L.A.'s Finest - Bad Girl

BY : Sammycolt
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Grumbling, Detective Nancy McKenna took a sip of her latte before she leaned forward in her chair, continuing to fill in boxes in yet another mind-numbing report form, one after the other. Diligently, she worked her way through, sighing as she reached the bottom of the form. Another click, another form.

“Fucking bitch!” Nancy muttered as she filled in the name on another form: Sydney Burnett. Just another 50 forms to go.

Growling, the gorgeous Latina continued to tap away at her keyboard, filling out another page of her partner’s paperwork. The price of losing. Two missed shots at the pool table during lunch break and now Nancy was stuck working her way through a double portion of reports while her partner got to spend the afternoon getting kneaded at her favorite massage parlor.

Still cursing silently to herself, Nancy stretched. She had taken off her blazer about half an hour ago, finding that the cool air of the huge room helped keeping her awake and focused. Looking down, she found, that the air had other effects too, and she blushed slightly as she saw the twin bumps, pertly poking against the fabric of her tank top. A brief look around confirmed, however, that nobody had seen her, the Bens were somewhere, Syd was gone…

A slight smirk stretched across Nancy’s gorgeous face as she forgot her self-consciousness for a moment and allowed herself to bask in the naughty thrill of displaying her perky nipples like this in a public space. It really had been too long since she had been properly…


Nancy jumped as she was ripped from her daydream by the voice of Detective Ben Baines, one arm almost instinctively coming up to cover her chest before she stopped herself. Instead, she kept her back turned as the big, black man came up behind her and peering over her shoulder at the screen. “Stuck in the paperwork, huh!” he smirked, amused by his colleague’s boredom, “Looks like you still have a lot ahead of you too…”

“Yeah, fuck you too, Baines!” Nancy shot back, rolling her eyes at the tease, “The more work you do, the more paperwork it creates, so no wonder you have no clue about this…”

“Whoa, easy there, Ma’am!” the Detective backed off, lifting his hands in exaggerated shock at her insult, “See, Nancy, I was here to help you! Rescue you from your paperwork, cause that’s the kind of friend I am…”

“Yeah?” the Latina perked up, turning her head to face him, her interest peaked.

“Yep. Calloway wants to see you in his office about some sort of field work. See?! Ain’t that nice news?”

“They actually are!” Nancy nodded, working hard to suppress a grin so Ben wouldn’t see how much of a relief his news was as she rose to her feet. Her mood was lifted in an instant. “Thanks, Baines!”

“My pleasure,” Ben Baines grinned, giving her a pat on the shoulder and turning around to walk away before adding, “Oh, forgot to mention: Schmelzer is in the office with him.”

With that, he quickly left the room as Nancy froze for a second, then sighed deeply. Just as quickly as he had lifted her spirits, Baines had smashed them down, something that she knew he would take great enjoyment from and she shot him a dark glare as he walked away from her.

Detective Ryan Schmelzer. A cop of the old school in the worst possible way. A corrupt weasel by all accounts, he was infamous among the force. Word around the water cooler was that he had something heavy on someone very high up, as nobody else could figure out why else he was still on the force. His solving rates were mediocre, he ditched the paperwork and seemingly couldn’t spend a day on the force without breaking the rule. While other people had a loose attitude towards regulations and were still regarded well by their colleagues, that wasn’t the case with Schmelzer. Especially among the female part of the force he was avoided at all costs as the most glaring weak point of his character seemed to be his 50s-style misogynism, treating women like secretaries (at best!) while having little concept of personal space. Nancy herself had made some unpleasant experiences with him at an office Christmas party, where she had suddenly found herself cornered by an inebriated Schmelzer, who tried to force a kiss on her. A carefully aimed knee to the groin had settled that situation for the moment, but ever since Nancy could feel him stare at her with renewed, greedy lust.

She didn’t know what a meeting with Calloway and Schmelzer would contain, but she knew that she would likely prefer a mountain of paperwork to whatever was in store for her. Taking a deep breath, the curvy Latina grabbed the white blazer from her chair’s backrest and quickly put it on to cover her bare arms before she made her way towards Calloway’s office, already cursing her luck.

Knocking on the office’s glass door, she could already see by the look on her superior’s face that he was hardly happier than her to be in the same room as Schmelzer, his forehead furrowed and the corners of his mouth tightened. He briefly looked up at her and waved her in before focusing back on the person sitting in one of the two chairs opposite his desk, his face showing barely concealed disdain.

Schmelzer turned in his chair as Nancy entered the room, interrupting his sentence to grin at her. He was a slim, wiry man in his late forties, his best days behind him. The long blonde hair was retreating in the front and thinning in the back and while a scruffy beard covered a part of his narrow face it did very little to make him more attractive. What really bothered her though was the look in his black eyes as he glanced at her. She immediately felt naked, suppressing the impulse to pull her blazer tighter as she stepped into the room.

“Captain!” she nodded as she sat in the empty chair next to Schmelzer and Calloway replied by returning her nod. They exchanged a look that told each other that they both didn’t like this.

“McKenna!” Schmelzer grinned, his posture way too relaxed given he was sitting at a higher-ranked officer’s desk, dressed casually in his trademark plaited shirt and faded blue jeans, “You look great!”

“You wanted to see me?!” Nancy directed at her Captain, ignoring Schmelzer’s compliment and his leering stare, keeping her gaze fixed on her superior.

“Yes, McKenna!” Calloway’s handsome face was twisted into a frown and she knew that he wasn’t comfortable with the subject of the meeting, “Thank you for coming. I asked you here, because we need your help with a case.”

Nancy cocked an eyebrow, not bothering to hide her reservations.

“Detective Schmelzer here has been investigating the Montell-clan for several months now,” Calloway continued, undeterred, “He and Detective Campbell have worked the case diligently and have shown some successes.” The way the Captain said those words made it clear that he thought that the two men weren’t doing work that he himself would consider ‘good’, but Nancy had a strong suspicion that Calloway was getting directions from above to treat his most useless pair of Detectives with velvet gloves. “However, they are now at a point where they would like to enlist some help…”

Nancy nodded. So far, this was hardly surprising.

“We have gotten word from one of our men on the inside that there’s going to be a transaction happening,” Schmelzer took over from his superior, earning him a gloomy stare which he completely ignored, instead undressing Nancy with his eyes as he talked. “My man tells me that George Mayes, known as “Jizzy”, plans to buy a pound of coke from one of the Machida-clan’s lieutenants in an hour…”

“A pound of coke…” Nancy repeated, feigning an impressed expression, “After just a few short months of work. You are really cleaning up the streets, Schmelzer!”

Schmelzer smiled, undeterred by her sarcasm. “Point is not to get the powder, point is to get good, old Jizzy on tape during the transaction.” He lifted a Canon photo camera that hung from a strap around his neck. “Get shit on him, turn him using that, get shit on the higher-ups and just like that, the house of cards falls!”

Nancy gave him a look, refraining from commenting. She had to concede that the plan was solid. It also really wasn’t that unusual. “Alright,” she asked, “what does that have to do with me? Why would you need me to take those pictures?”

“Trouble is in the location…” Calloway started before Schmelzer took over, earning him an annoyed glare from the Captain which he completely ignored.

“The deal is supposed to go down at the parking lot behind Birdsnest Park in the Hills. It’s a rather well known spots where the…” Schmelzer’s grin widened. “… streetwalkers and pavement princesses of our glorious community take their customers for some real nice action.”

“You know that from personal experience?” McKenna asked, making no effort to hide her disdain for her colleague.

“Sure I do!” Schmelzer let the intended insult bounce off, “Good times! Point is there is going to be cars there and those cars will have two people inside if you know what I mean. So one guy alone in a car with a camera might stick out a little.”

“Fair enough!” Nancy countered, “Then why don’t you take Campbell along and the two of you can take your relationship to the next level?”

Schmelzer laughed, which only annoyed Nancy more. “Nice one!” he commended, irritatingly unirritated, “No, I was thinking I should take someone who could play the part of a whore!”

“Put some lipstick and some fishnets on and do it yourself!” Nancy hissed, her blood boiling by his insinuation. Sitting in this office with him for five minutes would ruin her day already. Being alone with him in a car sounded unbearable.

“McKenna!” Calloway interjected, the tone of his voice firm while also betraying sympathy for her situation, “Schmelzer has asked for your assistance for this mission, and given what there is to gain I think it would be best if you went along with him.”

“Can’t he just take a real prostitute? There’s nothing to do there but sit anyway!” Nancy argued desperately, “It’s just a huge waste of time!”

“You want me to take a civilian along on this?!” Schmelzer let out a shrill laugh that made her want to tear his arm out of its joint, “That would not go along with official guidelines…”

“No way, Nancy!” Calloway said calmly and it wasn’t lost on her that he used her first name, almost as if asking her a favor. “I want you on that, there’s really no alternative given the short time frame. In an hour I want you at Birdsnest Park! For your cover, I need you to hit the evidence locker, there’s gonna be some clothes there to assemble an outfit that should let you blend in…”

Nancy sighed, giving Calloway an incredulous look. His expression was full of regret, knowing what he was asking of her. Next to her Schmelzer stood up, eagerly. “C’mon, McKenna! Time to dress you up like a hooker!”

Defeated, Nancy shook her head, giving her superior a final glare before she reluctantly stood and followed Schmelzer out of the office, cursing her luck.


“Yo, McKenna! What do you think of this?”

Nancy briefly glanced over to Schmelzer, who pulled something out of one of the white plastic container he was browsing through and lifted it up for her to see.

“Are those… chaps?!” she asked, looking irritated at the items he held up.

“Yep, ass-less leather chaps!” Schmelzer grinned, shaking them for her. They were made of black leather and adorned with fringy seams on each sides. “There’s even a fitting leather bra in here as well. Bet you’d look fantastic in these!”

“Put that back, you ass!” Nancy grumbled before turning back to her own container, continuing her hopeless hunt for a non-revealing hooker outfit.

The evidence room was a big, windowless room, illuminated with bright, pale light and lined from wall to wall with rows of ceiling-high shelves containing all matters of items that had been involved in LAPD cases. This included drugs, weapons and also seized clothes, which were regularly used by the officers to disguise themselves to blend in in certain scenes. What better way to come up with a costume than clothes that actually stemmed from the environments that you were trying to infiltrate. Over the years, the LAPD had acquired quite the collection of clothes, enabling them to pose as almost anyone.

