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The king had arrived in Winterfell. The castle bustled, with knights, nobles, and servants. When he first entered, Bran stood next to his father when everyone bowed to King Robert. The King was not what Bran expected, he was fat as a pig and had a stench of wine on him. He didn’t look like a king. His wife, Cersei Lannister did very much look like a queen. She had luxuriant golden hair, sharp green eyes, and a buxom body. Bran was mesmerized by her. He was surrounded by beautiful women all his life, his sister and mother were well-known beauties in the North but the Queen put them both to shame.

She was wearing a golden tiara with an emerald encrusted onto it. She wore a revealing crimson dress with golden embroidery. Bran tried his hardest to avoid looking at her large breasts but failed miserably, thankfully no one noticed. Her beauty woke something inside Bran. He knew about women and their body parts, about sex and love, but this was the first time Bran wanted to be close to a woman, to kiss her and see her naked. Bran could not take her out of her mind for the rest of the day.

At night, there was a large feast in Winterfell’s great hall. Dishes after dishes were served, people ate, drank, and laughed, musicians played lutes and flutes, and the entire hall was booming with life and noise. Bran was seated at the high table together with his family and the royal family. One seat that was noticeably empty was the central one, the one reserved for the king. He was too busy drinking on the lower tables and groping the servant women. A fact that did not please the Queen who stared disappointedly at her husband. Bran didn’t care much, he ate plenty of food and drank more wine than he was ever allowed to before. He also occasionally took glances at the Queen.

The feast went on for a long time but slowly it did die down and the hall became emptier and emptier. The queen excused herself and headed back to her guest room. Bran himself was feeling full and all the wine he drank, made him need to pee, so he excused himself and returned to his room where he did his business. Afterward, he didn’t really want to head back to the feast but he wasn’t sleepy either so he decided to head to the godswood. His dire wolf, Summer was there. 

On his way, while crossing the bailey, Bran heard moans coming from one of the castle rooms. Bran was not naive, he knew what the moans meant, it must have been two people having sex. Perhaps a musician managed to entrance a  servant girl during the feast. It was quite easy to pinpoint the room from which the noise was coming, which conveniently had a balcony on it. It would be very easy to climb up there and take a peek. Bran knew that he shouldn’t but he had strange urges in his heart, his breath became warmer and heavier. His penis began to harden. He just wanted to take a quick look, then he would climb back down.

The way up was no hassle for him, the stone wall was easy to climb and the balcony was large and empty. No one saw him, everyone was in the castle either feasting, shiting, or fucking. Once on the balcony, the moans became louder. Bran slowly crept towards the door. He opened it very quietly and slightly just enough to take a peek inside. Once he looked inside, Bran knew how big of a mistake he made.

This wasn’t just any room, it was the largest guest room in the castle, the one occupied by the King and Queen themselves for tonight. Bran’s blood was pumping fast, he thought for a second that he was spying on the Queen having sex with the King. However, he soon realized that although the Queen was having sex (or at least, what he thought was sex) but not with her husband but with a golden-haired man. They were on the bed, the Queen was on top of the man, her ass bouncing up and down on his cock, jiggling every time. She was facing away from the balcony door and her body blocked the man’s view.  

This close, Bran could hear them talking to each other. “Umph! Cersei maybe we should stop, the King could come in any minute.” The Queen ignored what the man said, “Oh… Jamie, he’s too busy fucking serving girls, I saw how he was staring at them, I know what it means. He won’t be back for a while. So be quiet and fuck me!” The man listened and thrusted his cock deep into her“As you command, sister.” It was at this point Bran knew who the man was, it was the queen’s own brother, the Kingslayer. Bran should have been disgusted but he was too aroused to care. He rubbed his penis through his clothes with his hand. His breath was heavy and sweat rushed down his brow.

“Ohhh… Jamie! Ohhh… Jamie! Harder, you are so much better than my oaf of a husband.” Cersei moaned and bent to passionately kiss her brother on the lips. Jamie got faster and his thrusts became harder, “I’m going to spill my seed inside you.” “Yes do it! Give me another child.”

With one final thrust, Jamie released deep inside the Queen. While Bran had pulled down his pants and was jerking vigorously to this erotic scene. Cersei got off her brother’s cock and cuddled next to him. The couple rested for a brief moment, “Cersei, it is time for me to go, Robert can return any minute.” Jamie got up quickly and started getting dressed, much to the protest of Cersei, “Don’t go yet, he won’t return anytime soon. I know him… He always stays late after a great feast.” The kingslayer stared longingly at her, considering his options, “It’s too risky, you know what would happen if he ever found out. Our heads would be on the nearest spikes and next to our’s the heads of Joffery, Tommen, and Myrcella.” “You were always so paranoid,” Cersei replied disappointedly.

Jamie getting up, made Bran close the door but it did not stop him from masturbating. Instead, he closed his eyes and remembered the Queen bouncing up and down and imagined himself in Jamie’s place. Soon after the inside door opened and closed and Cersei was left alone in the room. She was tired but still horny, she thought about pleasuring herself for the rest of the night. But while she was contemplating, she heard the faintest of noise coming from the door to the balcony. Her heart sank, ‘Surely there wasn’t anyone out there. No! It was just a bit of wind coming through the crack, besides no one would be able to enter the balcony without going through the room.’

