Talent Poaching

BY : DrDalek
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Note: This story takes place in the ‘USS Kelvin timeline’ of the JJ Abrams Star Trek Movies and has a few of my own ideas mixed in as well.

Ever since the Ferengi first encountered them on Jolus Minor, the Federation was something they didn’t quite know what to make of. Its values flew in the face of nearly everything they held dear. Their disinterest in capitalism was simply one of two big shocks. How could a civilization have such disregard for profit, the sanctity of the free market? The second was that there were no prohibitions on females serving in the Federation’s Starfleet. They could choose any career path they wished, they were highly trained and many became distinguished in their respective fields. To say nothing of the fact that they wore clothes.


Females of so many different species served in Starfleet. Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Orians and Ciatians just to name a few. Their looks alone made them coveted but their knowledge made them even more valuable. 


They were more than just pretty faces, they were intelligent, talented, and highly trained. Beauty and brains all in one mouth watering package. The businessman with just one of them assisting him in his ventures would be the envy of his peers.


From the Ferengi’s perspective, it all made sense. Even if the Federation didn’t have the same views on economics that they did, they still saw the Federation as a competitor. After all, there was no Rule of Acquisition that said you couldn’t snap up some of your competitor’s employees. 


But therein lay the problem. How to pitch the idea to them. This challenge was only further compounded by the fact that word of how the Ferengi bothered women of other species spread quickly throughout the service. How did you recruit them? How were you supposed to convince them to leave Starfleet, convince them that using their skills for the benefit of the Ferengi would be much more fulfilling? How did you get them to understand that they could have a more rewarding, hedonistic lifestyle if they embraced the thirst for profit and dedicated themselves to the greater glory of serving the Ferengi Alliance?


One enterprising Ferengi scientist had an answer to this exact question, and his approach was as unconventional as it was effective?


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