Nancy was almost surprised what a huge fund of prostitute’s clothes was present. Slutty clothes in all shapes, colors and sizes were stuffed into the big, white plastic containers that she and Schmelzer were currently browsing through, yet what was a problem was to find a set of clothing that Nancy could bring herself to wear. She would fulfill this request of Calloway, then she would hold that in his face for the rest of eternity. She knew that Schmelzer had just waited for an opportunity like this! Ever since she had roughly rebuked him, he had been waiting for his chance to get back at her and now he had his opportunity of humiliating her. Making her dress up like a little whore and she couldn’t stop it. For a job like this it was essential to come up with a perfect outfit as any inconsistencies could be giveaways that would alarm would-be criminals to her presence and ruin the entire operation. A whore dressed in a regular pair of blue jeans was as much a giveaway as a flashing blue light atop the car. There was little choice but to do this right.

Gritting her teeth in anger, Nancy dug deeper into the box, looking for an appropriate pair of bottoms. So far, she had managed to come up with a cropped, red leather jacket that looked and felt a bit cheaply made, but had the advantage that she could zip it closed, covering her up rather well while only revealing her midriff. Surprisingly the hunt for something to wear underneath had been a bit harder. Most garments were either see-through, not even close to her size or giving off a funny smell. Due to the time pressure, Nancy had grabbed a black bikini top. It was slutty and flimsy, the fabric was way too thin for her taste, but she argued that she could close the jacket and it wouldn’t show anyway.

The problem that she now faced was that all she could find were slutty dresses and skirts and Nancy had no intention of wearing any of those if there was even the slightest chance that she would have to do some running. While that wasn’t part of the plan, she would bet heavily that Schmelzer would find a reason some way to make her run, just to get an accidental upskirt moment out of her and she was determined not to let that happen.

“McKenna, I know you girls are fascinated by clothes and your mind is running wild with all the options here, but we really need to get going!”

Nancy rolled her eyes as she pulled a pair of red fishnet tights from her box. Schmelzer’s comments were the damn cherry on her shit sundae. He really relished the situation and was happy to twist the knife, too, constantly suggesting the sluttiest options. Skirts that would barely cover her crotch and such…

“Shut up…” Nancy muttered, when along with the fishnets, a white pair of leather booty shorts was dragged out from the messy pile of clothes. It was tacky and cheap and it would look oh so slutty, but in all likelihood, it would keep her privates covered in a reliable fashion…

“Got it!” Nancy exclaimed, pulling the shorts out and grabbing them along with the fishnets, top and jacket before heading towards the back of the room, where a white screen was set up to provide a small changing area with a mirror, a small chair and a floor lamp to illuminate the secluded corner.

Schmelzer watched Nancy’s ass as she rushed past him and towards the privacy area, disappointed when she diligently adjusted the privacy screen after tossing her clothes onto the chair, effectively taking away his chances of catching a peek at her. He almost turned back to his box, amusing himself by sifting through naughty clothes when Nancy flicked on the small lamp.

Getting a sudden idea, a grin spread on the thin man’s face. He quickly walked over to the room’s entrance and flicked off the ceiling lights in the section around the changing area before heading back. To his utter excitement, the uniform light source of the floor lamp, threw a very sharp, detailed shadow onto the white screen, creating what almost was a naughty shadow puppet show. McKenna was utterly oblivious to this as the effect had not been visible with the floor lights on.

As it was, however, Schmelzer was treated to a strange shadow striptease as he watched Nancy’s silhouette, her back turned to the screen. She shrugged off her blazer and folded it up neatly before placing it over the backrest of the chair.

“You know, McKenna, I really feel like we got off on the wrong foot!” he said loudly, feeling that the quiet that had filled the room was too suspicious. He watched as Nancy paused briefly and he could literally sense her rolling her eyes at his comment before she continued, peeling her tanktop up and over her head, “I’m sure we will get to know each other much better now and we will be much closer afterwards…”

Nancy shook her head, already tired of this man. “I doubt it!”

“Oh, we’ll see!” Schmelzer muttered, not loud enough for her to hear as he watched Nancy’s shadow reach behind her back to unhook her bra, then lean forward slightly to shrug it off. As she turned to the side to place the garment over the chair with her other clothes, he could see the outline of McKenna’s soft, round tits, hanging from her chest. The shadow was so sharp that he could even make out the pert bump of her nipple, standing proudly on the perfect orb. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants as he watched his topless colleague while she slipped out of her sneakers and socks. Balancing on one foot, this made her hanging boobs jiggle deliciously, eliciting the wish in him to grab them and squeeze and play with those funbags, use them as handles as he pounded his bitchy co-worker into whimpering submission.

Taking his phone, he swiftly pulled up WhatsApp where he pulled up a group called “LAPD Bitches”. The group was made up of him, his partner Mike Campbell and a couple of select male members of the force who shared a common disdain for the female LAPD staff gradually pushing their way into higher positions on the back of regulations and strategic dicksucking. It was filled with the members venting their frustrations as well as sharing pictures and videos of their hottest co-workers. Some of them were secretly taken, women in skimpy outfits: low-cut blouses, tight pants, some in dresses or skirts. Others were decidedly spicier!

Some of the men had managed to seduce the women and it had become sort of a fun competition between them to share pictures of their female colleagues sucking dick or getting fucked doggy-style. Over time a staggering collection of raunchy material had amassed that contained a large chunk of the female officers.

So far, the crown jewel of the group, which also functioned as the group’s profile picture, was a picture of Detective Syd Burnett’s spread pussy. Officer Jacobs had managed to get the gorgeous, black woman for a one night stand after a long night out, taking advantage of the many shots of tequila the woman had had. The picture had been taken once she had fallen asleep after riding Jacobs for half an hour, the young officer taking utter advantage, flooding the group with a series of pictures of the slumbering woman’s tits and cunt, even going so far as to get a picture of her wrinkled, dark-brown asshole.

Contrary to her rather slutty partner, McKenna had so far evaded the men’s attempts to get any real NSFW pictures of her, which, given her stunning good looks, had made the Latina sort of the white whale of the group. While there were snaps of her sporting pokies in a tank top or wearing some nice, tight pants, even a few of her all dolled up for some sort of undercover work, nobody had gotten the really good stuff from her yet. Today, all that would change!

“You know, maybe I didn’t acknowledge how much value you add to the force…” Schmelzer said, activating the camera to get a picture of McKenna’s silhouette, clearly showing the fact she was topless.

Nancy, utterly clueless to the show she was putting on, continued by unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her pants. The jeans she wore were tight-fitting, designed to cling to her shapely legs and to shimmy them off, the Detective had to wiggle her hips from side to side while pushing them down, gradually managing to peel them off inadvertently putting on a very sensuous display for her voyeur.

“I think our relationship is exactly the way it should be!” Nancy replied as she put her jeans aside, then glanced at herself in the mirror. Naked, except for the small, black thong she wore, Nancy couldn’t help but indulge for a moment in taking in her body. Shapely legs, flat stomach, her round c-cups still sitting high and proud on her chest, topped by small, light-brown nipples. She worked out and it showed and she couldn’t help but be proud of the results…

She ran a thumb underneath the waistband of her thong for a moment, pondering taking it off. Just the thrill, the pure “Fuck you”-factor of standing completely naked in the same room as creepy Schmelzer, was almost appealing enough, but in the end, she decided against it. No way she’d wear these clothes without underwear underneath. Also, she had to say that the skimpy black panties kind of worked for a hooker as well. She had put them on to feel sexy this morning, just her own, personal ego boost. Now, they suited her prostitute disguise.

Schmelzer stood with his phone up, watching McKenna’s shadow mesmerized, willing her to take her panties off. He had to suppress a disappointed groan when she didn’t and instead grabbed the fishnet tights, but the titty-jiggling show he got as she hopped on one leg to put them on helped him get over himself. He got another couple of pictures as Nancy slipped on the shorts, then tied the bikini top, making him smile as he saw her adjust her breasts.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do here…” Nancy said loudly as she grabbed her jacket, putting it on and getting ready to zip it up when her eyes widened.

“Shit!” she hissed. The jacket was too small! Not only was the red leather cropped, designed to show off a good hand wide of her midriff, but it seemed it also was not supposed to zip up. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t make the two halves of the zipper connect, always leaving a good two-inch gap. Desperately, she looked at herself in the mirror. The jacket gaped open wide, giving a good view of her cleavage, which was sinfully pushed together by the bikini top, creating a deep, golden valley of tit-flesh.

“What’s taking so long?” she heard Schmelzer’s impatient voice from the other side of the screen, “They’re not going to wait for us, you know?”

“Fuck you!” Nancy shouted back, fighting the sudden dread inside her chest as she undertook a last, fruitless attempt to close her jacket up before she gave up. Stunned, she stared at herself. Schmelzer was right. There was no more time, they needed to go. Her mind feeling numb, she turned around and slowly came around the screen.


“What the fuck?!” Nancy fumed, shocked again as she found herself face to face with Schmelzer’s phone, who snapped a picture with complete delight on his face.

“Oh, that’s awesome!” he grinned admiring the snapshot he had taken of his prissy co-worker, dressed up all slutty. He had even re-activated the shutter sound after his previous pictures just to piss her off more.

“Delete that!” Nancy demanded, shocked by the insolence.

“No way!” Schmelzer retorted. Two clicks, and all the pictures were uploaded for his buddies to see along with the caption “The slut is getting ready to work (and get worked)!” He then slipped the phone back before she could argue any more. “C’mon, McKenna, we gotta go!”

“I… I still need some shoes!” Nancy stammered, struggling to keep her grip on the situation.

“I found you these! Should be your size!” Schmelzer grinned and tossed her a pair of shiny, black leather boots, that Nancy just barely caught, “Now put them on and let’s! Fucking! Go!”

