level that words could never express. The whole encounter of being taken so badly by two men, and being able to please them simultaneously, really turned her on. Then there was the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal canals, which was successfully driving her mad with pleasure.
“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “I love having two cocks inside me. Fracking me at the same time.”
The two men smiled as they worked in unison while Nora watched the action and rubbed herself throughout. Barry wasn’t able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still managing to push his entire length upwards to be sheathed completely in her wet inferno Mia called her pussy. Oliver, on the other hand, continued to get a little faster and use more of his length, timing their rhythms so that every time Barry pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.
“Shit…you’re fantastic,” the billionaire grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.
“Awww...thanks Daddy,” Mia replied with genuine sincerity.
“So damn hot,” Barry groaned as the tiny blonde was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock.
“Honestly I don’t know why I don't do this more often,” Mia blurted out sincerely.
Initially they didn’t want to throw too much at Mia, but she was doing exceptionally well so they started to remove those safeguards. With each passing minute, Mia was demanding more, first through body language and then with her voice.
“Yes! Please…frack me. Harder, faster!” the beautiful archer encouraged, this time louder, more urgently. “Come on frack me, frack me, frack me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”
“We really found a sex freak,” Barry groaned while wildly thrusting upwards into her pussy. “And I mean that in the best possible way.”
They continued on like this for another few minutes but that was when Mia creamed all over Barry’s lengthy cock. The men were more than happy to slow things down and not pump as hard into her thin body as they realized their own orgasms wouldn’t be too far behind. Normally they would have embraced that, but Mia Smoak was all kinds of hot and filthy and they planned on taking advantage for as long as they could.
Mia must have blacked out like when she came earlier in the night, for how long she was uncertain but she doubted any more than a minute. However, several things are different now. For one, her muscles throughout her toned body felt as if they hadn’t ever known tension from the massive orgasm that washed over her not long ago. Secondly, rather than being face down looking into Barry’s pecs, the slender blonde was rotated so she was gazing up at the ceiling with the men having flipped her over so Barry was now thrusting up into her once tight ass while her more muscular dad was ploughing her pussy. Not only that, but now Nora had her tongue down her throat and three sets of hands were on her amazing perky tits.
“Yes…this feels so good,” Mia groaned as her body was intimately used by the two men. 
“Oh damn! incredible,” Barry grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.
“Agreed,” Oliver groaned.
With her orgasm and its mind-clouding effects over, Mia was back to helping the men skewer her with their cocks by rocking back against them. Being the meat in their muscular sandwich didn’t allow the beautiful archer much movement but she refused to be a passive fuck doll. Mia also noted that both of their voices were much more ragged and exhausted then they had been prior to her gigantic orgasm.
“Harder. Frack me harder,” Mia encouraged, guessing that the men were close.
The tiny blonde immediately felt both her guests answer her call. Oliver’s hands reached down to grab her waist so that he could pull Mia back with greater force as he spiked his thick cock into her cunt. Meanwhile Barry had a similar thought of dragging her curvy body downward to match his upward thrust into her snug ass but only with his hands gripping her perky tits to accomplish that goal.
Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between Mia’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the tiny blonde’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past little while as they fucked her at the same time. And now at the tiny girl’s request they had ramped up their thrusting to unsustainable levels, especially after they had been using her for the past 45 minutes.
“Guys! Gonna cum,” Barry warned.
“Me and you both, buddy,” Oliver added, though neither were slowing down.
“Cum in her,” Nora spoke up. “It’ll be so fracking schway!”
“Yes! Fill my tight little pussy with your seed, Daddy!” Mia instantly shouted.
Just as they had been fucking her in tune with one another, both men came within moments of each other. Mia felt Barry pull down on her hips before she felt the warm blast of his cum splashing against her inner rectal walls, making her shudder in pleasure. A moment later and it was Oliver’s turn, who after a final grunt, gave in and Mia felt the warm flow of his jizz plaster her womb. Back and forth they went, a splash in the ass followed by a warm spray in her snatch until both men finally ran dry. 
“Ohhhh God! So much cum in all my holes,” Mia shuddered in pleasure, loving the feel of their warm semen inside her. “So amazing.”
“Tick tock if we are doing this again,” Nora lent in to whisper in Mia’s ear, snapping the cage fighter back to reality.
“Frack yes we are,” the terrifying blonde replied with a wicked smile.
*    *    *
8:43 pm – 12 hours and 17 minutes until presentation.
*    *    *
Finally, as they all lay there, passed out in the cum soaked sheets of the lab beds with both girls resting on top of their Daddy’s they all started to come back to relative speed, as the V-68 began to leave their systems Barry, Oliver, Nora, and Mia began to breathe a sigh of relief as they all allowed a feeling of satisfactory bliss wash over them.
