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Sonya might not have entirely happy with this new job, but she couldn't entirely disagree with the logic of it. The sudden death of Her Majesty and the destruction of the Charon were tremendous blows to the empire. The loss of Captain Killy only made things worse, leaving the Terran Starfleet without one of its most capable officers. They lost a good chunk of their best officers in a worryingly short amount of time. It was going to take years for them to recover and their new emperor has only just taken the throne. There were so many positions that needed filling, so many ministers that needed to be appointed, so many commanders needed to replace those that were lost.

The last thing they needed was an economic meltdown. Nobles who felt like they're about to lose their money were annoyingly prone to ideas above their station and she'd seen too many times how a recession can cause unrest.

But still, a governor? Her? Sonya only turned 27 two weeks ago and only served as provisional governor for Nausicca because that idiot she reported thought they were all brawn and no brains. He got nailed to a wall and had his chest ripped open for his troubles.

As the shuttlecraft flew over a city, her brow furrowed. She hated Ferengi. Truth be told, she hated aliens in general. However, she held the orange skinned freaks in a special kind of contempt. For as annoying as Vulcans and Telarites could be, as much as Orions were only good for labor or sex, the Terran Empire was never dependent on them. And yet, ever since they first encountered the greedy aliens, they'd been playing a bigger and bigger role in the running of the Terran economy*. The Ferengi didn't put up a fight and seemed very eager to work with the Terrans. A bit too eager by Sonya's standards. It would've been enough if only the nobles employed their services, but for the empire to rely on them so much was simply intolerable. It gave them too much power and even Emperor Georgiou, her personal hero, did little to curb it.

But the Ferengi were just sniveling and greedy, they were perverts too. Word quickly spread about how they ogled females of other species, even Terran personnel, and bluntly invited them to take part in debauchery. It didn't matter to her if a Vulcan, Andorian, or Orion took them up on the offer. On the other hand, she would be merciless if she found out that an officer under her command disgraced herself in such a manner. The ideals of Terran womanhood demanded that any Ferengi making such offers be refused in the harshest way possible, up to and including the use of violence.

But Sonya'd put her disgust behind her if her duties required it. This assignment was an extremely important one, even if she doubted she'd have it for any more than a few months. She'd be making sure the Ferengi didn't get any ideas about manipulating the empire's troubles to their advantage. If the empire's economy melted down, it would not be while she presided over Ferenginar.

"We're entering the palace's airspace, governor." the pilot said over the intercom. "We'll be landing in ten minutes. I'm making contact with ground control right now."

"Understood," she said back.

The palace itself looked like an enormous monolithic dome with the Terran Empire's insignia in the middle. It was surrounded by a deep trench connected to channels that diverted rainwater away from the building. It gave the impression that the palace was at the center of a massive spiderweb. She found it oddly appropriate. The dome was even larger than the Tower of Commerce where the Grand Nagus dwelled.

As it should be. It was a reminder of who really called the shots on the planet, a reminder of who was watching. Landing platforms and parade grounds surrounded the palace and she could see the golden lights of windows coming into view. Within minutes, the shuttle was on a landing platform near the top of the dome and powering down. Sonya got up from her seat and walked towards the exit hatch, straightening out her cape and making minute adjustments to her medals before heading out. She was met outside by a smartly dressed captain in a gold uniform holding an umbrella for her. Five rows of officers in their dress uniform were facing the two.

"Hail Governor Sonya Hepburn!" the captain shouted. "Tyrant of Tiburon, Scourge of the Son'a, Bane of the Breen!"

"Hail!" shouted the rest of the honor guard, giving the imperial salute.

"You're here a bit earlier than expected, ma'am." the captain told her. "It's still late morning local time."

"Good." Sonya replied. "That will leave plenty of time for the tour." The captain shuffled a little out of nervousness.

"Would...you rather see your quarters first? Get settled in?"

"I will see my new workplace immediately."