“But…” Nancy tried to say, but he had turned to leave already, ending any discussion. Taking a closer look, she was stunned by the footwear he had picked out for her. Tight, wet-look overknee boots, adorned with some dangerous-looking three-inch-heels and adorned with shiny, silver zippers along the insides. At least, those would make them easier to put on, but they really looked like something a porn star would be ashamed to wear. “… but…”

Defeated, Nancy realized that Schmelzer was already gone, heading for the garage and there was no time to look through the boxes for another pair of footwear that would fit. Shaking her head in defeat, the Detective quickly struggled to put them on before she tottered out of the room as fast as she could. This really was the opposite of tactical footwear…

She had a bad feeling about this…


“You know, you could probably make several twice as much as you are earning now if you took a job where you can walk around like this…”

Nancy bit back a groan at the sleazy comment, determined to not even acknowledge Schmelzer’s scumbag-demeanor so she wouldn’t encourage him any further. Instead, she focused on the Canon camera laying in her lap, checking the settings for the umpteenth time to make sure they were appropriate for the rather dim light of dawn. If she suffered through all of this to realize too late that the pictures they got of the deal would turn out unusable... she was likely going to murder someone.

“I mean, some women are made to wear shorts like that… you shouldn’t hide an ass like that from the world!”

With her face turned away from him, she allowed herself the luxury of an eyeroll. They had pulled into the Birdsnest’s parking lot barely fifteen minutes and, predictably, Schmelzer was an absolutely insufferable nightmare. Without even looking she could sense his eyes on every bit of exposed skin at every opportunity he got, devouring her without even a smidgen of shame. She did her best to no-sell his demeaning demeanor and act like the professional she was. She was regularly checking up on the equipment as well as the perimeter, but all that did little to discourage Schmelzer. Her naughty outfit was enough to keep him going, prodding away, obviously completely uninterested in their current job.

To be honest, as much as she wished it to be otherwise, there really wasn’t much to do but to sit and wait. When they had arrived at Birdsnest, the parking lot had been almost empty. Located in a small forest and surrounded by a mixture of domestic trees and bushes, they were secluded from any errant onlookers, which was also why it had become so popular with the hookers of the area. Two cars, a black Volkswagen SUV and a rundown, red Ford stood in some of the far spots, with a respectful distance between them. From time to time, the Ford began to rhythmically shake in a telltale way, but apart from that, there had been no action whatsoever. Nothing to do but to sit and wait for George “Jizzy” Mayes to arrive.

Schmelzer had navigated them into a spot in one of the more far-off corners of the lot, parking in the shadow of an old chestnut tree next to a half-decayed wooden picnic table. She had tried to argue that a more central spot would allow them for better surveillance of the entire area, but Schmelzer had ignored her concerns, favoring the slight additional cover of the shadow over a perfect field of view. He argued that the less visible they were, the lower were the chances of someone realizing that, while they were two people, there wasn’t much of the action usually associated with this spot happening between them. Nancy had a hard time arguing that, ignoring the part he added, that if she was willing to fool around for show, he was willing to take her to the most central of parking spots.

“I heard your marriage is done for…” Schmelzer babbled with all the tact of the proverbial bull in the china shop, “If you ever feel like talking about it…”

With her face turned away, Nancy’s stunning features twisted in irritation, her eyes narrowing dangerously. That sleazy fucker… did he know no boundaries? It had barely been more than a week since she had moved out of their house and taken up the guest room at her brother Nico's place, the entire situation still bleeding raw, yet this fuck-up thought it appropriate to use it to chat her up!? She felt a tirade rising up inside her, ready to throw professionalism out of the window to chew her unbearable colleague out, when he was saved by the sudden sound of a tuned motor, roaring obnoxiously loud across the quiet parking lot.

“Here we go!” Moving her personal feelings to the back of her mind, Nancy immediately sat up straight, ready for action as a light blue BMW rolled into the lot, the rhythmic thumping bass of some generic rap music blasting obnoxiously from its speakers.

“That’s Jizzy’s tasteful ride!” Schmelzer informed her unnecessarily.

“I am aware…” Nancy nodded. Even if she hadn’t quickly studied up on the case on the car ride here, the showy, gleaming vehicle was exactly what someone called “Jizzy” would drive. She lifted the camera and snapped a quick series of pictures as the Montell-clan-member steered his eyesore into one of the many empty spots, thankfully not too far from where Schmelzer had parked them.

“Come on, Georgie…” she muttered to herself, wishing her task to wrap up quick so she could go back to the precinct, put on some more tasteful clothes and bury herself under the heap of paperwork waiting for her at her desk.

She took a deep breath as the blue car’s door swung open and a young black man climbed out. Bald head, neatly trimmed goatee, muscle-packed arms, dressed in a too-small white shirt and baggy, ripped-up jeans, he fit the picture in his file to a tee.

Apparently not too worried about the legality of this meeting, Jizzy wasted no time taking in his surroundings. Instead, he immediately zeroed in on the black SUV and strode across the parking lot, a wad of dollar bills already in hand and clear to see.

“This idiot is really making it easy, huh?” Nancy muttered, feeling a small smirk form around her lips. And it had taken Schmelzer and Campbell months to get this far…

Constantly clicking away and adjusting the zoom and focus, she documented the young gangster’s approach of the SUV. As he came closer, the driver’s side window rolled down. Whoever the Machida-lieutenant was, he was more careful than his obnoxious business partner, rolling only half-way down, just wide enough for him to hand over a small, tightly-wrapped parcel. Jizzy took the package, pushed it into one of his pockets and handed over his wad of cash. He then tried to say something to the mysterious driver, but as soon as the money had entered the car the window rolled back up and the SUV started moving, swiftly and silently rolling of the parking lot.

“What an idiot!” Nancy frowned, shaking her head a little as she watched Jizzy stand about for a moment, trying to act casual before he quickly returned to his car. The music resumed, the engine blared and the tuned BMW left in a dusty cloud, once again shrouding the secluded parking lot in silence. “Gotcha!”

Feeling elated, Nancy glanced over at her colleague, cocking an eyebrow in irritation. “Are you… texting?!” she asked, stunned at how unprofessional this man was.

Schmelzer quickly let his phone slide back into his pocket and shrugged, giving her a grin. “You seemed to have a handle on things…”

“Yep!” Nancy smirked, proudly lifting the camera. “We got what we needed. Now let’s get back to the precinct.”

“Let me see!” Schmelzer reached for the camera.

For a moment, Nancy was vexed. Was he seriously doubting her capability to fulfill a task as simple as this? What a fucking prick… She really just wanted to get this over with and after a second of contemplation she realized that a discussion was likely only going to prolong things. Schmelzer literally sat in the driver's seat here and she would get out of here once he allowed it. Besides, if he was looking at the pictures, he wouldn’t look at her… How bad could it be? Sighing, with a dramatic eye-roll, she handed over the equipment.

“Great, now let’s see how you did…” Schmelzer mumbled, moving with the relaxed pace he liked to drive her mad with, treating her like a rookie under his supervision, not the far superior detective she was. She huffed as he switched the camera back on, then took his sweet time to slowly click through the pictures she had taken, inspecting each and every one with a ridiculous amount of minute attention.

“Are you fucking serious?!” Nancy frowned as he even zoomed in, apparently finding it very important to check the amount of detail they had on the wad of cash. Gritting her teeth in frustration she stared straight ahead, knowing that he was doing this only to get under her skin. There was no good reason why he should check the photos for several minutes but to keep her in her revealing attire for longer.

“I’m going to be rid of him in half an hour!” Nancy repeated in her head to herself, taking a deep, calming breath. She was going to make Calloway pay for this! Staring into the distance, she decided to sit out the rest of the task in silence, simply letting the clock run out until Schmelzer had no choice but to drive her back. Then it was just a bunch of paper work before she could head back to the guest room of her brother Nico’s place, with a bottle of scotch and some cheesy Netflix-comedy, just treating herself.

As Nancy felt the relaxing thought work its magic on her tense muscles, she heard another car approach from the distance. At first, she didn’t think too much of it. Doubtlessly, as it got later in the evening, more and more prostitutes would guide their johns to this place to earn their living and the place would get more crowded within the hour. Then, she got a weird feeling. As the car approached that engine sounded oddly familiar. It was a ridiculous idea, there were hundreds of thousands of cars in the city and the idea that she could identify not a model, but an individual car, by sound was ludicrous. Nonetheless, her instincts told her that she knew it.

“Ffuuuck!” Nancy gasped, shocked. She had really hoped that her instincts were as wrong as she had tried to tell herself, but it turned out her intuition had not betrayed her. Her heart sank as she watched Patrick’s car slowly roll into the parking lot. She could see him behind the wheel, the trademark stern expression on his handsome face, looking right past her as he scanned the surroundings. Worse still, someone was sitting in the passenger’s seat. From her point of view, Nancy could see a stunning, young blonde with high cheekbones and full, gorgeously pink lips, pointing her ex-husband towards the far areas of the parking lot, as far away from her and the Ford as possible.

“What’s up?!” Schmelzer asked, interrupting his inspection of the pictures. Seeing her shocked look and the vehicle she was staring at he let out a short laugh. “Oh shit, isn't that the D.A.’s car?!”

“Shut up!” Nancy hissed, watching on as Patrick pulled into a box that was mostly hidden by some bushes from her point of view.

“Damn, looks like your ex moved on quick!” Schmelzer’s voice drove the icy spike that was pounding into her heart even deeper. “What a dog…”

“Shut your motherfucking mouth, Schmelzer, or I swear to God…” Nancy hissed through clenched teeth, feeling tears rise in her eyes as she stared at the black hood of Patrick’s car, the only part that wasn’t hidden by the small Manzanita. She couldn’t believe he had jumped into something new so quickly. She had moved out so recently that she still thought of new items every day that she had forgotten at their house and here he was, already replacing her… “What a fucking bastard!”

“Well, that blonde he’s with is a dimepiece, so I can hardly blame him,” Schmelzer really played with fire behind her, “I bet she sucks mean dick, too! He probably just wanted to get a little wilder than you guys went…”

The thought left her speechless for a moment. The idea that she wasn’t just replaced, but upstaged in the bedroom by some young slut, that she had never been enough to satisfy Patrick completely in the bedroom stung hard.

“Anyway, I think we should let those two lovebirds have their fun and head back to the precinct…” Schmelzer added, turning on the engine.