She didn’t want any draft coming into the room and got up to completely shut the door. But not before she took a peek outside just to confirm there was no one there. Bran unfortunately was too lost in his imagination to notice the door open. He was pulled back by the Queen’s sudden shriek. “AHHH! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! WHERE…WHERE DID YOU COME FROM.” Bran sprung up immediately, trying to awkwardly pull up his pants to hide his dick. He stuttered out, “For…forgive me your… your grace! I… I didn’t mean to.” He continued rambling but Cersei just grabbed his arm and yanked him inside. She placed a strong slap on his cheek, “You didn’t mean to spy on us, to jerk your little cock to us being together.” “I recognize you, you're the Stark boy, wait until your father hears of your perverse snooping.” Bran was on the verge of tears, “Please don’t! Please don’t tell my father, I promise I won’t do it ever again and won’t tell anyone.” He begged like a puppy, as angry Cersei was, she knew she had to do something, obviously, she could not tell his father about it. She needed to make sure he would remain silent. She thought about killing him but that was too risky, he could get away, if Jamie was still here he could have done it but he was gone. 

Cersei had to be smart. She held him, this time gently, and pulled him onto the bed. She wrapped her arm around him, “Calm down, calm down, I won’t tell anyone.” Bran began to calm down, “Thank you, Your Grace.” “But you must know what you did was very immoral, you shouldn’t spy on others, especially not during such private times.” Bran responded meekly, “Of course, on the honor of my house, I will never do it again.”

It was during this awkward moment that Cersei remembered that she forgot to put on some clothes. She was bare naked with a young boy wrapped around her arm. Said young boy was staring directly at her breasts. They were large and smooth but were showing age and were beginning to sag, Bran did not care about such details. These were the first bare breasts he ever saw. He focused on the pink nipples, he wanted to touch them but wouldn’t dare.

Cersei noticed Bran’s interest in her body. She got a new idea to more securely ensure, the boy’s silence. She slid closer to him and held him tighter. “You must be a great climber to have been able to climb all the way up here.” “Yeah, I… am,” Bran responded softly, with his eyes still staring at her breasts. “You did all that just to watch me, you naughty boy,” the accusation had a more playful tone. But it did make Bran tense up, “No! Your grace, I didn’t know you were in here.” “Yet you still wanted to see inside. Answer me, Bran, was it the moans of a woman that made you want to peek inside? Did you hope to see a naked woman being railed by a man?” Just as Bran was about to make up an excuse, Cersei cut him off, “Don’t bother lying, I know men have such urges and you are almost a man yourself.”

The compliment made Bran’s cheeks redden. “Even now, you prefer to stare at my bare tits rather than my face.” Bran craned his neck up to meet her piercing green eyes, “I am sorry…” “Don’t be sorry. I’m the one sitting next to you exposed and presenting my form to you. So tell me, Bran, what do you think of your Queen’s body, her tits, and her ass. “They are… You are very beautiful.” That put a smile on her face, “You are very sweet.” She placed her hand on his crotch, “But you do have a naughty side to you.”

Cersei rubbed Bran’s dick, “Since you were so sweet to promise not to tell anyone, I think I should reward you.” She pulled down his pants causing the penis to sprung out hard and erect. It was 3 inches long, small but quite big for a 10-year-old. She moved her hand up and down the shaft. Bran couldn’t help but let out a moan, “Uhhh… Your… your grace…” “Hush now, this will be fun for you,” ordered Cersei.

She moved her other hand to caress the boy’s balls. Pre-cum leaked out of the head, as Bran’s moans became heavier. “I… I think I have to pee,” Cersei assured him, “No, that’s called cum, it means you're about to release seed,” She stopped stroking, “But you should try to hold it in, I have more planned.” She gently pushed Bran to lie down on top of the bed. She completely pulled down his pants.

“Get ready, Bran, this will be the first time you feel a woman’s mouth around your cock.” She started with one big lick from the base of the penis, right to the tip. Bran shuddered with each lick and twitched his cock every time. Cersei continued to lubricate the entire shaft. Then she leaned down and swallowed.

The sensation was the best feeling Bran ever had. Her tongue swirled around the shaft, “Uhhh… it feels so good, your… grace” “Gup, gup, gup,” Cersei began to bob her face up and down,  her blonde hair resting on his thighs She got faster and faster. Bran instinctively moved his hips, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. 

Bran was in heaven but the feeling got better with every passing second. He felt a tingling in his penis, it got stronger and stronger then it twitched and released a gush of semen into Cersei’s throat, “Ohhhh!” Soon after came a second shot and then a third and then the fourth. Cersei gulped down each shot. It tasted better than Jamie’s his was bitter; Bran’s was sweet. After swallowing the last bit of semen, she finally opened her mouth and let the cock lie limp on his stomach. 

Bran was breathing heavily, he suddenly felt exhausted. “Did you like that Bran?” “Yes… your grace, very much.” The response made her smile, “Good do you want to do it again, later? Bran craned his neck in excitement, “Yes! Very much, your grace.” “We can do this many times, hear in Winterfell and in King’s Landing as well.” Bran gave her a look of confusion, “King’s Landing?” “Yes King’s Landing, the King has made your father the hand, he will travel to King’s Landing and you will accompany him.” Bran couldn’t believe his luck, “So… any day we can do this?” “Perhaps, but we have to be careful, this is our little secret, no one can know,” Cersei slide closer to him to look at him, face to face, “But you must keep your promise to never tell anyone about what happened tonight, with you… or with my brother else we will never do it again and all three of our heads will be on spikes.” Bran nodded, “I promise by the Old Gods and the New, I will tell no one.”

“Good, now run along, we wouldn’t want anyone to catch you.” Bran pulled up his pants and quickly went to the balcony and climbed down. Just in time too, as he climbed down, he heard the door open with a large bang. No doubt it was the King. That night Bran never slept better and he dreamt of his golden-haired Queen.


-Author's Note:

Planned to be continued. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.



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