A group of guards brought a young Ferengi male and a Terran woman in her mid 20s with the rank insignia of major emblazoned on her armor who gave the imperial salute.

"Major Jegal, Your Excellency. I have been assigned as your chief bodyguard." She glowered at the Ferengi and strike him on the head.

"Stand up straight in the presence of your betters!" she demanded before turning to Sonya. "Your personal servant, Your Excellency." said the Major. The Ferengi bowed shakily.

"It is an honor to stand before you, madam."

"What is your name, filth?" Sonya asked.

"L-Lort, madam." he replied with a stutter.

"It's nice to meet you, L-Lort." Sonya said mockingly. "While we're here, I'd like to lay down the law in regards to our relationship."

Lort cowered.

"I am always willing to familiarize myself with the laws of the glorious Terran Empire."

"Good. Firstly, I've heard of how your people view women of other species. So let me make myself perfectly clear. You will never see me naked or undressing. Never. If I catch you peeping, I will have you skinned alive and thrown into a vat of gree worms while you screams play on the palace's comm network as a warning to others. Understood?"

"P-perfectly, ma'am!"

"Secondly, you will never lie to me or withhold any information from me. If you suspect disloyalty on the parts of any of your fellows, you will report it."

"I-I understand perfectly, ma'am."

"Wonderful. Thirdly, should I order you to turn over your financial records for inspection, I expect that it will be done immediately. I won't have my own servant pilfering the empire's coffers."

"Of course, ma'am, whenever you wish."

"Excellent. That will be all for now. You will accompany us during our little tour, I don't want you scampering off to put a recording device in my bathroom." He shakily bowed his head and followed the group as they started to move, keeping at a respectful distance from the governor.


in a corridor near the main atrium,

Lieutenants Gabriella Madina and Esme Sanchez strode through the halls, chattering away with one another while other officers walked past them on the way to their own destinations.

"Are you sure you can't join me and Lieutenant Van Shoor for some Tongo this evening?" Gabriella blushed and smiled.

"I'm sorry. It's been a while since a certain someone and I had some quality time together and I promised him that we'd be able to have some fun tonight."

Esme shrugged.

"It's been a rough few weeks. He'll understand if you're a bit drained." Her companion sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I know, but with all those readiness drills after the Charon got destroyed and having to prep for the new governor..." Esme's expression softened.

"You and him haven't had much time for each other. I gotcha."

"Thanks." Esme gave her a wicked smirk.

"So, you got a special treat in mind for him?" Gabriella nodded.

"I've been practicing for quite a bit. I know what I'm doing. He's got a treat for me as well that we're going to be having for dinner tonight."

"Alright then, see you later at our sparring match." Sanchez turned away for a moment before grinning at Gabriella

"Knock him dead, girl."

"I will." The two officers split up and Gabriella headed for where she would meet her companion. Her heart started pounding in her chest as she strode through the halls, her fellow officers walking past either on the way to their own quarters or to their duty shifts. Tonight was a long time coming. She hadn't been able to have fun with her new main squeeze for quite a while, work was doing too good a job of draining her. The aftermath of the Charon's destruction Gabriella strode through a door leading into a room containing clear cylinders housing humans screaming in pain. She saluted the officer overseeing the interrogation wing and moved over to a console controlling one of the agony booths while a pair of guards brought in a disheveled nobleman that they tossed inside before shutting the door.

"Count Delacroix, it's a pleasure to see you." she said with a beaming smile. "Now, about that missing tax revenue?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Delacroix spat. Gabriella shoot her head and clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

"Now, now, the Terran Empire can little afford its blue bloods being so stingy, especially in times like these. Maybe I can do something to help remind you of your responsibilities."

She smiled as she adjusted a small dial and red lightning crept up Delacroix's body, sending him into spasms.

Gabriella was going to enjoy herself at work today. But then again, it was rare for her not to.

Readers note:

This actually was the case in some of the Beta canon for the Terran Empire. They kept the Ferengi around and relied on them to do the empire's banking more and more.

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