Before he could even loosen the parking brake, however, Nancy suddenly opened the passenger door and slipped out of the car. Without even another word she quickly slipped off to the side and into the underbrush. Schmelzer made no effort to hide his grin as that perfect, round butt hurried away from his car, searching for the cover of the underbrush. Turning the engine off again, he switched on the radio, knowing that he was likely going to have to wait a few minutes as Nancy explored.


Nancy realized that Schmelzer wasn’t following her, but at the moment, she didn’t care about the creep and whatever he did. She needed to see it, needed to see what Patrick was doing here. While they weren’t technically a couple anymore, it still hurt to see her former partner move on like this. Eyes fixed, she spotted a slightly elevated spot with a few small bushes on top, which should simultaneously provide cover and give her a good view of Patrick’s car.

As she moved through the underbrush, careful not to make any noise, which was made easy by the soft, earthy ground, a part of her tried to hold her back. Of course, she knew what was happening. There really was only one reason why a successful man and a gorgeous young woman would drive all the way out here and it wasn’t that they wanted to buy a pound of cocaine from the Machida clan.

Nonetheless, Nancy heard a soft whine escaped from her own lips as she reached the top of the slight hill and got a good look at the car. Right away, she regretted coming up here.

Patrick was leaning back in his seat while the blonde was all over him, her mouth pressed against his in a deep, passionate kiss, hidden by the girl’s luxurious, honey-colored curls. Horrified, Nancy watched on as the woman’s petite, but nimble fingers quickly went to work on Patrick’s zipper, swiftly pulling it down and wasting no time reaching inside. She could see her former husband buck as the hooker wrapped a well-manicured hand around his cock and pull it out, breaking the kiss for just a second to admire her prize. Nancy couldn’t tear her eyes away as her husband’s hard shaft was stroked up and down several times before the blonde bitch quickly leaned down into his lap and engulfed his cock in her hot, wet mouth. Patrick obviously loved the sensation, groaning visibly and spurring her on before he decided to push things.

With wide eyes, Nancy watched as Patrick’s face took on a hungry, determined quality that it had never shown with her. With both hands he grabbed the blonde’s head, firmly taking control.

From her viewpoint, Nancy could see the woman’s petite body buck, obviously taken by surprise and retching on Patrick’s cock. However, instead of fighting back she relaxed visibly, at ease with letting the D.A. use her mouth as he pleased and allowing him to start fucking her face, bouncing her head in his lap.

Patrick took full advantage. His jaw clenched, he rhythmically pumped his cock into the submissive whore’s mouth, who at this point was relaxed enough to let him proceed as he wished. One of her hands reached under to gently cup and squeeze his shifting balls, massaging them to coax a load out of them. Never missing a beat, Patrick reached down the woman’s body, exploring the curvy, athletic figure that was wrapped in a rather skimpy white silk dress before he moved to her ass, giving it a squeeze. The woman moaned something in encouragement and Patrick grinned, helping himself a second time and squeezing even harder before he suddenly grabbed the fabric and yanked it up. With the woman kneeling on her seat and Nancy positioned where she was, she was suddenly treated to a great view of a tight, pale ass, as well as the fact that Patrick’s new friend wasn’t wearing any underwear. A perfectly pink, perfectly waxed pussy bulged out between her athletic thighs and even straight as she was, Nancy had to admit that the woman was gorgeous. The envy was killing her.

Meanwhile, while he was still bobbing her head up and down in his lap, Patrick gave the prostitute’s buttock a hard squeeze, spreading her open to unknowingly give his wife an explicit view of a puckered, pouty asshole. He continued to squeeze and smack the tight cheeks, playing with them to his heart’s content and, from the look on his face, having the time of his life, mauling the young woman’s posterior. He began shoving her head down onto his cock more and more firmly, apparently only concerned with his own pleasure. Nancy was shocked. In her experience, Patrick had always been on the gentler side, never pushing her too much on anything. The man in the car seemed entirely different, rough and hungry.

The girl didn’t seem to mind, however, dutifully sucking his cock and massaging his balls, servicing him like the professional she undoubtedly was. She didn’t even stop him when he did something else Nancy had never let him do. Stunned, the Detective watched as Patrick pressed the tip of his middle finger up against the girl’s bright pink, wrinkled asshole and instead of resisting, she let out a visible moan as the first digit pushed inside, stretching the tiny opening.

The debauchery of the situation obviously turned Patrick on. His eyes fluttered, veins bulged on the sides of his neck and he pushed the woman down with more force. Her gag reflex was once more triggered, but she let him proceed nonetheless, spluttering messily as she allowed him to force his cock deep into her waiting mouth while getting her perfect little ass fingered. Patrick’s face turned deep red and he began to grimace, tension loading up in his body until he finally came, shuddering violently as he unloaded in her mouth, filling it with hot seed. The girl flinched, but stayed where she was, dutifully sucking the man’s load out, draining his balls until he was spent and sagged back in his seat.

Straightening, the blonde briefly opened her mouth to show the exhausted Patrick his creamy cum before her throat rolled several times as she swallowed.

Both of them took a minute to compose themselves, straightening their clothes before Patrick started the engine. Dumbfounded, Nancy watched from her hiding spot as the car drove away, off the lot and out of sight. Once they were gone, she had to sit down for a moment, feeling numb from what she had just witnessed. Feelings of sorrow, anger and hurt pride ran amok inside her body. She dropped to the soft, earthy floor, taking a few deep breaths, doing her best to get a handle on things.

That had truly rocked her world!

She felt hot tears in her eyes, the muscles in her jaw clenching as she slowly, but surely sorted her feelings. After it had been a whirlwind initially, searing anger won out more and more. She knew that, officially, they weren’t together anymore. Patrick was a single man who was free to talk to, kiss, or fuck the mouth of whoever he wanted (within the limits of mutual consent of course). Nonetheless, seeing the man who was legally still her husband, whose bed she had shared until only a week ago, seemingly move on so swiftly was a punch to the gut.

Despite all the technicalities, it felt like a betrayal to her. Worse still, seeing Patrick act in this way, dominant and forceful, it made her question their own sex life. She had felt satisfied with the sex they had had. Had he not been satisfied with her? Had he been bored with her all this time because she was too vanilla for him? Her features hardened, the corners of her mouth tightening in indignant fury. It was humiliating!

“Fucking prick!” she hissed, angrily wiping away the tears. She had been the good wife for him for years, supporting him in his career while also pursuing her own full-time job. She had attended functions for him, dressing up so he’d look good in front of colleagues, bosses and donators, yet now he turned around to fuck some stupid, blonde slut?! She would show that fucker who was boring! If he was going to get nasty, so could she!

As she got back to her feet, her sorrow was already replaced by determination. She knew that it was her hurt pride impacting her judgement and what she was about to do was a bad idea, but she didn’t care. If Patrick could get his freak on, so could she!

She climbed down the small rise, pushed her way out of the underbrush and briskly strode back towards the car. While she walked, she pulled off the small, black scrunchie that she had wrapped around her wrist and used it to tie her hair back into a simple ponytail.

Schmelzer was still sitting behind the wheel in his usual douchebag-ish relaxedness. As he saw her approach he turned and smiled at her, knowing fully well what she had just seen. The guy truly was the biggest creep she could think of, even while her job regularly brought her into contact with the scum of the earth. He was just who she needed right now! She yanked the car door open.

“Well, how did it go?!” Schmelzer asked with his sleazy smirk, taking the opportunity to get a good look of her hanging breasts as she slid into the passenger’s seat. He already reached for the ignition, ready to start the car when McKenna smacked his hand out of the way. “What the…”

“Shut up!” Nancy hissed at the stunned man, reaching over into his lap and deftly went to work on his belt, swiftly unbuckling it. Schmelzer stared at her in surprise. It seemed she had finally found a way to leave her annoying coworker speechless, Nancy thought with grim amusement, glaring at him as she pulled down his zipper. “You tell anyone about this and you’re dead!”

He opened his mouth, undoubtedly about to make a misogynist comment, but all that came out was a surprised grunt as her slim fingers slipped down into his pants. It hardly surprised her to find a lack of underwear, it seemed on brand with all she knew about him. What surprised her, was how thick the fleshy shaft was that her hand wrapped around. The tips of her fingers were barely touching and he wasn’t even hard yet! Looking down, she inspected her prize as she pulled it free of its confines.

It really was not what she had expected. With how much of an annoying loudmouth he was, she had expected the middle-aged detective to be medium-sized at best, but in fact he was far from that. Still flaccid, even though she could feel the bloodflow increasing already, he was already over seven inches long and swelling. Light blue veins ran along the length, marbling the pale flesh of the uncircumsized cock. It looked surprisingly well-groomed as well, the greying blonde pubes neatly trimmed, counter to her low opinion of her otherwise scruffy-looking colleague.

She gave it a gentle stroke, moving her fingers up up to make his foreskin pucker up around the tip before pulling it down, exposing the spongy head. Running her tongue along her full lips to wet them, she took one more deep breath. “Fuck it!” she muttered, to herself, to Schmelzer, to nobody in particular before she suddenly leaned down.

“Holy shit!” Schmelzer grunted, bucking in his seat as he suddenly felt his smoking hot Latina coworker’s warm, soft mouth engulf the sensitive tip of his prick with a warm, liquid heat. He had always known that he’d stuff his cock into her at some point, but this sudden action caught him off guard nonetheless. Automatically, his left hand reached for her, grabbing a hold of the back of her head, though he didn’t take charge. Instead, he opted to let her proceed at her own pace for starters.

Nancy moaned around the mouthful of male meat, part of her still very surprised by what she was doing herself. She could feel Schmelzer’s cock swell more and more inside her mouth as she applied gentle suction to his sensitive head. While she kept one small hand wrapped around the base, she bobbed up and down, slowly beginning to spread her warm, bubbly saliva around the tip. He tasted a little sweaty, which was forgivable, given it was the end of the workday. Also, she reminded herself, she didn’t want nice, considerate and tidy right now. Patrick had been nice and tidy because apparently, he thought she couldn’t handle more. She was sucking her creepy co-worker’s cock because she really wanted a seedy, lewd encounter.