“N-now that, Was a fascinating experiment.” Barry stopped to take a breath from sheer exhaustion.
As he said it, Mia and Nora both looked at each other giggling, “Déjà vu,” Mia said to Nora.
“Right?” Mia replied in a light-hearted spirit, “Like we haven’t heard that one tonight.”
“How long have we been going at it?” Oliver asked anyone who could answer.
“Who knows?” Barry said, “It’s only been an hour, so who has any conceivable idea how long that is in speedster time?”
“Then lowball it for me,” Oliver quipped.
“Well, if I had to guess, we could have been fucking for anywhere between a week to maybe a month in our perceived time!” Barry said, trying to work out the relativity of time as he often did.
“How many times did we travel back?” Mia asked Nora.
“Hmm, I’m not exactly sure, I lost count after 52,” Nora said, giggling again.
“52 times!? You mean we fracked our dad’s more than 52 times repeatedly over and over and over again all in one hour!?, sheesh, I’m definitely going to need some kind of family therapy after this,” Mia said laying back on the bed, finally getting a moment to rest her tattered body.
“Oh, come on, you know you enjoyed it,'' Nora said, flashing her trademark cute little grin at Mia, who smiled a little back.
“Well, I mean it wasn’t all bad I suppose,'' Mia said, closing her eyes, but as she did, the reality of what she had just done started to make her lock up with guilt and disgust.
“Ready to go again?” Nora said with an open-mouthed smile, but just as she did, her gauntlet began to glow with a notification, activating it, she saw a small blue computer-generated hologram head pop up.
“Good evening Nora West-Allen, I have run a full diagnostic reboot as per your request and am now back to full functioning capacity, also I have updated all my systems to acclimate for the new temporal distortion.” the voice spoke in an auto-generated tone.
“Gideon! Hi Right! I completely forgot I told you to do that, good to see you’re back in working order, I have so many questions, but first of all, where are we?” Nora requested of the A.I.
“Your current geo-position marks you in: Star Labs, Starling Central National City, Earth designation: Earth 69, year 2023, Post Crisis.
“Wait what!? You mean we’re not just in the past? But we’re on a totally different EARTH!? And the Crisis…already happened?”
“That is correct, after extensive analysis, it appears that on this new earth, Central City, Starling City and National City have merged into one super metropolis, I was able to detect 3.725 trillion changes to reality as a result of the accelerated Crisis event, on the 10th December, 2019, would you like me to go over them for you now?” Gideon asked politely.
“N-no thank you, Gideon, just break down the ten most relevant changes made to this earth we are in now,” Nora ordered, looking visually uneasy at this development.
“Certainly, isolating now,” processing noises could be heard to all four people laying on the sheets, “But I must inform you of a rather urgent development caused by your 52 temporal distortions that were created as a result through you’re incestial fornications with this earth’s Barry Allen.” Nora’s blood ran cold as Gideon responded.
“Wait…What? Incestial Fornication? And…did she just call you West…Allen?” he asked suddenly anxious, starting to put the pieces together.
“Good morning Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, Husband of Iris West-Allen and Father to Nora West-Allen also known as XS.”
Barry looked at Nora stunned at what this revelation meant.
Ok look, don’t freak out…I can explain…” Nora's voice shrank away.
*    *    *
2 hours and 32 minutes earlier 
*    *    *
A man standing stiffly at the window of his office looks down at the street below him, his face is obstructed by the shadows of the dim lights in the room as a door can be heard opening behind him.
“Is the moment finally upon us, sir?” His head turns fractionally as a woman’s voice carries towards him from behind.
He did not say anything immediately, and after a few seconds merely utters: “Come see for yourself,” in some kind of foreign accent.
As she paces closer to him, she is revealed to be wearing a kind of black leather business dress, cut off right below her waistline allowing her stocky shaven legs to shine brightly in what little light was available, she held a black and grey tablet of some description close to her chest as her face too is obstructed in shadow, out of view.
As she approached his side, her tablet spikes, showing a line graph with the word, Tachyon Anomaly Detected, flashing in red words at its top, looking downwards to the same street spot the man beside her was, she witnessed a blur of red and purple lightning streak out of a crimson void at blinding speeds followed by a large clear spherical object, coated in the same lightning.
“At last…” Her voice picked up a little from her previous monotone.
“Just as you predicted, my dear.” The man next to her said ominously.
“Now the fun can truly begin, hehehehe.” she said as she let out a low, sadistic chuckle.
“Is everything ready?”
“Yes sir, everything is ready just as you asked for…”
“Good, then let us see how the dominos fall this time, have everyone ready to play their parts.” The man ordered and turned to leave.
“I have a meeting to attend…” 

Next Chapter: A Periodic Table for…3?

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