Spurred on by the thought, she tried to go deeper on Schmelzer’s now fully hardening cock, but as soon as the tip brushed against her tonsils, she reflexively gagged hard. Tears welled in her eyes and she spluttered up some slimy spit that oozed down his shaft, but Nancy didn’t let that deter her. Utilizing the runny drool, she lubricated her palm to smoothly jack the man off, beginning a dual attack as she tried again, once more choking on his meat.

Schmelzer was in complete heaven. The rippling massage of Nancy’s constricting throat milked the tip of his dick in the most delectable way. Watching her husband get lucky appeared to really have really set the arrogant, little cunt off. Now he was reaping the benefits and he sure as hell wasn’t complaining. “Fuck, that’s good,” he moaned, gentle pressure enticing her to make herself gag again, letting her know what she was doing was appreciated.

Getting the hint, Nancy obliged. Pushing herself down, the rounded bellend pressed against the far too narrow entrance to her throat and she retched harshly. Any other day, she would have been embarrassed, but she knew that Schmelzer liked it. Apparently, Patrick liked it, too, but he would never get this. The thought would have elicited a little smile from her had her lips not been wrapped around a cock.

She briefly pulled back, gasping for air. A thick line of thick drool, mixed with pre-ejaculate, stretched for a moment between her lower lip and the tip of Schmelzer’s penis before it collapsed under its own weight and splattered messily across his lap. He gave her hair a firm tug, making her look up at him.

The view made him smile. Nancy was a naturally gorgeous woman, with a sense for fashion, who always took care of her looks. Despite being a tough, determined worker who never shied away from hard jobs, she somehow always found a way to appear perfectly styled, whether it was in the office after a long shift, at the gym that all LAPD’s employees liked to frequent or even fitted out in combat gear while participating in one of the department’s raids: Nancy McKenna never didn’t look stylish.

Harshly choking herself on the tip of his cock had definitely smudged her carefully-applied make-up quite a little. Those gorgeous, dark eyes peered up at him, wet and glassy from gagging-induced tears that had also smeared her mascara. While it had been so tastefully applied that he had barely noticed it was there before, only accentuating those stunning, brown irises, now it had mixed with her tears and ran in black streaks over her cheeks. Her complexion, usually a soft perfection of golden honey, had taken on a decidedly red hue with both arousal and exertion. Her pouty lips were wet and gleaming with her own saliva, looking inviting as ever as he slowly guided them down to his prick, making her plant a soft kiss on it.

“You’re so fucking hot!” he hissed. Unable to help himself he pumped his hips, trusting the length of his cock along her mouth, basking in the glossy texture. “Slap it against your face!”

Nancy barely hesitated. Staring up at her creepy colleague, she did as she was asked, keeping the eye contact as he used his thick, pulsing shaft to lightly and repeatedly smack her own features. Turning slightly, she varied her targets, hitting both her cheeks, her lips, chin and dainty nose with his slick cock, leaving sticky traces of his cum all over her own face. It was probably the sluttiest thing she had ever done until Schmelzer encouraged her to stick her tongue out and slap his length against the soft, pink tissue. She still was shocked when she realized that she was beginning to feel a wet heat form between her own thighs. All this debauchery was turning her on.

“I always knew you were a little slut, McKenna!” Schmelzer smirked down at her, grabbing her ponytail into his fist to take control. Predictably, like the stuck-up cunt she was, he could see her opening her mouth to protest the little bit of name-calling, but he quickly stopped her in the way he had always wanted to. Holding her in place with one hand, he grabbed his cock with the other and suddenly pushed the tip between her lips, distorting her objection to a mumbled mess.

“Shut up and suck!” he quipped. The impact of the glare he received was significantly decreased by the fact that her lips were currently wrapped around his cock and she barely hesitated to comply, fucking him with her sweet mouth, slurping and mumbling in ways that betrayed her enjoyment of their debauched act.

Taking charge of the situation more and more, Schmelzer tightened his grip on Nancy’s hair, repeatedly pushing her deeper and deeper to trigger her gag reflex. Nancy didn’t resist, allowing him to guide her despite her troubles, reminding herself that Patrick had been significantly rougher with that blonde bitch. She was determined not to let herself be outdone by some soft, pampered slut, even if she had to push herself, so despite all choking and coughing she pushed on.

Shifting her position, she pulled her legs up onto the car seat so she moved into a kneeling position facing Schmelzer, easing the awkward twisting pose she had been in. Bracing herself with both hands on the center console, she gave him full control with how to treat her, allowing him to use her soft, wet mouth like a fleshlight.

A moan escaped her when she felt Schmelzer’s right hand exploring, reaching into the open lapels of her leather jacket to grab a bikini-encased breast, firmly squeezing the supple flesh. She flinched as her tit was used like a stress ball, the middle-aged cop unsurprisingly being way too rough with her sensitive flesh. Her protest turned into an unintelligible mumble as rough fingers hooked into the cup of her bikini top and unceremoniously pulled it to the side, suddenly freeing her stiff nipple. With her weight braced onto both arms on the console, she couldn’t even stop Schmelzer, who shamelessly took advantage and caught her stiff, hazel-colored tit-tip between his fingers.

“Yeah! You little whore!” Schmelzer groaned, his voice reverberating with pleasure as he pumped her mouth on his cock while toying with her breast. She gave a muffled gasp when her sensitive nip was pinched, then pulled, stretching her tit uncomfortably, but the hand in her hair prevented her from coming up. Instead, he quickened the pace even, forcing her up and down his cock and making her choke and retch on every stroke now.

This was what she had asked for. Copious amounts of spit ran down the length of his cock, soaking his balls and the grey-blonde pubic hair as she did her best to endure the assault. She was gagging almost constantly now, the wet, nasty sounds filling the shabby car’s interior. It was embarrassing, but there was little she could do, her hands bearing her weight and keeping her from falling face-first into Schmelzer’s crotch. With the increasing pace of the facefuck, she could also feel how much harder breathing had become. Her face felt hot and flushed and she could hear her blood pumping in her ears as she choked on a big, thick cock. She was beginning to feel a bit light-headed, the lack of oxygen getting to her, yet even as she noticed her vision becoming blurry, she didn’t stop him. She was determined to get through this!

“Grrrrkh! Aaaah!” Nancy gargled when Schmelzer surprised her by holding her down for an extra second, triggering a severe gag reflex before abruptly pulling her up. Several syrup-like strands of saliva clung to her lips, splattering against her exposed cleavage and stomach as she was suddenly yanked upright.

Schmelzer gave her a smirk, giving her a quick once-over to enjoy the view. The hot Latina was a mess. Her entire face was smeared in her own, quickly-drying spit, causing her flushed skin to glisten in the dying light of the evening sun. Her nose was running, lips were gaping as she panted for breath and her mascara was turned into dark smudges around her eyes, utterly ruined. Gagging-induced tears were sparkling in her red-shot eyes. Her pupils were dilated and her left lid was twitching and even though she stared at him he could sense that she didn’t actually see him. The sharp mind that was usually visible in those beautiful browns seemed buried by the turmoil of the facefuck.

“I knew you were just a snooty, little cocksocket!” he hissed at her, taking great pleasure as he saw the insult registering in her eyes. However, before she had the chance to gather herself enough for a response, his hand quickly let go of her hair to clamp around her throat, his fingers swiftly squeezing her windpipe shut to stop her dead in her tracks. She didn’t even move to stop him as he choked her one-handedly. Digging his fingertips into her petite neck, he reduced the bloodflow in her carotid arteries to a trickle, eliciting a soft gargle from the usually strong-willed woman.

With satisfaction, he watched as the red of Nancy’s face turned a few shades deeper, yet instead of stopping him all she did was look at him with big, dumb eyes. Only when her pupils began to roll upwards and disappear into the back of her head did he allow her a tiny bit of air, granting her a quick, raspy breath.

Nancy didn’t quite know what was going on. The lack of oxygen had her more than a little drowsy at this point, yet she didn’t feel compelled to fight back at all. Instead, she liked it. She could scarcely believe it, but letting one of the biggest creeps she knew have his seedy way with her was actually turning her on a lot. The shameful thought floated through her otherwise empty mind.

Holding his new fucktoy with one strict hand around her throat, Schmelzer grabbed and squeezed Nancy’s bare breast roughly for a second before he quickly pulled the other cup to the side as well, exposing her second tit. Her pretty, light-brown nipples stood pertly atop puckered areolas, firmly erect by all he was doing to her.

With her upper body exposed, her breasts pushed up and together by her bikini-top to create a delicious valley of soft, golden titty-meat, Schmelzer moved his attention to her lower body.

“Let’s see that little cunt of yours!” he hissed at Nancy, getting a choked whine as a response as the fingers of his free hand went to work on the button of her white shorts. He deftly undid it and yanked down the zipper, then worked his fingers under the waistband. With one hand, he struggled to get the tight pants past Nancy’s womanly hips, but he savored the process, watching Nancy’s slack features as he worked down her pants, taking the fishnets and panties down along with them.

“Grk!” was all Nancy had to say, more unconscious than not, when he finally managed to get her shorts over the swell of her hips. With a firm tug, he yanked them to her mid-thighs, completely exposing the dazed Latina. Her eyes fluttered, and somewhere in her emptying mind she realized that she was now letting Ryan Schmelzer see her pussy.

Fascinated, Schmelzer took in her reactions, seeing her on the verge of passing out. Her arms twitched a little and it seemed that as soon as he’d let go of her neck she’d collapse, sapped of all her own strength. Basking in what he had reduced the strong-minded woman to, he allowed his gaze to linger downwards to finally see what that slut’s cunt looked like, smiling widely as he feasted his eyes on one of the prettiest pussies he had ever seen. A tender mound, the Detective’s slit was small and petite, the skin so smooth she must have either waxed or shaved this very morning. She was undeniably wet too, the black satin of her flimsy thong soiled with her creamy juices that were also smeared across her sleek lips, betraying her arousal.

He could see her brow twitch as he reached down and ran his rough fingertips along her warm groove, marveling at her delicate flesh and collecting her juices. Bringing those fingers up, he sucked them clean, getting his first taste of her essence.

Nancy’s body bucked, exhausted by the prolonged lack of oxygen in her brain and she looked ready to pass out completely when he finally eased his grip. “Hey, hey, stay with me, slut!” he hissed, slapping her across the face with his palm. Nancy blinked, barely there, “You’ve got dick to suck!”

She had no resistance in her whatsoever, just a pliable body for him to manhandle as he shoved her back down into his crotch. Switching his grip back from her throat to her ponytail, the helpless Latina barely got half a breath in before his throbbing man-meat was jammed back into her mouth, bumping against the back of her throat and making her wetly retch.

“Fuck yes!” Schmelzer groaned in pure bliss, using his colleague’s head as a masturbation aid, steering her with her ponytail. He leaned back in his seat, relishing the feeling of control he had over the stunning woman as well as the feeling of her hot, wet oral cavity around his cock. Looking over, he took in the view of Nancy’s bare ass, which due to her kneeling position in the seat was now raised enticingly. He pushed her head down, really getting her to choke on his shaft as he reached over to grab a firm handful of that caramel-colored, naked booty that was subject of so many conversations around the LAPD. He had to stifle a groan of pleasure as his fingers first made contact with the soft, warm skin, barely sinking into the firm flesh. She really felt like velvet, smooth and perfect. Unable to help himself, he delivered a little slap to her ass, eliciting a cute, if muffled squeal.

“You like that, don’t you?!” he teased, but when Nancy mumbled her reply he forced her down. She choked harshly on his dick, sending delicious sensations up his sensitive prick. Another spank to the other cheek, getting her to make that cute squeaking noise again, before he let his fingertips explore, tracing down the crack of her ass.

Amused, he noticed that despite being on the verge of passing out, her body tensed up nervously as his fingertips approached her backdoor. Teasing her, he made sure to draw a small circle around her tight, wrinkled opening, putting her on edge before he made direct contact.

“There’s that little fuckhole!” he whispered, shamelessly massaging her puckered hole to make her whine in protest. The sphincter felt small and tense, flinching under his fingertip. He’d take great pleasure in wrapping this around his dick! He'd turn Nancy McKenna into his squealing, little anal slut!

The sudden touch of her most private of holes snapped Nancy back to reality - at least partially. She felt a sense of panic wash over her, even while Schmelzer hadn’t done anything rough, the mere contact there felt like a violation. She had wanted to prove herself, wanted to be as lewd as that blonde whore had been with Patrick, but now she could feel anxiety. She was chickening out.

Finally, she managed to spit Schmelzer’s cock out, long enough for her to speak. Turning her head, she stared up at the man’s narrow face with huge, imploring eyes. “Ryan!” she heard herself, shocked by how raspy her own voice sounded. Her throat was already sore and raw frome the rough use. “My ass is off limits!”

Schmelzer looked down at her with cool, grey eyes, his finger still rubbing the Latina’s tiny, puckered anus as he contemplated her words. He really wanted to fuck her ass, loving the idea of taking the snooty Detective down a peg like that, but he also wasn’t going to force her. All this was made all the sweeter by her being the one asking for it. Growling, he placed another hard smack on her ass, making her yelp cutely.

“Open your mouth, bitch!” he ordered, grabbing a hold of Nancy’s ponytail with both hands. Maybe he wasn’t going to fuck her ass today, but he sure as hell was going to make her pay for stopping him.

Nancy smiled, but the feeling of relief was quickly forgotten when she felt his strong grip on her hair, not giving her an inch of leeway, and it was replaced with concern when she found herself once more face to face with Schmelzer’s thick, veiny cock.

“Hmmmmph!” Before she had a chance to voice her worries, however, she was firmly pushed back down onto the fat cock, her lips forced wide by its considerable circumference. Her eyes widened in alarm, then snapped shut when he bottomed out, pressing against her tonsils. For a moment she attempted to relax, but then he shifted his hips, breaking her countenance and making her gag and splutter all over herself.

However, instead of pulling her back up like he had done previously, this time he kept her pinned in position. His two-handed grip was too strong for her to free herself and to her rising horror, she realized that his bulbous bellend blocked her windpipe, once more keeping her from breathing. She coughed, gagged and spluttered, trying to push herself away, but he showed no mercy, continuing to force her down.

Then, her throat relaxed. In an instinctive reaction to get valuable air, the small entrance at the back of her mouth widened and Schmelzer immediately took advantage, pressing into the opening.

Nancy tried to shriek in shock as her throat was invaded, certain for a moment that she would hurt herself as her gullet stretched wide to accommodate the thick cock. With the seal broken, she was pushed deeper and deeper. Made to swallow cock in a way she had never done before, her helpless retching and gargling filled the car.

“That’s it!” Schmelzer groaned in satisfaction as his shaft was engulfed by the tight, strong muscular tube of Nancy’s throat, which gripped and massaged him as she coughed in fear. She bucked, trying to push herself up and off his cock with both hands, but she was in a disadvantageous position and from a pure strength point of view, he was her superior, so her panicked resistance was futile.

“There we go!” he smirked as the struggle slowly ceased, the air deprivation getting to Nancy. He rolled his hips, grinding his cock back and forth slightly in her throat, yet never pulling out far enough for her to catch a proper breath.

She gave a gargling moan, weakly pounding a fist against his thigh as she felt her consciousness wane. Her eyes fluttered, vision fading, as all her focus remained on the pulsing, fleshy lance that was stretching her esophagus. She was getting choked out on a cock…

“Ooh, that’s nice…” Schmelzer basked in the clenching contractions of Nancy’s throat, feeling her slowly pass out. Her hand dropped to the seat and she was all but unconscious when he finally pulled out far enough for her to get a little bit of air. However, just as quick as her air passage had opened, he thrust back into her gullet, eliciting a nasty squelching sound.

For the next few minutes, he proceeded to fuck Nancy’s barely conscious throat. He gave her just barely enough air not to pass out completely, but her consciousness remained a flicker as he used her, the proud Detective stuck in a rather humiliating face-down-ass-up posture in the cramped space of the passenger seat. From time to time, weak moans mixed into the wet choking sounds, but at this point she was past struggling, mostly engulfed in darkness as he had his way with her.

Reaching for his phone, he pulled up the camera and made sure to get a good angle, getting a nice shot of Nancy’s face as he shunted his cock into her mouth. He smiled as he inspected the photo he had gotten, meanwhile never missing a beat skullfucking the Latina.

Nancy’s gorgeous features had gone slack. Her half-lidded eyes had lost all focus and seemed vacant, framed by dark mascara-smudges. Spit smeared all over her chin, mouth and cheeks with a particularly nasty strand of slime sticking to the tip of her nose, stretching messily to the base of his cock as her full, pouty lips were wrapped tightly around his cock. She was barely recognizable from the confident, strong woman everyone knew at the precinct and yet everyone would recognize her.

“GLLLRKH!” Nancy’s throat emitted a moist gurgling sound when Schmelzer finally pulled her off his cock by her hair, lifting her head up to admire her flaccid features, her half-lidded eyes entirely listless. He could hear a soft, raspy whimper come from deep within her.

“God, this look suits you…” he whispered at her, then planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Pushing the door open, he climbed out of the car, carelessly letting go of Nancy’s hair to let her fall flat on her face. She groaned, but barely stirred, remaining in the demeaning face-down-ass-up pose she had dropped into as Schmelzer made his way around the car. Taking his time, he made a quick check of their surroundings.

The sun had gone down completely now, disappeared behind the horizon bar the deep-orange sliver at the western end of the sky, and two dim lanterns had awakened to illuminate a small fraction of the parking lot, buzzing in the crisp evening air. With the darkness had come more visitors. Five cars in total were scattered around with muffled music and other noises coming out of some of them. The idea that some of these people had witnessed what he had done to Nancy put a smile on the run-down cop’s face. They would get even more of a show now!

Ripping the passenger side door open, Schmelzer’s grin was so wide that it hurt his cheeks. McKenna was in prime physical condition and her capability to recover was remarkable as even with the few seconds of break she had been granted she was already coughing, struggling to push herself up onto her elbows. Nonetheless, her perfect Latina ass was still raised up in the air, pointed towards him like an offering.

“Fucking stunning!” he muttered to himself. He took a moment to admire the Detective’s gym-honed cheeks, even kneeling down to get a better look. With the fascination a collector would marvel at a particularly rare and intricate piece of art with, he took in Nancy’s sweet, pink pussy, waxed to immaculate baldness. It bulged deliciously between her thighs and gleamed with her slutty juices. “There’s that little beef taco…”

Nancy groaned, feeling humiliated as Schmelzer’s crude choice of words once again reminded her what a scumbag he was. Yet there was no stopping him when all ten fingers dug deep into her glutes and pulled them wide apart, leaving her with no illusions that he was granting himself a clear view of her asshole.

Schmelzer smirked as her puckered sphincter clenched shyly beneath his gaze. It was unused to the attention, but after a few mere seconds the tension decreased visibly. Placing the pads of his thumbs on either side of the petite opening he forced it even wider, stretching Nancy’s asshole into a lewd oval. She looked good enough to eat. For a moment he considered doing just that, but after her warning that would be pushing the line of consent. He wanted her to agree to everything he did to her!

“Wh-what are you doing?!” Nancy coughed. She had recovered enough to turn and peer back over her shoulder, glaring at the seedy man behind her. She realized that at this point she was okay with him fucking her, things had progressed that far, but being inspected like this was unbearable.

“Checking out your asshole!” Schmelzer gave back, not intimidated at all, smirking when he saw her bite her lower lip at his shameless phrasing.

“Well, uh, look but don’t touch, Schmelzer!” she managed to stand up for herself, trying to make herself sound authoritative, “My ass is off limits!”

She did her best to stare him down, something she usually would hardly struggle with, but this time instead of looking away, he simply gave her an amused smirk, apparently even enjoying himself. Her own, shaken confidence began to crumble with each passing second and she was moments away from breaking eye contact when Schmelzer slowly rose to his feet. Taking his time, he grabbed a firm hold of her hips, his calloused fingers digging into her soft skin. Nancy let out an embarrassing, girly squeak when he firmly yanked her into position, her butt presented like she was some porn hussy.

“Shut your fucking mouth, McKenna!” he hissed, firmly in command now. Kneeling on her seat with her ass raised high, her two holes were at a perfect height. With one hand on her hip he made sure she stayed like that as he grabbed himself around the base with the other. Teasing himself as much as her, he gently ran the smooth tip of his cock along her excited slit, all the way from her perineum to her clit and back. She was shaking with nervous eagerness, ready to be mounted like the needy little bitch she was.

Basking in the moment, Schmelzer lined himself up with her opening.

“Uuunngh!” they moaned in unison as he pushed forward. Nancy’s silky lips parted easily, her snug cunt stretching to wrap around his invading cock in the most welcoming manner. The rough foreplay, paired with the intense asphyxiation had really gotten her juices flowing, which left her pussy well-lubricated and ripe for the taking. Her buttocks flexed as he forced himself deeper, loving the raw penetration as much as he did.

"God... mmmh!" Nancy whimpered, biting her lower lip as he didn’t give her much time to accommodate at all, going straight to fucking her. Both hands on her hips, it felt like he was in full control, taking her how he wanted, and she loved it. That thick, bell-shaped tip was deep inside her, stretching her little pussy out. She could feel the ridges, working back and forth, stimulating her delicate flesh in the most incredible ways!

Her fingers dug into the plastic of the console, eyes fluttering already after only a handful of thrusts. Part of her still didn’t want to admit that a creep like Schmelzer could make her feel like this, but another, much stronger part loved that he was treating her like this… like trash! Every day, she had to prove herself in a man’s world, being tough and not showing any weakness, be a role model for the women around her. Now letting go of that pressure, even if it was just for a little bit, and submit to someone who didn’t respect her at all… it felt liberating, ecstatic even. She was getting fucked and her body was loving it!


Another, embarrassingly girly gasp escaped her lips when Schmelzer’s palm collided audibly with her upraised ass. Shocked, she stared back at him with big eyes. The spank had been quite a lot harder than the playful taps she’d sometimes receive from Patrick, actual pain blossoming in her heated flesh.

“What are you looking at, bitch?!” Schmelzer snapped at her, giving her another resounding slap for good measure before reaching out to grab her hair. She flinched as he wrapped her ponytail around his fist and her head was roughly cocked back, forcing her back into an arch that caused her butt to jut out even more.

She cried out as the rough treatment and the deeper penetration caused by the new angle overwhelmed her. This was probably what she had wanted when she had been looking for a more primal form of sex, but it surprised her yet how it made her feel. It was incredibly intense, her body being used by some scumbag, ass slapped, tits fondled, choked… As Schmelzer’s thrusts rocked her on the passenger seat her eyes began to roll back.

“Fuck yeah, you little slut!” the sleazy cop grunted, knowing from the sounds she made how much her body was enjoying this. He had known this from the first day. As soon as he had laid eyes on that perfectly plump Latina booty, seen the conceited, self-important look on that gorgeous face he had known that this skank was only waiting for someone to take her down a few pegs. Now she was getting tagged from behind in some seedy parking lot, wearing over-knee hooker boots and tacky, white shorts and loving it, her true self inexorably bubbling to the surface.

One hand holding her firmly in place by her hair, the other let go of her hips to plant a series of harsh, loud smacks on her butt, thighs, belly and tits, making her soft flesh jiggle and flush red before his fingers once again wrapped around her throat. He chuckled as the raspy gasp she gave betrayed her excitement, trembling as his fingertips squeezed to reduce the bloodflow to her bimbo brains.

“Gah! Argh! Gnnnh!” Nancy gargled unintelligibly, her breathing once again impacted by his harsh grip. It was demeaning, yet she quickly felt the by now familiar rush of endorphins as the choking took its effect. Her eyes glassed over, staring blankly into space, yet she did nothing to stop Schmelzer as he pounded her sweet pussy to his heart’s content. Instead, she basked in the moment, steeping in her flood of pleasure as her body loved every second.

This really was better than he could ever imagine. Listening to Nancy’s ragged, wheezing breathing as he choke-fucked her was probably the best thing he had ever heard. Taking out all the frustration he had ever had with her arrogant demeanor, he pounded into her submissively presented cunt, his thick scrotum slapping against her clit with every thrust.

“Fhhhck! Gah! Cmmmh!” Nancy groaned deliriously, all but passing out once again. Her pussy was a hot, slick mess, quivering with pleasure and it was getting to her. She was about to cum, and it wasn’t a small orgasm either, but a powerful climax that was building up inside her loins, fueled by the demeaning debauchery of the situation. Like it had a mind of its own, her right hand made its way between her thighs, found her swollen clit and without a second of hesitation she began to play with herself.

“Fucking cockslut!” Schmelzer growled, gritting his teeth. He could feel her increasing excitement, the way her lithe, athletic body tensed in his grasp, the throatier notes of her slutty moans. He was about to make her cum!

“Gaaarrrrgggh…” Nancy gasped. Her lids started to flutter as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, the revealed whites contrasting with the flushed red of her face. Driven by sheer, primal instinct, she threw her hips back against the man behind her while feverishly rubbing her pink pearl.

Suddenly, her body bucked.

Nancy didn’t scream, any sound dying in her throat as she seized. Slack-jawed, nostrils flaring, eyes-rolled back, she experienced the first crashing wave of a powerful orgasm, making her world freeze over. Agony and pleasure washed through her, making her limbs lock up, then shiver frantically, which caused her tits and ass to shake enticingly.

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Cum for me!” Schmelzer whispered into her ear, enjoying the rippling massage of her pelvic muscles trying to coax his load out of him. Just to make her ordeal a little more degrading he squeezed a little tighter, cutting off her air supply completely as the Latina helplessly twitched on his cock, all motor function lost, “You hot little cum dumpster!”

Despite travelling on cloud nine at this moment, her sweet pussy doing its best to milk the cum out of Schmelzer, his mocking words rang clear in her head. On the verge of consciousness, they reverberated loudly. Bitch… Cum dumpster… It drove home the debauched, forbidden nature of this encounter, sweetening the moment even more as his tight chokehold seemed to prolong her orgasm infinitely.

Finally, Schmelzer relaxed his grip and Nancy hauled in a huge, wheezing breath. It felt like she had been dunked into an ice bath, reality crashing down on her with a numbing force after what had been an almost spiritual experience. “Ohgod…” she whined, stunned by the experience as she was gasping for air.

Knowing what he had just done to her – or for her – had rocked the Latina’s world, Schmelzer wanted to push on. If someone had told Nancy only an hour earlier that she would be in this position, pounded into submission by a sleazy, middle-aged colleague, she would have laughed, or more likely mocked that person. Now she was getting dominated by him, made to cum like a nasty slut and she didn’t even have the excuse of being drunk or drugged. She was her of her own volition and he would make sure that she would remember. The next time she’d make one of her sharp-witted, uppity remarks they would both know the true dynamic between them.

“Come here, you slut!” he hissed. Nancy’s surprised gasp when he suddenly pulled his cock from her soaked pussy, leaving her feeling shockingly empty, was quickly stopped when his grip around her throat tightened once more. Her eyes widened, lips gasping out a silent scream as she was yanked backwards, out of the car. Her arms flailed, legs scrambled, but she was still too shaky from her orgasm to grab a hold of anything to catch herself. Instead, she was roughly pulled out of the car, stumbling to find her feet on her dangerously spikey stiletto heels.

“Grkh!” she protested, her hands helplessly grabbing Schmelzer’s wrist, too weak to stop him as he unceremoniously dragged her over to the raggedy, wooden picnic table. She stumbled, unable to completely find her balance, so she couldn’t put up any resistance whatsoever as she was dragged across the parking lot, tangled up shorts stuck around her mid-thighs, bald pussy on full display. There were numerous cars around and while she couldn’t see them, she knew that there were people inside, doing their seedy business. And they could see her.

“Let’s get this off!” Schmelzer gruffly grunted as they approached the table. Grabbing the collar of her leather jacket at the back, he unceremoniously yanked it down, forcefully pulling it off her arms and stripping her of it. She barely had the chance to register what he had done when her bikini top was grabbed in a similar manner. The strings briefly bit into her skin, but were too flimsy to withstand a hard tug without snapping, leaving her suddenly standing completely topless in the cool L.A. Night.

“Sch-Schmelzer!” she croaked, her hands coming up reflexively to cover her exposed breasts, leaving her helpless as he gave her a firm shove backwards. She staggered against the picnic table, but before she could catch her balance Schmelzer had closed the distance between them. Bending down, he grabbed Nancy’s boots-clad ankles.

She shrieked out in shock as her legs were yanked out from underneath her and she fell backwards, forced onto her back as Schmelzer raised her legs higher and higher until her feet pointed at the night’s sky.

Looking to balance herself, both hands grabbed for the edges of the table, her trimmed fingernails digging into the soft, decaying wood. “What are you doing?!” she gasped. Staring up at him as he towered over her, she felt vulnerable and exposed.

“These fucking shorts need to go!” the other cop growled, ignoring her question as he grabbed the waistband of her tangled-up leather pants and simply yanked them upwards, sliding them over her slutty boots and off her legs, flinging them into the distance. As Nancy was still staring after them, he already reached down, grabbing the crotch of her fishnet tights with both fists.

“Wait!” Nancy cried out, but it was too late. A sharp ripping sound filled the parking lot as Schmelzer tore her tights almost in two, leaving a huge hole to expose her pussy and ass. Too stunned to stop him, she could only watch as her satin thong panties were gripped and a second later those were gone as well. “Ohgod…” she moaned. It was shocking, but at the same time the feral, dominant approach was such a turn on. When Schmelzer pushed her thighs apart to expose herself her body just automatically responded, spreading her legs to show him her plump, little pussy in all its glory.

“Good girl!” Schmelzer smirked, her torn thong still in hand. Lifting it to his nose, he took a whiff of her scent – some lemony, herbal soap mixing with the musky scent of her arousal – while stepping closer. “Open!” he simply demanded.

She didn’t know why, but before she could think about it, her lips parted obediently. Wide-eyed, she stared up at him as he brought her balled-up panties down and, slowly and with relish, stuffed them into her mouth. Using his forefinger, he pushed them deep in for emphasis. “That’s it!” he nodded in satisfaction. Their roles were completely clear. “Now spread your cunt for me! Show me that slutty, pink hole!”

Nancy whimpered into her panties at the lewd demand. For a moment, she thought about the other cars, people seeing her like this, but the decision was already made. Reaching down with one shivering hand, she placed a finger on each perfectly waxed lip and pulled them apart to reveal the rich inner pink of her pussy.

He didn’t even look down. Instead, he stared into her eyes, waiting for the moment when it sank in just how slutty her demeanor really was. No matter what else happened in her life she would always remember this. He grinned when he saw it, shame mixing into the submissive pleasure in the most beautiful way.

“Very good, Detective McKenna!” he nodded. Shuffling close, he grabbed his cock in one hand and the back of her neck with the other. As he positioned his bell-shaped tip against her smooth entrance, he leaned over her. “You’re an even bigger slut than I thought…”

“Mmmph!” Nancy mumbled. Staring up at him, her eyes widened when he impaled her, thrusting his thick, meaty cock deep into her hole. Well-fucked as it was at this point, it offered no resistance, easily parting to engulf him and they both groaned as he bottomed out.

“That’s it!” Schmelzer moaned, basking in the liquid heat of her sex, setting his feet in preparation of what was about to come. His other hand grabbed her by the scruff of the neck as well, bending her into a position that basically forced her to look down where their bodies met. She gave off an adorable little whimper when she saw how wide his dick stretched her open, which turned into a muffled gasp when he pulled back and forcibly drove his cock back into her again, his crotch audibly smacking into hers.

He fucked her hard and fast, giving her no reprieve. His firm grip didn’t leave her any room to escape, holding her in position to receive his thrusts at full force, rattling her with them. Nancy gasped, moaned, screamed into her spit-soaked panties, her feet bobbing wildly through the air. She had never in her life been fucked like this and before today she wouldn’t even have thought that she would enjoy this. She would have thought she preferred the gentler approach, but now, just getting taken, her body was ablaze with pleasure.

It was so nasty. Naked, out here in the open, with degenerates and lowlifes surely watching her from the surrounding cars, getting fucked with her legs in the air atop this moldy table. Yet, all of this made this more exciting, more freeing even in her mind. Staring up she could see the hunger and dominating lust in Schmelzer’s eyes as he took her, his gaze burning into her soul. She couldn’t bear this.

Suddenly, everything got bright. For a moment, Nancy was disoriented, not knowing where the light came from, before she realized that one of the cars had turned on their headlights, pointing them right at her. Basically, while she had been out in the open before, the rugged picnic table had now been turned into a stage with a spotlight right on her. A sudden panic gripped her as Schmelzer didn’t appear to be deterred at all, continuing to punish her poor pussy with powerful thrusts.

“Hmmph!” she gasped before spitting out her panties, “Sch- Ryan, please…” she urgently begged.

He ignored her plea. Instead, he yanked her closer, across the old wood, to give him a better angle and fuck her even harder. She gasped, crying out with sheer, wild pleasure. With the angle of the car, whoever was watching her couldn’t see her face anyway, her identity perfectly hidden behind Schmelzer’s back. All they saw of her were her legs wearing shiny hooker boots and swinging in the air, her pussy, stretched wide around Schmelzer’s cock as well as her puckered asshole, perfectly presented due to her pose.

The idea that she was giving such an explicit show, that strangers could see her in such a naughty way increased her pleasure. All thoughts of panic and putting a stop to their fuck were forgotten and soon she was moaning and crying loudly, rid of any inhibitions. Even more, she could already feel a second orgasm build in the pit of her stomach.

“Aaaah! Fuuuuckme!” she groaned. He finally let go of her neck and she sagged back, sprawling across the dirty, old table while grinning up at him. Her pussy felt amazing. “Aah! Fuck! Nggh! Ooh!”

Schmelzer clenched his jaw. All inhibitions lost, he had truly turned Nancy McKenna into a dickdrunk mess. Reaching out, he clamped his hand over her mouth, stopping the mindless babbling of the sex-crazed Latina. He really was only interested in one of her holes right now and it wasn’t her mouth.

Nancy didn’t object, moaning into his palm and just enjoying the rough pounding she received. All the damage was done anyway, no reason not to relax and bask in the glory of a hard fucking. Her tits bounced, jiggling wildly up and down with each thrust and his heavy balls smacked against her asshole. Closing her eyes, she just took in the moment, feeling her pleasure rise.

“Fucking greedy little whore…” the middle-aged man growled. Sweat ran down his brow and he felt his own stamina come to an end. Letting his hand slide down a little, he inserted three fingers into Nancy’s gasping mouth, hooking them into her jaw and using it as a handle for a bit, loving the way it pulled her stunning face into a grimace. “I’m going to cum all over you…”

With that promise, he grabbed the pits of Nancy’s knees and unceremoniously pushed them down, forcing the decorated Detective into a folded, doubled-over position that left her utterly defenseless. His words had caused Nancy’s eyes to open once more, staring down at him with pleasure-fueled intensity.

“Yeah?!” she gasped, her voice already rising to a higher pitch due to her approaching orgasm. The idea of taking his load made her pussy tingle even more. Such a lewd idea.

“Yeah!” Schmelzer grunted, “All over that stupid whore face of yours…”

His reply caused a lustful whimper from Nancy. She had never even considered taking a facial before. It seemed so demeaning and… tacky. Now, the thought just seemed hot. “Yeah!” she whined, eyes snapping shut as the hard fuck was beginning to overwhelm her, “All over my face, please! Please… PLEASE!”

She shrieked out the last world as for a second time, she came all over Ryan Schmelzer’s cock. A guttural groan rose from the depths of her throat as her pussy milked him, her entire body convulsing with shudders. With her muscles already left sore from her first climax, the renewed seizures hurt, but it was a beautiful agony, one that was mirrored in the myriads of expressions that washed over her pretty face.

“G-Aaah!” she gasped, barely able to stand it as Schmelzer simply fucked her through her orgasm, not going easy with her at all as he chased his own release. With her pussy creaming all over his cock, the entire affair was becoming rather sloppy at this point with loud squelching noises audible that would have humiliated her to no end if her mind wasn’t so completely preoccupied.

Her eyes fluttered open to reveal that this time around, they hadn’t rolled into the back of her head, but rather, Nancy had a cross-eyed look on her face, completely vacant as her mind was drowning in endorphins. The undignified, ahegao-like expression was enough to send Schmelzer over the edge.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” he growled. Urgently, he yanked his cock out of Nancy’s spasming pussy, grabbing it around the base with one hand while his other once again grabbed her hair, roughly pulling her face up and in position, “Stick your fucking tongue out!”

Even though obviously Nancy’s head was currently unoccupied, her natural slut instincts compelled her to obey the sharp order and the Detective-turned-bimbo obeyed without hesitation. Lolling out her tongue, she completed the ahegao-look and gave Schmelzer a target for his load. With a strained roar, the middle-aged cop came, sending a hot lance of jizz across her shuddering tits, stretching all the way to Nancy’s chin and even hitting her tongue. Adjusting his aim, he sent the next shot across her left cheek and eye before the third plastered itself across her outstretched tongue, her lips and the tip of her nose. The next one misfired completely, landing in her hair before one last big jet glued her left eye shut completely. The last few weaker spurts splattered across her tits and tummy before the exhausted man was done.

“Ffuuuck!” he groaned. His knees felt like jelly and he had to grab the edge of the table to keep himself standing, admiring his handiwork. Nancy McKenna was left an absolute mess. Sweaty and flustered, naked save for slutty overknee boots and torn fishnets, with her precious little pussy flushed and on full display as a thick load of cum dried on her face. The way he had always imagined her…

Nancy herself felt less euphoric. With her orgasm slowly subsiding, her mental capacities returned and with them came the stunning realization: she had let Ryan Schmelzer fuck her! Not only that, she had let him choke her, dominate her, slap her even! Lying naked and exposed on the old table, she was dumbfounded by how she had ended up here.

“C-can I have a tissue please?!” she asked, her voice sounding shaky. A man’s seed was plastered all over her face. She had been dominated and turned into a cum dumpster by Ryan Motherfucking Schmelzer…


“Aaand here we are!” Schmelzer grinned as they rolled to a stop in front of the shabby apartment house which Nancy had named. They were in one of the poorer parts of town, trash and dirt littering the streets and ever since they had arrived they had constantly been surveilled by people all around. The asphalt of the street was cracked and muddy water pooled in the numerous potholes that no city official would ever consider filling.

After what had happened, Nancy was unable to return to the precinct and work, it was too late anyway. Calloway would know better than to ride her on overdue paperwork after sticking her on this damned surveillance job.

L.A.’s Finest sat in the passenger seat next to him, firmly holding the lapels of her too small leather jacket together to keep her bare tits from being exposed. She had to leave her thong and the shredded bikini top behind, both of them left unwearable after Schmelzer’s rough stripping and going commando was another new experience.

“Thanks…” she muttered as she pushed the passenger-side door open, the first word she had said since they had pulled out of Birdsnest park. During the ride, she had brooded in complete silence, not that Schmelzer minded. He had never been one for after-sex-chatter and after using her like some disposable sextoy he didn’t want anything else from the hot Latina bimbo next to him. As Nancy climbed out of the car, he took the opportunity to check out her ass once again, smiling as he remembered the cute, puckered asshole he had gotten a good look at. One way or another, he would have that tight sphincter stretched around his cock, he decided.

“See you soon!” he called, addressing more Nancy’s ass than the woman, but she didn’t care, already heading up the stairs to her brother’s apartment. Smiling, he let the car roll on, stopping again when he was around the corner. Dialing a number, he let his phone ring a few times before a female voice answered.


“You were there just in time. I had to fucking stall her to keep her there so she would see you!” he hissed.

“It wasn’t my fault!” the woman got defensive. “The D.A. couldn’t keep his hands off me, I had to fend him off several times so we would get there…”

“Well, it worked out in the end. Keep up the good work and you are rid of me in no time at all.”

“Fuck you!” the blonde on the other end growled.

“Not today!” Schmelzer gave back. “Today I got all I can handle…”

With that he hung up. Grinning to himself, he took a deep breath of the crisp night air. What a fucking success his night had been!


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